North Carolina Newspapers

    ,tt rfust be a tturce of regret t6 til those tl&
have any regard for the purity of the English
language to find ao many innovation, or to spn. -mors
critically, such eumbers.of new wordsadded
to our vocabulary. Possibly we might not be
to much concerned, if the additions thus "wads
consisted of words which were -legitimate, and ic
corded f ith our lymphonloua sounds, but we 6n4
words of the moot outlandish origin' Introduced':.
eonributimti exacted from the c.fferent
pie of ih.: Northern Suits, either for oh;
v er frcr;n mer tir?M" i'Otforiefl by them,
jcEi 1 Kjsi and Vs Iti-dis produce, or
. , for Ihtir own tiijaiikctuie. Bat this is
precisely the sa ne thins as if the South
ern pcopleconsrf fried .the very article ob
Wned abroad, lot their 00 prodace---!Wtm
djesit matter to the phn'er, wheth
r h consume the very cloth for which
sections of the Union, tne .inequality of
the disbursement of the Federal Govern
merit h tiil much greater, S jutb of Nor-folkr-throuHh
the entire region extend
inn thence iSouth an Southwest alons the
Atlantic and (he Gubh of Mexico a re-
'!- ftT .'ETI'm SUiT ClMi.Ut. ..
KU)ii which contributes two thirds of the!
revenue of fie whole Union there is not
(Sit cotton h f Kchsnsd, or the tea, and
fie . hwirk thotmnd dollsrs! Now,!
JULY 20, 1830,
into our -language,'-thereby rendering it more '
0bicorn(l far luk cUa.icaUWa observe the'
v4"l oaopk of 4he United States have ojUa" g
"coffte, and sugar, imported bflhe ps
' "t!e of the North, In exchange for their
Argus hat fj'len into, the way of mor Imakin'
5ir,. ntenuoo . i 'V w
which i triily 6esh'n j f tht time',.. 1
He wiaiies -to iiuroduceTimwJ'rnrtw" Jm,,
fea'ureiof Uic troernm,fit nndcfhichjhgj;.
pre)dactln una tnqimry, or ino
of it, to mgcJ, af villi a v'n to expUin j trimeatal to his, or hia friend's interests, 1 sure
live. Ve 'have not vet (a le 'hat,, tn'fri r
PtJ,Ve untlmtnt South ef '(he Potomac. -Upon
elimination, we Cod the public sentiment iouth
of ilasoii and Disoh's line, decidedly favorable
to the sovereignty of the state. There have
been btit few toasts drank at the r ecet celebra
tiona of the annivemry of our Independence
throughout the Southern country which do not
speak ft Ianguigd itnng and terrible agaiiwt
trespassers upon that safe-guard of our politic!
tmirity and independence.
. m rnnftneen. itt-mice. r:uite-. iiiu.w 'i urn . tit nf tin mi rm n? fli uri. it' i .. ... . . . " -p--
kt rhrce
tters merely.- uut U i ceen taiu
we exchange tome Ihrco millionVoTour
Jmportt, fr the lire tsk pf the Votern
Stattt, which U not enhanced irt price by
rTe1 wi.Mt -., 1-irnt.i? '(t.vwm,t Tint te-more tjartwetrwmtJ
V toy duty. ' But -n here the planter is
not entirely relWirid from hi- burtntn.
"t-Co heporcha n4tch live tock--ui
., ilxty piece of eluth, ho cou!d with a
hundred ! It would be abturd to ro!
tain iuch a pfopoaUion ; and yet thit ia
Anttr mtm in which lie Could rt HeVC
& tiw " - " - --------
liirhk'Vfrorn the whole burthen of -the
' tM,i.' ;f hii Till ii. that he would be
iatit - - i-
able to purthas,e but Iktle m ire than haif
Iho quantity of lite ttock irom tne, et
tern neonle. than r.e could have purchased
"V : if no deity hd been bid upon hw itnpona.
" ' Jo thU-ay, uiwiouUcdiyi the burthen
MrDjldb acriouUy fel: by the Wettern
people.. But Jhi would not tniilj;te the
- tufTerins ; of itiaTpJanterOYouncpTjTe
,r - Utn oT the ineana ot purfiiuaiftg voc
lo a ?ery great amount,' and m thit ex
tent cut off the market for the productfons
cf Wettern induttry. By rhia proceas,
at in all catet of prohibition, you destroy
two valpeti that of the planter to the ex
'r lent of the Jmposta, and that of the prow
r of stock to the extent thai he h iniuied
Lit induttry
Onori a general sarvey of the c --nditicnof
tnefnlteuataiet, n wm oc ucucu uiai,
owine to cauea lanmatelr connected
-" wtth-Yft fettMUt-tyaiexii-t pjoauao-ia
vary where overrunini; coniumpiion.
When to thit circumhtance we a id the
fact that the consumei of ihoe articka
of which you propose to enhance the
prtct by yoor high du.kt, have so murry
Other resources, i nu tan re.AH to so ina-
A tu'Htltutas,to avoid paying the duties,
verj gentleman must be satisfied of the
- utr i w?oibUUyo .iftro.iuijljf thins:
u VrVualT. Iai2:m
wfconi fIfrff.iW iaitfc ---f h twrwrnw
Ol' m.WWCtur.;p aqrwr m"cfTI7"e'")f ci '"rtft the veiv at ate of thnKt
Sratexvxre verr dtffewrykndTtTnk
Heaven, tronl the consumers cf grain in
OrVst JBritsin. . The enornvotis bunhen
of the corn lawt, Jails almost exclusively
".n7h "tonsu4neia.'Cofri"ii an trticta of
absoiuta -wocaaaiifrfnr wbicfi no doaux-a
; i." L..;-.J Tk .ni.
-erblr&ri'4h labcrtr, thercforrr is
lied W tonsirmo the rn f the lordly
land owner, at doublj price it could
be imported, of " pi iih. IrTni nof so
with the American consumert of cotton
and woollen manufacturer Before they
wilLoncnt ta pay n enhanced price,
proportioned to the duties imposed, they
will cloths tbemtehreiio home-spun.
'Upon the whole, then, the on?y mains
which the producer has to throw the bur
then of lax from bit thouldert, it to di
jninish his product too of the article
taxedi and the meant which the consu
mer has to avoid having it thrown upon
iiiai,,U,iixiiouj3isii hi) c.9.QJ4rjinm9fJLh.!L
- article. In th conteat th consumer
" Jut a decided and obvioua advantage, it
" tnaybo very confidently assumed, there
' ' iWi that at least oni half of the burthen
' impost duties I id upon tha return pro-
Jl uctiona of tba planter,. wou!4 beu
1 tained by Jutaai a producer, eiven if be
- consumed no part oi those proaucuont.
Bnt itaneal;ubudabai tb popi
of the Southern Stjriet consume, of the
article, imprted. irt lexcane-fceiii'
tiples, of other foreign article eubject
.A. PI. U
gutir.i; ana pi norccatic -roaptit'C,
...... n iilli, nhaneed b the tarif. to
IUI vv --
tbe arrouitt of three-fourths of the entire
returr. which they receive for thtir ex
ports." I ."follow rtui the direct" opera
tion ol the impost duties throwt upon
: ' the people of "the t8ple growinR States,
- weight of taxation Very nearly prcpor-
.'Bdf, r.thete main to be presented
l tiew of thia aubject, very Uulo consider
el fare'.ofore, otther n4hi touotry or in
- lurope, whldi. Ul exhibit the unetjual
and oppressive operation of this govern
- ent in inrvb.r ttriklniKhr- W hen
thit it taken into the 'estimate, the com
nilnee will perceive that X have been
quite' within the mark, in assuming that
the tp1e growmjc Start are burthened
In proportitm to the amount of dutiet ley
led aport their commerce. Next to the
: unequal exactions of government, nothing
can bB wort ditt reusing to a countty of
Wcb tttt extent, than the unequal dia
burieraent'ortt revenue. Orest at 1
lave thewft tU lnejualitj, to too
of "JolLrTeM counlt
l he itnrHi.
Ivanii (J example, would find if arTid-1
- .s
vanteout pecuoury specouuon, y pay -piunn. ncw( unure us um,..j
a million of (lolUra to the Federal Treau ( cmae'ience v.Wcli audi a Uicloaur; o.ilJ
ry, aunullyUpO(i the condition that tne ievitab!y bfget. He d d,Vnt, (n& meehojiiJd
Feileral Gvernmcnt thould annually dis nim ,nj,itice ty ttiat he as not aincere
bur.O 1wo raiHlotta of dollars amonjf the in hit conclusiuna) when be dcelared. in au ar
people of that State, in the pu.chaae of tlceJ which ljptfare(i ftl tne Courier and Ln-Krin-,
iron, manurcttt-e, .nd itucli otn- j -rer WCek, Baekt thaj gouU, Carolina
er prddttctiw. are 4her tnade for mar- on vc ill!!urreefJOTf lbM Vir.
ket.. It is obvious that a new dcrrmud ' " ' ,. ... .
would be .nnuatly treated for a million , E'n, Mtlh Caral"u "oM ff0Wn
ofJoJlar,' worth of the production, of , nd ditenance every .Uempt to reat hw.
Pennsylvania, and a new value 'thereby ' M "h""ty, we repeat, when Mcb ateotmint
Riven to those productions. It would of. eP the Editor of the CourKr and Enq.iirer
COWte give the highest possible ttimu he ihoufht it could not fail to be responded to in
laus to productiye ftiduntry, and at Hie the to atat, which he ihed tbua to concil
end of the vear iht ireie yeajjh ofj iktc. He u widety misUken, however, in the
the State would hi increased rnore "than j effect which he thoujht the character of that
itjwould b diff.inintsed, by .this fiscal op prit wquH not fuil tu produce upon the puhlis'
era'.iJ, t -paymj one .nstluoo In m
OtlfeiOCmi. mow CXam-
pie of the infl jencs of c-rvernmcnt dis -
Oursamentt, .of whjeh hiatoiy h.s kept
an, record, and that which Br.t drew my
hy (treat nrjlain in the war against the
F . c , i r . r
tench Kepuotic and the t rench Lmpire.
Thm -.,rar,rrlmfo fnanri..! ir,u,rrr r.f
Gr4tin, ia.4hat .eulfi4 -MxukkUv-
have exci'ed the wonder m.d aclmiralion
of the world, scarcely Ics than the tin- I the Courier and Cuquirer, fearful that hia mis
paralleled miliury achievements and tx ! representation of Southern feeling niiht pre
tenwire r.onrjuetts of the Cinpjror Njpo-1 j. lice Lis favorite political scheme, which wil!
loon, Xc apectadc of a aaiiat) annually j ihnrily be brought to work upon tht V aoiu ha
expending some two hundred million ct thought it necessary, tn order to save fiat grand
d illars, snd yet flourishing almost beyond j ,lcignfrom perd.tion, to make aoai atoneimn;,
any lormer exunpie, seemeu almost to
j t.aJTld the prc-f.umJett spcculdtious of po
l.tical philosophy. . .
Lot the mystery la completely unravel-
leu wncn we aaveri to tnc tct, mat so;
is . 1 r r
of the tasei. ver
fneaiirow htmdred millions:. We bavV,
I supposed m-TeuarrJ to Penniv'lvanid. .
The government levied an annual tax of
5100,000,000, and made an annual din
bursemcnt of 52000,000 Great Brit
affi was never so fjomishiu ; and, if U.e
am p4on could hava lWsttdT67fvr
I L i i i : i . n . .
tib-.H4.Ueeiid; EuLlutav noi uoheJiuiuie
if thines that it could jt much Inngt.'
than it did. Great Britain was acting the
pirroPiIie" prodigal, who eon vericd his
inheritance into an annuity (or fifteen
veats. and then expended liii whole un
nual income. She was living upon the
resouicet of posterity, and if she had
i;one much (urthr, she would have ex
haosud them. lut. when peace was re
stored to Europe, the picture of D.itisil
pronperity was teveiscd. When super
ficial cbscrvers were expecting an in
creased prosperity fiom the cessation of
war and its expenditures, a scene 6f dis
tress and ruin eiuued not more astonish-
iriy andeppirerrVff 'Hm'Otimat4e-hsrihr
former prosperity. Hut the one was just
a natural as tne other. The sudden
withdrawal of the disbursements of ihe
government, to the amount of more 'hanl
8100,000,000, without any corresponding
reduction of 'he taxes, was like withdraw
ihgMs acrtlstorhed jTtmuWstrom nun,
ho rahttuaily toox his nettle ol wine a
day, A paralysis wis thrown ovcrTT.eT''' "' l1" K"'.r " ,irr
industry and prosperity . of the. nation
, nn r...U. Kn .h.
will recover, 1
."ow, SI.4, when haTfftDttkrir aTttiTr
picture and then) looked at that when
you have compared the distress end suff
ering ol Ureal Britain since the peace of
Europe, with the prosperity which pre
ceded it. you have, on tbo one hand, an
exmplification, and only a faint one, of
th bustins and wnncnni mnuence ot
portion of the Union, - with sesretly acr.
return in the foim of government dis
fcvirsehients ( ahd.on the otheavoftha aai
mating and invigorating inSuenca of large
disburaemtnt ii .porjion,..oXib.o .JJnioni
that make tesrecly any contri'ouiions
comparatively peking, to the public re
venue. ' (T bt nntinutd.J
; aa avmi O awwat a ,
Changt.-i'K tailor looking terious in a
certain Chape! in Boston, wat asked by
the Clfrgyminr if be felt an change J
whereupon the tar put hi band into bit
pocket, and repliecV" I have not tent.?
acted to the Sutb that hie' Jealous mind t.
. . . . " .' 4 ..!
'"d. t.14u. aecrct work.nga 'disphyed t
L.I.. .. .... kr.-u h r J' ann!, ill.
; mWiia Virgioia arid N. "Carolina, when the i.
r.'mnv tn mnmii'mti. am- vtRva re.
! ., . ,rt n,t- , n,r "
I He h.s rii.cover b t,o late, ,
. ir,j
i " . , ,, . , . j. . .
'be! ; and the nub ic ininien in Wrrfniarnw
; 1 1
1 teen .;o freiuenty .-fXuiaed, to be doubted
i Jk;li!SiiljLr 't " .,7e aovfreignty ut the
ttt'!'- 1:1 nu.;.g this discovery, the hdiior ol
lor lt fjje ,n, uilrou,tfd charge uikmi Sou'ii
, Cjirolll4 tothrt Mercury Journal ol'CtwVston.
Upon'aclosc cxamWhm, of t.;,.ex,.Ur.ation oi
h(j erctottre ,aid of Suul(l Vc.
I . , ,1.1. r
I till. I1VI MIC IliaiHltl III niPH-ii lib vavm'.- I
' present language, hytwrtiucat tirtdUfuwis. lie
lurwends now to have great .confidciice m the
patriotism or trie soutn, wiich a t wca.
since, he derl.ired bis bclud'that South' Carolina
was preparing for insurrection, and he knew
Virginia and North Carolina would not give
their support to iuv auch uuloyal desigiis. '
.W JlftCft lijiaiiXwe-iaagaia-dlartxf!iJ ve'ro'staks, and th- final oer.!.ro ol
:hat the people of S.' 'Carolina barbosr no rebel-1 t,e ,,aity wliicimcw wtaiiu ihe exiting potcy !
tviMitioteotioiVHMKl that wdh,iJh.siiie.riy
our liearis-aoii-'autr tne eourne wnien-
that state will pursue in relation to the many
mHinfetrt viwlaliiw of ha I'JraJ compact, iul,
V'irpiina and N'rth Carolina willl most cordially
lend the'.r aid in support of any measures se
mav adopt. Every movrrer.t f the Sov.'.hcrn
stes, one and al, will be p--cable, u'-lis;
the tyrannical and imperious penple cf v.i.
N'trih should forwe the South ti deleiid her.-eil
frcm invasion. The Courier and Eiquirer cun
not make an impression upon Virginia .i..vl
North Carolina. The cluracier of that print is
too well understood in those States to p.odi:ce
any n voluiion in public aeiitiment. 1'lic apulo
g languag
looked upon m any other light than as decep
tive and fraudulent.
t( But we are the fiends of the South,
and shall continue to be so. Our la ith
shall never be shaken in their devoiion to
the uuion,and we shall take the Irtcdorn
whenever we conceive that thtv are 6u
1 Ihe. wroni: track
... IU ,.
itb never-will aitow
j the New England, federalitr and tortt-a to
." loo it at taa acta ul your oalilxtu
South ? Look at the birth-place ,i Wh
rngion, Jefferson, Mud'aoo,. Fmcknty,
Hutlede, Surapici, k; Sic i did we do
worse in organizing the Hanfotd Con
vention ft.
I In tbej Mercury of ihu jili we findjhe phbli
V$ f 1!!jilri.ri!;'2'1."'"s ! ditne f irci 40
rjcartlaVBe iftd Cot" tWaytatlerided aoltty
by friends to lbs constitution and Stat right.
W'e will forbear to mska any further mention
of the interesting procetullAgs wt'lLu' Jinrfer,
save that the patriotism which every sentiment
breathes, didivered jpon Uat occxMoru is.of the
most ardent and unexampled character ; the
eloqucnie of those who addressed the'mceting
is impassioned and moving beyond description.
Wa will cot fait to gi-t'iTy our readers with a
perusal cf a much as we can cruwJ in our next
paper.'.. '
. J'.nneiit.--.lUr. Jxmea Mctaughlin Eu
beta appointed Pust-Master at Miranda foal
Office, llowan county, N. C. in the place of John
McCoonaiighy, res'gned, .
rv to t!ie Mrcurv will roc iv from the otuiili. ,. , . , A. a is. sm.n, (n.n it rrky, . -
- .. , , , I internal nnprovunci.t svstenj, tr.e line a ron - ; "' "7, -
climate. TUc tol.o-vtng language caiiuut be, ... ..... ' aiiarf.iaai su,..a .a.., twi...,..4i.iM...fr1,uij
I it.', -ilNv.iu .ii, nl..jJii.,.n ti vlirritf-i ttTT-i iprli-ni-n
eoi''Wi4lwif wtvra po!iticLptyi,
fi one'wf fnwrt)f thetft witfi-wvoml
. '
taxation a..
nd proRiKate expenditure a if the public
revenue, But tbey have luti aince learned that
they did not. in the formation of tlie '.F;dru1
Cunaii'tution, rel'mii ii;h any other powers than
thoe which are expresjly granted, and foibid'
den to be ex.rciad by the state government-.
that in the charter up-n which is inribeJ ihc
power of the national government, no elanse
iatObe found 0:1 i'a pages, rr cognizing the
right of the nati inut U-gisltur ta '. the
Southern planting iutertt, to make improve
ments in the ,Jorth;rn and Eastern slates.
n? a community of fr;rnen wil' not recognise
a right either burua'n or divide which can justify
one people t(J tax s-n ,h r for their special nd
vantage and profit without the content of the
taxed., It wa the promulgation cf aiuh unni.
tural doctrines in the ahaf.e of purtiamentar'
Aicii, which gVe the firt impuhe to the bai:
j of the Ssvclution. Tbs people in iubmif:on.
, to auch i'.iquitk-u-s exac.ns, could see in eon
i :u'ioii n . Mug sho-t it aofc'-u'e slavery ai.oi
.i - ie.frudAtiar.. . Ilaa not a similar oarae marKtf. .
the pn f !es cf IfKiSlation in the Coi grsts .t
Uie United Stales Is not the Southern portion
of the Un'ttin made to bear all the br.rthet of
taxation whilst the revenue cres,t?d thereby h
expeiHled-w-- -b- ffky--f-aii;miU.
schemes of a commercial, mental and local ru-tu-e
fcr the individual improvement of a qu.-ti.-r
iif the Union which has no irti.jninify cf
frit '.J Jiip, siiitiroent or :U?n .:h us f
II).. are we to act iii (?.: euiergencv whr-r
oir ii. rtbt rights are iiin l.d ! y I (: . te
fjj I We I el the tiTtl). rajs n. .1 of ,a. Mio -
i Il'vl iH ":- :n v
i f 1 ' W i ' '''"' -e
j say it is already big auh the f;ue of this
1 i-'ioa.
Will not thote who united with us with
Jo much good tetling vihen 'he l.'r i.i;i was ts
taiiltsliud.and -who ti(4i -valmlr for1 hnae
riglits which thry lave :iow'.t.d'tli--n srlvfi.,
tenm tt.tbett ranee aitJ-flKidratifvl---Wc aottld.
recommend it tQ.ituiiu the atrongut.leiiij..
Is it one state alone which has manifested dia-ptra-sure
und protisud aiinst the policv of the
Kovtrnmenl? Is the opposition loihe tariff and
the Amerii-an system contj led to htvu .:h t;eo -
linaaTimei No it pervi les IL ibo XiuU.4,nKariulL. imm ml mt,Wartd-fhfir byrnetartf 1"
tof -4 General - govrtrwietR
tokt -uirtiw-v
ras-Hie only evfiftt that eait -finjihly i
restore harmony in the councils of the nation,
and preserve the t'nirm of the "States. ' r
How tbenr-it is gravely asked, i. s ) di-'r.;Me :.n
end to hi accomplished, when iheuo p .i - v
wtr; diisemions tr.dasiger the ' ' o re
a ilii.-rri.iiiid njtrit lo ttaiMi, t ...i;,
''X ' 1'iicl yi-.-: I i -j tnir.j; t j one L' '
' Irt un.iimtv o . ; -rtt ai. 31,01 'ot
pcfjoi: have o ii ii'iu Let t'xir
: w!io have
.teiitori . . oi-.ct oiiri;, th ri' the meii'um '
el t iiiif ILt o.-t 5er.lii.ii.a i., t!oi..-i ca m.r.i
.1" :h, fail .J biiilg about a Itl'tw u!' ti.rir girV
... i ..i :
' ain-.-. I l-t h.Ai.lp n I ... ii .1... ,til'l'"MMll..all. W.So n UU V,
u nu L1..1HIII. at anaaciantia ul. I, Sjr IS. 4. ,irr cf ritiM? n;l(.il.ai4
Then will the arrr.gnc of power ,nJ :k,4"w,toT a-i.,a,i...aa u wrr-
' ", an ,' l, .1,0 nut ti, II.. ,.llr ciM4rrai!iau ul .avulul. U
riority be rediicid to iis piopt r !ei:l, and the mawi kjr ii,nj ia rya4,ir ivm.., t . r
blessing: of af-ee government ci.vt more rck'abft'"rwafmtsa.,i.e.,ai,,...
stored. Then Will the reso-utlui.s oTour nation-.; ay Xr, k..i,s . . .mmwr . aaitastsaa
ai Wp.slatur bsv the unction f Ii, pto-ilc, ' : "aarrti.
... , 1 w i r Uj l. W . rMell: TS. 'l'"'
w..- v... .r hit wm oi a FrrrcTn.rUfa(l.,.,,.,iH,,
' n-ent Ueciwive and eiitrifetick Then wili ihu
T I 1 -l 1 .
i vnausi sua ;unwiaa avwwJMisa witsor-eii ptmnl.
tm and the regulation by which its concerns V. e
Jp. L.tuJlir 1 , 1 ,
.... wm 6.. ivu a, ue:iiyi 1
a. id lawless.
We w ill refer Mr. WiUon as well as the - Is?.
etteville Obserrer" to our paper i surd two
weeks siuce. for the publication rtqm sted ,v
the former, denying the ritren.khy o the j
i.anor w mia pa,r i.a.i B..ri, impcstU ..put. b
... a a I
, - -. ....ft..... . i.
.r. Vt ilaun doei not eot sider what w kav mw.l .
w" m'w 111
and what webave before said, a suQcieMilci.H
of the charge, r, can orly sty to him, cor
toiumni Miai) oc i.pen io admit an comsnun ra.
. . . ,
ivii uc mj i.i'Hft. jNuj-cr iu sena u, relative to
thatafTsir. No fa"thr answer was rejtested'
to Mr.-WUshn'i letter, than the publication he
requeued lo be made. We neve rofuie tc do
justice to any individual, whose -character has
been injured by falae and unfoynded tccus.
tiona, more particularly wheo that injury bat
been done through the f eoev tjf tiii fsper.
b1ifj.:'f tingfnff hVt x
9ccaon at the hn.e t.tne to t,y that ;W lit .,..,..4,aa.M,i.u i. .sauttd,ak.,.ir.
tt.iOrfiUiiMAU Uie word -? fta
ls--ansr ,i!i.iaTOwiwiw'WwijiiiiJiiM, Cm
Uel word ' imJgrq u on'' ty en more clearly.
other, which i precisely tlie idea the Argus
would wifh to convey by ifce prd 'iMmigra.
uo't." The Argun t j it as 41 EnjlUK, (hum .
and jnotoy?," s any oi liie Xing' j;iiJi,
and qwiU tVe.!)S'.(.rs dictionary aa authority.
We buve not et seen that vatuahle wmk, ku'J
w til not Aticfrrpt to ciuu-oven tie d.ctum of-life" '
Argus, tut v.e iuy be p.ri(..Uti lu taprcs: tb
idea ao had tulertaiyed bl -the coulpiiktion of
that dictionary, tti vi-at vhe vi;w ul Uic Riiuoi
wer; ia giving it to .the world. Mr. Webster,
aaw, w Hi. r" !:'tii b;tic-riies'of tttteCtion, thai
it had b-toie fjl.i!able in Waiukgtou to iuY .
trodtic eoiii:ki into the ii&ut;iis which took
place on the floor ui Congteus to supply the'
pluce of plain ngit!)i, such as th people gen
aa'.iy couid undtrs aud. '''lie great complaint
I'lat the spcechei ol the .neaibers could not bt ,
properly understood, without correct ideas of'
Imc (ueaaiugs bich were lo b-u kiUxed to miiy r
phraeea ol loreign exiratiioa, induced Mr,
Webber, a man ol known learning- and abilitt.
,0 undertake the tL-k ol explaining the mean.
t.tT, ryr...... .k"1"' '-ytfr thus foil.
ted into our langiiags and whicli did aot
properly belong tu it. Mr. Webjlcr did not
thereby admit that t'atac v.orla were pure and
genutne Engliuh, but his reasons for publishing
. Du if the word -'urmirrwnu" is pood Englisl
tt ..on V ill deny il'.;it i,a.iu:ui ia father una':s -nd g ruling to Uie enrs of Araerie
c.,i., w!i- iiave Leco-hji'ai'.uattd lo ue the word
! i in Mi f o convey the asree idea, kit taV
, ioiy ul oi.r I'm .;uiii.;e we have not nu
'''- ' ''!. " 'o .v ne ,,r.e uicaning,
iiier . , -k'l. ,i ; .ijr a.-ecu i-u:i;ie and ener.
'e.ii.k We 1.. ... i,t eonatoiuity of uur teili
j w'uenever l'.vrch r.o pa'.isli or othel
liian American phrases are used i ithtr in wri-.
ting, public rpeakmg or cmnmoii conversation,''
Ifthe ftdrtor; ff itKfATgW-rsi!p$- xfart we cic:-
not. ..' 1 .
4si. ' ' : i
Jhrr flandt'fh. A dinner wvivrn tT John
ISandii'ph ol Huanoke, the day .f-r.. ious lo h',
deparurc lor the Court of St. r fersbiirVby
the citizen of Norfolk. In thus tunorihir tuia
his long and faithfu. a;rvicw in the gvuneib
t..i iii..n. but clearly indicated' Oeckli-4" f
appmiwtwn of the at-1, ctiw vf Mr. K arti jlpbiw - b
rep' sni coiinti-. -at-ll;'at illu.liiwus C;.l.
-, nun in our estimation, i-- !ictii r cu'l)le of
Mt? -4li-tlttffr tnl -charaeter- if this -
' na.i..:!, rone coul.'. lo us K-tter act rice bf
a 8-.n uinl t,iit:.';l renCc tu toe tutre.. vf
Ins country ti ,.11 Mi. t, ,lo!oh.
Wc 1 i e , sui j 11. ii exlracu Iron tot)
' 'n S i' . ,.JI , ,H Clt l- 'f.
a 1
-.ha --H I S ! rinl tvla jl
. J(
... .MM. A. a.,..t(i M. r i-u.. f l.l,ft li.t
4 Sy aait.ri la Um priMc.tai. itfk .laSl .f.
i.Hi-..wuaipb myuna.a. is. tt,r)4. inrr ,ai fits
l kw ni nuiliir 4i ni iui.t b aUn ii 4 r . u AA
1 Ju. RoUlpt mt naak. l7
J . .4Juf ftftiK-Xl.ftil..r.'iOi.r.l,,TTTWt tS HIlH
.v.... w. ..... . . . --rr-. .-. i
"'-."" n. u ai r r..w ruiy.
a? JLa. a.iWia.1 lka aiu-.u .ri Ik. " Aa.iUaB
.i. k.-' .rcuiftg' ta w.tol wftat- iu. aiiLb sa
i.a ftaMfti.
1. 1. a ftt iM.,. f.-.i ai.i4ra s, Mr. Bh4.ipa.
rka SUaSt'lt. i UMft.. VLf M'riaSkAi aal nl caaattX' ,
l t. i i;kii nual i mii mn auit. . !. .
Sr.. ( .U. ,.! 1 Tkr ki.tb ,ar ol 1 I.'ff.ri
M.j i(,.. .r.rtMir rrrlr.liftM.i. ia Sf.ulft S, k U. aV.1B.
"U..W"i'S.f i
j "TTIT?.
' t--
lt llai tcep ohU.nej ,0 ,he additico to the".
"J ..i.-."..-,., ..... .. -.-..
.- , ... . J f.Jt '-.i . ."""vr Trti
ical. 11 e cannot lira, it in that I rfht. III.
lIluA e;W lhc Loneit Mrrc-ilB . feet
wl,i.-J. l.,ola,well where it i. placed, though
' ,, , ' , , , , .. . . ,
tit Had bitii .pjtnded to hi- spcetli. t are
surejhst i.iore iott8atterig are said;
every lty ' its tHriftcr Vpeeclita. Lcsidca, the,'
manner and the time are entirely cuaracteris-:
tick, and give additioiial force to tbo exprct .
aion. ' . i ' - "
Br Ji t awat i tu f r" t sn kr f
artaa U, ft4,k. r r.tuku, ' t Q4. H ks m, "4 W f
.if.!!.,.. ftta-SSs, A . ssr.rwaats.ais ' W
J '' '

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