North Carolina Newspapers

    I,inro!nton Femftle Academy. VVctortiRe u.iu Commllort
rU Trm respectfully SniuHinec Is th BU3l.Vl.t1 .V C0.IJaK.rTUV, .
M. mU. tht iki-t hs nrrtl Ifor. Faille a,,Wribee im Lk
..... a a . . i
tm a lAijr ci n l.'sry furtmii, .tJ thit he eonl rum tbe above Lul.
,. . a . . t a a SS-I -V -
P lake Charge Of IM et rrml ACMrWf, I ftra) ift CAeHk-ffaW, at bcffteCuf. .11 time and
The Srit rioa WtO COWIfaetiCO on IbS 24 01 H-mr- mill mi natal k lnlJ la tl.a Inter.
November ft tt ' I tot, of llinaa aha am.,.- kim. a'.lK. la tka
j-nee of TuMoa br t h.f?ef elate . I els f Produce, or torch ef rends.
Lower el, eer session. ! I .iii a aa ku aat iKiMaiixuHa
Istotinf im FmbeaUry, n titrt tUfji f 7 I U CAn. CotUMi, or ethr produce, Mnl la
rr "'T.T".I awSlnram, wltt b received and for
naming- la u. moil r-vprao w "" I JcJ promptly, fra Of erwimiieslo 4 all
7 rr month. " j erjie r charges escape tuf lp0P setoallf U
, XvT ' eawveaJenr Of ptfxw amr
Jiy erjer of the Board of Tru.
- tbroueh ilflJ- ChlBOtL' Mh I
A UlctM)or icaatm3, K era,,;., ifi.i-. bd&
Ttk Wmttr leMton of Ihn Af Jcr, til I
"foWWmce- MVtKa3nl Tilt I
l't iii iuiihm win b, iof laiin ana urre r
7iri for F.agii'Jl Ursiamar, Gaofrmpb,
lift. w 4Hn per t-iuR ef fl mom be.
Botn cm bt proourtd at from Iftj t kilt
'JoHn prrtnnon. A. W. uAT, I'rputiL
Tbe Alitor of it itm liltiner ill laetrt
1br above' tbrtt liirA in J furvtrd hit accawot.
Catawba Navigation Company.
CT.NEUAL mectii ef the La U oka Noti
vCJk -tK t'otnpiov, iU be bM in tbe town
0 Iocaintan, cm rrvta, the Mth df of D.
abrr next lei port ant object reqeire tiot e
amvnr or tne stoclnoUera enoiUd be prxui,
VJlUrr to peron or bf preif. '
yvwvaA, inn. sm
be ftjfnietird to Vifnna, or
oroer. .rtMYiMotaryaei. bicb
JW b cbairrd to tbe Mrtlee,
my bowk. attJ made irabl In Char !( ton.
CWN . Aooajtm. IMI. comlmwe mt A rent
in Ctxion, u bcrctofure.
iVfaiar, 1829. SmdOl
TVt emrtr Jacknon.
! IF. new lieam Boot
.1JrrJkf. built
tipreWy for tbe CIn
flxul Auruete tnJe. will I
ouaiDcttce maiNBir elternetely bnoeee the ten I
place. M eooa aa flnwheO. hicb will be areri.
out to tbe let of fov. She goe dirict (inland)
between Charicatofi and Cberiv i and wiH take
treinhie at the loweet poeaible ratr. 3mt03
i i w re t
ftmj. svtuum baunn a in o WT aeeni ill
rbsraw fr her ako, and will attend promptly
THE endorsed will expoM to pull .ale. KrZ JZ m. T'rV J i
cfltuIJflbi.ltK,,,h7.Hlh7intert- r.k, "r1 ,b.r
? r H i'-cbiorr, end r w 'nT tT7Z
OoM Mioe on the laad Irktd (om the tiardian
ff Ovo. Mram. being the one fourth. The eaid
UiJ juaa he Ca)pe OeU Umm I fact, aaj tbe
Machinery ItoowwqTraiien.anJ wtll adapted
w mtnnr ourpueee Screral bowea, nerre
"an ao otbtr peraooal propertv, will be cold at
the eme tine. Tbe aaJe wJJ Ukc place the
iruiipri. i rrm iminiaa crcun wtu oe Jpiea.
All preauoa indabtrd to aaiJ eeute, are re-
3urfrJ u otake pavaenti and tbM bariaf
rmaruU afainft the him, lo prcacnt their
Caimt for atttJemrot, within the time directed
Jtaw,wrttMo aatMte wtUU pleaded in bar.
yitk, 1829. 4t9A
4. '
IBOM the plantation of tbe eub
. acribcr. on 3d CreeL about
the 20tb June. fUe Archie Ftllv.
.two veal oldi Uer mlur m x.
rel. wi'h white feet. T auppoaed abe made
her way to.Necklenburr, but hu beeo Uken!
p. A reaannable reward will be fiveo. to ny
wuigivc imomuiiion lojao. r. llouge
Dark! Alleo. in fcteckleoburr or to the aub
jviurr in naiirntjrr. illwMJ, li. POL.
JbawtotW 6VA, 1829. 3l94
IIRXM' w. cojtxeh.
W a7h
The fuJkiwInf beayliful Bnet are ft the ft
of th Ei trick bepberd. The ae e!ca'gne
to reprrrtttt rbf morninf prayer of mealac
who eoluirtarny Uewme anvotcajt of the deeert
lAUiieq MtM him forever. ,
Th of b4 tbe rufJ nd gireri
Thoa ranet mrd tar creature ateec'ne i
- Ileal the hrart lenf brake Vila f tepif. .
- "o ev Rtaaee aoa oi inouon,
Of lb nbbww nd tbt orean, ! "r:
Of tbe maveuiq rwet and rivar, ,
Hieeaod be tWt mm fororer f
' I here tfcy mW W7,,;
' ThroucKthe tUdawi of the iibt.
v Thaw: wk olbeieet M( or alerperiV
f.lett are Ly tbtni kindly keepeat. .
J(2fti ef ef C"!"!'1 fellow ray.
fled ofender oawninf gay, rrr
That re from the (Utol act.
Like breathiap from eternity i ,
Thie tlr laming epheree of ttfht,
Tbioe te darknem of the if bt.
hme wl the rem of eve I
Cod of aitr el I God ef Heaeca
Mod ef life that fade abaO nerery
OI07 to thy name fureeetl
fcOOtt f OS .THE ntOOrJ
Boom for the proud I y ton ef day ,
from Ur hi re ping ptwp eurvey,
Worraitry corioaadeg lh way
Rio chariot wheel before I
1 ! with what atom hi lofty eyw
'Uancet o'er age and poverty,
And bid intruding conscience 8
Far from bio pJaoe door I
Room for tbe proud I but alow tbe feel
That bear bietuffla dowa th atreet,
And diamal aeeme hi winding iheet
Who purple lately wore.
Ab i-wber muet now hi ntrl 6yt
la naked, tumbling agony f- -
Or bow ahal he for mercy cry,
VTbo abew'ditaottKfar
taJ. frttlrit of the Infccuao,
tat imonj the di'iekieJ, tunioj the
lick hh tfodcrecn. oJ lurinj
thtif dcUt whilit th heathca cetncsl
utterlr rejirdlcn ef their luffcring
iricaai, kio ntomihcd wcrt the tub
lie, tht these truly beneroleot ChrU-
tiaoi were openly thioked tod eel,
wrtted. The profaoe Lucin, rldi-
culee the Chriitiam for their ezcenive
eJmidecn, but hit itUonured let'tre It
i.jnopurtient te; their rilir. The
kpoitite emperor VuIUa eiWtg the
rorahipner of hia rode ta aku
iMny OirutiiQi reliere ! pwofKw.
cr parana or pioua, trmie Uiey (he
Wfteo Chriitlitity prcvViIelLrkhrn
rnte pobHcWuaum htrnmrrrjie
rcr till then did the world lee boa.
piul, or aiylum for the inuoe. the
gcd and the wretched. Their and
tnooMod like them, jrr oow formed!
wherever our religioo wr it blind
aoipotcoceind 00 wh?re elef
Christian Watchman,
v "up1 ittiimptm
0t,l.l8, Ettle n.i!&La-
pirte tlcf.nrj
Pef.U, UeKjtio(i In H iHirnl .
Vta. t Declaration of tbe AtiicJ
at Frankfurt
ItliJ.n. It, Alliccrri lb Uhlr
Mar. 3D, C.ttl. of Mortnurtrw '
before rarie
ApHIIl, Bonaparte abdicate f!r
W7 I. Arrim at lib, a a,.?!
, U'elyinf beiweawtla,
emt of July a4 thw
llland ml Caraira
III! Bar. f . laid from fctb for Fraro
en 1.-. . ,in
'' 1 ana araq f.
( f, kYapoUan k declaed an out.
t . kl the toverlfi
rert and CTmmh -r
Fraark - 1
T. , r K
UB" iwra' toe rroHiarr
21 AbJlcatr the throne .
, ieeofid time ,
Jul; F2, Surrendered himielf t,
fWe Ora-reaiw
f v r
W. I .. . ta.
Hat. Ri. ,..,. Kvaa. rr- a mm aa. .7 'I " Welenti
- ww a a ane miai w am nf . - m ar
- I cancer la
W1 now receiving from New Fork and Phil-
Adcjpbia, a choice and harvlaome amortrnent
Hardware. Crockm.
Paints, Due Stuffs,
nooit, woes,
Groceries, fJc. ;
I halt Ua tooth-ache, when with madilenlar
w 1
ilika tarrcQt. wild it ravee among the etumptt
I hate tbe while dire'cafafcgu bf eir) -
1769 Aug. IS, Butn at AJaccio, la Cot.
nc. ,
T9 March, I'ia-J at the Military'
ai rteane,
At oEcr of artillery at
Ionian bmI appoiv
led Or, of Brigade
Amin'em te the enra-
to..i 1 of the amy of Italy
Au.i. BUe of CaaiirW.
Yn-K ..rt .Jl...r.-,, ;
uiiiir vi nrw tint J
177 Feb. 4, burrt hder of Vantuay IkT$
April I9,Prcliminarief with Aw.
tria signed at Leooeo '
"ef. 17, Trry of Campo Fwmio
W Way 20, Sail for llgypt
J'Hy I, Battle of tbe Pvraroi!.
W May t, Sirge of Acre reiotd.
V.y II.
.27 1
tba breot Li
.NW.-St. Helena lia uTh. S .U,S
Ocean. 16 ,0 TuCZL 5.
?n wAk .ndremVbV, ;nfST
Amenc. U57, to the 7,7.
Cn-i Hrkfor Oct., Xatmlrn
Irirdeoen ireiDttvia.t.-4.L
Of the hoe, and other mean. r t.r
g the upper hand of we. too earrv
in Autumn. In conirfln,. . .Lv
Pfce ef negligence, puriUne, pi I
weed, cotrch gra.,, and other r Jal. I T
Ihstempcra, fever hot, and ague tbake
I hate mad doe, anakee, dandir. feat and bam.
W . e a . . .
Jj WMa-c, ,0oi ana whiakey.jura,
am uutca, uau rvaua, apoiica oo, and broken
Ill'W.a on the eoaet Oiiinei SOlble intrurlrra. ! a ..
Ort.F, Land... PreT,Tran,-i,.;Z V: . " Y.m
; Driving to FaucitexUlem
w . .i.v rraj.;4,rv.wDere every con.
ubc h prvTiuea iut Man and none, to make
lhem comfortable, at the moderate charre of 33
e?r" a day and flight, for the privilege of the
law. tue uae H a food bouse, fire, water, and
jk ner. Anacned ( the Tird, are Groce7
am. rruTiHon oiore, sreaa s&op mT CtftJec
tionary, and a House for Boarder and Lodger,
in m pian, cneap, wDolcanme and comfort.
able t le,- FaitttnilU, rt April, 1 828, 1')
- - ? V ANE alubl ptauta-Ca-'1
5"? " ,o"nthtoprrcinry. ..It
uca " ,n county of Cabarrus, in the
ior ot Bocky river and Coddle
C Ft tit. a?antainkfbaW mraAliI wleta Kn
dred and aeventv acrr of land. Tbe'qualitf of
f Km tmt.A m At a . a a
level. There is ahnut tan r,lin,irri .1
. - " 'Hi u "V-l " blCM.
which were hwurht at reduced price, and will Stale new, eold soup, light pune, and Uwyexa'
be aold at a small profit, for u, or on time to thanks.
0 na, are 1 . , , . . . . ,
- nvrira anu won car Of COrTl,
A cewtly frmbue and a shabby barm
More ears than pies, no books, but manv VunaT
Sore toe,tlf bt shoes, old debt aod paper duns
punctual dealers.
A rat quality
man Tine, Old Muscatel! ditto.
Port di'.to, Malaga ditto. Genuine
Old Holland Cin, oil Cognac
arwui), Jamaica and New Eng.
land Hum 1 torrthrr wiiK .
article usually. found in a Store in tbi awt; Ar
rtrmw vrtJitr to ivarlia mn
and xamtno thw abav Goodie ,
Sahthirf, Sep. 182. - fimtll"
I bate tight lacing, and loeee conversation,
iDunoant gb snd little information 1
The fool that sing in bed and Motes ia meetini
"ho baft, ii. taiaiagfc aad tlk ataoh wkiU
ed, motlyfrebi anew, convenient and elegtnt
. c,1,,,k-houe, which coat Dearie four
flfi-h thotuaod dollar, and other building
u..uic in ir. Jue pamrDU for to is
...v m.d ,ay. AppIicalioiM u to
terms of lc, can be made to R. II. Alexander,
111 mj auariice. .
a- ar,f W " wuniy i nurry,
Vii; j td ,nd u believed from recent
nf discoveries, within the Gtld Heri.
aWTiam . of North-Carolina. Thia tract aa.
jr.. .a j. the State, in the year )f95 1 comist
of on 1 continuou wrvey, adioininj tbr count v
Lne of Wilkea, and extending from the Bin.
Bulfe to within three mile of the Main Yadkin
Kivcr, It is intersected for Aftau .
Site COnvehienT faMka.ulU.tU. .!. '
' " .,uiimi.ii w uuiinv,
a. in ik. ......... r 1 f i . . .. rw"
i uipuacaui macmnerv.
HAS just Jtecivrd, and opened at hia Store
mi HliUi7, ndsbaie assurV
met or
Spring and Summer. GOODS :
Also, Groceries, Hardwarr, Cutlery, Plated Ware,
Hats, and Hatters' Trimminrs, Crock,
cry, a good assortment of Bolting
i4tn, snoee, ti on nets,
and every article usually !
asked for in store.
Hi stock of good haa been purchased entire-1 bwltinff
ly for reiA and he is determined to sell them ...k .
A writer in the New -York Journal
of Commerce recommends rice as a
valuable ingredient in the composition
of bread. Having seen the subject
noucea m in-tingitsn japerf.tie-waA
induced to try the experiment, of which
he) 'gives the following account
" My family reside in the; country,
and I took an early opportuaity to aend
a quarter of rice to mill to be eround.
in the same manner at corn, without
ire maae an rnrrim.i
,1 w ...... ...II, ,
tham I l 1 a- 1
. ...v.m wm itn . .1 . .nr. . k . n .
aemwucan be had In the plwe, l coal, or to . . . - wn"1 nJur ana
punctual customers on a short credit Tie nub. pouoa Of rice flour in the brat nlari-
he am fnarlillir In.'.a..! ..n r I .L . . n l . .
judge for tlve; ".J"? H M.V,D 0een. "
AWwWjr, Awe 3d, 1 829.
lastfttfc ot WUWtim wVeUl.
WILL be snM. on the 26th day of Kovem.
bcr, inst. at the late Nsidenee ofWiliam
ri'eill, dee'd. one mile west of Sherill", Ferd,
Idbeolo county,
7 likely Negroes ;
a Stills and Vessels; .
I otK-horse lYagoni
A quantity of Cotton
it aaauuia ..! 1
v arntica, 100 tedious to men
tion. A credit of 12 months win h .,t.n.,i
Nov. 9, Diolves the Contention-
al Government
10 Declared tint Coosal
ISOO June 10, Betile of .Marengo, frufy $
Jury S3, Preliminagiea at Austria
irocd at Paris
Dec. 24, Explosion of Cie Infer
nal Machine
1801 Feb. 9, Treaty of Luoeville with
Oct. 8, Preliminaries with England "
1803 Uatth 27 Definite treaty with England
Aug. 2, Declared Conaul for life
180.1 May 18, lingliah declaration of war
1804 18. Declared Emperor..
Nov. 19, CiwwaeJ by the fop
ton. a. . n . ; '
wj ay iro, ueciared king or Italy -
S-pt- 24. Heads his army arainet Aastria
Nov- 13. French enter Vienna,- -
- VaNta! tfJuttruM
- Dc. 2, BaUlrot Anrct'ai5e'rtV--'
tiful city of Marovis.
iri the circle of JJrinn :.
H, Treaty of Vienna with Prufti
.oe 21. T.'ty nr with Austria
lJ05fcpt.24, Matches against Prumia
uct. is, uattic or Auerstsdt, or
Jena, in Germany
27, Euter Berlin city, in
-- - bich the King of Prti.
II KB fesTdc In fifrntHii
iSOr-Feb, 3, BalUe of Evlan srtinrt - I '
June 1 a, oartte ot KrieUIand
July F, Treaty of Tilait with IWa
1801 7, Joseph Bouapsrte king
w apain 25
Juoe 29, Joseph evacuate Madrid
Aug. 21, Battle of Veraerra, in
Sept. 27, Conference at Erfunh
Nov. S, Bonaparte arrives: Vic-
toria, Spain
Dec. 4. Surrender of Madrid
to Uonaparte
1809 Jan. Id, Battle vfCoru-ma in Spain . 40
April 6, "War declared by Autria
Vlay 10, ( he French enter Vienna
2?, Battle of Ealing, or Asperne
Juiy 0, Battle ofWapram
cAcinpncctTTnrrTtf thr-rjir-,.
paint." Every weed whi,l. r.r.M
eittrpjtion,' becomes the parent oP
a numerous pn.gcny of penTferow
plants, which aprinj up like the head
01 inc uyura ot labu.oue lore, and mo,
nnpolizc the soil at the etpense tit
every-th40g aicb U or
thing. Let, therefore, tne
tiller recollect, that a eeratch of hi
hoe 10 time, will aave nine. BUrr ,
wtllpve a little rrrvminw
ry) 00 this subject, with the hone tha:
the similarity of sundt, at the doro
OHLS00?11" wil1 "J th mr roory 6r
Slrnrt the best wavefweedinf - .
I td tire vent weed from teedinp;
Th least procrutinaiioa ,
f sny operation
To prevent the semination
Of nnxion vegetstlon
It a source of tribulation.
And this, in tiuth. a fact ii,
. "icb tsrdener wglit prjtcjice,
-AiidiilJeraahould remember, -
From Aprd to December. rr ' :
r ni
They 1
on rvTngoRTHitfKc
All peraons indebted the estat-,j
acalded, befure it was mixed, bv pla
SWT-U. J9J- !" vessel, with water,
overa moderate fire, ai rice is ordi.
narily cooked and then kneaded in
with the wheal flbur, wet in the usual
war. with milk, in the evening 1.
W wTwaaawaava al B, I a.-.
a a . V I I IT t IX Irafttu Af V ... .. a
waa louna in the morn nv n nr ik. ..' ' Wl" ar.m
'. ... . " . .;""N"w-.B'Prteniarriee Maria
1. waa ui.vvia.IJ u llir 1Q19 U IOUr
pounds more of wheat flour, to rive it
.L - ... r I a .... . .
uic cousisicscy oiDreau. With thw
addition tbe loaves were made, and the
result crave us ten pounds of the fin-at
bxejulXfWijwv-t was of snowy
EE12EH5 ien' na,aeiiciotia(rerTl.e
Lwisa lughter of
rrttcisll. Emperor of
July 9, llolian.i ud the Hanse
towni annexed to
France by decree of
Aug. 21, Berumlirtte elected
Csdhs. late- will ple to makVoavnient
hwTaT eWm. .gain itT wT. taste,, nd Kmdned fresh :much l0miAm S
,5a.a w ' -1--i. j " . ta.ra. WWir alOOC, . ,, ' 'JV-
1 t ,rJ J""ue ,n Subaemueot trials have t.tTAttrz
nMrfwn, 1 , 1 1014 way a, ue ueads aaiTarmV'
iM vrni I Extent, lone nnartjae nart J,!,. A.... ' ' l ,rnv
tinrxplored. Persona desirou to purchsse, sre
eeferred to the Editor for more particular infer-
tHaiiwn. aim wDom me piat or this land it da.
klilntr$. .Tun 12A, 1829. Fl
Oct. 590, 1829.
Commuted to tlit 3all
,1-ntAtv . ta
SPf?9M.we hereby fore
;ain' use Ot I k. V.iLi''fc'Vif;.-t.,vw i,.,.'
mia an HciunvB an . .. awmtv i n...
9- i uiuii nym.
warned awmsf buildhii: or itb
"'Mttii--iw-ted-''wy WaaVe
for washinallerial,surtce, jr river gr.vel, UB.
W intend to procure a patent for the taie;
OtlieJk).-ltM,- 3f91
"l :N.ITo Man, who calls his name NED, and
one quarter part of rice flour may be
I pr ouiauie . 10 maxe. bread that the
weight, is. greatly increased, and the
tjuawiy lucreasea oeyona cakulaiion.
rAkUina!... ,A....e F .9 "
rrw witce irom voHMsnia, 8V-fcrWHHe
vpcmwiM avvearaoM. iasfaa ina
. l.'A.. 1. a .. ----- - w,
l inn... nam . . m . - . ....
TrK-.S'.. vwDipiexuon, BtOUl Bunt
I tnitvl Csw WaWB avaa a.! i-."tl. V JUL . . a a
. - riiriii wanu a un CrOOKavT aari
Mm, cauwea ova rone no othei marft-a ...
arjtwi. a .nrz r 1 iTrz-zr rKS?,.v w
-1 vw. .Hru. aafecaianiiaTv eauaia. i run lis. l na own am ta:.j
. cm UPER10R court rra.. m.. 1 - 1 r -u " -r : .t r"-.'" w i--
rt;.a r.L urn" i, ' r7iw vuarjca, uia iae mm away.
SO . talisa lyOte t William Coxe 1 fvi r 1 a .a.i
Divorce. Ordered bv the court, that miKlu..:-j xn, ie,a icon !
a .a a ' -vivwiwu w -eaa ivy HU
fce made for three month successively is tbe I V . '
Westerii Carolinian and Yadkin at r...-.k. I Jfttlrw'a Vrwt-tno.
,. 1 .1 , , . . . awai. . r-.v.. v
uamai, umiDt aeiemunt be andannear at rh.l rireivrM j , ., . .
. ' ... .... ' a . -w r mm u...4T uu aiH. DUK II, i.ii an Kt.ra.ii. .
jku aunrrior ciuirv nt in ,a ... . k..u i u .1 - rf vwwwc. a
-T--"T,rLli.w m wa uciu ior mat am 1.. .....t.-. ...
cnuniy or Mecklenburr. meMMt-mrr e
. ,H ,HM in utninriL in Mi flravarri Af I in.!.
eounty. II yellow complected, about 5 feet
y nHin nia-n. annarentiv AO nnM. tv.
owner U requested to come forward, dsv ehaa.
gesi and take him awajr. or hw wil
with aa the law in such cases directs.
'JOHV ninnrN r.-.
.- Vnanatte. on the fit Mnn.. .k. r
aay in September aexf, and plead or amwer
Vlha VkTanvn-i . r ...
w -T IT r lLun w ue unit will b
?SJfTTetne "WB0 Hendenmn
?r Tdifttrt offi,:e the Tth Mon!
ty ter tbe4th Mondav March 1829.
- LUooysius. IWormi. that th
tiana ol Home who were cnirthit
tbelr brethren aeot their alma throurrh.
out the earth ulUan afirmiriEriaTf
JfmyJtMW-ettxtted general
wonder- at their iiu?uB
huietms states, that amid the dead.
tiont f a dreadful plaeue at Alexan
diia and Carthage, the Cbristiana went
every where among the mfected. and.
without inquixin? into their relirrinn
dispensede ltndest offices, whilst
the other citizens left the auffVrara
perish. Just after a severe oeraarn.
tion in the reieo of Maximilian, at am.
tilence awept the erontre with tremen.
azamst Butiia
June 21, Arrive at Konigsberi,
Aug. 18, Smolensko, i ittmiu
' tsken - .
Sept. 7, Battle of Moscow, at
sr3of0(l'lloi formerly
... ,. -,-m,, t u, i rciicu, DmteT"nti -me.
.i,ww,,lB)pie,qnepte; Moscowr "
which is bum bV thw
itt'5l'---6' the snbwi "
" 18. Amv.1 it D..;. r ,..
1113, April, Heads the army on the
woe, a river of Gwr.
many, which emptieh
toto th sea a Dttle be
low Hamburg ,
vF h Battle of Lutcea sgaiaij
Russia and Prussia
20, Batueof Bautzea.i. Gmmvf
Jon , Annivuee agreed on
t uoauimca re-commence - -
Aastria again declared
From the York (U. C.) Mo. July si?
tJ latt baturday evening, aboo!"
ten o'clock, a waggish Yankee knocks
ed at the d'lor of Mr, Savage, tne col
Uctor of his Majesty's customs for this
. a .l!..t-.l. . a p
P'jn, nu in me character oi an infor
mer, received five dollars for pointior;
out to him a contraband depot eontiiis
ing five barrels r?f merkan whiskr)
Don sallied the collector, hired n
team lor ather i?o: doWaf re warded
a sailor with a dollar to roll the
rels out of the. lake where they hart
been hid, had the seizure carted Kr
the cellar of the ifreg's anctioneerv
congratulating himself on his nigHtV.
work, when Mos'elv sutrcested to him
the propriety of tastine the spirit. Ik
did taste iL and found himself the for-
pure water of !UkeOcUrioCZZr,
Mcajah MdwddltAirTtTitoT
oate man bf thia name iumned into the
......I. rtMf.l If a .L-
ntv ui omimim, uremia.
m mt . - -
the H
r, mt
im m h. . I . .I.. ... . . . ann
111 n in ul ucrauEciucniw 1
drowned. If is elerv is fall c
patnos, and runs thus :
nituble j
tfn-d in
tii'g if ;
' Point
: Ca3:
tprether v
in a Store j
All of w
Jbw ai any
the same li
ui a credit
The pub
amine, and
Ocithtr Z
- nest in Q
ervicei a:;;
est of tb
ale of pro.
He infor
Laxarut ',''
Warded p;
other char
For the c
?otton thrc
be co?vn'
r ftTicafsh Bidgood bul good-br; , -An'wenDiliinSttl
was very aealH".
Ja. rtwri'i himrelf all in a creek.
"Jp 323'-"
In l
One: Jeretnua i
'0raln'i posted In a V irprioia pa per..'jji j
a - .. 'a ., ri. . . M....A
navioz satrouea tnat estate, acuuv
tbe affections and Gained, and married
aod deserted in succession. Blight J
and mildew, say we, to such grain
Oae White foot, buy him -.
Two white, feet, try b!m
TThree white feet, deny him 1
Four white feet and white nose.
" Tjtt cJT Kt US?, Ot glre bin to' (tt tiW '
places, as
outj the
-between f
freight at
. "j. Jc
Chra 1
to the ah:
tther to I

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