North Carolina Newspapers

li evitcft'. ai l the borty ei'iallylu'istrib'Jtec! 1
moag those concerned h the spoliation. Then
Ihe tariff heaps injustice in a two-fold degree
"upon fhe South Shj ftrst pays two-thirds of
the revenue and when it Is distribute! nopart
l even ttndtrtd to her. . r
Ve in the first place declare our conviction
that the present tariff is inexpednt, since it
produce nothing but discord and dissatisfaction
throughout the Union j and in the second place,
we believe it' 'u unj11, ,ince we ,l,ve Provc
ihat the burth-'tTof taxation ress solely upon
. South,' and that the 'distributidn'of, Uiu "re.
'-. M .i :l ! Ill W..n M'! rMti1! v
y,:nxti ereaiea nwreoy 7riSivi.Mt mm4 d ,, u kfe
' Wnpfirfedainonri!w;ofihe state of the Lnion(itf,iwitkiskbr'tT r)abiihi im u'ctrr cirri-
a lna.l 01 tllS'lOn, no porwo'i h which rc-ui n j , u orxavum ""r r -j-1'
of holy eal!s of jaiSco inj Kttitamiy,' e '
wil) teach them to know if Astrea has been
driven from ,the other, side of the Potomack,
he yet keeps her abode among tit, and that she
has not yet been chased fro n the eirth entirely
by the wickedness and impiety of all mankind.
We venerate and adore her precepts, and we will
never do violence to her tacrtd injunctions, if
k plague, pettilcnct and famine" were to be aver
ted by tSe act. We trust our cause to be de
termined by her impartial dscUion, and we will
not murmur at it, even should it militate against
our own interest!.
.1'. .iw.'Jtia'jMw.awfc. .T,T-t,,v
wMU.' Mwtiwn4 wf-iim' (mmt-ef ''resit -' "'" as.nweaUat, WH4f.i VfW.
. tince ? We woiilu not have the South to pro nmiariui;tntiaf i jtiijM tofiM i
ehira war against the North, or to 'erect her
i tkatrtrtaaar tkatapf ar em'tr-mey, tkaj t njAtlr
rclie (T f tluf in (M M tllicp, St prraiatbt rk itm '
Btf t In thru patflMlna In u ama.r fcnafar a.ymcal. 1 bci
th.ra Is a twafttid atraMfa Mh41Mi tkla kc4UtWtt f ppr
ewrtrnf? htc! woo Id aa hit la tat irl of IK rliilon. Wa
, wllhoul taf arrlolia dilt.'nlt. prornre ltlr lt 4t iu
rearj ar lf ol M alltrr catn.a drat to" pari vat war
al(aef ! a ra are left l Ciu1r4 rubral, aarfrta
will, n ta what kiwi "f laaucy, wa will kwa kjr wi, ar mm u tka
standard of 'open," poaitUe rebellion, but, we
oul l be proud to hear ihem say, they will no
longer conssnt that the federal compact shall be
trampelled, VitTe dust, under foot, if their re
4ful, to acquiesce in such a course, can prevent
vv would be the last to recommend rew. i iim irnt ofam v a.
' . . i '"i t - ffn ltfrnaibtr nhirrthrsirfrttlftrlfitt tn rnsifrB aitia! that Irni nf r-s-nat
tlrtitje, fw 1 mr;4 wilb f Arret aUBt ar ppr tmtvwy,
mm offnld And liver, Ihf ovctinnt ua; k rt-4 agcAinitt
prkf.tlblr i the ve ewe u th? fttkrr I)4r4 tl)i fret (ruth
t. (I pn.prt r rnu.4 coutrmt lh( tttf paper In Ihet tfer une of
(tie tbcbamriui4 tbe lLkrLilivol f ilauectlac pqi toiU
cttriBcr f tUt et imj much front it that in ths tther.
It ofira rt4ppn, thai e ntt a atact tf aonpy la tbt ihapt
nd ;th (tie afp artu.fe tf Mirer re-ln, vbtrh, to tW cre
tlsjic.b; tiitf at-rNtfiaUi Jinrllnt.U 41iv-OTre4 to a irtariou u4
)u.asl atchU tlte f itl rifs'laare e-f errry airce f mamry vf
taat ktnrtt ty trie ttlir. Utit ia almnst impili" ta rect'litct, vltb
aajr Liaiof ccttiaintr, frtiro rLom e rerelrad H- Wufreua tha
aaclu areaoa'i'm"Kttt. aM ererjr tot kring nt,rabtr4( fre
t.acbllf lu Antic W Oi prat n. from irhuai H h ob uine J
Uiiwl tlthen at .tiUcalfy pretrntf luetf to bare It rtraofM fa na.
Ja ttf cateof fold ant itTYer cioln, noaaca adfaatuft attendt
Hi eirtu atlat. Wa sut Utrofurt thlulv, ftr a Tall !v rf th
atlrtuiLkfck tly-'h i uM f'suii wiwrlt ti Ihf aiialk at topmatc
iadnUnilatth'-tiir Airia Tan fur trriiia7ialcta taexrlvde tt.a
idraori i..uily rtuiiaefbe t'KBtioii, IP ima ib'H brrtaftcrbe
tance of any character to a conttitutional gov
tmment, looking iit'iU admiiiiitratiun to tlio'sperily and well being olHUe country'.
Uist when we see a government, once purely
republican, and professing itself to be such
now, lesolvedinto the moat hateful despotism,
we cannot, we will not resort lo any means to
lull or quiet the s'ernest opposition.
Laying aside 'l contest for principle, the inter
tt.'stf all the States, South of the Poiorruck,
rill urge them to oppose every thuig to the
encroachments of the ISorth. We thiak we
J;w)w fftoitgh of Southern feeling to'tny thai a
violation of principle and good fith woula be
W vehemently rrprobated as' the grcsscat neg.
lect of l!io most i-mponant interests. It is our
honest conviction that every principle of right,
j-utice and fidelity hai bee i violated, every es
tentisl Sou'hern in'erest pretermit i the
continuation of the UrifF and Internal Improve
ment evrtems. We beseech our fcl!nw-ci:izeii
'to eiamine for thcifisclves, aixTthcy cannot i'ail
to come, to the same conrluiions
The linrt'Yhfii Uve' fait i'y. -If we may lie
permitted to ruine surmises upon the course
pursued by the upposi'ion, during the late ae
ion of Congest, we think we might fairly in.
fer, that a combination had been formed to
hurry the President into the sanction of some
measure, which would meet the disapprobation
of hia friend and supporter, and thereby create
an earlier division among them, than would arise
out of tfto ordinary course of things.- The rrnrl-
tipiicityltf iintftnnlitt'.UTial suhjteirfor VBTila-'
tion. introducrd before both Homes of Coii
grei'maTtes Oiis 'bpiniort 'quTfe pIauSTOte, Since
rrm. camrornggesfto rmrtelyrs any other Tesr-
: ion, for t he- cottso pinned by those unfriendly
to the President. The late season at which the
Unconstitutional bills, thut pawed in the Senate
and lower Iloti-e, were sent to ihe President for
" bis sanction, 1CI ri'lt'artherto fasten tbis co
viction upon our inind-t. Why should they havt
been thus, drlayed ? Is it not customary to send
tO'tnc President for - hisaigsaiur aU-biliujM
' Oft wetve Tlaj" before- thf rtsing of Cor-grew, in
: order" thai ,-both Hme niy lwye ftijl-fime-s
consider them .well, in the eve it of rej-ciion?
'id d"ts mt the constitution in some nu-avire,
. iMtr uiul intn.iap sn nh!i.atiun tmf)n,..)ri.rrf-A4. i
' I " ' r r -f. i,
that tboae which have p.u'tdboth lluusen, iUAl ,
be srnt to the tfri'sident for liis tinature, he-'
fore 'he session shall draw nearer to a clou-.
Cut it appears that 'l those bills, invclv.Dg
important constitutional questions, were re
rervrd nil tiie lt iiiomentfnsomuch that the
Frerdent I11J to retain one for toiler conkidera
tioi, and yet the I'leaideiu has been censured
F.f' tlVe" cdtiriS hepunuert in Tctaiiorr tarthat
bill. Would an friend to his country wish that
Gen. Jacks m' should sign a bill, in which icv
pcritint .cristiliitional points were involved,
witliuu 'consideration, nd without undertUu-
(I. Yh eenst'dat'eq of tb V. Gtctea, the L'a?-
naChsrta of American Liberties It was writ
ten in plain fanr-iisire, that plain men michl on-
derstanditt No forced constructions!
r. The Virginia desolations of 98 A true
commentary on tbetonstitution frox the pea of,
one of the venerable Fa?her of the Church, ,
8. The existintr Tarifl" i Dcatructive at one
of American commerce and Liberty. - ' .
9 North Carolina i Her sons ware smone the
first to declare In leoendence they will be
amonir the lut to s-ive it ut.
10. Our Sitter State, S. Carolina The feel.
Ingi pf iter clttiertl Ire warrrt and patriotick i
the charge of rebeljion against her is. foul
Caliiinny. '' " ''-".--
I lQut SiaterJtat,Core i She supportea
her sovereignty, with firmness and indepcA.
dence. , . ' ," '
support of the oppressed aouth we fill ever be
e-iie., ssMda way Htt at wtttl-; tMi
huse-liold god 'of our people i Long may it
dwell in our Land.
. r c
Married by Ket. J. Beck on the tith inst
Capt. David. Linn to Miss. Kh:a llartman, daugh
ter of ta?t. John lurt man.
In Anson County, N. C. on the ?th insf
George P. Smithy of Montgomery county to
Susan Carpenter, daughter of Ur. Isaac Carpen-
ter. - ;
Also, In Montgomery county on Tuesday 29m
inst, Henry Carter to Fanny Freeman.
, In Lincoln county by Jaaae Hollana Esq,
en Tuesday the 13ih Inst Mr. Ilichlrd Dirry
Bachelor li yesr of age. Xo Mist, Duma tged
about sS years, : i.--s.v--.--.-
The public spirit of our ci'ijens was quite
alive at the Celebruiifn of the Anniversary of
our Independence. Alter the Oration wss d
livtred, in pursuance of previous arrangement.
the citi.ens rind military SLjie-ated to partake of
iwo several dinner p4cpAui iirahtaVi4
onc at '.he Mansion Hotel ; the other at a large,
beautiful, and shadowed grove on the suburbs 01
of our town. The following are the regular
toails, prepared for the former:
1. The 4th of July : I he sahbs'h day of Free
dom ; let it never be profaned by the embittered
leekngs of party.
2. I he memory of Vahington : First in war,
first in peace, and the liiat in the hearts of tun
;3rThe .athor of the tiectaMtlnn'of Tndepen.
dence t " Recorded honoui a shall gather round
solid labrick-aud wiilaupport tlie ltinrc'.s wlitcli
Udomii.T '.
. .4.;.LafayeUe tv-Araexica.'a arly and- devoted
friend t tlie nation ha nobly testified her grati.
tude lor his services, and refuted the slanm-r of
monarchists, tint " republics arc ungratclul."
5 The l'resiiient of the United Sutcs.
. (i., Ihe jleadi ql n prtments.
7. I he (iovernor of Noi ill CaruVuia.
H T.t.i. 1,'i.iv. is:ly (if . Cwiliiiu I'ln- nnr.
ding' their full bearing I .We believe not, we
krtow not.
' The President did not reserve that bill to
frustrate or oppose the particular designa Of
any party but he refused to sign it, because he
""3fd not" inuJcrMand its tendency, and wished to
ry ul her sons; ui.iy tlliibtate SUSiaiu il in lU
,l.A.-.JClitt Gcuei,U..and SuteCovernaneots
W hen collisions take plute in the extrcie oi 1
iheir renpecuvtj powers, w vhu rii-r hum
the wisdom of the nation, to devise '.he meaiis
of re-.tonii harmonious concert, than Uza'd
the untold evils ol' disunion.
10. AricuKure, t oinmerce and Manulac
iiic: Hie pillars of our national prosperity;
equal and exact justice to all ; undae prefer
dice to none.
11. iho people i The only legitimate source
of power.
li?. I lie Liberty of the Press : Formidable to
tyrants only.
1J. The tair Daughters of North Carolina,
We have collec'.eJ, from a number of volun
teers which were given, the .following,:
l!y Msj. McCleUnd; llannony ainingtriends :
may it never be interrupted by a d.Htrence of
political opinion.
D. K.Caldwell : The Freisident of the United
States: lie deserves commendation for the
sntimrnt "The Federal Union ( it must be
Among the Volunteer toasts we recollect the
following; -
Oy Charles Fisher, President of the Psy : The
Officers and privates of the " Salisbury Blues t"
Their fine discipline, and their gallant appear
ance in the time of peace, ajiow list their cOun.
trv may espect from them in time of war.
. By Ir. Smithi Tlio memory of Baron De
Kalb, who came from' a foreign land to war
with the foes of civil liberty.
By W. Jetrerson Jones': The warof American
Independence: Like the Star of Bethlehem it
will guide the wise men of the Fast to the cradle
of liberty. 1
Dy Capt. Henry Gilts : The Orator of the
day: A wortliv member of the " Salisbury
Blues." '
By, Ensign, David Fulton The Uuion of the
By George M. Harris : fU' distinguished Rep
re'sentative, iu L'ouirresa. CJ.' Abram Kem her.
By William M. Locke: The memory of Thos.
Jeffemon : IJe was tnc greatf st if the great.
By Samuel latum: Andrew Jackson t Long
may he live in the allection of bis countrymen.
By Col. Varbrough : The Orator of the Day.
By Maj. Lemly : Our civil, pJiti l tnd religi
nus liberties: tiisy the never be abridged.
By David C. Locke : Maj. James Hamilton,
Jr : 1 he able and eloquent supporter of South
era rigiita. . ...
By John Jones : Whilst e live in Union, let
us live in peace.
. Ji,..Mj.JIjJ.Hoch o GumteVLi) Tie yialua
teer companies of North and South Carolina.
Bv W ul um Hi McDoiiU4 :
May Ame ricaever flourish and all troub1receae,
May ererr tnreheartcd Republican drink Lis
fpirits in peace.
By Mr. Marshall: May Buatimenla be eipcl
led from Mexico and Republicanism restored.
By John I. Shaver: The lleroof .Ww.Orlear.i.
Uy U'illiam C. Illume : May there be many re.
turns of this festive day to the "Salisbury
By Lieut, Brown i John C. Calhoun i His tal
ents and his patriotism entitle him to the high
est honours his country can bestow upon him.
Cy Lieut. Hampton : The Day we celebrate : Baimate Ihe breast of .every true Amir,
ican. - .
..By rtlix Bobiaw t- The Fair Stir J jrorship
at thieir fhrine. ' ' - ........
dent, he has already done vaatly more- for his
cotvrrtry than he tveVdirt as General. The'tTrni'
and patriotick stand which he has taken in de
fence of the rights of the states and the pockets
of the people it of more real importance to the
cause of republican liberty than a hundred such
battles as that of New-Orleans. .
Bv Capt, ileiirv Giks : .Robert Y. Hayae.
- DIED, '
, At; Madison, lloriran County, Ga.on Triday,
I'll a t I . . ..
cuiiu oi r em j, ann juua A.nrjan. tww years
ml two months out. ': .,
urn BraJdoc at his defeat, ana was eiempi
from military duty in the Revolution on account
of his age i he was a good cititen or said county
upwards of fifty years.
Hju'hiiw 'tf"l'y wWlaWiSasVi''r , t
i : : FOR SALE. '.' .
THE subcriber wishes to Sell his plantation,
well known by the name of Postens dIrco
on the Catawba river 4 miles above Beattiel
lord together With the negroes amounting 14
between 20. and 30, Stock. Crop a. on th
place all of which he now ofTeri for sale either
aeparately or .together. . , - .
The plantation contains .'40 acrea, 1 great pr " '
tioa -of which Is tivr Coitom of fiM qujty ;
The place taken together is equal tu any tract
01 lutui on ine-nvor, s. m aiar worn an tuf -
atninatioit of the pr.-fiiata. v ....
J he Tvfrole' vjlt tridd Uprw t6ru, hvottt)t " ' '
bom atto price and ayment for which ap,'
plication will be roadMomy father J ami Cwu ,
:,SHf;k.whJtP,' BaUiaw.titdwwbt,t I My- t-,m..r
be found myself from Vi Auti-t to 1 5th Sept,-. ' ,
IJPMtY VY. fOWF'f. '
V3aVntt sMakln RuaVwtsa.
rtl'U: subscriber has opened a shop in the
X above lino of business, first dmr above
Mr. June's Tavrro, and formerly occupied by
Pecr Krider, as a shoe shop t where ho la pre
pared to furnish the surrounding country with
all kind of furniture n the above line, such as
Sideboardst Secretdrics,
Bureaux, Corner Cupboards,
llreattfhst &-l)inncr Tables,
Ladies Cribs, tfc. fcfe.
He his in his employ two or three first rate
workmen, and the brt of timber, selected by
himself. The subscriber hopes by due attention
to bnMiieo, to rrceive that sbsre of patronage
which merit deserves, . - - ' 27tf
July 12i. IS-n.
ViStixlc of 3tiii Ittrewa.
ON Thursday 5th August I will felt at the
late dwelling house of John Andreas, dee'd. the oronrrtv f said dee'd. conaistine
of llores, Cattle, flogs. Mieep, Wagon, and
I Gears, Farming Ltensus, Household and Hitch-
Surveying Instrumenta, and many other articles
too tedioil to niention, attendance and reaion-
iible creWt'wuT be 'given ty"roV'""k''
JOHN UOUSTO?!, Mminitirato
July 6th, 1830. 3129
K. B. AH ncrsons indebted to the Erate of
John Andrews F.sq. dec;i. are requested to
come and ett! their accnunts. ,Tho having
claims against the F.statc are nstihed to pre
sent them in legal form, within the limit cf the
law, or thia notice will oe plead In bar of their
recovery. J. nuian., -wmr.
TlST tlTffiTtn$
EMAININQ in the Fost-Office at Morgan,
ton, N. C. Oft the 1st day c-f, July, .
Haywood Alfred
Hamilton William . '
Johnson Dimpsy -.
Jones Hamilton C, 3
Killar Jacob
lovintj William
Loyd Thomas - ,, '
lavender William t.
MeTa,fgard David ' ::
McKeitiie W. f,
Madaris William , ' . '
N ,
Neibitt William
. . F '
. Pirklng Levi or Tmpa
-FiicWd Folly-
Allin Annsniss 2 .
Aletauder lawnon
Baden George
Bean John H. .
Boon John.
Brown John
Benham Bilson 17,
Beck Joseph .
Burgnin John C,
Craig Allen
Coleman Charles F,
Carringtou Paul
Collier George
Crump Lewi
Coleman William
Canlin William P,
Davenport Vavlv
F -
Fob John 3
Fos A Hon
girc lbx. priucipka iuiuked. lbe tLia a maiuret 1
coiMideralion.' We have no doubt a airoi'at
ag will be p
next session, and that they will endeavor aa
much as possible, to impede the dc'.iberationa of
Congress upon constitutional ar.d useful meas
ures, which will tend to advance Jhe interests
nd prosperity of the country, by introdu
cing resolutions, involving queationa,l3bich
do not, 'anl cannot .come wi:l4u' the acope
J nf.naiiahaliegi Ja!ti'ort.t. Du thif s opposed ta lU.
L .l-4rie4.-Sqi ew'cettnd i ffiKeCial" cTarter, uppu
.. hj.:h,pw't, tigbjj jand-IHyertics.-ve inacribtsd
hope to bury in, oblivion the question which is-
XQ twUtutiow wd w4 'leas 'wo rjwdreRMt;
-or immdiatdatniC ioo!-JDo.ihey anticipate L W.b,? we cease to. venerate his nrne :..we will
in such a courae the overthrow of the legitimate
policy of the government f Or do they calculate
thus to tnitlftate and soften, by' time; the 'just
! indigestion, of the South against their impious
and unholy designs I In ei'.her esse they- will
ro bt gratified, nd firelr hopes, if they enter,
tain any of that character, mast be disappointed, i
, We hope to se that tyrant eonster of many,
, -heads yet tremble In the seat ch one has pro.
taned arid violated bj an Irfef ereat dUregtrd
(en. T. Polk : The countv of Mecklen
burg : the spot where Independence was lirst
pn claimed. In the chivalry of her sons, we
have a ure guarantee that they will sustain the
valor of their Fathers.
LT BitiprXm : XlSerty and Jnion : now and
forever one and imepsrable.
WrnrMctVrT-Thr FirrT-
W. Jeflerson Jones : O! that the death f
ihotber Cliffilis Coidd restore the broken liber-
nss 'tf hts- country -
.. .. . ...(
A Camp Meeting will commence at Fair
fjrove Davidson county, eleven
milci east of Leiington, near the reiidence of
David Mock, on Friday the 16th of July neat,
aud continue until the Tuesday following.
Physiognmy. Lavater, in his Physiognomy
iyt, that Lord Anson, from his countenance,
must have been a very svise man. U'aJpole-
snvs he was one of the most stupid men he ever
Mil. JXi) MliS. IVEIR,
ESPECTFULLY mtorm the Citiiens of
Salisbury that they will give one Concert
nly, Mr. Allemotig s Rooit on Monday eve
ning, Julv K'th, 1330.
MRS.. WEIR will Preside at the Pioto Forte.
CJ Tickets 50 cents To be had at the
Bar of Mr. Allemong's Hotel 1 and at the Door,
on the evening of the Concert C'hidren half
Who but dclighia to toast (he f.iry-
'irc n ltiough?
For them the circling wreath we'll twine,
To them we'll drink the generous me.
Dr. Scott: The energy, efficiency and decis
ion of the present administration j likely to re
store the government to its original pmity.
Noah Fartee t The health of Gen. Jackson :
may it be preserved till he resumes bis seat
Dr. Kerr i Henry Clay 1 mat. Nurth Carolina
h.oii rum in gniteiu. jzniemurunee.
fallC subscriber respectfully informs the pub
JL he. that the lies aeaaion of the school st
Centre Church, lredpil countv, under tha above
title; wilt fofhrricric i'.H 'the'lJlrl 1K."A ft f
boya.wiil be eeceivrd. wio--can W wll w-Cw f
meudtd., . Xhc uttjea of tuition wiU be i for Latm
and Aim kT 4n lalUrs d for Engliah Gram
mar and Geogrsidiy, six "dollars per session, be-
Wg-aiK-ISIMifhS. - -
Doaid can be had with respectables) families,
at one dollar per week. .
July 2ml, 1830. 2t28
Fsrks Gabriel L V
Powell Lewia .
Fnelev Joskua
Fornian Boyd K.UZZZYvii Samt. I ZJL
Fullwood William - - - . 8
U -Ouien
George Lucy
Giles Crispe i .
llsmss Richard
Hlnron Charles Li
Hemphill James
llendrick Berry
Iligdon Leonaid
Smith Joaeph
.. . Stark James -Spainhowar
Bteel John
Riernll Babel
" ' . - t.;. .; .
Thompson Dsvid '
Wilson William
Williams Jordan.
ft. C. PEARSON, P.M.
JYcgrdes fVantcih
FpMt)MA9 MULL Jr. wishes to pnrehaieabottf
X 30 nrroe, for which liberal prices will be
given in cash. He will always he found in Sal.
istxiry. Those who wish to aril would do wt.ll
to call on him or send hiin'a few li net
.SiilitbwyJuly t. WQ. 26f.
GOWAN a tiUv KS-frfving tnd
Hovsm 'rnHwwet ofSathbtfrf sgeni' "
tralijUSEnmeitt'iiT.-- SZ..Z llilZlIIl'J!! .
'W9 ' ' M A NfWtrTrrr1WTfhrrTrt
JL iS. Carolina, 00. lite 1st day uf July, taJO-
Wn. Andrew
('til, Wn. Allen -Cspt
Ste. Alexander
James Brou n
Carolina Bell
Narah t!i aUhaW 3
I lav id li. i milt,;
Joseph Baker
U'm, Brown
Wm. baiiev
Zachariah M. Carter
Sarah (hanibeiliii
Philip Jaator
Alexander Crowder
feheliy Coiine.,
Andre TJoriinr!
(ienrv Cress
Nancy riavia 2
Owen Dry
Robert Easley
Tbas. Erwin
Paul Furr 2
CJ For particulars sec bills.
Notice. be wldforeailrnr
VV IlwU&eia.Chai.lottc, on the" four. h
Mondsy in August next, a Lot of LAND
iu the Town of Charlotte, lying . on the
north side of Lot No- ISO, containing
twenty eight square poles, sold to aatialy
the taxea due orfsMd lou
r dinner at the grove, which, were llr ;V.U
ceivd vth.4he.arflieBt approbation by those
i. Tbemerjjoryi)fJEcrrZYsbing i j
ctase to love liberty,
2. Tke President of the U. States; Ilia civic
fame will more than -rival his military glory,
3. I he Birth-Day of Thomas Jefferson : May
its annual recurrence ever a waken, in the Amer
ican people, a lively recollection of the princi
ple! and patriotism of that great man. :
4 Charles Carrol of Carrollton: Th only
survivor of tha signers of the Declaration of
Independence. I j v
5. The Ex-Pfriidents, iladison and Monroe:
Enlightened Sti'tsmen, devoted patriots and
true nipporters; cf the cpiinitu'jon of tbs Union.
BTAS- tlie Dleasura of ariuouoctnir to bis
KM. friend customers, and the public its pen
em!, that he ia now opening, at hn old stand in
Salisbury, an elegant assort men' of -
AVit?, Fashionable, Cj? Cheap Goods,
direct from the cities of Philadelphia and New.
York; and aelected by himself, from the tWtr las
pmaiiha for the Spring of 1830 1 Which he
oilers as low aa any Goods of the ssme quality
can be bought in this market., liis assortment
comprises every article usually kept in Stores.
Furchatert ere Invited to call, examine, and
judge for themselves. V 18 1
. AWnris irtaj.fris 1fi3." .
,1'ihn Gillon
David Goodnight 2
rhram ioodman
Polly Gilmore
ndrew Harris
Jonathan Hartaell
Hugh Hayer
Wm. Harris
Christian Hotlihor
Jane Hadley
John II. Hunt
Charles Hagler '
Jacob Litirker
Mason R. Lyon
Jacob Lewis
Jacob W. L.ttl
John Lonir
John Morrison
l)t. Kobrrt McKenaey
in. McLean
John B. Moas
Thus., M. Motley
Dorcus McComoiia
Henry G. Mountfort
klunru MsLjrday
Wm Mscirraw
Abrshsm Misnhamer
. SaJlUgl ilscurdajr
" n
John Nine
Washington Newell
Win, Prsrtre
Elizabeth I'atttrton
Daniel Reep '-
John Rodgers
('arson Rodgers
uuuws. .
selectrdby 1. 3, Hcfvesof tlie a&ove nrm, an3
bought for Cahh.froin the latent importaiiona ia
N. Vork and Philadelphia. AH of which they.
are, determined to- sell as low as any Goods of
.k. ..-.I' "' 'Tr.:: l. J tt'"i r "Ti"" r
ir me i(iiui can ne otniui in una section
we tlie eommy yrrrtritTrjfTmgn
of aH desrn ptToTs usually ke)l in Stores. Thrir
friends and ruston.rrs areluyited to calt,t xam '
ine and judge for themsvlvca. ' C. k H. "
June UiA, 1830. 3m't3
Cowan & Reeves, retpecifully beg leave to
return their sincere thinks tor thf liberal pat
ranae they have Imelofore received from tb."
friends snd customers, and hope by cloie at.
tention and steady habits to merit a continuance
of the same.
Hutha Reed
Seth Hodgera
- Itarthr Srytciibonse
John Stirewalt
Jlicliael Slough 1"
;ansuin Miiiiu
Elisha Hcutte
Wm. Stiinou
Nathaniel Sima
' V:
John Voils
Josiah Whit -
RufusHavwrooiLM.D. El'ua Weddnrton
-1 : Capt.- Jamea WbUa
fhuiiits )HwtPn . Jaawb VVtsa;st
George Keaine
Oliver Wiley
- .
D. STORK E, P. M. .
fT AN"M'ay Troni IbeT sub-
scriber on the th inst. s
negro named Jirrt, about 30
years, old, well set, very nark
skin, with a wen on his forehead.
1 Anv person Vomav apprehend
. : t a i r? l.!-x ,
aaiu ooj, ai:u coimnc mm in
Jail or otherwise to that 1 vet
him ajraift, y receive th above reward. It
is thought tho boy haa received a pass from
some evil designing ana maiicioti person.
Negroes JFanlcd!
THE subscribrs are ila'roi of ptfrehssing
n kuhflrnl .Vhfi JiQk.S, fnf whirh ther
will pay a liberal pneo in ruth. AppficatKin
may be made, either by letter or In person, to
Josiah Hvic ip MCUGANTON,'or Jastict llnss
in SALISBURY i who will be ready nt sll time!
to accommodate those who may wish to ex.
change Negrb property for cash.
. alAMER HU1E,
June JH 1830. 25 ;
iiliBr :
a(fV BolUejp. FreJJbany Jler just
iJsJ ceivrd, and for aale, by
At Sf;N & BURNS.
SWi.inry, Juh Sfli-A, 1830." i6f - '
JL have mutually dissolved their copartnership)
in the purchase end sale of negroes. :',
aAry Jnlf Ul. 18J0. - ?6tt . , ;-
ral&.ibwibi'i'HriU.riWUit,'far 1 .1HJrJv;,'"l
'JL ern ad Western trade, and keep! tori
stantly on hand, a verv !arir Stock of Ladie'a.
ITSiMWweVs aV''P
very description of Silk and Stuff' Ooofls, pura
chased expressfy for thp bo'rpose, at the lowest7
uci im prices. nese lovas re mitla ji )hn .
bai.yl$t.bytwoni.i iliTeJk.sditW4
year experience In the business i and will ba -old,
by the quantity, on liberal terms, at prkee -that
will prokauly make them as safe and pro.
fitable a purchase as any description of Goods
that can be purchased in thit .Darker. 10t2U.
18) Maiden lne, tvmer tf Green tt..V,T'h,
F.J. C. also manufactures and keeps constant
ly on hand, for sale, by the quantity, a large and
omplete assortment of STOCKS, of every des
cription, warranted made of the belt of auaterU
at, au4 ia'tbe diasUnacit bvle.. . : .

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