North Carolina Newspapers

    21,10. from Norfolk, Va. by Forts
mouth, .llarrnvas, Sulfdk, So;ncrtor.,
Winton, N.' C, MurfreesboroV Ahisky
Bridge, Scotland, Neck andJlosemeith to
Tarboro, 1 32 miles and hack, three limes
2123. Fro.Tt UliztWth City by Camden
c. h. InJitowo, Curri'uck c. h. Tull's
Creek, Narti Ve'sTtliter Bridge and
Grejt RrtJ e to Not folk, 63 'miles and
bjck, onca eek. .
j L4ve Eltztbitii City every cincsday
aT 5 a m, arrive at Norfolk, the next day,
Thursday by 06 a m. . . ,'
Leave Norfolk every Thursday at 1 1 a
m, arrive at Kltxabeih City next day Fri
day,, by 6 m. i t ,'.-. ",'
. 3 l?K Frnn Tarhoro by Sparta, Uenr-
Lt'ctx Cast!e snJ Reeds Store to ent
worth, 67 miles and back, once atiTeek.
Leave Hillsboro! every Saturday at 5
a m, arrive it Went worth the next day
noon, irrlve al Charlotte every Friy,
bv 9 a)m. ;
'2143. From 'RareJh by Piincej'
Bridge j Piitsboro' DirstUsville, MatleyV'I
Mills, Ashboro'. nnd Spencer's to Salisbu. '
ry, I IS miles and backjwice a week, in
4 horse post coarhts.
Leae Raleigh every Tuesday and
Friday, at 10 a n1, 4rnve at Salisbury next
Thursday and Monday by 11 a m.
Leave Salisbury every Tuesday aqj)
Ffiday, at 1 p' m, arrive at Raleigh tba T
Thur(lr and Mondjv hv a nm
Which nuke up the foreign commerce ol
the country it H;I not satisfy them, that
they themselves were not only exempted
from it'.l by the Government,
but actually received an indirect bounty
fro in the imposts laid tipon other bran
by noon, v .
i . ... . i . i. ir
ja week In 4 horse post coaches fIFA'r
. . .' . IT ... .
Leave Wentworth every sunaayai nan
pist 12 p m, arrive at Hillsboro every
Monday bv 8 p m.
2131. From Uileiih by Fish Dam,
S.8irviUei Red Mountain, Mount Tirtah
n4 .VanTbok's Store to Roxboro" ; re
turn the iame road to Fish Dam, thence
che- of industry", Far the .purpose's of re.,
venue. ', No, Sir ; all this did not satisfy
- theoij but, they are now.n.i1sinj?.ettfe
, and steady and fcr any thing that can be
d me here an irresistiole progress id the
7" system f legislative yratfarerby "which
(I ;iw office 111 fiiersuoi at rr-iirai, ifiic
ftnrl of th$ route which fc'ri between Win:
ton and Afurrectboro' may te carried in a 2
how vagc ) i.... . . i-"
Lev& Norfolk every Tuesdav, Thurs
day and Saturday at 10 a m arrive at Suf
folk by 3 p ni. an 1 ul Winroff lame
ijoro', Ceiiviile. Washington "aod Sift
by ileriidonV and Flemings to. -KileiRhir
d-ysljy 9 p 7iihdttuTfrY?shorq-tir
free:Bdtotifo Irifrw miles :andaekton
,3-U4,fcjanJ?alishary PyJnrandi, Mouhf 1
back, three limsTa wjek1 in two horse
Leave Kaleiih every Fridiy at 9 am,
Mourne and Leatucs i ord'to Lincolntoh,
Si miles and back, on;e a week, in two
stages, " . - :
arrive at Roxboro' nett day, aaturaiy, oy
1 FmfiWTsrmiff -e very Ttoritor&frirrv.
6 tjm
Ho actually "tootritiuei two third of
day and Mnda by 6 p m.
oir, and oatumay at 8 x m, arrive at
Leave Roxboro" every Wednesday at
Leave Salisbury every Thursdav, ifj
iw.wmd, jar-e noo wnVt.T p m ; leave Murfreesboro' next1 days
foreign coraiti 'Vcc, cx'Mvely belonging a, 3 , a.-tive at Wi.ifbn h 5 a inland
"... JpOtsiRjjug. ys;e.m of itrjirciion
' ' My 101830.
carrying the Mail of the United raes
on the ftillu in Post K mi'm in N. Carolina
" will be reeelved al 'hi oflioe ittniUUe UtVday
cf October nea', incliuive. - -ui:
- 2101. Froth Warrcntf.n hv Liuisburir
'' nd Roll S.oret to KcTgh) 57Tuilesancr
. ' back,, every dsy, in 4 hoist, posi coicnes.
Leave w arrenian tvery da? nt 3 p m,
trrivelat Uiltigll next tl y by 4 a '
Leave Hafeiih very day .at 8 a m, ar
rive ar Warrenton satno day by 9 p m.
2'02. FromlUlriirh by AvtTylw)rouc;li
to Fayette ville. 61 miles, and back, every
i day, iii 4 horse post coHches.
" Leave KlileiKh every day ''at 5 a m, ar
...rva at rayetieville ste djy by 6 p n.
Leave Fayetteville every day at 6 p m,
" arrive at ulclgh nexf day by 1 a m.:-;
2i03 Frotn Fiyetteiille by Lunber
for and L,i" 1 Mat ion c. u. S, C. 77
miles and back, every day, in 4 horse post
, QiitbetV
. - Leave FayeMevllle every da at half
- v past T p m, arrive at Marion c h. next
' f, day by half past 9' a m.
I't'a1'' Mst1onr.1i. every d.iy at 3 a tr,
' arrive at Fayetteville same day by half
Pr,,.4.P.?' .
lTJ4rrtOTra"'f ayetteTiUtTinrttindall
ville, Mon pelier, Laurel Hill, and BTip-hts
ville, S..C to Cheraw, 66 miles and txck
everi dav7in4 horse post coaches.
Leave Fayeueville eveiy day at 8 p m,
arrive at Chera n Xt diy by II a in.
Leave Cheraw evtry day at I a m. ar-
: five at Fayetteville same day, by 4 pm.
3103-N Fromllalifaxbv Fnfield, Philips'
" 1 ltorr N"!hvil!e and F.igle Rock to Rl--.
eight 66 miles and hack, three times a
. eek JtL? frs?,aUKea.
l. Le'ave Ualifax cyery Tuesday, Thtjrs
J-tiurUv nu-ariivcarIlUU2iDfr
Nashville- tFl2T'Oere"'8rnie at I n
Leave Raltigb every lSIonday, ednev
day and Friday at 3 am, anive at Nash
ville by noon, and at Halifax ime.jdi lay
10 p.m.-
" """"UlOSTrnm i Er.fif fdby JTouht ?iospct
--wrek - - j :--- -
rr"'TTlvYISdr'i rTTV
Leav Taiboro' every-TwesdaV at ".
t m", nnive at Knfield sumo day, by 5 p m
2107. From Nasnsilleby Rocky Mount
to Tarbnrouch, 25 n.ilcs and back, thiee
limea a week in 2 hore atrgts.
.' Lesve NhriUe Mondaj, Wednesday
and Fik?ay at noon, after the arrival of
the mail from Raleigh, arrive at Tarboro
same days by Op m
Leave Taiboru' every Tuesday, Thurs
dty and Saturday at 4 a m, arrive at
2 JN h vi 1 1 , ijnte d ay 1 1 b y tn on. .
3108. From Mitton by Caiwell r. h.
. Brown's Store, Leoot Castle, Hikh Rock,
OreensbDrorNew-jrdear KTrT5ts!
Jtoadl and -Wauhtown to Salem, 82
miles and back,-twice a week io 4 horse
por coaches. .
Leave Milton every Tuesdiy and Fil
',. dT ' I P mi rM, l Ot-cnboio tsext
diys by If are, leave sam at 1 p frand
"lirlve at Salem same 'day s, Wednesday
and Siordav- byJI p-
- Leave Salem t very- Wednesday and Sat-
Mrday at i mT-evme- at Cfeewohftvo' -by
0-Tnf aind at Milton enry-T'tiuraday
and .Mondiy ty 8 a m, ;
2107. t torn Salem ty iontoan, Jex
- Ington. SHburv, China Grove, Concord,
. . Cowan's store, Cbirlo'ts. andWhh II all
- to York c h. SI C. 1 13 miUa and back,
twice week In 4 horse post toarhea.
Lcavf-faftm every Monday and Thurs
Nv a 4' a m. anive at Salisbar same
t!TtbV t P mi leave SaiTaburv at 3 nm,
... .,. v - r. . i, ......., , fc . , , -1. 1
art iveat-coa.coi j asmc ua, oy a pm;
""le'v'e Concord esxt days, 'TucsJay"'and
. Friday st S a mi arrive at Charlotte by
Itrrim rs Caaflatt t li tKmt and
irrrve st York r. h. same days, Tuesday
an 1 Frlda? bv f p r. , . '
Lave toik t. h every Monday and
, Thursday at 3 a m, artivs, at Charlotte by
ll'im; leave Charlotte at I pm, and
arrive at Concord s,ame day, Monday and
Thursday by f p tn j leave Cimcord nest
dtys, Tuesday and Friday at 4 m, ar
rive at Salisbury by 9 a mi leave 5lis
bury at 10 a m.and arrive at Salem same
divs, Tttcsd4 and Irida; by t p io.
dr f- 1-n r 4y--Wo4iifl
frtyrrr 3pirtfrc1)JtD-at" 5 W'andTrrrtvie
pail 1 1, arrive at Noifdlt aame.diys,
Stjttilay, Wednetdav and Friday hy 4 ; m. I
2111. From Tyrhoro' by Ojk (fove,.
S aiH)tontur(, and Goi's Store to Fay
ctteville, t0'8 miles ami bjck, three times
a week -in 4 lnrse post coaches.
Leave laiboro tvury 1 uesdjy, 1 htirs
''V and iJjufi.liy at (jam- urrivp at Fjy
iuevi:b next Wednesday, Fiidny
and Sunday., by 1 p in.'
Leave Fayettevilleevery 'Monday, Wed
ncnliy and Friday at 3 am, arrive at
Ta'boro' next diys, Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday, by 7 a ch.
2112. From Somer'lnn, Va. ty Oates
c. h. Minion's and l.ill.ird's Btide to
IMcn'on, 42 miles and back, once 4 Week
in sulkies
Leave Somerton every Wedneaday at
a in, anive at I'.dtntou same day by C
p in.
Lravtr F.denton every Thursdar at 5 a
m,and arrive at S.jtncrtuit same day by
6 p in.
2113. From Fdenton by Plymouth to
Washington, 54 miles and back, twice a
week, in Milkic-t.
Leave Ednitoiv every SuntUv and Wed
neday at 3, i in, anjve Jt Wahln'on
next days, Monday and TliursiJ7f"by 5
p m
Leive Washington every Tuesday an 1
fedenwt nrxrrri'-H'str?rh?,'t T'lft-fttfti. rei it f n" hy wf y of Oak
divs. Wednesday and Saturday by 9 i m
2114 From Norfolk. a bv Dorp
Creek', "'Ne'w'T.eb non, V. C. nrntKMh
City, WoodvilK add llertfo'd to Dd.'iton,
t 76 miks and back, three ittnrs a week in
hone stages bttvien NuloU and L.t
Zabeth Cuy, nnd ti;e a wi-rk in 2 Horse
ti;es between I'lizalietli Ci:y and Hdcn
L;ave ?lorfo'k every Tuesday, Thurs
day am! S.dunLj at 10 u m, anive al
rdtzihcth try s line iIjvs 'v 7 p m ; leive. ville, Kniher funlion, White 0,jk, Ojw-Kiizihi-nrriiv
;rv sVitirf ,.;.i 'XlM&ntwithizsitL '
' atlTi m,'8rri'vc at Fdi nto'n same days
by 2p rr.
Leave Fldcnton rverj T'trsdiy and
urday at 10 a m arrive at fftiiib?Kti Oity
time d ivs by O p m, leave Foiioe'li Ciiy
every Sunday, Wednesday d I rUI v -'
8 a m, arrive at Norlolk same days by 4
"" ...
T-,m!tt:ft, FiKtotie'sTrvk, ft jIiHx aivl
NmTbipYbn e:h.'lo"riirTeeslV.ii,V r1
p m
milts and back, thice times a week in 2
hotsc stages,
liCave Warrenton every Motul. y. Wed
res lay and Frid iy at 2 p m, arrive at II il
ifax same days by 10 p m, and at Mur
freeshoro' next dys, Tuesday, Thursday
aiid 3 i.ur.Uy hy 3 p m
Leave Murfieest.iro" every Mondav,
Wed.ictdjy and Friday al 10 a m, arrive
i ILlifax suule dais bv c p m, and at
Wirtnum next day. Tuesday, Thurs
day and Siionby bv 2 p m.
on l n: .....j ( ..w
anYnfoncThTa 71
Dlimnn.1 (Jio. rvrr. V,,Wi.
lav at 12 mwin. arrive at Northamrrton r;
L same div bv 2 o m.
Leave NorthamDtion C-h. everr Wed -
tiesdav at p m, after the arrival of the
mail from Murfreesboro', anive at D'u -
mood Grove same day by 7 p m.
- 3Jtf. Kom Wlnrpn by Pi.cb Linding,
Bethel, Colerain, Mount ,Gold,'Wiiidor,
and .Merry Hill. !. KdenonJ.imics.nd
ba.k once a weskTin sulkies.
l.eave Wjnton, everv Fiijjv at 9 a ra,
amve at Kdohloo next day, Saturday, by
f is m.
T. Junior, a at WMIay ( 10
in.arrivO at Wintort neat day, Fhurs.
day, by 7 p m.
21.8- i'rom Windsor bv Turner's X
Roads, Uritton's Store and Scotland Neck
to Bryan's Cross Roads j thence by Brit
ton's Store sndTuoer"sH tioids io
WioJr, SO nslle. equal ia 45 alles sud
bjl-k,' orvre-a' svitej
" Leave Windsor every Thursday at 5 a
m, arrive af Scotland Neck ,same day by
5-p nr, at Brysn'r X Rtnds netl day lay
10 a mi Leave same at 12 m, and ar
rive atWtndsor every 'Saturday by 10"
a an. .
3)19. From Wood ville to Dursnt's
Ntk, 12 miles and back,' once a week.
Leave Woodville eveiy Monday at 10
a m, arrive at Durant's Neck same day by
Ism, " .-
' Iavt Duraflt's Kerx every Monday at
J p m, srrivs st Woodvills lime day by
i pn. .',.'.
Utjd Swbvi
I Tarhoro' every Vednesday. rrtday and
Mondoy, b? 7pm
2122. Fronri 9;a
antonhar? by Snow ilill
IIooker,tTT, Kinston, o'ra'ouneand Albeit
son's td Kenansville, 30 mites and back,
one a we'k..
L3ve untonhtUR every Thursday at
rVa m, arrive at Itfinafisvilie every Frt-
djv at 6pm
Lsave Kenansville every Tuesday at ft
q m, arrive at Stahtonburg every W ednes
day- by 6 n m.
212.1 From Warrenton by Flliavtile,
Wili'Mmsboro', Oxford, ftox'uo o', Wil
Ibmsviile, Lee shun;, Red llmjse and
Mil. on to Danville, Va. 92 miles end back,
twice a week in two horse .s's.
, Leave Warrrntoti ever Tuesday and
Siturd-if at 3 p m, arrive at Oxford aatne
day. hv 10 p m, and at. Ujnvillc thfl riext
days, Wednesday and Stnd;iv, by 9 p m.
Lrgv? DanvHlc every Mond iy and
Thursday at 5 m. arrive at Milton by
Sam; leave .uilton at 'J a m, arrive a;
Oxford sam dvii bv 9 p m ;' h-ave Ox
ford next r!ys, Tuesiy and Friday, ui
i a ni, and -arrive at Wnentot) same
days by norm.'
2124. Fro-Ti Danville, Va by West
Cile, N, XT'. "Liwsons, RawfuislNirtr,
Wentworth, Mount Pleusaiit,, Madison,
i Rot ky Sprii, Blakcif and Paynesvillc
liiile and Sjjnnmfield to Dativiile,' once
a week.
fijave D.nille everv Afondiy at 5 a m,
arrive a: Salem every Tu -sdiy by C p ru.
liCive SiI.mii ever,- Vt-.d.iesduy at 5
i m, arrive a: Danville cvety Thursday
')v 6pm.
2125 From Sdem by Hun'sville,
Mointonville, Tnl.r Chureh, Dri!any
Chun h, Statesville. Oak Ciiove. llokes
j ville, Morgautown.Ciiiidlet .,Bedfoids
tr w tMsrt.'TT.juaa-.1" ' v .., .s , j saa.i a iiib
l?6 miles and back, ti e a week, in four
horse pos' coaches
Leave Salem every M-rdiy and Thurs
rltvat'4 a mrarrlve at tloh'sviHc bv 6
arn,andstbtatrsvillesantedayshr8pm;:ced,r l.ove, Prosit Hill, Cochran's
leave St itesvilla next days, Tuesday a.H ' s.rr. McMa-rvN and I eesb '. to Milton.
at 5
J, m'-arfiVC ' M-Org"nl0v,"ja
6 p m; leave Morgamown
t '""c u,y uv u p .ii , ic-c ...rKaii.ov.ii, Loave llilli)oro every V ednfld,iy t. n'w. "'i'" a' v, iikcsooio every tDurs-
nr'rrtsf W-,esdW73iTraTurday by 4 4 ro ttrri, 4, Miliou same day by a,r"?,,5' ,n 7" 77
i am s'ndjrriye;f ovjljc oc.xt ihys,lp m. .:- .....:- j '.:
rThuVf)ajf Bna'Suidjy'by' iram.:- " L-ave Mihon every Tuesday at 4 a -n m, irrivs ' at " ?.dibury every Mouday bf
Leave Greenville every .Wday and
raefcday at I p m, arrive at-Morgsntowi
; i r i i , 4
leit nays, tiunuay and W td.icdav, hy
. , m' . .a . si
p m ; !eve. JMoruntown nextday, Moti
dy and i hursd .y, at 5 a m, arrive at
Statesvillo same days by 6 p in ; lave
iBicfi.iu iame ujr uy u u ill , iyc
Statesville next days, Tuesday and Fii -
ay, i a a in, anive at Oaiem lime days
oy 8 p m
2125. From Enfield by B.iakleysville
to HilltlxiJe ; return by Sy:ainor A
Lea.a EnfieM ever .Thursda- al 7
la m .rri a, I li'Uhr 1,1 h f n m ...,l
1 at Enfietrf sam dav fiv TWm.
2127. From LouUbur, hv TTavslll..
' Lynnville. Health Seat. Oxt.ird.,y,
j Stor? and KrontiUe to Clatksville, in 'borougn, '. ;')i.i,,9 siore.
j Va. 59 miles : retu-n by FulLnks. Dan jM-xwth's store, Cnrl, e J lion crs
iel's Store, F.irly's SioiC and Oxfoid,ivll!e' l''comi," milet. and back,
!onceweek. " - - jwncr a wcrk, in ta-n hoi,e augrs.'
j Leave Luuitburg every ThursJ.y at 31 , ''4,fe Fjyetievill- ev.iv Vr, !t,e7jy.
JUTti ItllyB.. IL .CiatkssiUft. every .J:UiXyjH.J-ilL.txucaULclW
bylO am. 'J hursdiy. ty 10 a m ; leave W.citro'
i Uave ClsrksvlTrTTrrT-FTtrtaTa"T2 ! rn a "Tra" ar-n-i.Torie e,r ry T,i
noon, arrive at Lomsbuig every Saturday
by 8 p m.
3138. Firtm P.aUih by Wka I .m.i,
Licnny s itoaa-., iron anJ ration -
ville to Oxford, 47 milea and back, once
a s j I a act...
a week in two horse ataes. Itamj leave t&r!ulie at t2
Leave Raleigh evey Saturday at 4 a m,ln on r,5v'e ! Wa !csi' rVery F,i
arrive at Oxford tame day hy t p m. day, by : a m ; lre W,tesr,ori)' Jt
Lsavs "xttarJ evary r riday at 4 a m,!
firflveltRalaighsarlia day by 7 n in.
I 34a9.Fr5 Plc'hibJaf X'lupsLJlill,
IliHsborV, Mason Hall, UaRelds. I law
River, AlbiUht's sudj Allemance
GTecnsbbro";"8Tmi!cs sndj-'&ir.ktTwtee
weak, in lour korse Dutt cixchea.
Lcave-Raleitrb cvcrr-T oesdav and Fri-
' T ' .
j dav at 7 a m, arrive at Greensboro -the
rext days, Wedtssday and Saturday by
1 1 a n. A '
Leave Green-swo' every Wednesday
and Saturday at 1 p mi arrive at Raleigh
raft dayi, Thursday and Sunday, by 8 pm.
2150. From Udlsboiu hy. Scot:sill,.
Pleasant Groe, Anderson's Store, Faw-'
fett's Sssire, Stony Cefkf High Hack,
- 8l-32'-i,fMii4l4Uebyllnu)tP0;.
two horse stages. . N
Leave Uu'nuville every Friday at 5 t
ni, atrive at Wilkesbot, sirne day, by 5
p m ; and a S io aii X Rjads next dayi
Saturday, by 10 p m.
Leave SiinwTij-X Roads, every Wed
nesday, at 5 nv, irrtve at Wilkesboro'
sime day by 8 p m j and at Uuntsville
every Thurvlav, bv 6 p m
2133 From Wilkesboro' bv Brier Creek
io Jonesvill'u, 23 miles and back, once
i week.
Leave Wilkeboro' every Friday, at 7
a m, arrive at Jonesville same day, by 2
p m
t.eaie Jonesville every Thursday at 12.
noon, arrive at Wiikesboro' same day
'.iy 6 p m.
2134 From Sm by Clemmonsville
to M.ksvij!e, 2b" miles and back, ohce a
i ivc ftm i evrrv Thursday at- lb
' ct. arrive t M xksvillc same d ,y by 6 p in
l.vave Moi-lipivil!e pr Fridiv at 6 2
C i t v '
to, vnvr n1 o.ii in nmc t-jy oy p in.
2135- Ftom S an-, villi; by Liorrty
Hill, Sullivin, an.l Mjunt Pitcjah to S'.ates
ville, e'Jil to 17 miles, and tuck ow e a
Leive Statesville every Frfdsy at 5 a m.
and return to Statesville same day bv
7 ; m.
2l36i From Hitnisville to P-dtklord, !3
mi'es nnd bick, once a we k.
Lcve Huntvile every Thursday at 9
a n, atrive at R n kfon l)v 1 p tn.
Leave Rockford at half pm 1 p m, ar
live at Ilunuville same dj , Thursday,
by 3 p ui.
2137 From Onvsoo c. h. V,i. by
Bowers' Store, N C , Jfflerentw and
Oid Fields to Coti'ii'ils iSi.xe, 7t miles
attd hack, otue in two weeks.
, Leave Orayso.n r, n. cvpty.. othrr. Mon-
jday at S a anise at Couuciis Store
next day 6 pm.
Leave Councils Sion every other F'rt
day it .i a roTarri., at Orsyson e. h. next
d ;y. Siturdjy, by f p m,... . . . '.. ,
21 IR' From 1!7:T'Tonr "hv OAT,nd.
milr..:.n.l h,.a,
Loave !ii;sl)jro' ,v
hOlC a m..k. 1
Lniv. at IU!baioU,.u6 day bv 8 p
I . 4,. , . . ',, .,,
213) rrom thirlotte hy Maxr s
i , r v , c
i store. .Mornsor, i an . I. Purveyors -
ivilk', Fuiloodi store. OtXvillr. .'jf-ks i'i
'ville and Dil ivtlle i.. l.i ,n'i st irc :
: !,e ur.n
' .
re:urn by V ,lkn,,ilic, Fcidlavviile .
.It-lire atu! llrriinhiii's ! )re :o Ciiar-
e (j i j I to Si oiiiei, uiid b.ick. once
a week.
Leva thatljit" everv rhor-H
ay ai
t very
V"" ir,,:c Jl "i-,J,ni
r i i.'ay !iy ' p r
Lea c Ingram S s'ie,' every S.tiirday
I V 3 3 '".'rrVe at tna.i.lte eVCiy M,,n
' v" 1V m
3 I 40. From Fayetteville h? Onham'.
'" R.u knuhain, Ulosvulr, WJ(t,
UJ "f 10 m- R've k-U-rbrt'e ai 11 a m.
a. rive ' i.t umrn s.irn t.y. hy 7 p m
I f rfiV ;rtf f rj fr.-f a , :, j
I . . I I .. . A . V i a
; i.i.i,.. every eon- i.,y a
: P m ,rivc Ml Chailouc every Thur
m "nu "rn,e il r ytti;ie next dav.
U -I J , l J , ,11.
u,nc Pd t ck,o u e week.
loj Leave Hopewell tiCry Friday, at 5 a
s t, ive at iatiis -fwthr latne" "day ,
! ay a in
Leave Seattle Ford very Fii l.y, af
ter the arrival of the ma;l l(-om Salisbury,
arrive at Hopewell in tu hours. ;
3142. From Charlotte hy Steel Creek
and S.owisille tor HoyksvUie, 29 mile
and back, one a ek.
Iave Charlotte every Fiidiy at II
l fn arrive at Hoylestilie iam day, b
!pra. '
Lcarc ITorlejvine mty Thariay at
Ln a v e TTncjcfnT n tiTv rTv" Tp rto 7T Tl "1
,.lP-a;.i.i arrive at Saiisuury every i hurs
(it ""w",:p
4 1-4 -Froflrv SMHff fby -IJou'StonVilh""
?a:cvi!le, 32 miles, twice a Week, in 4
horse pobt coaches. .
Levc Sali-ibuty every Mondy tni
Thursify, at noon, anive at Statesville
im d.iys ry 9 p ni..
Leive Statesville TuesJ.y and Friday,"
at 3 a ni, arrive at Salisbury same days by
1.1 i-i rn-i harlrrr hB-J.inrihnvi') 1
Cnina tirove, rl-aiant V alley , Uell Air,
S. C. H'jrrishur'g. f'incjsr c- h. Pietsant
IIill,S4".clton, and Fiji Rock to Camden,
80 miles, and back, twice a week, in lo
horse stag'. . ( .
Leave Charlotte every Morday atii
Thursday, at. noon, arrive at ' Camden
next !a vs, Turd'y and Fiiduy by 8 p ra.
Leave Cam.d-'O tvsry Mundy anj'
Thursday, at 4 i 111. anive at Charlotte
next days, 'i'utsday arul Thursday, by
2tt'' From Pit'sWr.' by Piockv Rest,
i l l: i ' , .
jCane Cietk, llirkary Mountain, Rocky
Ki-ci, Sin'dv Oi'fvn, Lonu's Mil.s. Holi'a
Sto-e, and Cl .upi to (J recti aboro' 63
miles and bark, once a "week.
Leave Pp choi o' every VVtdnesday at
6 a m. arrive at (irt'ensboio' every
Thursdity !v 6 p in.
J t ave 'irt eosboro evt-ty. Fii lay at J
i m, ., 'live at i'ltitiboro' every Saturdtfy
liy. G p m. .
'3 H8. From Salisbury by Mount Ver
noo to .'oonty Line, JS miles, and back,
Mie a week.
L-.-jve ?jlis')ttry every Thursday it
noon, anive ot Comt;y Line same day
by 8 p m
Leave Cr.;intv fine every Friday aiaj
a n, arrive at Salisbury sme d iy by noon. '
2149 From Raleigh hv Vtl,!,'a .Mills'";
and Bii' khoro Fails' to'. Hay uornl return
by Selby's S'ore l'i alei'h, e'iojl io S'i
miles and bach., once a werk.
Ijeayc Juleih tvry Frniay t. & irrr.;
arrive a( II Jy w'6rTr'sTmejd-iy'' by 8 pi
and it lialctiih erery artilrd.iy by 6 pm.
2 1 50 From Salisbury, bv Spring Grove,
herttlls Fotd', Mriyntim Crtrkf . Lrncoln-
tonrWiltrrmrN M ftlsrM ot5T,i i n , Lirw if"
Cre, k, and Fun Defiance, to Wilkeiiboro,
150 mile nnd hick, once a week.
liSAvc-l;.ilitibu.rt.,.ictjt M.i).,f'.ay, al lZ-
. ur i , t . '1..
j ?J T.'i . - ,
I 2151 Fm:n Ltomln'on, by WiUors-
. . ,, . , ,. ' " "
vil e, (ninn', k.r.l, Pltoi,Tt' Creek,
;,. ... . . .
; iii:neruMO..-..i, i.i;ieyvii:.
enct .juitjvs-
VlllC, 10
onee ? uc Ik.
Li-..v.i I., .
a in, ;:riiv .
0 niiies and back
r stages.
) S, uidjy pt 4
f-u .1 'i scar d-y ,
1 1 ,'
l.llOll!. I
i Iiir'.i-
and 1 Astn
;v;,.o ci:: v run-Iiy ly H ; nu
Lei; Ashville evrry Mrnday a tinii
arrive al Lincrjlntoti every locdiy by 6
p m V
2!j3 From Ruhe Tord'on. Sv High
Shoals, M;xr,bro'. P.fvcr Dtm, and
Rio-viHe, r IWttfil-v, nnles and
bark, once a week.'
Leave Hu: herlnrdtm every Sunday st
s a m, arrive .-t Buffalo a ne day bi 7p ni.
Leave BofTtlo every Monday at 4 a nir
arjive at Irwinsville by 7 a in, and at,
Uuthtrfordton ssme thy fcy3 pm. "
2153 Frotn Salisbury, by Fulton, td
Htyiuvnle, r ciam by J'i k k 3 ville ta Stikz-..
bttrv, once a week." . - ,
tfave STilfstvirv every i ftTrscay"V
Ttnon, arrive at HuTsvills ?am dr, sn'.
at Salisbury every Friday by 1 1 a in.
!Ht From M.nrg -tntown, fry Vr-
Hard n.OH Fct, and Swannsnn, to Ash-
ville, fid mile', and bick, once i weikif
s(aivS. . Moryarftown every S rnrjjy if
5 a m, atrive at Asnvtlle same day by '
It n m
t Leave .Al!ivillc every oa!Xy"ai" X i"l?T :J,
i Mri.ei,sr'r',Hhwn-STTwe dy bt I0n m'"
2155 From M ogantowo by reafd'v
Foif end Little River, io S-atessillc, 6t.
hiHes and lm-V, once i' wrk. "
Leave Moigantnrvn every Mnndsy at 6
m, rriisc at "titeiville every' Tuesday"
l.s 5 pm. ' .'.
Lrate Staesvi!!e every V,redneliy it
6 s m, arrive at Morg(.r,'.ofi evtiy Thurs
day by "5 p m. . '
2IS5 From Chirlotte,by Alexsn-'rianl,1
Hickory Grove, MoMht Mourr.e, Statu
Mount Pleasant, Stoflev Point, an I
Bogles, to Wilkestjoro', 79 miles and
bat. once a w'cck ttV sta'ei.

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