North Carolina Newspapers

i tlm-ll HlniliBiaBawMK
..W.T..I h h..tpOHl.mrn,
1 ()(, th then rose,
..,1 iK.Chiirman reported iht the Com-
And then .Mr. l xJ irMj- mcilon,
Ia limit dimmed.
,,,"f. r .t.,r h.'utr, cn
A... . i iha Drsl rtsorjuon o,
,,.,,e committee. l.lo trike out tn.
Cook, and Camp'n or vno,
. ' M . . J . '
niMr''r. coU,th Convention re
halved itself inro t 'eommmee'M
in. .mtnt. vjrored of . Mr.
"'V the Utter VntleraifTH3 eoneMf
hit remarks, a motion fit made Bd
J tvis.j!,u. Cel. 28. After prayer, the
Convention resolved itself into'committee
ef the whole, Mr. T. arbour w me ....
Mr. Upshorthen reiumea nn ooser;
tMw4 ?rnbl mji0zzrrzzru brennmil
...j k- Mr. lirten ' end eftcr he bi1
Mr. DodJ-idjje epoke t tome length
V0a motion of, Mr. Ib (of Chetter
fielJ) the conmltee then rote end re
ported proijrrn.
The Contn on thn ndjoumed.
Thurtda, Oct. It. Tb", Conentbn
order at 1 1 o'clotk.
Thu Cunention r.iolfed iielflntoi
Mr. r. P. Birbntjrj to whom Mr. Leigh
of-C?.Ttsrflrj -tji(tvljnedJiii riphrt
liio floor, etidrrtfd the Comminee lor
ubnut en hour rul quarter, in tupport
of Mr. Uners amtridmrnt, to strike out
from tb fi' rrolu'ion of the Lrjjisla
ti? Committer, the word exr luiitelr,"
i) 4nett M t(.rooin, lli voidi it and
tjxniion combioed."
Mr. Bldttln then orcupird the floor for
a short time, in oppok'nioti to the emend
mrnt, oJ in mpport of the originil re
joint ion.
Mr. Cooke then corrected briefly orne
rn'nconception of his argument inio hich
Mr. L'pjior had fallen and Mr. Upshur
explained. The explanation of Mr.
Cooke also elicited a few remark! from
Mr" Leigh of Clieirerfield.
On motion of Mr. Powi, who thre
himlfnntbo indulnce of tha Com-
miitee, io consequence of not having
brou(bt - with him tome documeots to
whK h he wouTfl mvBDCCMtorrto rcfcriii
the remarks he proposed 10 submit, the
CnrnmrrHito ibB-roaw and-reaorud Pro-
cress. ' - - - - ;v
Tha Convention then adjourned. I
raow tk aaxaTon. c. aiitts. '
Swtet Putaloe WeTwere-lastweek
presented by Charles E. Johmon Rtq. with
a sweet potatoe of tha red kind, which
. measured nineteen inches in length,
eighteen locheXTound aia wwgoed irven
and, bait pouudj.aeahink JLroiL
fairly challenge County - to produce
such another..- ... -
ihe urope. 1 nera is n single Krpe
vine on the farm ol nenry skinner, r.tq,
ofPetquimans County, which produced
this season 24 bushels of grafts, from
had used as many as they wished, for tbe
tAhie. "eoeraiion 10 resist any acta of arbitrary
0ajf - Caw. Wt were ehewrf Jast ower which tb new ministry .might
week a itork ofcane raised injhe garden commit. .Tbe ministry ordered seizure
of JonipU Boxman, Esq. oi thla Town, lo be thada of alllhe-Paris paperi which
which had ten complete joioti and seem- contained the agreement or "Act of con
ed in all respects fully matured-there deration V' but 20,000 copies escaped,
was about one hundred stocks raised in , Jvat. Gtette,
tlie same gVidenrmosC bX thara as well tethoittr"Cotteein-Firpma. AHht
grown aa the above. last session of the Virginia Conference,
Air. n tot'trmiX tew week! since be-
.a TaTW Am .a e a I
fore tbe Supreme Court in Equity, at pointed to select an eligible site for ita
Holloa, Mr. Wob5er made the most rlion k 'e1lrtfh,l 'hey hiTe
, . fixed upon loyd:on, (Mecklenburg court
powerful argument which, perhaps, he house )
on constitutional considerations growing
on of the contests about the two bridges
his reputation. So says tha National
Gazette. And the Massachusetts Jour
nit), of directly opposite - politics to the
Gaiette, makes tbe following observations
upon the subject ! . .. - , . - .
"Mr. w. never did nimseil more non
i afvwwa viu aiaiaiovai uiwi.w srwir I
.:wtv,- i. ..i
Chariee River Bridge. . Another Boston
' W'eloflueneer wht
. fabbd exploit of Orpheus, before whose "
ces ; or rather that of Alidas, who by his in Philadelphia, ia causing to be construe
maic touch, turned the asnds of a river ted a large block of couvenient brick
into gold. , The man, whose powers of house si rhonnual rent of which is lo be
eiPuerfcercould effect what follows, would ten per cent of .their costJ. He offers to
under the ancient Kepublics, have been a those tenants who shall occupy tbem ten
fit object for the ostracism. . years and duly pay the rent, to give them
We ire inforraed,That : tie sbareTlo a deed in7ef simprerof Ue premises,
the Charlestown Bridge, have risen about Charities of this kind deMntbonoiabJe
our hundred dollars nfion a share, since mention, since they direct ten
the delivery of Mr, Webstef s argument dency to produce habits of economy and
ia the (iase sgainst the Warren bridge.'' . pernuncnt indoatry.
ArV Carema MwfjCturtrt--
are informed ' '" n! ,
c.1. f 1f Wirt, the extraction nfo.l
from IVton eel ettbe factory oi -me-in.
More ni J'ii" f M',,,,t0'1
i this State. The product . three
quarts of !, Trorrt a bushel oi -
leeu. it l itiu, ua -
iwcf li i tnf, fjr rucMnerr tw
rmcs, n4 far the consumption of Umps,
Si ti believed o ba equal to the best Sper
maceti tttrhilw it ,U ooauss -inrtnar. ,..
1 1 i ,11 irt IVtnt'mur. - rl lh
Jill; www ica iitii r iH
nerd.r. .f'
iUnocbK Jo-rnil (August M.ine)itte(
thit the Auute in ni uwv..
urn Urier .hn lt origin. cptul 8tf
000, br iids pyi"K ." " 5''
RWOO; end thit ih only but dcbi md
durhr ihit fieriod dof not e tree J 8r.
if e eunaoM there i not enoiner pen pi
the couturjr tht nn wen o ww. ...-
OfUT 9J p'ft - r I
ascertained, that in tho next uongr...,
there will be, in the Senatl, 26 (nends
of the Admioistraiion to 5J oppotenta,
!- ,k II of RrnresentaliTes, i "a-
,. r nrrl to to one irt the fa? ir oi
J " "7 " '
tho Adminiatratlon.
Tkt Deal n l Dumb- Dr. Coldbeck
adrertise In -,he National Omtte, that
rurat iVr dejf and dumb that 1, cna
Vgb jeers.
- - Mrv-Ove, .th great -re formrtTaince
his return la Eniflahft, tuffeiren "I'fifitf
account of us lie "the Americana
are not cap.tbU of gorcrnin; themselres,
an) he contr quentlv anamjons all idea of
rtforming them." Poor fcllo.
A Lonrforr Mxine old n 1804 m-
taint the following inforrrnlion A gold
mine was discovered in Noi'h Carolina in
July last, and the amount already obtain
editestiinaterfheiween 12,030 and 15,000
dollars. "
Mis Marfjjret Maria Dotnri, of Char-
chaioke, sister to the latr K.i pli
Wownes, liector ol relston, Salop, rus
been tapped for (he dropsy one hundred
sad twelve times, and 1443 quarts of water
taken from her. 1 he
water increasing
'""'n'"" " lM 00 "PPU B,n 11 uo"
: j i . i. . i i
dont " " htt
. A paper called the North Adams Amer
fcan serve up a bear story for Its readers
weekly. The lasf is that a Paul Pry of
the Bruin family, intruding hit Dow JniA
farmeps .qrnlielr diaiurbed a-atnac
connected with l wo rifles which instantly
uisciiargeu meir cvnicnn into nis COpor-
ation, and tie bit the dut. Three paila
full otoil were extracted from him, and
fourteen pails full of soap made frowo, hit
grosser fut. '
r Bure. The Nat ional Ga
ietieupoaahtatttDorily of ona.of: fhfi
.uiopiwvaay ihat MrVew-Buren
irnow on rvFsit to Richmond.FTbit 1.
jnot ru.. Except! sliorrvisif toaeo M.
c,rro ,nd Mr McLean, Mr. Van Buren
K.. nnl l. .h.n fraam Ik am ria.taa
nw uvi ww an w van ir nwiss isi ai IWt
tince fcg enlered on h;8 4QiJ Secretary
0f State. U. S. TelerraM.
Franct.T'ttt departments of Brittany
(France) lormcd themselves into a con-
it was determined to establish a Collece
wiiain its oounaa : ana x rusteei were art-
a a e . a' a rww
reaon lorte polnt d
in his resignation to the Ktng, which hss
i been- promptly - accepted- - lie , has- re-
j quested a private audience to explain his
I motives this has been re fusel m.'de
C is poor i. e. he depends on a pension
of 410. a year, and the produce of his
writings. - . - - v -... , . .. -
Religion Revival. .For some months
Camp meetings have been held in differ:
' a a a I 1 - t,.,.
pabltshedin other-papers, and our owo
t"'. . ... rw n" " . Iormer
l!. J li it! C. .. I : .. . - . . I .
.wujsmMmr wen such a
",ern vmtKU ,at,on "n- '
kvzi rrnJ.iMi....n.N,N,r--rf.
6nr rcivlrri l.a hrl m ich aW the i'n-
j c scSm-'it tt Nit JV.Ihim.'i At Ilia pre
i. tt ar'Mrti of U TfMra II.U'arr, a
, nn'.itcJ i eppwnt.! "l 're '' t.i
f it conJtd of be mtn t lh7 rrort !,
That that hire called before them
nurn'oer of witiMes, end examined them
rpectinj; the oflicUl conducl or 4to
N jtheniel W. Willlsras, end from ibe ica
timooy of thp wi'neee examlnea beiore
hem, end f.-m Inspection of copiee of
d. the Committee are of
Minibi, rtat llWM NMbinUl VitMti
Itims le gailfy f bigH crimes md roltdV
R3MP":t 4'fKjr to thailnitsnceijind
caief Mb 1n, Ib.t ft to ssy V c"
SUP ' iM fhsn', Wr WU
titryv Jtdlifl'y U faudkzitlr nVe
224tr M Jo'llly the Court
iUuso In the town of Vincbsiieand k
tlmfrolsTinee-tiT r-pwax-i .inririJ
ben end there tske the acknowedgamant
.nJ erlt examination of Colin T.
T.ul. a mirrWd woman, to died for
alusble let ol ground 10 th mn ji
' . a
Nishvtlle, wppoied to b worsen or
twelve thousand dolUn which wje done
by the eald Naihanlel t. wmurn wii.n
k. tntfn( io conceal the eci fow ine
"'-r---. v.- r v -r t rr:.T i r j
friends ol me sun varoiin . aawinu
2d. That the id Withanrei . u
iamt did falsely end fraudulently endorse
or sign an enJorsement on said deed, ate
ling that saidecknowJeifgemtnt and privy
examinition wii mde end had in open
court, when In trutS and in fact neither
the cknogYtrnr, nor the csamioa
itn had nkm tttet h open Court, bu
t the housa of Vamex Campbell Emj.
wrn Ihe S4ij Carvli P T .
fined to bed by Jcknets, and whollv una-
bit jO .: get tp'hi ald. Ceiirtffous.Jtif ibe ima wWteh h will he discontinued.
which facte rfre wit Ktn lh::TirVle't9
of the laid Nathaniel W. Willi, ms
S. That the Laid Nathaniel W. Wil
liams, contrary o oil duty and in viola
tion of the lat if the State, did direct the
Clerk of the Coin when reading the re
cord of "the pr'etedtng 3'ay, Tioi'' i'o"realT
the entry which had been made by bis
direction reflecting the acknowledge
ment end -privy examination, in. order
thit by such tuporenion, the proceeding
respecting said deed, mijrht be kept from
the knowledge orlbe heirs of said Cjro
line P. Taul. una I efter her death, which
event was expected end did certainly take
place in a few dars thereafter.
That theaxidKat hifilcLlL. U" j I
liams did. causa Court to be opened or:
the day tbe entries of record routing toj
llid deed Should have" been resd, at a
much earlier hou than usual, and imme
Cfafelr-adjourned tha r
term, without tbe busineas of said toun
l'g JO-iriitdfrfox jhflrp.yrpose
I of attending court io Another cotinty, Jut
for the purpose of giving cSjpct to said
deed. '"
5. That the aaid Nathaniel W
liama is guilty of partiality in this, that he
has decided that tbe Statute of limitations
u!d not run against an entry, in a. case
wher. weu known ceraonal enemy '
a PcTcndariind "w 'r few weeks Ihf r'e-
could produce change f opiniondeci4; inns ,oo eww o, ua,.ous wouto
run against an entry, in a case tq which
he waa Indifferent hi ween tho n.r.i...
J! .1... .L- C.... f l:. ,j
& Also, that tho said IMalhaniel W.
Williams is guili? of exerciaing har,iiual(lnem lhjt j, j, probu-bie the nopMlhn of
. V a . a . ..J s 1 rw I
paruaiuy ana prejuaice amonij me oiner
eot members of the bar who practice in
bis courts. ' .
7. That tho said Nathaniel W. Wil
JiimslpoJitkal pa trie 1 iiie il ron a
a character, that he has more than omc
when he was ignorant of the pditics of
individuals returned as grand Jurors, en
quired of the Clerk what were the poli
tics of the juror; thai he" mig ht selec t "a "
foreman of his own political party, and in
one instance upon his finding none of his
own politics, he enquired which of the
-urora -FP-eu oo
being informed thai a certain member of;
t 1 , .... 1 :
k. J.. .... .. :l5l. fr!.r,,l r,r - m .. n '
MiertBininjr-the-wme-tro'hTc thri
tu "Vi II wie . iiaaaiMtv invuu vi M.,.!
him foreman of the Grand Jury.
8th; That the said Nathaniel W-Wjl-limns
has been guilty of a total abandoiv-
ment and dereliction of duty, and omit
ting to hold terms of Courts in his cir
cuits, to the great injury of suitors in
said Courts', when no reasonable cause
existed for such omission of duty and
also of great loa.Uemion to business trans
wnicn nas oecn maniiesicu 111 some- in
itarri ir.tiVreerrtnflerjrt-TfrrtnrrT?tM4n
. . . . '
interest to the parties.
liams has been guilty of prejudging and
neatness upon a case of a capital nature,
which being m his circuit'would probably
be tried by him at a subsequent period.
The Committer, upon a full view ol
all the facts., established befyre them by
the evidence, recommend to the House
ibVaapiiolfoF h liowtngrresbfutidnsv'
hlKesolvedt That Nathaniel W. Wil-
liams one of the Judges of the Circuit valuable pufpns, which nas been re
Courts of law and equity of this'State, aad'rommmded by the means of France.
for the third judicial circuit, be' impeach-
e-1 tor nj fjilsJct.'.csr.ori In'
Uff'vrJ, Tht serm rnmsKfrsbe ep
pointed 10 prrpara irtirlr s .f irtlpfuch
men? againit the s,J Nathaniel W. Wil
liams, end to conduct the laid Impeach
mrnt He Ire ih Senate of this 5ute, on
behalf of the tlouso of Representatives.
f aiasSaaV aaaaai ,t- t
t V is raiarsa at , . ;
DaJlr Psoer. per annum . . . . . . . RIO 00
' jr. novrmrlv In 'iWi a-m ia a
wtk fro n tit iaoa to 1 it December.) 5 00
I r a( miiT'i. ,.....
3 00
AVkIy ,apr, ......... . . . i . . X W
TUa tv sum djj;isfor errrararesof rib.
Crip' tw-, beiijll4 Iba f lit Jul
Vp"1 tbfl rcrit of tr-itr ncloinr nionrr
a account j TT.rVi envMort ft Mfa tucjohacKfc jlojej wriW'lh nb
Kriber, la printed wita a receipt one aJe and
tha name of the ntbaoribcr, t hie pnt eHlce,
and of his an 'h rthr. Tlieae are
o'aerd in a Ti".' i huV, preparrtf fnr that pur.
paM, at4 Wt'newtpajier, wbeo printa!,. will be
carcfuly foUIr J In Sta apprnprittt envelope.
Dy Ibis arraifmvnt, each orpapr ia ae
eompini! by rccipt and notifiratton that it
will be !irort'(r!.ieJ te rnveUns er
lasl.wMaJ unaa iba aubacatioa I roeaarad
by ancth. paymenl in ailrane.
Vhrre r) or moe eubeeribr, ei aae i
tff.c, int and reaiiU ml tkt anaar tfav, two d l
lara each, that Him wiJI eotltle each to receive
the weekly panel fur one year, which will be
sen under one envelope directed to one of
Iheov The exnen of piner and printing ol
or nvebpri, wceklv, la thu aaved.
AH rrfam has He attendant difSciHiea. ir m
obvious that to make the ptan, bere set oo. f f
lective, it must be rigidly adhered to. .No ex.
eepiiona in f vor of individuals can be madt.
I'o arrWno Upa la a wotk of liia
i progrnisoa, eaeh rbriSr will be fumihrd
witn a atitf meni vr lna arena T, arvl a nirtinrv
onlai pay iMnt be mada t aJvut:
The envelopes fir the teVly paper have
been arranged, and no, weeklv paper kf'tfif
rdrrtd will be Sent. uilea the amount of uh.
eriptiow bo remitted in .. Thi e
the daily and tri-areekly are in hand, and when
completed, the aame regulation will be rigid1?
obeerYedV- --- - ---
Annual aJvertialng euitomers will receive a
daily paper, and the use of one square", venera
ble one a week for one year, at. fifty dollar t
new adveriaeeAenta to have at least one i"tr-,
(ton in the innVrfwm ef the emintry paper.
Advertwemen s in the weekly, at the rata of
ono dollar for the Urtf jnertion, not eieeetiina;
one aq'ure. Tacb auuteqeut iuvrttvn fifty
ceuta pr;-aqwe.
Advnnrments in the dui.y and e.-xintrj', t
one dollar per aqoare, for th-s lint three, ard
twenty. five ceoti for each aubseq'ient eontinu
mn TTwrtion. fo w.lettewiewS for leaa rhao
one -Jndar. -Mt m tut.-t I'eratkm ireconcid-!
t1 ri .. '.-tT?rMt-rnenti. dHmt or-
dr-fe a- l-r,ie-H-t hiI be aeeonvanied
b ' r' ,r enchwed through aome inarn
HT'-C? '"'T'-" .k ft--- 1
rnmu- hv - -.ia-
money aueinmsr be. tranmlttei
na. ov iimu. r 1 u caaee me poiwaee muai be!
paid Uy ottr corrJpotdnta. -'i bis item ef our
cjpem.'itu'-c a toormou in the extreme. " -
P. ; j-iV.''.. Th-s LeitUtiye Council nf
thU Tt-ruiory convened at Tllahaje
on t he 1 2l 1 :nsan, nnd wa orranirrd tiv
tilC apprnJi5ent nf The frrtldwtr j rfhrsrs jf maX - Sot n deve'trent of the- tnr.h c -CoJ
Bellamy. " PrVii
!ltmttig)Chtet v'r ; Mesa. wvs, M'ttsr
Hilltsrrl, ijrey, r itlspatricaj and foot
E Q . Enroi Clerks'; Jam- ,
u 1 c . . - -1 1
i eT"nt "l 5 m J i
Warren, doorkeeper, oovernor uuvji,'
s. h:, ,a tho Coim, it. inform
,h Territory ul the censu of 1833. will
authorise its admission into the Union as
State; and recom.mer.ds that provision
bv law bo md 10 lake the v.Mc of Ihe
p:op'' election for members
of tbe LegUIJ'i'O Council, on the expe
diency 'of applying fur admission into ihe
Litelv a Mrs. Chik of dct Lane, Lnn
don, (a lana Cnltbra'cdjn ghoit annals
i rlopcd with the son of a poulterer of nnte,
by the name ot avnj 1 he co-. kney
nsUn,one 8nd all, began to fieck 0pn
' ... n. . raml rJTu
- - y - r" 5-f-
y;v'iff rVTaf
A prey Hair was epied among the ra
ven locks xd a iMr liisfod of ours, a few
day sinre. Oh, "p?DV pull if otiVihe
rKoUm.d.-a If! null it out, tca.w
cometo 'i.e funeral," replied tha lady,
who had made 'he unwelcome discovery.
Plurk it out, nevertheless, said rhe
dark-haired "damsiif: ' it is ho . sort' r!
consequenr'i; how many come to the funs
ral, provjdrd they coma iu black.! , - -
T anwf ' I 'n T ' aTtaWil.J.MlLl .,,,1; ,.'
aSiVJli'fr'A. 1 e. cmI: ex'rac
lamp f thr rtucten!. spread on the
e: 01 itae eaicurv, o. oesiowea on
the pam:erVcaiiva3$ the flower cups
r I' : . .1 .'i . . .1
turnisn an escmcor pteasanr to mc
and the stalks afford the material
for hemp to hang rogues and fasten
horses. We know nt but ts cultiva
tion for sugar would b as much of an
i mpro r e me n t in. A mer i c an -hbsb a ndry
as the growth of the beet for tnat in
7 norcmrr rv;r?.
.ynVDMUl'V 17, in;:.
t Aii:intM tti., r.v.
We are a I'lmr'r I to , ia a can.!!'e 1o
reprfr.t this DieVtrl in ' oogfrsa, la pUr f
John Giles, Faq. rtaign.!.
. J0'i' i or-G,r.Kj.
We iimlerstand, h vn a candidate fof t?f
aame ofuce,"" y . " " -
Cy It, -tUkim'mtHAf. 0ev -af Oa
yrra, f Cwemor of Georgia,' la between awren. -
teen and eijcWen thouand. Cot. Henry 0.
ru-arVmajotiry "HtriMtf 'XhMrinrfur "
Coogreea,ie MPI'ly the vacancy caueed by Mi
CtUUaV aWfftaUoaUf lUt bffipe vt aboy (JXY)
votes. ' , 1 ' "
aged lanut ott'iia county, was thrown from
his horse, on Monday evening. Ihe 9th loaf, anif
killed. He hui hern a few' miles front home,
auJ was returning with a aide of leather, aflA
dark, on a young and akittlah bort It ia sup:
pe d the animal jot frightened, and threw him 1
his lifclea body was found nett morning, by tk
arJc.flf.Cm.auad, iJuait half a au.ia-rwai hanser
the leather io the msd, and one of the stirrup
irona (a hich appear to have been broken ft"
before the unfortunate man fe!t) tying near by
An inqueat waa held on iin,body i Verdicl, ac4
cidental death. ' We ;r . rs'and Mr. kara iu a
yoong man of good cha; and tempera!
,. : . . . V9 -.. ..
Tirr, LrcHuinL'Ri;.
Of this fate, in aecords ace wilji theprovlorflf
rof the Comtiiution, was " have convened In
fUleirh on yeaterday, tli 16th of ..N'oTembec.
fho members West f lhr-patted on to th
astttgmwtdwiat WCekV- Ibe tea. ;:; -.
tion id be an inlcrestiojf one j new Speakers;
a .J new Clerks, in both lioutca, will have to
be elected 1 a L'. 3. Keiator.and a Judge of that - A
Soprerre Court, appointed and e have heard
'i rportpl that Col, Af W-'f eotitemlate rle
clininr a ee electijn as Public I reaaurer of tl,e
.tate 1 if he does ao.iome gentV nun will hivn
to be ntlectcd to fill that impcrant and bifh'y
rrejwnkl'ile oflke. And it ia amkipated ll.afi
many tniportart Mibiects of IrfiUation, ill comet
before tbe General AHwmbly, at the peaertf
aeaairin. The s'hjcet of the flan hi will, doubt'.
IcH no? on!r be slimed iip'i, but occupy ro
anull porv'i iji'lhe time and ti'entr of liie leg
iilaturr. Vm m,l be liie iie, it bcyond'Oi'P
poroiif prwlicti4jn4t-tlifwiue. ,
Tbomi Xerman, cenricted in Gtiilford couu
!v nf hiamy, and jertenced td be hung oi th
iT -t lrci. haa had IiTi rea'ence reuited by hie
CxwIIeney GoV,: OwenV tSAPstniagUlia--'
Ums fginirTn-t!enFfah limeTmay diapm " ...
Vratho iiw too.-figaretui on thja heidf it -slioulJ,
we think, bs a oflVtnre.
f The Toby-Wakm-p3perrt!f vr been ch(
ling over the reported detection of a Jackton
Prmirnnater (dr. In r .idmnn, of Bct'ileliem
N. Ilamps-iire.; in r.Lfslinf rnmev from ibe'
and nerarjottf. cnmW!TTr-amnng -rhe tTif
and Clay men In effect tlin ruin of Mr. Wood.
man. Their wicked cfTria n end. harS
, . L .
"- charantrv :! infamy.
fa If ttihe, during lnt veek. very tmnUv
indifAted the near" appro -.h o! witfrr. Trrtt
thx-k !fte was foemed. ami remained, on standing
water, during the whole of H'cdiicdny.
. Mr. irAi'e: r'ltrae insert the following enrr,-'
rmtnication s "
to n:r,
Tle phiIan',M))ij! and friend of Tater aasca;
cannot fail o be diatresa-.l, in paasin throur;!i
our-outsy-4ust jiq Jf. Jic -esihe ; pre-',
pactions making by mnny pe raw, for anotlicr'a laho :r in the rriaimfacture of ardent
J WhiJe f -jt til!s are rr ttm'ly boit'r.ij, yet tlia'
oorif many still-houses are already opened.
anu me ,coopen?t,afcaxiawi ir-tmrrnnq other
y''CT . , . . Wi .
jncjiBrannjr intMTTttvT..ir5...jrfOnjJ on, 1 770
abundance of the icron now gather-- 'n7 pf ornr"
iscs a large amounr of diiUtion in tlie ensuiiijf
winter, 1.1. ;.. .
The liberality of our divine Benefactor cer
taiii'y calls for gratitude, bttt.vhi'c we anticipat..
the use about to be rmdo of the divine botmty, .
the benevolent wi'.l miopia (heir t'uaniajiving
with sorrroMr and df prrratirn. , . " ;
Now I do'not des'en writing an essay pn (Y
tillcries, but merely'mg diti.l. rs to invesli-
jr ire thftatdyecl, bdijr4hey -oe (fin their-work,
"1 "Waimaiia; Jkm!mMmm mi iiiiiwiMrtn . ... . 4. ... -
or expend too much 10 prcpra:ont . TVmdsfTJ'
who bnutve the fp-eat.smirce ot thet vil of in?
retailing.hcuses j and thjit the great burden ot - .
the guilt concentrutei upon tie proprietors of
anchrta'iahmoitfa,"- Ma'i.iiuiv"'tw'Tnaritfar
.r.-...tir. ..-p, .a...-r.1, ntm. v'fi-mn At Sat 1m Mil wm njiilao aniianliiw .i . mini
pnwnge of scripturr, "woe unto him who put
teth the Koltle to his riciirhWl mouth," Wanv
think, and aay, that importers, and . distillers,
and retailers, are chnfjciye with Ihe deaths
produced by ardtfnt spirits. The subject has
been ?e?ious'y exam"mcdi and exenively d'n
cussed, in the last two or three year; and the
restilt has been, a stronger. coBviclion of the
above solemn truth. So mueh haa lba conv'ir
tion incrraswl. tha very mine lave ababtonei
t .,- . TJVl,?"lui

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