North Carolina Newspapers

    lumlvA if il.e Hoard cf lnttrr.1 tm
j.rotinirni, will j i e r ljr tht cihloiu
The ircount tif the hInrti due to the
futa from Ihe fi'sl of Nov. I Hit 10 h
fjrt of N-J' and statements of the
dtffrM brim, lies of ihe revenue and at
oancci to th S bet iff for insolvent!
allowed by the Comptroller, and the E
pose r Statements of the affalra of ihe
r .rk. Lf ibo State, ! filed br them 1u
.j.t the int tcait if berewita submit
tfd. " '
All which-la respectfully auWitted.
CO N (i UliS!il 0 VAC TXnCTKI
""flU elccCooTof i" toe saber tn -Tv-present th1f
Dlatriet' In the Cong reas of the Uoiud Stales,
to.k place on fharsday bast. Tb following U
the retail ia Rowso cowoiy i
. Rcnthtr,
Thompsoti'ji Mill
Neety's Mill
. Mi 69
. . ISO 40
... CI 3
- . 21 II
... 39 JJ
. . . 53 31
... 47 I
... S3 00
771 ' 169
Uijo'lty for Hencher 603
From Davidson county, lrm that
Mr. Reocher received a majority of 301
votes in. that county Wo bave een no
furiber".retarni ibn tfbove stated r"'
we think are safe m nnounclng. thai
Col. ABRAM RESCUER, of Chatham
county, is elected e Representative from
thii District in the Congres of the United, in place of JOHN GILES, Esq..
who declined accepting the oHice.
Wa have a letter !rom our memter
Gen. Ton. dated at Raleigh Tuesday
rooming lass 11 o'clock, at which time
jio choice had been mde of United Siatei
Senator. There bed been lit balloting!
vhich resulted as follows :
li 2f U Hh 5 h Otfi
TT Oft r.'ir fw p'e, u It fxitv! I tW! V
f the proceeding! tf a Convention, recently as
sembled Id flalclgh, Cornpoacd of deb-gate
from several county bi'l aocietl, and Other
friends of the fl.u'e esuse i th oMet of the
Convention was la edjt a plan to supply every
limit; in the 6tt with the Icriturct,
t7 W wwll refer the r4er ( an Inter,
ifig kkeuh of the life J wrvWe of Gea. If
Um D-rUJt, wild m killed bf tba flritUb at
Covtn'a Ford, oa the Caiaoba river, daring ibe
Revolutionary war. It k oa aur Uat page.
..An ?l. D." a'uitl appear h our aext.
fCT A onuaual aunkber ef Adrertiamrntt,
(lbs tM of ur bmiae-) a4 tb titkaf
tb .Trcantrer'a RcpacU comotLjil to by ovci
mucb editorial &a4 other jpatlcr.
iVwVf4;morf iba JjPQP.had nf4.t5f
rmtftrUnd J'apJijjibtiirfU pCjf oremb)(ih
year Uat year, up la tbe aam period, 40,000
i)ad paed. Tork waa ft3 per cat at tauiauUct
Kentucky, at Uat datei. ,
' CauiiM.Tbe houae of Aaa Johnaton, of Ire
dell county, at conaumed by Are on tbe 30ih
wit. t part .only of tbe furniture oat tared i and
the loaa, at I hit aeaaon, will be aaveraly felt by
the family. It wa of accidental occurrence.
perhaps negligence in not properly ae caring tba
fire, W hop thit cau!ly will Mrvc to infuae
more caution Into our ciiiiena, at tbie particular
aeaaon etpecially tbe eitisem of kaliabury, bo
are much more eipvaed to tucb accidenta tban
tbeir aeiglibora of tbe Country.
&oke$ - '
Carton -
- 46
- 27
. - 19
35 53 55 5
49 57 63 6
2t "49 "45 5
37 withdrawn
".It ia. clearly evident that no one in
' jiorolniilon b IbV confidence of the tf 6
"Hoaxes.7' " About Waeetnjtb be the
uinxo!Jieflg.ofjjidge.DoDDClUt' and
hi friends will, I think, with one more
trial," drop him.
" The transfer of Judge RufT.o from a
'fi&cat to a judicial l'uatlonr1ee
Vacancf jhat itl be thfiiculi to 11. tt is
important to the Tns'iiution, (bat bis sue-
cessor shou'd be a Lawyer of eminence...
conciliatory in his manners, and industri
ous in his habits. Judge Cameron
Jlogg, Iredell, and Swain, are spoken of."
. Col. THOMAS (J. POLK, member of
the House of Commons from this count,
lias been elected M jjor General of the 4th
Division of N. C. Militia, by a majority of
-27 vo!ee ever Brig-Geiu Joha NPoifer,
of Cdbrrus county in place of Mj.
Gem MrLeary, reaiened.
Col. WM. J. ALEXANDER, member
from Mecklenburg, and the present Spca
ler of the House of Commons, has been
-elected Solicitor of the fab judicial district
of this State, in place of Joseph Wilson,
deceased. Tbe following were the bal
lotings :
71 76 81 74 7r 77 84 94
73 76 81 70 54 40 34d
Aliichell - - 43 35 21 40 56 68 66 88
reis waa to have convened,, at
Washington yesterday. ...... .first Monday
in December.) I
GrtatFirrin 'Centdm:A most n w f q 1
.f34jC.Aifire,broJte. out, in -.. tbel ill Jated
placet ebout 12 o'clock on Monday night,
23d. ulu. which burnt to tb ground Ay
Jive buildings. Particulars in our next.
A portion, and a respectable portion,
. too, it is said, of the citizens of Rocking
bam coun'jr, Virginia, recently assembled,
Md pulicly burnt Benjamin fPj Leigh in
efTigy , for his aristocratic L opinions, ex
pressed in debate in the Virginia Conven
ticri. The warmest friends of Reformf
tarpren a regret at this act of folly.
By the altip Great Brittain, at, Nawparl from
Havre, French papers to 23d Oct. and by tbe
ihip Baton, at Boaton from Liverpool, Enghth
piper to the 24th Oct. bav beea received by
ihe New York Enquirer and Courier from
which paper we make tbe following extract! :
. Auatria continued its hostilities ag.tnat
Morocco. It was announced in London
that tbe failure of the bank of Lisbon m
inevitable. An open rupture between the
Pacha of Eif ypr ard the tiulun wis pre
dicted in letters from Alexandria. .Spio
has recognised the government of Miguel
in Portugal. The Sul'an ratified the trea
ty of peace on the -OlK S. piember, and
the RoMian a'tny was preparing o cva
cuate Adrianople on the 27th October.
. The Island of Madagaear is trying to
Ret into notice, and to fiure in the newt
Paper a. -The Qichit who it - would eem
is too poor to have a name, has taken a
great ditlike to Ihe French, and treats
ihtm with-roucb eevarit? Two French
comtiei baye jailtd Jyr..JIaJgasrar, v&
we shal. probably . soon hear of thair hav
ing carried off the island, Queen and
..Enghni.Tht roanufarturing disirictt
ere " till suffering, although there are par
tiel symptoms of improvement
have been great" flcKMrs in divers
tltlirOCt,f)rf. U....C;t;(,ni Thil !l
Ihe l'unt su'f eia wttk in whlrh
very aatamira buiioets ba been dona h
cot ot the sales during (he last four
wetki, reaching 13.830 bigs. The Im
port iMs'week li 7406 bis,and the n et
ere 19,110 bigs.
TirJrry and llnla.lUtTt from Adrl
anopla announce! that ibe Rusiian'army
was to commence its return on tbe 28, h
SeptemUr, and that Adrhnople wis to be
Immediately evacuned, tba Por'O being
ready to mike ibe first pJvmnt of in
demnlty. The - Ruattans. (t li iild, will
occupy Courgos and frtboft for one
tt, i.-. . ,...,. ;. .....
NotbSnr bis beeo beard af Genera!
the. PacJu ofSciUaeU,.
A Adrianople the .reeka wrrt tuilif
of acts of violence to aomo Turks, ind
wece puoisbad.ljy ibe lluiiiana. wlilj on
A private letter from Wallachla gWes
a different account of the Kunjaa forcia.
Af cording to this account, the whole if
the Russian army employed in Ibe opera
tiona of tbe wr in Europe, is to rem tin
In ihe Turliah territory, till payment
of the It.demnity has been completed.
The head quarters of Count Dirbitach
will remain at Adrianople i Conn' Pahlrn
illoecupy WjlUchia with 13,000 men;
and General Kuclow, Mldvla, with
8000 men; General Roth U to remain
with his corps between the Danube and
Balkan t and the Third Corp, enmman
dtd by General Krataowaki, which is still
belore ChoumU, is to go hack and crosa
he Pruth. Lieu'cnani Geneial Saliuchin
is mentioned as the P'eid nt ol the
Piinciplities in fu ure, anu Gen. Kisse
low s said to have mde 4 bait near So
puia, in order to get new Mt'iuniou.
-: The Ctar has elevated Court Diebitich
to a dukedom, and intends to confei up -n
him the dignity of Vice President ol I o
Uol. . . .
The Sultan had despilched order
fr m Constantinople to all the Pachalik.
of the Empire, io ceaae notnlities against
tbelissians, and to treat txe Kusaisn na 1
lion as oce on the moat fttendly term
with the Porte.
The rumor of an attempt to raise a
lon in Paiis, on account ol the Tutkish
Government. .a rnnfirmrd K thi .!
vires received in Indoo but succens it
ye- probemtrai.
StiUtbury f'tim, Dtcrmhrr 5 Cotton
14 to 11 crnu.eorn ?0 to 23, beef 2 to 2, but-
trr 10 tn 12, dur 37 4 Wrl, hrt 44y
in 65-, I run potatoe 35 tn JO. iveei do. A) n 25
br auirar -12 lu 15, xoflee 17 U 22 aalt
in T.vM, hnmevpun cloth 15 to 35. whtakey 'J9 to
I J. baron o to 10, turnip 15 to W
I Prtmburg, Firj J'rt. 24..Cuttun t J to 7j j
f Tobacto, niddhng 3 15 to 4.S5, prime 9 K V)i
Wti. m Qt m ')) IVien OtM 5.frnti nvrhii.kat
There." flour 5e, BaeoS- 10A a U.r -----places",
f yeeiVi, Xi. 2J- .T. .....Cotton 8 to 8JT
XKir aw rAsntoxABtn
rW IT ai! ar,ihrr it gr.ttf jl fe tha l.rU fat
ju. rvnom nnoeno receiij from Ilia CitUrnl
o( W.l aHurjr sad ltoan county and takes lUia
oraatort io return Ma alneere thanki lor Ike
aaree. And b cWithea a hone, that be keen.
If a well ar.Uctcd ad cheap a4 retment ef
i io anenl a eontimiartce of the generous
cofimience ot an eMititene4 rommumtt.
Ha It now receiving, direct from PliiUJelpliui
..J sV. v a .. . .
iwvwirsTsrm Uff
Eoll ani n'inrr GOODS.
well adpted te thia mwkei.'aivl purehaaed en
Ultly f'jr faii. will enable, him in acll
trf r hfnt (,tr CAS(. ne an time In rrfponaible
eelara,- Amaig b arWk, will be found
a complete aaornent of
dry aoonsr
Io purcbaaa good ant cheap
. a
r w. -f--
I iaoaa wno
Dee 4'A, 1829. . 96
N. B. Tbe manufsctunnff of Atilli an.! Tm
Pla'e Ware, heretotw cnnlliicted be r.dard
f ... . m . ... . .
wm nereatier be carried on by tha mU
aceiberi l.o will keep constantly on band, or
OMiiuiaciure io xrur,
A7iit, and Tin Plate IFnV.
made of tba beat material, and in the moat aub.
MamUl and fatliionaLle atybj t( workmanship
and hopes, by a atrtel altemion to thia Ittanrb ol
buamew, Io merit Ihe patronage of Ihe puhiic.
D. it. chess.
ulTao Attt rtctuA.
AN enfeebled contitution, fend, ra it Impn.
aibla for me to take an utenaive circuit in
the practice of my pr.ilee.ion u a.Layeri and
I Iheref ire proMae, awiated by my brother, o
open a raW a my houie in Unco n count v . on
the Catawba river, nine mile from fhateevilie,
and iweniy-four from Lineulnton. the Km
Monday in March neiti by which time my
buildinge ill ba completed. My huuae it lrre
and roomy i and I have begun to erect amall but
comfortable Cabin, aimiur to thine at tbe
VVinrbrourh and Piatt SrrHnff Academies of
Sou b Carolina. The aituation ia a hrMlnme
one U known to be perfectly licalt'iy, ami la
the adantgt of being entirely removed from
all placet ordiu pation. "No achvlar will be ta
ken a ho cannot board witb me at a member of
my 'amily.
I viil teach the I'in and Greek I-aciueen,
tbe Malhenutic atd ibe LleuienU u( the uiuci
Seirnree: nd alao, if required ly parenti or
guahliana, I will trach aith great rare tbe ele
mentary brmnclira of an Knglidi educa'ion.
Tuition ami boarding, ineliHing candle. aih-
ing, he. hr. a ill br lutmshrd tor one humlreil
dollar per annum, twenty Eve of which mutt
be paid in advance. No actiolar will br taken
for a lea term than one quarter; but entrance
may be had for one or more quarter at any time
alter the opening of the
I now have one .o fiimlfnl. and am anxim
to ret a few morei ! whoar elimination and I
IHf. SuWriher having obtained letter tif
liiiiii traun un tl et'Ha of 7Uiu
Qnlin, dee'd. will, tin Ihe llth of January fi,.
Inh, peoeed H a 1 1, at Li le r.rnce. on a
credit af Iwclra tioaib. all of the periahaLla)
property t4 taid dee'd. (lb the esccp'ui of
the negroea.) eiiUting tf about tut thouMtf
Imtltcl of i (iH 4 a ,rjPt fuantity of manufao.
luredlOBACtOi abnui f.iteen thoueand reighl
of leaf Ttlc, ready to market beta ten
twenty and Ibirty tl.ouwnd Wttgbt of W
Alio, a o isntlty of It W, w fiu,,
lakewi-ejloo-s, IJ (aUle.and M.aa,akl
a aumlier of other aiti.i, t, oo ledioua In rno.
ineraia, . .,. . - , . ., . - , .
A" ef birb pmnerty wi! t anld without re.
smi Ibe purrjiueri rtl.a: bond ami antirnr.
dareweWyeiTlif ! tb Minium fnini i!.. li.
4a. wntd a.11 wmll--w-a,ii
t w - - -
JifUiOiKUU-e-i r-
A a j. at tba aama 4i aa and mm. :n km
bieedrforthirnviirf wyrar. betreea Hilrt
and frty likely Negr.ei arn nr which r
men, women, andbot from iltirtten Io eiglt
teen yeara if ag-. ' Trom lho who hire, hoods
I'h approved aecurity in ba arr..n,U.J. .
cted. T. J. 0K'Kl. I - '
5t"00 P. OAkl'.M, Jm-
AOIIYTS r.fthr PROP mi. i uJiS.
HU.j.,ai ff.-r hr We, a-iho
pp.y of the lolloaing uluable MKDlVlNL.
VM i
Stcnh'Cf Pannccn ;
Rorr? Pulimmai 'f Syrup,
ht Coiigha, Colds and t.unaumptton, i
AivlcnoiCt -youth Drops -Alio,
m n,mn quinine i Jicowli
Enzlhh nntt Amrricati Pani
inmenn r Paint Dnrn -
"aii0'iry. ec. 4. YAH.
: Jntix II. liEXtxw
a i 1 1 .... . ... , . .
C , . ""r'"'ii'ru iKitin,ni,8
which have drowned mar.y etlle,dmag; -bacoa6to7l, peach hraudy 0lo53apti!edo5U,
cd bridgeeand impeded tbe mails.--" - lft' !? lif rn Mlo 40. Jluwtd 83,Jour
Tl . . . Tt . . ., i4to51,lar.l71,molae. 32a 34, at.gar 9 to 10J.
nc i"5 siiun.i nc L.OUUUII iiiaa gait 7i to 9), tallow . wheat T a j, whitkey 'i
States " on the best authority, that the t to 27 1'. S. bank note i a 1 percent, pre-
sigh: of one of the King's eves is so seri n,ium ftr ditto, li a 2.
oosly affecied that all hopnof its ittnie- " ' 27;...,,...Com,, 7 a 9, whewt
. . . . . r - - 90, cv(47i, bacon 7 U brandy : apple . 28
Jf re gone, and that dangerous syrrp vhike27 10 28 fl(Mir 4i. .. tZt.
loros nave appeared ifUhe other eye. - U - -:i hw fa.W...-
adds that one of the King's knees has an flour6afiJ, whiskey. 7 a 21, bacon 7 to B.bama
increasing tendency to induration. 9 a iO, bet kind of bagging 20 to ti, salt 3410
a...n.... k..n .a. ..... 50. corn 42 a 46. coffee 11 to IS N. Carolina
i.uLf iiitiii uiib icn uiaubi oars a . .. ... .,
London paper, for at.tionlne a lareer j"" i a :j per cent, discount ; Oeorgta, )
- iii'tti
Wewttre 0 tt YiUtiin
0' th night of the 5ih November, 18.19, a
certain ISAC SWEAT, of Moiituomery
. .a - 14
military rorce man usuoi in tne Ionian
Islands and at M.lta, aaa precautionary
measure, until affairs io the East assume
a more aettlcd aspect.
e learp from tbe Courier that Mr. I county N. C. stole and carried off the daughter
M'Lane had a long interview with the E.rl'f the subscriber. 'meif i aped ahotrt 27, abou'
of Aberdeen on the 1 6th, at the office of 6 feet Pl well proportioned, light rmp ected,
the Secretary of State for Foreign Affair,.;- 'Z
The aroperty destroyed by the late fire -in stature, etooo ahouldered. fair complected.
at Manchester waa varioual estimated at with blue evea. Swear ha left behind him
from 30.000 to 50.000 It is stated that 'k00 're nd ,w0 ,m"11 fhildren, in a forlorn
.... r.itL f ;. ... Hf..,k . condition. They atarted in a one-horse wnjron,
very little of it was insureo Merchan- .,K . . w: K. .lwt ,. ,k,
dise of the value of 1 2,000, belonging to nim for r.iWay (or Carroll)' county, Tenneaee.
different manufacturers, was consumed They went in company with two colored me
in one watehouse, and not a particle of and their white women, and some children by
ff envered br " insnrance ' - , the name of Cartert.an4 one Willis Ca-ter. a
Thursday, Oct. 22, it is stated that "in y"l '
prices there is no al-eralion ; the m.rkel a goo.! citizen, who may have it in their pow.
seems firm, the demand being extensive er, to atop and break up the criminal ennnexioa.
and the import amall '! , I .... 3t98 JACOB IUGLER.
Ireland The Dublin Register .states j Mmtvxtmfrytify Deer t r,1 829.
that tbe returns transmitted to England of, "TT iTT TT' m
thetarefthrlrisrr-RrTemteyavetrakga III liauaur 1 KXXtU-
excess of about 140,000. over the returns HP1' following tracts of Land, or k much
, lki , i JB. thereof aa will latisfy tbe iflxeadue there-
iniriirtion I would devote a sufficient portion
of time to enable them to proceed with much
grettef ease tnan they grotta!!) do 111 .awyera
offli'rt, iii acquiring a knowledge of their pro.
traMMv,- fM ,l ia a not uiioui fact, that J'tlC'.ictng
lawyers have neither hme nor inclina'ion to di
rect the a'udie ol their rulf nl, and hat th y
do not examine them a ofien a pnee a monUi.
Cadtr.aucb cjrcumitancf s, a ; iU!ig mail inns',
punue bia studies ta great .diatdvan.age. and
obtain license to prapise; without a competent
iund of practical iufornution. I not pruplne
o dereer law4etnreejlJull wrHnHt out the
author, Trlhe7art ol them, which ought to be
read ; examine the young men daily upon them,
converse with them upon the change which
have been made in the r.nglith law by the con
dilution and Uwa of the U. 3. the con'titution
and laws of aliis.ataie. and by the. decision. of
the Supreme tmtrt.' I have a eery good hhrary
of elementary law bookti i'nrlhtu ol' wliich.
for rnatnrctrrmy ami fr boarlwgr .eluding can-
diet ami waalung I will charge each student
one humlrexl dollars per annum, twenty-five of
which nm t be paid in auvaiire.
AH application, must be nude to me in per
son, or by letter, direct d to Thamat' eiry, Ire
dell county, or to Statevilie.
For particular aa to my qualification!, I refer
to Judge Badger of Kaleigh, or to Major Men
derson of Lincolntcn.
,tJ Tbe Raleigh R. giater, Columbia Teles
cope, and the North Carolina Jnurual, are re
quested to insert the above two mouths, ar.d
forward their account to Statenville for payment.
"30rTfr9 - Hf -
fwWie in grm-ral. if.rr hr, t,.,;.t
lt St,f ilt l.rilllPittn I K. ...
t . a lare and ha.idjimir anortrnent of
htcli he ofTer foe sale n cr, aee.inm'Kl-iine
trrm, whulcale or retad. Mm !
othera, at a distance, who wan: Tin Hnr, u, ,-
afain. can lute it , nt to tl.rtn on iht aho-trst
notice, at the shop rnce. whirl, .r. . 1,,.. .j.
lower thn a! any other ihnp in the tipir p.t
,..of the State. 1
r.ainert, i.eeinax. Old ( n.t
w oe uaen in earhane hit I m u .r.
IU ne or two Apprentice wantrd ta
above huinesi. 5,
Uringfn, D'c. (i;9.
CtVuH, tr uvvfVtM SkAh.
rniliHr.'in.Kbt.d t . ..r.e mrismlur bt .r.
L ; roqut, are: rrq-icitcd tj cult m - 'rtrr
w - "wvis vn.uu-J.U4f.. 4-.aV a ferns as ..
land wtthy -pttylnglhe ruA'"or giiiiii "it.ile
nuiea tUoae who fad to i .duply ah I, Hira rw
auual4 .rrt?r; may etprrt to fi 'd'their
rotinMn the hamls or an officerVor coIVcimm':" "
the long atundingof many of my accotiMV, com
pel me to adopt thia cour..
I conUnue to rarrv on the
HUirk-Smith in Ihisincss,
in all- VarimiT feranche at "mv !ft Kl-ripj "
aliere I am prepared to s cute all .fcsrpii,,.,
of Work in that line, in a .neat and uh,an ul
watwer, atwl on rhmI rerMeMr trrirn: air'rT'rir
I customary iidulg?nce f..r rr.y pay. lie return)
nisinanas 10 uiose whuh..vesn libcially pi.
roniaed him, and hope, to merit a coutiniu'ioii
of favora from the public.
llLf)i:iCK MOWRV.
Dec. Id, 189. 3i)8
made up to the same petird last year
The king bad command' d 500. pounds
to be placed at the disposal of the com
mittee lor the relief ol the distressed
Dublin manufacturers. -.
France.'" The Gazette de Franf csteteti
ju.Burca, -ivuiir uii r 141 tnci. iimuuik hi
credit has been good and products high
but that France is filled with ahirm and
apprehensions, excited by the disaffected
iournal. - - r'
Calais and all the country in its vicinity
were inundated,., on the 13th ult. in con
sequence of continual rains. The crops
hot gathered, it was presumed, would be
ost, or much injured, even 11 tbe weather
ahould soon be Cne.
Sian The French papers, state a
prevalent report that Ferdinand of Spiin
had recognized Hon Miguel ot Aing oj
Partugal. . The intelligence was . corro
borated by private letters received in
England. ' -
on. and all coats which may have accrned, will
be exposed to public talc, at !h Couri-Houae of
Ituncombe coun'y, in the town of Ashville, N
C on the first Monday in January, 1830, being
the fourth day of the month - to' wlti
100 arcres. Ivinr on joining Reu
Prckensi value ' gjOi tile "laricl oif WilVy Laltei
not possessed.
, . 200 acrea, lying on Flat creek, joining Thomas
Rinea, fisted at JJ400, poaseaMd by Thoma
Roberta and Evan Price, the land of John Arro
wood in 1828.
' 6 acre, lying on Rine creek, joining Jamee
Wearer and James Hill i. value gl5, the land of
Pollj Grear not poaseaed:'
, 225 acres, lying on Flat creek, joining Jeffer.
son Garrison and Wm. Gurriaon t value 8223 1
belonging to the beirs of lUrri t not
790 acrea, in two tracts, lying on the water
of Swannano, litted at g39i ; tbe land of David
Hugbey ; not possessed.
P; N. II. AiinxDr.a, Up'v. Wf. 4J?
!iburouV .cfttf Awy.
TriK eramination will be on Monday and
Tuesday the 7th and 8th of December. The
exercise will be resumed on Monday the ele
venth of January.
Mr. Edward Smith, formerly of the Peters
burg (VaO Academy, a teacher of long ex-
ertence; "and liirtv-tlTttntWil'fce.-Uaicl4
and scientific attainments, will be associated in
the labors of the Academy.
The vs'em of studies is, in general, prepara
tory Io pur .University The common Knjjlith
brajKhcaapciliDg. -eading, writing, gr ographj
arithmetic and Rnglith grammar are intersper
aed throughout tin- course. Tuition in the
ntghtr' branches of education witt be given to
such as desire it.
Regular tuition fifteen doflsrV per .-sibt. '
W. J. BINOI1A I, Principal.
P. S.TJoard in the mo'it genteel families ten
dollars per month, including bed, washing, fire-;
wood and candirs. -- 5t00
llilinborough. X 0. Xiv. 24 1 829. .
confinement in any j:iil ad that I get
him, my negro man 1SHAM. H4s4 fwt Jor
eleven inchea high, a very light, aale able fel
low ; his teeth are even; and vcry.white has a
small scar at the edge of the hair on hi fore
head, about an inch long, made by a horse when
he wa a child : hi complexion is black, rpeaks
quick, and is a good'iTibe maker: U may try to
pass for a free man, or deny tiis real owner, or
alter hi name. He was from the jail of Ran
dolph county, N. C. 8th August laat. I purchas.
ed him from les Chamber, Peraon county,
N. C. twelve months aitice ; and he may aim to
get back there.." It is requested that informa
tion may be Riven to the subscriber inimediutc-
ly, at ChestcrviUe, 3. y
F-DWARf Moni.KY.
will be
4 LL peraon imleblnl to the estate of hit
ia. E. Wni. dee'd are requested to make
immediate payment and all prus having
claims ugain-t said eatate, are r, q,i ,io, ,,.e.
mi uieoi wiiuin ine tune ;.rtcrihei U
proery authenticated, on this n nice
pleided in bar of their recoveryV Ate.
JS. M.i) AN, Jdm'r.
N. B. Will be sold, on the Kth December
next, at the late residence of aid dee'd. tin- f i
lowing property, via: Horsi-a, Cattle, Hogs,
"beep, Corn. Cotton, Wheat. Ma's, Fodder,
Household and Kitchen Furniture, one Wajrni
and Harness, and other ar'irlcii, too tedious to
mention; a here due attrnduiice will be given
arid Temsrrtadr known wTtiaf day. -
JAS. mi.6an,.wv,
November 1, 1R29. lw
sVegrou s i'oc wtc.
I"Wn.l, eipoe io public sal-, at the' Court
lloirx in Salisbury, nnTrid.iy, the 1st dv
bi Jainiar v neil, nine vslunlda N Hf.Kor.S, of
dilJr rent Uget and srxes, brlonginfj to tbe eiae
of Inhn M'eant, laif of Rowan noun y. di c d.
A credit of twelve month will he piv,.". ho
purchjutr giving, Loud and approved security;.
December 1829. 3t'Ji
Friday, the 1st day of Jaiiuarv, proximo.
in Concord,t?alia1'-
NJuUKQES, Jkn, women andrchil!rei ;,belbng.
ing to' We estate of John F. Phifcr. dee'd. Con
ditions as tsual."
Dec 3d, 1829 3 98
VW5 lcnts Weward.
RAN away from :he ubcriber, on the 18t!s
ultimo, an indented apprentice to tbe
baddler'a'businesa (bound by his mother) by the
name of Suntiel Kej, aped about H, rather
tail and slim, lame in Iiih right (high from a whit
swelling. All persons are forbidden to tniBt him'
on tn'y account : the above reward, but no other
charges, will be paid for bia apprehension.
'Awr! c. )r, ZJ, 18?. 38 "
. i '
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