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It is even aise to abstain bm liwu. which, however wise and irod in themselves, have the mblnce of inenaUr.yhich
finds no rt'sponig in the'.lWirt of the citizen, nd which will b evaded with little remorse. The wisdom of legislation i
specialy seen mgr..fiifjjUi on conscience. ' Dr. Chfinninj,
Mntr4 ! pMlied. one wf , r :9.v;: I JUifK,-,
l"nHi,lirr f Iht Ia of C Wr-M. j
!l m ii mi r r 1 1 i i
Tb term of Uu Wtn, CvollcUii will
r y 5S,tt,"5f? rwwif '' wsM!Wilitt.1f'1itH
' ttxt ww iwf r ewnnnvN r"''wr. j-wit.v ui
,(1 ww nwrin "nmv n"" " ran wTmwigT-
ILstei oi tUr l!;t:!i&t:Uf:
Paiwhit tfe Firft Srtfiin pf thc'iUt L'ewfres.
NIHRIB 67. .
An Act to confirm certain' clsiiui to '!iv,Ut in thr
r nc of .Uckn;i Court-llnuie. in thi S.n'e
nf IIsi'si)pi.
RE it enacted by the Senate an -! n,
rJ R'firesentativet of itr Uiitt.d-S u'et cf
jimerica in Covgreti aetrtnble'rf, ' a
tl,e claim to Und reporrd hy iht
tsier and Receiver of ihc- lmd OGTj far
the Dmnct of Jaclnon Court Hoint , iii
the &ts'e of Mississippi, tindtr the provis
ions of the set (if Congress, uppruvecl on
The twenty. fourth day ol .Mav, one tju
sand eight ..iiuodivd and twenty eiht, en
titled M An aC tip)lcr,ii)tiry to the &ev
ersl ac's providing ( r tJie adjustment ol
Itnd tl tini in the Sa'c. ol Mississippi,"
a; (uti'idcd on ;iny otdrr of burvcy, re
qiictc, permission to Sfttlei or other
uiitten evidence ol cliin derived from
' the Spanish authorities, which ouht, in
1 1 oji n jot) o I ,J)fi, 3Jtd. Jbgiu- od -U-
Cfiver, to be cniifinncd, und which by the
6icl reports, appear io be dc-tived liom
tr,e Spanish (jovernrnent ptior to the
.twentieth-oL. Ut.cembert otw thousand
rit huitdrcd and three, and the land
claimed to have been ruluvaTrd ati.1 in
babi'ed on or before thai day, ih:ll be
confirmed in the twrnc ma.itn.r as if the
title hid been comil:ied: Provided,
That, In all such claims, where the pUl
nd certificaie of str.vev, made prior io
the fif eetith day of, one thousand!
eii it t.unarea ano iniuecn, nnuirr lie i
I , ,- ,
ruin"' i i vi ",lr .. I'pii" j viu Liuiuim,
I;'. Ti oy' ArHoai";r"rK'":'
.,..,..,,, eri4'W'A-tt-l W,
It .jWg--
"i f-t ii . r , ""-TurbfviinTcatTvrsTmTVT.retHn
e.irK rt-ilm uhl nnf k ,-n,.tti .....ft It-. r. " I
EULII 1 .. i.v. I.Vi'1111 I.IVU 1 V Bill
cne person tor marethantwelv'tiui.dfed
and eighty acres; -and that for a!ths otfr
er claims comprised, in the reports as
aforesaid, and which ought, in the opin
ion of the l rpis'cr and luniver, .o he
confirmed, the rtal'mant to stich !.:t;d shall
IteeatUiCJ lo-a grain ibwreW, ia-( t 1. rru ,u . rir ..r . - -,
. j . .loiav be neldpy the said U sttFtlfcuqijf:
tion-,nrt to -exceed 'twelve liimdrert 'ntt -' v ' 1;' " '
id,lf(L aiitK. TAat,vf -t4v rfHii
.niatTvcs of Lnni. BoMrr, nuK-rcd j
four, in report numbered -.brie, shall not j
v,-rnnf.nncd in more ihm twel.s h. n
drcd and eighty jries; and all the ctnfi,-!
r ,h -,S.I .til.. ,..!!
'.I (I fl'IJ "I HIV MUM IIU I'll IV it, ,11 DIM
pr ints of donations, he ( tn provided 'o ii
madi- shall nmount only to a relinquish
men; forever, on the p.rl of the boned
S ate, ol snv claim whoever to the tract
nf land so confirmi 'I or jji anted, without
prr jtidicfl tnh itxrres's ot third persons
FtC- And be U further enacted. That
evety person, or his or her Irgnl repre
sentstivrs. whose claim is eml)itacelbj
'tlic'saTd'HegTsier and Uecelver in their
reports numbers five, sis, and seven uf
actual setileis, or tocir lej;.l represent
lives net -having ary writ tn evtd?nce ol
claim, sh:di, wnere it appcats by the said
reports tha: Ihe land i lumrdnr settled on,
had been sctnsily inhabi'td and cultivated
by such person or persons, h whose i ih
the same is claimed, on or before the fif
'eenth day ol tjitmsnndjyiv
Tiundieu arr thrrteen. be entitled to a
fjrant for-the Ud-ai-ctrsmed or seitled
on, at donj'.ioil't Provided, Thst not
more than one tract shall be granted
to rttty o'Tpctiow, antl the uwvt shilfnot
exceed six hundred and fuiiv acrei, to
include his or her improvements and to
be bounded by section.! or division!
?es; and -that no lai.iU sliall be thus
granted which are cUimcd or .rccognfred
by the preceding section.,y yrwtt- t)rJlirw::IaT,,fapfa
sentatives, compitscd in the aforesaid re
f arts f. iul ett fere, not -hovitrg- w ru .
ten evidence nf claim, who, on the third
diy of Mrth, one thousand eight bun
s'red and"rtinetCen, rlid. as ippeifs b
'hose reports, actually innahit and culti
vate a tract of land in the said district,
riot claimed under anr written evidence
of title lefsjly derived from the French.
Irtish, or Spanish Governments, or gran
ted as donation, shall be entitled 10 be
come the purchaser of the quarter, sec
tion, or two eighths of ant section, on
which the improvements may be, and ia
t!udingtbesame,it the iarae price fir
which other public lands arer sold at pri
,ytg:e rwVcJy That Ihe We shall
-be -mtgfd wht thc7.lfgtcrpf the Liftd -
. . wW wvnisa. vri
wu.jiv, ii n, a.;ns h:i ic iriv'rrn rrt I-
whfre any tih pVfsort U seated, tv arid
iWrroTsK,: beverwed h't
8rt7ppi'hvcd' 6rt the jtwenty ccotl4diav of
right -fif pre epp'iW'iifih purch.i'.e of
lunds, (o rcrtVm sjtttsrs in te Siaie of
Alibam.t, Mississippi, odJ Tciii-oiy ol
S.c I. Ami it furthfrcnactaU 'tbX
the li'Ayiite'r snd Hcreiver of th-: s.ti I din-
irh i siuil j;osn the sjin povwer, and
Perform the same duties, in rejaiiun to
'he rlitiis rorfirme.'' hy thii act, a arc
given to, a'id re j;ircd of them hv ile art
l Onig;rf (( he eighth of M iy, one
rtiiius.tit'l eiht Uui.irci and twriiiy-ti.
etitit'cil An act suppiimcntary to the acts for mljuviii; the tlaimn and
t'tlfn " i imli, ntuj es'ahli'vhin K tod Ol
fi. i-s, in thci!i'tic! F-ast of the Island of
Xew Orleans."
S;)cuker ofthe Mnut of K:-r,-ien!:fivet,
J. c :uti)i.N,
ice President of tin; United State and
President 'of the Semite.- '
Approved, ijv 2:5, t
An Art infrrninfj t!e Trrtjs of th" J'ltlicial
Courts of the L''fcd ?itatt for thr S vithcni
Dittrict of New V-n V, ni.d nd Ijnij to the com
prntat'mn nf h veralJistrict Judges of the
REnynucfeTlJVie Senate
of hefireieht.ativek if thr United H'atc oj
.irtjrriea inCwigrcss ctirmbted, I itat iiere
ulte r. there sh d In held, montnlv, in Iht
city "f N'j'w." Yoik, "vF.ssnn nf the V
riict Court of ihe Uoi rd Sr.ues for the
Southern Dia'iict nf N -w York, to coin
mctice on the fi st Tuesd-ar of e;irh
month, and be held in h- niunner no
provided !v lw for hold tip the s'a'ed
erms of the sui 1 Comt.
Sec 2. Jtdle it father enaetrd. That.
in i an'.n t
Iter, th"? s'i i h. held, annn ,!!v.
, . v
in ihe: ci y ot N'-w V 'rk, t"" sddriitt tl
jo-k. .... t-, -r r r .l t.
sessions n the tiCcm? L ourt oT ihe UN
'y, ti canvmcncc on the iaKtai(itv t
r ehTiinfr, and the jistJUTid-ty of Ju!y
1nd .further, That the sail court mjv, Bt
us (Iiscietton, nirrct Spf.da! esinn
thereof to he held i'i Hie said.citv, lor t'tc
uiil of ciimin,! eunses or suits i,n rqnrty ;
lJI id ii miI aiUilmniil nrtrl itlwr I il imli,,ii
- ' ' v-
Srr 1 Jnrt h' it furthrr rnnrtrrt. That 1
hfe4,ler' ,ne Wici-Jud- for hc
" ""hcr" l't,n nJ N,:;T York' ,c
" H'e nty of Now V ork ; and there
,,c all vr 1 ;h'' s4' 1 J,,,,e ,he V'
'V onip-nsa ior, of thirty five hundied
k...v. -. .T-r...'-.j..-T. l.'l. u
dollars, to tie paid ..t the Treasury ol the
I'nin H ties, in o Ht tei-lv inymi-nts ; toJincoui: 1 ax, there would fail to the soarc
ihe Jude of the Nor.htrn Disiir.t ol
New" Yoik, thr: su n ol two tho-jsiod .I d
brs; and to the Ju.le for the District of
ronneciiiu', one thousand five hundred
Srr. 1 in Lit f;r! rn:,rtr,t. Th..'w"u'" ""C IO COtltnnUIC l,0W.U.jU.
triri Jiiili of i hf United S ac In
Di.uicti of Alasa-chuaeu Su.a--.
lina, Georpi i, Altiam i, and 'OeCisU rn
Oistrict cf I'coii-.ylvania, rs h ttie vc.riv
compensation of i o ihousand rive iti;!
dred dollai . ; ai d othe Dish ict orl
of the full j wing D:'ti':t, respectively .
the vesrlv compt- nj at lot, following i lo
the District Ju Itfe ot North Carolini, two
thousand fnl(?rjjr,j!i!
tight hund-rd il .l'ar,; ol Koolc l,.(d,
. AC A. . 1 I I. . . i
ll.I.Ma.A. nn. lh.i,.nr1hwitnf1rM'lrlril!.
Delaware, one thousand five nunrfred dol
lars ; ofMirrlit'tK ,w thousand ;
of N6W Jcicv, 0.1c ttiout.t'ia lite lino
died d dlais; of Vermont, one thousand
two hundred dollars ; and of ihe Wesiern
District of Pennsylvania, one thousand
i eihi hundred dollars J lobe paid at the
Treasury of the United States, in qusr-
terlv piiymen'.s.
r. .. iimiii 72,
a-Vct-tu-'tefrtai iiut pW-An-ef4rtn
th.Tnrms,errKf rli to. certairi..casei to
ciar out eiitr at th- (nom ll jose of Pe
IrnUuirg, or that of Kichmmt't.
RE it tniced b f the Senate and Home
0 Rcfr'ttenuuivea c the United S:atei 9
America in Conrest atiembled. That ihe
provuo of an ac),-passed May twenty
sixth, one thousand eight hundred and
twenty four, enti led "An act to author
ize masters ol vessels in certain cases lo
clear out either at the Custom House ol
Petersburg, or that of Richmond," be,
nd the tarn is hereby, repealed.
Approved, May 28, 1830.'
WAV COUNTY, N. C...... ..lUESDAY, JULY 37, i830.
I noW ak the iattension -of i-Iie
Comfnittee to a tomp&t& , I pto
' . . t f - t
uavMV.f SJe itiU VI MIV . CUCI4I
- "? !naTJf. . , at"r,r"t
"r" ' .a.B.fMt-M-a-rt.ipt;
'n ais'rnu'ive justice, la the appointment
nf t ix cs amorjfj (he diff 'fent p'tniona of
the romm iVuty f Ijis bid diwti i i a work
of the hit lest su!horiiy--id indeed, no
ai)!hri'y i neiessarjr io ijve sanction to
rule .if -f ieri apparent justice'4 Thit subjctt of every bute otiht to con
ni'jii'c towards' he support of the Gov-
eminent, as nearly aV pasMide, in propor
non to the revenue which tney cntoy M'
dirThe pro ectiou of tlnr-S.ale. -The ex
p-nse of (.Government, to the indivuluaU
nf a.rtat nation, ii like the expense of
management to the joint tenants of a
(rrr it csta:c, who are all obliged to con
tiibutein proportion to their interests in
tfns estae In the observance or neglect
of this maxim qonmtt what is called
equality or int qudity of taxation.' Ac
cording to thii fundamental iulc, the jus
lice snd equity of which no mn, I am
ure, in this committee, will venture to
con'roveit, an income Tax nould be the
nearest ipprosch that could be made to
hat equality which ouht 10 be the aim
of every Government, and which our on
cons itu io i, most carefully, but vainly,
attempted to scurc. Wutj view to as
t ertain what would be the result of such
. ,,fr , .x8.v .ju uiuauwiiw wri aTeTi3 iSTiis
-'"'"if, Idll'iui JUI ilUIIS Ul
the Unim. hav nude an estimate of
tin? ajjsrepte amount of ll the incomes
of th Unicd States, i vlug as "ihe'resuli
350 000 000 Hollars. 1 have subjected
tm .irnje io the test of seveial mod;s
of cali uLtionx and 1 think it rather under
than over the truut. A Urt'tsh economist
rti-n..trrt the jo nine of CI real Hiram In
1 820, at 35O.OOO.00D pounds sterling, and
I c.rttinoi Mp;;ov- a wiH be deemed ex
(avaaiii io ii,nt'e the income of the
United Smes, in IS30. at :JI"liuny dol
lirs. V'ii4t, Utn, the disiiibu
tion of the burthens of Jjiejrederal.uxj
i if toe people weie taxed in pio-
portion to thctr mtomes tll .is to bare-,
marked that trie exports ol the staple
Jg'owing States constiiute the printuial
p irioi uicir annun income- uut :nt 1
m iy be certain of not makinij oo lo an
estimitr, 1 will assii ne that the income of
ill t ie persons
irsons engaged in pr .lu, ing
cotton, lob jcxo, ndjr.cc1js.fcro.J).jQOai.
heTrly 'double the amount of their ex
,'OItS : and t lat the HICQIHC uLthu 51i-i i
gaged. in pnxlucing coMon and rice is
50 000 000 To produce a revenue ofi
g24,500,00O. a tax of only seven per cent,
upo i t tic aggregate inc. me of the naiioa
would he ne c-isty In the apportion
ment of this sum, upon th principles of
! 'f t!ie growers of cotton, tobacco and rice,
'nlv ,900,000 dollars, and to 'tut of the
I ro ers ot cotton and rice, old) g3 500,
wlirreas all the other htancn. s ol
j o.iucive industry in toe United States.
.1.. ,1- n . M n nrt im f l,t. . ....... j - l
I.U ! HI of
i me taxes, witn i ia winch ac-
uailJ r)"U-Undct oux picsou-Xesaoua
n ihe "rnwera ol cotton, tobacco
riL-, as I have heretofore shewn.
now ic uaily coofihute to the support ol
(i ivnmen: git 8 X) 000,b.itio'
0 ) ) 0W more ihati ineir juit propoiuoti ;
and tne growers of cotton and rice con
tribute 8.3000000, being 08,500,000
1 ,m M. Ctt.ttim.v. '.K.
" rv-". t I-L'JH.JJ.-2'mX ft. - ilSj.l -
. i
j , ,cheme 0f , , ,.jon, u
;orm3m.ihat it ii. calculaiad asiytuufi
those who hive not thoroughly examined
the muter. With a view, therefore, of
prcienting the question in 1 more prac
tical and familiar point nf view, I will sup
pose that general excise were imposed
upon all those productions which const
C.Abl Unian, and thai the ttnpos du'te-s
upon foreign eoramerce were reduced let I
J 2 !i.'.nMJ"' e. Aa , met a q je sU-xjoi
ritstribulivo justice, it cannot be douistcdTP'-bylul'
for a siiomrm,-thai. ihe exthanpe. nf in
tcrnal commerce- should be subjected 'o
the very same impositions wlih the ex
changes qf foreign commerce. It is es
sential, indeed, to the perfect equality of
taxation, that all indirect taxes should fall
precisely alike upon all the production!
of domes'.h industry, mad br manufac
tui cd lor sale, whether at hoti or abroad.
If the planter is called upon to pay a cer
tain per rentage upon the annual value
of the cotton he exchange, for foreign
manufactures, upon what hutnan principle
cm it bo contended, thit the farmer is
noli eqaaUy MUr,l4-payth aamK per
centae upon the at.fafoejfjiailtl
and otKer poddctTns. which he eicbsages
wit n i n 3 neihn-tiptr minufa
wun ma n.e.ijn.arin minuiacturer : atvi
tionT-aronot g ully ttabtV-4ipjh
tarns; pscxiae j9iwAefHWi
of the manufaCturev they 'cxchanSe for
Dr nc D e. d frer nt? on in Mho so tar.
particular, that they fall upon difTcfent'
productions of domestic industry. And
whether the tax ultimately fulls upon
the. producer or consumer, a just regard
to tlfb principle of equality would require
that all the producers and all the consu
mera of ihe country, should equally t;ar
ticipatc in suMaining the financial, bur
I hens of the Slate.
, r ' '
Il the value of the cotton exported by
the planter is to bo regarded as (he mea
sure of his income, upon the very same
principle, the value of the grain sold by
the farmer, or of the cloth sold by the
manufacturer, ahould be regarded as the
measure of his income, and the duty im
posed accordingtf. ..-
Novr Sir, it will be found upon exami
nation, that a general system of impost
and- excise duties equally applicable .to
all -'corn m ef ci il e xc hah gei, w he t h er for-
lienor internal, would faring us almost
to the very same result as an income tax
The advocates of the prohihi'ory sys
tem have habitually dwelt up-)n the in-significance-
of our foreign, when com
pared wi'h our internal commerce. In
the well known address of ihe Ilarrisburg
.C'uu wnuoaviiTaMMa, jy m4 4-hai -4 he -in-'
tern j1 commerce of the Union amounted
to 8500:000,000, being nearly ten times
1 he amount of our for ign commerce.. I
think this ''estimate extravagant.; and will
no', therefore, use it, even against the
manufacturers .themselves. It may be
safely assumed, however, that the inter
nil commerce of the Union amounts to
two hundred and eighty millions, exclu
sive of the coisting trada in freign
merchandise. It fullo therefore, that
while the whole of the taxes of the Fed
erd Government are thrown upon less
than one fifth of all the productions of
national tndujirv the aTT-r.i'e amount
thitre are Tirodactirai capntly: liibfe re
taxation upon every principle of equity
and juslice,'a(iM)Uiitihg to 8380,Q3o,Odo;
which are not only entirely free from all
Government institutions, but a la'ge por
:ion of which actually receive Govern
ment bounties I Sir, it is in vain for gen
rB.fnc.f to aUeP" disguise this gross
vague notion thattheTrrrnrtabartrreTTOf
luxation f.i J ts c xdu si veljt. up m ,:ba toaui-.
racr. L.vcn u. this were true to the tet
ter, 1 would not materially vary the case
j as to the unequal npermim ol the reven
ue laws upon the dillerent sections of the
Union. Tnc compliint i, that upon less
than seventy mid. .his ot the commercial
exchanges of the countr, principally
belonging to the planning States the
whole of the federal taxes are levied)
whilo upon commercial exchanges eqtul
ly liable to taxation, belonging to ihe far
ming and manufacturing States, to the
vast amount of $ 80,000,000, no impost
- " J . ii 'i IX
N0W 1 challenge anr gentleman to nolo.
I out a singje instance in the history aLlbe
twofld I will nat except the cruel exic-
tions of the Kotmn Government fTom the
conquered fruvinces that caii bo com
pared with our own revenue system, for
the injustice and inequality of tha contri
butious it draws f'otn the people of the
Southern and Southwestern Sues
When all the States of this Union were
ttmncriTeTTa'rM were interested very'
- -as ,. v-. , - --WW
. . .. , .
neany m anr qua io err eJTLinfijoje IgU
lice resulted, from making ihese ex
caanggy sustain tita wi
of the Government. But e ven in 1790, the
period to which I refer, Alexander Ham
iltoa, the putative father of' the prohiol
tory system, deemed it unwise and inex
pedient to carry the duties up in foreign
merchandise higher than seven .and
stonUbed, if anr owe rrfdr "prerlrrted ttnTT
in Icsi than foriy. yeara;SIi.,l90.0QQ'..out
of" a" reirenuo of 23,000,000, would be
nin'.rrpaTtof the produ'ctTve industry and
commclai exchrie of the union J
' I am jure, Mr. Chairman, if gentlemen
did not permit thetmelves to be carried
a at a
away or e mere aistincllon In names,
this iiriei'iit distribution of the taxes
would a'.rika them more forcibly ihio ii
now coea. if the whole revenue of the
United States were raised by an excise,
and Instead of levying an impost on thr
merchandise imported, tn excise duty to
the lame extent , were levied upon our
toiton when aoH to the merchant, and
Villa. XI..J..N4I. aw,'
beforo It reaches ins custom house, the?
to r-y One. T " n d i;ot tnen n di
an excise cuty ot iony ptp cent, fjorn
... I ... " a .
ftjf -amrtinttntcf;riin b 'Wif T"trrtltu"(Sof
tl fhi" fnttnn mi.' .. oirn.r.rL t.
heretofore hown,.that-an impost duty U
precise!? eqniyalent to sn export- duty
upon the same commercial exchanges, . t
follows, from the same counts of reason
ing, that an excise duty paid upon cot'ort
when it leaves the storehouse of the plan
tar, is precisely equivalent to 'an.''; export
dot? paid ati he cu von rT
equally taxes up'in tlieproduc'tions of t.ho
planter, arid operate preciuety alike in all
their bearing, whether we regard them
as throwing the burthen of the U upon
the producer or the consumer. And I',
have no hesitation in saving, that 1 woukj
regird a liw imposing an excise out of
forty per cent upon all the cotton sold by
the planters in the United flutes, arid
providing at the same timu lliar foreign"
merchandise received in exchange for it,
might be imported free of duty, as mak
ing not the. slightest change in ihe bur
11) ecs nader : w bicTw e M w laborv HotT
then, let me ask and 1 beg gtntlrmen 10
answer me the question, if with r Jear con
sciences they can how would law strike
them which pnivjded. In lerm, that atv
excise duty of forty per cent, should be le
vied upon all the productions of (he South
ern States, whereas ol the immense a,
mount of the urtulucjLiruKif
Middle, antf Western States, only twenty i 1
millions should be subject fs j imilic ' ' '
,xI.I..i.?ai Ihcxcjnaioi
exprcssl v exTmpted from " any I'm posit irio -
at all! Would such a law bear inspsnion I
Would not such an invKliwv-und m jmr""
distinction shock the moral sense of every
man in the community f And ye-, Sir,
the law I have supposed, would do no ':
thing more than express, in words, what
actually exists. at this moment in the
;iiue laws of this UovhrrimeiH.wTp- . 4 ,
ped up and disguised in tha hdirectnesi ' .
of their operation, and the genetalitf of -
ttie terms in which they ire expressed
which spcaKs in strone terms ol the in
tolerable wretghtorCruinjTaiK
a conclusive argument in fvor oJ-a t9 ------
ducfion of the taxes, the writer assert.
thit they amounted, including the com -
Isws and p-jirr rates, to a tax of 33 I 3 per
cent, upon the income of eyery .-individual . i.,
being trrrery oppressive, th4( no JnpU - .1
&93li passiblf .ejidute - 8tn eve- r
if cotton planter-in ma Utii'etl StatVs," -r '
par a tax of al leasfSS I 3 X.e"rf VnjuT
upon his inebme, 10 sustain the Federal '
Government, in addition to his contiibu- ;
tion to the revenue of th State in which '
ha resi les. Indeed, as almost the whole
of his income i derived from the. ex
changes ol foreign commerce, the tax he
piys upon the annunl amount of that In-,
come cannot be estimated at much lest
than the rate of the duty wtiich i indj.
rectly laid upon the productlona of hit
industry. And ihua it i, that while e 4
nte-vairtty-aTtd" IgnoT mty sstitig"rou
treedom Irom taxaiion, the people ol a
more oppressive bunheo than the most
heavily tixed people on the face of the
earth. -
Thus fir, Mr. Chairman. ! have enn
fined myself to the consideration of the
re fiifil operations of the Federal Gov
ernment, and have attempted to show
riejirrgusi action nt yngt wfy
tern upon different -parte of-ilw-UHtrt, -
V - - - - - w aar W Ul J IUr"
I. . . '
wunQututcifnca to U prottotTmarTor
l.a.l r .X f fa
qi onmetic tnaustry. U now
bccunni my duty to Itace the operation
of what hat been very Inappropriately
denomined the protecting system, and
to ascertain. If possiute, how f,r it ron
tribute to increase the ineoualits of tha
butthtr.s Impisedby the FedtralOovern.
ment upon tne people of the itapleErow-
An"d,Sir, Ut jt btirememhareX that a..'
revenTje-iystemigrbSUy'ahd palpably
unequal io itself, tvstem which! under .
levy ttie entire amount offtie iTcdeul
fixes from one Rfth psrt of ihe produc
liotn of the Union, while the other four,
fifths are entirely exempted from all
minneror impositionlet it be remem
bered, I lay, that this is the substratum
uponwhicb hss been reared up this mon
strous ar.'d iniquitous, superstructure
the protecting system. It did not aa isfy
the manufacturers and their conlederatei,
that the whole expeose of the
Federal Government ahould be" sustained
bf those brauchea of domesMc; induitfj
' f
-'4 .J

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