I t i PQETUW O.tMrOTFflE. , . , , Ho many bright And iptert ii 1 tan? ih'ute In beaveri's temple ZZ hitfht ' '. .tHyhvh Mi golden un, her moon the n'ghr, ' Her fiVdl an'I rt hiring stars thr auiexyi $o framed Ml by tp Ir ivreetor might, c .., ' ' diet : Ther burn. and with therB burn . air, nd To distant hores. ivl Ue would M and wctp JVo Combination and a Free Trade. EARTHEN WARE k LOOKING GLASSES. TItOS. 3. BAIUIOV, ' CO. Importers, 88 Woier-Strtdt JV. KorJt, OFFER for isle 1,000 Package! Rsrthenware, G Las, China and Lnokmy G ijisrtc com. istnr the most complete assortment eveiofier. ed M thlt" market, d which will be. repacked to the Country Merchant tt tntr lowest price. 10oi7TqTfenc'0 Comi(AM4 ff uUunf the pnc ei at uroca.- err. in thiir city we have been made the un. jects of a most intolerant peraecution, the ob ject of which ii nothing leal than t& entirtndn m4 'jTfnlinfm the -frwwanrr been assailed aa mm of integrity ana uirueai. Jj'tfe41ii;i f V' Oh, tell him 1 hare it these three long hours, Countin he Wearv hea'inrs of the clock, . ; Which 3owlpertioied out the protnia'd time ' that brought himmn iu d:cm me who m '4 DtrrtccMt. Of afl afflictiona tanjht a loer yet, 'Til tur the barticat acienci- tofjet. REMOVAL. flrt IE lubacnbep pepeetfully inform bit ca- ' JL totoera, and the pablic, that be bu itiaovED ins stohh -? littA (iiiM wt anaciwia bWtntri 4tt ftnuhed td tttrd up in moat elegant 1'yte wipertor to nv f the town : It ta the aland formerly oned . . i . -r . i n ri r . tna occnpiea vj mawii'jic, htoi view, cn.i zlz.:k 's.w M ftfett f doorifrom the Coiirt-Huiue, ait aide I Where the ttibicriSer honi-g fo re. r . Ctl ealla froni bia old ciiatomers "! alt olhera rbo are dfjliroui of bnymg thiap GOODS. ? ALSO, The Manufacturing of STILLS and TM PlATE WARE, made of the beat materials am! in the most sub. rantialand faahionable atvla nf wurkman-tiip; Iruajneai! to ment tne patrwwge oi me public. J). . CRRSS. ''ft 1.-.'. fialisbury.Femdle AeadiMiiy. i. N Inatitution, endt r the above title, for f e "USL malca exchiaiely, will be commenced on , Monday.Vuly 19. 183-J. The eonrte of invtruction will include 8pe iKng, Reading Wpitmy. Arithmetic, Englikh Crammar, Geography with the the of ibe Ulubea, Hirtory, Botany, Chyrtiatry, Natural Philoaopby, Aitronemy end BelUa Lettreat Moaic, vocal nd Inatnimtntal Drawing, and Painting, w ft nn a acDarate department. -'. Aware of the indi.apenaable necessity of pro- "ibrtionini the nutLber of iftMrticteri to tht of 1 wleV b aubwibeuPuicipa!. pledget him- awU t. etloy !MoapieaVaHiaUiit.;jM. fooa jM - hit arhoel etceeda tweaty. and another for eve : tf ad.btwnal le?rty. -' theae which have heretofore preraiitd in this section of the State. Arranirementa will be made, aa soon aa poM ie, for tbe reception of Boarders by the Prin cipal t they can be received immediately, on ttoderate terma, into reaped Kle families. ' ' y ur.o. L. BAKER. - . JW7A, 1R.T5". 22 AMi NEW GOODS. If. II. Uackttt, and Samuel Lcmly, WAVING formed a Copartnership in the JML Mercantile Buaineaa, under the firm ,of Itiukttt ti-UmUji bej leare to Inform tbeir frienls ami the public that they are now re ceivtiijf and bpemnjriiIThe' House lately occn p'wd by Daniel U. Crew, Oi) .Main street, direct, ly oppoaite;. Mnrp'.iy'a, ' general and haod' ajmeortmenlof '-. ' nurchMwd for cash, in New-York and Phila delnhial of the KJmi imiortationtt Which they will aril as low at (food ran be h:id in this part ftWS' pjcheii-and,,?. exaro .rt.i.inf kA alt mun fnav -vriHfi ta rfhft r-'&fwii?& More Xe U Tasoaal)Ac GOODS. ran ti r ..htrrihrr cominuea to keep op JL large aud full supply of almost erery kind of. GOODS suited to all season of the year: Ana is M.:vin nt nneninr. "at hia. store-m a ,.l.nrv -ulilitlnnsl unnlies of the latest im rrsa4ut trans ' ali rt bp himself with care, and bought on the best terms for cash, pari m Pttl kleiiMlial but orincioallv KNe Tolflti : Which are offered on the lowert terms for eaah, or'.on hort civdit to Dunctusl customers, . The pub- lie are Invited io call, examine, and judj;e lor AWiV.Wu 5th. 1833. N. B. Uackctt U Lem'y have a lot DSCK OI t..... K . ,4;l;nt .rt.ntion. to I lib , "v .ti- .j DI..L.n:.. "-r ' - - meir siore, no nnninm .ivwry uih.hiiiii im,,A. nf the same. uL : l . l 1.. II.. r.t lh. I 7 friendt, with racks and troughs, convenient Lr hitchiiiK and feeding li"rsa. : hopes, by a diligent attention, to met it a con- Hniitburu, j)prtl, 1230. mm,mem .ij3t.m:... i- - w..-..-... .ji i nm strua-sa nurTnr TawrrT-ni tun Bf HUUlu I . i - V 1 n . a wAn mil lIllfUIT t..,.u..h hve beiTn all atoi.ned f inT oTZ. i.t siPHT i t r", "T TTT: . 'a cons queitce m I treats thrown nut la uie Alan- uJicturers 13 bigUnU) so iiiat we ove oeen obfiffed tn employ Agents in Liverpool to make our DUrcbasei in suoli a manner that our names would not anoear in the transaction all the fac li'U i attendant up oblaininn credit for oor importations are denied to u.', and notlunfr hut cah in Liverpool will obtain for us our needed supplies of ware.- We are suff, ring these hard aliiDsinihe Ch're of the Merchant: ind Con turner of this description w sxxia, no tens man our own, and to then., as our last retort, we come for aid and assistance i so tjng as we are ena bled to sus ain ourselves ag-ims' more than forty men. who have combined to brinn about our ruin in this unheard of manner, we will continue to aell our goorta Free and inUfpendent at ovir own ratts fir Cath r appvtil 'y acttptaiutt tniy. otvy. THOS. J, BAKHU'.V, UO. 83 Water Ktreel, above Old-slip f. i 4 w. nnilC subscriber offers for l.ile -i JL" thirty or forty thousand a vei of Lmnd, aituated in Aslte cnurrty, ... ., j I. C. adjoining Burke county on the touth, and the Tenneee line on the vevt and north. This land is surveyed 'IT into tracts of from 800 to 1200 acres each, and the quality of each tract to ewtifed to by the surveyor, who baa made a plat of his survey which may be seen on application to Mr. White In Sanabu'ry, Ma, C. C. Henderson of Lincoln ton, Mr. Thos. J. Forney of Burke cotmty, or to ubtcriber in Aheville, Buncombe cnttnty. A large portion of this land U as good aa any in the State. . Ltatt ore haa been discovered on - -alifTereot parU ot Uie eurvey t and gild has be en found adjacent o 'it i the climate ia the moat Bealthy and delight fuTio the wurldj and at no very dUunt day, thia mountmia region of North Carolina must become the favorite part of the tate-jsthe land ia welt timbered, and finely wa tered, rhe tracta marked 1st quality ail) be old at 75 cents per acrei SI quality, at 50 centa i and 3d duality, 40 cents per acre. The piymenta may be made in four yearly instal ment with interest until paid i and the subscri ber will give bond to make till on payment of "" the roofif y and mtercet More New and Clie:n Hooks. TURNER k HUGHES, at the North Carolina Commission Book Store, two doors above the Pt Office, have on band at all times a gen. era! iMortment of Booki. embracing nearly every thing in the variou departments of Sci ence, Literature, Stationary and Engravings. Public, pnva'e and,aocal Libraries, and thos who hoy tu aell again furnished at unumallj) low pjictt. AH orders thankfully received and punctually aHendtd to, 1 ne.folluwiiig are among the works, just re ceived: . M CoikiITi!bater'I)ktio.niry. ahridj:?.4,in poe. vol. K -)l ocuvo, price f,b. " in laying tins work bifore the public in its preaent form, -.MidfiHCtahave h?9n .4ve.d 10.make.it a com. .pltle defining and pronoimcing Pictionar)' for "general me. ASotir 16,000 word? and be tween 30 and 40,000 dt-finitions are contained in this Dictionary, which are not to be found . in any similar work." Henry's Exposition of the Bible, in Calf and 3'iecp binding, in 6 large ii vols, with a pre face by Doctor Alexander, and recommended by the most distinorshtrd Clergy and Luity of the diflTrrrnt denominaiioni. It ia peculiar for its deeply spiritual thoughts and absence from sccUrun bins. Cruden'aioncordince.la-thc. Uuly Scripture, eoiupicte in one super royal Pro. vol, re-prin. 4disuia lheXjiarXiOidou CdltiDU ;.tn.s.up?r; ... fina.Lapct.ajtd ne'tiv'typeriJKanli . ut.'Hi 4 thousH.I errors Jiiaiing in JliC London I'opv have been corrte l hi the udition no iirt- Octavo Uttiles for family use and aged persona the handsomest ever printed. Bishop llnriie's'lnt reduction to the Study of the Scriptures. Clarke's and Scott'a Commentaries, late edi tions. English Common Law Reports, and many o'h. ers, r nibrHciftr'wo1c)f Tmvt, 'Mrrhctne, - llu. H-ilrtgS, iune . T3tr. T5tr -Xcvr ev StMre. CLAY Ii AM) . TOK1IGVCB. M. CLA1THND and A. TORRENCR, havi ie formed a copartnenliir) in the Me rcantile Business, under the ab'ove firm, beg Usve respectfully to inform the inhabitants of alibriry and the aurrounding country, that they have just returned from New-York and Philadelphia, with a beautiful aiwrtment of New Sttte, Fanci and Staple GOODS, which have been selectee) from the Vatest im notations, and will be offered at a very small advance for caih. Purchasers arc invited to call and view thrtr arsortment. Sutitbury, .1p'it 5, 1830. 14 No ofcY Vie " ni off." THE Xottaaml accounts of A, f orrence, and A. Torrence k Co. are placed m the handi ofC L. Torrence, for collection j and 1 would advise those interested, to call on him he fore ten thgt hefore May Court. A. TORRENCE. Jpril 17M, lrt3Q, 15 LIST OF LETTERS "If j EMAINING in the Post.0ffice.at Salisbury, N. Uaroliua, 1st day of July, 18.0. TliomM'Abba Mjry Adan P Arnold William Adertoo B Gpo. L. Baker 2 .;han Brown 2 Lucilla Barr John Beard' Poet. John BeckvaitU John Ba.s , Mrs. Sarah Butlur Hirnrn Boatright Wm Bracken Jucob liaker Patrick Harry 2 Wm. Bufbrd Wm. Baber xtm: Vegzy B-bii ' i"Ju Barber VVitmm Bmndrm Aosten Bradvh-. Tiiomas B.'ibm C Jacob Couhanour Henry Coon Willios Collins Hw. Kobt.L. Caldwell Wm. D. Calient I'l omas Cliaffin" Auxburn llulcn IlesekTah Iltthman Llizibcth Henderson Williamson Harris B P I laden John II. Hart Thomas Mall A. Hall John Hail Margaret lluuck John Ihnis I Joseph Irwin J Sam'l. Jeter Rufai II. Johnston K Daniel Kr'rr Kti Ksrroif - "MSFyTui'ifbrlIit James Jviicanl L Rbt'fri Lister " Henry tf Lamer 2 -Jacob Link M iry Laifib hn Lend Henry Leopard M Edward Mohler John Mrpahee A Xew MftW lloutt FKOSl RAI.EIOfl TO SW.tSBCRT. Httl turned eoptri.' nerthlp, a WattA ' nd ClKkMqktrt, Silver mith and Jrwe'leri, fot the purpose of earrjing ojj tbe business, in all its va. riou branches, in the towit of Salisbury. . Tbey decu. r. the Aira hhojt, built by Jame B, Hampton( . ..at a.. It . . U m' w ' adtltung P awemngon none urett, e or r doors south of the Cotirt-House. .- they wl$MK?2ly KwtatlhntL of Watch is", Clocks, and.T4me-PlcCi:i;:ind warfantlliierri. . , to perform wtlli Ano ate prepared to mantjfae. V ture, and will keep on band for sale, all detcripi tiona of Silver Ware, auchai Spoons," Ladle v a ill bT p.wiVp nf ei'rtutei crufdinff to direttiolvs.-......,,,.,.... r-"a-WA,t -iaiSiteinrnr'JFW'Ef JtVvnPiwatfWl i, B""-""' r ; .... - r COiSUW w '1WUU I'M tow lot tuaaj. -r-f: JAMES B. IIAMPTOJJ. SaU,burff, Jpril "A 1330, .; . . 13 James B. Hampton tenJenthia ffateful ti ; knowledgcmei.ts to the public, for the. libera patronage hitherto eitcnuud to hiirself iruUviit uaiiy; and retpectfully anksa continuance nf t to the firm of which he ,is partner. N. V, l li.se indebted to him, are earnestly desired t, liquidate their account aa soon aa powblei it his new arrangement make it n;cef!-jL-y ulj scores should be tettled up. v. STAGE KIREl S5, ) UNDER this arrangement, the stajje rtns twice a week, and goes through in two dayt each way. The accommodation is good. PaVtengers who are travelling from Raleigh to Salisbury, or Tennessee, or South of Salisbury, will find this to he the nearest, cheapest and most expeditious route West of Raleigh. Pa, senpreri who are travelling from Salisbury North, will find this route, by 1hr way of Raleigh and Petersburg, to be the nearest, chtapest and most expeditious route that can be travelled to the North, by . two dayt. A passenger who travels this route from SalUbury by the way of Haleigh and Petersburg, to Washington"' City, will go it in five day a, and will sleep three nights out of five all night. The Contractor will pledge himself to keep first rate Mull Coaches, and good g nt)e hornes, and drivers of the best kind; and he will spire no pains in trving to render 'hose who patroi ise htm, comfortable and safe through his route. Passengers who are unacquainted i'h 'his route, will secure seats by application at Mr E. P. Guion's Hotel, in Kalei;li nd t w. Wiihum j II. Slaughter's Hotel, in Salisbury . " The stages will leave Salisbury every IVed- J neday and Saturday, at 8, A. M. a:id arrive m Raleigh every Thursday and Sunday .7, P. M. and will leave lUlcigh every Wednes lay and Saturday 6, A. l. ami arrive at Salisbury every Ihursday snd Sundy at 7, P. M. iifOaGE WILLIAMS, C;iiracfr. J,:vr 14 1 830. 25 f Notice; B So favorable , an appqrtunity for obtaining food and cheap farms, wa never before oiler- ed in '''thStf 'tat'e.'&Th thle d the land is in. -diaputbU 4rron.v, deed will be givca to urchaierx. Apnltcation for fnrtbrr imorma- tion.and for pnrcUaajng any part of thee lands. ' cs n oe made to Mr, W bite ia Salisbury, Mr. C. -C. Henderson in" lincolntort, Mr. TIm. J. For J, Jtef of Burkt eountv, orto the subscriber. . JUliN' BROWN. i)ecrmAr14A,1829. lOOtf . N. B. I he subacriber also offera about 50,000 fierce of land in Buncombe and Hay wood coun- Itctw Many of these landa contain some of the i-TUOMIS ntCh'SQXIailar RESr EC'PFUI.LV inform his customers, snd . Uie.M!1'!.g.tite,tily, tht hc.JiM.r.eniQvtd bis MlUP, to the building formerly occupied by Lowry and TempWton, nd more rrccnUy by "'" 'V lUmpmo- i . Tui nrfShnn; i.n ' :Zi. "Il.-IA . . J.t . fc. T.t . J.-y-ifa- - t...fm -, - --"iM'taTirJfnsj-vtiijsi titae. the subscriber will bepreTiareU u base i Za;i auRw . ,aome of these tracts to companic who mlirht be Hispoaed to work the valuable mine ot iron, le5;iir;kwi''pia.'Tsi tu aheady IcaacJ out tote of thr trajctivsand iU had fair offer for the sale of other. Any yrt of these html will be sold, very low i and VarraaifC title made to purchase ra, J.rwn.: WAGONERS, Driving-to Faytttecillc, y WILL find it to their advantage, to stop at the Wars 1'orsL where every eon. - venienc is provided for Man and Hone, to make tbem comfortable, at tbe moderate charge of 25 cent a day and tMCrht, fhf the privilege of the lard, the use of a good houses fire, water, and elielterr. Attached to the Yard, are a. Grocery and Provision Store, Bread 8 hop and Confec tionary, and a Houe fljr Boanlen and Lodgers, In. a plain, eheap wholaaomo and comforV bWyie.-Jyrita 11228. II Entertainment. HE subKcribertukesthiseth- A fl. od to inform his friends and lfiiie puoiic generally uial nc luts Jpened a r noui 2 or EXTERT.ilXMEYT. In the tow n of Concord (formerly owned by T. V, Canon) where he will be grateful for patron age. He. pledget himiM.lt to uie eery exertion t. make travellers comfortable. Hit stab ley shall be a: tended with attentive hosh-r- his table snd bar with the beat the market can af ford. - RTAlf P. ilAHIUS. Cencs'rf, J.int 30, 1830. 3mto7 CYock for ftae. HIE s i'V.riberd have a first rate Brasa-CIock, which they. will aell low. HAMPTON k PALMER. Main street, the est aide, a few doors from the tmirt-Houae, in the town ol Salisbury ; Where he is prepared to execute all descriptions of TAILOR .VO, after the neatest fashions, and on the shortest notice ; and is prepared to make all kinds of Clothing in the first rate 'style, having iu his employ ix or seven first rata workman, which enables him to do work on the shortest .notice, -Htnsnm-ttootr- lun CbufTin Jac-ib Caub.e Junes Couch Dauisl Coleman 2 John A. J. Canibeil barnabas Crosby Clial'le Caiiin Jacob Coon P Thomas Dcudmau Mary Pent J isenb pjbbins i Mary Podd Arthur Davis E Auderson Ellis luhii EamharJt JotfEills " F Jacob Freeze' 2 Joit pli Forcom Thomas I'ercbee William Fuid I.t wis & .t no. Eoiitz Stc'y. Fulton Lodge U Jtibn L. Graham Henry B. Glensxu 5 tTTjffrjras-Gheiisn .Sohh Gardner F. K. Gibaon J jlin Gioboni Albert R-. Oarnett - I.,),, .r"rf".tvy-Mckefi3ile' " Pnvi 1 Macinakin Je Maelin JBCob Moore Wm. Mc0'iiiiscy O Ann Oacni James Owens P Rev. Josiah H, Powers Jacob t'ool IJy. or P. Peck Lucius J. Peck R Charlotte G. Rhodes 2 John T. Heed Robert O. Kusale Kami. P. Knwls Rlcrd; Rotinson, Jr. Paniel Koug'i .S llehj. W. Simmon Thoi. J. Htarr Peter Swink David Sieward William Stoker John Dmithtel Henry Sioan M illism Sims S(isTTnTf-lTi tr" W'm. S. Simoiiton Wm; p. hrorkrorr - T MeredethThtirmoiv - F-R SALE. II IE snbHcriber of. GiX aeutiiiLLaaulrLCiJUiily Jr. tor taJn vtnc w-Crowi- mond Ei uirer and National fniehigencer. are retfieated io ttop an advertisemen', s.gnej by me, for a Teacher, to lake charge of a school in this place, and to forward their acconnis for payment. STEPHEN L ITRRAND. June nd, 1830. Sitf ' ' a .Veat iNen', In the Town of Salisbury, for sale. rmj 1 113 property j pleasantry htnacd -.it in the most agreeably part 0f thij town, and is very s-iitable for a MuaJl family. The lot is -ipacious , and contains a very good garden, with much rare shrubbery, Tho " terms can be mae easy, as the most of the pur chase money can be paid j note in the Bank, on the iiaual terms of accommodation. Person wishing to purchase, can apply to Mr. E. A;lc mong, or to D nid F. Cal Ivu H, Ksq, (who it au thorised tu make ink,) and the terms can be tnowu. II. C. WNS.- feA'y. 2n(,, lh0. OS To tioi sMinTsr fWHE wt!cri!o having chtaiugd a Patrntia JL 2IIL1.JL mm drr'a fJretk, on the- iniir Tt.ad learlmg-fmrrrf- tt-J 'n Yorkvili. rioef..CreeiiaSoroug5 SaWiurv to Spartinourh Court House, Souvh CarnKns, 4 mit? 1r:i n "TiBen widerV Turnace, If. iii!e.iT3i..LiacQltoa'.i4 .il.mtes frorn Yorkvitle, Sontb-CaTolirra, due north, contain ing NXnl Acres of land, of which 100 are now under cultivation. Als , ihe Iron Work are in complete operation. Savv-Mill, Blacksmith shop anil all nece-sary buildings. The Establishment almuridi in the fjrav, mag netic, and red abut iron Ores, Which are deemed- jut t(k bv .-Uperior jtdfjea a4 fa-f.it! by -tn-1Sr theH1' pviamvi-The-piirJsife lay and corrrenient. A yoke of oxen are stifFci-nt to port the Coal aud Ore to ihe forge forthe daily coiisumptioi. There has -Jut hetn duciv. ered. recently ,-U' LP in con-tdcrable (pia'ititiea, which bids fair to be valuable. This is m the gold region of the c L-orated Kir.'s vl i i' iii mint-, 4 miles d'lNtaitt, and for 7,j'.','i a siii pas sed by no situation io this i inii . T!ne who feel desirous of tlrdcilaki i in t'.c bt'sint s would d i well to call on thr iiibrir)i-r sad vii w the premises, and hear the con ii i is. a-t iie feel anxious to remove to the Western part. iCJ A good bargain can rn; had. MiHES 'f. AUr.KM TIIY. June .'i, 18.10. 4 .:8 the yeur lHi, for MH'h lor grinding l td wadiitig Cre of Cold and o' her metals, and hi plan having been generally adopted, fleemiit tie rcisarv to eaotiou the public ugainat using ti ila . Mills wi!li"ut u:a cous-i.t. i he subscriber thinks it unnecessary to g.ve any description of hia Mills, a they are in operation in variou1 parts nf the State. Hia Palents embrace Branca and Ridge Gold. Liberal tern a will be cor ce ded tu all who make early application fur rights, and every information given on application. ' 1WM. If FOI.GER. ChxH-H't. v-v c m? -! t it AL. f$y. "i'i7',I-L be ,!J 11 Wi,k rVfer bsCMtnUofVilke dfVv highest tifdt. r it pob'ic on done on very .moderate ferms, All order, from a di-ttance for work, will be most faithfully cvitrdi ecrTdinrtodireeucrrt. ,sn4.witiun.tJ5fs sortcM powW time . ' T, S He has just received the latest I from .Philadelphia and New-Yorki which, will enable him io jmake..fine Coats, Itc. after tU most approved style. 15 SiaStbiiry, ,lpnl ISth, 1830. vZ or si Journevintii Tailors. WHO are good workmen, and steady men, wilt find constant employment, and lib eral wages, on application to the subscribers in Stateville, Iredell countrrN. C. ' ' . . LOWRY It LOCKE. ,', Statmit et Jme 3rA, 1830. , 3t28 : ; t , 11L.INKS ' 'f OF evefjr deacriptkm, neat!y printed, and l lor sale at this. 0$, Joseph Grsliam ' Wm. P. Graham Pr. Kich'd Graham 11 Thomas Holme Wesley Harris John Hughes 2 Leonard Highleig Peter Helterbrand satrr'tvenirrtiotl " n-ir TMsjrr) Jame Hamilton - 3t23' SAMUEL REEVES, P. M. W illiam T,vlor 2 J ... E. Toji 2 W Augustus Wil is 9 Pr. E. W. Wolcott t'.osey Wade A. It Wtrner Daniel Webb Wm. W.lliama VarlnerAuv.. TMF factorage and C mimiHsion bnsiness "of Henry W, Conner will l. continued by the ?ubscriberi, under tne linn of H. W. Conner Cf Co. from this date. 6ti9 . HF.NRY W. CONNER, JOHN P. TAMl'LEf. i Ch irltKitn, June 1, 18 'J. -VJoUnn Ain aMakittg. FT"HE subjcnber je-ipectfully informs the c'ni--M.-- o of Iv4dWrwd thsjdjteenfcoitrr' tiats, that hf continues to carrv on, at his shon tn- beiiriston, he buaiucss of Ma king COTTON ui:-s-5, eij-iai io any mmutactured in the Lmlcd iitaUamJetul,.- hi tiina -aie preferred to all flinrra,-ny .Huiar. wtia haw.. t.itfv, tfirm. 1MJ owiin csuafy, May dftuen, ISM. fashions iv ' r, i":::: rirr . . . : ... t v v vicinal misLiiiuciii levKo. c ii ap pearing to lha tatixfaction of the Court, that the attendant Johu AChaffiu iilbt Tn InfiabTtaot of this State, On motion of the Plaintiff by his attorney j It is ordered by the Court that pub lication be made for ait week in tbe Western Carolinian, printed in Salisbury, for aa'rd John A. Chaffin, to be and appear before the Justices of our next Couruof pleas and Q tarter Sevions, to be he'd for the county of Rowan, at tbe Court House in Salisbury, on the 3d Monday in August next, then and there to replevy or plead, other wise judgment final wM be entered against him for the piaiutifT debt and cost.. Witness Juo. Giles clerk of our tail court at hi office, the third Mo )(!v lj Mr, IgJO. 6t58 1 . - JPUN GILES, t.S have found a ready sale throurhout a la'ue ex tent cf country. His prices shall be ai reason- ahle as t any other ihop i;i the Southern country. All orders will he prompt'y sttended to, atul Gii finished in the hnrtst pos.-ible time. Hep wring of tiii.a will be done on the short est n;ice, and in the most tubatantial manner, by the public's humble servant, i.ift:'m.,CT.?riarf' J.Tinptn, 2S(A, 830r, , 21 Patriot .and lUleirh Reine r, wi.1 insert tlw S6Ve advertisement In Vheif rrsiiic'ive-ppVr-for one month, and forward llK-tr counts- fol 'payme'nt.". " "-r "" : WI'tt.rTrZ" aa)fc Tract tf Land F)rl SALE. J i t W'ilktsboro'ia es, to the out -cry ws of that weir nrr.rfwrr"rr vttrwbftt- VVncr f f.wid lying in a body on.t.IiK wateis dt tile Yadkin and ReddieJ H'.ra, oh? mil? Kotik of W'ilte.iboro' having thi?Kie half of a valuable mi' niit attached to it. premises formerly beh.- j,. d to Chn;itian Gord.i, late of s i ! ccua ty, ill : ised. I he lerms of a -e, three in s'amfils, one on the !5ih Pecen.her, lH.tO, when pnsrssinn will br given, the other ttt'Uj erjtia! annua! payments tlien af er. Tun 'Ind, m. 7Z3I fft, a Powef vien'l. JaimS 'IITREA?, sometime herfe of Attornev was jriven to We W)orn. of thgtfrrmty-s and tni Nnrth Carolina, by Pav Csti'j. 11 and Jne rsmpBeTI TiTnVTfrTor Wrtnrt cndiKy.'antl its'?" of lenncsce, in relation to the e.fate, hothreal and personal, which raid Jane d rived Troni tier father Hugh Montgomery, i!eceaed, of !)ali. burv, N. Carolina! wlifii 1 power gave said Wellborn full authori'y to roi.v.-y, Uc. nd whereavsoid David a-ni Jam: have trauiferred their interest in sai estate to William Mont gnmcry Cowaii, Mry Formd W;Whirtr my wife, Msrgaret 1-avimu Cain;ke!!, at'd Josepli Warren Campbell, firytbcr ith full power tn revoke raid Power iitAttortiey" KivennrTai'i I Wcllburn And wlurea.. 1 am authoriied tr nid WiiTiam Montoshcry Cowan", Mary Parnei McWhirterj Msrjraret i.avir.ia Campbell, 'if Joseph Warren Uauipbelt, to 3t for then in re latum to Ihe alxVe bi-.!rtet: I l.fcriUy, liir hit t sell and for the above; named person, revokV the Power of Attorney given to said WelHinriw and refuse to salify or confirm any act whkk said Wellborn may hci ealter do by irtue of i authority. - 1 P AMUFL C. McWHIRTE.n. J'fnU Vt MtpiSUt, 1810. - 7t?8r . ; rWlAKE.N up ai.lenlereda small ' JL bit torw'WfSr'sRi to'he-si t vevrf orw viwi ' r y fr"a3 praised at ten dollars, no marks or brands perceivable. The. owner ran him by ca.ung an t1ielwVrib;wi3 paying eaptft-e- ' . WILLIAM S.. NOIIMENT. ,fertenirir ee. .V. C. Jime 4, 18Ju. 4i T5 Writing Wrapping Paper, MAMUr AUHKLD at the Salem Paper-mill, for sale, on moderate term, at this office, yrv, 1830. A Cook Vaittct. . .,, fQR one that can come wetl recommended t for induatry and cleanlitie,a good price will he riven.. Wanted, also, a bey about twelve ffariof ige. Applv J thi Qflic;, Aivtv r.giit U.vjts.vtVz TT AN AW AY from the til-iriii)j:r.anthe?9 JiVV of Msy, 1 83d, an indoniaM ap(reiificc hBTi by the name cf Levi Hirikle.- . lie ia about' ttrrWsM;s-as f -air , has -t1 hie.,.-n 1. 'cViintiTcinun'Apt-rsoh I hatbor ng laid absconding apprniijcv. t AytuAjL;iit;niyti n-v?r h rlVnry,"J;ifie 3d. 1 H It)." V-'ti.f Stnre o.Ytrth CureCinti, Burkt cuury: " Ln r cf Plea and Quarter Se".inns, Ar- terra, 18,10: Charlt Carson f. Jaon V Wilson. Original Attachmant levied i thdere by Ci.urt, that lil!icVion be 'maJe f" l wee a a, m the Wt stern Canilinkn, for the ds; femlant to appear at our next Coun of plesi s quarter beioni, to be held for Buike etMintf t the Court Houie in Morgat.ton,ontbe fooro M&ndajr of July next and plad or replevy, ouV erwiae judgment Jjr defaulvfinal will be eetertf upgaiitbiti. - foil . 1 T1JJIMI1S EawiN.cr.

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