North Carolina Newspapers

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KiLtir and t i.'.rw tr, n extra cUrjt cf 2
per if nf
Tin. J- H ti.e most rt
ecu!.! f-milirt a
pOcJ:rfcftfci Board fcfTnu'rf.
V. X. noJtr, Stiff
rilvoval. -
t7ATiE IT. UAMPTOTiltej. refpf ct:
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, 4 V ly lof )rri hia f;ic mla, and the pub-i
.' t)jt li fits rrmmrtl into 'r new n cnnrrn
-...,,,, - - - i
. lent Miop on lliun itrert, ignnMiy occupied iy
-J4ci., ItevcU k-TempUston, and ff.otc rccnu;
-k ft lfp ft. I jtarrvi ?.p n. rnntinuM 10 cirTr
. . eiiso . - , , ..,"4 :
'- V".: ' , , Tailoring Business. . ; '
. ' v U illtu dlfTerent brtnchei.? He employi tie
I ' of rorkmen, rnd, reCeltei Ibe Fihloni
3 ,ff,ITu,,rf from the North i which will enable
V I'U to execute aJ! kimle tf work In li'n Cne in
, , ibe Riott Tksh'tonsble tjlc, itvJ mbittotUl work
Imiuhik end oa the lowed Douible Urfu :
G&raentt Cutout, on tliort notice, tnJ tt low
Vmcei. ,A1I r!eri for work from a d'utince,
promptly Atteflded U, tceordiof te cfireciioni.
ou kikU or country produce will be received
tt the mtrke price, U payment foe wort. ..
( He tondu a continuance of Cut patronage
litherto eo Lbertllr extended tn ftimi: and
pope i, Dy ue ityie of fci ort, ami Ma excr
ftonato prtaee, to merit It, 1 , Mt W, it,
5a&iirjr,Arw.'!8, l29.J , ' 94 .
v T - & Winter I nalilotw. ,
fjnilE eubicriber'bfri leate I Inform bit
. Ji friend Ind the tnibGe; that he hu juH re-
ied the W v4 mnttr FtuMnt from
Ucipbia and rtew.Tork, accompanied by ilrafu
oi au i Tansua miee and totort how tn vogue
ia thfle citietr and harinr id hla emp!oY the
wen w woramen, ne w enaaiea to make cverj
J llablti, ia a t;le of workmanship equal to any
! li& the Otatft. and which ho will warrant ta ft
weU. IHe terma are aa low, for flrtt rate ork:
V y eWn and bo pW. bimoelf to
. ( ' , do hi work u expediliooal oa a can be done
, t , Alt kida cf Camenta Cut, on abort notice
V . tad maonable terma. ." '
K3 All orden for work," from VdTetance
wim oe prowipuy attended to, and returned ac
: v cording to direction. . . fc . s. -
'v. ; Hariir acccDtedaa Arener from Mr I7m
V TVarit I am prepared to teach hia Protract f
SaStiwj, rp, 15, 1829. , v! yj ;
To JouTnwmen TallbTB
THTANTED, two or three JournetmenT!
V f.'o"i who art flrt lateTjrorimetCAiul
i.-rea" me 1 w QCDi conatant employment will
x . fin.v Apply o --r-BENJ. F HALEY.
Cultins Out Oaxmcais;
a -TP11 -V. 'CANON hkruir purcbaaed of
g: . JL Zfca Fare; th rifhtf oU fatent Pre
S't ... I lractor Syatea of Tailorwr for the district of
I ouniry- torty-miter round CoficortL " Cabarru
J.UU.UJ, tu win pen to any Lady, tor fcJ, the
-IndiTidual J-irht-to .ne.aairLitm.- anrt will
--: uinia ,oem in me art, ana-warrant them to
V : T, ' 4tut a coit ai well u a man i ha will i!m f,m?.S
' . V? tciV Peraoa Juvln a riirht with
. . . . - -
-aniono ana inruiotta,-Prot rector-Scalei;
?: K aheet-cf prodt .njurea, colored, &c.
. J'J'llvMMua naa oener oe made oelore Sep.
4 -V ,e,nler aa the rihacriber v'Jl lcare the
. , . . : . -
forayesri ahd receire the FMnn. ..i.pi-
. . . - - -
- ' TnTa inrtnirfTnn in iK . P.. " .
reeeire Jnitruction in the art.-Protractor sc1pV
theeU of Profile fijrure ererv duarter. Ac
-.Z .U, Apply to the aubscriber, in ConcoruV-
JVae, 18. " ' a,qt
7' r". . NrB."lWaubicrSt'er" ia also A rent tar the
i '' "tent 'n1 of Ti'lotinff, by Mr. Wilion, of
t.JVew.Torkf and haa receiTed books' of Faahlohi.
, A f ?hrtea, Squaree, 8ic. explanatory of the syatem.
' I- pVf Ue PP1" rigbta; and teaph the Art,
pvwviumg iw uai. .jraicui, vu reasonable lorms.
-fji; Catawba NatigAtion Gompan.-
" GENERAL meetinir of the Catawba Nari.
kv ' 4Wfitiolf Cdmpan VT wiO N TieM In i the r to wtfj
r .r I inanlnMn Ml PpuloW Ih. 1 1th Amm F Y.
.ejjmber next,,, important object require that a
' ' ; majority of the Stockholdera ahould be preatnt,
either in oerson or bv orozv. . ' ' ,
a t an-ca vvwv ia.-.r.'
.Wwtor M 1829. :;5t96 y
l a r, .TcntxTtBolldTaXlieata.
n il oe pen roe jny roan anujr wno
V tan away from my plantation rthe 31st
:;Trf Pc-oter Jmt, if
T . . i " 1 . i
, or aeu vert a io me at my pianiarion, aoout j
J111JV1 weal qiuwuri mct icci wvr
- inchea
i ." haa i HnvA I nor Of Kpn cnotrn tn. Iinoiiiph I
, apeairatreeiy , . hiluaui uaj-
. ' JVVrfA" Carolina; Ashe county : C !
5 : C4UPER1QR Court of Law, September term,
V3 829 : . Joepb Uagermann vi. Elizabeth
' A , Ilagermann r petition for divorce. . It appearing
- to the satisfaction of the court, that the defen-
. . .- s.L.i.:. . -P t.. -.
cam ia nuv iiiusuiiam, ci inn aiaie it i
' therefore ordered and adjudge that notice be
puoiisucu kit ii wcwii m mo naicign oiar ana
Weatern Carolinian, for the defendant to appear
' r" at the next Superior Court fof our laid county,
C i- on t,,e tb'r Mny ' trob next, and plead
' v " to, and answer the said petition, otherwise it will
?, V be beard exparte. -
x 699 Teat t DAVID EARNEST, . t. ft
'1 V ITHHREE oir Rmr Journeymen Prihters, who
j " v JL , am firnt rate and steady workmen, wanted
-knmtdiatfcly, at the Knoxrille (Tennessee) Re-
"giater Office t to whom constant employment
and liberal wagea f ill be given.
-i - - r. 5. LEI - ELL -
: r i . ' r s
ii I
- . , . -!$!
..- If...
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,M : . 1 r1( t, and t!.
ration, ir,.l eU aJaj te J
citr a nrjro
r r, -'rrty, be a .11 at
rr,n ami i ' Si r r r?t 1
Le ! nc 1 i 3 i:e v . , tke r'-c cu t:e
prrm!ei, Twrha rnontJn clnlit U he jiC.
AU pmona InJsbtr J ta uid elat, are re-n-irsie
l to mk3 Tat rrifnti .nd thoM b'
(J.'iujnt! aIo-t i!.e ('i to pretent tbelr
!'i-na far icirtfm'nt. t time ilireeted
bf Uw, or tbU rtiica will b p1ea!J ia bar.
0,000 Atxt-ot'lieWttu
' j TT 1INU in the codnty cf Burry,
'.ULl aair 1 heHarcd from recenl
j, d'ncoTfrirt, wifljilitltfl GttJ Ilcfil
U f North-Carolina, j Thia tract vu
trautcd by the State, in the rear 1795 1 cowbrti
of one continuoul xirtey, aoiotn j the county
tine of Wilket, and extendinr from the Blue
UU;e to wHhfli three mil of he Mala Tadkio
Hirer. It ia intenected foe fifteen or twenty
mile i by Mitchell' fiver, affordlnf ta abundant !
eupply of water-power at all aeaiona, and many
aite convenient for the application of thle Dow.
erto the purpotea of Machinery. 7Jb late
ly been found in the neighborhood of tLU land,
but Ita mineral treatdrea art ia a great meaiure
unexplored. Persona deairoue to pnrrhaae. are
referred to the Editor for more particular infor.
maUon, with tbom tha pUt of thla Und la de.
:t "There It about two hundred acre clear,
m'jiily fmh i a new. convenient and eltrant
Ma ll i i . S
uitabhi io. it - Th f..mpM. r.
property ea be made eay. . Apnlicationa a
. a. a '
i-criTT v Mir no pe niai io tu 11. Aiexmnticr.
a h
m my aDtence.- 7.
7'";.. WM. J. ALEXANDER.
tSluto of oTU-V3dfoVnft.
Ta lA SheriA tr uhtr rtturninr OMeert fir
th ttvntiti tf Vkaiham, DaviJnt RaniLlph and
TWIIEREXs a vacancy in the reprtentation
'.lh?,lle P-
aUtiro. ofho Uted.t, ha. be oe
reaicnatioa of JaAa Ci'Zea, Eaquire : Now there.
fore, know ye, that by rlrtoe of the power and
the iyni,7ed 8t.tefc.,0eereby comnunded
and required to eauae poUatobe opened and
in your reipective ountie. at the Dlacea eatah.
uve to uuue vacancy aioreaaiu 1 and that you
meet on the Thuraday following at the coJrt.
bouMof Randolph county, for the purpose of
UeWE3lthevacSncy afbreaalJi aadtlut touI
comparing; eatd poll, and aacertaininr for whom
tne grcaten number of rote ahall hare been
eireo. In aaid diatrict, aa by an act of Anemblv
in tbi cae ia made and Drorided 1 and that vonrl
caue due return thereof 10 be made to thia Of.
for , - 1195 ZZl
ftvt r tS.1 4 4S.. T.S1
1 ..uiiiiiiiiii ivii in inn .11111
-JBirAAMA BkW . I - - A - .1 "
r t
x r.. i-.1... jp.v !.liiitc up w w wjuu ucir niwiiic. i nrv. ie ia aaia inar tneae? - nan win i k .
J, r.u r. . v . r i. . ., P..m.ft in L mr khriilH lit ninfp I. ..I L l T L ..--.L ' .L.t-I
a i ."Cretav.eoiittiBinf abt.fSva liut. at well at other mro, of the tame pro- object, at the rate of three inilea aq
P"ty, T A:tnd they efJecttheif te.rch by
Given under my band is Governor, and mg 'the : toscriptu.ti ;oy er the door, . fJ,n : tr lr 'V celebrated ladmduaiprras,: a few diyt
riL2":; K5- ? 0.-ut5?tat li This U the house ih-which Luther L,rin' ago,-pretcliio"S at Bprinc field, -M
2 --i7 flxll, rf Wt5om You eoter the efioryni. havmg offered a premiumfSJOO f,r .J'ttti V
By tbeOf l8j6nN'0WE!l. find yourtelf in the middle of '.mall lh!?b?ldj,'0D ' V v Vw .
B.MP., L schooV the teachtr of which very Ct A 'French ptptr.memiors a tinre.
u vcpiik TO 0U Anoor, - UTinir aDOUIIhitnrv urifh mr-tlirrc inripnr sml nrrim
three m.lea from Columbia, 8. Caronna. II.
mile, from Columbia 8. Wa II.
appeare to be 50 year. old. J. 5 feet 10 or It
incnea nign, oiacK compiection, etout buut 1
third finger on right hand a little crooked and
STltr.' CIUSed" tr a roner no ofhr mirlji r-l
oeivable i ure be left home about 10th of Au. I
rutt laatr Tb owner w desired tffrtwetro.ftanot erect, po a taote WKn tne wingt
i j l t
pen, j uarc, ana un uim iwy. . ,
' l Y. KI.aTF.R aj'bT 'I
Oci, 13A,1829.
:3ailot'a Notice.
- ; Driving to FaycttevUle, ,
WfTILL- find it to their adrantago, to-ttop at
venience is provided for Man and Horsey to make
them cpmf'-rtable, tt the moderate charge of 25
ceota'a daf and'rtikht
Yard, 4ho uso of a good bowleg firewateiv and
SheRerrAttached to the Yard are a Grocery
an PMIsTbn
tionary, and a House for Boarder and Lodgers,
! -..t !!..-' -. ... ..--
in a pain, cneap, wnoieaome ana comtort
able style.-fayrt.m'Zg, ttJipriU 1828.1 . 10
CtUPERIOR Court of Law i . May term, 1829i
tCf Eliza Coxe vf. William Coie : . Petition for
Divorce. Ordered by the court, thitt publication
be niade for three months auceeaiively in the
Western Carolinian and Yadkin and Catawba
Journal, that the defendant be and appear at the
next Superior courf of law to he held for the
county of Mecklenburg, at tbe court-bone in
Charlotte, on the 6th Monday nfler the fourth
Mondky in September next, and dead or answer
. L . . . ITS. .?. !,;.
uim puumiu peuuon, or tne aame wiu De
heard exparte. Vitnesa, Samuel Henderson,
clcrlt of our said cdttrt, at office, the 7th won-
day alter the 4tfc Monday in March, 1829.-
3mt?7 cAM L. HENDERSON, c. m. i. t.
FOR aale, at the oiHce of the Western Caro
finian.the Farter and PlantertAlma-
JL Aemloy, who ayabia name wAuatin, bv the wines of the swan and denart "eo hit knee jointt grown out. 10 x- ,D5 8,is ann,uay , " c s
andtbathe belongs, to Jot Brevard, of Lincoln yjn?w,n8 cretcencet kneet drawn totrether and -' '. '!" ' '
5rSef JSHJ?? -e.-ThehW
iwtX US josf-pt,bMed,:eonWi
and take mm away or he will be dealt , , ."77 , 1 .7" 7, ' ' 1 . . th- rauae nf hi r1Uao.k,ilMrn1 pumeq wayear w
.... ::.'. - : 1 11 nciui m tu ui iiuiuic hue u itiimm . . a .11 1. 1. -.ji.- n i 1.
ai uic taw in aucn case oirects. -1 -
.. s t. . inic 'rvii iimnvTPiinp. in ir .nn ir i i -- ...... j n i. . ii .k.rh tr
, r. u.
"tlefi & uear morrpura ind brlrt -1
rhaa auabeame on the woven now t
tt la a porer, tweeter fern,
Than erer oreata'4 on roee-feud arem )
Oh I ret. ia ea loreHer far,
Than evening firat and lovely atar i
Aflfce ion claim her otftprinf dear.- 1
tW Bthf ppr M !.
living hter than other poaaeaaing
I the ume nominal Income. aa far aa
- --" j
cerned. But tmall Minn are of
io great
I .
great coniequeoce io psrtoaa juacteu
ting out it life. A cent,iig3:
6J a rear. Ten ccntt a day, (a rood,
erate allowance tor artm drinker, J s
- . . r . -
' - fj '
more than 2J6 a yer, A prudent
farmer wil. do well, every cent he Uy
out for trite 1 relating to hit daily ex.
I pendituret : which can be dispensed
with, without tn eisertial abridaement
in a
what that tuit wruld amount to
The aggrrgtte will be
P"1" 5 hC,pated
Withoutthe aid of arithmetic.
JV. E. Farmer.
-... iihui wu
thro' Germaty, it it ttated that the
lmeller meett with an obtVct of much
, j a. a t i a
V.i.rmreerea:rrs.;rr tr.i ctatlv ol Use lime itaxre ai fa- t-.ciui ii i.-j i. ecu cocuuetta i Dut tb!
' !fomtbif c'ut ilcetli , jiIccni he resemble him likewise I tlo know, that thii aingle carapaV
V.TeoUadeerek' a ny military qualities. Tliose fhett DictiUch ut the tery hciicf
. cX wh.haT.M6portaVof faeir lis profenioh.-:
nrm bt bid farewell I hia firraon are Iaviih In their DfailC cf
. mfabopeiachiJJen V ' . him ind ipeik So the higheat terrai . A few dap liner, in tho family 0f,
na fw of,hia would tell, . of hit fitocii fork cotnraanderihii ac poorpenon, in one cf thf igurj, .
ft Ih7br iweilr lityrii umiietwB7.Wi. pre itrccti.of 1'hil.delpMi, . chiU m ,
Vn'a fettertby atiewieMcbala; TV, ICBCe' f . the acutcacal of tli born uithoutanqiilhr The preicrti'
, 4Vetttraaadaxe,and turn apta, ob$cTratio3 1 which derive, advantage atioo of its life, if potiible, wii deti,
ofijEailfw frorr.the rn'oir H?i'fau!t. of h'n .ad. rdtrind etery.thicar wai
v APrECTW.N'S TEAR.' :. aul'of acoiy-fourtoad puin- the but At jbe eoo t)f five ortx dayi, fte
n ' Young farmera, beg.nmog hou.e- Ha.a-r, b the We.t lodiet, roalc$ ht, dcfectl hc m ' 'Zl
ftl 1 Kep'Pgt are apt to aiot too great a the lingular property ol trayelhng cnU: ,? , tChihtu lW
.ILli. . . proportion oflheir capital io furniture, Lver land, which if infaritblv doe? v tv . . i WyW.
moat IraltMbU rtUAt. I . knn.i 'pirrUim A- anrt rlln I L .l . I. ! !LL!." . I ' . i . ' ,-...;.''.
1 iiuiui iiuiivhji ifi PHavuvn WncD arc pwniv 11 innauiia ucwiuc i -
AtuAcT. 10 JJwight t recent 10WI. , - . , . . .... ' - I
interett in the town of Eisleben vi 1 J A i""" i A " r"-: .i. tne rreocrrnoipuaii tO CTOloiODsai5.;
a dwelling very hUmh So iu eiternal cn will do more for the cmlira- orderi.r . 4 f
appearance, .liott at much .0 at that on of Africa than hat heretofore been : : j: , ,
.UHI. .Vmo.r . m,i, an
I VL . 1 i ,.
01 naaetpeare upon a von, anq oear1
cmlly .ccompaniciyou toe.o upper
tnetnemoryoiLiUtncr. A ne walls are
. - - jr.w. .
1 MUiC9 ucwayiug rciics ni
, w-tu6
irformeLpoe"oi.-A twan of
I tiie it carved in" woodr "hich
I their
r i
I i!.. I i i r. r .
I luuc aprcao. . Aiicr tauaiying your
r aatiafvinc wour
ff he ttteiKSI
Saoi n
-!". '..- .
i cunoiiiv. . luu ixxino ine
tchoolmatter with various
nly.used for accommodating the little
chool. A :it : ;r :::Rai:Regi
2-, :u
l -:--i"i:r'"T::ri- i
hand, ani the paper is again fit to be
written upbn'.f. This process, if the
paper be good'may be often repeated.
Another sort is strong white blotting.
f paper, and is uiatversally used for pack
ages, tor the decorations of coffins, and
for making ornaments offered to the
temples, ' and exhibited at festivals.
The Chinese import stained paper,
also used for ornaments 'offered to the
temples, and for decorating cofans. '
; t. " . Crawford' Ava,
It is worthy of notice that so learned
a sth&lar as pr. Doddrufe makes trs
- ff
i. e jr.
sfjJtfSf !.!.-'"
wratw nwi w m irmip wiaamaw
. 4-- ' . ,. . . r ' ... - - T.1.B w . w 1 ui uuiilc .Ji.tiuu aaiJia.11 win ill b d w
w w v r " - a . . - - . hvam aaaet rr r w w w iaiimm mo amh - ,r
Burmese Paper. Three detcrip- rneumaam ,,- nau usen aix not percefre that l
tic Of naficr artf used bv thenrmiSa; PO
' i . . .. ... .l v ... rr...-. , r.'u nn.. .....i. r .. 1 en.i a remark, .m
raaae irom cne noret ot tne
water Mhus spared, uamw ypose l haye
upon with a Vpcncil of steatite, as we countries, , only auout twenty.nve ar-1 the
write on a slate. The impression may "ve at the age 01 sixty years Woun-4 that
be 1 blotted ' ont with 'the moistened tainous countries, . whatever- may be J Home
:. t
il: .rr..!, v. Uth r..:y
to cur t c, ie rs.
Count Diebitsch h mull la pcrenn.
re'atef jiirronVeT. Wl tT dtctatic
the outpoits antT mtiln diipoiltiooa
lor tne oext aay. u 1111 mens are ex
tremely frugal, and of the. ihortett
poiiibleduratioa. Ioitxialiotrrcburie
he it the poliihed Ctortief f kind aod
affable to hit ioferiori and he never
fail to take particular, notice of milu
tary men of aoy grade, who hire, lo
toy way dittiogaithed themseltrci.v , j
Walking Fithlk fiiti 'called the
the uie of their elatttc tail, with which
IKm ippn'1a Yr..t pTn'tW'r
hivi v ww nv uitviitf iwi naiiwwu iiivii
,,,., .rfro, .. The Indljot ujrl' A f.Tr . , u
theae fiah carrv a ennnlw of water I A most tionid murder was recentV
I ... . a m
withio -them-lor -their jOuroeyffor
their bodiet are aUayt wet, and if
wiped dry they tpeedilV beeome moitt
!. ' ' '
again. The Iltsaar roaket a regular
aiU, 1HC lll. Ill.X m KUItl
hctt, in which it layt its eggt. and
guardt it very Carefully umil the tpawn
Jn hatched.
Key West Register.
elph.a p-pcr) ft a most intereitmg
that' the-Colontf-hlvr-esUbllthe'd
rJimA :i,.:.m :.w . .rr;t
-3 "Ia ro? V 5
oeiahDOUftOff ative-Vhiett, that their
,llflfa- r fL.; a;u. ,A' l
nundredf their children to be.tdu-
cal.. ; lfhcffct it an evidence how
Idone bv tho whole civilized worlds
. ...r.:-. - -----
. . . - a a
""Sr'SJLr '.
r. o u . .at - j
I . T
ved an apprenticeship to an umbrel-
crved an apprent
U-maker in Boston..
About ten yeart
,:lir. tiirncil hi. tt.ntinn lit.ra
' '""'h ? att?ntl0a t0ltCra'
turc -"W-atwgr - - 3.- ;
ccssivv use vj yi.JTtr. rroics-
Olinttead, in a geological exciir-
io in North Carolina, met with a.pal
tient who wa, endurii the . most ix-
?JU r,d5?;of P6 reepmmen.
as ?,m43Ha 7! f cure
V Miuatun .l.ijciiw result oi rei
If I.j .,. -vT..i,.-i ;!.
, , . . , , ... ..
their latitudevare thbjfe in which Jife
it of 4he greatest -durattootf ":
provides every deaf and 7dumb
infant,' -'born, in the Kingdom, shall re
ceive the' education necessary to ren-
der him a useful mttber of aocieWItQ) Trenton, aod back to Easton up thr
The lliccouxki Keen a do,? fastins
for eight or ten hours, then lay it on
its back aud pour some cold wa'ter on
his stomach, the hiccough will immc-
diately be produced. The tame will
nerirsfnt was mac's bv Chiviery . . -
m - w --r -p . " -- - - 7 ,
I ..B
J tf Cc;,t T)'tm
-t inow v.Uth Utci
t- l!.; t.::;t !c;;utJ, the criminal
J(,f the t . , . cr the comlloitio,
cf ali'.!, tcMr:--e, and cautiuj tith
tt W.tndUir"
; fotatocit It ii lUted io t Fretdr
journal, jhat poUtoea may bepreurfv,
ed freih firm aod well fiavcrtd fjf
two yean, by bury iog them iQ ie
earth to lh depth of three and a Wf
fee tj .
Theficarli and pfecidet ttoaoi,
the tilk aod gold, with which a ei
ftiette to ttudloutly ' bedecki hertelf
are at traniparcot vtrniab, whiclj
Church and Statc.--'fh9 state of
atoe hat ' recovered ludremenr
agtintt the Marlqer'a Church of port
land, for St lOO, oo account of itow
forniihed for the buildirig,' ffoafo"
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tMIMmitti'w, kvc mucaoi avkv.
Pa.' i-uitia. cWm. Ilofmet Firth, a
)'0U0S roan aged aboOt 21, killed hit
I T -. 11 I .LMl .1 F . 1
l,,"er ana ner cn,a ne urti dv oeat,
, 1 j .
Jg her wtb hu Cat and ttrikiog her
-1 on thejlor.amlrtie last by km ck
,nS " bra',n1 oat a post cf tb
usc wnerc mcy retiaea.
,arl thc guUth gnd WeJ . .
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tl0,1'" "temuie Cast tteel ernes, 0
rJUmbe.r;Jbaviot;,beea' tent timu!tey VC'X
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tdmloiitereoV withf?rctt tucceas, in
w a ai rpnrn w-iwiTwaww.
Ur,eia,l,,n.l5of e.IUntrv,..
ately committed tuicide. in a lite:
. - ... . . 1 .
denceVanstd by the"unsaccesr
ful termination of a lovrafTair.
. , onmnviue lias f.nncuncca in 8
in matinS. 7
r IU; ShinnviHe h"asf.hncuncecl ins
r, . ' . , , v 1. -j
s. stated that the mulberry 1,
n ,n LH tlcs 1 Vhe coun v
Ne w Haven, Connecticut, as t,
- iuSpTea u show that I,ord Georee
Sackville was the author of those ieWf
ed71ettert otider thKsigneitife:: We
he reviewer invtviifro
bis eoavictioti of the
r mmnM in which M
oer review that he hat no doubt m
noi inm i mil inv nna ni ail innsc
been named as -Ibe autbor yio -as
slightest claim to the creditrexcept
IJobJemm thd Sir; Philip frsncis.
Tccke's pretensions are not eve
hsraed.V Thera Is, something worthy oi.
consideration io his concluding paragraph
' M ir6n hoalf built bythe Lehigh
Coal and Navigation Company, aude
a voyage last week. from Mauch Chunk
chsnnrt of the Delaware to the enurr
satisfaction of her owners
' .
- Roman Catholics. It was f'
tamed at the recent Council oi
ops held in Baltimore, that the JloJI!
unillion, m the U mtcd SKICS,?
y . r
iTT(.tAaB -amii
- i
- v-

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