North Carolina Newspapers

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Cnlawha Navigation Corn pant.
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filler fa pcron of by prwiy.
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C U uui, tt It Inrlirvrd from recent
Jr lcweriei, within the Cl4 ftrrtvt
pr.i.u.. a Ibe BUte, in the ytu I79J comi!
or one continuoui eurrey, tfioinln the county
line of Wilke, an tVrmimf from t!.r U!ut
Kidfe to wjtMfi three mitre of the Main Ytdkin
Rier. It n interecctcd for fifteen of twenty
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upjily of wtrr-piwcr it ell Ktwite, nd miny
litct conrenlent for the inplicition of iliii pow.
ertotheptirpoeeeof Merhinfrv. Cifchilate.
ly teen fuund In the neighborhood of tLU Und,
btrt he tni'ieral treawirte are in rreit meifurr
uneiplorcd Prnons dciruit to purrlntr, are
rvfrrred i the Editor fur more particular infor.
maiion with whom the plat cf this land it de-
'EofheioetaIoable plant.
t; ir'i 9 Unna in the upprr country. It
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Creek, containiiijr abou' f re )iun.
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On Wedoetdaf, ll;h !', rencfat1
mUr of delegatti fiotn Elbjc rtKlc-Ici
il rriiM?i f im Bible- 0,r mt h
itu'. rftibrtfrbn Chore U'-ILUL-h. foi
ceitc mtn ta luppfyfhw nholt Stale
wrt to -ad qujtf namfjer of- Utf Jet.
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f f fitly been printed hy raetni of the Drti-
Ikh and Amciieaa Eibl Socletiet, Te
undartskin ( a dUtribution of iho Hibie
ibhiugho&l the worlJ wi l (ret oni ;
nat no di no tfouM If . wtttlJ bf accora
pliibed, Tb 'Amaricafi CibH Society
had cnifipf d ta lupnlr trerv Barf of lh
Ut ,atb elthiiv (. M4 ea leua-
ted l-w4jld U iffe tUJ;ir,BcVtcteId
L-A. . f m a ...
me neanv aiitttanca oi iv aui irk
it e ai nuTol he r 'pi e n c i," q d .T "f5 60
common prrnei, which pcrhapt ! one of
rTKi "T6Sj trbf 1h I" Cdntenrtotr Ut j
tory remtrka rode br the Her Dr
M'Cjuir, fiom the American Bi tie S.wl
tf at N. York, committca ei appoin jn I'fge! i'bljhrnrfit lf the klrd lf
led to prepare plan for aupplylojr ihe, orld, can print and bind J JO. 000
hole itata of North Croiiaa wi h ihel' 'nuolly. and baa now on bend
Bible I and another comroir.ea eotkoinurlHW.OOO copiea of ihe 8crbturei. rudr
- rr l .. rm i ' . ' '
to miie arraat;einentt lor the rneciinr ol ,or i'ery. neir cotitumptlon ol pe
ihiaLoouDtion altba Capitol, tbia ere Priheeuiuited 30remdii!r. Th
' I Ik A
r.K.VKff( iSSKMHIaY.-
rrnajj,.ir,tt.:tf) nMinn of
MeMfe.Cal4-1 W.I.Min M r:k f)at.
Vrrromerr. MiVhlt i SrrerdVUiB ,
arloui au)ir'a co.nprUed h th ( -
emnr'e meerf -wrro referred to ieleca .
Ai 3 o'clock, P. M. the Contention
met ; and the K Dr. Caldwell from tne
ommiitee appointed for the purroe
maOr ibe lollowlnir Kcport I
''The committee to whom via refrr
Doctor no'iced a charge brought apiirit
their ooctei of beinr a mnncv mikiiu
. 7 ' . . i
a w .... -
iperuutioo 1 hi Insinjition could not
ba better repelled than by alaiioir that
they acU Untr far SS centi. and Tcita
menu fur 13 I-3, which contain more pa
red the aubiect of drfiaiur a Dim for the P" ,n,n "7 iudividual can purchase for
supply of the whole Slate ol Nerth Caro ,D r"onry. o iy notblng ol the priming
in, with tbe Bible l "whmit ine ldlow- ,Dd blnrtinf j
inet Wheren, the'Nortn Carolina BiMe 4"r Pirr teconded the motion for
Society, rrlfinir on the aid of the Auii!i ,,0PnIC "he Keport. spoke) wl'h
ry Bible Sorietiea nf the Ste. rd ' f w mu n r nrrrT on the advan'jipci reul'io(;
aoikuiiir rea ine nio.e.
friend! of the Bible ceute eaer-iiy. nt j
'o ihye who
and who lake
at a iule of conduct
. . . - I i.ei.fl M. a . a. .
w...-...,, ,L,v. , ,r nun.i rr loivrrl to eo onerat wtih ilr Am.rir m ii
SKSSiTtf . tod- W.uL I' .I"?.-" -r Vf-m.r .no lire in-
m- arv 'wvti w ii w pun
levrl. There ii about two Lurvlrr J acre. rl,.r. "" " 0ttk t trollna
ed, nvwtiy freah i anew.conveiaent and tlrpnt "b a copy of the Sirtplurei. eho mv
r- utuina;Mue, bKli cvet nearly lour I be willinjr o purche or r-ite it, md
JrjLuS. 'M "'l ,'nd 0,hcr byi'"ic hhUConeemion bein(e callta! Tjr tne rnt
uilable to i. The paymeut for thti
pronenv cae 1 made eaav. Ani.lioiinru in
wrme or iie, can be made to It II. AleU'ider,
m my alMice. ,
W IIAMPTON, Taiwe, reipretful.
v t
pose f deviunK the bc meant f cr, m
pliihing this verj detiraUle jrki H
aulved. .
Ut. Thif in the opinion oftlii, Cn
vrritina, the Si-e oui;hi to be 'i:d d i"' j
ix dij'rict, thr limi t of whir k . ine
anc wuh those of me Judicial Cir. unv
2i.d. Tbat Pilnctpa! Ai;rtit be p
pointed to each tmnici, ho
imoiiloust and unftappilr, afid I wil
'ell rou that fjruiiy if devoid of the bica
oino uf Scriptural. knowledge. Tell me
oi jto individuil who it a trngrr to the
ettrainta whit b moralry impoet, ani I
tell ?nu iha person ia inorint of (he
roorl and 'rlimui truthi combined in
tne Btble. - He auvr'tcU to ihe JtrciUlcd
i uaiin of France, duiinur the are ol
jyJafoXw. 19. Wr, Akew offer
ded eoiuiik.iuVrlijjij3tCi
the lliuie fui one orirno7e'i'i roi a
trtnal Jmifvcme ir M- Mrs. T m VX
IUon 'o the crueliici, inimor ulnci im. Hu p.s. Bo-net. C!J. il jim! M'l'n
pheri "hich, on motion of Mr.
born, laid on tbeiblf.
Fridiy, i,Sav S.Mr ().viron pre
wn'ed peiiilont foi j). niloi from lffrw
lluton and Wniy. binon, of Mnlvlen-
bur(j. Mr. Di..on aUo presented t ho
resicmion of C.,. f,n V. i'arki. of tha ind Mr 8 nith ,irernte.l ihw
reiiifnatlon of C. I.liiih Mtrr, ali.i of
the Cavalry , whlrh were acC-pted-
SaiurJaij, Mv. 31 Mr Mnln otT.-r
ed a reiMtlutio'i ftt r onsr.liU'ih? nd
4mrnlifif' he road la of thinu'e. Mr.
II ir prcirnttd a M'l authont-nir Ri-r. .rrl
T. U.umbf, of l.iuculu cu'ry 'o builJ a
totl gate on hi own lind. which re
ferrt-d to'lha commilt-i iif propmi ione
aid grievance. Mr IVjnkliii off red
t-Jiwttori t one l t ralllni imi '.gc
Si na'ora end U prnentnirei In dnjjrrn
to uie ihrir exeuhnt to pfoturc the ei
iinpuitmcnt of jhe I.iJi n cl.iims n Al
heir md in the ti'e of No H. CrtUHa,
be other, that thcr use hnr rnl- r
to procure the, fe;r,l cf the tar j
which rrvolu'icus fe lid on h iide .
The fnHnwintr ocriunj were an.vjiund on
the icveral irlcCt comnu roMcrrl on
the (ivnn'i'a incMairt- f O i thr. siibirct
' u a. i i
of I'lirtnul init
9 T I ifJarmi bn fricridi, and the public,
at he !. rti.iovid into the ucw and convrn.
Unt Shop on Main trcct, TormerU uccunied h
aieaan. urrcii i rmplcton, and ornre recently "c vel5n ana miiia(cm ni ol tiie
b) Mr. S. Iwryj where be continuea to carry diitrihution of the Hi .lei .nd Te'ameni
..:.!. I .... . . .
.. lo hit disunt. r the direc'iouol ui 1
lauormz justness." '"" to. nr-i k,t r Awn ... u ...
.ri : ,m . . .. . .. . .1 '
ruu l irL?Z. : . . ""IT 3d. Thai it .h.!l be .he du ,.f il the
A J t.VI U WIJILII Bill r !! P . . .
uiui turaccure w . M Al'ci.h emoloved In thit woi. to eodea
tke mitt fiaToJiieitetyKiriitiirtirtntal work. or t0 aUeiltheriJbe AuxiiUrjf .letiei
CoWUll & VVttVCS - n:,n,'"i, nd on l"e 1owet possible termt. I ' preeeBi exitiio and lo organic other"
, , iKiT " .wv. vh uuri iiuutr anu a tow i .ocienev anu- iorra tcmaic ocuiions,
ft riT4ri f. oV. S . d,.un,c, wMft lbw .r, ibrir." o fat ai poM,r,!c ;
!l 1 7rr.l3m;i.ew.atofSJisbunr;i XL, 'r:".0: to obtain donation., and collection, in
...- ... r . .'juo,i uiuuuic mil oc rccrivc u l . . . - ----
01 iatthenwkrtcricei.tnnavrnentt. work tnurthe. and lite membera and in. di
fC .... : .. ... - . I .. r .1.: . t... . . ii
iuihertpao iiber.jy' extended 'to himT""and muni Bibl and Teatamrnt e posnHej
Dopci, oy me ryie oi mi or, inrrrriT '-rrr.
tiont to ph aae, to mtrit jt. V. Y. II
tulitburu, ,v. 13, 829. 94
md p .f-nity whic'i then nrcratlrd, audi 'tic.
Uo to Kuman and (JfCMn History.
Tor Re. ion wa unanioi'milr aviop'ed.
Mr. Sahh then rote and offered to (ho
C'jwmai fichi'jlt at,'
io't.rt. Si,...', liiuiii'i ol v, kc, b.j.i i.
Birnea d Wuiitm-t tl M.'-i.i. Tic
Jutie'.anj- Mrtr. M -i-, Mil..r, P k.
mrfini; i tie lollowini teviiu'ion : ounkii uj tiusui. KHrr.x't jnaj
Rtnivetl Thai the wccci which' haa atton. Mwir. Luvc, AI', i. i, Ho idle t 4
dfd the rfTtlao Bible Nocirliea, au,;l.: to awa Un. .ta1 cfthf .V'j.V -M-ssr-. Mc
kcrtThe tiTiticr rr.rtM,. 4u the UarU of n t . M ' i .... p ., ,i t .
i.nn.1 mn . ...1 m .11 rjin it untie Hi ! ... .
I.I, II ..' .. W W w ... w. . . .-
Carrying into i-flcCt the bt-iRiolont ol
ppUing every deiiilu'e family in tue -me
L in4 r.Jt aupplv of .' .
TVy alao bat band, s food fortBiit of
Ciaaioiiaalc I wl nd n inter
ettadr'e- for both Licjali-mcn and I-a, pur.
c1a-d ia NeYcrk and Pbiladelpbiai cotuii.
tiij-nf . .
- - BW, black, brow tv tcttmiied7in'i3 pHre
Bwd ttotha -
' ' t- Cnimttrl Caw(triM Sltttnef. --
White and Ked Klanncli
FowH and IVm Elkila '
Camblcti and Pluidi
Canton Cri and S!k
BomHaxetti, liombaiinea and Circitiians
Caata3icrc Shawls aini foinlat
prther with every other article usually found
io a Store in tbia aection of Country.
All of which tbey arc d. termibeJ to (ell as
Jbw as any other person whatever, engirt d in
Uie same line of buin m, for Cib, Cotton, or
on a credit to puntual denleri.
'Ibe public are respectfully invited to call, ex.
Amine, and judge for themselves. C k It.
Oeimher 3. tf, 1 829.-: -.-; r ; 3mm
Tactorase and V'omimssiiou
critnc r "rcoat or reduced pic.? . re
ni cannot be done, ;u uistilbute the
Bibles gra'uitousiy uniii every family
si). II ha.c been supplied
A . K Tk.l ult mani.I rnllprlrl all . II K
Z'Z.. fci&a ""l fi.r.lnr PrOicilAnil. ' "
TTX31X, rASaiOTJ'A.IlLr. AND JT.-Titat the PriociM Aeem fie ip
iTJlRIla A TDfRTIw pointed by tbe Board of .iiager. of ihe
WM77iS-o NortbTflrono.Bn.!eSocietyV.nd thai a
rihlJy tA LR ! letter of inttiuuions be prepared bv said
m w" . . . ; ""v-' ,u,15'" Duaid lor :nc jjovcrnsitni or .ijems
I Bl Salisbury j coiikutuu; of I .r. n ". rm ..,,:..,.
of almost every description, suited to all aeasona
of the year. Also,
Hardware and Cullery.
extensive in variety and amount,
The Htpori beiiK read was unani noui
ly concurred with-
Verbal rr ports were madr by delegjies
from about dozen county sorinUa, ((iv
nK very satitfictory aciounts of the ope
rations of each; inducing' t belief, that
Icctedbvhimself with care, and Uver destitute family, in the S'ate will
bouglrt for cash qn the best terme, in PhilaxleU soon be supplied vvith t hr preciou volume
phu and New.iork. Tbe public are aseured j of inspiration. 1 he L-onveniloft icjumn
IIC subscriber informs his friends, and the
public, that be continin s the above bu?i-
nesa in L'harlttion. as heretofore. Ilia time and
ervicei will. &a usual, he devoted to the inter.
ests oft o6sewM"eTnpirry-hiTti; rther-i the I
- eale of produce, or purchase of goods.
He informs his customers, ;that Mnjor Jothaa
laxaru will set a his agent tbe ensuing season,
in ( herav. Cotton, or other produce, sent to
' Inn; to myaddrew. wiH be Tecetved atnl lor-
warded promptly. If ee of commissions and all
other charge except for expenses actually ifc
For the convenience of persons semluijj rn8
jottOn through this channel, Mr. Lazarus -will
be ccT1"' supplied, with the leading articles
f Crecenel, SlJt- BaK8Uli' -'PC Suffr'
Cone, luusses, kc. Kc.wnicn
I ..It he fitrTiished to waggons, or
,.lr. at ist and cbargca i .which
j2.-i!t k rhred to the parties, on
they will find a large and full ittpply, ml lower
for cash than usual, or otherwise on accommo.
dating terms. They are rescctfully invited to
call, see fashions, examine qualities, hear prices
and judge lor themselves.
rWrrnmectfuHr begsloiaturahisunfeiga.
I . m . . . ..
til to j o ciocs.
A 7 o'cloi k, P M the Convention re
isemblcd in the ii 11 of the House ol
Commons, the collection of people bcin
so li ge as not to be able to get beats in
;he.Scnate Lhamber. Agreeably to pre
In Camden, ei beretoiore
xm.Mz:w ;rr. J.X7.3r3nit-t 03 -.....
HE new Steam Boat
JL MdirvJuckion, built
expressly tor the Cheraw
and A u trust trade, will
commence ruunini? alternately between the two
places, na soon as finished, which will be previ
ew to the 1st of Nov. She goes direct (inland)
between Charleston and Cheraw ; and will take
ffreighta at the lowest possible t stca. 3mt03
Ma). Joshua Lanrus will be my agent in
Cheraw for her also, and wfll attend promptly
"to the ahipment of Cotton by. her, consigned
either to myself or others in Charleston
iiumx w. cav,vf.
ed thanks for the very libera! and distinguiMied vious art anKcmcriT," his" Kxc'cltencjrtm
atronaee ne xm oren so nt-nty hanotirrd wrtb n r..,., a.-ini;trt m rak f
v a discerning public,. anr! hopes, bv a diligent ., . c. ... f . u
ttention, to merit a Continuance of the same. "nu l"c "le" oi
SaMursrW. Mrm -Jmt'JS - , . J r. rjuestea to taae seats oeaioe nun. ra
jorii arovn t-sq uie pcttir oi me isrn-
are r attended v bui-iy.-- ..Alexander, bq
I the Speaker of the Commons, declined
health, and his place was supplied by
Charle$ FuAtT, Lt,q.
1 he meeting was opened by a very.ap
ptopriate ArM-ess to fhe Throne of Grace
by ihe Uev Dr CalJwetl.
lu-iV .tuur.c ol. Mr Xash'i refDarciin
favnrof adipMnt- ihisHesoIuUoni h .kf
ftCJlk'y d cluqutuillf 0t tlK -dvailla
irei ol Kenirhju knowledize Mthe.lcm-le
charjc-cfi P.renti, Sisters, Child-en,
or Friends. He ff: ciingly described i
ijiflurnre on the Mo-her who attends to
irn- religious educ-iton of her Cotldrcn,
snd coaudciiid a horouh knowUtle ol
tne Ble.. iheauicsl . b45"?T"? n'P
piaess "Were K eligi banished Tioiu
Ihe earth, we should find Ucr . l-tt nd
purest rnreat wiih Wotnn at the fic
side j her ksi allcx J he fale he a ri j Jt e r
WIT atrdiencis tJuld be her chikireoV"li
ercd around ibckncts cf a ...mother j i thi
Ust sacufi. e, the secret prayer espLing
Irom liei np. licrd perliap'onljr'kt the
throne ol Ood "
Tne IUv Dr Caldiorll spoke at some
letiKih, i ft c-incai nd pious feeling n
support of ti.e hesoluuon, on inc uu y oi
pliiclnii the Bible ia Ibe hands ol every
destitute person ; and of the value ol Ke
iitfimi as conducive to happiness in this
hf , but more especially oi n vnst nn
poiiancein relation to our eternal wel
The'cjuestior. btinj; put on this Resolu
tion, it was unanimously carricu.
The business ol the meeting was closed
by m baidi.ome collection, in support ol
.i.. I'l-iti for sutiDUinir ail the destitute
Families m the iutc ith the Bible, ami
the Convention adjourned lo the I6ih ol
Ucce aiuer ViextV" ; -
Alter the Convention rose, k meetinjr
of ine Oincersand Managers ol ihe North
Carolina Bible Society, wis held- Uev
Dr. Caldwell. -President, the -Cjuir ,
Ueiolvea. I hat " is
" .' M ......
i) a ....... imh. I'Un im Ronnivioj the
on account oijne impeTretw:wt-i
WS now receiving frpm New Vork and Thila. J The Report of the Committee appoin
t n 17 . fl 1 1 c ' I -.. ...
Paints, Dye Stuffs,
lnatru-UiSS.,-.,,, w,;ifi.;. - ,r
Groceries. &c. ;
whole Stat with the Bible, was then read
by the Secretary. Afid uie qawtrotriM'
log put on adopting tne iveporu
i ba litv. DrM Julfy fld; din
most eloquent Address moved the dop-
wlnch were'boucht at reduced prices, and will ITion of the Report. The Doctor spoke, a
be sold at a small profit, for caih. or on time to full hour on this important subject ; but as
punctual Ueaiers. Among tbe Groceries, are no note. Were laken of his bpecch, tbe
first quality Reirister eivts no sketch bf it. He took a
ienenj rin,v-iu viuscateii ditto. I . " , " , , .. nUh. . xm
n.. .i. ii .i... r.....: . view of everv nartf the Ulobe, and dp
Old Holland Gitt, old Cognac pitwd m strong terms, me destitute ano
Brandy, Jamaica and sNew Fng- benighted situation ct almost every c oun
land Burnt tocether jith every lrv in relation to the Bible, lie calculi
article usually found in a Store in thii .ection of te(J ,na, wou,j feCuire 60 or 70 million-
country. " . . 1 -f RihU. v.,nl ib nrcuni uantt of
Peraona wishinir towirchaae. will Dleatus eatl. I " VYVJ
- - n I a r --j
and r-xamine the above bod3.
4rn'!iry, Sept. 28tf 11
j the people. He spoke of the many Ian
gunge into which thcr Scriptures had rc-
Bible Society Convention, and will use
their et.deavours to carry it into eltecl.
thr M.'ttta aid f.ulc or-H M, srs.
W,rd,, I'..' cro.,d. Be I f
UodrDivrTtp-TftT Witturns uf F'.nKlin
and Ma'ihews. ''rfl'iijrrQtt 'Ay M
gemral ' pveymnl far the. trnjl ' ?f, 40
Cotowtaif Society -r-)l .x l . . ,' ,jfL'Jn
(linton of Bciu!rt iiiwitr.x,,-.
Ciutnpi,. L(Mtrutiii)n of a rod Aff
FayettrviiU ti i the Yudkh intrr,--M:-ri.
Mm1I, Ramv.y, Mtlmo. ..M'NfiH
Brower-- PtiJ.uce.tuinunU'issp', tel row
the State. Massif CiKtwfd, S'auders,
Srtaid, Oivis md M i'anicl.
Monday .Vow. 23. Mr. D-.Mrou of.
Ired rTestftnnoTi for--tttTiihii44-tojicii... ...
of the' AVttTor Cor7ner
CouQlri'fUVcemm,'oacr3 i'ub
lic Btiildin's,Ctuniii Oi vcytirs, Rinptr.
iind Hegistertu Mr "Lote preseniid
bill lor the relief ol certain purr insert of
Cneiokxr laru!, a.d Mi. Ail.-n, to res'oro
Jrio. (J ifiiHi, r. of Buncombe, 'o rrctltt.
Mr. Mil cr offered resolti iuu, Hist, re
quiring the Judges ol the Supreme Court
upei foim juttkiaJ circuits 2d, to pro
i ir!e for holding slid rourt by a peater
number of Judgci ; and 3-!, to provide for
holding courts in the c s d t lie .i
Jar sessions of the supreme court, for the
trial of erHTJ..aae4-be'i.ibeaajnenj;
not be Hied at the regular sessions oftho
courts of the rotinties.
Tuetday, .Vov 24 - The judiciary com
minee were in-.i'ucie.l m ii'tpm t
the expediency of providing by law, that
heirs or devisees shall not sell tne r e.i
taift of deceased eonT .belore s.uca. es-
tate is settled, or within the 'i me tiffined:
by law. Mr Alton presented a bill tela
live to the allowance ol coiupctisation to
jurors of the 'onjrmal oe4,-io Jiuo-
combe couny. i ne bill 'or necu -ij a
new county from Burke and Buncombe,
by ihe namirtIW4-wa-coi:
a committee of the whole.
Jilack Love Letttr. dandy black
entered a book store, and with a very wti-
fluieri of tetter paper, of the very best
on V .' " Yes," was the reply, " bow many
stay at de Spring may be 'bout two or
tree eek; gie mcnough quires to
write four letter."-
A new law, in relation to confidential
creditors, goes into operation oti the 1st
January next) in the state of New- Vork i
by the 'provisions of which they are to bt
put on "the same feotio? with Ju$!
and oihcr creditor..
'U'e'dnetduy, 'JVow. 18 Mr. Newland
presented the petition ol rertain citizrta
ol Burke county, proving for the appoint-
iof,ciuTO.roisipne4,t ihe road from
.iJorcamOJl io uiuvuiiMun, uihi mr an au-
tore toe nous,: me annual ucporrnr ino
Pwb!4c- Trea.suretw Mr,4, Swaj.o pffere d
csolution dlrecung. the Comiitroller to
prepare ar report o this House a. de-
uiled statement, exmuiung ine several
specific subjects of permanent taxation,
and the amount paid upon each into tha
public treasury, by thc seveial counties of
this siate, commencing wi'h 1784, and.
concluding "ith the last fiscal year. with,
such explanatory notes as he tuay deem
necessary to the elucidation thereof.
The rcsigna'icn of L; Col. Saro'L-C.
Tate oi tha I at Bu?ic.rcst?Vaiiitltepli.' "
. ....-.. ,
''a-" ' ".ii ..
S "T-' WSS.8l ;
. -v"- nnMiwiMWiaijRA '"g"f r W'j&vtmtf-' rry- '7-w,

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