North Carolina Newspapers

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Kisint Sutt, lA)il;'e, l'ritintont .7.
U SS2d. D.H29. ,
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I u Journal "-l"T""H'Wi
At thVrecrnt Krm pn?i Unpwrtur 43w fot
' r. i,;fuH ewit t-.uc l.akaJi wsa pcd
, 7m emiVr ennvictwn of
Vny-imin)jUOlm to be ciecotcd
At Hit ut term, t Kiit of llander w tried
Bodon Mote coumy, w.-ii..
,! and Wife, of Baking';"! county i Verdict
fvf plaintiff I krtirRjirJ.
TU !Ian.Jthfri ' MM,of CHI
e- from South Carolina,' Ii4 beeti elected
NUj ir Gnral of the 2J Iivi'ron of the Miljii
it(,t fctate. .
The Hon. Thoma Chilton, a member of Con
grnfrom Kentucky, died a fee ince.
m. m.i ret ft VoubK mn. under 50.
SJuA R. IMhit, 'ate a metbr of Con.
jrrot from tb s'l w' Nw Vork' bf" P
f mtcJ 2 Aiitant Port VUafcr Uaoctal, in
'('be SrrranmHji C'ifiua, publwlird In h? f i'y
,iSiinih, aVe f GrurU, by Mrwiri. Botrf.
iw Av Bf La irC'Klv apprarrd m an tntir
ju9 dtfH fii ia.oo ajnoiif lh lt printrj
kini niott owful par)'"" i G.ria.; It la uid to
Ua bt kfgtst .tirculatloo of an daily paper
ifllhaaut ' ',' - '
Benjamin A. Datham, Ua. of RJeijrn,
1 ten pirJ A rent of lite Brancti of the
Newbern Bank at thut p!cr, in loom of Shcr-
rood Haywood, Tjk. d- -ral. ; .
Important fmm .ViLrira,..t....,By an arril at
rt Orlcana, iicvra i r;cf Lvtil from Tampico, afu:r fie occPe actb.nt, tt.e 8pani
i.cii. hrrailaa hai aurreodewd to tho Mtllcan
jorcri on tbe 12'h Sept Ne wa to embark for
Havana immrdiati-ly. The conliuon aenn t-
lav hrrn erv favorable to the coiwfuerf I
J he Spiniib officer vera to retain tlirir urd
t r.d color j th wounded arid ikX, am'iuntinjf
j.V1200;To benkenaretf, 4ou5uviug,
to be aunt to Havana at tbe expense of the
-The V. 8. frigate Bra'lyiiie, litcly arrived
at N. York from the Ncific, i ordered to gti in
iradiocM to fake an ithcr cruise, to touch at
! Iibon, and oUm' porta. ,
- Biw.toax. oct.
. Cn. The late account from .Liverpool
and Havre per 1'acific and Knc, acre, not of a
ty'thrtritif nalnre." ot .market-tbrmighoot
the week naa of cicceaingiy uuuj, wecaii
tuit boevr wwke any- change, oaour quota,
iioiii the total biliinta from 17th to 23d iutt.
. J inn i.v!...?. .tt.. .
duel not cacccu vuv uic, rui.ijjiir o nianu
W.-The 1emand. TD',o'lir IanrhM been
inodcratc, but the feejingjf rtherJctttrLa!id
an anSance of Ji ctnt per bUL baa been re&L
iird" Antonir Xtie"xtr-of ih"irfrkr are MK)
bbl. of Richmond Country, at 5 5 8, cah, a:td
1 frTrl kQtall parcel of Georgetown Mountain
at -
TU Market. Nocbane;e of any conerjijem.e
Ins occurred aince our hut, in he price of To
bacco or Flour (ih the Lync' JetTeri n
jan, 2lrt u't.) A hhd. of new Tobacco aild
..n Saturday at ft173. Flour wai 3.75 and
Whiat 62 ct. to 67.
ilatrt Mafket; Sept. Z0.Cmm-Our ratea
for In iter: States short itaplc have undergone
no variation rincc our last, but the favour we
ltato noticed on ordinary to fair Sea lilanda, hu
further iiicreaseil, and the advance on tliece de
scription may be cti.nated it 15 to 20 ct n
time upon laat uumiiU. The ulci siuxc utu liut
farapriae 4369 bale. "
The Convention. 'tb discussion has
fommenceil in earnest in the convention,
undthe debate promise to be more ex
J ended thun bad been generally anticipated-
Indeed, the Enquirer ol Tuesday
vs of opinion, that it would not be con
cluded before the meeting of the assem
. l?ltr1IKrit'rttnioir-ytt changed oo
Thursday, from the circVmTiance''l!iar
there was a manifest disinclination on the
Jft"Of mUr. lO-paiUcipalC J
bite, we k'.iil dunk that the dcoate will
V an extended one, "it om! a fit m belief,
that the magnitude of the question be
fore the. convection, involving, asjheyjio
the Dronnetv or impropriety of an almost
" totatrevoltrttoirt tbeiaxwaejUd
Ijiiiiaiuc viucsi, itpuv1"' w.m "in
tot be aHowei tcbeasscto ve t in, kijenc?.
Ij'f 'Slfch'Weti 'Il Th
"ltd chief imtic
-jrafeurjjd jpj PresW logi-
vai aim sagacious ioxrwru, nu vuicrs
whose hamet occupy a splendid station in
the. galax or Yirginia' most, brillian't
and celebrated Worthies. Nor? do we
auppo&e that those who have already ad
dressed the convention, will be content
with only once manifesting tbeir zeal and
intrepidity in the great cause which has
&een entrusted to their hands. "
Old Domimon.
Among the on dif of the late Paris pa
pers, is one, that Piince Cobough,' the
busbind of the late Princess Charlotte of
Wales is about to ask in marriage the
Arch Duchess Sliria lmi the widow
of Napoleon,- - v;U ' r J . .
Srm TV, tkl, JVHy the 'np Mary Lor.l,
from London, we hv reeivrd th London
AlUi of Brpt-mbrr 27, tiirh announces tht
frluitm tfuuet btsetn Hnniu4 Twitj,
in the following lermii
. fly y.xftrttt.hf diee from Berlin whlch
have Juii reached ui by e tpcil courier, wt
have pHittvt inivllirnM thai lh Trrai of
Praca b-ltr HuMta ao l Turkc It actutlt
Conclude) an, I Vtir..
T TIms Iti im oT lli Ti7ljr nut fttcwiot
ill h 'an tvilfncf to tb twiU vodj of ib
moijuiion of tb Hmtcror Nic'bolav Tbcy
arg.bHtl,M jLjiTnyajf of Ackrrman,ilti
pnvi.iim J imJtmiiity to Kuawa fat lb cipen
Rt oflll
Tba Turkith Pli-nipantiary ImmeJlalely rt.
turned l ConntntlnojJf, baarin; tb Jrraty
tf nf 4 byimrTr'iitbwrti"inuJrf p'wtn
rrl la hire by ttta I'm per or. ami cacottcj bjr
I1" I'tl 'lllll llnhttt IttrimnU " lali-iml
all lie. Juiawaa.pnaaocn. t( ttf, . wu
Ht on
ueir ifurca hotiiewani.
A conspiracy had been detected at ConiUn-
tinnpl againal the life and pnwer of lh Suhan,
and SVJ U the wld Janixariei loat their live.
Xo 'rate Krf. The arrival of the
packet hip Sully, from llirrt, at New
York, whub buna French paper to the
lit of Oct. prove that the Liprctt of tbe
LbmJot)' AtU, carried forRrd neI, Do
Tcaca hvinj been concluded at Ule at
the 3th cpi. at Constantinople though
nctrotiationt are ttill K"'nJC
The actual condition of affair at the
latt diM may be thut tlated. Oo the
I at September, neoiUtion were opened
at AdrUnoile, then the ItuitWn bead
q'urier. o tbe 2d, and 3d, thcte ne
Ifoiiatiofl were' kuapendrd, but not bro
ken off, the Turluab Conmiiioner bav
h akcd Ibein to cootult their foen
ment upon one of the point at iuc
The MotuaiT chief acceded to thik delay,
under Viipolatian that the treaty ihould
be kigned and ratified by the 1 4th cp
tentber, i.vtke tneao time hi troop were
advancinK upon Convtantinople, and wett
within 15 league of it, at (he laieatdatc.
Theie will, then, we doubt not, be peace.
The work of fortification are puihed aith
latii nt). .liit Sulun djc.1 iiuLqiut luifimp at
lUrnil Tcliiihrk. t he Hu-Milmaiif are CO-
join d'not to lay aiJe their ami. Tbi mea
sure, and the uppearanee or Koa-lan troopvat
KamburiiM. on l.e Black Sea, and at l iurli, in
diralc bill I. to clear1) llut (ii-n. hiebituch in
t null to foil. up hi orr'.iuo until ill; con
ctualnn fif p a;e."
'lb? folio- ing intelligence Inim Belgrade,
Sept. H, U kljo Furnuilicd by the Augtburg G-
letter from AdrTanoplr, announce that the
Turlinb Coinminioncr clmrdwilb negotia
tion! at thf'ituvun head-)urtcry endeavour
to protract, but Gen. Umbi'ctSa filed
term peremptorily, after btcb he iiU attack
the capital without delay." .
Puf Minivri Mr. llrown, and. General
Scott cUKe U. S. Army, with their Tatni
lie, airivcu iu una vessu.
The rackel-'liip Ctw tiuhian from Lon
donurhed atNorWk, bringjaritr to
the 30;h ot dept.: but ncrtliinrr later Irani
r--rr-rJrr-ri:-v r x
taken place, theie it no doubt that these
ha been a aiiMwnsion of hoitlHlie.
- . . a ' 1" ' 1 f ...a a
i.yi mat wnen ptcmiscn natrrrreTreo Hvvtx
loroiiuii. that the ouitan uu ulspqea to
iteat. for ociicc, hT assUTcd the allied
ambassador that if the-commiastoners
were named he would hot march upon
Constantinople; having received oidertj
to act with the greatest moderation, and
to avoid all useless conquests. It is sta
ted, thut on hearing that a general insur
rection was feared in the city, the Ku
aion General tent to offer a detachment
to protect he Suitan and the city. It i
added tli-t this might have occasioned
the rumor of the capture of Constantino
ple. l'urtugal A private letter fiom Ma
diid, dated Sept. 1 4, contains the lollow
jog: u The paitisansof the Apostolic
.paiiy, speak of a treaty i"jil to have been
concluded between the great F.u'opon
I'oMei as well as Spain and Craiit. 13 v
this treaty Portugal apreat to- be given
up to Miguel. The King of Spain redes
the provinces of Rio de la Plata to Donna
Maria, to indemnify that Princess lor the
loss of IVtugal ; she it, moreover, to
espouse a prince of the house of Austria,
who Is' to govern thclrkingdom as an Ab
soluTe' SdverVrgtrr- Tne"Etnptror of Ura
2tl, to whom this treaty must be the
mLhnayiati&. ia not tn franr an y terfi
lory, having only to yield his consent to
these transactions, in which it may be
sr.en, the SpjnUh King acts with singular
gene rosiiy, since he gives up possessions
over which he has no control. This
edvU I hi. ..jtfPjecAJi, atnbuted tohe
.tuke "J VVHiojt ton.-. -Jyil,
.The'aeha of -E'gf pt is abou
to declare himself independent of the
PoTteV-"-" - rr;r-.
Parity Sefit. 1. Orders have been sent
to the authorities of Lyons, to prevent
La Fayette being feasted as proposed.
Sept. ;9. The reception of La Fayette
at Lyons was superb,' upwards of 80,000
persons were present.
The crowning of the Princess of Swe
den took place at Stockholm, the 5 1st
Aur. .'. . 7". fr
The King of Naples will pass through
the Souih i of France for Madrid, with the
Princess Christine (sister of the Dutch
ess of Berry) who mounts the thione of
Spiin. u-t'::
We cannot withhold the, tribute nf our
idmimion when we look at the rapid
ndmiilerly rhirtVcf Count DitaiVicw.
lie I f, ret man, an ) lit hurtlt are
ImperiihaLfe. ThPauer cf lb flal
kar.,M iia title which t e I U eiatinc
lion h hinory. The Grind Wicr it no
soldier h wnt eye r,J tri, or he
would have ccn ni heard soroethlnir of
the ml army which in crowing the Bal
kan pitied Chuiula at few raile dis
tant. Caur.lfKnj.
-A iol!craaa,Meh Jn the. coDHJcnceof
the Kmperor of Uratsl, hi le chrgd
witfc a mission of great Imfxitince to
jhl ajd other Kuronean court and only
w'alttlhVafrTvai "of the (?ue"n. of PorVu
gl tt Riot Janeiro to proceed Ms mift
aion. ' " Lnlim Mowing Herald.
..Amee'aPZhiiiieeQ held at Corkjt
the head of which the Eirlof Mountcash
tini cie?d? jfijel to tauie e
ttroni lentttton tit
and, at Wclfll
Ireland. The individual composing the
meeting wet alj cfiurchmn and torietj
the object of the meeting was an eiten
ive reform of the Tuet Iff the church
establishment of the Uhited Kingdom.
Uevflutiondry SvlJitrt. U if la Con
teraplaitun to metnoralUe the eniulr.g
uongrei in ftvorof such Noo Commi
tinned XTirert nd Soldiers of the Army
of the Kctolution, it enlisted for three
year, served to the dose of the war, and
were honorablf olKbrgtd,and who re
ceive do pensions, .' v '. '
With thi view, it h deemed evpedient
to atctrtairt tbeir. number. Will tome
perton in ech of the Untied States vol
untcer in this service, and communicate
the result si toon a practicable to Jimtt
Fairlee, City 1111, N. York t :,.
' The patties interested are most likely
to be foundjn the horoble walk of "life.
OfTicer of the Revolution, and puriotic
cititens, will therefore do well tccirculate
thK notice t- their patronage ii wllcited.
.Xnt. -Claimants must be particular to
pat down their whole time of uryice,
whether io one or more cmpgni, and
their proem places of residency ind pay
their postage. ' pi r-r
Death 0 Gov. Derbirny.Tht New
Orlean pipers of the 7th insi (some of
which are in mourning as a tribute of re
pect to his memory,) announce the de
cease of Peter Derbigny, late' Governor
of LouUhni. That event tocA plice 00
ihe day preceding,- and -was -caused by t
wound in the head, received from the
trunk of a tree, whilst he was leaping
from his carriage to avoid tie danger
likely to result from its being overturned.
(ienrrat Pott Office Drfiartmrnt. it
-stated in -he- iVadtlngU TeUfrapAfihii
the recti pi of the PostOflk Department
for' i),e qujrter eliding on' Ihe T jt ofJuTyV
exceeded- thcoe of - the-correspotidtne
rut" " ,ucru"DT "norm. -
tnr n'Tiiucty uaztue iy a private
Lj jat t V. d .fit f Vtnrvtrtn ta m L .vn ikil t'mrai I
the affair with young WJcklirTe, Mr. Trolr.?
tr the Tciltor 6f the Kefltuck.f..iixciie,1 mind- " Whifkey-very little tonunj in ( price
has received one chalfetige from one cf 1 3' J, per gnou. . ..
Mr. CUv's sons and another from a nearl iMim, nd. 30....;.rhur 5 6J, cot'on
relation of Mrs. Clay, both of which were
aflcrwaids withdrawn.
Kings and Emperors are
The Um-
quite condescending ol late
pcror of China permits his pjteroal un
rle, now 84 year of age, to appear in hts
celestial pretence without kneeling, and
he allows his brother to walk freely about
the palace.
From Portugal Capf. WirrenraTlhls
poit un Saturday evening fron Lisbon,
whence- he ailed on the 8th SeptemberJ
iofiims thai part of the squadron engag
ed ii 1 he attack upon Terceira, had re
turned to Lisbon and reported a loss nf
750 killed and drowned, and 550 wound
cd and taken prisoners; and that, consid
erah'e chtcrin was manifested by the
fiie,nds cf Don Miguel, and exultation by !
iiis opponents, it was siateo mat ine om-
er vessels of the' iquadroft rCTnaincd offrj
V I lilt? wtUHUI VI v"v j
xtetmg arcifrcemftu4.f
t f l- ,1
nunrti ns of war from Lisbon ;
. . l . . t-k
man and muni
but as it was nuUlic'v reported that . Don
Miguel was without money and without
credit, it was thought they would have to
wait a long time. - Bott.Gaz.
' fluenoTJyeii.Tho ' Editor of the Nar
tional Gazette has received a file of Utl
usive. . ihe
The Uaeeta Alercantil ol that
jJlLgrat ulaTe a reptlhllc"" on" The
liperki ol- allt'tbei)u3auc
ened the political horizon, and ptoUaimi
Wist ihe'uevr mtflrstenTrOTitTinakeeveryJ
effor. to re establish order and froapen
ty. The revenue yielded by, the. cus:
torn house of Buenos Ayres in the month
of July was nearly 650,OdO dollars;; and
the receipts down "to- the :l6ib. August
were proportional. From I that source
alone, the new goyeromenj derived in
seven weeki, nearly millioh so fruitful
is the trade. '. J sx '
An Anaconda, and a 'Boa Const rictorj
said to be the largest ever brought to this
country', are exhibited at New York.
The Boa was to be Jed yesterday, far the
first time' since he left,' London, j The
Ajiarymd has fasted for 3 rooaiht
a ,
Grntr.l A'if, and d'n'iotl ttlated to
RutusoIT and lUmuHjfT.
Account from , Algiers to the lib An
gust, state that there was no hope of a
petce being agraed upon bet een that pow
er and trance. 1 he trench Admiral
Hretonmcre commanding the blotiading
.. with tbe Utf, was informed that
hirutelf and tune might consider them
wlvef fortunate In being permitted to re
turn on boaid la' rtVylu7cVuIial
ore d upon by the battel i oo leaving the
port. . . . . . ,
JOlllciJinelLlkeWth tilt, by the Rev
:W5& T ' ' '
)n Uii town, on Thunday lat, the ilk Ind.
after t few dayt line, Robert Mumford Jones,
aged atout 19, ton of Ismuet Jcs Rq. '
' la tat county, on th 2d inat Mr. Mtry An
oeraon, relict of Thomas Anderaon, dec'd..fed
about 60 ywra. . t
; At the houie of Dr. McKeniie. Cabarrui
county, on the ?0t!t ulu Mia fH'ua Lucinda
McCal, of Yorkville, I. C. .
A fw weiki wrvce, at Italeigh, in th 681b
year of bit age, bhrrwood Haywood, F. lie
wu a highly citeenicd citiien 1 and at tha tinic
of hi dih, wu Agent for lb Bank of
Tin: M.iiiKVr.s.
ibubtlur irien. JfH-tmb 7. J...... Cotton
ll to li cebt,corn 15 to 25. beef Ifmi. tmr.
ter 10 to 12, flour 3.75 to 4 per barrel wheat 60
10 75, Iriih poUtoe 30 to 40, iwret do.. 25 to X).
brow a augae 12 to 15, coffee 1 5 to 22, ealt .1 2,
to 1.25, fcoOR-ipuu cloth 15 to 25, wbukey 30 ts
2.1. bacon 8 to I0.
. FtyfHrnlle, (ht. 2l. ("niton 8 to 81
P m ' a a a r . - . i
bacoo 6 to 1, :racti brandy u lo ii app.e J 30,
fitter 10 ta 15. corn 49 lo 55, ft x iced 80, floor
4to5LlarJ7, ifloW 3; a 34, sugar 8) to 1Q,
ult 75 to 8'J, (ailow 8. heat 8 j a 9 hi. key t4
to 33.-...U. h. hank note 1 a I ) percent, pre.
oiliim. Cane Tear ditto. 1 i a 2.
CAarte$t i ci. iA Cotton 7 to IPj "ieeit
flour 6 a 9J. wbltkey, 27a 23, bCon 7 to B, ham
8 a 9, beat kind ol bagging 30 to 22, tall 34 to
53, coru 42 a4sonV 1 1 to I i.. ...... N. Carolina
bank billa C a 2J per ecnl. ditcount 1 (ieorgia, 1
ditto. "
Peterti'irx, IVrj. Orr. 271 Cotton 7 J to 9 1
Tobacco, ninklhiiK 5 50 to 6. prime 9 to 10 1
Wheat 95 to ' v5, Com 50 to 55 ccota per buahel,
flour 5 a fj ltaron 9f: a 10.
Rickm.lf,(t. 30...:......t,oton7 s9, wheat
85, com 47 J. h icon 7 to H, brandy apple 28
30, whiskey 27 to 28, flour I iu.r.
Cam.Ln Ccl. 3l.....t;ottoo 7j to f!, ffttur ! a
to 5 out at the Wagons that from Camden
mill' 6 to 7 1 heat 8J a 93, or,, 45 to 4J, oaU 32,
salt 65, whiikex'-IS to. 35, bicon 8 to t?
. iiyunren. Oct. 2H....Coiton 74 to 8. flu 10
to ITrflaur 8 00 to 7TW, row JJ to DO, ciieeve 71
b?Pi.''e.J?rJ3J to j", fi!to: 8 to 9."
- Lynehtrurg, f r?. Oct. 26. f o'baew 4 to ft,
rimiV3.75iQiW het 70, htkcy JO.ToTJ.i
Bacon 7 to 7.-Tobaero, dull sale. -----
T7iMjrT tr Orir29.T..roTtirr 84 9.
flour 64 tn 6, ahikkty 30 to 3! 4, bucon 6 to 7,
wheat 87 j to I j0, com 5 to 66, salt 87.
torn ia ukrce and in Uemaiul. t lour, very
17,0 ,,'',Mf zl0i3' wcon V1-"' -
faton, 'V. 24 Cotton 94 to II. flax 8
a 10,' floor to 6 25. corn 53 a 54, checae 3
a, tall.. 8 a tf -
Vi- irJt, tht. 24 Cotton 8J to 11J, flour
5M to 6, cut; of hugging made of hemp 19
to 21. wheat 1.04 to 1. A oak Unn'd sole leath
er 20 to 2 . hein'ock do. 18 lo 23, hum 9 to 10,
alt 42 lo 50, .ple brandy 36 to 40, whiskey r 1
to .leal tooacco J to 9, )tiiow oeesaai xj to
24. Norh-Carolina bank bill 3 lo .1J per'
cent, discount, South Carolina 1 to lja tjcorg.a
2 to'2j, Virginia I per cent. do.
- Cinrinnnrt, (Mr, Oct '"Tr;::C6on iT24," fei
therif 23 centa, flastt-ed 37 to 4n, flour 5.75 to
5.8 Kenhaaa tilt 60 cc-til, jicarh brandy 62,
ple-dor37, whiiJ2VUliow 6 to 7, tobac
co 3 to 7 cent per !u.
Jack-ton, Trnn. Oct. 14. Cotton 7 to 7.50,
Bacon 10 r 1.' 50, Flour 2.50 to 3 per cwt.,
Corn 75 cr j :r Ludtel, BnlUr 1.', Fech
Br mdy 1.25, -j io do. J .05, Wowkcy 62, Cider
g8 per bom-'
, ti ill -mm
-; - 1 1. V LlA IUil .
If the tincriber Jiuchtt,
"c .
mfi-e the i e t
ovember next, at
ucfion i'S?9re',"wiII com-''
Straw and Isg.'itkn Bonnets, Cotton
Car;l 6ff .
rreeived (iirect from NevA-Wk, being the Stock
of a hott"- decUhing bunVvn in that city.
tcj - Counlry Met-ChaBtl and ,otberr may
Come tjrwrd with rew'icrW txpettation of pnr-
ing Goo is In. atich qiuiitiue to tUirihVWl.
200-f,. aWa -od Aipei. -camfeti!!. ad.ftiSP.l,r! i
Plain and figured cambric and Jacnnet Muslins,
Swansftewn, pi,lnett- nl Marjaallc. .V,etg,
Elegant Merino and Chmere,'
Common Shawl nd Handkerchief,
Men' and womem' ilk cotton and worsted,
A plendid assortment of Uibbon, ..
Men' and women' kid, beaver and tilk Clovt-s,
Whit and red Flannels,
Edging, lce and lace Veil,
BombazettJ. Uinghaow, Silk. &C. tc. ko. ,
term liberal, and mad knawn it ule.
7 WILLK1NUH Si Ci.rBffiWeri.
fayettevHU, October fy. 2t9t
TO be ihot for in the town of Stteville, on
the 3d Monday in December, a hilf d.n
of Comtablei, full and fat : among which wiif be
found T. M. Campbell. Term, 4 rent.fcr llie
hind quirter, i oejit for the fo.e q-iait,tr ; bids
and UII9W grpti. Paid for-- lr
One nf tta Rutttm generals in Aits It
Count flurit'jf. Hemuitbea cousin of
A. Tar.nrircn itco.
A fir. now tciifj( ilinr ,
ikv rh'th, aiih iti ir t , i,l !
mibla aofji" j
diiy coons,
will contiaf of an iitrn-f iaofmant of
Sugar, Vi'fffp. Salt!
IROy, euitabie for f;I a mI e.rr I Tyr an1
t Urr aawirtme nt hi gt!, hich tb , ,d
in iur rmi nr. (iw.
W aketoiV aacnWemY.
lrHl,fR. Winter kr.:..r."f.f t.i Ata.lrmy, will '
rMr ximmnctm Wwitrrnr"5frrt ijtrr-h"
rain of tuition will h. tor I ami and l.k
"and f.r r.inWV nk,t Ccwrauhy?
-. im miuiTT nrr tt, hi bm ITlrifilft.
Jtuant CM O prjTUMul lnm .Ubf ! tt'f Par-aa-- m "JX; )fcr 4
n ntitf, sr. u. An, 4iA, I rt).
,b Hia ar
ftltvlc ot N'orUinroWim:
7 M Hktrift tr tike tthtrninr n,.r. A,
lA ttuntiet Chatham, PauJion, 'iU,Ubk and
Wl IF. nC.tS a varaney in h rpreeMai(on
- from thi Rtate in tha Houia
entative, f th, VnUe d S'atea, liu brtn ooca
nonfd h the 10th C6ngre,Mril Uialrkt,-hv lhi '
rewgnition of AAi Gitrt, Eqoirx Horn there.
Me, knnw ye, that by virtoe of the wi and
mthority In me vttfd, by the Cor.snmiHm of
the l'nlied Slate, yoq are hehr coinmarxWd
an.1 requirrd to ctuc polls lo he open-d and
heLI, on 1urt,Uif A id Jag lie.m t tirt4
m ymir rfnectise eountie, at th place eub'
hihrd bv l, for an election of Iteprcm,.,!. fe fill the vacancy aforesaid t and iht you
meet on th Thur!y following, at tht to,t. '
bmi of lUndoljiri county, for the pgrrK i,- of
comparing a. id polla, andafceHainirg fL r whom
(lie greatest number of vote ajiallliavc bfen
given in ai.l diilnct, a by an et of A-mhlv' .
in thii rac is made nd and (hat on
ea-ite due return thereof to be ma ! tbia 1U
flee. - - -.- -. - --a,ot
Given umfer my hand ai Uoterwor, and
1 tn Cily of H,L Kh. h 1 :9ih dy of
. October, A. !. 18.9.
ny Oie overnor :
J. H Mrn, Prhi'.t
s'f y.
iVtO.M the plattum of tht abb
rriber. on Id ('rerk. ahuot
the 20th June, a fi..a Archie IVIv,
tao yean oldi Her rnhir ..V.
rel. win while leet. Tia anprxwed ihe mad
her y to Mecklenburg, hut haa been taken
up. .A reasonable reaird will be given ta any
one who will give information to J,,o. f. Hodge,
or David Allen, in Mecklenburg 1 or n the s ,b
acriher in Malirbury. T1I JS. f'OLK.
.VfewW 611, 1829. "--'"' - 9
i.alt uAvm .nm .VtUC
WILL ba old. on Uie 2Ch day of .N4.ve1.1
ber, inn. at the Lie of Ui ia it
Neill, dee'd. one mlr west -of Slieii.l' l eid,
.Lfhcotn ewinty,. ; ". .. . :. .. ..... ...,
. -. 7 Ukrhi XwofSJ
1 ant-horse Wagon ; .. ... .
' quantity of (tion, -ndvarioui
othej articlei, too wdimu to men.
tk-ii. A credit of 12 month extended,
on giving bond nd ecurity,
NOT1CF.. -All person indebted to the eite,
will pleate to mike payment a a.wn ai Mmible ,
and all permn hiuua nUinia uniri 11 ,;n
prewrt-ltlem, prnperlv vouched for, within the
le gal period, or thi untice...n-y.bc lilcaded lu
r -THiW.'j; At.t.m.N. r ;
Oct. ;S..182V. 3'94
CutawhaXaviiioii (?nnnniiv.
V si. mceh g of the 'atwba.Navi.
ration Companv. will be held in th.- town
of Lincolnloii, on Friday, ihe 'lib dv of De
cember tint. Important object require thai a
.Ttujurity of the btockheldera should be preneiit,
cither in person or by pruxy.
ISAAC T. AV f.RV, lre,i,!rnt.
Xot-eter Sii, ld'9. 5r6
TlQiUaU, at tha oflic ofth XVtem ('ha.
linian. the 44 Farmer ai d flanler Ahi.a-
nck,' fortba yea." 1820: price, 10 ce.i a
tow s.Wivr
ffiZX tf"4NK of,l,e ni0!ii valuable piunta-
' . ,'on"'ll,i eupptTCii'iitiry." It
be in the county ot Culwui, m tlnj
..( 'ork of Ko'kj riv.-,- and coddle
- m"" 1 Creek, ronlamii g alinui f..r iUn
dred and seventy acrci of lainL The qua'.nv of
the land in firit rate, the sml deep, the surface
level. There i about two hundred icres ticar
vil, muitly JiAtin. OCCiinvenient and i gmit
Md'rling.houws, which coat' nrarTv" Touf"
fliOiiaaml ' doirai" ai.d "6thtf hSJtcTirVa :
auitable to i". The "paynu-nta lor tin
property eau be niaile easy. Applicali.ini is to
leTffiV nt'-wate, uan be martcrto- tt-ttrA fexa rider,
in my absence.
"RTtKOM the aniri-.i:riher. Mie
liV . 23d Oct. a fc:o Mare ani: a
year old, T3 or 14 ha id hrrfr, t
Weft wfflrewti?r1iitw,w . .
ring rountl hU tail, nd duppled over with alack
poi, lt. ' pod,il.ey.,J!iU .U
Chatham county. Any person giving iMFortna.
lion of the abiwe mentioned borse,( will be lib
erally rewarded. Direct tn the subscriber, "
Spring Grove, Iredell cour'y, N. C.
. Ocloher 25A. IS 29. t92
Dan'. Vt)ti,j Visttxle.
f BllIF, uruh rrignrd qualified at AugUHt aeHainna
X of Koaan cmtnty mart, aa the Executor
of t he it wilt of Dan'i.TU'00 1 : Air person i ;i7"
dcblrd to said as'ate, are requested to make
payments aid all person having demand
nninut the s-irrte, are requetted to present them
for settlement, or this notice will ba pleaded in
w pieaosu in
i ID, ) .. . '
bar. UM. U. WOOD,
.- .t .1.
1 V
.A i4

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