( MM fUUsnUUV, ltd WAN COUNTY, V. C... TUK8IIAT, APML 30, 1810. VM X.....MI. 313. r t mi' V Ma I at t ',. K ! Ma w wu xi i.-. . ! i " ' -r iVl.y M4tA ft'nV' T j. m-4 Ml wmn H Uw '-. 'W . -. k. u....... I i . r.l - m - . - - - . . . 1 a 4 I "Wi'lf.Ti r&T hi T7 rriTFiVet, f' TtinT i a I M prepared I .mar nil kin1'.' f In. iImh m tb mate nil m- ' U'hioiia ro a'y.e llatiiiff in hi r mploy, fiii f iirk- HV- i. (M it llle I') Itl -ti ii "I tl'rtliri oil irrt hirt fie, mklr i;i in 'In- m il tutriir 0yt, l rrH! to ,' Mflt. Hi-i fflhr Afmt if H'rii'i J SafiiTfV l'--nM nyrt'lH ' .'u('i'i(r mil lii' nrfi, ihf m'h Jiijr m iii'inr!'l in wll njfliti far ihrtc 0 ' "J'tl'lti l CultlllC fwl tliliJ icKtl Ik i 'o iy fvturi il(i.i; 'mtiurini i, . H iinf lulrirn U r.r ijiicmul I'ui. Srit' . ill lie iu,;lil rry !n . ' t-U ut Gutting nu' of Oir.ncnii, ill Lc V lo. -.1. lert (or nrk (rois Jmiincf, will bt i . i.'jf ll' iijed In. Br.MMi rKi.rv. iaX v. isw. . u Ntr.D, lo f lHr Jirnciirii Ti ktri. GooJ vorkmnn will rrrrt viih rrn 'it cinpl.iiriMnt, nl lirtrl r" HF.NJVMi,N rfivi.r.v. .WiV. '. .V f. 5.-:o. 1 4 BY AUTIIOTIXTY. Ei31 of ihc lin t 3 SMtfi: (Dti II BR tl rnaetfd by ihr Sriie ant Ihute Hrf-t4rniirvr of 'A- I ' j'rd S'jht 0 Ammcati Cvngrtf a"t!trJ. Ttui iiir fcJI'. liz J'li' r sn1 ifte me are heri L -iJrepfHii d. to be paiJ out ul ar.jr un ippe printed mofie in 'he Tn i'ur, m t'nr p) tn nti lor the y. r one t Jioui .nu tljjhi hondicd iind thirty, of the ptrini Dent annot'Jf poftdrd f-r b? 'he ae.on.i rbl o( the nti conrludcd it l'rtrie tlri Chien, the tweniy-nimn July, one Ibouwnd eljjtit TuV,r"1 anrl twenty ntnc, wi'b ibe Cnippcw. Oc.awi, and Pora Sai'tmie lidiini, tilircn thouaand did hn; for lr iu rh of jroodsi ttipt:U- (ttMU.w:i''ki( w-nc-CfJirereu o it . .'.a f...tl..V-.-. vr lhorund rtollar t ' -'aur'tW cufibiae 6f lif'f 0rferef aft, for "" "" " 1 " - " . . c P. f. fiaf f Sam a ki. B..H 1 "'CTeiooMod.'teH-'V''r,l- ''d -liny, f Ml utaiad ly ittAi arncleiwe fittndiad "2; twenty t -dollar! lor transport lrW h aaid annuity .and salt, and ex - fea of proviaiooa at the delivery. of itu Mmtr.TjneTnoasaniTffrnTirTj Torinepiy faent ofTTetm ''p'6t1dt'Ttore'tinHiitrart abinise ar tbltnwm : ""t.'A. F.', rpoititcT wtftKrw ol ward -laaiy, eleven ItluUaaud iTTiuno1-eair6 pente of suiteying the bo 'iidarie oi the thou-ncl Uollartj lor Ibe payrnei'u, Tor - tt year one .thousand e;il fiuoUreil i: "ad"kl it'll Cl lUmrrd vituy iwJtf4. by the M-cond ar-.icle of the treaty; made at Prairre du Chien, the tec oid Auxum, one thotmnd eihl hundred and twenty cie. wirf ihe WinnebJjjo Indians eigh teen iioumnd dollar lor purchasing gon.'- to be delivered at 'he treaty a a'l ut -'td by the aair! irtrd aritcie, -ty liousanddollra; lor pure ruting mree tbom .nd poundi Of tobst ro, per same ar ticle; for one thousand t int hundred and thirty, three thousand do'lUra ; for trans portaiion of ihe saiiiCi six:y dtillara; lot purthaMnic fij'ty barrels of salt, per aiu at.o'.d article, one hundred nd twenty ' iive dollar ; for transpo-tation of the lame, one hundred dollan; for iu,.poi; - af three blackstnith'asii -pj. including pay of tmiths, and aisUunts, als.o. tools, iron, ; aitcl. kr for ibe year one thousand eigni kundrtd and thirty, aspe'r tbird antcle ol aaid 'reaty, three thousand dollars; for the p'!tchae of two yoke of oxen and a eart, and lor the services ot a man at uc Portaee of Wisconsin and Fo rivers, lor TOetrf(58$?fiIil2WMH per same article, bte nunarea n-a tnirty tei!ollarsj for thepatment of sundry ..elunai Jijainit the ) innebagoesi . pro v'u'ed fur by the fourth article ot aaid trraty 'en(y-thrce thousand five hun did and thirty twodol ais; for expense of turyeying the boundaries of the terri tory ceded by tbe treaty, one thou sand aevea hundred and forty dollars, . t . A. SfEVENSON, " Sbeaie'r cTlhe Hou?e of Rf-preaehtatirei, V4-a P..,.4. nl.ll, llm'nl rij ;Sii3Wfjr3jrK - -rrraowsii of Hw.y.iiii. - - llriJOL-j BDMSa 19. eanmeration of the inhabitant of tbe Lmted State. - ' Pec 1. BF, it eiineted bu the Senate andlhiue f RrprtetnttUivei fKlke United Statu ef.tmeri run f tngrtu totemMed, That tbe Marshals of ths.erl Districts of the I' nited Slat,.,, and of tbe District .if Columbra, and olthc Territo i'ejtrf Miobijjan, Arkansas, and nf rirwkht, rc-. retjvaly, ahall be, and am' Upffbr. yemirad, ii i.f-f lltt direction bl ilia fi erir)f of ihe IV. part roe nt of Htat, ni l agc4mlm in wicti In rru.rtiirn m li "h1 1 pre, puialunt in lb' ft, MSWifcP 'i ...LiiiLuuuiLk 1.-. I'... ... . .. T ...J1trt tin I awf.ii L a arillii , . . ... i n .'.Hie I'.i ; l .1 a . i-1 i ci ii: . Mr i : r.cui- t .. ll..-'....... I, . . ' Uiaii, c'f(lin( Iriihr ilirrciimit iSl'Of t. t'Ur i'lf'iillr''i'l.l )ull .1,1' inj cil, t,r Of 111 T'll! nlillO 'irrviftt. till i'. of fre n4 fraaalaa, .tit ,r i. t ,,, r tir. r f.svr a; Vf isr tern ( ii.mr of fillfei ind a J. r twrinji ol le .t a id undrr thiily ( i.i ne of thrt 'i l iroirr r.ifif i iiy of forty ami iin.lrr (fji ili wr of liltv 1 11I uiirftr liiijr , thom of a 1 1 v a,i. unlrf rii-'itr; (Vk8 of arvenlv ril iioilrr richly i llioor of rf ii'v a.l tuwlrr niort 1 ilfur of ui'uHy ami iind'-r "! Iiniulrpil , lliour i4 rn( 'i Hm!. r.l ami U)i i i 1 i !iall furilirr i'j.. iili .Ii" imoi'ir r u ilii'x frrr ajhi'r nnii i' I1I.1I in iiirli r'mrpi tl,.i 1, a!i'j arr Uf an-1 dumb. 110 I f tho . ol f mr.trn ,e1r. and ibine of ilir ae io.,rtrei vrara iy', uvrr irrti vfltr, ami ol' 1 11 fc'r i.l lrriit five rif, 'mI upar.:, anij I ir'iier i!ii'i.iifi,ii the nu.iitwr of 0uw fur alnir h-i . ,( (. c!ik!pi hi ucli rmi.nrra'ion, lu a-e Mm I 1 hp inl ' .Mrt.rratio'i t, I di. i":iiii ihc wi, 1 of all lirf c il.ir,' 1 i 1 if. i, ' of a'i oilirr eiil-i'cd per'Hi buu.tfl to trr;,- r I ir l.lc tr fur a ler.n I of )-, al Hie tf i Ii free and Other colore I pernio rrrpi 1 'ir. I, of ei ti in, u ner ten j "l.n of - . I!h..- of 'en a n! uodrr ini IV f'Hr . 'Iinv of len'f ri ir anl iinib r li.irty Hi U.nir nl thim-tii an 1 utwier ii fife. tlio)e ol bllt fi.e ml 11 wler one hniilril: aivl ie Bnii.r.il; aivl lW of nor I,.. l,rd iin.aKU. aivl !,.!!; f-tnher d;miiih the Tirrhr-r of thnt free '"J Burk,',,' " ,t re- colored 0. I i elurt,! , r.. including in 19 "Ctl 1 ".'. ihr forejomj i.. are ! af ai. .luno., iIIhhiI ,n e dtpered ai'Uaiion of tie inhaOllania, regard to a,e, ai;il tlmte aUoare blind J'or 1 omi dimMit, I drnlr en'l twenlf 6'e erltcnnK wbicN, ihr r.i-'iali ai"ore.nt hllcrn'i will not be ti0i.ent for one hun- liare power, ...Jar, l.errbv re.jiir.-J. to an- ,lrf,) per,0n, the Marallal, wi'b the iD rill lat linav aif m,.rm m ,iHnl . -.. .a. ..II.. . ni'7 r: an je lrrTTTT.nr; run ifn ta ezca ol tlin aiii axi'ian'i a rrrtain ilirmon '.. trtn. t- rv, which i!rAiion li-il tun count, in any caae, ol injre iian one conn1. . but inn ioclu lc nor or more t"wn, to na n?, wanb, liumifed,, i'rrcifK' . or CartIiea, and alil be plaioJu a.xl likti , 1 1 v IioiikImI ; the !,) riMjinrrali'in !iall b nia If l.v an actual imjoiry i lurh Ujr.haU uf juuUuu, ax every J- tliiuj hmiv, or by perainal inuuiry of the bead ot erery family I he iiinoj'iril. and their aa'iu'aiita iliall, rrp.-r. irli-, brinre entering on the perfirnianrr ol ihe.r duly umler tlin act, take and i;ibrrirr an oaili or a.Tirrnatioii, be'nre aomc Judfe or loi tice of the Peace, resident within thrir trtier. I tie diatrictaor lerYitoric, fir the f-i.tlif.it per - tormance ot their 'lo ir I ,ie i'h or .irwrna tton-f ibe Utnhal aliall b aafollowai "I. B.. M.r,bloHlie Dmtnc (or Territory) of ! r7-?. ttiZ. "f- and fa.bfui t.C4Uw to be inadr. a fH mmi nrr. t- - - feci eriiiinrrttioh anj i!ferijiion ofitl , . rt'iril re.Kiit wittitn my th-trwr, e temtorv) and mtiira th aane to that Sccrtiacy of stile. . .., . .l. . . . ' ' reeabrf to the airftum of an act of Con- reia, entitled An act in provide for taking the fil'h CeiiftT nr enotneratriti of the mNhttint of the t m.ely-atc-V ac:ar dJij; iq the be.t .of jiy aoilitr. I be Oit.i or aihi luliun of an an aiiiwant to the Mrslial of ibe Pittpct, for .XexuUirxuf-frrrr-riii .J, ik midi. I. Jtr(:X affirm, that I wid make a j'i fauhtiil, and pj-rt'eci enumeration and detcription of all person, rcti (lent ii-ilUja the ilivmnn at&igncd to me liar that purpose, bV 'tlie Marshal "of the DirCt,'Tr rrr.ory of - aivl makr due return there of to the sait Nlar- lial, agreeably h tfe -ehrrc-tloiw of an iet of Ci)rifrt's; fntitle-f Aa 'art to provij for takinj-; rhe fifth Cennn or enumera. lion of tbe inhabitants of lhf United State, according to the bet of ny ability, and that I mill take fie said enumtratioi and description, by actual inquiry at every dwelling bouse with in ia J diMniiii, or personal inrjiiiry of the head of every fimilt,' anj not other inc." I hr enu meration halt commence on (lie first dy in lone, in die year one thousand eight hunjred and thirty, and ahall be Completed and cttcloaed within Sii calender month- theretf'er: the sev eral a-i5tnni "ball, WiiIihi the aiJ til months and on ur bclore the fint day of December, one thouanl eigi.l hundred and thirty, deliver to the jlarsualv by wuom tbey abajl be aiooiuted respectively, two copies of the accurate returns of all person', except Indian not tkxed, to be enumerated, a !urttj. within 'heir reipec tive division ; which returns ahkll be dr in a schedule, the form of winch ia annexed to tint act, and which shall d'utmpuisb, in each county, rtty, town, township, ward, precinct, hundred, diMnrt, or parish, according to the civil Jivii- ions of the State or. rerritoiirg, rtupectively, the several families, by the name of their mas ter, mistreat, ateward, overseer, or other princi pal person therein. Sac. 2. And bt it fi'.'t' -r eimct-i. That every return, or making talse return of the enumer at ion, to the Marahai, within tbe lime limited by this act, ahall torteit the sum of two hundred JoiWa, recoverable ia the manner paiaied, out in the next auction of tbit act. Sec. 3. -fnef be it further enncted. That the Marshals shall file one copy of each of tbe eev. vral return aforesaid, and, also, an attested copy of the aggregate amount hereinafter direc ted, ta be transferred by lbem reipcctively, to the Secretary of State, with the clerk of their re.piCi;Uve Uisttrtct or Superior CodfU,ta the case miy itKf, -who are lacreky direxled ta receive, andcaretuily lo preserve, tbe Mmt and tbe a Ja. Hat .,tTil'a;.is.-iti -r ' "fr x"-": i;"h(i:.i ... i,. 'rfntlaaw -M .i- t turn received from each ashitnt and, alor the ajjjfregate amount of e.iuh iStscription of per sons within their respective PistrictM or Terri- iTbtiei V andererjr''M them, wHh -the cleiks of the, repective Courts, as aforesaid, or failing to return one copy of the several returns ftceived from eaci assittanf. and, , also, ' the aggregate amount of each description of peraons. i their retpective Dntricts'or rerritonr. a required b ibiaact, and aa ft.s.tnujj'liall ap;n-ar from j wid returrji, to .the rr-st-rv if state, witbm' ih uiifiv, fnffrit ih tf one thouutvl . !Ur., wincli f.iWni.ir ,htU rteofwmblt ia Ik t xifM Ifco O.tlnrd of Tmt -fi-"-! lirt ii . j 'i 1 ' .. .... : I . .1 i iHi I., r ..ii... . i - i. -.. I . . . . ' . !(ii tA 4 tl. nil.iBi.a. or huiic'ia'iil 1 th ' h'f thrr f.if lo lh u of th Umi4 uim, mil ilie piliff hlf it th Mumftt but, her m pMtociumn ti.I bt firtt ,iviiui! on bo. UU W iMt4 MiM,4b wlW ImU tcrruc ' h , I, far ffo r,, rlrr-w. it ir orriif-!, il9 Tifv tirin (wjrli. in tt-e M'tril l),rr',, tad irf ui "iiiprm t jri, in th TrriiwiM of (be Lnitfd Hilc, MtfjrcMni, (t their Mil tern on, to be htU ftr the tipirtti.m of the tin l lnr. for HMklrtf lh re'um of lh enur. im, berb directed, in the geereuif of tt, t!i1 (tire -hi ct in rhu o h rivl june, in iSeir rr(retife Court, tivt thill uuwt the r iiiriM of !h irvcrtJ ixiiumt, end the laid U I'. I'M IOC Mill a met, be l.d ion. .nd the rr. rana wH-alt, wrhii iVrj eony of the rr'Yirit bt-fur lhm tit ibnr intpeel irctii.t' clerk of the mh! Coun 1 tirty IM rvr hi Mul n;Mtl rinrp l, le bf en Ilid b:f.rt th iirn lunr afnro. ii't, trinifnit end .lclirr all h original re t ir.i,.) (frit, to ibe Drptrltvn' of Hiie (.. V 1t't I ilf,,riker tortel, Plat rrery 'ant aliall ffff. at the ra ol dtp J llr n. I ei.tie cen lor err huotlrtil prn int by him retumrd. eliere tu Ii pervm rrt.ile in Uh-rmiiMr) ivl, whffran-h pt ro rrrf tn a trtjr or town, e-miaimnir, more than hie ihmiMnd prrini, aurb muni tiiall rrrrie et the urnr rate f r ihrre ibouoaltHl, al a' th; rate ' , ... . " - - . v '7 T ""V' """ lr '"" lir''tior.'l-UK luneea til..ii.tir,ixapti. in lurb (iii-,ioni, at hl"c de med an jdrqua'e compnis jtion : Provided, The ivjiie lt not eited one d.l..r an'i Uerenty fie cr ! tr-r evert fit prron 'iy them ieiuine'1 : 'ret-iJe.', furthfr, I tiat, before jny iii ni, is aforenaiil. in eny caie, ! enu led to receive id compenntion, he th .11 ke and i-j i ii'iibe the follotrini; oil: or jfTi. ina'ioii, '''fore tpme Judfc or Jui'ite of tne ! IN ace, aUlhotiird u adinini-ttri tne tame. n wit ; I. ., (I.i It fTioly wejr, or jifrj irrni thai the ntimii. r ul p taoni set lonh in ;he return no by me. jrea I ' 40 ,he P ovi-ion of .he a.:t. Clill led act to provi.te fiiin H r-tlt 6re,nwtrwTWt'Wl t tn wi4; ? - ( . he United S-e.' been avcer j j b .utj inq0r t rhe be-d ot I i , . r ., : w eyery fan.tly, m eiatt conlormiiy wi'h 1 . ' t r , - - the provisions of aId act antflhat I bate in evety resprc. fulfilled ibe, duvtea re quired ol jn? r rd,aet to ina &eatot inybtljiie-i , jtjd that the reuirr. Ih xid is correct nd true, according to (he bear of my knowirdre end wetiel '' fJe Trim- oeTfa'arl'm "T--'thraere-rw- M at Strait shall be as follows : .Tbe ilarsiial of tbe District of; M ios, three hUQdred dollars : the Martha! of the Pistrict of "Neei HarhpiTitreT" three "Run' fired dollar ; the Mirsnal of the Diktat of Mai-jciiu-ietts.toree bundled and fif.y dollart; ne Marshal of the Disirict ol 11 node Island, two hundred d. liars j the Marshal ot the District of Vermont, three nunc; red dollars ; the Martnal ol the .District ol Connecticut, two hun dred and fin dollaisi the Marsbal ol the Southern Di. net ol Ncw York, ibiee hundred dollars; the Matsnal of (he Northern District of New York, three nundred dollars; tne Marshal of the Dis trict of New Jcisey,iwo Oundred and til y dollars ; the Maishafof tne Eastern Uis t rtct of Venniylvanu, three hundred dot Urs ; the Marshal ol the VVes.eiu District of Pennsyltanii, three nundred dollars; the Marshal of the District ol Delaware, one hund.ed and blty dollars; tne Mar- 'JjH1 of the District ol Maryland, three hundred and fitly dodara; wic Alaranal ot the asurn District ot Virginia, (Dree hundred dollars; the Marsnalol me VV'es- tern District ol Virgiuia, three hundred dollars; the Marshal of the District ol rven lar ; tbe Marshal of the District ol -North Carolina, three hundred and fifty dollars ; the Marshal of the District ot South Caro lina. three hundrpd and fifty dotlara the at - a . . ' . - . a' I ' . Marshal of the District ot Ueorgta, tnree hundred and fifty dollars ; tbe Marshal ol ibe District of Ea.t Tennessee, two hun dred dollars j the Marshal of ibe District et West Tennessee, two bundled dollars ; the Marshal of the Disirict of Ohio, four hundred dolhra the Marshal of the Dig- trkt 'of Ihdwha, hundred and fifty h'I of the '.District of .mi)MHrjpt, two hundred dollar; the -Marshals ot the twenty five dollars each; tne Marshal ol the District of Alabama, two hundred and fif.y dollars t (he Marshal of the District of Missouri, (wu hundred dollars; the Marshal, of the District o I Columbia, one hundred dollars: -the-Marshal of the Michigan Terrirorr,cn3 hundred cad fifty Jl!r ih M.-til Aif ih Aikintit TtfHioff 1 ont hundrrd tnd 6i rfollari tb Marihili of tht Trriio"f r Floridii Cftiy (xsrtot wbof uul flca ol itwlt hll b in fijr fmilrt on tht id fri df In iun, one ihoutind eight hundred nd thlrir, thjil ta returned n of tuch Win "'ta!t tx'an lihiblunt of inirnilrirt rM or lerriire, atiihout teltled pUce ol rei!tncr , in all b intertnd In ibe rnlumn of the echedule which Honed for ibe heada of familie( in the dirltion whr re e or the ihall be on the nid firat da in fune 1 end er uerton ncciMonallf ab rut at the time of enumeration, a be I , . 1 1 . . . r'"K" il.c place in which he or vhe unillt revidei in the L tiit ed S'aie. .Se. 6. And h it further enacltj. Thai ech and ctery free pcraon, mora than autren tear of aire, whether hMdi of lomiliei or not, heloiiriri) to any family iihio any r'lHii in, district or Territory , made or eitabliihed within the t'niicd Stiie, ahall be, end fierebf it obliged lo ren.ter to the tutnt of the diviniun, if rtfjuitf d, 1 true account, to the bett of hit or her ftiio)ledi;ei of erery pcron belnnf;inf rh ii(b lamily, retpeciirrly, cording to the veteral deacrip iom aforeaatd, on p'jin of fjrfei ing twenty d dlary, to be ucd for end recorered, in any ectimof deUd b auc1) auiataut ; l lie one half to hi own u and the cibcr half to the ur of the Unned b atca Sge 7 Jndbt it furiArr rnacied, Thu 3eTr-mtiirery-iTVrw , prrrrotj ij"mr III re"QVr.'v,loTTie""3r"raTaI, aKall rue a co' reel copy, lh'ficu DylinntciiT of tha schedule coniaimn tne nuraVocr ol inhjbiiant within hi diviiion, to be -t up at (wo of the tr.osi public plarct witliln the iimr, there (o remain lor the iniptc ion of all concerned ; lor each ol whi n copiet, ihe said uhhum n,li ue entitled to receive five dollars : Prcvidtd. l'ruol of Ihe schedule having- tieou bet u,i, al'all te tiaiisrniued to the Marshal, nu inc elurn of the number ol prison-. an J, in aie any aiMiant shall tail 'o make such ptoof i.i ihe Marsni!. witn (he rc urn ol 'he numoer of paroni ----- ne .hi!l forfeit the com-vensauob atiowcu ui'n ry :hl aCt brf. B .1d be it Jurther enacted, Thai ft -"tt ir wi y r ti W, mm-t hmr. hv K, auirto'izfd and reQuiied lo trans mi 7 to tire" Marsnala of the satcral Du. tct ud Xa-xniorietv reguUltoos and in tliuUio is, pursuant to this act, for carry ing the lame into effect; and, aho, me f.wrna corwaincd tberew, of ibe schedule to ee worm-di end aacrr otner lormr at may be necessaiy in carrying mis act in foxcu'ion, ut-if proper tntern('atorre. f Fo'lie a JnTiiMiietrrr by the -seerwron to be employed in taking tae enu nera liuu',' . ic 9. And be it Jurtf.cr enacted, Tbi. thoie suTis ioinn-Jtng two Dt7iicia, and wnere pt -uf-a Couoy mf DC lu iacf. Dutritt. such County snail be con r. iderec as bcioitirme to thjt uistriti in which liic Court nouse of said Count) mat be situate- Sic. 10 A.idbei; further enacteds That, in all ci-t s wiic c tne aupcffuldl cutitcnt of any Countv or parish, sbjll cXuced twenty miles square, and (he uuinbtr ul inhabitants in said pari-th or county iuil not exceed thiee thogsandi the Marsnals or as-i(tmts shall be allowed, witu die ap probation of the Judges ol tne respective dl st nets or terntoric. aucn turtoar com pciuatiou as shall be deemed reasonable i Provided, The same doea not exceed four dollars tor every fifty persona by ihem turned i and wnen any aucn county or parish shall esceed forty miles square, and (he number ot luhauiunts in the same tnall not exceed three inousand, like allowance shall be made, not (o ex Jceed six dollars for ctery filly persons so returned. YC..1.1. And be u furthfr enacted, That wttentr comple(ed, and returned (o the office ol (he Secretary ofSiaie, by the Marshals ol (he States and Territories, ne shall direct the printera to Congresa to print, for tbe use "ol Congreas, three thousand copies T of the aggregate returns receivea irom the Marshals : And provided, That if any Marshal, any DilnintiJfli: ted States or Territories, shall, directly or indirectly, aik, demand or receive, or contract (o receite, of apy assistants to oe ippointed by htm -under this act," any lea, .--" ...- ;..;.i ni W! 'jmVKiJW'w rh e n l of u cb 'ljJliafW',!isfWaW' ffulTestT w; atich '"taawsawt ,aiitter this act, or shall retain 'frorp such assis rjkotasivjrf lowed to t he a sMsatit by t hi actrin laid Marshal shall be deemed guilty of a mis demeanor in ofgee, and shall forfeit and pay the amount of five hundred dollar, Lr eilh offence, to be recovered by ui or indir(ment in any Circuit or Dinner Court ta the Vnite-J Stattsj or tb Terri lorjet (hereof, one half lo the uf f th O.err.mcnii end tht other half l the In- ' former i and all 'intrant which m.y ba wimfm fcwie rmff, may be reeoyrrc.f 'f k by be part iy lo(f the tmr, in any court hating juris dicti in of tip iimi. rie, and the Puirlct of f'olom'M., iha amount of poiiaKe by them respectively paid on Ieiiert reli:irf( to their du ica qndrr mi rt. Src. I l.Ar.itt it further enactrj, Tnit the I'un '.. ii' of the United Siaie it here by auihuriard tocaute to he made a rare ful tension of mi Haiemenl heretofore) irantmitted to Centre, of ill former enumeration, of the pnpula'ion of tb L' filled Siaic and ibeir 1 er; I'oriet, and to raj.a en alivtratt of the Hfrtgi amount ol pnpulition in each State and I cnitory, to oe printed iy tna printer to Congre, (deii;oilJng :tie number of io- babiiani of each detctipiioni by coumica or ariaix,, 10 tha number of two thou auC coquet, wtiitb laid ti.pu: ahall o dittribuicd t'orijrei mill hcri er m e. i, ana kir ini purijovr. t sum ol twothouaand C'.liaitit hereby tail. ii i pid oui ol any tn ,pp. pria- T rt-r , no' ' h V, v lin art- Ixilhl. x - - f j A a i ae dr.i ,. duiuo o. t "I trlll).rir .nil upward". - e , !'v.i i are dral and duino ot ihe tfe of 4- if V. J. 4 ? ,a-a.-o..i .ml aa ';" varfr-air.( L VU"T' r-inrrs ut oaiuraiiaej. 1 u are bun.1. " " V no arc dral ar J ,iu Lj ot (c If- iVi- and i.pH a-, W .i i are d i a. i,i d i no of ib. ZTf ' ion M 4,1 ,, r w, n!) hr. 'Vno arc ..i.l a-Hl ouiB j u.nJti l;u; - tee i villi -I a.-r. l il.. I 'I one liuniiicil i. ''Tinj n w- a.i'Tuii, p ,ril - U. - Z 'i 'i ' -iity lour ini iimUr , - nr. " h i an i mi , r I t.ll) -tOOl . tt or I III , iiorntr. o tl-e ki , -ii ii. r-i-. .id""." " -itr-. w!r loot' 3 rrt 'en tnd utut.'i'iaeiiihi I t' nder ten years ot aJi, Uf onebuiidrtJ and upwa.ila. H ttll.fikc4uU uiidar an liumireTTr 3 LihltJJt"!" . O'Kier frt-bi rr-. o-wrn;-HmraniJ uurfef ifMniZiT. Z H ten ami und r rcm looi. ' L nder len years ol tec. Ol one h-indred aodupward,. ,Li.1 ''v.e ainl under one hundred. ; thrrtvmit aTt'i nnuer fSne'jfve7 7 '"eon Uuur u.1 uiMia-p lltfr -tli ki.. jnUi-r tWcmloar.' '. "'' 'I' "ate- ;tt oiw; hundicU aovl upaara. tb-iiiitety and u.idc. one uimdicuT Ol ciiny and Uiidcr iiuu. Ol loeut) and under tiuiy! h'l nxiy and undir etn.y. " 5 hoy a Kl iiner tiny. 'l lorty a kI und. r hi . a ;Ot lliirij, ami ondir lorty. i iatuiy ami umlrr tti.ny. i h n aid unotr twcii.y. .jjk.u, under hltccu. Oi hve ai.d Under len. i' ,d, r rie )car, ol ae. Ot one hundred a.wl Hpwarua. Ot ninety and under uu liundred. in r.,7.i- . ...i .....i ir W Ot aeveuty and under eigrity. se o HX sixty and umirr aeventy. "i nnv arm ud r amy. tf forty and under fitly-' jOf thirty and under forty. pl twenty and under thirty. Of filter n and under twenty. Of tew awl onderfTfteen. Ul five and under tetT. tOnrfcrftre ytears oriire; - Name of Head1 of Families. fiNatjiea of (Joun'yJiCity, vVta-dTXowit, Tpwa. ft ship, ransh, rreeinct, Hundred, or District. Speaker of the House of Kepresentives, J V. CALHOUN, Vice President of the L' oiled States and President of the Senate. Approved, March 18, 1 830. ANDREW J"tCk-M i . Bead-Quarter, Q3d tffgimeiU, , . J 7... SaLtbMtv,March5th, 18 10. S JYllJ E,lffi(r jwjiMuiorwiii.itinad ofoerj. .... . JaWt H Wd-ior -lat, "irregt of Militia. &aiwle; aafa.i4wi,fc antr trt ittL a u ned a the law direct, foe Drill at which time) and place, o elrctiori for. Lieutenant Cblunct wo ao p-atf. m of ii accy tauaeu. ny. in:. resignation of Lt. Cof. Henry GUea.....the Dril! having been postponed on account of inclement weather. By order of E. Varbrough, Cof. Comdt. 5Ht , SAMtif L LEMLV, .&). rl..k:s Overy de. ription, nralty prilted, an4 kept for aale at tiaia Office, 15 - a--J...!U, "ra A v.. ;. '""" -1 'V...

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