I a r ; - a I'll A fi,at A. 'i i if I i tl Ml (fl(1 f TO " r , r BAMHIICUV, UO WA V COUSTY, N. C.;.....TUKSOAY, FKIJItDAltY 21, 1 8 jo. (VOL. X.yMI. A07. ,.r, ,.-. ... - .- " " ". ,rr W .-. ! at l uxm ITOTXCE. RrPf CTI'LLtV nJkt alt jIm. (..thw,t ihwinetiow) who arc indebted in iharo, " r47 ir pay'llifif -Ui'tV,w"llMl fUy, And thry take liiii nppurliioi'y li ii.f.x.n lb puUTir that tt.tir llootsart elnvid (hi dv. and jjt UwX, 4.U-.. : ;, o&'alnfd licence to r- cr for Veretittitihle'TrtJuet ' Thef Ikl?! R!t 1 7 T.ii .-..I.'.'TJ" 1,4 f-fir' t hi lt4.l .t 4n--, -(-, m? nr win jri-r. 7 1 f-v "UUntfi'ftniV .MvviUmv M.1KLKG. - l;s. '.!.. vrrniCUrfipfctfuJljr inform ill l-fW"! J'ilibnry tnH H iciliiljf. iIkt ilU'rry m the .MMnerj tnj Mantua J ", n '' r'ou ",t', m a (unt ami p,.,. 1 i!irt of pmnire. Uep place tf few ire) br found at tlir luxJv Uere Tr. ?n,ie forWrU lived, uppfwir the ute Ilw.k. OfJrrtfiom dii'antr be thankiblly fe- n Cil. and puncnuH- attended to. TiSv -tVJV F.ISIIIUX.IHU: ! ;()() ns. fnilf. tCy'iM'', il pratrf-rf t.r librrxl t- f..ir am! Roai cuuty; andtakcajh. iio4 to retort l" nncre t!tnki f'Jr the am. Al be cberiifiM a hope, thai by kt ep W ' J' arlected ami cheap u.rlfneni l merit continnance t the Ktnrouf cc RJew-e "f " entijjhrened cammnnitr. " Be 1 receitiif , 'hfr . I'ltikdrlphia w-Vrk a..clL aclxtud and ego tit. U!artftit ot TtU rl;'rd to tl.n ncet, ami purrimied en- J'rtlr lv h"h enable lum to ae)l J. r . f 11.11 . ... 1. 1. TWV. W. lUMPTdN, Tiiwa, rr tpectful. T? I inl MTH la ffirmls iiHj the public. l .l l. 1!.. tnai ii r.i remoeo mm me new ana conven ient sfiufi on Min trei"t, formerly occupied by Menm, It'fifl U I'empleton, and ftot c recently by Mr. 8. Io'f) 1 where lie tontinuea to C4fry rou t!ie Tailoring Ilusinrsf, in all iti tliHerent tranche, lie. emp'oyi tile be1 of workmen, ami rrcrivea the I a-liiotn rrjf'jlarly from the North t mlncli a ill enable liiin to rxrcule ail kimli vf wn-k in In lne in tie mnei f4ltinahle i) Ir, and (nbtMntial work mnhij). and n the lowe't puwiliU- term, (armc'it C'lt out, on ihoit notice, and t low pr'.ce. All on'em for work from a diitmue, .1 . . 11. - t 1 Ifrompuy nuiii(,r(i i . croruiii io direction". M-iat kiid of count rv prodoce will be rperii-J at the ir.ir'iel price, in .i)iticnt lor work. Hp awlicit a continuance of that patronage hi'brr.j w loeri!.) extended to bim. and bop, by b nyle. of bia ork, ami lu tier- tion tn pi- si-. t mer.t i, - . n. W. 11; SuUtiurv.Atr. 13, 'O. 93 ChUUKS and SIIKRIFS IKES. The follow! h the.ciipatd at lha r.cenr Mion of tht Legttliturt, regal! ;lh tcet of Clerkt of Lonrli and An act Cling tbe fee ef he Clerk of tn t-trttnt-and Saperior Cotjrti and ...... ri , 1 --rr-.ii ..-.ii.-i.,. ,-ne etvif n n4 l4iciifiii4-left.ieUH or iipotd of either in the Count v or Superior Count (he pine or p.niei civt Ot lofljJcTcil-ihill pa ut fee of one ilulUrx vJbLcbf ercrf JiVma'trViJ rVpeciIit AcM.taaa pj r ja wjtijri et?'ia I Jll"?- teei within three month lier the tame bf Ihem receitrdi Pr9vUrJ nevtrio hit, the pUintiff, in civil uit tbll pot be rcrjuired Jo pay a us fee on writ at hetelofore 1 and fmviM further, thai (he provition of trti accuon klall not ci tend to the coun'y of Nih. VIII De 'it further marled, That the therifT thall receive (be following feet nd no other 1 For etr rjr irret, 7S tent for every ball or replevin bond, 25 centi( mmnlr'a wrtroe'it ot it l. DRY GOODS', nwMVdft, Groceries, Cutlery, Domestics, C:V. Thoe who m'nh to ptifrlue po"d and chmp ooodi, will pkt- call, euininc, and judge for liitnuehe. - ikixiEL 11. ennss. . ..Da A Wl- 'H B. Tae mi'nificmrin of Still am! Tin 4te Wre. bwtol'oie completed by Kdw.inl frctr, wtH hereaflor be canit J on by the ,ub itriberi who aill kerp constantly on haml, or HwifiCture I" order, StiUst and Tin Hole Ware, .'.iiJe 6f tbc!tcst m!erjH 'n ttnrtmr!t-iuo Hiniiil nd ftiiliitil)le't)U t'f workman-filp ; im bopt-a, by tTr;crtrennort ?ofhthrncl-o4 kuinri, to merit the patronise of the pub.ic. IK J I. CHESS. ',Kmi H''' aobwrnLt-r, wilding to re. i' move from the nrij;!itfrhood, Ov?! "rr f,,r 'e valuable I'lanta- mS& ?meifjr 1-H-wkv -will bfctiml f cLr. ;?" fcur- c? ,?f C!,;'".,.,c,- 111. iti v iuitiiii.i ai.ir 111 11111, a lar, 1 put of wlndi Ii a ok! a any in Mcrk lenUurjf ctuitty i Immi. I ;0 acre are fu tt, lecniuJ and third crop griMind, of t!ic bct nality. The plantation adjoin tlit celebrated Capp 'Gold Mine. a-id the opinion utems to he well founded rill let. ZZ&Cir&WttK ltr:Qrrni-'nmbty ofike Stale tj.. SuriA SayUm? ( it U htetlf tnmt&bj ihe&ittkori:y - Va mrr Thai -tfc ciCrkl of douoirl'trtU tot every leadinf; p roc en, Si I Tor ev try indi tme'.t, 60 ctt for each rtcog i irance, 20 eta , for every continuance or reference oi any caue, 29 cdf lor every il.trm ni K I - . I. .a . . . L . . ji,iiiKiii i j via, iwi iicir auui'vc ,roidd the party insert no more (Dan lour tvitntttet in the rue, 20 ct for every eieouiion or order ol alef 4o ct ; lor every cite fad, proikled nothing herein' roniained thill be romtrued to repeal any pari of toe act of 182S allowing nail feet in cac of cire lacu, CO tt ; for every copy of record, 0 cent ; for each copy aoeet ol ninety word, not ex ceedini; 6vc copy tnecit, and a cent for earn copy meet df er five far every or tier or rule lo.-eign to tne aue, with copy of the tame T icrjiircd. JOcti; lor en- rriny the proOa.c ol a wui on (be minute dotkei, and quaUftmg toe executor or J execblor, administrators with the will an ncied, 2) ti; for recording will, for t h. ,copj-'ieet 1 0 ct ; for cop of ai win, lor eacn copy ncet, i j tj lor re ceivinj( piubate, aiid.enttrio the ame j commitment, 30 tenia ; for every relene, on vt he minute of the court, ol each in ventoty. accoun". ol sale and account cur rent and schedule ol executor, adtnini tratora and Kuardunt- 25 eta , r6rrecbr'di-' ing etch do in book lor that purpose, bv the copy sheet, 10 cu ; for every mar tie license, 75 rent; tor ejery tearch ol record out of t oun, 10 cts; for proving for tcrvice of a copy of declaration in ejec'.ment, nO.cent for serving copy ol declaration, 10 cents ; for iervice ol .ev ery scire (.o, 60 cent; for service of notice to aibiiratort, rcferect or tommit noners Xj take an account, 30 tents; IV every attachment levied, 75 cents ) and if further toub.e by moving of good, to be ted by the court ; for every leplevy bond upon such attachment, 95 cents; for everv subtxctn served, on each' oer- 3 nrte a full end complete return to tb repective county tru'eet of all lai fet. . flne forfeitures ttd amerrementSt which shall Bare Jwen I ', o'n afud;ed be de- " creed i lhe prece yar, a wl av '' the name of the peron kr shall he paw fees i,oU"(icjhati.fe. hern fined, be icqui'fed or convicted, ind tjn,Me to piy the coit, anl the court shall not or dcr the prosecutor to py the cost, the counties shall py the clerks nJ whcrifT half their lawful feet enlf etcept in cap ital or clergyable felonies or protections lor forgery perjure. end cootpiracy . lh f lrxcxf o i x 3 n c Xf It .'lie (t- 1ur$rrinarrfttrTinfVicr rjJJY. flail J-ecclrc jlltl. bia ioi aum- nvmrnyj etch. jttaeUaw fewew-wit twr.dh-" ortenle hh) ntcrountf j - which sam skall trpttd-tjr if wnwetti 7VfjrSr1toifrei?TKXKr lawi cominc within (he meaning and par- view oi tnis -act, DC) and the tame are hereby repeled. , XV, Aid be it Junket ' enctted. That It shall be the uiv of the clerks of th County and Superior Court to keep copy of this act potted ur in their reoee- tive ofTitct, and in the court house, in tome conspicuous plice during the aitiini- of ec,h court, under penalty of fifty dol lars, to be recovered before an ruvire of. thepeacciby any person suing for the) tame. Provided net t r tieUi,' Tutt the provi sion ol tin act hll no. affect any private act, pancd for any county In this flrete in relation to the rhrki and shenfT. XVl( .Ud Se it furtlxr enacted, That nothing herein contained ahail bexso Con trued to prevent tho several Countr- r ..-..' r : r t -- wwfti ot ;m state irom maawnc jut and reavmible al . . y mm ton named therein, 30 cent ; lor putting r"Y",u,'e "'"'nee, to tnetr tnenn, e.ti rn7oc"ks"or'iHl!ory7J0"cenii ; for every "t iXoutuag w.lsuha,tta. that I. old abouoiL in to bilk iiarticnlurly, on , r rnterinir arknnwledirmeni ol anv con tbe plantation i a bra.K:li run tbrougli it. tor j v.-.nr, ianA Blu, 0.lt-r a.u.. 20 ct. ; ' three fourthi of a milr, uliich, it i tlioii'! v ii fcnr.uire there icrrf of Land, a part of which men ol jiKlmt-ni. i rich in tlie pri-cioii ; metal at any ol tnc ItitrKc mines ; tnerr ii on the place food water-poutr Toi iiit:."i.g ope rations. Uo, ? or 25 likel) NF.GKOr.S for ale ; or a part of them, audi a uuy not wih to IM I Ga me. Anjrpervn dc-irwa of purchasing, ran call and view the prcntiaes ; or inqijir- of UoIkt' i, Dtnkina, an Lar2otlc f'- tbiicription, CiC. . 12t07- W.- M BiWTW U K. i iui every inmuMtsiou iu chwiuc a iciuc covctl, 25 icnts lor every Commission To take testtmony, 95H4 Uw -a very Kuardian or o'ber bond luken in court, i 60 cts: for everv indenture fur Uinuini: apprentice. 60 cts; lor every special vrrdic: or demurrer or motion in ancs of judgment, 30 cents for very writ ol jCLrgivi ftwrRiui.s iu suuds . r ntkrw Vlki ..tllCD be r o.lTe : Mjfor- aale -tnirrr oTTorttWH)s-w. Lan.l, situated in Aalte cuunty, N. C. adioinrntr Burke county on the smith, and the T nncwee line i If. subtrribrr, iiitendir.rr to mnvp from thi' part ol the tate. oficrt tor rale the above CJttbi5hrf4tii whIi or witliwit the Ion tbe. wel and north. Tht land in surveyed ere ;s attwbw -"Vlivs'TrfW JaR Into, feacti bl-frtim 800 ta. 22Wi acres' wch, and the rptality ol each tract it cerfheu to.t the rttr-Vyor, who nwule a plat of bia survey wbictr may be seen on application to Mr- U bite in Salisbury, Mr. ('. C. Henderson of Lincoln ton, Mr. Thos. J. Forn. y of Burke county, or to iwibsiriber in Ashevillr, Huncombe county. A large portion of this land I ft (toih! as any in is in excellent ..sailex x:im!ioi!;.auow!. tJrcnara. sc. Vrroet would te rrecived in "buvnient i and the condition, beside, will be liberal. If tbe ahove estahlialiment it not told by the St of May next, it may be rented for one or we year. error or.8ppJ with a transcript of re rord, gl ; for ev4ry certificate of witnes set aueudaiite or jurursi J9..ceot i for re cording mar or bramJ U ct ; for affixing the seal of ofh. e every intrumeni ol r,m ii,-c-.-I the State. Lead urt has 3etn discivereil on t, durine the m.iler month, the nlace. if ! different P-it ot vhe survey n.l SoH has been ?'operly attended to, may be rendered a pro SuSle a any eitablUhtncnt of a similar kind in fieSt e 99 CUAHI.F.S JUGNOr. ttaiiftfirilf Uni t! etuwy, Dec. 7, 189. found adjacent to it : the climate is the most healthv aud deliuhtful in the world ; and at no eery distant day, this mountain region of North Carolina most become tne lavonte parr or rne state rths land is well timbered, and finely-watered, t he tracts marked lt quality ill be told at 75 cents per acre; 2d quality, at 50 cenu i and 3d quality, 40 cent per a'-re. It is believed so favorable an apportunity for obtain ing good and cheap farms, w never before ot tered in this state. The title to the land is in disputable; warrants deeds will be given to r . i- . - r r.i i OttrcliaMrs -Anmicaiton ior inniicr miorom- tion, and for purchasing any part of these land-, can be made to Mr. Uhitp in Salisbury, c. C. Henderson in Ltncolnton, Mr. Thoa. J. lor hey of Burke county, or to the subscriber. JO 1 IN BROIVX. J)ecemherWh,lS29.. lOOtf N. B. The aubscribcr also offers "about 90,000 acres of land in Buncombe and Haywood coun ties. Many of these land contain tome of the most valuable minerals in the Unions- in short time the subscriber will te prepareu to uate Cobmei Makng. TIF. subscriber respectfully informs bit for mer eHistnmers, and the public at large, U ne 1st removed Ii'ia Shop from the building l recently occupied, to the House nearly oppo f'tx which was formerly occupied by Thomas HokcB at a Tavern, and lately by. Mr SamuelJ rrjley u a Cotton Uin Miking Shop i It it on 1i itreet. fire or six doors east of the Court. Boustyand convenient to tbe business part of " town of Salisbury j where the subscriber till continue to carry on all branchea of the' Caliiict Making iMmrjs, as heretofore. tlfrTMteriats thall 4m?4 "ftlte bet quality, and his work executed in a isiSle, fashionable and e'ejfant style i and hi ticaliall be.nwdrate, tourreapuod.wit(he, ptswr of the times. Orderi frum a itisitanif ' rui. airt ftAa.ta R, fan., -i:.,;..,. ; brtitlLfq.it. r,-d l-:iit-J -iViirfeing1 lf" f these tracts to companies who might be T.LI , . '. . . .." I I ''-J- .1. t. ..I.IA1 Bim, lit lim. wTiuiMr-reauiciuit ic went, 2J cents ,. Ij? eTefr''Wrnfiratt.--ao..:teaujrrcrw'trT that this shall not auihotise the clerk o the Court of I'leas and Quarter Session of Craven countv to cbarte an fee for a eernGcaie jciviin Jc0t ding ttf iho' previa tons of the aci to regulate the finances ol Cnvcti 'cobhlyi : p-ased, A D. 1828 V for issuing warraiits on entry ofland byor 'ter of court, '4') ' is ; lor enrolling divis ions cf i states, lor each lot, 20 cts; for .iking and recording every prosecution bond, 50 cents; for every certificate ol tavern license and bond with copr of rates. $1 ; Icr taking an account, such sum as the cour uy allow, not exceed hg hl:y dollars; for every subpirna tljunded'ott'a petHisjn, l ; lor ever pe ii ion by tbe copy sheet, lOctst for ceiy rit otner than leading process ot it Tables ; Sjcrttariet, and Writing DeskJj Candle mds, Waah Stands, fc. Cite, will be executed " tbort notice, and sti icily iu accordance with wectiona. - .- . , ... subscriber solicit the patronsge of the St'", and hopes he will be able to merit it. . niiru rm ivntinsntv aw BAr disnoaed to work the valuable mines ot Iron, leaiL silver, and fold, which they contain. He hat already leaned out some of the tracts, and baa had fair offers for the aale of others. Any part of these, land will be soldvery low; and warrantee Ut4ea maue to purcuasers. , J. BROWN, ' '"mriiA rt:-c fSfcit; T BUEi luoscriof r imvin,; purchased the estab rishmeWt'Bf Mr; MileetfilL .in the lown ChArluttet, se4frpirdT8 carrf 3 on the CancA and Gte -Va- 3 king Ituriiieu in all it va- siiis K rorn tin t fat ( rid the best Vi;ul of mHtetials, and hay f Cd workmen in his employ, tietwitt make Tder. aa-well s. Jteep on hand, all deacrip tZ f Pcles, tiigs. Carriages, Stages, S Carryalls, &. His prices shall be Ulk r"ui or reasdimble indulgence hi oe extended to responsible customers All for OTk from a distance, will be prompt. iS.? of -kind, will be we 00 hort notice, add reasonable terms- daniel Sutton. - Jtiim J-'& U 4)X&!4 bve Jak en iiiej I .Philip Shaver, in the town ot saiispury f wnere the Mewf carrvine on the Jilacksmithtnr Bud. Jtolicit a shareinhe' p have in their employ one ot. tne oest woramen in th countv s which will enable tbem to exe- row. aw escirJtion of Blacksmith's work in y!e of neatness and durability, equal to any, in this part of the countnv . I heiterms will bel moderate, with a reasonable indulgence tor pay SaUtbury, Dec. 9,1 829. - 98 ain Apprentice TO the Printing Btainei is wanted' at the ffi. of h tvtrn Carolinian. An in telligent, active young man, 16 or 17 jeSra old, kn inmirv arKantareous terms, nap plication it made eoon. tnwr.llfS 130. poena ad testificandum, 1 ; furccmfkaie of amount of account ol sales or account cut rent of administrator, executor oi fuardian.if under 2200, 30 cents; If above 8200, 40 cents rfor eerjr order of couit authorising the sheriff to issue a license to retJiers. 80 cents; lor correct ing an error in a patent, 40 centa. II. Be it further enacted, 1 hat any clerk who. shall fai or neglect to record in a well bound book or booksVto'be kept for that purpose, all last wills, testaments and inventories and accounts of sales of administrators executors and guardians within three months from the time ol their probate, shall lucur a penalty of one hundred dollars, to be recovered by any person in consequence of such failure or neglect. -' ' --.-- .U -. III. lie it further enacted, 1 bat tbe clerks of the Superior Courts shall for itk services s'fe bjr ibis act allovyedclerks jonbe County Courts'. and no other. . " ever a court shall make an oraer ot sam of taada laeied io.Ko;.si,,jWDMaM&i9iJ?jiL. tice, no attorney's fee ahail be taxed, nor any other fees for clerk or sheriffs, than those prescribed by this axt. . "-'V. tie it further enacted, That no cler.ofany County or Superior Court shall be entitled to charjye anr fee far any capias ad respondendum issued during term time, unless such capias be execu ted :':y :fj-r VI. tie it further enacted, 1 bat in all Stale Cases where .there shall be a noiie prqsequi entcrtdjt or th dftndants sbali J0 cent; for summoning tumtnissioners ti) divide real ettate, and foi qualifying ih-m, to be piid in equal portion by the claimant. SO cents ' each ;"Tfie Tes for keeping esch criminal in jail pet day, to be allowed by each County Court as now directed by law ; fur every "nonce of taking depositions, 30 cents ; (or sum moning, crnpunnelling and attending on every jury, in every cauae.in cuurii and calling the same, 10 cents; wbxrta ape rial venire shall by order ol tourt, for ummooeacA juiorandjlUcndiiig ibe samt, 20 cen s; lor serving and attend ing on any person on a' habtas corpus lcrdav,g; 5J; lor acllinj tti? ete ot an intestate, to be allowed oj tbe court not execrding two and a halt per cent i jqr executing a warrant oi diaucaa, or an execution agjJntl the gbd caT.DuJypo: snd ahalf per cent ijor every wrii'oi pos session, g 1 ; for everfy1)yvirrueTTt; an execution, 75 cents ; lor the-exeution dJecenturiarbf anO.f0??01 Heretofore called r xra sirvice, as now au thorised by la. denVaT thereto, the s.me few as for the fcuusehK like services at It ; for maintaining any (lave or any criminal seized 0y virtue ol ariy legal precepti sutn sum as may Oe fixed by tbe County Court In each county trrthe State r b apprehending any xrim . irint, 81 T foTxonveytngauy umial to ihe jail where such criminal ought to be tonvcyed. 10 cents per mile, and 5 cents for each person composing Hie guard, provided the number shall not exceed four persons: and if more thqn four shall be absolutely neceaaary, two cents per mile fir said guard, for each day auco sheriff shall maintain said prisoner, iilty cents: the expense shall be paid by tne respective counties vhen such prisoner shall not be liable or able to pay tnt same. Provided, that nothing herein contain ed shall afJeci ihe provisions of an ct, Dassed at the present session of the Legis lature. Drovidioe compensation fo.r juiort ot the original paooel Ma countiea of Beaufort and the other counties therein mentioned IX. Be it further enacted, Tbat no sher iff oi any county in tun State shall charge a commission on njr moniea collected on a judgem Deacc, nor any other fees than those al lowedly M Jlo,cuo.st!iWesaJbr8im service sT " " ; : -t X. Be it, further enacted, That the sher tfi orih. reanecuve countiea-tvMhMt-Ht State ahail hereafter collect and receive air fines, amerewvnentat wrleited recog nizances and forfeirures on penol-stjilutes, imnosed, adiudced or decided by any of tha courts in this State ; and all sums of mmer kt tbe 14 so colltuc.ted, and received shall oav over to the respective "county trustees or wardens entitled to receive the .mpnleMfilTtlwwWte W4stp'pUt4 to jbdiiciiajge.j()f fiOBWjt bjr law directed. - "7r;y r T' XI. Be it furfer enacted, i hat the Said sheriffs shall return af transcript at the time of Kttiement with tho trustees, which shall contain the names-ef all jer sons from wnom iincs, forfeitarei and amercements shall have been receiyed. ; XII. Be it jufther citadel That the clerks of the several courts wunm mis State shall annually, on or before the first day of Jxawi, in each sad tyeryyeaf,; Patent Office. appears from a recent ' mesage "of 'tn'c TrcVJe nt"oT " the Iri.iud States to Congress, true there is ah unexplained deficiency in the account wmch hve been ren dered at fie Treasury, of the lees re ceived at the P.tenl Oilier, amounti to S4290. IVecaUtiijiJt have been pro vided to guard agaiust Bimilar dclinV quencies in future. Mr, Monroe vxy arrived in Wash-" ingttm, a..d tnu for a tune w-s fur oihed the aomewhat noticeable cir cumstance of the presence at theaame tiflJC.al thd Seal f.Gok'erbrjirot'.or;, three tndividjl. who rtatj usrametl thM7dIict-I'r4i4et-4f -the -4J4ut States. It is a beautiful an practical cpnrmrntary on riynnstrroTtoiK. Mrr ulr lady, whose constitution is ton deli cate to stand a more norhrm temper ature T&rmden Joirrnah- T Cotton Seal QiL SSSStt eiliiBP" tion o! tne utility of this new discovery is given by the editt-r of a western paper, who says " We had our lamp filled a few evenings since with oil pressed from the cotton seed, aiid we have no hesitation io saying, that the oil burns a well as aoy other kind tea ever saw r John Quiney Mams, late President tf the t! ited Slate's, has be to elected a member of the board of overseers of Harvard University, to supply the pUce of Josiah Quincy, elected to the? Presidency of the ir, stttuttoo.1- - .We find the following retort courte ous in the Hrrisburg (Penn.) Intelli gencer of Friday. It is part of a le .gialarive. derhat . t . . r ' , ; . '.' Mr Craft, a young man of con sidera'ble promise from Allegheny ouofyliavij.thoghtpropcr.m4n swef Mr, Martin, of Pluladeir'a yr-:rm rhr Snhject of cortnectrji' an important aubject with party feeling, Mr, Martin thought propcr to answer Mr. Craft, by saying that he would quote the following poetry for the) geotlcmsrVa instruction : . , T -;? Irps-esel can Jtrjay .TftMUre more, But little Craji must keep the shore. " im;.Mr.. Craft replied, that when- tho gcBtlemafl k fed ArVH71?Pkh JdC c"ona'e1igt'0"dt6"vtTgwicr--htm-r- oat arJL had .been pliaaed tO"Timase the house) t v, with "-poetry , : hep Vouldf "aJdt:lhrt! : raainder of the couplet ' - - the noble swallow seeks the sky, " The fboliah .tforft'n can btt try. , . .. - i Jiir;.Superfine Flour of Slippery Elm, is advertised at Wash ington, as a mediciae for colds, pleu risy,quinsy, dyaentery,stranguarytJ kfiamnutkm of the stomacb. - . ;j i if

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