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WINTER in itl fiercest aspect, hi it last vki. lej ui.' On Saturday, ihe fl!i mat. it cammea -! twf i end cmiunue l durmi tint night, and t utter) til day trtinday. 1 ha cold, fi t .. . ' ... bee very rcrere. T!te anna fell to tl,r drjuli of three or f.mr incliet ( and atikough dur.nf lUr aaiwy bom tMirtd da; 4t dluppraTTt pTdTy ' aoeae, ia bleak attuaiioiia, remained gnCwlvrd for many dava. It ia titled in the l ile.h JiVr.thtt the ano ai men ineliei Uecjj, ilie the itorm, in tbat part ul (he counti; , .tfat joh. ....... (otfcl drtl of ieru.i i i, an,; tame arm dcbau b taken pUer in the I S. Senate, on a rcioluiion to aubacrihe fi a given number ffeopiri of icomjiiU'ioo of public Joe umen!, prt'pi.sed to be publulied bv jlet an.1 Seaton. Sit times were the aytt and noet it ken on various propotitiinit connected iih the rttoliition when finally, the Adami aenator-, uixing upon theaccidcriul circumatauca of their iVivTngTniijiirflrhnTSenaie, paaed the ie aolution, by a vote of 21 to 16 every Adamt arnator, with Mr. Hmith, of S. C. voting for the tneatnrei whereat. Lad all the J ark ion tenatort been present, Uto vole would bare atood again, t aa t.r, w- h-itutlon, tt tbrre were en Jaekwi, and end Adama, aehator abtcnt : te,Ceandyt bow-rrrrj tnTrfed a rnotat'on; prar- Vtd"mg ITitt "the tloctimeiitt tboiild ol be nub. . teribed for uutil the liouae-rRcjreaeftlaLivfa. " iwaae'aaj eirmnatiwrtrj defray-rhr erpenafT thil waa laid over fur conJdcrali n .till timlbtv "2v j"aj)3 It n koped tlie extravajfant eaprn. -- dtturea which ttiia Jwlt'!i?iLJ?ll,i!5D'ALf.i!. ' VmiM be averted, by the arrival, before ita final .roiaurnmatioct,of tufficient numbee of Ike Jack, ton acnaior tqive it.tbe goJjy. Tba work, at fialet U Seaton'a price, 5 doll. Hi cer.U, pr;r " ' toI. 1H coat the Gorerninent -upwardi of one" humlred thoutand dollara, for tba number of copied propoeed to be furnithed r whereat, at f Jen. Ureen'a price, ? ilolt. 0 cente per ol, the work would coat the Government about 6LO1K) Jal!art leaa! Thit estraordinarv proceeding ful ly indicatea tbe recklrre character of the oppo litinn r it ttiewt tbat tbey are regardlet of the public imereatj, ao that (heir partixam arc aj grandiied by a lavish eapenditure of the people motiej. ; .. . We barn f mm the laat.U. 8. Telegraph re ceived, that, aflet bard fought contest, the iackutn Senator hive succeeded in procuring - 6e - obttolioua - and - improvident - reaotjtion te&rred to the Committee on the library t and tbe probability is, that time will be given for ibe arrival of enough of the abaent Jackton linators, to defeat the project, and tve the nation from tl4. wanton waste of public money whitli H contemplated. Thf opposition printers are aore'y pu?z!cd, occntionally, to find a peg whereon to hang a aitnder or calumny against the Administration of Gen. Jickio. They affect, however, to be keen on the scent, and are never long m im'tinf a trail.- But they are often found on a fait tctnt. Tbey have lately tfienej (" iinu dogs and on the rihfcctj of the ."econoiny" of tbe present Admlnistmtion charging General Jackson with'exiavagance in bla expenditure for foreign intercourse, tc. ...... .and have seized Qpon the circumstance of larger Kim being re ifurod for Certain depart menta thit year, than were expended Tot Uie nme.objecti up Jcrjhe Arlamiiaj e1r"rWgr'r1No1hri: iiutanriAaal; al- tempted lo be. practised on the bonett, tnuutpec Jhi t f Uipae.a papers, .Tiw ApprurMia, wmUiaaw called tor bf the reant..AiImiuulrtiofl, re, indeed, in two or three- instances, larger than those made for the same pbjecta during' Mr, AtJam incumbency t bat tbe Teaspn why tby are so, should put a seat on the mouths of the coalition gentry i the irregular, extravagant ed illegal practice of the late AdminiatTaUon, have made it necessaryfor 3en. Jackson to k, in a few instances, for large appropriations, . meet expenditures icpruing tinder bis prede- MAjr.H.',il t word, the nrrrHaliy Ut 4tfo1 vciIm tbe prwrt AdminUvutioi, of . the 4c!ti tf the U, , In ih (RtnM of wthn jtf, tot of icf.rm im) teonutnjr Viil h brn ts lr orfrrtr J, g is prodkicf in i hnfrwt ring IS tin MtMHt, In tt riirrrnl tbf (frnir"i, Tli lk of rrf.ami ig ih vuh of h tf corrupt A rmiiitrMH Km mtmbcti of th prrriit cabinet, hixil.J htt M tfftcud i. ... toward. kUDduetof t Due l.J.l.l 1:1... I a liana. . UI bo f rwi ta t.rmrf of mi- of tbf nwH ImjtufHiit Lfev4)Kiof ll.iluturM ihr bmitt iif our fi tptt ill not admit of our giving ilinrrhua. The amrl.ltif-nU are fvorr. and aa imgiuftairt, than the rral Ii .iwU A fccf'fm ! P'O"1' hat the Mr-lll thall lie rharg antiC'palcii licnca'thrjr toted tptmt it. Tbel1 Jj y, hof crnKIrrrd tbarlrtionMeri-if),i1i.j,ek.nioftliei.a-e0n. j10 'I'P0'"' or ,nni ttiaunit in fach MiiMiton, rrmtiki: (ffrtinlf. trt the trlll qoirtprt.tliiun ci V have been omr.ha. .urjue.J .. .ha Claila aklilrh Ilrrl lh.1 .n,l rrairin. .iii f .h. - pp roliu C, emrn.it-,-, or rt:etiiiiittiem l.ich turn e p-nislon rtn (, found. - The (i..ernr,r. ii .ill he I. elr?f ifd br the I.ri l qre, aed m 4 onrirt u In 0II1 e Ih'te run ami Judaea may , . i a a ' m ' ia rrmnvFn ttrim ent aa nu a ia . i .i..rt...r iw.ii. II .1... lrt .1 . .... p n Hll piTi UIJB niP tli ak 1' 1 1 a ft I I . 1 n . . ik. k.a.ai I I -..-.I " " " "l,rK"' .C..iiititcm. f I.e right oUuffraeadoea l appear tuhtrc bred loa'tiUlle ciicu ... . . . . 11 4. tell. I feefcnlrl win- ti' hI-n ilitt In ,? nraauic rcmgriiE u nn ar-eo on, Mi no r.m, 'i, . It...,l , ..i. k unirbu-BtMiht retenueof the State, in' not of the other v.vre of (hi irn;ru nrnt e ace nothing remarkihle, tnn firming, at ihty dj, aubatan'Ully . to tim liar pniviiioi, jM)?t the aame ubrrtt, in f ha iTfl al II ill Lara nf ikla r A 4 m k a Sau. Tbe. nicie rrlaiin.no .,1; : ... -rrrni unnecessarily minu:r. No LegtsJa 'tire would venture upun meastircs ol roerfioMj tven 'il the Constitution did not f rhid K It wilt he teen, alia, "Thai Ihe Contti ution provides no m'xle for its own . rne mlnicn!. If areepied by the people, 'herelore, it muti remain forever pteriae ly aa it it, however Ihe projjrr t of o-ie-if, or other ri'cjrnatancea ;. or a; least 110 1 i I another Convention shll be called to re organir? nd remodel." N'o'witis'andiiiKi however, the opposi t'on n1 many of I lie wjrtnrst advocates ol trie extension ol ihe riiiis of the freemen of Vi-tjinia, la thtr atuptiun uf Itte new CoDiitiiutiun, (hoping, perhaps uliiroatcla -in n..in a rnnr lirae-.l nniO il I. helie.erl 1 -- - -v,.,w it stU be- aeeepteej hr a maprily of the people. I he Ktrhmnnu Inquirer re marknTrrthiVbjfctT.Vr are fcippy to inlorm UlC licnds of 1 irKt.a in .11 ou4tefa4,f IM Uuiothai " IWe dwrll, within ber borde." and that the storm srn has completely died away, in every r,. -K.. K k. ..t-i... imartcr ficun which. w haveanv advitt.4 I he icprcszutauvea of aJ her coun.ic are now in session jn irjjjl jci'f i,.tiJ we are happy to learn .(hat the utmoir har mony pi e vails anaiiiig them, and iliat no riouM u entertained or expressed ol :he ratification of the Conviltition by a large mtjoiny of their constnuenis." .- Aiiatrinatiw Thomas fl. I)ti;.n, F.-iij. the recently appointed Stipeiiiit-nlant of the I nited States Armory at Harpcr.ferry, Virginia, was, assassinated un the night of the 2!ili ult. by a person named Coze, employed in the eatablish mcnt. Mr. Dunn wa shot with a musket, while sitting in bis office, lie was a must valuable of ficer; he had set thou infu'ing industry and economy into the whole concern, and bad dis missed some Tf the- unfaithful and worthtets hands t and it-was for tint aalutary tirftrm, doubtless, tbat bia life was sacrificed, toxt, however, may have thought he had eceJenr j for tbe commission ol litis nena-iiKe Ueed : tie saw hi betters at' Washington, who bad been rt formed out of office, munlering the repuiatton of the highest functionaries of the Government and ?robab!y thought be Would be even less guilty than, tbey, b adopting more summary mode of seeking revenge for the loss of the situation he so illy deserved. -4 . Cf The obituary of Capt. Itngk Parle of Mecklenburg, hall appear in our next. State 3wk t Tenner:. - Vim, M. Berrybill, who was elected Cashier of this initiation, on the removal ef Ibe old incumbent, Col. Parrwh, hu resigned in consequence of his objections lo the bond te was required aigu. Mickoltu Ihbjvn, van, in conaequence, elected Cashier ; IS af erliwh.rVrM ' ,r I Robert Jt. Adam; &q. has been . cted a fienator m Congress from the State of Uissiaaip- ..rt..-.:..'te U--:i.'. -aalll - -.VWi--.:--. ..-f. Maj. Ceneral Edmund PendieUn Gaine, com mander of the weitenj' djepartnuiat nf th'e KnU tedt.te,Anny,;arrivedinth1Stown week, and remained aeveral days. Many of our citurena embraced the opportunity, of 'paying their respects to this distinguished and gallant of ficer, at bis quarters, at the Mansion Hotel. He will. proceed on his tour to the West,. some time during the week. tHi iTiMtttht enfifri. I S V'lr ! .'( t in wM I lt irrir(rmr nl l ih l .wu.i. I.. I- . .. f ., i, . !.. ifelk? iI l H?.f.M r ij'ir' of tba JuJrr upfior Cogrt Uirwi'i fir tb t.nt ef -j- , -j i- - . - pen; - t.mrf.fc. m tn.ffjj f;,. MU aliol Ithruuilnbod,, ld d,ed iboftly after. l'o. ' til turrendercd him,l ! Fijth Ctntui. The DI'iT'CM. lor likl i.' bill trporfetf in ;?' 'V ,,e hun,'rf'1 l"r,on ,e 1 ,hf 1ure further rliinieliaaliin i In k .11. ...J TV. I " w ' " !: f n "J "'"' """'-"K Pnnler to the Srmtr., Mr Wcltr h ininxloret the foltolrn;" reeoluiiii n"he senate Rentved, Thai the Senate will, on the i, t-.K j .. , . i ,u .u ,h!um. ui a 1 nn'er n me .rliaie Gefleral Ujff Green ia rrirrtr-trr ,, ' ,.. I"m v-uiiKieaa. n " vio"' lli- .'if "v,n'T r-"" "'R"r u;io.r.i.e . a.. . a IvmTJtfn of the rnaie.-it- tie inmnm, k.. ki. I..i;.,. ... .... 11 that M lreiirr are to ht uppeoed l .. . , j 1 he tartifi. e m General O'reen Tfiii it another tvldence of the ivtir malic ai (1 unrelenting ;fire wh;rh the 0PPOIMin jre tleterrninriT to wane ajms ihe administration and nectcd with it. r rr 1 v .. r. 'oil 11. II Journal. u rn y no or hvhopf.. .Vrsy Vora Jan 30 I ne piiprrs bi ih. II ....... 1 n.r.,.,.. Il.h.i i.....:... , , . . , 'iv 1 1 ' 1 ' but little news. W, have l-ood.m ,).,tc to the 3d. and I ortsrnouth of the 4th in'. It Is staled that twenty Atah you'fu have been sent by the Pacha ol fa un. 10 f'nrjl.nd, lobe rduiattd by ibe Hn.itti and foreign School Society, with tf.e in eni hat they nur become leathers ol the l.nglitli language in 41 pi AiXOiMiia flora Cuns'auuaupie tie e the seven j ol ihe sea sun to have orcasioned "y disaster Oft lha COItl of ihe Black .. t-i;:l --LT- .n.j-.t . Tr .. - ca nn biigusn aiiij tancu tne-JiUiJu. wa 101. with ail her cargo A gentteman lrritetfit PfymaaUi fr6(n " "'-" ..-..... .nr iiunawunu 01 uom uutma. are. tkcweu.y j h05Ule 10 Ujn M,ael' ,r keP' f,oro "Cona.anunople, which so lately (rem hied at the approach id a victorious ene I r , ,-. mt.lt now the cene of splendid ai.d A"- .lnin, . DIPT) irr 4. ,.. Ullt . . jZZo.. o.iw t-bkt.- peireful revejry , Tj)e ictiauni of u en tker'a and iwddfert Hammerii i cooper' iVncn -ambaaaaU.ir'a eneriinment, avl:d carprnters Compastra, t-'orn Miitt, fatent cont-ated with that lately given on board ! ,',r,-,! M,,!' ,,rnch snd 'nJ brtl .he Briti.b frigate, is exceedingly cu l" adi''d ." ,fh'' .j"! " o ' 1 1 rL ii-.il ,nike l.iin1) e!a. Swkl,., ll.i nous- Ref,rm.-' In iht liuuie of iiepresenia tives. 27th ult a mouc was teeivnl from the President ol Hie United Siie, in relation lo the allowance made lo Ministtrt of the UoHed States a.Voad, lor travelling expenses; and also to Charges d' Affairs, fur outtiis, tec. when not p pointed by the President and Senate. It alluded io the well knoan case of the allowance made to Ifnliam B. Lawrence, late Charge d' Affaire ai LoridoiiV'ano' sieted that the President had not duect ed a suit 10 compei the reimbursement nf ihm nfnmv nlil ti tiwl itn Ismail. nr fcr. q egve mMitt o lion of Congress, to whose legislative wisdom he (the Pietfdeni) suhmiiied the whole of the subject con'aintd in hu mes sage. It wii telerred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and ordered to be printed. A few days ince us twv men were riding, at full. gallop, tnrough Vk town of "St. GeorgcV in Delaware, their horsee met so yjulentiv that both werr killed. The ridere were but slightly hurt. twmsnmm THE MARKETS. FavettevUle. Fek. 3..... Cotton 8 to 8) bacon 5 to 6, peach brandy 40 to 55 apple do 30 a . x i i v i , no . nfl n. ml talt 75 to 80, tallow 8, wheat 60 a 65, wliokey 29 tc; 2?i...v,...U. Hi bank- note v a 1 per cent. pre. awu7ni,CaFM.diMs-H Cnmifcn, r. 6Ootton 8 to 9J, flour 5 a. W1jWVtlie'"wagi'Mi'' thafffonT Camden mill 6 to 7 j wheat 85 a S3, com 45 to , oats 32, salt 74 whiskey 30 to 35, bacon 9 a iO, bent kind of bagging 20 to 22; aalt 4(1 to 50. corn 40 a 43, coffee It to I4.:.;....N. Carolina bank bill two per cent, discount ; Georgia, ditto. 1 CViffliWd, S C. Feb. 4-..;....JCotton 7 a 9 flour 5f to d, whiskey 30 to 3li, bacon 8 to U, wheat 871 to li, corn 45 tU, salt 70 to 7J. NVUI Ulkg V I'WI t ia. -r at U Lrrf.)llon, mi ilia 3d in. b 0 M. of tb (uimer t-lJUUi JMl..JllMMi(h.U oacau ana I wa - jim onpvmii of win nnnr a napif im ' ('namiiiairf. al.Va. IM II I. at II, oa a credit, at pubbe eiKlion, in ' liailuMn, oa the ek of Mecklenburg t iniiii I our), iKd m.) aa e Wenaite m4 Mm timnnm Ijhta'f '. 2t7 MKMUI. T. rl It, .l oar ,f J, ,Jn. Ckrhut, t tb 1 11. I H C. a vaa iii POU RTIfT. fBilK iitr(nler fill rent, pna M. camim In be ft'rn on tl.e May neit, U HTMHK, ai nrfupied by kjlet ami leenan. niuatrd on the eat ror- nfr of th t'ourt lluiiae wpiare. Ii i lit- brai lend fur biiMitew in rialiabttry, and tb btiibling it tare and eeramodinua. bem 7i Itxt in lenaMb, with ibrre roonia liclow, (a 'nre.riiiBi, emjn'inj ronm and atre-l.tHjae.) tvo abote, and a gnwj utlir The krtife will be ren'rd for one yekr, or a terra of yeart, at mav he drairtd , To any pcra ib aiiimt of r.iab'il,,n( Imnae'f in the Mercantile MutiiieMitia a Baurubine and braltby STilifCHtuafrina I rich and pupiduci diatrkt of country, I belter aland ml! rarely oe 0ciied. Tor ternit. apldv on the premiwa, to .1.KUHKIV MATIUF.V. j 4Mtt,aa. U, a&). .. iW Mrtoeof the Fayerrenlle mnerer , l t i. 1 i , ul niteft the ahote four aecba. ai.J lurwnl . Ina acroont. Mor pinl n l.e. , rl II. aijharriber liannf lead av the esteuite llMiMinfrt in the 11 of M irgantnn, N i:krolina, rmerty ore up ed hv mi. Tu'e, TAVUlAi, kaaofwiaad a Jawaa nf 1 ntrriainmeul, prepared for the rreeplion ol Hu lrrt and I rartllrri. Hit Table eNall l ; M'malieiJ oilli Hie brat llir c ry allonlti ' In- lira .arn-t are filled, an.l Ina Sla'ilrt are at- j le,lt(1 ,, ,.,rill(,P ,j hoi ,,,, n . ,mIi ,'by hi, unremitted e'lrntioe to Ina buiineta.be ' hope 'o receive a bb ral share of public ' P'r"",f!c- -lnHS i B B il CIII I L. .Vorjiintan t'rh 6. A. I Hill. VUofcstvf, tluvAwttre orc .MKW.rc.iKt.-xruneT;' Niy oprv,H't 'he P'-eeJ !S:rect House, .YK1V YORK. L.. ytrjip y rot leaatitui able li J0JJ3. .,rir at. inrtmriil enmpiiiea neaHv every article in Ihe una 4 wu4Cb lav wiM aeU at tne lowest maikei Hral ri,r ,'ancv ForHuck. horntin and while brme t.ihre a.'itl itr'aert hriiv'eaanJForks and tar vrrti table a"d hutrliera' steels' i butcher, Bretd hf K!Liiai.a ;reAi; wicty. uf4eopockaiand ito liUile Kniveai tortmini piece Knives, Spearpiiint, rainrblade, and Springliirk pocket Knie; hlieerbri reion and Httnre, ahoe I ' -.it , - . . autre: i'inch.r.an.1 rcinofw. Hver. i:.rn,.t,r.' i.,i. rrsp,affl- lmn, welded and rivetted table ! hinifes, II a id III. IlinireK, pew llinjjri, cheat liini", cnat Hn't llmcf, Hal ami round Holt, Wnntljrrrwa, iron and steel hnitting Pins, loufc. I rapt, (iridirons, iron i'andlettickt, y and S,:rew Auert, SUelvunK single tnd Imi ble hind-erew Plstet, "nale llramt, Knob Ijitcb ea, Ued Screws, llellowa Pipet, Aaet, carpen ter's ami coopers' Adxesi mincing Knives, Trowtla, lloea, Wnaela awl Imuges, Hlane Irons, Drawing Knivcr, Stas of all kinds, File and Uv pa, coinpoaitjon Tea Kettles and Sauce Pans, short' and long handle Frying Pans, Cow Bella, Cooks' Ladle, lira Kettle, boioe and atarni HcHC Cutty dmbi; Eftgtlin and A meri: ran Hrylhet, blra - Knives, Hlates, Inkstands, Awls, Shoe Tacks, Coach Wrenches, Sutmp Jointa, whitewash, paint, ahoe, tcnibbing, furni ture, clothes, and dusting Bruaheii cut and W-iHiht Tacit t Bras, and lrionliesd Miovrla and ( ongi; Iron Wire, lliaces and Bilta. Ftp Boi rers. Iron Weighla, Sad Irons, Toy Irons, I'ina and Needle, Full Hooks, Snuflera, and Snuffer Tnrys, Bread Bket, Tea Fots, Te Travs tind Wailers, Gun Flint, Oilstones, Cun lcVt, Powder Flask Shot Bfs, Wbiplhongs, Comlis, Commode Knnhs snd Kings, Curtain Pins F.'s. Cu'cheon. Bedcap, Braft n-itia, Brass Nails, Brass Cocks, Tea Caddies, Window Pullies, An. vtls and Vmet, trace SJIiaina, aand I'aper, Bad Keys, British and American Inkpowder, Specta cles, Box Rule, state and lead FenciU. brass bracket and Chnmh-r Camllesticke, bone coat and - Vett--Vtiwild, Siirendep Button. gj!(t while meial, anil yellow melal coat and vest Hut. tons, Pearl Buttons, polished steel coat and vert Buttons, rteel Tobacce Boxes, Curtain Rings ) Japan'd Lamps, Capwire i Iron Tutania, Britan. ia, and plated table and tea Spoon i Cork-' screws, hair and .tooth' Brushes, Beads i French and Diitch Snuff Boxes, i iron and braas Knock- JowejrJquaret.SpokeShavefciJr thumb Latches,- Pocket Boole. non: mortice, locks, Spades and soaveta, nsiter uiiama, lilack inf. Pocket and Dressiiig Comba. Tailors? aud 'tTCmcrivsrmWyrThtir' Hooks, patent metal Jk,' Ra'9tiBT4tvi wool Cards, (race and leading line Rope, Bed Cords and Clothe Lines, copper Tea kettle. THe 1 also" keep "constantly on" band, "Corn: plate assortment of Cut and Wrought XMLS, Wason and Carl BOXES; which tre told at the Manufacturers' price. Fot.cE.rt and Lamb refer to Messrs. Austin snd Bums, of Salisbury i and Samuel F. Geliton and Co. of Cabarru county. February 8, 18 JO. Vff unc'nio, U ifcj lnl, BT !! liT, tw.h. 1 I hh. Ii,l.( CH,r. " ' Vi'kVUI A N abwrn- tiuwn I If rk, (4 H fmnk, ba pra ni d ike anhirrtbef f"wn tVMneitneiaf the eiecit rf tK intlitii ImM bI b B"iV ". k Meeaailf of Vtl Untied aSrfw i4 10 oe three ereebt iitlo Yin fiiii, Oill f"lilt Jrlav . Ute ooaoirg of ti Khonl onji! lli dr4 f Mart It hrk time k III b . it parr.) lit pMend In It etHrtlf, y eeMtnot 8(1 1 the SMI a Pcbt et ( ao that be ill b ein'iie-t m make nut the ache laatie year of .Ian aVJMU, b omitnae hi aainv - H r h"rrd It mte tt !.! alskmit itieTmnuia. lino nf aeewmmn, -Hut frtr pnn'e eti!.;i.h mihAm-xmUMMM. t-.r yf T.-J-TT-I- !-. " " '' ' ilia, tint yi'u'2. ."f' e Keajji i.rh ted ike tU.iWlif rie'-iJ fit fr,.m eimr,tt ( t,rt HMfaHUp f ar aWayWJ tV 1p?fS.fti Til Ji.SgelirraT raittaC'TritiV"t4iieHt i4 the tii. lajtr, with bm t!,e pupda aa allowed rea nonally lo aa.iate tba thtapiwta f knard! and toition the Umt; aapeiienre and i'icI dia cipluie of ika leacber, wHom ai'eni wa, with alike taaiduity, n dnee'ed lo ihe ailvaiM-eaaenl nf bi pHpil in tihatntlaJ lramin and moralitv, ara) adtntaf r that ill not be alloeiher ovtrlivik ed by ren!i and gtiardun ado bate ch.Mrea and wardt lo edueale, I' HICK of TVmo.V: For spelling, IUa bug and Writing, by Ibe mailt k Foe ih aame, with Arilhmrtie, Fngluh Oramnw am Ueograidiy - I'orit.e liiuhtr branebea of Ariibmeiie, lieoHietry, Tftgonometry, natural ami moral fbiloaopliy, lliatury, Latin, Aa, ie . . . JIM 1 a ftoo'd can be bid ie the btft ftmili'i-t in i'i villtgw and nelghbiNlrhiiod at j d.illan per month, including all eapenaea etcrpt camllea, bieh each boy .esuat fgrnltb for tilrotelf The' aubacribar can .veowmo.lala eight or ten boia ailb board, be 4b year t wlmaa mcmrtri vf leiturt and rrlaitiioi) (rum the duiiea of Ibe nchoul, intrtd of beiiijf ortc than thrown aay in Idle play and difpa'ion, !.a!l be read ly aad cautiaaJy directed ia improvement (a aghcultur) aserciara, upon Ihe plan of lh beat practical writer upon that important and king neglected tiihj. rl, tnd Ihe teacher's own esperience. I i adiiptin' this rilra-, the tu!cri-baa-ifa liia(iild-ax-e-wt r t li'tt " obviate, if potdliTe, (I.V " contract i'iT of baiiita among lot piipilt ol frivnlno amilae men's, id e net and divipstlnn i serondlv, to train them to healthy aid UKful eaercitc and thi.-L'y, tn lay tMIuuijiUUeiii utaUicalJ) and ifieoufka lj.uc. ilitl por-uit in Ida upon bicb e are all cod pelled lo depend ultinia'ely. If a sufficient nun.'j.-r ol boy !e enftfd let juatify the trouble tnd etpente, the w ritinK't of tbe be" : authora will be provided) and grmiml fuf cultivation laid out f;ir eicli bov, tbf prcfi't of abote labour will be ,li-potrd M to the belt ailranltc for bii o it brnrlii, drdiiding a an. ell rent for the land and to ) . No boy will b re ceived a a boardrr, with the Mibacnber, who dor no! ronfomHo the rulit laid d"wn f r the conduct of the whole. 4t"y WILLIAM BUPOIW. rthmart nth. ia .a -VsanA for Tu-.!. Wilt, be sold at Hie Coot UoMit fn Al Villa, Buncowb ennnlf, on lh- d Monday after the 4th Monday in Marih neat. being the 5th day of April, LS.SO) the loliowi g i-TT tlie Tate uuS thereon, and all Cost aceru- ln;..iunte previous' paid. " ' A ri srf IWj h.rir.,3il jcrtj Ta!ucd:4t K"00, on Clear Crtek, iuiuini aamuel dney, irfjoThrr: " ".r " Thomai Cat i sen. srrrV llfl, on the Mills's Gap road, known by (lie na.ne of I'li ntf Look this. ATexaiScrf iniiney, scrs, M onho wster ol Saluda, on or near the (lap Creek mad. . Jamea iVIon..3fJQ acres, Jpr.l. rwo .trax.ta,. one on the Blue Itidge, joinitia lands of Wm. Mt, the other rm the wsters of Wiftnw Creek, joining lands of Samuel Cantrill and other. " Milton foor, deeaeiL 300 acres 600, on French Broad river, joining landtof John Mpiaa and others. Bird ami John loanirhter, 1 SO acre. 6 10, or) Clear ('reek, near or joining landa of John Morrison. John Cappv 450 acres, fi"50, on the waters of Green Itiver, near or joining lands of Llaniel Justu. Solomon Morgan, 100 aceea, g'25, on Ihe wa ters of Packltttta, near or joining lamia ol 8te plien Morgan, ten. Simon Brown, 114 acres $100, on Cat wood' Creek, joining land of John Jntiia and others. Henry Hughes, ISO acre, glOO, on the wa ters of Mills's Itiver. I1! Brock, 7i aeras, fVJQ, on the sisters of Milla'a jlver, near wr joining Jaml of iolin Mo. -Cain, aen. William Jenkins deceased, 400 acres, gl J00, on Hooper's Creek, and lh Mills' Gap road. Robert Taylor, 300 acrce, 350 dollar, on tba Cooper Gap road, and water of Green river. James Sutherland, 100 acres,sess d at 100 " dollar, on the water of Saluda, joining land of Fleming Hodges and others. Franoi Coventon, 2 15 acre, 50 dollars, on the wster of Packlctle, joining land pf Jon, than 1'ace and other. " , ' irartt M vert, 1040 aerea, In 3" tracts aarrssed at 1040 dollara. one tract of 640 acres on tba Devil'a Fork, joining lands of Abraham Steel) one of 2u0 acres joininir tlie above '640 acre tract i 200 acres on Henderson' Creek, joining Abraham Steel's land. .;, John Odle, , 147 acres, 50 dolUr. on a lit'le creek of Mud Creek, that Franci Myers now lives on Kicbard Iwis. 200 acres. 400 dollar, rm Clear freck, joining lands of Jacob Loida and ether. Hichard lwis and Jamea Rrwin, 200 acre. in two tracta, S50 dollar, one tract of 100 acres, on the Ready Parch, and one of 100 acres oa Turn Breexhes Creek t I'lirr (sieanoer-t rtetrvwy acre Vy unit. anu oincr. Allen TsVifty, SCO acre in 'iI.m! lrmntM.,Mib dollivt oiie tract of 200 acre on the Dine Rtdiro and -wataVJL tff Greea,rivW, juining lsuda of io,, fctepp i one trct or uou acre on hy Drvd't Fork, near wjoimng linartf David MveraT and I0I acrer o the waterr of Green ri ver," near or jmmng htnds -of William Justus and Robert Jones. ' 1, N. Harrison, Sheriff of Buncombe county, do hereby certify, that the above conv is a fnie Tlist of lamls on which the 'net are doe. and not been, paid, for the vear 1828 . 6f'U N. IlkKRISON, Shff. By OAVID KEES, D. &, February Id, 18SP. , ' i I n S 1 - i:".:-.' VI ' ''A ..'7

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