North Carolina Newspapers

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AN snfeeMed convolution, read n U Impos
td! f.'r m tout ! rircuit ta
Ihe nrrf.e f my u t Uwyeei Ml
I tberfuw profuse, .isd b; mi brother, to
worn 1 klW t my h"" Lincoln county. oo
the Cataoba rim,
DIM Bill front UIH, Imia IJaCulnlO. the Grrf
hfurtb! Ckina. imirr to those t e
Wiansboroorh end rUlt Spring AcsJem.e of
Baal CMuSnt. "The SstusOon W naarnotn
- M4 li known w be perfectly beahhy , and h
.11 nlM rfMliM. We StnQUr Will I-
he who casnoiioard wltk m u s member of
rrMt aubarriWrt having obtained letter of
JL dminiUta M lit s'ftte faaat
CM, deed, il', "0 the Ilk of January etise
inn, proceed If rO, it lii Ww midroM. oe i
Ue-tit f iwf. Hipmbs n r 11 prbabi
property of aeid d d. (wiUth Hcimm of
ib negro!,) eontivring of out fjr thoMaad
bushels of CORN Urge ejtaiiiity of nvanjifce
tared TfJlMCT'tJ khtxil thousand b
of reef 7t-r. ready for eaiket I between
twenty end -Otiratf wfifMtatrfj
Alio. nutnlitv of W W V "-d 0M
Likewise. H Hop, aWp-J
i a .a. I foil Aiil feft allUi.
I .111 tear the U'..0 OlMi tiroe lAW,
' kiKoi k1 renuiftd by prntr or
MjorditAi, I d1 f k
SwnUfy bronehe of ttf', luci.
Tuitioo ooj boUnf, Urla linr mkllro, Mb
nf, kc fcc iH k ftimWitd Tor om humlred
lUllirt r tnnum, lototy of oibUai mu
Wpold bft4rtM.. NoKkolu will bo Uk
for tool torn thR mo jurtert but catronco
My bo bod for m or noro quorun tt ony Un
TWr Ibo opomof of tbo ocbool
I 00 htTO DM l !
to pot fc o? I kti tiwnnutioo nd
looinmloo I oU dovoto Mf&cWnt portion
of timo to omblo ibto) to oroctwl 't bkIi
f rcotcr em Uo tbty or)1y do iaUwyor'
olWs m owjtilrinf knolrd of tUir pro.
ftOtioo i fur it M 0 IKMllrwa fact, ?bat rctitiii
ov)on bovo oritber lioio nor iadioaUo to d
rod tk flitdier uf tboir atudmU, and Ibat Hi .)
do oxh eumioo them at oftoo a one a month.
1'a.U ca eircufliflaaeoo, ft roonr nM mutt
tninoc kit tod to groat duadaiitij, ftod
obtain foenoo to oroeiiae without a competent
fond of practical lioVmalioo, I do Dot ptupuae
, tu dlif or Uw lecture i but I wiU poui out tt
uthort, or t!o pati of tbooi, wbkb oufcU to k
rcadi ooeotkyooaf m doily upoa tbom,
coormo wilJi tWni upoo Uo cbanjer. lcb
ZL4o bo oaado ia tbo OwfimhlBW by iUmi
a4 hn W 4k ti. ft. b oomiteU
um rl tkia aiate. and br tko deeiawM of
tb Supreme Court. I bao ery food l'brry
of elemcotary law booki for tbcuw of which,
Soi ioairttciioav aod for boanlio;iKludiaf eaa
At., .ml ..Kinr. I will chart oath atodont
one hundred doliaro per anatia, tweaty-Ava of ,
which muat he paid aa aoraec.
AH application! bmo) he made to an ia per
aon. or by letter, direct d to JSXSUb
dell eouotyrr tb'tatefTue.
fur panicuUfa a to ray ooaMcatloaa, I refer
to i.i.ixe Badrr of lUleifh, or to Major Ilea
derann of Uncolntco. - .
fCf Tbo fUleiich !! fiator, Colombia Telea
eope, and the North Carorma Journal, are re.
ntieeted to laaert the abot two nontha, aod
forward their aceouMi lo Rtatearille for payaaent
X 30, 1829. BtOi
... - m . MJLk avJ4 afwMrrf fMwl frMtl " All mtAm fta kftrlr frn
Ktr U-l jmn hwa r1' V4
Jaf.-Ja B rt MAI , ' -TTT
Al0. at the aaaV t and place, W.B be
hired, for lUe IrrW rr, between Iblny
and forty likely Aen whic are
sea, woin, aVboya frwn tblrtaea to aigb
Uea yean of ay- (D lomU
iih ior,ioeJcr1'r 'H acruputonaly et-
Ud." T. J. 0AKE1, 1 ju.
k il ft L' I'u & "
r. UAkl.8,
Uftboroig Acwtxaj
T IKasamlaaiion will be on Monday and
Toeedat ibe 7tb and Sth of December. Tbo
ourcwea will be rewmed oo Monday the tla
taiiib iif laanaiy - - ivli -
Mr. fdward ftmita, fomerlyof lh rotor,
boff (Va.) Aoadeiny, a teacher of kf i-
rerience, and biehlv diitinuUhad for aiaanral
m acxnukc atiiirnia, will be aaiociatod ia
the btbora of the Aoadeiay.- -
Two f awtoea . f r5 Mrv
tory to o Umi raity . v The ooraiaw. Cwflwe)
wrofieheo orHmff.eadinf , wrltinf . feofraphf
a tHitiKtic ami tuiriuo fraaunarare imcnprr.
oert throtighout the couree. ttuI" ""
"iiKfw Vranchea ofducatTbaTwlII ke'reiT to
. i, i mi in T"fl TT J
: Kcfular tuition fifteen dollar per -io-.
W. J. KING II K M1 fKr(po7,
P. 8. Board la the moat fenteel familie ten
dollar per month, including bed, watliing. fire
fpilOSE indebud to the aubcribet.bjL
X, count, an tvqueated to call on Aonuaal
iiorvee bclora wr oa tbo W of February next,
and acttle by paying the rata or f'ing their
puttm tboae wbo fall to comply with tbi rea
aooible rcquAt, may expect to find their ac
count ia the hand of an officer for collect ioa :
the loig itandinf of many of my account, com
Belt ma to adopt this count.., , , , , , , , , -.
. I ctMitinue to carry oa the t ,
Black- Smithing Business, -
ia aQ iu variuaa branch, at my old fihopi
vaere I am prepared to execute ail deaoriptiooa
cf Work w that line, b a heat and auhstantial
jnaantr, rmnMm tmrrmi. with the
eufttomary indulpoc fur mj pay. Ha return
bis thank to tbooo who hare e liberally pat.
romsed bim, and bope to merrt a eowuauauoa
f favor from the public. - "t -f
k7,t ( w , FREDERICK MOWRT.rr
. Soluburj, IW. id. i 3 tOO
BackamUbVng liuaVntss. .
! f- .HN i 6HAVER, CO, have taken the
J BUickmitk i Shf heretofore occupied by
JHtuUt hJutetr. in the low of 8Iiibury i .where
.inej Ul WtK SMHJ I "K 'l UH.wfmujif ium
mo, ta all nt noutKncner ana reepectmiij
solicit a ah are of the publie patrooage. They
hare in their employ one of tbe heat workmen.
Iwihrwrntyrfwch wir-eirabetheni tnexe
cat every dcriptk of BUckrmith's work ia
aHleof neotnaaa ana mranitirr, tqnu to any
ia toil part Of ue coumry. i doit terra wiu do
SuStburf, Pet. 9. 1629.
98 -
Viatiiag Making. ,
fWHE Mibteribet baTing
purcbaaed the eatab-
- habmentof Mr. Miles Hill,
ia the tows, of Charlotte,
.3 tin- Bumnm in all ita ra.
procured toe beet kind or materuta, and hav
irood workmea ia his employ, h will make
- fo oroer, as wen a crcp on uawj, an eaonp.
, lioua of Coaehe. Gigv CrrUgea,:8tag,
Barouches, Carry-Alla, be. Hi pnoe thall be
' very low, for coaa t or a reasonable indulgence
ill be extended toreaponaibie cuatomer All
ordera for ork from a d'ttnce, will be prompt.
v if attended to. Repair of all kind, wiU be
done on short nrtice and reaaonable tons. j.
Charhne, K C. D. 2H
Tweil DoWats Uvart,
Wllbe givea for the apprhei.Hi sad
Confinement in any jail ao that I get
him,syaegromaalSIIAM. II U $ fret It) or
eleribe"tigh, very Cgbt, lc!le fel
low i hi teeth t even, and very white hi a
nnJ Kar at lb edge of the hair oa b. fre
bMl. about an m h kmc. made by a Lorae wbea
br wa a eliiid i In rompleiioe i black. peak
u ck, sod a gnod shoemaker i he may I ry to
til a free aaan. or deny bu real o wr. or
alter hi nam, lie wm from the jd of Ban
dulpti county, Nt C. 8th AurH Ut. I purcha
ed bim fiom Mow Chambers. reroo county,
N. C. iweKe month si no t and he may aim to
get back there. t is ruerted that informs
tioa auy be given to Ute ubeeriber immediate
ly, at CheKemile. 8. C. -
ynemier Wh, 1839. 6t08
Briting to Fayrlterillti
WTU-L tad kt to their advanUge, lo top at
f V thk rfaM runt where every con
venience it provided (br Mad and Hone, to make
them nfiahlfot the maderatoohnrg W 95
cewta a day and algnt, tot the privilege of the
lira, toe at or B good mum, ore, water, al
aheker. Attached to the Yard, are a Grocery
and Proviaioa Store, Bread Shop and Confcc.
tiooary, and a House for Boarder and Lodgen,
ia a puua, cneap, wnoleaorne and comlort
able yto. FyerW lof April, 1829. 1 1
North, Carolina Iredell county-:
TN Equity i fetitioa for sale of real ratafe.
JL Purtuant lean order of the Court of Equity,
made at last teres, upoav the joint petition of the
Executor of B, Simontoa and the Executor of
Jaaae Irvia, I will eO at the Cevrt-Hoosw fa
statesviOe, oa toe inn and 10th of rebroary
- a a.BiI SaK n at
"W me pi nay ana Tuaeaay TJ's
Fbruanr Court, tboae Lu to the tof
BUtesvinet known by the name of the Irvit
ODon t credit of tw wh. m-J
oornct lot, (aad that knew. . Ik Zt
stabU lot to the taarchaser ot
one and two tear wiU be xire.
pal&cbt fa-Aclr aaUMat intm the ei
ni av fmn tba data rl thm mIa.
approved security wiU be required. Witness
John Moshat, Clerk and Mailer of aaideoun!.
at oHice, the 4U Moouay lUI.U.iiiaiMiay
. 6tW - JOHN MVS HAT, cm..
WIDIW. HMrTO?,Tna,rnict "V
inbras b frarnda, f P-"-.
ibM U kla rml "u 21
U.t hu on Mai .
WvXr h TpM rfll
by Mr. 8. Uwryj hr M eonunue. w
JTaUoring uusweth
i- .ii t.. - - ita ptor the
rrguUrljr from the Korthj whice, f"
Kim t esMute all kiadt f work it hf
the,rlr, nd uWMatuJ V
Momptly attended to diractton.
Uuat I'wda of country, product rifl N fyTd
ai ih awkat prkxa, ia psineoAlur worv.
il.w4e taiiiiiKama a WwK-atiriiira
LItkflna as bbersDv rsiended to nuat aad
bopei, by lb atyl of bt ork, and hi eier
tion ta pita, to merit It. W. W. II,
AWi.Kr, An. 18, 1839. 91
Chulutte tlottl.
1!E subscriber having recently par
Chased re UmtM of ttUtrtainmmt
formerly kept by Mr. RobL I. Dlnklns, in the
towa of Charlotte, If. C. respectfully in form
his fricodt and the public, that he how has
opeaed the bouse for the reception and enter.
tsinment or an who tiiy aonor mm wits tneir
cestom. Every effort will be used to render
person comfortable, and nitre raiited exertion
mad to give entire satisfaction lo all. The
Red and Bedding are inferior to aoe kit
Table will be furaiehed aa weQ as the market
will afford ia Ibe back country i the Bar with
luor of the beet quality j attentive and Iruety
ltotler will be employed, and Sublet abutt-
dantly torniabed.
. D. BOYD.
Charttu, Dm. 10, 1839. 6t03
N. B. Having discontinued the Mercantile
huainest, I shall look for prompt nayment from
all who are indebted to mi in fact, I cannot
indulge any. - i J. H. B,
THE aubrriber, intending t
- move, froca thia part xf the
Mate, orTen for sale Ih bv
rstabiiahmrnt, with or without tb
furniuirei there la attached to thia, 6 or 700
acre of land, a part of which la ia excellent
r. uj. rwt. .i 1. .
TfrgYoes-wotild'W rcee'ived in payment and
the condition, besides, will be liberal.
If the above estabCahment M not sold by the
first of May next, it may be rented for one or
more yesrs.
From the increaainr custom for he last three
years, during the summer months, the place, if
property attended to, mar be rendered aa pro
fitable aa any ettabusbroeoi of is similar kind ia
tbeatate. Vft - CHAKLKa J lit NOT.
AM rrJ, Lineal es'jr. Utt. 7, 1819.
y rrVIE Subscriber,
aV'O'J- move from the
aala his
ond V
State AVrrVCnreft'ao, kvthirflrt tuHlg i
SlfERlOR Court of Law, October term.
. J823U - Usabeik Jmoihea, tiabrioi VYU.
moth r Petition for Divorce. -That whereas, a
sutifHiena and stiai have beea itsned against the
defendant la thia ease, and which were returned
by tk Sheriff of Rutherford eouaty, that the
said defendant was not found y and prodamation
haviag been made publicly at the court house
door of amid county, by the SberuT, for the de
fendant to appear and answer as commanded by
the said subpoena, and he bavins' failed i k is
tterefore ordered by said court, that notice be
riven three months ia the Raleigh Star and
Western Carolinian, for the defendant to an Dear
at the next superior court of law to be balden
for said county of Rutherford, at the court-bout
in Rutherfordton, on the 3d Monday after the
4th Monday in March scxt, then and there to
answer or demur to the said petition, ether wise
h wm be taken pro eomesao, and adjud
eordinrly. ' WUnes, James Morris, C
said court, at Butherfordton, the 3d Monday in
Sept. 1839, and la the SHU year of our lode.
pcndence.,.1 3mt09. JAMES MORRIS
Anir tAViA-Coranna, Aswan csvnjy t
NOVEMBER Sesriona, 1829 1 Tbomu Gibbs
. Alexander Ray i Original attachment.
Thomas Oakes and David Harria,' aummoned as
garnishee. it appearing to the satisfaction of
tbe court, that the defendant, AJcxa&der Ka.
ia not aa inhabitant of this state, on motion of
the plaintiff by. his attorney, it is ordered bv
toe eouit, that peblkatic be made to th Wes
ten Carolinian, prioted fat 8Jiibunr, for the said
Alex. Cay to he and appear before the Justices
of our next Court of Pleaa andjujiter Seasioua,
to he held lor tbe county of Kowan, at the court
house in Salisbury, on the 3d Monday ta Febni-
ahexf,' then and there to replevy or plead,
. er" JudPen' fi'J he fntexei against
-aWderstrrwithxmaonabhi Indulgence forpayqUin for the pUintifT debt aod eorta. Witness,
John Giles, Clerk of our said Court, at Offee,
tbe 3d Monday in norember, IB39.
6t03 . JOHN GILES,
SUPERIOR Cowt of Lav, September term,
1829 1 Eesiak Singleton m. Christopher
ilicl W &rTtMletlt Me USe-ewnUi k flto We.
. n ii ? ltni P.amlini.n tnn Vankia mad CatAark tfi.i.
mi,, fnnwe Mewiairf w xv jMxr t out nest
superior court of law, to be held for the eouaty
of Burke, at the court house ip. Morgsntoa, oa
the fburtll Mondaj ef March next, and plead,
answer or demur, oUwi judgment will be
enterea against ninb
J 3mt09 ' ; -WW. w. t&mx CVk.
17I0R sale, at the office of the Western Care-
"JLV- linian. the Farmers and Planters Ahna-
ack, for ih year 1839: price, 10 cenu a
USTTNll in ox,
I lo tb i t,n u, best ,
Though all iU fcj, Q9va.
I kve tbe snul aa io) .
That ms-ry cannot iV.
That soul that brass lb Jv, crow J,
-.lad soil) (Was Its iigU. -
I love (hat lostkade of mind
That sins Caaaaf shake I ' J.
' I tWs that euengi ! aJ mind
" strXt poww eaa ik
"I love tht maw ike teems to MaflT
Beneatk afflictlonl blaet !
.nia trust its an aJmight w f rlsad .
To abe k wee at hat. . '.J.
wishing to re-eirhborbood,
aal bis vaJiuLl plantar
Vt, second
; inly, Tb
. . fee Ce4d
lr-c, a., j v..e upiu.o-s, ... J ejHgundd
thai Cold SAMinu tn two bill, portioulariv. on
''''71 i . 77. WUUM - eoiinectea tne moral and pohtical wel-
me i of JSyU m ,redou re of our conntry, and tbe endless feucitr of
- "'j w. mm aww x lucre ia aon
on the place good water-power for mking operation.
Also, 30 or 25 likely NEGROES for aala
a part ef Jhe such at niy ket wish to foibw.
0e. ,.-. . . : . -
JtxWary BiHt Sxity at AiKrvUU At C.
Al a tneetlaf of a nuavberof the members of
the Aaboviae Aex.Uary ftiDie woctety in nay
last, it era eemed acoeatary and espedienl la
tsasuck aa they bad failedto eoserv the annual
meeting, agreaabl le the pewrisioae of the
einatitsitien, to rooogni the ftoeiet, by the
adoption of new Constitution, containing cock
tmivrtsooe aad aoceasarv aJteranoa aa wonwi
more fully meet the view and approbation of
the member i wkerwpoa, me society aajounvsa
to aaeet aia oa Use 4th ef Aegwt Ust pact.
The Hactcty met, aecerumg lo adjooranseat.
The Rev. Dr. CJUfcaaa vsi called to the chair,
aad tmr SsreJZrv apDoisttd tocretarv. After a
fervent and pathetic uppucaUoa to tbe tarone a
ursre, rrom tne caair. m ocnan as we aowei
sml ilif important object eeonectod there it b.
Cel. Sammd Ckmnn Submitted a revised Conati
tutioa which being Considered, aad amended.
was anaaiausl sdopted.
Thn sociotv thee Drocerded to the choice of
r . i . . .
Officers, for tbe current ycVt d lb toitowuig
were caoaeni
Rev. JCsAm JZ CJUpmm, D. D. Frasideati
Rev. CMrrsftatv groJAav. Tke President i
Cot AW C'asiirfc Trearorerr Jsia . lrkit
a'uVf, Comtpondinr lery. ftttr StrcJUf, Ke-
coruinr secreiarv.
Tbe following person were chosen to const r
lute the Board of Manseem Vila McDowell,
8 va P. Baroett, David Vance, Tbdmss Strad'
ley, Thoasai West. J oh a Cora, and & E. Per
The ktisinem being closed, prayer wst offered
on by the President i when, on atotlon, the Bo
eteto sjWimdrte -told U sAnual'hertiof 6 a
the fourth eaturday in September lost, peat.
The Aaheville Auxiliary Bible Society, being
eow eetabbshed apoe a kasis which U eooceived
to be more safe and remanent, aad having re-
ceivM aa aoaiuonai sncreaae ot memocr, n w
eonfideiMlv hoped, with tbe blessing of Divine
Providence, that tbe sphere ef its operation
will be ao extended aa to reach the case of eve
ry family ia Buncombe county, destitute of s copy
ef the Holy Script urea.
The present institution bsvtng taken upon it
self the Jtigh and solemn .responsibility to. sun
ply every destitute family In the United fftstes
with a copy of tbe Bible, sad the light of divine
truth t tht society will moat cheerfully co-operate,
to tke etmoet extent ef it mean, (unfor
tunately ve- Giahed at presents u) tne further
ence kruj oirin. J, 1. 1 ,....,i r this a,
and phissathrvfie reeofve. While the most en
larged and liberal efforts are making in alnsoM
every part of the civilised world, for the exten
sion of tkeraealeulahle be nft)t of Religion, we
w. MV, VMHMt VJ WM, HJUiri, OT B Jll-
aetive apeotatoiswf theTatiniy scene t W wa
... ... . . w .
win actively and seaiouny co-operate in promo.
mm usuaii m ut aaaaaKora.
R. E. FORTUWE, Cer. &ey. pr. lt
Tht eldest ea of General Btucfaex
Jtay aersea desirou of purchaainf. can call died on tKe irvh of 0-tnk.r as V.
. . " was vrvwwt a ej jaw
ana view toe premise ( or inquire of Robert n,B:fV TKi. nfRz-.s- 1..M .U. -..v f
I. Dinkine. ia Chartoft, fo aXL-nsu. a., .: Penie. Toia oflicep held the rank Of
, - - - - -I , m ST aft a a
v etoi w. M BOSTWickL wjor-uenerai. lie died alter oro-
ChorUue, MedUHbwrg A. C AV- 10, 1839. tractcd aufferiogt, in cootequrnce of
the dangeroua wounds he had received
iYtvw TTasng eMftCMllB.
THE subscriber having iareated a new Ma
chine for Thrashing Grain, which it tamed
by band i and with which, by the labor of two
hands, 100 bushel of wheat can be) thrashed out
to a day i aad for -which ke clalme a patent
righttaket thia method ef fomenting all per
sons against infringing on his invention. All
loose thrashing snachinea, tuned by horse
power, which strike upward, are an iofriag.
ment on the subscriber's,- Qo will rhortly have
one made, for the inspection ef tboae who may
wish m pure we. t -iwvn iiiui,,
ssonsVy. Dec. 16, 18. " 3t00- : d
Bfwartj of the yitttAi.
ON tke night of the 5th November, 1829, a
certain ISAAC SWEAT, of Montgomery
county N. C. stole and carried off the daughter
of the subscriber. " oveoi Is aged about 27, about
6 feet high, well proportioned, light complected,
aad a long no my daughter, JW Uogkv,
Whom the vill'ian hat inveigled away.ia amall
in stature, stoop shouldered, fair complected,
wifh blue eye,' Sweat ha left behind him a
good wife and two small eiiklren, in v-forlora
condition. They started In a cne-horse wagon,
with a huge blind hay bam, and 1 suppose they
aim for CaJoway (or Carroll) county, Tenneisee.
They went ia-compay wita two eolored-Biea
and their white women, and some children by
the name cf Carter, and ene Willis Carter. As
said Sweat rosy attempt to marry or live with
mr daughter in some uokwfdl vay,l request
all good citisena, wh may have it ia their pow
er, to stop and break up the eriminal connexion.
.Montgomery eo'y. Dee. Ir. 1839.. ."
WNw:srtrdn" ffinatTdctobiilaM:
J. a Negro Mas, who calls hi nameJD,sad
sayi neoewngf to uoi. Arthur, eving abeut
three-mile from Corambia; 8. Carelinv ; He
appears to be SO years old, is J feet 10 or" 1 1
inchee high, black eomplection, atout built i
third finger on right hand a little crooked and
sun", caused bv a ropet no other mark per-'
ceivable i says he left home about 10th of Au
gust hut Tbe owner b desired to prove pro
perty, pay durfea, and take him away.
Ocf.UrM82?. SO
in the campaigna of 1813.
Most important to the air. An
exquisite improvement has been late
ly made to the manufacture for billet
doux. Mr. Donaldson, paper, maou
facturef, Ni J, has contrived to impar
all the delicious fragrance ef the rose
and geranium to that which he designs
for fine letter. The fragrance will
remain for year, eve though the pa
per should be exposed to the air.
Rats. Near Edinhurgh a ' farmer
who was troubled with rate, recently
caught 400 by placing a large copper
v...u u:. J L tr. en- .. Tr .
" h uin tuns tun, niimg ii aoovi
half full of water and strewing a thin
sprinkling of chatTo'ver it. By t few
boarda eztendinc from the wall to the
ketdc the rati could jump among what
uicy loos to oe a noe lot ot grain, and
?ie9Jn Jeatt ot.oo t
'attJJuJlTh Boa
ton Advertiser says, a phyaicWa tad-
die-bags were lately stolen from ' off
C- t. ........ . - I
dis noTse ia tne town or Uangor,
(Jj0 9ntalplOetundrjrlboluses,
boxes of Bills, J-c,. If taken, , the
rogue should be made to expiate his
I m IVTI.IIIVU a uuvcuiuz xirlSl
CondiMti Fxtts-Ct : it
applied aiaininure ia r.: . ;
Apples may oe sept m
rouod by Uing Immmti , 4
which receives no htj l .
cootsct. If it rs Beivtrt., ,
tlsed, ws should ht w f tt; ,
decayed and rottea apples. ,'
00 wt. f raw meat ::; .
roast or 50 ef boiled, s&d tx
of broth. ,
Tin common elm, fjowwj ,,
mj'Wt 1ft''foAA;eiiin7"scq,
full rncrcatc in atwuteoe bet'
fifty v WiZizzzs. ... .
.) brn tp upper, brand -1
jtaJtlrriUnTri rhantu . ,
ia undergolag aluratkm, r.J
going to decay.
I me glass botucs, coaulnV-
ia good preservation, were
the excavations of Pompeii,
A solution of caouuhoue m t
turpentine, used as a size (nrs
will effectuslly prevent Jtw
mice, homidity or insect. ,
The roots of aa old tlacg su!,
tree sent forth shoot tfur k
apparent loactirity fc 2utrw S
Dogs can wallow U, '
even large quaatities of the bq
vipera, i
Tklngt ! hare never stcn. t '
never aeeo aoch bard timet
sent in all my life. ) , 'i
I hare aevcr scea a pretty . '
did Bt koow it ,
I bare never aeeo a lawyer tt
tee em account of hit dicta,
-1 hire uerer stea i woaua tt
ngue-tied. , i
1 have never seen a girl dot
sing without being rAti st leu k
times, i
I hare never seen rick sua sr.
marrying poor girls. -
1 "have "never aecaDut ooehii
a bed-wrench and pia ni ifix. i.'
coraeu!!! i
I have never aeea surio4
than at present for aQraaatsficei. 1
. . I have never aeeaiHeua ate v.:
the lock-jaw; ;
I have never seen tij ttctultj
young ladies (who are not kid) it.
I have never seen the Crtit I
Serpent, or Tom Thumb, or Cx
Symmea, or the man in tbe aw '
would have travelled to see!?'
things, but my guardi aoi potest
B.m;J?e rr .
Pppertliic entire value of
manufactured ia the lotted Eutr
BQatlyis auppoeed to be bctves
'"AjIlp.'Ulo0! jqL Mm. I
No of persona employed ie the r
ia about 1 1 ,000. The nlue af t '
annually ssved ia the states ar
about two millions of dofUrt, L
qiiantiflea - of .-ragv.juve.bta t.
ud from Germatiy and Italy." ;
l- The : largest - mill - ia- the C;
States le tbat built by Met $rrt. ,
on the Brandy wine ia DcLvin. i
aheet of paper caa be mie bj
machines, to the length of 100 i
It issues its paper in s iiokle i
which is afterwards cut to ibe ii
aired. ; , " I
Nicholas ts. JtkxtmkrJ
New York Gazette gce tht esc
remarks from Bell's Wcckf
ger, on the difference of j i V
aod policy evinced by tbe prcvut 1
tocrat of all the Russias, mJ
dccesaor'ooTthe throne t .1
..jlThe jlmperer NichoW
knowo, ia a very different tna
the late Emperor Alexuder, I,
Emperor Alexander was of M
tare, fond; of ease, and nol rn.;
excited to war. He had lobibeij
good deal of the philosophy
Erench school from ht tutor, the
mom La Harpe buk it had sol
rupted his generous heart, or p'
the sources of rooTatiiid ir
truth. If madehima littlt
coxcomb,!t still left him a Cbr
llia-maater-piecef policy, tto
Alliance, waa conceived ia tf'
motives, and had, williAlexv
merit of being dictated by a
and conscientious principle,
powers clung to it, as a harrieM
their Cwn. subieets. aad s
norse, ana capawc of grmdjog aa ma
ny bushcu of corn, pet day, as the
horse can travel miles, viz. one bush
el to the mile. , .. ,
Jin unsociod Horse !l coachman
in England was lately .kusine his fa
vourite horse, when the animal bit off
i? . .. - .
ma unucr-jip, ana swauowed It.
I stJsltrOSl ithaa. .. aB.lats4 . .. JlJZZt
selves ofua -
in'sa.U1aaaalLiilansd. Stliri; .
I was meant to preserve, ana iw-
years. aia-enectuauy P"ffT"r
peace aod quiet of Europe. T
Eero Nicholas has contrived tr
ia neck out of this collsr j J .
broken up the work of hi
and now that the sluices sre or.
and the waters flow in, who c
where thry will stop?"
. . .k' ' ,l"ys.ia.

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