North Carolina Newspapers

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ffflUE aubscriber revpeetful'y informs hit cut
JL tomen, and the public that he bat
Into hit new and tpaciout building, just finished
nd fitted ur in mot elegant style, superior to
any in the town i It ia the aland formerly owned
and occupied by his uncle,' DamicJ Cress, sen. j
on Main itrcel a few doon from the Court-I louwr,
t d -4Vhcre the auUtcriber liopea I'j re-
W. . Hackcttt and Samuel Umhj,
HAVING formed a Copartnerihip h ttx'
Mercuntilq Biitinew, under th firm of
Uackrit U Lmilu 1 bej leave to inform their
I'rom Blrckwood's Magazine for April.
tub roH3.trrjr to tub falsb oxe.
i &re thee to forget me ! go wander where fboj
Thy band upon lh vessel's belm, of on the m-
' btt't bile
Awav! tIio,rtfre or land and tea, to rush to
HAS the pleasure of announciag , to hit
friend, customer, and the public in gen.
enl, that he it now opening, at bit old ttand in
frien ! and the public, that tlwy are now re-
8libury, an elegant atiortmen ot - -
Ntw, Fnttliionablc, & CtcipVoods,
direct from the ciiles of Philadelphia and Kew.
eciving and opening, in the !!nue lately eceu
pie l by Uaniei H. crew, on aim tireei, cireci-,
ly opposite J. MjrpUy'si a gsntral and lmnd
vne atsortmentof . , ,
.--'-.-daoger'e brink,.-.--.
. ' ;-:.:t -- But oU .thini caust not. fly from thbiglit thy
"""ratrn be ta rt'-"---T-.i-.i-M
- - Hemetuhfr mel remember all vj lonj en-
Yorti and selected by h'mtrit, from the Uilett bit-
e!re,tjllafrgm his oJ2 ciV.omer., andaKothert
ponatian for the Spring of JBV!.wtiicn fie
rrn .. (A.i. ink f!nvla nt h nnM nilklltr
FJrriRELY.XEJV. goods;::
who o uerws h, fauy ng t- .
Cheap Goo'ls i? Good Goods I .
ean be boneht in this market. Hit assortment fcailSmlTN lUWeft
purclmtf it tor CMii, in, ncw-rori anti rnna'
(ielphia, pf the hint importation 1 Vhich they
will srll t low'st tiood can be had in this ptr
Ufr W wefipr-tijhort .'inUrrabv direct .irortju
ComurWraeyery, article uatially kept in Stores. tmESBliabu 1 :bl infiuit- WirV-s
IMprua and New.Vork,w welJaelectodanJ "J" M n.,- rrf 7 KronXV
f of iTeimulryT" TBef reipperfu ly-mrtw their "
,. e uMv- j complete gfrtm nnirw"7M
, I'rmemoer in Tnr utmost Peru, i nccr vner
. be-wtW.A - ,
- - ,
Then go, thai thonght will render thee "a dast-'
' - erd it) the fight,
Jl thought, when thou art tempctt-toit, will
- , " fill thee wilh affright i
. " " ' In iaiw wiM dung on nitrat thou He, ar. 1 coun
. ting each cold link,
TLat bin'U thee to ea,nivity, tbjy Cttre thall hi
. to fAinAr ! ;
Co seek the merry banquet ha!!, where young
nruident bloom
lie thought of me shall mike thee there endure
a deeper gloom,
, ' 7 Jul thought ihall turn the fettive cop to poi
son while you drink, '
And while fiUe amilcs'sre on thy cheek thy
; curie will be to flunk 7
"Wget me false one, Uope it not ! When min
strels touch the string,
The memory of other days will gll thee while
The aire 1 ued 16 loe will make thy coward
conscience shrink,
Are, e'ry note will hare It atring thy curse
-; ; will beo thnk t
Forget roe! No, that shall Dot U ! I'll haunt
tare in thy ileep i
la dreamt thou'U cling to t!imy rocki that over
' - - bang tb deep, .
Thou'U ahriele for aid! y feeble arm shall hurl
- thee from the brink,
And when thou wak'si in wUJ dismsy, thy curse
w HI be to think I
.fjailSUUry leiniUe ACatleinV.
. . mm mm m m. I
A N lntUtut..n.undrrtheaioe.tle,tor re-
m. males exelusirely, will be commenced on
tuj., i..t. to tain .
rjThe course of imrtntetiun will include fifwl-
rmsv- Readm?, - WtMf, AnUuuctiC, . Euabah
Grammar, Geography with the ue of ihe (.lobef,
HUtory, Bottnj, Chy mill ry. Natural Philoiophy,
Astronomy ami Benes Lettretj Music, vocal
and instrumental 1 Drawing, and Painting, will
forna a teparate departmtmt.
Aware of the inditpentab'e necessity of pro
portioning the number f initruciers to that of
pupils, the tubwf iber.ti Principal, pledges htm
elf to employ a competent aai.tant a soon si
hie schoot eacceda tweuty,and another ior v-
rlditional twenty. l
.Tbe charges ior tuition m o- rfgiimyea oy i
thoee which hare heretofore prevailed in th
eettentif the Stwh-.------. -.u
'11 '" "' ArranCrmetits w iltbe medr.-si srmnspw
. r i-5,----L-r--.T-rg: -r .ii.vW:
- ' Cifuti 1 iey can tH? rc. ineuia'.j', 00 j
AiTtftV UaTgaVna in jamVs.
fc" fatlilR subscriber orTi-rs for stle
; x-jb.-
of Land; situated -rrr Astve-ttitHyi
Th frmtfi, ; Mdthe" 'Trmeee hrif
en the wet and nnrtit Tli !nd ia surveyed
and Uie quality of each tract it cei liiied to by
the aurvcyor, who haa made a plat of In'i survey
which rosy be seen on application to Mr. White
w in Salisbury, Mr. V,. C. Henderson of Lincoln
ton, Mr. Thos. J. Forney of Burke county, or to
subscriber in AahevinY, Buncombe county. A
large portion ot tbit land it at good aa any 111
the State. J-taJ ore has been discovered on
different parts of the survey 1 and has been
- found adjacent to H:-tho cthnate is the most
s healthy and delightful in the world 1 and at no
, ery distant day, this mountain region of North
- - Carolina must become the favorite part of the
state 1 the land ia well timbered, and finely wa
tered. The tracts marked fat quality will be
eold at 7$ cents per acrerl'Jqualifr, "alOT
cents t and 3d quality, i'J cents per acre. 1 he
psymenta may ie ruada in four yearly instal
ments with interest nntil paid 1 and the nuhscri-
ber will give bond to make title on payment of
the money and interest.
So favorable an tpportttnity for obtaining
good and cheap farms, wst never before offer
ed in this state. The title to the land it in
diaputablei warrant deeds will be given to
pure haver. Application .for further informa
tion, and for purchasing any part of these lands,
C. Henderson in Lincolnton, Mr. Thos. J. For
12 ary aurkeoMBtyirW4h4ibcHer
- : TnnY-immvft. ,-
Decern!? tM,m. IpOtf
N. B. The subscriber slso efTers alW 90,000
crea of lnd in Buncombe and Haywood coun
ties." Many of these lanib contain some of the
mort valuable mineralt in the Union, In a abort
time the subscriber will- be prepared to kate
tome of these tracts to companies who might be
eVuposed to work the valuable mines ot iron,
Idad.Tilver. and rold, which they contain. He
- bat hadt olfera'tonhe ialrof othm: :zr(y
srt of AeaeJands will be aotiJ. very low ana
warrantee titles made to purchaters. J. Rnran.
Jtrmat'cOHitti, Man Stitione, 1830.
' w-W f "ng'n" Attacnmwt e yiwlj-ffcci It np
'eari'np4teafttoiii oT the Court," that the
defendant John A, Chaflinla not an inhabitant
of thit Stale, On motion of the Plaintitf by hia
attorney 1 It it ordered by the Court that pub
lication be made for sis weeka in the Western
Carolinian, orinted in Salisbury, for said John A.
Chaffin, to be and appear before the Justices pi'
our nest Court of rleu and Quarter Sessions, to
be held for the county of Rowan, at the Court
House in Salisbury, on the 3d MosdI in .August
teT. then and there to replevy or pesLother.
vise judgment final will be entered against him
. T J.U. . v U'.,..,. l.
ior vne plagium iwmiim-Kwa niiuvw,
Giles clerk of our said court at hia office, the
third-Mouday In Mav, 1810 6,58
iQlW GILES, e. r
.wettilvte4-tiMa xiutkeu anU.prrJ)Wl.jen
tTreTy " 'for ceV w nr w:ifW5ve twr'-'-sett
vtry theup lor CASH, or on time to respoimible
cuiuin-r. Among hit stock, will be found
a complete aijortmeiit of
Hard-Ware, Groceries,
. C'litlcrv. Domes! ia. Ifc.
Thoee who wish to p'irch good ant rher
Coodi, will pltac rail, examine, and judgtj far
Dec. Mh, I823. 'JT
ff. D. The rnjriuficlur'.n of fiti'N and Tin
Plate Wiirc, Itrrc'olorn roiiducled by Hd-mnril
(.'re m, will hereafter be can itd onUy thn ul-
criber : who wi'l keep Contiantiy i n hart'!, or
niiimtacture 10 order,
Stills, and Titi Ybtle Ware,
made f the b?st materialu, and in the most rub
mantialand fajltionable tryle of wrrrkman-lif;
and hopes, by a atrirt attentinn fj tlii branch of
butinest, to merit the patroiwtje of the pi'bSic.
. . cniiss.
m .
Boot and ftuft MakiiAj.
IU fBlHOMAS Mill., Ja. iiavm,'
II M . IVli .n.
of all
'I lyextcnuve aHorlment
scriionaof NnrlSrm I-E TSir.R
and .tumjrt, 01 tne qi':iTy : " "i'ik
in hi rmidov from 10 to li Jourfievmen, some
of whom are eaual if not superior to any ork-i
jmenin the Un.trl aieti-ne ineremre .ieei
. . 1 C f i
dripi,,,:, of work in I.U line of
r . ' , i . ,t d.
u.iw,t.r, -
bilitv. to snv thins ot the kind in the 1'ninn.
Having ensaged Mr. tBRNKRR DICKS' 'N
at Td-'emsnr, rhnt pentlerrnm wiH, atatUuu,. Le
found in attendance at my Shop, (which is on
Vlain Street, three doors south of the Court
House, snd S'!jiuinir the Pes'-Ollire) to re.
ceive order, deliver wnrk, give receipts .for
moneys paid, and generally to accommodate all
who may patronise the lUtablislunent.
I'rorn my ei'ei.nive arran'-roenit in luiine,
I am enabled to givt Ion;; indulj.'ciiLn.s to re-
nnsible dealers.
j ! .r..i r....iWa tiKiir- t i.ttwiniiri, t,itieit o re.
- At ue eve; y endeavor to merit a
- f,T-
tirdcufor Boots or Sl.ot, i!iit from a Ciis
ranc; HTiatlBr "proinptly errnned, and U w ork
Wanted. to firs', rate worknren. at Ucics
!lme4 aivi Vumpi 'tu whom good warjra, and
constant emt'0) mcnt, ill be given, on ap;)i;a
t ori as above. T. MLLL, Jm.
fffedIR wtwcrhe reiecttully informs iIms cit-
- Jj - jrent of Davrisnn,"aiicJ the adjacent ein
tifS, that he contimies to crry on, at hi Sufi
hi fcctinfftttH, thiijj.yM nf M rlrrrrlhJlirj:.
lilNS, ecil to any manufactured in ttvc.L mted
State j; indeed, hi Ciir.s are preferred to all
others, ly thoi- h have tried them; and
have found a' ready f ile throughout a lirge ex
tent of country. His pricct ali.dl be a" reason
able as at any other th p in ie Sjuibtrn
AH orders will be promptly a'tteiuled to, and
Gins finished in the h:)rtc:t 4)oble time.
Repairing of tlinr will bi dore on the short
est nstice, and in the moa su'batantial manner,
by tbe public's humble servant,
ann?in, -Ifuy 26. A. 18. 21
TRAYED from the subscriber resiuing at
W Liberty Hill Kershaw DiatricVJSC in
March lat, a small dark mule lately purchased
out tf a drove from Virginia, supposed, to be
shout two yean old, not bridle-wise, had, when
it left me, a small rope round his neck. I am
inclined to the belief that he will endeavor to
get back to Virginia via N. Carolina. Any per
son who may take up said mule andjpve infor
nation to the subscriber residing at Liberty
Hill. S. C. will receive the thanka of the sub-
w .
irVTHERGAS, aoroetime heretofore, a Power
tf of Attorney was given to Gen'l. James
Wellborn, of the County of Wilket and State of
North Carolina, by David Campbell and Jane
Campbell his Wife, of Wilson county, and atate
of Tennessee, in relation to the estate, Both real
and personal, which said Jane derived from her.
father Hugh Montgomery, deceased, of Sali.
tare. IfiiUxoTmVx.' wfii-iwid; mt ntt aaid
whtreaas said David arid7n;have twrsMTe4
their Interest in aaid estate to William Mont-
gdmery Cowan, Mary l'urne'1 lie Whit tr my
rife, Margaret I-avinia Campbell, and Joseph
revoke aaid rower of Attorney given to said
Welrbnrtrt And whereas, I am authorwed by
said WilSam Montgomery Cowan, Mary JPurnel
McW'hirteri Margaret Lavinia Campbell, and
Joseph Warren Campbell, tw set for them in re
lation to the above business: I hereby, for my
self andor the above named petsans, revoke
the Power ef Attorney given to aaid Wellborn,
and refuse to ratify or confirm any act which
said Wellborn may neieafter do by virtue of its
authority, - '
Mag 311,183!.
OF every description, neatly printed, and
kr pt far sa'e at tht Office.
I Jc1hL T'Sf reeeiv.a, and Itrstaler
l m very low for cash.
ii oage L'et
6 l.lidt ,Siif ar
4 do. MolswMt
3 bblt. Lof fiugar '
5 ix) liutlicU Liverpool Suit
Z 'if rcrt t'n b Rice
- " 'SVTIbi. Spun Crtton,twrted Not.
'W' I'll. Logwood, partly ground
2 hb't. Copperas.
.fO !b. Futty
1 2 kefrs White Iad, ground in oil
Tenenfle.I.itbonund weet Winti
ALi, on hand,
5ono :i5. b vcos 1
I V ith a grnztJil anl full aasortment of all other
i kin-!s o (,001)3, tailed to the t on and p!ce.
M11, 7ih, I MO.
81 25
amnion & A'aVmer i
AV E firmed a copart.
nership, aa Hatch
and Clock Makert, i'i'ter.
tmtlit ami Jrwellert, for
the purpose of carrying on
the business, in all its ra
tion! branches, in the town
of Salisbury. They occu
py th NYi Shop, built by Jamt B. Hampton,
adjoining hi dwelling on Maiuc atrert, 6 or 7
(lour? south of thr Court-Hntjse. -
They will caref jlly Uepaii all kiudi of Watch
ei, Clocka, and Time.Pieces, snd warrant tnem
to nerform well 1 And are nreoared to-manutac
4iw'idiU:i:UU.bcrt for .aaJjJA"Jf.r.!Pi
tionx or silver Ware, such a spoons, Lauita,
SuRar Tongs, kc. Work tent from a distance promptly eiecuted, and safely returned
acrnrd'tfig to directions.
A good assortment of JE WELRY will dc kept
coiistantly on hand, and sold lo"w for ciiii
V.i.V Wv. Jpril 2d, 1810. 1.
IjiiifS B. Hampton tender his gralclul ac
knowledgements to the public, for the libera
natronaee hitherto extended to himself individ
nails ; and repectfully aiks a contin of it
to the firm of which he is a partner. N. B.
Tho-e indebted to him, are earnestly deired to j
linid kte tlicir accounts as toon as possible ; as
hia mw arrangement mskei it nece'sary old
scores should be settled up.
--Windsor- Chair $ Iled-jStead
"-. -pwbhe vUl 4 Wvnd- ill continue
k. cp cn lin 1, a laige supply of hili, half-high,
u.kI l?v "
inle-ior to none in ibis country. Alvo, he intend
sec p dtrtrcna; 1 ftti
Windsor Cutirs, St ttees, src. - ,
win anted to be of good timber and well made.
Orders from a distance will meet w.tli punc
tuJ attention ; and ad kind of Ilepairt, in hit
hue, willm.'i t wi'h'doe attendance.
Ilfs terms will be accommodating. Country
produce will be taken in part pay tor work.
Tiie subscriber return hit acknowledgements
for the liberal encouragement he has heretofore
received, snd hopes to' merit a continuance of
public patronage. WM. R. HUUIIF.S.
Salihry, .ipril 2 J, 1 330. 1 7
"t;7" Wanted, a Journeyman at the above bu.
nne-ss a good woikman will meet with con
stant employ, and liberal wages.
IUI vjiav mi uni)
FtflHf. Houses and Lots, in the towi of
!5alisbury, owned by Peter Krider.
That ranee of Buildings, on Main. street.
in post occupied by Samel Jones, as a House of
Entertainment, are so well known, that a de
scription would be superfluous. Their imme
diate proximity to the Court House, renders them
valuable fur every kind of public business..
particularly for Stores, Taverns, Shops for Me
chanics, be.
nnt'nr H't at'1 r"fi Mjin
O' three squares east of the Court.House, for
merly -owned by -Alesamkr - Byd,is -very chr-
siraale far ttwettingr emi -e-ytots -wm;
ding, with tbe necesssry out-houea, &.c..ii,
beiivre on the street, it is suitable 'or publis uses
,iAU or any o(.theM Houses and Lota will be
sold low, and terms made very eay 1 or, if nut
sold, they will be rented, on moderate terms.
For further particulars, apply to the subscriber,
Agent for the proprietor. j.NO. LTZMAN.
SaMthwy,Ma9 19th, 1810. 6t2J
Mli ... and others, tbt carrtei on the Stone
Cutting Business, hear Salisbury, in its different
branches. He' gets out and cuts rocks for
grinding gold ore of alt sizet, good quality, and
a!Jesihm ofT-in the bi iyi of workman
ship. He now haa 00 hand severai pj tof !, jPWat
Hoekt, finished in the best style, which he will
sell low for cash.
He likewise cuts Mill Stones, dreaset off rocks
(or Heps, !ic. on abort notice, and low. terms ;
and requests the patronage .of the public in his
line iof business.
awe 3d; mo. - 4t2i
Cahtveir sMaUexs WunUA.
OITE or two of the above named, thar have
made suitable proficiency in their profes
sion, and can Come well recommended, jnay get
stesdy employment fly eaUing on the subscriber
at bis shop in Charlotte, N. C.
SJ6 . j. II. MCII0LS..
2 1
or Introduction h the same.
COMPRISING the f rst pr'nciplet, tmbraiin);
32 various instrument of nninic to obtain
Vie Uieory and practical parts thereof in a aci
ettifie and eomprehea.vt nu.:iw.r, with facility
to perform the first coune. of 15 popular airs,
in 20 Irtsins, (positively the limited tiue he-eV
on any solo inslrum-nt, and uill insure, to any
tttentive learner,. Of to any who lu no car tor
music, and whose elTorts have hern int-Tec.'"!,
to attain this FIN'R ART, will be taught the (:i-t
course in said time or no cempriuution will ht
retpiirtil. Each -subscriber to attend iniivn'.u.
anv ani recne i inc ncu' aijniinc:u ri..i
or evening, ait may suit h'n cunvenicnre.
" AniTirss, impressetl ihr ftriher iinpron?.
ment on Chromatic mus -., the Sonatas pt:t lim
ited, the tetmt moderal.-, .md hi-i a:tcr.lion ai
tiduout, with warranted initniments. fit s:ile by
t 11 1 nri.' v
2ij5 . .it Mann Hotel.
.1 Vvvt wtni;,
In the Town of Salisbury, for
f 4 railil property is pltaii'ly situaiet
in the most arocabiy part
f the
town, ami is very suitable tor a mul
famHv. The lot in narioii, and Ci'nt::itu a very
good garden, with mu.'h ran- slirulihery. 'I he
terms can re mane easy, as ine nmsi 01 w.v por
chae money can he pnid by note in the H'ink.
on the uiual termt of accommodation. Peis-ms
wishing to puT' has-, can apply to Mr. E, A.lf
mong, or to n'd F. C.djwtdl, Esq. (who it au
thonsed to make title, and tli terms cap be
known. H. C. JONES.
TW-Af KtLL4doniois customen, oni;
ht -4bUc e-"j5eTah,vvibti be has removed j
his SHOP, to fhe building formcr'y occupied by
Lowry and Tcnrilcton, and nitre rec nvly by
Wado W. Mampt'in, a? a Tt'.'oi's Si p ; on
Min atreet. the west side, a few doors li-om the
Cowt-Hwuar. in thciawa: nf ahstmrr "whtre
he is prepared to execute all descriptions of
after the nratest fisliions, and on the shortest
notice; aiid is prewired to rrifltc a't fcmdi ntl
Clolliing in tTfe "nrsns ff
employ si nr seven firct rule workman, which
enablel hiiu to do aork on x'm- slj.r'ei'. ;iotue.
All k.inds of Cuitinr (hit til Oariiieiita will be
dotie oh very niodtr.1'0 tcr n-,.
All orders from a dutance Ii r wurV, will he
mwt fdiihfuily executed, according to artctioiii,
and within the thorttst po,y:.h'e time.
P. S He has just received the iau-ft fashion
from Philadelphia anj New-Ynr'- ; tvhich will
enable h:m to mnVe fioe-Co.ui, .c. rcr the
most .ipproved 5tylc. 15
.Salithury, jipril 15."i'i. 18'jO.
XSIV 'VsV'Il-L, be sold W.tVttb
y Y the county of H'ilkex.
highes' bidder at pnlilic rut-
orn' in
to the
cr (Hi
.t, the first Tuesday in August iirxt. :V
of th-tt well known and vhIuj'.Ic
Tracl of .i; lying in a body im the .iters of
the Yadkin and Reddits Rivers, ooe mdc N'orth
of Wilkesboro hiving the one halfot-a valuable
millttat attached to it, iid premiss t' rmerly
belonged to Chapman tlordon, Lit,-. ( tuid coun
ty, deceased I he. terms or" xde are, three in
stalments, one on tiie V5th !)r-ceo.her, 1830,
WAeJt- posttrrtrtienEiTfi,-Jlje" ofher two,
equal annual payments Ihereaf'ef.
' t -goh do;
imeSud, 18 ;0, ' 71
TAKEN up and entered a small
bay horse supposed to be it a
teen or seventeen years old. an-
praised at ten dollars, no marks or
kan.l. 1. 1 IM- . ' . . .
yiiu (iHWHwug. 1 us owner can nave tum
leeMs,t?..Y,Jm., IM . 4t25!
Slate srM Cut!iJuiy.Jii,rteeHnttti
by Court, that publication be mad for six
Weeks, in the Wejierw-Carolinian, for the de
fendant to appear at our nest Court of pleas and
quarter' Sessions, to be held for Burke County,
at thfi'Court House in Morgar.ton, on the fourth
Monday of July net snd plead or replevy, oth
erwise judgment by default final will be entered
up against him. 6tJ8
Writinj; Wrapping Paper,
MANUF ACTURED at the Salem Paper-mill,
for sale, on medenj-' rjns, at this office.
June. 18.d ,
N. B. Darken fif-emly, have slot back HT
their store, and oppoiiti Mowry'l B1acktmith
Shoo, rrovided for the accummodntirn fjf the'
frieiuls with racks and troughc, ronvenient for
hitching and feeding horses.
havinir lontud a'copartncHP in tho
Mercantile Iuinevi, under the above firm, beg
leave respectfully to inform the iulututants of
Sa'i,biiry and the itirrounding "Country, that
they have just r-itumed frnm NewYork ini
Philadelphia, with s beautiful assortment of
yew Slijk, Fawii and Staple
which have been sitected from the htcst im
portations, snd will be offered at a very small
advance for coA. Pnrrhaeraareiuviied lo cal!
and view their n'sortiuctit.
.Sa'I'.Wj, Jpril i, IHol). 11
rtJl'IE Nok and tcaunts of A. Tonence. and
Jm.. A. Torrence f Co. are placd in 'he hands
f C. L. Torrence, for rolk-cttoui and I would
advise tlmse cull on him hrfirt lt
day, 'vfrre May Cn'irt. A. TMRL'NCE.
Jprtl 7th. 1f.W. - , - . .. 15 ...
!er tiil ':d') nine to teen up a
J. a:id I
it', supply of almost c cry kindtf
suited trt r.'l :-ea!-:ns 01 ttie vear : And 11.
of the
now rcr.;M:i rnd oper,,!ij;. tt his S.ore iri
S di-liory, additional supplies ot the latest f'n
jiort:iiio:is si-hcted by himfll, widi cr, and
ooupht on the best terms for cash, part in Phil
adelpdin, hut principally in New Yor: vhitu
are olTVn d on the l,iwet terms for cash, or on
a short i iciiii to punctual cusiomen. I tie p'to
lie are invited to call, exaruine, a:d jude Ut
themselves. JOHN MI.KPHY.
Halitbury, Jpril, 1.10. 3ml2S
J. M. Rcsue'Ctl'utty be !"ftve to return h'a
J jirtfettHl hakJ, Jir the. very lilitral and xlij.
tioguished..4at(au(;e-lie Jusji .been stt JugaT
honoured" with,'- ty 1 rhcem'rrr- prStic ; an-t
hope,- hy di'rigr'gt attetrt im, fcr rert m ? corr
ttnuanc? of the xarrnr: - -
Y ortUy ui' AUenVt,n I
C10WAN U Uf.r.VES sre now receiving vS'
J open'fng at tlnir Store, Wood t;rove iu
Uo'van cmntv, Z3 miles wcj'. of Siliabury a gen
era! asaotlmeatuf- :
;eted bvi. X llccvwf tlii.ahovc fimvatitl-
t,,,T,t c, irtsi, f,.mthe t;i:t iiidior'.i'inns 11
rnvTf tbtiH: yt- nt' la-tilr;! trnr-
are i!eteruiined to scli 03 low KJ a.'iv Coeds ff
the same q'lalitv can br hottjrli! in this se"i
of the country . Their tissorloitnt consists (f ,
Dr GvDih, I Card Ware,
(it fiery ami Groceries
'f !ldf'.-r,pt:oi-si3,i;d'v kep i" "i'-'r--. Tli.i"
friends :i 1 nnsto-n-rs are uni:c I t: call, t saiu
inc and judire for themselos. ' R-
June. Wi, Idi'J. .mUjI
Cowan & llcevrs, r-inrc'fil'v bee leave tr
retii'n their hincerc thanks for toe liberal pat
raoaff 'heV have hcre'of'w receiver! fom the:
ftiend3 and cistoiue". s, 3'ki I. .'!) ty J -se a'-
Htetttbtr ami sreadj"hitd!;ftoiTirrira canrivfriiicu "
f the s:un .
! Oittuwlm Navigation.- Conip'Va
A fenersl rr.cetinpr ot the s'ockhr.Mers of th
ZXL . Caiohna Catwha .iviaiinn Oumpanv
will be he'd at Lincnlnten, im tijc lih nf Jul
next. The stockholder-) are earncatly rtitics-
trd to attend, either in pern, or by P.rorv-
The settlement of the outstaii' uur d''lts orTnc
'any, anil Ihe nppnintment ot officers, art
; the objects of Alta. McUinL'. The Nsvi-
, .1 . . .
1 ration of the river Hein
taiion ot the river oeirxr now open t
to tle State
Itne, i( becomes exc'-e(IuigTTmp7)7fnT"Wat '
future itperattons of the company should be uc
w Mm wwetwfrv 11 ..,mi,ai
AVCRY,rreW.e, Ue. ,
THE Factorage nd Commiwion business of
Henry W. Conner will be continued by the
nibtcribertvundef Ihe firm of H. W. Conner ti,
Co. from' thit date.
rO f fN f'.-t .tM-pfca-feF-1 i
C4tstJili!-S- tti&
Dririi fa FaJcTtf
venience Is dtc vtded for Jtan and Horr to mk-
them comfortable, at the moderate oltarge of 25.
cents a Oay and night, for the priviiejre of the
Yard, tho use of a good house, fire, water, and
shelter.. Attached to the Yard, are a Crocerf
and Provision Store, Bread Shop and CbnfcC;
tionary, and House for BosrdengnJ Lodger,
iti a plain, cheap, wholesome ft' id comlbi'.;
. - " n . .'. I. ft '" 1
Cook Wanti
IOR one that can .come wc! reebmraendfd
. for industry and cleanliness. a rood price
will he given. Wanted, also, s boy about twcl
y'ofsg. An)yirttb5r9fF.5e. '

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