North Carolina Newspapers

    A ih .th, h ' ,j,,fribrr
f-Dm frnmncnl the firrtW of th, Wtt
i.m r i wi " 1"h- ' 7 f,lm-
l.niMd fcWnr of ' rk nt9,
rn. will further the of b.
rUnJ unul the fir of March, at which ; h
, w.llbe prepared W MtrM lo it ''.'
l tHa h a.II U enatUd lo make wt the cl)0
U'e yer of tea months, by etr'.utng hi im-
It U h'led ii w'y t W ftt.VwthtStirrtrta,
lion of oreMWopiioo, that few priva'e tstbha.
! potseM fairer cjiim to pube ptrnsf e
..a (.. 'ilMl'ilul'llMI. Tbo lielibiiM?A. nI ui
etpflne of ttKber,
M:.luiy, i dirtCcJ to Hit Jrcenent of b
pupil io bUiitil 1ronC w
lntK that ub litiher otrlok-
4 by prenul pMcJ.t bo lifeehiMr
riilCK of TUITWX:
For Squint, Uding il nimj. sy
bt wonib
For the n wiih Arithmetic, Knj luh
Cromtr tnd icofTr)hy
Tor h blither bricb of ArKbmet',
. GeoruetTy.Trimometry, turl
nd moril I'Uilofcjphy, Hirtory,
I.itin. te. kt.
tovd can b hnd in the Ut foitirl in t!ta
iilUjro J neighbonrhood at dolUr nr
woolh, incJiklinf ill nprfiiM e c1't rwxllrt,
hicbticbboy nwt furnwb for Linwtlf. T
nbtcriber tan tcepmmodteri':it or tm bi.
with bo4fd, for th year buc moirtnt of
leisure and relaiatioo frwm the d.Hic tf the
School, instead orbel.i? wome than thrown ty
hi Idle play md di.ptron, alia'd b Helily
ml constantly directed to improvement in
agriculutJ ciercUea, upon the plan cf th
prarticil wrhm opon tht rmpof aiH mt
Jong neglected pibjeet, and tha trchtr,aon
aper ienc. In h'ttin; tin eiure, the ibcri.
liu tbreeWd oMet in iw i 'irt to
oivtte, if poible, the Contraction of hahi
among bi puoil of frioii amuemeni, idle.
ner nJ diit"ion i t-comiiv, to inin iotm
TieaTinr ant tiintn rxwnwrj na "V"f -7
the foundation. practVraUy and cientiftci), lof
that jurauit In hfa upon bkb wa ar all co;n
ptlled to depend ul.imaely.
If a aiifflcieni auT.Ser of boyi be engagfd to
t i-tify the trouble and npenci the wnling ol
(hr 1 t amtion witi te protnleii r and ftwtnd
tor cultivation laid out for each boy, the profile
of whewr lalvwr will be di'pobrd of to the beat
adratita:cfor hit own brnrfii,dV(ltietiMpa nill
rent for the land ami took No h'-v ill bf re
ceived a boiHt r, ith the uibncriHer, who
'l eojiform to the rule laid dviwn fur tha
eoaduct the holc. f7
Mh99,PE.4HI. XTHEF.T,.
VetrU opposi te Pearl Sirett House,
.... ; XEW YORK.
"lfyiliXilM. at LAHB, are now reWin(? a fufl
.1. aupp'y of aeaaonable UK)DS. Tlieir an.
..Boil which they wttTicn at the lowest market
price. Tbey have on hand,
tteJ "Bi ray wrwuca, mwn'i inn no
bona table and dcaert Koivea and Fork and Car
er table and butcher Steel i batcher, Bread
ahoe Knviet i a great variety of pen, pocket and
.lu-nJilxtji LTnirrn aunrtman' ni:a K ni ra.
Rprrtoiat, rajorbUtlc. and anruijrback pocket
n?VM t Bhrfnhcr "Scij&ora Kaaor. b0
tiachers and fcippertTrl) e77TI
oemrteyrand aaddlcr't Hammeeat eoopera'4
and carpenler Compavea, Corn Mill, Patent
Coffee Hill, bench and hand Viae, bright
thumb and japao'd Norfolk Latches, lifting Han
diet, nail and spike Cimbleta, Sickle, Rat
Traps, Waffle Iron, welded and rivetted table
hinge, 11 and HL Hinge, pew Hinges, cheat
K ince. caet Butt I line, flat aat round Bolta,
Weodearewa. iron and steel Knitting Pin.
Mouse Traps, Gridirons, iron Candlestick, pod
and Screw Augers, Steelyard, singieand dou
ble handacrew Plate, Scale Beams, Knob Latch
et, Bed Screws Bellow Pipes, Axe, carpen
ter's and coopers' . Adzes 1 mincing Knive,
TrowelC Hoe. Ctibel and (SoHE-ef, Plane
"TronaT .'Drawing Knlvei SawriCiTrimJaTWef
. . ... 1
ana Hasps, composition 1 ea ivetue ana sauce
Pans, short and long hand! Frying Pans, Cow
Bella, Cooks' LedUa, Urate Keulaa, hoia and
alarm Bella, Carry Combs, English and Ameri
can Scythes, Straw Knives, blates, lnktan.da,
Awla, Shoe Tacka, Coach Wrenches, Stump
Joint, whitewsh, paint, thoe, acrubbing, furni
ture, clothe, and dusting Brushes; cut and
Wrought Tacks 1 braaa, and Irionhead Shovel
and l ong 1 Iron Wire, Brce and Ditta, Tap Bor
rert. Iron AVfiRhttTSsd" Iron, Toylrmw, ?fin
and )S'ee3les. Fish" Hookii FnurTer, snd Snufler
Try, BrI Baket, Tea PoU Tea Tray and
Waiters, .(iui)..F4BtsJDilsooea'4Mltf
Powder piaaka Shot Bart, Whrpthongs,jCombt,
Commode Knob anl King, Curtain Pins, EsJ
eajirbf-cin, BrdcptBr,ra Butta, brasr Natl,
Rrast Cock. Tea Caddies, Window PuUiea, An
vi) and Vises, Trace Chains, saiwi Psper, Bed
Key.JBritih snd American Inkpow-der, Specta.
eles, Box Hults, slate and lead Pencil, bra
bracket and Chamber Candlestick. bone coat
and . Veat Mould, 6upender .Button, . gilt, 1
white metal, and yellow metal coat and vest But
ton, Peart gutton of wheel steel coat and vrt
Suttoiucteel Tobacco Boxes, Curtaia Kings 4
rerew-sliair awttoort Brtrshe BeattorPrmeli
.!. 0,..,.. tL. CL
Ihumb IJrtcTiea; rotket TTookai; ino
-rdnser,xbrt,- cupboard, tmnk,-TsadV"arid"1ilt
, lock Spades and febovel, halter Cham, Black
Jog', Pocket and Dressing Combe, Tailor' and
Women Thimble, Tenter Hook, patent metal
Cocks, Razor Strop, Horse Cards cotton and
trcol Cads, tract and leading line Rope, Bed
Cords and Clothes Lines, copper l ea Kettles.
: They also keep constantly on hand, a com
plete a'asortment of . ; f .
Cut and Wrought Ml L
Wagon, and Cart BOXES; .
which are sold at the Manufacturer' price.
Folck. and TjtMt refer to leva. Austin
add Burns, of Salisbury and Samuel F. GeJstoo
8n4 Co. of Csbarrua county. '
-frbrswt 8, 1839. (07
ron nrirr.
: X 1 . m t aien on In
lil 'nmi of ur wn, M vmr., at
J tnt faceup!., by
Meeitn. tittit-d the "f'
rff of the CHrt.llHi square. It w the west
tnd fcr btnineM in fi!.iiry,'4 the buitlug
M lar; and eommndinM, being fa feet U leegth,
with three rooms below, (l fMrf """ counting
rom 14 wre.fcmie.) two above, end good
cellar. The ttore will t retied for one yer,
nr a Irrm f vrar. ii m- healesired. Teany
ntfau AVaUmM of Oacbing bimtt'f . tj
Mercantile Iiuaiur,in ft nour.smrtg nu nri.H7
vitlag, ituttd in rich and populou dutncl
of wintry, better stand wit! rarely be opened.
,lXl)UVJV JtJtTtnFAU 1
Mntsantou lott.
tw fplir, auW.ribrr hiving leed
rAYtUir X theetteniteBuiUlinginth
H I1 r;7Ton of MrgntoB, N. Caroline,
':; yrmrrly occupied by DnviJ Tau,
J-LJM , .r4 CRN, ha opened a.
tf I'.nlrrtmnmfnt, premtrCd for the reception of
i lloarder and Traveller. I Ha Table hall he
fumiahed with the.bett the cotntry afford i
hi tiranariei are filled, nd hi 8-ahle re '
tended with a'.tentive and honest Hoatler ; anil,
by hi unretiitted attention lo hi bdaines he
hope !o rectiva a Iib.rJ ahare of public
ptronge. ImtlB
.tTn-fd-rgn, Frh. fx A, 1 8. .
To TraveWer,
fill I ?. eiibKriber tkn thu meth;
M. od of infurrr.ine hi friend
17 "id the puhlir. erne-ally, that hr
W ,WJ Jcnmmadalf, iioanl o;i tin
dividing rulrf of Out waiaiaof thCa'aa.banl
Rjky Uivirt, iir.0iedi!tl' r that public croj
rwad wet! kTOtU llTtie Kurky ftirrr iwl W'vl-a.
boro Koad, Iradu. from the intrrmr f-f R,m-h
Canlina aii.TChT!-irtoii, hv ay o.' t hra and
e-irp Town on the onr Knad, ad it'o'n the
interior of North Carolina (.'harhwton, by way
of Camden, on tlie either.
ipared no pai-j or epen'e m make th- prr-
n ,mf.abln alio my honour h.m an!.
their ci..o,n I rwl a-ure. them, that from the
hie'i xituation of the ajiove Head, thrv rav be .
ule in tratel'iPg.them at all evfonaof the )ear,
ndrtiat ihr atUnion of hi at and, make the j
te cowiiirle io and friim Camden am Cher-;
aw, to CWr 'V. Sa'i.bury a d Cm-ord, N. ( . !
liv,.w-v. - r
jind al- to H.e Hprinj; a well to
Uiok perwua vuilu., Uie Uo!d Ucgion ol .OIIU
Ca-olin. V C. I. An I I
-TH B-W KOi -HBJ-4lOUS-.
1mrHJ, ttand the er,-
euing irmg aea-
Z' iS Si,. 7
pedigree ol thi fine horw,
I n
ad o.her paHMulaiw, w dl
bemtde knewflt-.ahortlv,
in hamlhilU.,4v' JOHN P. MABItY.
I.VJK to aare labour and expense, tne uoeri.
JL ber have obtained letter patent from the
proper ofRce. under the great seal of the United
bUteirioeUng8,3 or 4-tiHkettlenrboilen
Ml0lttVtffle fitrfiibe, Of one 6re,. at the aame
An7 P" '"'"g w m uae 01 ui.a new
.nu useiui pian, can ao .0 oy nm omaining a Joh w crt, 50 dolU 0 ,itte
nght, which can eauly be procured by writing CJTek Mud Crtti tbl Fnncj, R -n ow
to Benton Clemmon. Clemmonsville, Dailon jjre on '
county, N.C. He ha a number of riglf.. al- Richsir(, LfwK tcfei 400 do. m
ready pr.nted. so that he can make tbem to any Cw Creek joini U)d of JtC(jb L f
person bv their sending to him their name, nrt
the count and tte wjere they reside he will nicUrd u wit m Jamf Rrwi 2QQ
forward the right, to them by mad. 1 here is a ; ,wo trc, m one , of m
shewing the pUn. and bow to set them up, that Un nteteit'e, Cntk
any person undc retting bow tw work from a AleI,ndtr., hej wre 200 do,
?J,Xrt,hemUp- IhC on Clear Creek, joining, of Oorg Allen
or letting them up on tht new and useful plan, ,r j tKer8
TSZiRZS SIT ra ft Knf do,, on tfct 200 cri l Blue Itidge
t .! l L Z U lZ ' JTH and water, of O'een nver, joiaing Und. of JoV
n?t5 I .ni ' a,lZ If rnnTn, t S,ePP ct 200 acres on the Devil',
uttWtHJab Fork, near or joinmf lande-of David Wyera,
rt in'J f 7!? 8 sere on thf water, of Green river
hTgi:: wnrum .d
iw,;i f,m ;,K . do hereby certify, that the above copy is a true
boil from one fire, and not to interfere with the i:- . . 'k;.k ,i.. ... . if 2 .
k -t- . .7 . . . list of land on woicu tne taxes are due and not
boiling of each other, for themselves, or setting . , . ... ... . ,
as it wittbaput m force against all smAaffen,,. : n ntvin BrVc i- o
der,aaoon the proprietor- of the plan get
h,f0,matioBDf.hefaP P '
The nronrietor nronose to sell a sinele n'plit
i a s ei a
or a right for a state or a eoantv, on reasonable
terms.. -JOHN MILLAR,
Janmrw llrt, 1830.
Smtt f riA.Carna, Hitthrrford nwrt'y
CJLPKRIOR Court of Law, October-
K5 1829 1 Eliiabeth Wllmoth . Gabriel WiU
moihi Petition for Divorce. That whereas, a
subpoena, and alias have been issued against the
defendant in this case, arid which were returned
hv theKheriff nf Ruthrfrf! rnnntv that thm
fendant to appear and answer at commanded by
k. ' l .i , L - t r !
given three months in the Raleigh Star and
Western Carolinian, for the defendant to appear
at tne next superior court of law to be boUen
for said coonty of Rutherford, at the court-house
in Ilatberfordton, on the 3d Monday after the
4b Monday in March neat, then and there to
nswer or demur to the aid petition, otherwise
it will be taken pro confesso, and adjudeed ac-
cordinglr.-AVitness, James Morris, Clerk ' of
said court, at KuUterfoKlton, the 3d Monday in
Sept. 1829, and in the 4th year of imr Inde
penuence. 3mW JAmtS MUKUIS
gf every description,, neatly executed at
V.'IM. aril, on crt.ttt, at p-itna a-trt.on, in
(i.a.loi.r. on lr- wrrk of Mttk'ent.urg
fmin'y Co ,rt, (.v:i an tVtntJ-" "J
M VlhtiAl, T. rtM.fc,
Mmr. if J, I1'itn.
JF-r ntlli: anbcrrer lntenla open
1 1 1 ' I V " lt,e accon(?odiiig of P'
.oaaU my feel diipoafd to fa-
uk tbarcuaiom. rof the penmt
"a I
aalubridn. a,r. and a variety of Medical er,
ii t UmrMone, C5.lrbat Mphur, Magneaia,
Frrealone, Lo. th' K'utin U urpca oj
none. The taller the Turkey Cove, U tur.
nmniVrl by iwwW, wW2i trv.t,l
mantic arpr c I end Wef encirci
ilul pfa.ii, wbre an rer'H w
,rllr W TWirr,-rrow-wov'-----
-nwiftrrimd lr eTj
UMttn an.1 n iflilr from the ' rern tvi
i a a.hiru thr C. row! tike off at Capt
iamfa MeUowrll'a. of the Pleaaint Gardrn
mherm nmrnom can rrt rvrrt inf rmaiim aece.
wry i and when tbry anie at vvW Lawn, in
(he Turtey Cove, will meei wi n wt ..
modation, ami evrv reentry ttention from
the ubcribcr, n fla't. r him If he will be
thte to make It flutte a fl- aaant retrt a-, to all
m. . .. a iU,lj r t
wlmviMthim . fc. unr.r.
January 3uiA. 18 W
ittu fur f uf .
ri!.I. hr a.,.d at inc Coort HjK in Ah
If ille. Buucumhr omnty, on the id
Monday after thr 4th Monda in Marrh nnt,
(bring the S.h day of April, 18X7 the followlnn
tract of I.AM), or o woeh tr.e . aa win hi
ify the Taira due thi-rron, ana all eo accru
ing.,..M.nunlrai previously paiJ.
A tract tf I'avis'a hftr. 3rt acrra valurd a
f,"0t, on t.'learCrttk, joining Samurl tdmi
and other
Thn?i ( aw r?n. 200 acrr. glu, on th
VilW Cap roid, tno- n by the name of Pojnt
-oik Out.
Alciandrr M'K'in-y, 40.) arrr. W, on the
Vrriot Saluda, on in near the Uap Creek road
Jamev N-lvm, acre., R.'U, o trarta,
ne on the Bhie Hl-e, j lirn.ig land of VV rn
iiic, the other on t!ie wateia of " illow treer,
. ... i r, I .1.
J""""t W amuuwnn a-i vihc
Milt o P.wr. dcr.el, W) ar.rrs g600. on
f"'b Broad river joining landa of John pann
d other. .
rti and John Laughter, 150 lere-. S6j0. on
Clear Creek, ueir or jotnmj; lan.l "t onn
John Capps 450 acre. g350, on the. water
itT "lVfr. nr or joining un-ia w
Summon Morirn, iua acre.
ter of Packletle, near or joining land of Ste
phen Morgan, ten.
Creek, joining land of John Jutua and others.
Henry Hughe. 150 acre. glOO, on the wa
trra of Milla'a Kiver.
. . a.fi0 lh , f
: n oriwn,nK Und,of JobnMB'
; atr? ,i i inn ai
i tt in rnn rtitwv vimt -wvv bvitvi ri ww
, -p . . - , w.,, r;.g " "
- Rober Taylor, 2tX acrea, 3i0 dJlar, on lU
Cooper' Cap road, and water of Green river.
, Jamet gutlierlaad, 10Q aore, awmd at 100
tWlara, on lite Wateraof Saluda, joihinff landa of
y., iraiiCIB vutciiiwo, acrci, jo uuuars, un
, the waters of f acklelte, joining laud of Jon.
! ,K. . j -.,.
1 ft ,H M ,040 Kff ;n 3 c,f gfrMC(j
uun ,!u- ir.n r F.iri . ,h.
-yj . i-n:n, ta in
- 4i Jmai jo fte.ndeWs Cretk. joinln
Abrthjun 8(eei', tnd. .
t r v t win
I WraairyHim
Driving to FayetteviUe,
WILL fihd it to their advantage, to stop at
the lfan TJrd, where every con.
f enience is provided for Man and Horse, to make
them comfortable, at the moderate charge of 25
centra day and night, tor the privilege of the
Yard, the -use of a good house, fire, water, and
aheker. Attached to the -Yard, are a Grocery
and Provision Stores, Bread- Shop and Confec.
tionarj, aiKl.t HouseJui ; Boankn tndLoJirep,
'BfaU jV(rrtL'Carn Strrl
Singleton: Divorce. Ordered by court, tjiut
publication be atade three montha in the Wes
tern Carolinian and Yadkin and Catawba Jour
nal, for the defendant to appear at our next
superior court of law, to be held for the county
of Rurke, at the court house in Morganfon, on
Uie fourth Monday of March' next, and plead.
answer or demur, otherwise judgment will be
entered sgaint bim. ' ' " ;:
;3mt09 -r- WM. W.-f.RWIN, Wk.
: . ..
IORsale at the office of the Western Cam.
lioian, the M Farmers and Planters Alma
nack,,, for the year 1830 : priee, 10 centa a
I piece.
taae re iinwiim bar '
flrrat fxJ of all I fU-rn! King !
Who ahall thy bwnd!r mrrrj alraf.
Who ahall thy wornl'M' pewrr priM-laim,
Or pay due homa g to thy e. ,
With Uie Brat beam of tnmnlng Ught,
Thy glory bnr upon miri!gh'x
And when the in withdraa hi ray.
The moon and itar proclaim thy pri.
Thy gomjnc nd thy might are teen
' In erthi fair rWW of living green,
' Aod when w gie o workl on high,
:r.Thy grawdeuf gClUr Ihrougti tlie iky r.
The bwund'r oeri own thy wy, 1
The angry wvf thy will obey i '
Tlie temr rek loud Ihr w.rath.
1 b Ughtwin; hww fhy Aearinlr pt.
To. Thte, tU e er xnighty King,
JTLi dort and tb nniK
lhail but t
"ttrwiilv 9 vain tiatiow awaww la
4- -Hf J.fc
The following Line ate attrihated to Lord
Bjron, and are aid to have been written by
biro in hi Bible i
Within ilia awful volume lid
The mvatery of myterl.
t)h, happieit they of human rare,
To whom ourtlod ha given grac
To hear, to read, to fear, to pray,
To lift the latch and force the way j
But better they had ne'er bern born,
Who read, to doubt, or read to acorn.
At the IJ-titlc ol Hor.tdi
. nr. as trie
Frtnch call it, of the Moskwa, the
most stiigninary in m -dcrti times, the
bravest uf the brave surpisscd himtclf,
anu ntly rarnea tnc priocejv tuiej
k ith which hisimprrial mai:errward-
ta nim on mc ncu
rj him on tnc hcui. iut tne most;
valuable service he ever rendered
Fr-nce was in tJr dcplor ible retreat
from Moscow, f i staiio'i' was in tne
rear the posiol danger and pf hoaour
and he was the chief, if not (except
ing Np"leon hirns-rll,) the only, h. pc
of the troops. In the story r this
flight, for such it was, every thing is
to wonderful that posterity vritild dis
believe the detsils if one contemporary
voice had been raised against them.
That with a handful of worn-oat fol
lower, destitute of every necessary, he
should repel the molts irrd arrett the
progress of unt'red, wrll-provided, and
countless legions ; while his hrroic
little band was duly diminished by
hunger, cold,' lassitude, l.e should yet
bid defiance to the wh le Russian tost (
in a wufiJ, that JN'cy Vdeipei'at" valour
should have secured the escape of aoy
excite the astonishment of - the-Aforld.-j
At onr timr,-afteMeaTtngKnTOor, j
the whole Russian army lay. between
him and NVpoleoo i but, th6ugh'1ie
had only three thousand men, he re
solved jo'cuVhT.y2tbfQu
terveoing; legton,"Vhen 'aummoncd
byMil"radvtten--ta-apitulate, A
was his only reply, as he fearlessly led
his devoted companions against the
destructive batteries tf the L' smtna,
lie then made a circuit at midnight to
the banks of the Dnciper, which he
crossed on blocks of ice, i.i spite of all
obstacles, and, finally, witS fifteen hun
dred men, joined the mpr-tor. Wtll
might Napoleon be unable tu fii.d lan
guage sufficient to express his admira
lion -of the- hcro-t - What -a - man i
what a soldier ! wlnt a vigorous chief!'
Wh'le he. still feared -that the Mmhal
had "falleaantohe -handrtif the Riis.
sians, he declared that he would wil.
lingly give three millions of francs for
hia ransom. His joy may well be con
ceived when Ncy returned and receiv
ed his embrace. The latter had soon
afterward at he n early-jndmdd itofl
rezina. The atory onVaterloo need
not be. repeated herel We shall only
observe, that on no occasion did tjie
bravest of the brave exhibit more tm
petuous, though hopeleas, , valour.
Five horses were shot under him r his
garments. ytre pierced with balls ; his
whole .person.; was. disfigured . with
blood and mod, yet he would have
re ma tne cl .IGtcI 'ft e not been forceel from
the field 6y ih'ede'nsV-auc! tes.htfesi
columna ptthe fugitives.,-
: &?urr.ay FuPulf-Ubvury-i
Clol. Drayton, member of the II. of
R. from Charleston (S. C.) has writ,
tea to his constituents, that though he
had presented and caused to be refer
red tb .the committee of' internal irri.
provemenr, the petition of the South
Carolina Rail Road Company, be could
notwithbuVa departure from princi
plea which he had frequently express
sed, support their application for aid
from th national coffers, ' '.
rnxunr. OP OFFICE.
The lull.iwlng it ait of
ttr from 't'hoirutt Jitft rmn, t!,tn Trt,
lident of the Umttil Hutti, to Mr
Jolio Page, tjatet! at H'air.irsgtijn, July
17, 1807. - '
. 44 1 have ncter removrti a man mere
Ijr hec iu he wa Federalist t h4Te
never wished them tf give a vote it in
election, ..but according lo their nwa,
wthri, ' Hut at Du'giivcihmrnf t(Jl
discharge its duties t the tcit adtiot
tage of tu ciiizcnt, IL'm ,ci.ter
io a rrguUi courte of rhr(,;ng ;B.
tead of esfcutjng all itt mtaturei
and were emplwving the patrooape iivl
go v trt-mtnti n U U. bk aiur viio
Ofllw e,rtd'tjey-trwtfj tr"qJT;r
?orisclence'r'grrthera,6 lake aa'ac.
live and zealoot prt iri 6ppot'uioi: it'.
oOht aho to urrjc them tu retire from
i poll which they could rot conwi.
entiouily conduct with fidelity to the
tutt repoted in them and on failure
to retire I have removed them th
it to tay, mote who rhainuioirj x
active and ztaloua oppwiiiioo to thj
Georgia Ca!knjiy.Tht tttrri
dance cf fertile! in the Court at w(.
ncitet, eictpl in criminal casei, it
dispensed with, aod their tstimoD
taken by interrogatories, precisely, w$"
believe, as if thrv resided out of tha
counny, or were 'cv.nd rhe iuri(lit-
j ti'i of the C'utff at.d their retusati
tppeir ttre rne ("mmmioners intf
testify, pttnibhed iiy the same peoahitj.
C. Saroliia Mrthodul Cdnfcrtncc
It is taid, that tlie session of this
body, just over, has been in many re
tpecti, the mast interesting ever hcdf
but the circumstance whtih most ru
miri.tbly distinguishes it, is the divis
ion f the Conference District into)
twosepirate Conftrencei. The South
Carolina Conference will hereafter td
bounded ly thr Savannah river on tha
west. The Ct-nferenc which has beep;
created west of that boundary, will bo
'lesignatcd the Georgia Cnferance,
The Orrgia Conference will meet si ""
Macon, Ceo, on the 5th January, 1 831 f
and the Sou .h-CaroKna Conference id
Favettcrille, on - the 20th Janoary,-
1831 Jial.JU'i
rouraging the emigration of free bifida
to Canada, It seems that ceroid eoU. -pretj
Jtrre s "of excellent land, in UppeLZ
ada, ancf have a m'rtlion at their rcfuV
at." Many have -already refrOhio, ajo-,
for this colony, and it is supposed tbat.
It humbtT willftl-iK)0Or
pi iat kcrP,"a - - - - - 1 - -
W -jtsr-.. .,, .m. .ara.. .ijawv-c-.--r
. Capital Punishment. -IVe perceirat .
with pleasure, that at the recent set,
sio'n of the Tennessee Legislature, as'
act was passed, abolishing the punish
ment of death for all oiTcnces,' except
Murder of the first degree A other
offences to be punished by confinement
in the Penitentiary just ordered to
be established, for a longer or shorter
period." W t look forward to the 2a'
when North-Carolina shll imiuteio
latidablcw tmplriT--i?fl
M'cwJDeJlnitbn.'-Thc Adam men
cair'iTVe turning outofthe part) tte
44 march of intellect."
44 Hope's end.1 David killed f
liah with , a leather sling, and Jafflf
R pe, of Vermont, has killed himself
with a rum sling. St. Louis Bencos-
that gloves.4ind-rittenHo the valueot
8130,000 annually are made inioto.
ston, Montgomery Connty, New YorL
ho would have thought it I Tw
state, New Jersey, most of Pennsylva
nia ajad New England, are sP1' .
wuh gloves ancTmitteos dnbfJo"!.
ston make. F. '
iWnMiWiiaa.'ii.iMi.iji .aJa.ifL' iJiShiBriWiJroaai'l16aw
wonatoua uanosome wno ic'r
HnimJr, ibtr foVvbiirid t?ioi'r
should lie, as I did.'
H wonder my dear you have rier
made a match j I think ypu wa?f y8.,
britrmneS ' No, cot the Ivjfw'
only the sjwrk. p ,'. "
Groceries and IIardwatri!
gusta, Geo. on the-anf'?"4
William Bacqk, vn mdj ricd to M
E. C. CAsTMds 5 .
. ' , ... -' ;.. , . X .fjg , j .. . . . .

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