North Carolina Newspapers

k Su, In I PO, empuale. lo
1171 miUs. New the number of Foat
Offices IseiiMfhouaan'I and four, end Ike
Totl Roade amount 19 111,009 anlles.
The lrl line of mail coaches In ka
Unl. 1 4 Stales eeuUUhed hi pe-aa
net WMAtlW Congress Pd Sep
temper T, 1711. ex'ee.lig Irons Ports
moo'b, U ?' lfempbJrtw 3areah,
ia ier.te TM ireaapoftattoa l taa
tnU ia coaches amoonts, at ihls time, t
MOT.III mites lo,one y esr.snd fronnhe
fliw die fif J.fiU.rr MXW K-v-HI'kwH
' trn4iol,ril, IIO i)- The whole
."" -ycatlf mflt-mneuow wf k auii UtAath.
- about tt.700.9to miles.
(-' I Us tiement ef the financial concerns
v of ika Denartmcat U eiplkll. Tka Foel
Offic Department le la prosperous cm
T'tfitlon. lit meniioae sever si cktnges
' that hev been mde m tka tnatportetkm
. el ika null h tha 3ouiken end Western
; Butt. end fives statement of lk man
Mr I wkkk several regulaione bate been
adopted la ik settling of accounts, fcc
froti Amtrkt -Late edvkee from Car
tbagcaa rer.eldetFL.TadtTpr,taetst4!hat
la tn affair In wkkk Hen. l or dove lost
kit nf, n Aailoqula, S00 of kit troop
vara lto killed, and ika reauiue oi bit
- follower ukea prieoocra Tbo treaty of
peace betwea Colombia sad Peru, m
received aa tka If ih Oct. end presented
for railfcalioa, et Bogota. The t oncres
. . . af Parti, oa tka Il Aotuat, t hoa Uoo,
A. Oanarti provislonary PrctUent of ibe
RepuMlc hod Oca- Lafeente Vlca I'm)
rodent,- .After the 4ih Ocutbe Introduction
t. af foreign ult Into lha repobUe af Peru
. .... w iu wa jnvmuuKu. . v y T"""
; corttaia aa attract of a latter from La
fnaf ra ia aklcb Bolirar U aakj to kty
aiurtaMtf a 4to laava -tkat coaotnr
for Euiooa. I: ia added that tka euta of
Venezuela iA altkdraw from tka Colon
" WaaRepaWic Bott. Butitii. :
KiiCklMl1 PWoa'lolormf nrr frtneir Beak Wtt
t. ton of ike MuuckaMtU Joaral,tkat be
net al New York a few dare ap vitk a
i ,)( W man D bad jort arrivad direct
Iramllaikat at New Tprky be air of
Vara- Cn...,Tka Mexkao a tr-,
, ebot af rcipeciabilitfi and ka aa tka
.loUoobif loiircttiag aod extraordinary
- ajceoaat--. ;
-JUeadjp before ke departed from tka
' t clly af 41ko, Sir. Poioaett, our Mioie-
. Ut, aa waited tipoo ia tka dutk of tka
-a eaiag be a peraoo, ka dalifercd at tka
- door" a aaiMa from tka Minister of
-iJaraiK AJir, ftqye iitaf kit Mr. Polo
'aeti'e) immediate attendance at tka Bet-.
' reau of Farcitn Affiir. TbU meeec6
. ... . i.ti .... .
- T Wat not aoauitf a tuiuaiN aoart ie
ftracladoa bavin tr beta takes . for-eome
:r;"rtimc. ao ro coflfioa tk door kf a cfcaia
yaaaot ta'parink k to opt ao far a load.
1 mil tka paatge oi a piaa, naiett taa caaw
vra amucked fortbar porpoae, ant onrt
- i idmu oi COGVcfMiloo. ; air. t oiowti ut
' Meted aona auuMer dcuea fronf the a
breccdcotcd kour at vblcb tkia rtquett
vaa aaade and (fetantaa wr eaiver, mai
. ft . r
ka akoutd cillod tbr MlaUter la -tka
"flnomlng TbbriBflweaa 'delirertd,
iod JIr Ti 00 jppifW n wa. wwopy,
;ea lUiytoan about bi bouerarroel
.... ma? .
.hfc knivekTnid:bludeeoofr--Tka Mexl
itaa bad 00 douM that the Intention waa to
.obtain, admission kf stratagem, murder
tka minister, and rise his bouse 1 '-' '
i3 But this la not tka only,' or most extra
ordinary part ol-the gcDueroaoa narra
.live. .While ke waa oa tka road between
.Mexico aod Vera Ctox, travelling with
iconipany in tbe stage, Ibef were arrested
tf a band of ni&ana,t aea- if Mr. Poin
sett -was among them, it having been re
ported that be, was to leave Mexico at
this time. 1 The aarnetor of these facia
xbwg tiosely muCed in a .cloak, em a
. ,pikatular object or scrutiny. Hie cloak
waa roughly thrown open, and kla fea
.taret aloacly cxaminedi andwhen at
Jang'h sne aauilanta became utiafied of
.their nmtake.ana of tkem draw ike feci of
Lie kai'a across kis throat with a dedusive
jactioat S4ing, Mk is lucky for kirn thai
Tke Lrntt ln eclatloo lo tka ship, of
-ktW teW but leo e!l grounded appre
tieflsions hve latterly keen entertainad,
aay 'na Bliiroora American, a glimmer
tf k pa is presented. W aaw yesterday
14 kUtUemaa Visa frrtvrd hero ihreo days
Oro in"' the schooner Uncle Sam from
Il,n:'He lnlbrmstif that about the
iStk November a British ' packet arrived
t' Hafana from Vera Crux, whkh ra
" tortert rhst she had spoken the U.S. ehlp
Hornet dismasieo out mai aso bio uccub-
V 1 fiffer of atsistanca tendered hy the
-Pucketr yJnr informant la not posulye
' " 'tka Hornat bad throw bar -fona afar-
- CoerMMrfea.Tba Penntyltsnia Co
..J looixaiion 8or.lety bava determined to
- j-! ,0 Uberiarwhh Uck per
tons of color aa may be liberated from
elavery, and wish to emigrata to Afrka
ArraDgements bava been made ta trana
Wt one hundred emancipated slaves in
, x tbab'ig Liberia, of Philadelphia, which
Vntel 1U tbertly mU Dram Norfolk. -'
,- ' ' " ' '
la SaaaTSt H'nfa?, Jfr. 14
Tke JudUUrf con. rprd adra to
mkinjihe jnrels of the Oanarti A
KinU cem(H'nt atUtnte oej Indict
mtnta In certila caaea, a k W4 coa
liclvltktbeCoetthuilon. Mr. WflWa
olTirtd a reaolotioti for amtodio; the
iaott h pankular rctanace to Urge at
rU of land, from. 30,000 t ,J00,O'X)
Krc. br tlilien of oUtT'tiala, aad
hick baa neter beea Rirea la nor eoJJ
for u'xei for W f cara f tka jIUUre eoai
miftea aked t ba-diKkarf 4 Ui ike
further contlderetlon of tke reaolutiofl for
eatatUaVaK "wprl,)f Court ia Mkob
cWfrrilrrfenr'frJraWaJ biU ia
freteat' obairactloa ia Bif aod Utile
oWcat crccka la Kandolpk.
. Th-rvlay, Pre if Xi. Mkckell,frow
ike com. of bter. improtenaeoti recom
mended tke rejection of tke bill to emcAd
tke act of IMt tke etant of tkli
atata to certaiivacia of Jka Tenneeaee le
rlilatarei the bill to ettablitb a new
. .. - i
coumi , of uie oiroe oi kmwi i
Cunberiand, Moore, Chatham and Wake
vaa rejected I Nr. Wellborn prewnftd e
bilMo restore Jotbaa Pannell of VVilkee,
lo credit I Mr, Hinton prawota J a 1411 to
make it incompatible for e justice ol iba
neaca to bold tke oftce or count? rtrle
tar. or count r surveyor I tke reaitmaiioa
of Abrstn Vannor , It. col. id rcjrt. Stokes
milrtla, was read and accepted I sr. Alien
orcunted a bill to re mora tke elections
from Warm ?nrin:M tbCoL Alfred ilia
ton's, Bwncotpke countr i lha bill to at
lacb Capt. Alexander'e company to 1st
rest Iredell militia, fiiulli paaatd tkia
Friday, Dec. II. The bill for tke re
lief of debtors, whoea reel etfa'.e may b
sold ou exscuiion, wss rrjcctedr Mr.
M'Eotire, from a select committee re-
eoruda UQ for tka better orcaniutkm of
Rutherford county coons i tke petition of
Jones Clark i of Hecklebbors;, was rejec
led, after ea Boeoccaeaful attempt by Mr.
Dayldeofi to procure a favorable c ootid er-
attoa of U I a Ions; time waa apenl on the
. Seturdavt Dti. !9.-Tba com. of
Inanca -reported aeainst Iba expediency
of ika Slate's asking a loan of tke State
Bank, on a deposit of J rcesnry Motet, in
anucipaliott of a deficiency in tko Revenue
for tka next year 1 the bill to anthorire
ike 'several county courta to alter ike
aemce of persooe, em epplieation, passed
tbU House.
JWoJsdoy, Dec. J I. The judiciary com.
rt ported adverse to disqualifying kntlces
of tbe peace from being secarky on Con
sttbles' bonds i as also srshst corn'mg
defend anit, where they make af 1
general Issue ta suite oa coenrr"
fcc to do so oa oath, -y
-TWaifjJDrc.ii'-Tki ll.
tbe subject,' rtporteil against nH,,
prpvision , for a Mao of the Jtaie. - Mr.
David ton preeeated a bill coBcaming- iba
tstawba navigation aaipaay t r. car.
fla offered a resohrtioo for an appropria
te of 2 1 iOOi W impede rtAftdJroai
Pleasant Cardan io Burke, la N. Birch
Bald's on the Blue Ridge. Mr. Miichell,
rrom tba com. of Inter. Iraproremenr, rt
portedlgainir making en appropriation
to lax prove tka road from TTllkdsbolr'o, via
Tripp IliU, to fJia Yirgioia-lead mioe
road.-Mr. Johnson mdea motion, laat
wTlhcsseanibmmoned" beforaf justlcepof
iba peace, be paid. - Mr. Mootzomery of
Urange, offered a resolution to request
eur Senators'and Representatives ia Coo
press to resist the re chsrteriog of tbe U.
3. Bank.' Tbe biQ to locreaea the tax
00 Gate a across public roads, tu post
poned indefinitely.1. . 1
Horae er Ciwwi 1 fyjmifl JUt. lev
Mr. Polk ptOMntad a bill in autborixo
Tbo. L. Cowao, to erect certain gates,
wbkk patted 3 readings, end vaa ordered
to be enrolled. Tba bill ooncaraint tba
1st regu Stokei'mllitia l end tbo kill rela
live to tba psisige of fish op P eedea and
Yadkin rivers, finally pasted tbia boose.-
nurtdau. I7-Mr. Bethel bra
tented a bill ta disqualify members of as
sembly Iron holding any lucrative office
Mr. Wieeman, a bill ta amend tka act
incorporating tbe town of Lexington, Da
vidaon county 1 Mr. Neill, from a select
committee, reported, !a relation "to' ika
Hickory Nut Usp road, that tha commit
aionera bed faithfully expended tka money
karetofort appropriated for said road t tka
com. of fiasnce reported es inexpedient,
the taxing of incomes held by citixens of
ihla tiaia larhfporsrloBf Torcttinertd by
tha, Stata. A loop; lima was apenl en tka
new county kill tM n,irw;i...,fv ; U ,
Friday, Dec, U.3!rV Wyehe, from
tha committee of finance, tecomroended
tbe rejection of tha hilt to amend a part
of the 4ifc section of the revenue law of
day waspaat on unlin portent private base
aeaa, and the near county bUL ' v l ; i
poseel an inquiry ia ' Ut iW 'prac'tSbaUfi'
of closing the session af. tbo legislature
tba present month stne petition of sun
dry citixens of Haywood, relative to a road
in that county, waa rejected: tha com
mittee of Interne Improvement reported
adverse to the resolution relative to a
Rail Road from fayettevilie to Campbcl
ten, tha condition of tbe funds hot warren
lipg any appropriation for that purpoaa t '
,Qe com- reported eJrsne la ia ip-
,in lot a row! in Buaeemba. ,
Drt. ll..Mr. Ireie presen
ted a hid eacerala worhihg oa the road
la Llocale eounif Mr. Satin, a kiG coa
eerein; the Buba lampika eompa
f I Mr. Stokea, a btll relative w tke ep
poinimaM ala ftneral aod Bald of
IttnT Mr. 0Bf W IT.d ceruia raao
luiiooi, for raqoeailoK of tka Oeaerel
Ooveraawot too muskets and ta bria
r. u;-il-..-,
af b.dt
IPr' ao-eoflh. fcrw. Weed, ika UU.,rf
iae eaw vww- . r - . j- .. i.iji. niionei'i. hat aBordti .. r. r.
Uilte laws 10 rti'iKHj 1 wuuini w , rovta, w ww -psnies
l Mr. Sweia presented a bill to im- t iMarMtiog donuweaU BMre la detail'
pre tka re from U1 Fort to Burke, erwATiLtLltrnoif.
laAihfJIe in Bencombe. Mr. rearaoa
presented a reaoluiion calling ike atten
tion of Coogreta 10 makinc provlaloa
against coaa.erlciliag Bins, kc oa tka
U. S. Dak. bKi waa UVX 00 me uota.
runway xiws.
UTL FMU tddOl'F..
Br lha ship CtonensKna Irom Havre
and Win. Tn,mmH frm Lirerpopl, the
Saw Yoi a. E'louirrr htt rtccived French
papers 10 Jin. nd Englith 10 lltk
RnrUnd. The Kins? kss been India
boaeJ. but onlv turhtU.
I. Hoordoonaee has
retisned hie "IB to at mMtier of the in
terlor, and B.ron Muntoal ia appointed
t member of Pi ivy Council.
AHTUr1t Cnrr Frmntvi aaya
Dioloalatk commuoicatioos oot weeu Aue
irU and- EntUndzart very active i inia
moment Ii ia added that tbe twa'Cabi
ne; of London and Auairia approximate to
Kutiix. and o draw her into a ocw tlo
lr Alliance, of wbkk the Emperor Nich
oli would not form a prt.
Turkey mmd Kustta. - Il appears Ihst
muunderatanduig kae aritea ttatweeo the
Tttisiih and Kustian rlenipotcnttaries al
AdmoWe'r-'ArteasT.-eo xaTi-Hm-Aog-r
kurtrk 0aetie. The Pacha ol Scutari
declared 10 tienl. Diebitarb (in the early
part of Oct.) that bo would give bim time
till the 1 5th, to evacuate Adrianople, and
that unleaa ha complied, be would be for
cihly driven out. The Pachaa obey 00
orders tbe Grand Viaier el Cbunrla baa
refuted 10 give up the seals of tbe Em
pi re. Another coatoirscf setfott the
Lie of the Sultan las keen delected.
We learn by letters from Adrianople,
that Gen. Dicbitsch has riven orders lo
Oca. Kraasowskv ta kold kimself la read
.,-rtiack tbo Pecba ol Scutari, .in
-. n,,.., commandT As
A occupied kf
u t v.v ,-tilnCJ depute
tioa In Oett bieoiuch, to implore kim.ta
prevent th eairaoce of -Ihe-Pachar-ao
fiaatr lake dreaded on account ol his cru
ettjr- A contiderable numhei of families
io tend to "quit thatltylf tba Paeha akoutd
occupy it, as they knew mat aa. is not
likely to respect iba amnesty promised by
iheSultsn. Ur n Diebmch who le wen ec
qutioied with the" character of the Pecba
ol Scutari, has uieo measures, to. redact
him by force, if such atourse should be
come neceaaary. - - ' . .
Greece.- It is stated ia an ankle from
the Ionian lalanda, that an armistice dt
futt baa been established between the
Greeks end Turks of tba continent..
fiAoa- It is auted la a letter dated
Madeira, Nov. 6, that a Corp of MOO
men ia about ta embark tor Cuba.
Portugal.-- Don Miguel wanta a wife-
it ia Bid that ka haa made proposals to a
Sardinian f rinceta.-!
. Suit .511. Tbe loUowingbto xb
trxct of ika situation of tke Bank of Nortk
Carolina, oa tha 19th May, IIS9 1 specie,
S0,fO?t 24 1 foreign notes end . bills
of exchange, fj460 60S, 30 ; foreign
bank credita-131,6 J 1, 49 1 Augusta and
State. Bank -stock taken for debt, 831,
340 1 Due from tha Stat of North Caro
lina, 23640 ), Dua from Individuate,
S,J03,1027 Stock iwpaid, gl,430
Real estate in Banking bouses and lands
takeniu debt SllOjaa 09, InUrnai bills
and checks, SI 9.S IS, S9 j Tout, 3,346,
CaAt'FemrankSooct S43.530I
potea of thoBankrof IkcdUnneri .-Stated
ja 1 lunds at tha north, si to, 053 ;
.Pat-M! Bankt in Nortk Caroline, glS4i
Notea of other Banke end deposits bear
tng interest ST.929 j Notes of other
Banke on hand, not at interaat, 229,934 1
bills of exchange 24472, real estate, in
cluding Banking bouses Ice. S30J36 1
Debt, consisting of Notee discounted end
JFudgments, 9J996.O0I total 81,375.314.
joteijt fanairenrarikp it s
smount due from other Bsnka 30,000 ;
Totals 1 ,774,381, DolsVSf cls
' h'oikington.ult. Causici received
810,000 for tha statue, recently placed
an the Waehiog4oo monument in Balti
more, lie was entered en it sixteeo
.mwu .u wibui new uuc iu tuau-1 auoioci loan we ai preaent possets, and he .,. .
:ra" 'r. v.,?Ta::r.."r. 7?.r".m":wur"m w"1? aeaihaVait
aara via. real caiaiar av, WW aouartr lue 0S0 nO OOUOt tOSI Under OUf
JASVARr 3, in-).
The lUa. J C CaMae, ttmUi
af Ike V. I. arrltad k vTMiuoftaa, o lY.L.r,
the litkrk., a-dtkkkaaePrcaidcataf
imcm w. 99mm
fMt 0tmmLU.--Trm tke kjgdi e Ika
Tke luIWUf extract ef e letter, fre a mtm.
bar ef A-atljr to h fricltJ la CaawaO ewawty,
la pubtUbed ia tke sTiIum Caaette.
BMgh,Dee. 9,1139.
Dtaa Sim You will see from tbe
aewtpipers of this place, that wa pto
greta rather slowly in busiaetei lha troth
It, ika members iteoerally took ta much
iniercH in me ocnaitiriai brctiton. ion 1
tbey could not attend as they ought, to
other concerns.' After balloting once or
twice every day, for ten daya, you may
suppoo that the members became yrry
much worn out 1th it. Al Iba 13tk bl
kMinR, Uen. Stokes withdrew, end tbe
name of Col. C'harlra Fitber was put la
nomination. Mr Fitber'srun wassveif
Cne one, end greatly alarmed tba friends
of Mr Meares Un lha 34 balloting.
however, ka fell oft sons roteti wbkk
. . i. 1 . I.
oVntood kJudg. DonoelTs frjahd.
hd consented to withdrew bim on Mon
dy morning, and e number of Mr. F'e
frieoda agreed la fote for him to give
kirn a retpeciable vote to withdraw wi b
fully iniendirrg lo return to Mr. Jleber
on ih. next balloting- Bui matters took
oibVent mm Wnen Jodce Doorttll
... . r i i t n
Wit witnaravn. our irieno ur, orowo,
came oui,Bn2 i hie TeTte very iking ea Tar
from a ronclutlnn. at ever t and. bat for
the magnanimous coarse of Mr. Fisher,
we might be balloting yet, lor a week to
come. Ar, r itner, cauea auqe aome oi
kia friends, and loid Ibem Ibar be had
made op kit mind to withdraw; hia
friends strongly of posed ike step, but be
said it mutt be ao, and it was accordiagly
done, end Mr Brown was elected on tha
am uauwiuj. -
Air. fibber, by bis manly course on
this occsaionr kss done kimself great
of Ikas aortr-could -oave- the pars and
give tbeepublicant and the Weat, a Sea
atori and lucky for ua, that we had to
if. I m.fl .k. M.a r.rt .T.1.T A V ft. .m.
inr-tbo-tfiw nortIiHlirtieetkHH
for tke good oftbe eallsa -I believe ifMr
FTsher coliTabsveoroelJngIo""EInded
'f.k kmMtat'a hwH ika km mi Ike I CAJara an OMxiftUDltV tvx. rt!ofra..t
wukJttr-MesreStha would bsye Uatlwe,,hapro!ecrf
him ;.but Iheiievo ho ia vei7-we0-."eau.
rW ee k4s as hareredwitk greu ra.
luciance, saying, that hrs ptivata sffairs,
rendered - tba- atep -improper. I kava
been thus full in giving you tbo klstory of
this tocteitl rt idhipg: you would he glad
10 sear tae wnoier.: . inure mcna, ;
Mr. tUbr, Bicatoer from thle town, submit.
ted, ie the Moate ef Coaunee, ea the 15th
iuat the following reaolutioa i
Retohed, That the joint aelect cam-
mittce on thot part of the Governor's
nesaaga which relates ta the eatablltk-
mem of a Penitentiary, be Instructed tol
enquire into tbe expediency or appointing
soma intelligent person lo visit the Pen.
iteatiariesof other States, for tba porpoae
of collection facts and information con
cerning lha system, particularly es to lha
best plans for the buildtogt, tha emolu
ment of the celle end construction of tbe
workshops t es to tbe sum that may be ne
cessary to complete an etiablishroent lul
led to North Caroline i as to tbe diacin-
line and management of tbo samet aswa would not furego the rfet of rettoatrd
to tbe species of maaufacturee best suited now -of eoul" which that interesting journals'
for tba interior of a Penitentiary in Ihit I vtrt tfrorda. lor tlx mo-t aumrrtuouj ClnA--'
Stetei end generallr, such other informs
tion ai is ukula-ed t expUiatho operai
tions end usefulness of tbe System, in
other Stater.--1 " . -
, , '-e ft a ma I
In introducintr . this Resolution. Mr.
rhlu .oserved,IsalnuSe Rerfsterl Jhif
from what ,b.y had heard oflba nW
lence of the Penitentiary Sysfm h ls.
wsrcrouTSislirSiaU he" belieTeT
tbst iba people of tkie Ststa wefa gener
elly fovorably Impressed io respect to it.
odecd, there could bo no doubt that iua-
nee, humanity and sound policy called
loudly for an amelioration of our Criminal
Code. But,, however deairablo the pro-
shrold be QDwilfmg to undertake k
system, many criminals escaped punish-
of juries to Uka tbo lives of their fellow-
creatures, for any thing short of, murder
in the first degree but iheyrould have I
no hesitation to put auch offenders to batd I
labour and solitary; imprisonment. . Fif-1
tteo or twenty yetrs ego, Mr. F. said, '
llMs suijjtcl jfrrwrt I tlirc:
tuition (a our Usliltturc, Snd
1 1
I rejected by the ctttlrg vote of lie.
I r ol the "enate. ' oce tbt pt-M, (
iwlertUe imprevementi bare beta. I
doc ad both in tbe mode of erecting ,..
lientlariea and, la Ua taafeagtmaM il
tbem- Tbef an aow tn to 1. 1 .
only bee.UU..d 10 gradual. ,h,Fw.
lihmefit of crimrt, to do away fo r, .
d;ra lha aacrlfica f U.'a, and a?M- to
I oCtftJersaa opportunity of tf fornut!
be puWir, 'ar-feiraying all the
r. r
a f .
years bava nctrlv kalf a mlila tit
Uberstsd from iba existing Er.ju, , ; .
of it would not, ke, b bttur (
plot J tkan in erecting a Feniiemlj rj
TU firm. Km. Of ILitWbftltaL k L.
eWcted Major J Cavalry, las the KMk krW4.
ftur U. I'Um, haa bean eketcd fcV
CefMnJofike I3h kriiradei -
AaaaM It. nLiUU, BripdUr Ceocrtlagv
19th hrtjfa. ,
Ji J, ruMrw, kaa Ua elected ferine.
I rzr n- m mw (Wo aad Com,
uJ aocrpt 00 r rarprotful rmvUdnm
I w th fubUo Dcua,t.u aiih hkk tl; kr
lwed .
The ' e ef TirrnU tdlxtnA aa
I day, l9tk oil. over fcU lt M4ar la tha bmwS.
CWrVa awaJaJea. la tha Ctoek lerjfc.
tore, Hmhw am 19 bmvn, 3 btatcre tad ma.
ekaett, ft kwvera, IS doctor, f nWrthiau,
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,u Mailai for we are well eoD-iard u-
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k ?tkiBl .about the cotnjItxi a tta
Poat-OfEce conce-Mi and ef Ike. kapaleta
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ot, have of eacapintr freqecet ctaem.
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I irt Um ji ihmfa, to sunrlt eur roirt
a the gaaartJ ekoraa of complaint.
But the irregular arrM, at tab plat, af
WahifiiChy aapr,capeciJly the Vid
Sutttt T$kfTa(jL. arhicK at shia aaaaxa parjca-
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tvraotlmea K-J papen: and it bw w bp
pw, re htre rj. ltfT WiAirt
nevsla tke ewXoTk,ppesi tlua we vr
aaailed to do ie the XYuliagto papers ttr
t selves. Z
. The MwTtrk Ceurkr mti lfV?W"i l'
jwiWawi of Dectmher, reached f'ubur, i
the doe coora ef the mail ea Clarittmai d
itha 35ih i which came tbia year aa Wfcj, '
tbougk, aewwding to tke Meier. Galea' A-
nac,it ie to kappea next time Tlarxt.
I hereby old Tin m wwde ro -oJr ar-
ttcp iackwmntt aa Ckergut' ' eailltia ear,
would . ,tk. ... , :.i t
U, wh. our liketoriea gave tote
Lv ih. anua- -JL
that we Were to enjoy the (te a frinUr) P
luaury of dioing aa tfai lurttj of eoerte, v
a Ivratt Atw-Veax jrectRia In our h
I only mgkj atajw from tke great comincrcial
porium of the Mew World, ear appetite ert'tJ
aoae of the daiotke oa the dtaoer table, tut I
the content of the paper were tie Toured j k:
dinner, with a beggar's appetite to fire it tU
roatetduawWhile the.lateatIJ,sTiStirw
tci..b.. a nM. .sw-h ri ith tn:
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l' loattC' 1u'."3,w
hf um -ilur c
l,nw ww Aweimpo. ; i a: 7 , ; '
-Wec4not divine uiusaaf tbasa.we
ltiea. - From the yUmatic tnaanor in wh.
tfc? iutiifiatelvi
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CWinquency in thie parbw-"
-. . . . . ..-... Antl-
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WV coocm -
blameletaoeta. "-i
vva make tneie oDaerrauon w
that they may induce aa invcttigatioa fb
will leadto.thecktecUc,andaconaequamc
mtim. of the irrrr-'wi'y mp!lned ef.

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