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ftatoi of the fclnfietr Swtrs:
Fatwlai the first SiMtot of the 2tt Csngrest.
tenant 61.
Act for the relief of certain officers and sol
diers of the Virginia line and Nuvy, pd of
the continental Army, during the Involution
ay war.
BE it enacted b'j the Senate and House
ej Representatives of the United State of
America in Congress ..Assembled That the:
officer, and soldier,,' tailora and marines,
who were in the service of Virginia oq
her own State establishment during the
JUvolu'ionary war, and who were enti
tied to i;ti!ttary land bount'uu, by iho
laws and resolutions of that State, their
heirs and assigns, shall be, and they aie
hereby authored to surrender, 10 the
Secretary of the Treasury of th United
States, such of their warrants for the said
in whole or in par!, uud to rcctive certifi
cates or scrip for the aame, at any time
"'"before "The-first day f Ian.uary,Ja.jii.e
year one thousand eight hundred and
thirty-five, which certificates or scrip
shall be issued by the said Secretary, and
signed by him, and countersigned by the
Commissioner of the General Land Of
ficr,i" the following manner, that is to
ay ' There shall be a separate eti nQcate
or scrip for such bum as shall, at the time
of issuing the same, be eqnal to the then
minimum pi ice of each quantity of eighty
. i 1 i 1
acres 01 'ana aue uv sucn warram, nuu
remiinin unsatisfied ht tne Umc of such
...... turrender, n4 fflike "eertUieBte-Or.lCUp
for kut?ri sum the timc shall lc
cq'ial to the minimum price of the quan
tity that shall so remain unsatisfied, of
gnf such warrant alter-such sybdivitjiona
r .. . r .;,.!.
acres. And where any such warrant shall
have been lost or mislaid, by time end
srrident, rrll-aniia.yci4J!uLfjLi
the party desiiinjj :i surrender the same,
Vt surrender an ohicui copy tnereoi, cer
tified Under the seal of the fund ohk of
Viiginia, with the afRJjvit of tb prty
n4tstd upon, or accompanying .the
same, stating that such warrant has been
lost or mislaid, and that the oiimal hath
no: hern sold or transferred, to the k;nvvt
edge or beliel of the party so surrender
ing, or his or her jjujidun.
Sec. 2- And bt it further enacted, Thai
it shall he the duty of ihc C jmmissioner
rf the General Land Offbe, to request the
Executive" i-f Virginia, to furnish him
with a statement ol all sued warrants,
uiihin the purview of this act, as have al
Usucd, showing the number and
wate of each warrant, and the quantity of
ecres granted by each, and alio a month
ly statement of the same description,
ehowiog '-he number, date, and quantity,
of such wairahts as shall herealter be
granted. And no warrant shall be taken
to be within the provisions uf this act,
which shall hereafter be granted, unless
the Executive of Virginia shall cause a
certificate to be endorsed thereon, aigned
Vv'nmo nfonc7officer, atatinir thTtlhe '
. ...
cr revolution ot the said State, in lorce at
the time of the deed of cession, by the
State of Virginia, to the Oni ed Slates.
Sec?$J. And be it further enacted, That
befoteilte Secretary of the Treasury shall
issue the scrip required by the provisions
of this till,' the applicants' shall produce
ta him thi -certificate ir.f theBorvcyor ol
. the llcnister .of the Land Oflceio Ken
w trt-mtwiry- wols-o-ine,4rgii)jj line
- t.hat the warrants (when ibe original ia-
r- 1 iiinnain 1
iiai-hM.irH,.tt' Ar .k.irWrgdUab'Tiey,'Tmn"e ipltWaoltriecurltrrem'n'
located, surveyed, or patented, in Ken
tucky, itlested byihe seal of his ofke.
iec. i."1nd be ii further enacted, That
the certificates . or scrip to be issued by -virtue
of Ihis acH ihall be receivable in
payment for any after the same shall have
been offered at public sale, and shall re
main unsold at any of the Land Offices of
the United States, established, or to be
established, in the States of Ohio, Indiana,
and Illinois. And all. such cer'ificstes or
ccrip as sbll beiued by virtue of this
ict, ibail be assignable by endorsemsnts
thereon, attested ty twa,tlneiKl V
vtded, 4 hat all certificates or scrip (0 be
issued, in virtue of any warrn-hmIWf :-
lin.bemtBt. thalttur isstiA TKirvstfi
-"iie.'-5.-ifnrf peirfurrhermmfdThii
the prevision! xWiaMJftie mA
and taken to extend to all such officers,
soldiers, sailors, marines, chaplains, mil
sicians, surgeons and surgeon's mates, in
the land or sea service of the State of
Virginia during the Hevolu'ionary war,
and generally, to every person to whom
the State had engaged to pay a land boun
ty for services in hat war, ol any descrip
tion, by any law or resolution passed he
lot e, anil in force at the c'ate of the said
deed of cession except only-such' per-
sons as are mentioned in, and provided
for by the reservation contained in the
said deed of cession in favor of the officers
and soldiers of the State on continental
establishment : Provided, That no scrip
issued under the provisions of this act,
shall entitle the holder to enter or pur
chase any settled or occupied lands, with
out he written consent of such settler or
occupan's, as may be actually residing on
said lands at the time the same shell he
entftd or rpiiJ fr 1 w.wra,
aio, Thm the amount of land thus located
shall not exceed tna hundred and sixty
thousand acres.
Sec 6. And be it junker enacted, That
the provisions of the first and fourth sec
lions of this act, shall extend to and cm
brace owners of militirv land warrants,
hwrjttff toytht: i:nHetJ-$tstew in-aatMao
'.ion of claims lor bounty land for services
during the Revolutionary war; and that
the laws, heictrfore CHTCtett, -prwidinff
fur the issuing sid warrarvi, are hereby
revived tn& continued in force for twp
EC 7. And be it frt.ler enacted, Thst
the otovisiuns ct (hi act shuli alto be
deemed and taken u extend to all the
unsatisfied warrants of tlii Yiinia army,
on continental establishment 1 Provided,
That the quantity theiucf shall not ex
ceed fifty thousand acres. 10 addUion to
ibe two hundred and txty thousand acres
heretofore u:4iori-.d .to be located by
"--- A, STEVENSON, vf
Spanker the liui of UrprcMuiattvea,
J. C. CALll'JtrN,
Vice PresIJtfrit of tie United Stares anil
- Fmident of the Hciute.. .
Approved, May 30, W3.
An Act making api-tipriifibuajor eminujHtiuns
and (hiieya,.aui atau tor ceruua . .ariu..ot'
' TiiUriwil yit.-
BE it enacted by the Senate and thuac
oj RtfireveniauiKi vf ihe Utti if
America in Congrcas assembled, 1 liat me
lull OA 111,; bU:lli ot, tul as may be con
iidtltu n'aelKatjU.
bEc. 2. And be it further enatted, That
the sum ot one nundicd tnou&aud dollars
be, and the same is, nereby appropriated
fur toe puiuse of opemug, grading, and
making me Cumberland toad, westward
ly uf, ii! tbo State of Ohio;
and that the sum of sixty thousand dol
i e, and the same ts hereby -ppropa
atcd fur the purpose ol opening, grading,
and abridging t tie Cumberland toad, in
the State ol Indiana, commencing al lu
diai,apolis, and progressing with the work
to the eastern and western boundaries ol
said Stale; and that the sum of loity
moused dollars be, and the same u
heichv BDDroDriated for the nu'pose of
opening, grading, and aonoging. tne
a M
vumtcrianu roac, in tne tato oi luinois ;
wttictt saiQ-swrnx -srrarreaiTwn-tn-rry
I -..t ....A Kfc .u. I... .1 . I t.,M 1
in,; nut AnA winking rpads, under the di-
rect ion of ConRress, by the several acts
passed for the admission of the Sie of
Ohio, Indiana, lliiuois, and Missouri, into
the Union, on an equal rooting with the
original States.
Sse. i And be it further enacted, That
for toe immediate accomplishment of
these objects," the sueritrtendents hert-
loto'frpnear'Cr'tiei carte; iu hep -
tpatateo -t't ;iMMtr!tli.jq-lMl!irj.l..
trtmotst'erwMr uudxjUulnairjciio.njBt tnei
President or tftiifiaMfattwairj
'caeewtaeihe aijorkvHtod-'dssae-tiii
direct, and receiving such compensation
as in his opinion shall be equitable and
justj net exceeding to each that hereto
lore allowed by law to the Superintendent
of the Cumberland road in tne State of
Ohio. ...
Sec. 4. "ltd He it 'further enacted, That
the sum of fifwen thousand dollars be,
and the same 'is hereby granted, for
claims due and remaining unpaid st the
Treasury, on account of the Cumberland
road, east of Wheeling, to be paid out of
lerijr moriey to the Treasury not otherwise
I , Aaosew Stithioh,
r""' '""". Tf -ta-rw--
ipprove thta tiiltf arrd"kTt&nsc
: AN'ME-W JACK5057
Annrovei. May 31. 193a.
From the Southern Religious Telegraph.
To the friendt of the Bible throughout
JYorth Carolina.
It is generally known, that the Arneri
can Bible Society, at its annual meetins
in May, I829, adopted the resolution of
supplying, in two years, ail the destitute
families in the United States with the Ho
ly Scriptures. The Society did not ad
opt this memorable resolution without
solemn deliberation, without bting fully
aware of the magnitude of the enterprise
which they were about to undertake, and
without having received r. u.T.erou plede-
es of valuable assistance' from distinguis
hed friends of tho liihle cauie, in differ
ent sections of the country. Such "an
enterprise oeeds only to be mentioned,
in order to commend itself to the patriot
ism, the philanthropy, and the niatv of
thw wnole nation.. Tk- pit4r Introduc
tion ol the sacred wrinngs into "eight
hundred thousand families" which have
been hitherto " unoleswed" with the ora
cles of God, must ex-rt an influence on
our population and be attended' with re
sults which no fioite mind can estimate.
This great Society, which is truly nation
al in its vie wn,crat"8Hrivl11.,
numbers amongst its warm friends and
libersl patronsjhejnost excellentcharac
ters" of various denominationTTnThcTJui".
ted States, printed or pur chased, the past
year, 308,009 copies of the Ifoly Scrip
tures, averaging nearlv 1,000 copies pot
day. In the States of New Jersey, Penn
sylvania and Maryland, the work rca
dy accompUstted. in the six New Eng
land States and in the State of New York
the supply is so far effected, that a few
months -will probably cause its comple
ion. In Virginia, twelve agents are now
in the service of the State Society, about
1 8 cououes r&avfr alreadyr Jbeen supplied.
uiki strong expectations aro entertaintn
thai the ternatoder wilt also be 'supplied
before the next anniversary . --" ";;; rr
t4 In the xjther Sratespand in the ter
rilories ibe work is less forward, but ma
ny extensive districts', i especially in Ohio,
! Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina,
and Georgia, have been supplied, and ul
most every wfiere mucn preTTaTaTofyTa
hor has been performed ; and the Board
iia thr The wort of supply ing all ibe
(teatirnte families in the Uniietl Stair
with twgeeara-lramla-a J
last, is still practicuble, il the Inends ol
the institution will all co-operate. V Hh
prompt anu energetic ctioit on the part
ol alt, the means may be raised, and the
Board with it to be distinctly understood,
that without great effort both on the part
of the old States and the new, the work
cannot be done. If many of those soci
eties which have purchased books on
credit do not pay for them within a fw
months, the wotk cannot be doue -II
tftose societies which ..have .pledged don ar
tions, do not in some good niea5ure re
deem their pledges, the wtrk Cannot be
done. If those counties which are yet
to be supplied, do not enter on the sup
ply ai once, the work cannot be done.
The great danger as io tne failure in this
enterprise is from " the thief of lime,"
I procrastination s Conquer this encn.y and
j lhe work j, iviCt every family has its
i,bjc bv May,"1831'
I'ermit us now to invite yoor a
' - - . . . . . . r, . .
more particularly to tne dioio cause
North Carolina. Lxtensive operations
ed .o. this-Staie. at as
early a period as in several other sections
of the Union, Since November, however,
fifteen or sixteen thousand Bibles and
Testaments have been procured by. our
different Bible Societies. Of . these, 8,
000 Bibles and 1,300 Testaments were
procured by the North Carolina Bible So
cletv. and forwarded toths following bla
fanitd - tg -KdttttonT--to-i'ifA
nwth4 wa ui, J$
Newbern, 1,500 to Wilflsiiigton, 503 to
would nave oeen ttmiiuutcd during tne
winter and spring. But tbVlocielyhsj
been greatly disappointed in their efforts
to obtain the services of a sufficient nura
ber of well qualified agents. The conse
quence Is, (hat a large proportion of the
hooka have not yet been distributed.
The work of distribution will be prosecu
ted even in the low country to some con
siderable extent during the summers and
be fiiiuhed next winter.
In Iredell,. Caswell, Granville, Hyde,
I Tyrrell und Washington couadca, the
good work has already been accomplish
ed. In Beaufort, Craven. Robeson,
Wake, Person, Rowan, Cabarrus and Guil
ford, it is expected the supply will In a
eithercunxne nctdiiitjire. aooa :to. tctln
vrmetr,- ri sirraxr onnamporrf viimoer-
Pasquotank, and perhaps a few other
counties, rreparatory measures have
been already adopted for extensive opcr
ations, and the general agents propose to
a . ai ' . a
visit wimes mite aeiay a possioie many
other counties Indifferent parts of the
State. One of them will probably pro
ceed as far east as Camden and Curri
tuck, the other, as far west as lliywood
and Macon.
A few counties have formed, societies,
and commenced with a good degree of
zeal the benevolent work of supplying
their destitute families with Bibles with
out waiting to be visited by an agent- As
the field which we are culled to occupy
is very extensive, and tbo time allotted
us to accomplish a great work is short,
we hops other counties will exhibit equal
zeal in this glorious cause. Even half a
dozen cordial friends might form a socie
ty, procure Bible cither on credit or as
a donation 4Vnrn the parent-aotiety of
v v , una speedily lurniin ettij uvt.u.
family in their country with a copy of the
sacred volume. .The object is surely
worthy of special efforts, of untiring teal,
and liberal pecuniary assistance W nil it
in other States during the past year many
have contributed to the Bible cause their
twenties, their thirties, their fifties, their
II ardrluY,'lnd r fe weren iheir thottadr
there, have. not ..taeii.woiig.liL.Nortb
Carolina instances uf commendable ceal
and liberality. Washington "crantywaTt
chiefly supplied by a few benevolent per
sons, some of whom contributed 220
each. Iredell having at considerable ex
pense provided fur its own wants, has
purchased 600 Billes and procured an
agent for an adjacent county- To obtain
(he necessary funds, a subscription was
commenced to ascertain bow many per
sons could be found in the county, wiio
would give 16 10 each. Twelve ElO sua
sciip.ions were soon obtained, and it was.
expected ina number -would be increased
TWeinif T 'imtW -i&ii-6attijtBMe
Society has voted to ue its 'enJcama. w
raise: during rtbeprcrcw .. yar iliOOQ,
Doc pcisouimiaeAiiitly u-ibci:25,
and ten otners DI0 each. No doubi was
enieriaiod but uiauy. pn'suiu uoi prcsiiiH
al the meeting would subscribe liberally,
in Caswell, put lady has given tier gold
4wWfcyaaa.aUirr a2ll LuiLlieJlliils5iJ
ctety navmg upt,UJ its nsn nu.ufiious
destitute; -ia raise
X20O9-. Several peraofia subscribe 3
Jij.ttrit 3jx.
1 hisSocutiy
has iccenilv Durciiased 3,000 uiblca Tor
the purpose of assisting in supplying five
neigoboi nig counties. In tVukc, lh
friends ot the Biole have voted to rie
g 1,000, aod one person in lUcigU lias
subscribed 100 dollars. Wc cuuid men
tion gentlemen in oilier counties who have
iien their tens aod their fifteens, and
Thomas Biewitt, of the Baptist denomin
ation, in Richmond county in this State,
has just made a donation of one -thousand
dollars to the American Bible Society.
These "re-praiwhfaa4ajl-v.juiu
might easily be imitated by thousands in
Naciu.CardlL'.J?hVuld toe f ieiids ot
the Bihlein thisState generally exhibit u
cqaai degreeof xeai and linerality in this
good work, we would soon have the ne
cessary means for supplying our thirty
thousand "llcil'tiute families' wilh the bread
of life. But it ought not to b concealed
wniUt-we have procured nearly
glorious author of the Biole graciously
smile on our bumble tHo:'ls,lcJl lUousaiitl
copies, more of the aacred writing will be
procured in tbe course of this year, anu
the supply of our whole State ba Comple
ted by April, 1831.
If this great work shall be accomplished,
(and who would not regret its failure) it is
much to. be feared theie will ,oe a .defi
ciency of funds to the amount of several
thousand dollars. I his consideration will
laaxneft!,nd Dcraonal seas
iRekdar:! have f oodohe any ihingf-for
f the tfiecial fitbli effrtVJfiiiai
yourtownoutxoUQ.tfyjyoor :,staie,- or
youf oatioo 1 any thiog corrispemiing
with your means, and worthy of thcOod-
like objsct K if so, we congratulate you
on baYine lent tour assistance to, carry
forward one of the noblest enterprises ol
this age. A gentleman, who ba seen as
much of" this religious world as almost
any other man living, wiWes'fiorh Greece,
in reference to the present attitude of the
Bible cause in the United States. ' M I hi
is aa examjla .jrorihy to be held pw wnust. we na.c Ageot of the American Bible Society. -
rtes va
-ms t .n,A k. uiiy ouwnica snail jscan oat. uermaoa -.
i kin an in ii hi i iuii ui i us- an "tivuiii i
i - w ' - - - 1
the vie of cfirUtJaned Earope. and of
H J, I. . .
au nanona."- ? it wi epQearnhie . etefL
to those who sh-ll behold .the Mi linnet
glory." v But;hyvjfO t.yeV. done .001,:
m ' ww - : 7 -'IWWHliytfV'.'.,.-,
'treat Iyede''d:':'irji;"
in your State. If you put forth.n'i tf
forts and make no ari5res if 'ytvtj te'
main idle spectators, whilst others per
forrri all the labor and lUst'.il all th'a tt
pensr, and glorious rewards, pertaining
to the accomplishment tf this auVitrpe
enterprise. They, will belong U others,
and not to you. '
P W. MWtlATtntsftot JMriea
Tr: CrULI),T J B. S.ftrX CorlU.i
ttuleigh, .Vay, 1830. - ,
P. 8. Msney for the Bible cause In N.
C may be sent by .mail, or otherwise, lr
either of the following gcti lemeo in Kal
eigh, vlii William Hill, Esq. Joseph
Gales, Esq. or the Uev Wm. McPbee
i era, D. D. - . -"V
Jg BIBLE Cauie, in Davidis Canary. V. C.
Agreeably to appointrhenta a numa .
ber of persona isscm bled thii dajj in
proposed to the viahabitantl of thu '
place, a few weeks previous' The
meeting was commenced by aiogin
aa appropriate llymnj anal by an I
dreas to the throne ol Grace Te
Rev; Sir, Qouldj agent ei the ' Am rrUt;
can-BtWe wwy4fyt'ttkrmt,
then explaiued the objev t of he .nic'--ting,
and the nature and importance. of .
ihc work proposed to Jt..hTfm.IJly, MrJ
Reck, then followed with a i au'uable r
address upon tne subject, . and. alterr
him, Rev. M. R senmilier alao ad
dressed the meeting. V tvf,
The subject being thds plainly laid
before the m'nda of the people, they'
proceeded to business and appointed
Rev. Mr. Rcckj Chairmad.and lU.h
Foster, Secretary,- of the mcetingr
Tne following Reaolutioni wertT'tKeo" '
Resolved, Uu . Tn t ihi." rne'etioi
aeepiy-ieet the tmprtance and lieteis
at ty of h a v in g eve ty
ramilv-in the
United States, supplied-with , a copy
of-the Bible, agreUy-to the reaolan.
tion of the American' Bible Society,
aud that we will accordingly unite our
exertions"" irT eTTde'aVoll'i't nj to aCC ' rYH
piisn mis wont.iQUjyta80ii county t
besolueiij 2ndly-TflHt we-now-pre
ceed to form ajjilde Society Yor-thia
county, as the most convenient and,
cfiicicnt plan for accomplishing thil
work amoncst us.
The meeting -' then proceeded ' to ?
nominate and appoint officer a for a" '
Bible bCIetv. ArCordiiclv Jamea
Wiseman, Usq. was appointed PresU
dent : Dr. Wm Holt. Mtasra.A.
C.ldcleugh, David Mock, .md Joseph
C mrad, Vice Presidents! Rev. D. P
Risenmiller CorrespondiJg Sccv, Mr
irPosterr Ree,r!injf-Becrttary j-n4-
Mr. II. K.Ousenbury, Treasurer. In
addition to-theaer officeTinti?fcWere
also nine Directors of the Society ap
pointed. The Society being thus duly
organized, It was,
Resolved, That the CorreapondiniS
Secretary be authorised to write to the
and the tihef IfitbrEngliBh laoguageT7
miller, Dr. Charles L, Payne, Mesaril,
B. D. Jtunsaville, A. CalJcleuch and
J. Conrad be appointed as a committee
to draft a suitable Constitution for this
society and report accordingly, at thej
next meeting, . ' ' -'. ; ;
Resoli'cd, Thiiit ' ccny of Keaet
tfoceetrtnga be forwaisdtdet-HEdV
lewaUtuttney te .published,
'The ociet?fierH" afie
ted w iiavKcv.:Mr Gould in tendering
tneir tnaukajpthe Uad ot the Ubld
for hi a goodness and their prayers to
him for his blessing upon the future
labours in this gooTTwoTk, then ad
journed to meet again in the same
place, on M mday the fifth of July at
10 o'clock, A. M. Th n the good
work of plating the Bjble , in every
family, has been commenced in Dayiil.
son county, and every circumstance
tcbde to otirm us in the bwlicf tbit

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