cnt.n pre-. CAROUNI. The f..liin Utter wi eilrrwei te the iUn. Mr, TV,,,, Rcprfientue In Cnr from tUi Marjntn il.trict, Id UmI k'' it jl.rtjfd U the Atrk IVmeri J'e- .S; I ht recently obenred h Inking bter the proceedinge ol Ctm rycti, thit e rewlu i'Mi hi been Introdu eed tf 'oa, to etebliih e brench of the U. S. Mint In the gold region of North , , ijirt, ttt, 12. Ixlttt from Voire. Ur the br;:e ('.Titian. Cintain lil.nchird, rrid e ' Mr. iu r.v: v Mr. wiwsrm. . ' ' Tk. I'i.i'. kl iU tlmvt, a nefrlL vtak nointa ol Mi adversary. of Mi adversary. terdr efternxi we bte u' filei tf speaker, he U collected mJ dienj. fir, I, energetic, but juniooed of vehement. His voice i e'err and 6rm, end he msnages U with much ability, Ms gesture are few and not always grseeful, but generally forci ble and irrtprcs.ive. A rosttrijl contrast between these two men It In the expre- riiU ptprrt to the fith end lime to the 8th of Jeni'erf . Thee contain no Impor. tint poilileilitHCllUccnce Mrrrury. , M.1IWII2, 181,). 'p-rt't fn'in ar nlint4 anil graphic ictounl f tht det.a'e h the Senate, rn Mr. Foot's retniutiufl relative , i the dUtrlWion of .the Public Land. The artide is Vritteii with so much l ' partnt caodogr and Inpjriality, that bava copied be'" lb wfiier't remarks on that part c.flh discussion which has recently esl:rd such a lively interest in " . . ;h community. , HJUin. - ;.' - Amat.tineretinfrdebi!ehabeengoing ".' ' aiu'ih eate fjr the aU fortn'S',, . which hai bee marked by some very ex '. irtordintrr end lr.trreno(f circumstan tot Connecticut, lo suspend ibe aor- m m:s .-. t- Wrre '""' hM W frml I Tha Mwniteorcontjine e hoyl n:on U !' I . . . ... i i fvar il)mr nliar In Ins r . .. if "M clerk end officer! oi l' nf",' ,,ls f 'WHw WtJ the eiUnei ol the lha Cditami. i. ik.t ihit r.tAfw! nf f. nivr( m.K'.t'.i nf ihrtr feature, Mr I Carolina i and eltSouz h 1 hire not the CotUrd bidovcrccne hi repunco tv become i cinrtidjte far the Presidency of the 'Chamber of Deputies for the nckt WeuMer'ac-unteDJficeJj generally colJl fionour of ln P'wnf eqwn'M rfhich tnikee thi i wiili toa. et tbe ln-ereil I feel on the K tr.TV eri'ln tpf k44 HuH ,We 'f occhItai! f rtim whf n ocmpaie4 yi,jec - iodactd me-toddxeil tbli bj eeneer or tmile,etcec'dinsl)f efTec j letter tbjrou. tit. TrerJcef51f,lllrne.ofth"C(", I Jb1 coitm of Cbirrui in which I .if.rf,liJAaUuplejti.erf firflnjr.iftslJ.fMvJcrehU literei mnifened ITe" K ay net. An edict iiiaid to hire Utelf brrn i med li.Prunii. prohibhiiisj fori(;r,eri from Wdios-Qifcwiih-Jj A". rati 'f -Vl' hat recrrd Ni. urth Itrrut'i, pnW.thedat Hutherfuri'.tovhi' menl lutct, in J retdf Wi ceotnets an J ctr cumtcti'm to sctte rapl-lty upon ' V "l-rTViaon," ddtnrtd : : ng: tni powernu the Weiturii matei, enl contending inai ' . 'it was the duif of the general govern . ' ment la legislate on the public lands not '.", fcr revenue, tut for iheir speedy setde- s ment end formation Intone elates. In the course of hit a'gomant he alluded to the past policy1 of the feneral govern mcnt on thii au'uject a illiberal and harh . towjrdi the Weil, and accused lira K ' tern Ftstei lnpartic:lar,of hoifiHty to the prowth and prosperity of tho Weit. Mr. : Hay no ol South Carolina hi the course of the debate, supported the ticwiof Mr. Denton, bui in the ronrte of bh trument ustalnioi that ivdicy. abstained from any eucli illmione lo the I'ast, Mr. Benton . bad made, end supported his opinion t'p l broad rtilional gtoundt. h w thtrc ; fore considered little remarkable, that Mr WcWeft l re ply, should have pnsscd wver Mr. Benton, by woom ims ptovocaiioti bad bctn given, and made ifiicct and personal, at the fame time that it waa a Vthenteot and ettn elotjoent attack upn " , Mr.llayne'aaouthern pnncipl,and fpe ciallf the "disunion" principles, of South Carolina. Tho attack occasioned great ' efciiemertUparikularly a coming from Mr Webster, whose polittcsl coolnesa and sagacity are proverbial, and who it , considered to be the chief of the epposi- - Toi parly - In " the ScrrSte'JlniODff the Vmrhtrn"arrtr Western memHtrs to hoh - Ilouset the ftentation-produet-d was o rTeaf, that on the neii day, when Mr. Iirte wn expected to reply there was 1 erarcely a quorum left in the House of esentativei to keep up the ,pi)Cir. under the cloak of pat. lotum, he h.s not j w ztan.-The Direclori of thi In of KTrlSrw in conformity with the provis- of the Senate, were crowded with a m,iion and aRRrandizement j -nn o( ,he Act of ,bc ite union of our nc floor rtomeroui arid fashionable aodience, to liaten to the expected retort. So Rteat - ev the Interest which was felt through T"' tut the cltyV that durini the whole ; do - :.bflttj)eiwcejjhe .dijinj;ujhed .men, there sra? a mwh- btliamwnstfot ' .... .. . t !. ;'. , be juty and fashion collected in the Stnatc rnrrChaatbctibao rever: ftmerober to bare tin ladreSrW 1th tint Spif- ii of conenest-w hkb belon? 4-therOr . arT3 took possession of every convenient apot, except the Clerk'i desks, and the . iha )e-rfesiderttrl"CJ Dot pretend "tojfive yoa a ayncsTrtKe'"rJe -bate r-y-'wtiTeeinuenr-oi' fnoM-ofthe ;7 yrppment in the public j sptraof thiacity "But ioo feport can possibly gtve yoa an Idea of the deep Interest of the scene, ' and the peculiar manner of the two elo quent and eminent men who were con tending for the raaitery. There wa$ " "much of personality, which it is imposible to transmit to paper, or even to arrest up . on tbe memory, a great deal of the dumb fhow of eloquence, tbe expression of the - eye, and the significant gesture, which, "to be appreciated in their proper force, must be seen.' Mr. Websier replied to -Tlr, - IlayncV second speech in an argtt " rnent whrcITdccupled Two dVy s Iii the de . lit ery I mean Iwo Congressional days, which consists of about three hours each to which Mr. Hayne rejoined in anoth er argament in support ol his own const i ' tmional doctrine and the debate was clos .'ed between them by Mr. Webster in a hi ief speech of about half an ttour, on Wednesday last. The Opinion as to the much divided as arc the ctrlies; whose ""fferentkrwr of the ttrrtrtlijit lire j' ' teen severally maintained, and by worthy .. cnampiona. - a ne opno&iuon party gen- eraily contend that Mr. Webster over y threw nir. liaynej while on tne other ' band the result Is triumphantly bailed by K.rZ. the friends of the Admtnistratmrr as ade 1 4 t i ttrt and complete ictory ove the Ya tero Giant. They say that the Southern '--J--iEBaaif..t . . vaav -' . thoe two words nttv character lttthe e ml TT? tre1fft?trff&!t1to ; s passion, a correct and powerlul reasoner, v with a most vivid imagiaatio'n, which is ''lifider the guidance of severe atudy and cf rtvt tastcrgraceful in ' person, action, ' ' tni mhft most musical , toicen. Mr. Webster, on the other band, is a lawyer --Tfcnitra gmrlawyer, :pnewho.:ha.t:iax..hii: ' immediate command all the logic, and all the wariness 'of a cool and practised de- . bater, or extensive reading ' and tiiuch Icarniri gi of pet f e tt telt possession and it- t i ways master of thf aubject, or et least of ' JS' 'ti raJ5cn' own' .'side of the lcIi:iFrr.nccf,eiritterjaa.or Welter, end nuy seqlre that hirdihnf ftrr&'tnteflrtf;l tf,1f I mJrwMettiie-fiTmifrbfft-wM WhICH I ncCCSIiry lur pn n- "Smr- , j" . ' "L-.",i"..,.,r!.(. .T.iVi.'.'.iT... ia- iftin u tnn. I do not however think that Mr. liiyn ccHfildrly overthrew Mr. WeOterj yet I am decidedly of opinion that ?lt. eo wit w r en ititd tome rr oi m verdld not nterthrow Mr. Iliyne. He RoternmenL luthe tine couu'y olCa mtilned the conilituiionil tlewi which I j trru mere will honly tw in oiera'ioti firmly believe to b .corred and which j engirwi or .-ncninery .t id.fT rent are confeiicd to be correct by mny who cc on r ; (imi. O i'i 'iel deny the fmth CaroSiin applieation of iton'i,) a-. U rl started, nd twui tii them end he luitained them with e pow.j oto i tonit rci poorer thin'irot in er of elofuence ed e farce of argument j the coun'y, tt jncfitU': d, it it .id, ItJ which to me are perfectly conclutive. l-dw't jrr -lay, win h wouW Do annually cmnot admit the joiticeof Mr Webtcr,i! 39 000dwn. or fcJ5,IOO, takio thi.a reply, yet I can admire the force and in j the t4t ol an evimte fir the county, genuity .with which he tiffed them, ind . the amotmt proiiuct'd br uiactiine rj , (to the powerful appeal with which he ei-U,, nothing of whit u found by hand,) forced ihem, uKn tho Senate a l the i would be flSMOoOO anninllf, to which country. He utinci M tci'atioH J tven'y hou .d 't il.f m.y be added for ell4 teut he ha f-mnd a' iouth-in ! hit i found by lunJ ; tm m if icrve to who rertainly tret bevoiid htm in all the CXternl requiteiof an orstcr,and whoie liitellctiuul powers aro of an order lo nuke him in every .ene a lormidatle ri val iu the pu'Jic ca'iTia'ion. Pulivar Hi-rent account from Co lombi, indicat" the intention of P. divar to aim a.jCVoTPi The gotcrnm m.of Venetucli have. ied a declaration, pro- cljunii'n it eration irom the Eovr,rn inent of HoutJ, its disavowal of tne au thoritv rf nlrar,nd until a Conventtor. ahall be iotallcd, placing the admirmtn lion of affairs under the care of fen. I'att. Time wilf soon show, whether I' is the disinte rested Patriot, he has wished, heretofore, to teem lo be ; or whether, Extract of a Utter from Curaroa, dated ; Jan 1830. The Governmenta of Venezuela, Gu ay ama and Cumina, have declared against Monarchr. and ordered 5000 men under fO'ewewfl Manno mrrh egasnst Bciifar? I " . l LJ consequently a great deal of bloodshed is .'. be e pectc d. ; ; :77Z"- John llnndnifih. on"th floor cf the Sen- ate, twoof 4hree years aa,0v ventured ivar. What waa prophecy then, is fact now. Bolivar a schemes begy to be aean Itiro and in tbe estimation of a large porirorTHbrt neTbe"r'ar part : "of manlilnrj XKij are "nlii1ortiiiJ'4wIg6in pie are -too apt -to award the meed of praise before; ir ir-rhje Ut - no "man! name bereauer be inscribed . with our Washington, until, like him, he shall have consummated his fame; first, by wisely and temperately using power, and secondly .and chiefly, by resigning that power when it becomes no longer neces sary to exercise it. Fhenix Gas. mOM MEXICO. A slip from the AVw Orleant Bee, dated eventnjj of Jan 15th, contains the follow i . r . uig uuaci oi iciicryiiieu , 'i Cirvif Mexico. Dec. IS. resident Guerrero left the city to-day. to march against the army of reserve which has pronounced itself, in Jalapa, in favor of a central gfrnment. bocar.e gra will act as president during his ah sence. The American Minister,- Mr. Poinsett, begged an audience in order to leave the republic. The corhisario crre is now ai i ucoio uo ios -.rgeies. Tht Indian, The U. Si Telegriph publishes letter from Trajrie du Chien, of I5lh January la.!, Which lays i There is Ihtle doubt that there will be a general and sanguinary war among tbe Indians, in the spring. ;' The outrages of the San tee and Fox'et, can be. endured no Ion ger. . Within a abort time, they have cut &ito?tTrf!imf Meinrfofin'onee,' at themputh of the VVutomin riter -Villed a Winnebago womaft and bOJ, of the IamLJ.tiifliiwKw4.wmh ari j is... -yj. Y-1 ...... " ' , - ' . ly oi veKanrce, ana a oioajx-canec uixon. raneen;rM for a general and simultarie - uiiiuv ,. ous a;iacK on.ine r oxes. a ne lonebs goes, and prbbably the Munocmoneea will job them. - ' : . ' 1 . i , - '; . o , ' v- v ". , "T y Jrrival cf Mr. 'cte.-4We Jeart with pleasure,-that the lion.' JoKt R. Poixsett, late Jljnister Plenipotentiary of the United States to Mexico, arrived at New Orleans on the 2d inst. Mr. Poin sett, wtli J. Mason, jr. Secretary of Lega tbnrrifed atbe Bi1U6 ort tbe 1st lost. in the United States ( ship Falmouth, Cora modore Elliott, from Tampico. ' ' proroi Mm rould h.e -mmm un.n.mny licrun anif K" " ti.lercd, well ai the quant ly oi a;olJ proluced, Irtere certainly cio ue no nouoi ,mc xinit id t tne tx't r, ot the 1 ! oprration. M.. Hen-1, n e(-ri.nced I mlnst of Mtt kieiibutir, ! am iniorined, . x'.end hit cvirnaic f r nex' year, to one j initlmn dollr. in the ft . j- The inconveniT)-c i f rinspi-iin pol-l j l0 mint at I il -i--ttti w coiui Icra ,c, ,n juendtc1 t vm k. 1'hete j Krcai difTerprn e in 'lie frnen'i of old ! froin.difTcrem mine. beside which it in j (!iffiry to uj d linst f M)d, in mixine jt w"i;h haer nirtals and mherwisi If j poternmcni wi.uid only ibhth an 4UVer'a ofTi c, aud receive gold, giving ! certificates as i done a' thr mint in Phil Jti,.pjia. it would Lc of very loosiderable ' benefit." (ieneral AssembU', have diicontinued ! their Brant, n Uank at Fvetteville, and an I Dointed Edward I.. IVmslvvi, Esquire, their Airent for i, using us concerns. e r- ,-. Itf : learn tbjt tbe Cranch of iht United Statea ff'ahk-af that place wilt give every facility to the State Dank inindt-rg up its bust riess. i arid tbaLthe notes id the dUconiia- ued firancb.willbe received by ihaii'arjk. iaimy - miih it owo also reduced 'he number of Directors, atf their several Branches to aeVrrj, agreeably to t he di rect ions of said, act We deem it proper also to inform our readers; lharUiC Uanl s" 6f lh c "clt y" 'doTnot now receive in payment. either the .notes of the Sou'ta- Carolina ? 'Virginia Banks. Halc'gh Rrgitttr. On the aboverthe Fayettcvillc Obser ver remarks : ' There has seldom been a more general and unequivocal expres sion of indignation in any community, than has been elicited here by tne man nerin which tbe Parent Board at Raleigh has thought proper to rarty its objtci in to effect; but especially by their shame ful treatment of that old and faithful offi cer, the lace Cashier ot this Branch, Dun ten Aef?e Withoot an hour's no rte, and without a reason, he has been ase cofld time exposed to the imputations al ways attending a removal from office. But not here, where he is knownwhere he has passed fifty years of a life unsul lied by the shadow of a suspicion of his integrity and, where his devotion to the interests of the Bank, which he has al Way's indentified with his own. has been witnessed, can t his mo-tdeer vd treatment affexj thecN wholbltte' has' been devoted1 to acquire and maintain.' Thus much we have felt if our duty to aay. It is the sentiments. feebly expressed, of an insulted commu nity. But it is without any reference to the gentleman who has been appointed Agent. As a change has been made, a gentkman better'calculated for the office, as well on account of his irreproachable character', as of bis peculiar :ness lor Us duties engirt tint hr fnnnrt. l'.nt U ia tU. . ..... , . . . anu. ijui wtll'. Ul i an hohorabte m-n and fahhfnl r.iT,ra.r. th.i uaa i cccivou me ineriieu and unoungled cjiodaan. pf the p eqpi of ifci towc. " ' tiein. TAcwaa IV. Vfroit of the U. S Navy, who was tried by a Court Mar tial on the Coast of Brazil, on charges preferred against him by. Com. Creigh ton, in July last, and suspendedhas been restored to duty ; the proceedings of the Court Martial in his case, having been disapproved by the President. . . A Temperance Society in Hartford, Con. has upwards of a thousand mem bers, - . U' e ?lJ hJ(J enlrruiued th.t cVp roti denly rruitted thitcap kXtjrKirjar.,,Tt waT fUBioureJ'fhif he was aootit to negotiate a loan lor kus sia, and this report had created a fresh amonp aneenlator 1. The Aujsburgh nazet,le aAnooncesi as intelligence from Odessa, (if the loth Dec. that (he pretend which llelil Pachi. the I urklin Amoassador, was cnargeu rOjiro-n Meiaipri lie n opo, deliver to tlie Emperor of Huia ere tru- Pomd.ster. former Uiv. ol thai ua'.e; w ly uV'gniGcenr. Theyre said to consist J Adawa i PoiMlrxt.-! i. of .cvcral doecn of ahawl worth 30,000; 1 paper tubles each, besides diamonu, ' V,M'"J ra'uf fifm tbegni pearls, sabres, and otliee costly arms. , erfrd H'H.cuioe, that the htJM of Mr. The total value is computed at aeven . Tbomtyin, of that uxtirtj', m burnt milli.'ns of piper rulcs. tugtit of the V6tli Xov.p and Mrs. TJjump,;. At Geneva on the nip;lt nf the C4'n D an.l twoof hrrcliil Irtn, perialicd it tlielw . . l .i .... r.1,7.. ir. o' imi . . ...Si a a a.Ta) . m ceniocr, inc incrrnnuicrr irn , v nu- helo tcro; and a' Cltimnnt Hrrraudoii the 23th the row aj 18 inches !ee;. The Titf quso i'v nf no tio! bai' fallen in i'jnn necessarily rcinJeredthe arrival of journals and corniporidence verr irrcg.I r. On the C rh Decern! er, a vcss.l of the royai .v ii sar 0 trom l oviion wnn ai vim of .'OOOcOi '. l:,t Greece. On thr ! nrece-llng day a vc.iel sailed with U 000 shirt for the Green. The vife of a labourer at Haarlem. , in Holland, was delivered on the 27th Dc- tmber, of a living male child with three.) M SOUTH CAOI.IN v.cnMXnrr;CE. t Thr Columbia 't'rfrrrrie enntaim the Sipo?ht mentt of the South Carolina1 Metbodiat Confc encc; Irom hic i, wc make the following se lection : uvroMTCM marartrl llartwell pain, Preaiding Elder. Deep Rier John M. Kelly. Montgomery Angus MThon, James Fich arthon. Yadkin Wm. Martin. Ilocky Kiver W'ni. T. Smith. Siigar Creek Absalom ttrovn." Lineoln-Jacob Hill, Saniuei. Boiematl. iiuih eri oi k nne I h Morgiitn rhoma C C Smith, A. M'Corkedi'l. - JPPOIATMR.STSr; P :4. . .-..-..1. JiJ.SJiuaKJUu. mb. Miiii ctuaina tuataaic.uauMg ing were confirmed by the Senate 'oni Wednesday j !h tiTtr namely f - Louis McLane, ol Delaware, Minister to : ""lon ,u" renuoui etiort win be mac t Great Pritainr"T-?v-r- -j aacadJJr. UaBpLUlVbiUiVfh.Hiraia -.Washingtoo Irvio2t5ecreary of Igar g1 vaW Jtadmikfrae to eea tkm. - - .QrkaiJaaTib7J(aia.lL ; : Wiliiim Risc of Virginia..Miniateritfe to France. ; "North Carolina, instead nf die l!ey ofTirjisi Chs. C. Harper, of Maryland, Secretary and Tennessee, aa provided in Mr. Hempbll of Legation. bill.) Mr. Cnrasi fron this state, bas oSeredai William P. Preble, of Maine, Minister amendment, u th effect, if the project w to tbe Netherlands. , . be aCcon)lUtied, North Carolina mlitlituiJ Augusiv ot uouiaiana, oec- retary of Leuation Cornelius P. Van Ness, of Vermont, Minister to' Spain J f! Pi-Wll . rt lTanl,,lr w. "Itrralip. nl I I ,. ,; un,. I'.ki.irjAmii L,g..ton to the Itepubhc of Colombls. Jamea Duncan, ta be receive c. uX Pub 'J lie, Moneys at Washington, Mississippi. William J.n, Phit.inKU. Jas. Campbell, of New York, to be Dircc - tors of the Bank of the L'mted Stales. Grafie Vines. Wc have pleasure in stati'ig, tiut the Grape Vine Cuttings or dieted by the direction of our Agricultural ough Recorder has been 'eomplimentdf Bo rd at their late annual, from: wh( 8 TUltNir !-raiscd br Mr.Wav the Vineyard olDr,..Jfc&M9lfLuLC.ljt - ' .. : 4 Inrribia. in South Carolina. hv hsen ... ceivedrrSuch as were to other places than Haleigh, wero so addressed, , and we trust wili duly reach iu amy the Ae tnerr aestinauon. ovicn ot ine Aencu tural Societies aa gave no special direc tions, can obtain their portion of the Cut lings, by applying to the Secretary of the Board here. liateigh Register. Fire. On Thursday las, be',.veen 1 and 12 Vcloek in the forenoon, the range of woodcrr bbildirfs,-'conshtingof Hu houses, on the south side of Market street ahd'tisctlfirScpTTOrln;! bMrnt to tlt is;rwrxt Pome of.. the.p.rer prietora in the range lost their whole de pendence for a hubsience j an J aOlle occupants suffered some loss during the cotifosior.. , A contribution was raised en the groond for the female, sufferers. We understand that Mr. Langdon, was the only person, in the range whose houe was iusured ; and thft n partjralue only. Wilmington Recorder 17 in ult. The Mayor of Philadelpia has appoin ted a '.patrol of So men to guard the city at night. VmSyU f tie rjit-iiU U m a id pers! tJi tt nxl iri-ich oUi riimntion. Tli merita a liberal patronug and, e lojjt, receive, it. te have heretofore .utvd, that Robert ff Adami ha lean vfrclfd Senalo-Jti Cotirt ' Sf . h i, iuu-c ait trie um$ pantr. ik., . k,i daugutcrof lM. bhAl, aged about burned to daiti iiat Jan h-r elorbei Vw ing caught I'roi tru uIW1 with liaiii.ji. of ae.ii id -;' a rurr.Uer of clwi wetc pl ir.g. it u tu a h,r,t iun Jlttef al' ante al a aXi- u. iaeta - - -"ircn, ioet cie d"c 'r,''l;e in gwrdin- a-urut tit, , currence otsuch afactivc tccWema. 9 Mia Fanny IVryhi (us prc based thifi tv suves at NewO leansi and s,lui ;i,cm frec, end chartered a vessel to tali '"c o S(. Domingo, for. a betfjemtat, TaSiai t maalV h. I... 1 ""- uUHes inaeBf king puldic harangues about the country, and aprrading her infidel creed and & centious doctrines. Sirangr, very Strange There Is soca an office in the city of New York n Pub lic Administrator. Mr. Sylvanus Mitlcr, the' present incQ mbent, i has em'mitied '"tht mow rare act tfr du.rt it eJ 'pinoSm "ntCIUon-lo the city au'thoriiy, tomfiaimnf thbt hia kalat'j is foo laaoe ! Weiia IJy"X7ge7Terrriaand uajj i.jau . Jkk fr participate of ita heiienta a other Slates. U We.ihotikl moch prefer that the General .Cot', ernment would Jeave interml improveiiteittiia the ttvertJ tait to the aiore authoriiict,- I 'iom, wethink, theewMio.iaor.vtocarrf . nri . ( -; " swivnvi icnurs, t us pi avw i " has not already been, to taw buruW " be Southern states, which i orea aown tneir industry and eaterprise, v ' swa'fowing up the entir? prpfitj of their lab Tarniflti. The editor cf the Ilillsbo- , weoaxcTW wrtglTCOTmj an? measured "twolctt jtwa and a half inches in circumference Thf- nrnrtrntinn-rtfh thEdK tor thinks, ought to operpic as pre; ventive to emigration - Westward 1 " " Eusslng a Bugg,j Edgeficldi Jfr, Chaid. &usytoi htemwrrk d td Mr's. -fitter, widow' of-WmX . wife r but he certainly has art onpleas&ot., name lor -a constant. tonlpalon,Jpall',l htf if the WWow-broRhwny-y'",-5bt along" withhe7. Whoever befo heard of a rqan's 'marrying a Buo ' ; ' would mudi.'retber Je divorced-(ro ' bedstead full of them. We regret to learn by a private lcerf says the Savannah Georgian, the decw of the Hon. 7 W W, Cobb, Judge of Ockmulgee Circuit, and late Senator from this State in the Congress of the Jfv

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