North Carolina Newspapers

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BAUsnuiiY, uovAN county, n. c,......TUKsnAY, mncnMni;!: I, ic
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tminig lMfi"
. jir r.v. ft fMiieahd Lottln the
tT (on of fahsbary, rfl Main rtre et,
4:5&e corner nrirtheV. Wwwfrr;W
--r tf,T mXiC bmmJd Jot .ell soda
"77; Miii "rtUi tniVugh to m rexr ptrnet
- l i ',t '. rrw bw Hiy;btihl, tn the
V " - . it . . . w . I. t a
J.j . Mrv.
v ir;r::.-rh i liaida. tin ith of nj.
fei nxt, there will be o!d, t tnibtic
. it t'c Ute rrMktrc of AVunrfl Wjr, Je.
...Mlir, (munttlMch w ftbyut
lt h -ict.) o WrsM nJ llarncw, rrn.
irni Kitdjea Furmtuff, and mtny
tfhr irticlci, incluJiiffH lb pmoflal proper.
,r 0() ,t,e home jlUnUtion the other pUo.
ioc .!jcent Mm, irct of Land, idiom.
i ti-Li4 of Ihehrir of Henry Guny nd
. 'v... ,..nt.',ninr two hundred tcre.
Al on MonJay, Ibt i8lb dy f Orcernber
TIIC MILLS of tht deeeMrd, on
L j rk. frell lutnvn by' the MW of
t'rt:,; ,W!J wi'h JI I UfW 'Jjoiniff , eon
!:,". f .t Lundred .rt more or Ic.
Alrt, it IH ane tia4 nd fiUce, Uillbe t&Id,
. i ih nTfnl pronerty on lawl premiKft, cm
.ji.u 'irt ll"rt, Ctttle, Piltep nd l!ot
tumtv bidretboa' tliirty ftrr UMwir,)
Oito. UoutehoUi tul Kitchen
Uta'r u-'irr. !r;e q untity of flank, tnd
of o'her ftrticltt.
iTrtin oe "MMrmtie imp tWinrt ptee;
tnf i if I.anHo w'ich 7ahw " Hattn
df-mxl t-'rrrk.iininrf thr lind of
1 .jvtp Inntft rvd otben, contiininy about
tlirf hu ulf.d acrr.
..'. tn rontinup frnm !lT t9 0$T, nntl all
Si j b - 'J. r-reht of twelve month
(irfi, by thr purchaven gMng bornl
...... HAALJlOLEAIAiy, Sari.
UtBT. N. t'LCMINC, 3
iVtJlrr 1829.. 5198
Jl. x Tjn'T. aubscriber cnntcroplaung to Tt
JL njov'e tYrt next fall, ia deairoua of
-JSjl teitnt his Toxxrn Kftthliihmmi ia tbe
.1tTn of Ltntrrd, t abairas county. H..'? C0!;'-J
Tci tcntiy mcattd nartne VTnn-uowse, ana is
Lthe bt mnd fof btiaJneft in the pUce..Th
liouse i commoJiotia, 'ph excellent Stablca,
and ill neceaiary out-byuse. Feraorw diipoavt!
la piirchiw, are rcqueateil to nuke early apuIU
" en ion, i the aubscribet wHl makeeomediajMK
Should any perarih, ho is inclined toi
m.brk in the bmunesa f keepinif a House of I
-bUxiwAmeftV prefcrlUthtt TjtabfilHnit wiU
.ie Hanoi, iron one to Ave year, on reasona
ble tf rmij. and iht-.rurniuire.majL be bad rtb
iti m tbat 4heetblnnnntwi!l be ready to go
)mo without acarcely a ccotYcXPsn'sei 'there
nan lm is industrious and accatnmodaUn;,
cinnot fiil of making very handsome proftts.
Ap;ily to the subocriber, in Concord. Cabarrus
rourTv, N. C. THOMAS T. CANON.
Arc. 19A, 1829. - 4tS7
Gold MincSy Lahd,
T4 rTObtrcTibeTrwtshing' tore:
move from the neighborhood,
nit'crt for sale hil valuable Planta
tion, four miles vest of Charlotte.
The tract contains" 23 J acres of land,
!iV part of ttbicb is as good as any in Meek-
- J burg county j about I'JO acres are firt, second
and thir.l crop ground, of the best quality The
plantation adjoins the celebrated Capps Gold
Mine, anl t!ie opinion seems to be well founded
tliat Go!;l abound in two hills, particularly, on
the plant ion j a branch runs through it, for
- three fourths of a mile, which, it is thouhtjiv
tnen"T5f jment, is "aaricn in"" tFe "precious
- wetararany t.f the nofkCtAtaeiTlnerjli'iilMi
a"tlie place good water-power for raining op-
"Also, 20 or 2J likelv NEGROES for sale or
part pf ilem, such' ss may not wish to follow
Any person desirous, of purchasinjcan .call
'nX view tbe premises t or inquire of Robert
y binkins. in Charlotte, for a description, &c v
a1 !.. WBt SI Ti.-.TStI
- "- ' ; I
HnWfeJWIbKriber 'havini;: obtained, at Novem-
af. her terw'oYHiti''t?Hwty ewrV'tstteni
"t .AumiautraUoa on Iheestate-ef-stHexander
Tinny t de'e'd. will eipose to public sale, at tbe
rHclcnce of the dee'd. on Tuesday, the 8lh day
flf December next, ' . ' '
3 likely Negroes, '
in a credit of three months, on giving bond and
.ccurity. . , i: fy;
Also, will be sold, same time and place, various
, kind of Stock, such as Horses, Cattle, Hogs,
'ep ; also, Com, Wheat,. Oats, Hay; Fodder,
. i. beiides Household and Kitchen 'Furniture.
Sule to continue from day to day-; till all it ditf
Poscd of. JOHN GIBSON, Mr.
X. I6f&, 1829. " St95
B. All persons indebted to the estate of
uccd. are desired.,ke payment as soon
A convenient; arid TWSe J having claims against
ae unie, will present them, as required by law,
or this notice will be pled in bar,
: . . ,r .- - -:- v: V J. GIBSON, .icfm'r. ,
lOlUnd sold by order of writs oftenditinni
5Jff5SS2Si; fe?e4hwoflBcj
f ni'ir. nibacriber Jurt rccclrd,'fron New
Jl York ao'l rhi!1enbi,ir(J it now 05cninj;,
it hia Siurt U CON6()fUia'encrU avail.
'nr f 1' t'Hnr'd'H'a
Ilatin purchafei entirely far cwt, iul ,1a.
iCi()inC io aril lur cai( "c iccm avturca inai
he ta leJl on tenftr which Trill be wtlafatiory to
tboM wialtini to purcnate. k
The public are rep'cuiMy invited to call and
examine for thetwelvea.
October SiA, 1979. 3mt100
5 MV 0
Tr-J now receivlnc from New Vork and PLila.
JL del phi, a choice ami handom aaortment
Ifardicarf, Crockery,
Paint, Dte Stuffs,
noon, znocs,
Groceries; tferr
tliich vera booth t at reduced price, am! will
be M at a a.talf profit, for taih, or on time to
punctual drtlert. Among the Orocenc, are
flrw nnali.y
I mens Mutcatr II ditto
i'jri.dt't04JlaJiCt-iUUfl. lienui it
w . .... - .
r3'.,v' d flrWy, Jamaica and New F.t.jf
Uil Hot: toirethrr with rvrry
article uauath tbund in a Store in thisicctioo of
' ciMititrr.
rerkune wi'nfr to prnrha, ail! please call,
ami diamine tlie above (iood.
So!ittrj, Ar. 189. 6mtll
jnT-S jusr rerived, nl opened at his Store
K. ia sauaaary, a larpe ana nanusome uun
ntem of
Abo.Grocer!ea,l!rdwar .Cutlery, PUtedWare
Hat, and Matters' Trimrhin?, Crock
cry, a jrood aasortment of Coiling
Cloth, Shoes,. Uonuets,
and every article usually
uzed tor in stores.
His stock of eoods.has been purchased entire
Xf ftr iiuk fami be-t-lctf rnnned"tty rH Ihem
as low a en be had in the place, for c.iiA, or to
nurxtaattustomeraoriashortcredtt. T'lepab
lie are resprctfully invited to call, examine, and
hide for themselves.
Salitbury, June S 1329. 70
JVete fmm Goods,
A KF. now opening at the subscriber's Store in
iJJL Salisbury j coivnstlnjf of
of almost every description, suited to all seasons
of the year. Also,
Hardware and Cutlery,
extensive in variety and amount,
lcted bv himself with care, and
bought for rash on the best terms, in PhilaueU
piMaivA4wJrrkTh .pwbUe--ure Hieed
Ihey.willibdAJarce nd,fulL supply, and Jower
fnr cash than usual, or Otherwise on accommo-
tdatinlermff: TTbejrare respecffMlly invited to
It. m 1 . M! a rmnT!l!.n Ii... AM
cavsw,wnwir","","t,wi" "" v'"
and judge for themselves.
1 J. MV respectfully begs to return his unfeign
ed ibanki for the very liberal and distinguished
natronaire he has been so highly honoured with
by a discerning public, and hopes, by a diligent
Snhiiurt,, Sepr. .8, - 3mty
frTTIIRsubscriber takes thia metht,
ilrof inforoune.hia friends
Ilft. ...." 1 J .!' tt.
jhaa just completed his ffouie
Jtccommaaauon, Biiuarea on me
dividing ridge of the waters of the Catawba and
Rocky Rivera,, immediately at that public cross
road well known as the Rocky River and Wades,
boro Roads, leading from the interior of South
Carolina and Charleston, by way of Cheraw and
George' Town on the one Road, and from, the
interior of North Carolina t Charleston by way
of Camden, on the other. w
The subscrioer infbrmi the public, that her hat
spared ho paint or epense to make those per
sons comfortable who may honour hire 'with
their custom j and assures them, that from the
high situation of the above Roads, they -nay be
aafe'in travelling them at all a.easonsof the year,
and that the addition of hia sund, maker the
stages complete to and from Camden and Cher
aw, to Charlotte, Salisbury and Concord, N. C,
and alsfjtoihe ViTgima Springsj at-welt as to
those persons visiting the Gold Region of North
Carolina.' ; i3J?...feA9iTii
tf ex rifts i .
Tt t.U mnmhli Ou Gtit JftUj tftfmk
. An Increue of c!rcolalinr medium, at a
meant of extrlcailnr oar ttiitcn from
d(bif It bellmed to b tlJonary, ind cto
only hiyc ibe cQect of proaasmatbg tba
ertl dsy, wblcb mutt aoooer or later r
ri anJ -wlh in accumulstion of inetttt
Ih rprtioa to lit rerosdtuas, kud wild
t greater certainty of ruin for there is no
act betttrtttibHiMd, than thtt the pro
fitt of exict)ttr KboMfi ere iiwi-rrigal y
ho iotcrett 01 money. Il ise -wia
dora cf economy, which wo must ofoecet-
sltv bare been taught, i not tuiucimt to
drive ut to :he practice of ihiitardiotl vir
(tie, and ita tundtnald tnduttry, by which
alone we can be relieved from our emaar
raiiments, it it much to be feared, mat
every attemp to effect it by legiilatioo,
wilt be liitlf better .than puliticaJ quack
ery, and rather addlo to the load of deb
nd rltffruhy.
The Judtriiry, which hat aleiyt been,
and with much proprir y, the farourite
branch of the tfovernitent, cattnot be
toarded with too much tare. Upoo the
buri'v and ability with ehich the lawi of
the country are admltmttred, dpend all
righta and hppineit, in connect iQ with
liberty and p'operty . The Judicial di
trirts imo wnich the State bat been divtd
ed, are believed to be too largt, sod the
eas'ern eircuitt panlevlarly, tt re quirt a
new orpaniration, to prevent the wtte of
life, and the delay of jut ice iicident to
the pre tent arrangement. lo tootieetioo
with thia aubject, permit me tl call your
Mention to the pardoning pover; whico,
in-every -rovemmentria wtly placed
somewhere, and by the C'lttttiiution of
our state, n very properly riven to we
tt . ' ..a
Executive ; to be excrcuedbt him, wbeo
fit cate for clemenrv occurs But the
ease with which an artful ma can make
a homicide in the nnt degree, app. tt a
homicide in the second or third; or a fl
ony appear a breach of trust; and thebH
tr lecunet oi our nature nil trjTTitrrir to
the tide oi mercy, by which Detmona,
hded to great length, by respectable
tumes, are easilv obtained, thereby em
bar'iinp; the Eiecutive In the diarhaige
of his ofGctal dutiea ; it it respectfully
ubmi ltd, how far it would add to the
publk- demonsiratton of the ,
the. laws, and be prociaciive of . dee p and :
talutary effet t oo the public mind, to re
quire he judge preiding on the trial of
any crimioal, to make out, at the instance
of the convict, ao abstract nf the evidence
in the case, to be submitted by him, with
his petition for pardon, to the Executive
11q DbcdcoctlQ. a.rctoluuori of jh Ut
General Assembly, directing; the Board of
Internal Improvements to collect evidence
concerning the obstructing the navigation
of the Cape fear river, below the town of
Wilmington, during the revolutionary
war, for the pur post t of defence, and the
opinion of the Civil Engineer of tbe State
as to the pf babie effects on the naviga
tion of said river bv such obstructions,
the depositions of several of the most re
spectable citiaent in that vicinity, and
some of jhera. aiding in the . veiy-opera
tion, together with the opinion of Mr.
Nash, on the aubject referred io him,
were forwarded to our Senatort in Con
gress, and immediately met the favbura7
ble consideration of that bty. An ap
propriation of 820.000 was made to re
move the obstructions, itd the work ia
nov going on exclusively under the di
rection of the General Government 0
a similar character is tbe improvement of
4 be na vig at ion-of Ocraeock -tntetr-forr
which, appropriations to the amountof
841,000 have been made by vongrets....
That these workt. promitimt sucto ad-
vantage to the State, and of such vital in
teres! to the towns of Newbern and Wil
mington, carried on underjbejrostering
care of the General Government, conduc
ted by Engineers of competent skill and
with acequate funds, will be consumroa-
1, ,;;n ,h kki .pp,;.,?
iranty ot .the govern
.jntiie liber! appropriations aireaoy
- - w
madiyYndTn olf
inan unfioUjjed st
. jSut a work of still greater importance,
both as it regards tho interests' of the
State, and of .(he. Uoited States, callt
loudly for your attention, and, through
yon, for the attention of pbngress. If
there be a work more peculiarly national
in its character than any other in which
tbe State of North-Carolina1 can bare a
direct interest, it U the opening a com
munication from the Albemarle Sound to
t he Atlantic Ocean. .. Until such an outlet
can be formed, a vast proportion of the
products of the State will Gad a market
through; the ports of Virginia, and we,
shall still be tributary to that State. If
the di5culties of gettiog, to sea from this
extensive and commodious hay, watering
a tract of country, not inferior in point f
rertihtf o any par
tionr one of the EntconirnertU t3r.i in
the iwuthtn country wcuHcro t?on
ita tordcrtand afTyrd a clrktt far the
pro cts cf Indaury, wUtb to;! J not fU
to, quicken, vi-ilinct thrcujhoiat vjur
State,. And ia aniwtr lo the qucittoo,
m ha will the executing ai ih nrniMi
rrxl tte UtcitUtrtl.tUcu'ua i" pertsit
me to o Ut ttrer lanpiae or the
UoafdViT Engineers cf the Urittd State 1
fJVTIu wt enteruig, lay ihey, '. Into an
eximinrtionof the pontics! e Sects of the
pmpositjon ..btcaj hat come under .our
consI4efaat'4T and which the pattirclar
imeretts' of the", State may pmibly - rua
counter to those of. tbe Union, ao axatn
iastioa to tvkKh wa do rot consider our
telves called bj our Instructions, nor
qualified by dot preparation, we shall
merely remark, that tithe plan be carried
into successful execution, tvArtArr ex an
tider Ike frrfiit ceaust rrtr. laV efanxrrt
e tkifinrrtk Aarisuf y e rmtaty, r ro
vmitmtt ea f&ixt e dcfrtrt ei rr
1r'aAaseefffr ear 9tr firtntttrt tnd e
fit 0 tswr, Aror wCl bt firmed fin
dttf in ikt frt tf tie reeal.talerr it I
MMf wetdedr AVuh these liberal and en
ligauned views of tko agents of the Gen
era! Government, beckoniag us to an en
terprit ao replete wuh lot t rest and ion
portatCO to tke State, shall we. aS though
conscious of lofertor cUhat upon 4that
government wkkli e have contributed
our full share of blood and treasure to et
tjbtita ad ro.inuio. foU our arms-b
quietness, as thaagti we bad neither part
nor lot in the matter! Ur shall we not
rather, cherishing an exahe'd pride and
generous patrtotint Call on Congress,
t h rou g h tu r R ep r e senja t j yes i n h a,tjbpd t
the p opt r organs cf sue ha call, to unlock
the doors whir a thut as out frorn tbt
commerce of tbe woi 4? ; ...
The Y4 kin river, ex;endbg its branch
es io ditTerent directtoos .almost .from
the extienv soattK to tbe extrtme north
ern boundrv f the State, and watering
one bl the mkt iatereviar . nortiooa of
i.a terri-urt. lerdeiedso ib lhtdojMtJtacUU tRordvoo
of its pcipuIationT tne tahirtty of Its at
mo.pncre, and the fertility of Its soil,
most find an outlet to the ocean, for Its
uroand abundant articles of commerce,
cither ihfouzb the Cape Fear titer, or
through South. Carolina ay mtana ef the
Pcdec- Under these circnnlitance wand
a patriotic detcnaioatioa to enven tnis
commerce from paidng' to hs-uhlraate
destination through foreign ports, and to
concentrate as far aa possible the wealth
of the State, it ii with, nuce 'earnestness
recommended, that communication be
tween the Yadkin and Cape Fear, either
by a well furnished turnpike -or - rail
road,- be-esuUishecL. v JUa.jhathe
praciicau : Utter
roy be tested, it iOgatn submitted Jo
tbe consideration of the Legislature, to
construct one from the town of Fayette
ville, to the river at Cambellton, aa wat
suggested by my predecessor. .This
mode of increasing the commercial fad
lilies of a country, and thereby bettering
its internal condition, appears :o be gain
)ng ground ao fast In the estimation ol
men of science, that it can be hatardiog
terrl? forther State-torderaucbri
work to be cooMtocted, between two
points so nearly contiguous, and over
which the. transportation is so ajretk- -
Among the aobjecta which will occttpy
the attention of the Legislature, is the
management and disposal of that portion
of the public lands, to which the Indian
cliira baa recently been extinguished, ly
inr principally in the county of Macon.
JhaUMlypjjoo wjlLIiiJor--yoti
to detetrnme. A portion, of these-hrult
having been surveyed under the direction
of a former Legislature.- it fs resnectfall v
not be disposed of by an Agent or Agents
appointed under your direction, and the
rcduermade the aatb
other vacant lands of the Stat eTat a price
to be fixed oo by the Legislature.. But,
belief, that on some of those unds there
cnderlriotfrhosr faf1r maf1proSofvi
of the public"good, and compatible "w
the principles of our Government, to secure
to the State, an interest in all the mines
and minerals . which . no. are, - or may
hereaf er become, the subject of entry.
Should thia vie of the aubject meet the
approbation of the LegUlanire, it is re
spectfully recommended, that a scientific
mineralogist and a practical miner (if the
latter can be had,) be1 employed to ex
plore the public landsi to ascertain what
portion, if any, for mining purposes, it
may be to the interest of toe State to re
tain. Thia examioatioa 1 have no doubt
couldtybe satisfactorily made Id few
months, under the direction ef tht .able
professor of Chemistry and Mineralogy
in our University, wboselaboura have al
ready thrown ao much light tm this sub
jeci. and froni wkich the State Is liiolr to
5 Art t!f-,ir.t ftsp of the State cf
Jersey, r.ot Inferior Io an rtipcct lo tl. j
inlendU cne recslvtd last ytir cf the)
Cot.s.ia.iwa!tS ff Viiglala, hat been
presented us bt tM Stite anJ we are? ;
la dally aipecaucn of tertlilng ena cf
the Eittes of Mlnourl and Illlnlt .ntl f. ;K -the
Territory; of Arktntis. You wero ;
rtnlartcd by my prf!ecenor,lhit wa hil..
fryta lima tttiloa- received mips cf ct"""""
fartnt. States an4 TerriloHei, in4 that V'"
due rtjtrdto courtesy, would urm (9
require uoiio reclprocalatha Utd'et
is stn as pr:tlcih!e;:r::
The Importance of I correct mtp of
Stie, mutt bt ppparent even to a super
Sclal Inquirer tnd one elegantly execo
ted, Is rery properly t tublect of Stat
pride. ' Virginia, it an expense of sixty
tlx thousand dollars, tnd South Carnllni,
at the enormous sum ef ninety thouundi
hive had their rttpacwve territorial tor;
veyed, snd mtpi executed, whlcis'dai
honor to the srtitt,r and ire of nct(culi
we advantige to the country, both n i
civil, tnd military point ef rlew. Tha i
surveys In the oCke of.tbBosfd of lo' - '
ternsl Improvements, made' bk order, or . l;
the States those made by rtji several . , .. '
navigation compsnUi cf ourprimsrf
ilvert, ind en elrgsnt mirj ol. the cottt,
made by United Ststes Knjjlneersv t
gttber with the 'numerous survep of
western roads end boundaries of the ex
tensive s wimps td tbe fast, and geologV U
cat tnarts mmunra oy t roititors u.m- '
stesd and JJitchtlJ, form io murh oi 1D6
ground' work of I correct msa of Korth i' ,
Carolina, opoo ethlcb the'rlUm genen .
don or the State mty trace her etteo'ivo ,; '
territory, jnd,.ctlculite iharbondnt-re------sourcra
for tbe prosecution of those great -' '
woria oi internal improvement, wnicrt t , :x
mutt sooner or later bo undertake that r j
I feel It rav duty," tgsln ta bring the eub-7 . ;
ject before you, sod to atk for it the. ft- n
vou ruble consileratloQ of the L'ghU'urt, ;
Btfort - closinr this cbramuni?artonl' - s
could I discover aoy reasonable prospect
k m . ' . ma ft
pleasure' to direct your attention to OOP
miuna, ss a suoject ceepij inteixstm iia
ltfalf, and recornltcd by the Constitutors
is being idintiBed wlto the rihttf . and
irrtirs ol our couh'ryt but'thereVarei
dldcultiei growing out of tht orgnltaC
lion' and discipline prescribed by ' Con-.
gteis which; during iti-operiIoarniusCJ
forever; bsMa evefy txertioti to accomv
plitH the , important objecti " e - well
. 1 a... m, ft.Ta Aft aww. . . .
trained and disciplined mtm'ijl be a
ofConjrtis of If 91 on the subject of the
militia, holds to service all fret wiita
males betttean the age or eighteen and g
forty- five Since the-petlod pi the-psa'
sage or thai ctjjnQrtU'itlor nas Jlf ri
rttTntVetLeTpetioni tubject to mllitjs dutf v-j
has Iacretted in the tame ratio, makm?
the number between those ages, lit 'la :
lesi than two millions-- force,' which, it
Is believed, no exigence of tbe country :
can ever reoulre. :-' t-J
To aubject, then, to large e portion of . ,
the community, as it required by thd
above oct,' to the performance of. mlliiit"
duty, end to t course of training India
nenslble to tht ittalntnent of thitdegre
of discipline necessary to render them ef
fective In f art ice, would be . Imposing .
tax rV the time ef our- tltitens, which :
neither tktir circumstances nor the inter
est of the country would justify.' It
would sssm evident," then, that no Ira-
portent improvement of the millila cart
be elTectedj till Congress thill adopt a
orgsniiatloft, upon which,' a ssterr
training aisbpreeIcated(xo
tho end proposscL -Thli tie w of t
ject teams to hate been so genera?
ken by-tho tnost-eminentttnilitary;
so far as their concurrent .teuimoi.
go, as true i and that tht militia ly
generally enforced and observed f
middle and Southern States, inst
advancing the military art, Is produ.
ef a coatnrt effect, by' engenderiogX
cioui inMtfviKwr
By an act of the Legistattire, tho Gov'
crnor ia tmherlsed to diaiributt the bub
lie arms among tne volunteer companies
of tht State ( end, under thit act, frequent
requisitions er them im mact .ot.
the Executive. But experience haviog
shewn, that, it consequence of the short
lived txistenct of most of eiir volunteeo
cempeolet, the Statt hat sustained great,
er iossetintht bin of them, than be,.
Ct from their use, It hat been deemed ex
pedient to tatpend for a totton thr.V fur,
that distribution, unless it be tV a fety
points, where tuddert InraUoo, or ether
daager, miy render it ait precautionary
Io every . instinct where volunteer
ceeptnlet biro been dissolved, with the
irms of rtiht Statt w their' hindi, rerabtr
rassmeot has Occurred ia the collection i
tauchloss -in theit number : and still"
4 I
, f A

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