North Carolina Newspapers

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1 earo C'ijarlottd eery Thursday at M ! r'v at Pmouth same day by 3 jv m, Id Hami"-
5.73. iWra Washington by Hath, Pantego,'
Crave Stirell eWyxilJiy at 5 iLoir House Oermsntown. SwindaiL
tn, arrive at Wilkesbpro' sime da by 4 and Lake Landing to MjrMictoruS. mile and
Dacx. once wee. ,
' Leave" Washington every Fri lay at 5 a m,. ar
rive at Mid l etou every Saturday by 8 pm. .........
lave Miud eton every Wednesday t 5 a m.
Lssve Wilkeiro' every Thursday at
3 tn arrive at C.urloite ecry Friday by
u na. ". '
2157 From Chapel Hiil, by Clove
Stire. New holem. ew iirRev 'lunvs; '7:" " """ ur
'?"' 1 Uv wrt. Hi 3 htirte fir
arrive at Washington every Thursday bv tl p m.
s.r ( 17. I'foqi Ua)e,igb by Smi'ltfivui, Waj'ue(.
V hofu' Sjirifi Hnk, Xitiiori, CoirirjJn-"ie and
,.-'. V.t.V H? t'V
fut jistitu aT rusto. ,
back .once i week.
Leave Uupc
a hi, arrive at Ljxingion
every haiuni
Sunday by. 6
twice a week, in 2 brte sisges.r
at 10 a m, arrive at NcwSem every Wednesday
ana satuway oy 4 p m.
r'ore.nI Bramme U'l Ieintbii; Re
...... , r- - v , V rtn .M,ii Q Iir4
fill u iicw.'nn'i i4wi niiiwa htiU aaiui7 uf tui k (: 7 , v - ' ' . . ,
T?t f"'v H:eigh-evy WeJay nte the importance of the Union to aeeaVfti h5ch iU' tUtc& bf "
JULY 27, 1330.:-:
'Vhfi. ('Mt. Wti;o I'rts'd iHt' Jackwiigave
lifie to., u. t he Federal Uhijr it mutt be pre-
(terved,' m my jiHriepiyrppoj4 to 1'
mihistra'i(nv 'd trn(f adUiiW Ue Tariff,
C;!.' f.'.tijM vu'.tut mulanUtn Trartij 'f.'
How shall we confine to a particular point the
man rho so often sbir'u his ground of a'gumf nt f
Nolisnjuage eyilil before strictly applica
ble to Mr. Kitchie thaa the aSove; At a mo
ment when be wai tboujjhf to be irreco'venibty
infected with the inrania of State Right, (at th
Liberia used to tern auch aa were oppoaed to
an enlarged construction of the constiimi6n) he
uddenly veera about, ; and ihapea bli course
Eatt, to traffick with those jwhose" doc
trines be heretofore reprolwted' ia such un
measuredferms. ' v. ,"
Mr. Kitcbie who could declare in 1822 when
L ta& JxiiisLaa jcsj JUJLadi
... f l. - I Ii1l ... . . . f . u
antUlrday hfj p-m. a , tn , . hu,n nf v.tlrf.l mnlv:
.153 rrirn. vsfivuir . uy itiui uij;i,r
CTItvto-nviii. , Oathev s rceii ioxivjyi
3, C. Kea-.vee, and Pt: ken c.Hv to "en
oleton 92 miles and back, once iu to
Leave Aihvt'le every other Monday at
6 a in, artivu at Tyidlcion the next Wed
nesday by noon
L.sve I'eifdlelon cvfrj' otber Thursday
t nion arrive at A!tville the next Sat
i) m. . l
2159 From Ashvilla by To: kry Creek.
Hivood. Ci h. or Vy ne.viiic, uud
Franklin, to Chvton, Gj., 9iJ miles and
bif k, once a week.
Leave Ashville every Monday at C a m,
srrive at Clayton cveiy WcJutsday ty 6
p m. k
Leave Clav'cn everv Fii :Uv at 6 a mi
rirs rr uti 1 1 11 m . , 1 - - . ...
A Ca tV Westing Vil fce Sieli cn Hie 5t"n i ;
pistk at Dry Pond, Lincoln couoty, on the r6a
leading- from Lincolnton ta Trberfi!r fery(
eifrht mile from Deaties Ford. , Another on the!
12th at Zion in Mon'gomery c'oumyfoiir mile
from LawreneevJ?!, And a third in the aama &
.ouny,on th J? l dayof Stpt. at Centre, otithd
road ,ledinp from Salisbu'y to Chera, two
mih-a from Allenton, , . ' v
The Precherl travelling and loe! are invitei :
td 1 attend them.;i:llri y
ESPt;c r.FULT-V :-hT m titixen of
SUHnry irtd i vkfuiu. that ihf r Lava,
ire sr. a.) ty 1.1 am. )
Mmm WAmmmmi ifiW'"Mfat.TfirwmgCTfW' consutUTitfn. wnich the sentiment, ana tne "-." --. wn
lay, and f rid at I p m, arrive at F.yettevulQitime of lUdeUveryvideotly show.. fe saidthe be f"et b' 011 i1 bt tatewJ
neit daytoy ap in. - , i Federal Unipa must be preserved, bat how t TeVtM Mr- wlo couia Cedare auch
b.,to W,lmi.1Kton, 120 miles, once a week and "f He ha commenced the ; ery tssentul state right, involving
back, in 2 home stagt. i work by his refusal lo nign the AUvs ill road , the n '8l important intereats, is denied and pro-
L.eve ieern tirery ioniny at . a m, r
rive t Winningtii tvery Wtdnesday by 11 am'.
Leave Wilmiiirton every Wedntsdny at 1 p
mrarrive '. Newlieru everv Friday by 8 p m.
2177. tiuni Wilimnton by Orton to Smith-! serve the Constitution, it we would secure the
bill, and he will continue to lend his efforts to ' hibi'eu t0 ,ue States, and despotically a-Stimed
brin? tbe constitution back to its true readimr. t0-the destruction, of a portion cf the Union,
Tlie President knows that it i necessary to ore- contradicts bis.owo doctrines and dcclarea the
vilU-, i"J miles and lack, twice a eek i;i i wtt j bnrr continuance of the Union. ,
Lira. ... , u . e
L.ave WilminKton every S.tmlny and Wed-J ""c n" Prnnn"su l" eivei
arrive at Ahvi! ev-ry uHwy by 4 pm.
2163. l'm Oliapel !lnl. bv PiitV-xira, Hay
woo l, ai l lleid') Htort;, 10 'f'ayettevtllc, ttu-nte
by NortUington's, Mafha's via-.iyrd, and llav
wood, to PiMsHnro' and Chapel lli'd; ifjual to
73 miles and buck, once a' wek
Leave Cba;el 1 f i-t ev-ry Saturday at a Q,
arrive at I'ayttirville every Mundav by 4 p in.
Leave "avetteville everv liflav .r a in,
arrive at Chapl MI every Wedoe!ay by 6 p m.
'2161. From .duriauiown. by Little Hiver.
North VtirvTti'W Cr-ek. naerville, G ecn
leevillp, ami Ivy, to Astiville, 91 miles and back,
onna a weelt.
Leave, viorpantown every Saturday tt In,
arrivi at Ashville every Sunday by 8 pm.
Lr ave AanrviMe every Mo idav at 4 a m, arrive
at yjirjantuwn every Tu.ay py H p m.
216.', From t;rnvi!!e ny Th')rnas' f erry, to
Mountain Creek, VO miles a::d Uaek, once a
I.rnvi- Statesvitle every M why at 1 p m, ar-
the at Mountain Creek Mm- dnv liv 7 pm.
Leave M-tuntaiti Creek every M mday at 5 a!
m, arrive at Statfiville same day by Ham.
2161 Trom Pitisboro. by lUrnscy's Mills,
Tick Ot-ek, Underwo-xl's Slur-, Allen's Store,
Mold's Mil's. Broacr's Mills. Waddle's IVrry,
Tvs n's Sor-, Uulph, ami IVd ar's 1 Ml, lo I'i'.h.
biir )'; e'l'ial t 43 miles and 'ack, 'nee a wrek.
Liavt Pitiabnfu' every Wednesday at 8 am,
.... . . - . tt;.. - .
an l return so as to arrive ui 1 u.mjoiu everv
neday at 1 p m, arrive as Smhhville tame da)s
by B p m.
Leave Smiiliville evry Sunday it'id Wtdnel.
dav at 4 a 111, ai rive at M ilniingtun same days
by 11 am.
217S. Frm Wilmington by rieatie's Bridge to
Gravelly Hill, 40 miles ami back, once a wink.
Leave ilioington every Wednesday at 2 p
m, arrive at Gravelly Hill every Thursday by 5
p m.
Leave Gravel';,' Hill every Tuesday at 9 a m,
arrive at Wilniii.gtoii everv Wednesday by 10
a m.
'2.79. F' im rycl?e4l4r""bv Clinton, Duplin
Old c. h., Wri'sb'3vi!lir Keenaiuvi'le. Comlurt
and Trenton, to Newborn, 137 milea and back,
one:- a week.
Leave Favetteville everv Thursday at 5 am,
arrive at fsew'ieni e'.ery Sat'irUy by 5 pm.
Leave Ncwbern every M da a 5 a m, ar
rive at r.vcttevi'h' every d"-daV by 5 p m,
IliO F'or.i lveciiamivillj by Itocfi n to Vil
Ti'mtiiii, ,'f ini'e and baek, rne a wj k.
Li-ave .Rern.-'.nsvilh! every r'r' hi at 2 m.
arrivr at V tlimnijiiiii every J'.Uiirdav h) 6 p m.
I, ave Wi.i;irijrim every Tli irlav a in,
arrive a' Keeniiavitli- even id ly bv 1) a rn.
course of South Carolina, which he says is pur
suing one precisely similar to that pointed out
with this subject, we will here notice a report
vliich we understand has been sedulously circu
lated through this and the neighbor ing counties,
highly prejudicial to our Interests, and calcula-
ted, if permitted to spread, to stamp our char- j
acttr with infamy and disgrace. ltls rumoTed
through the coun'ry, as we are jiwedJ' ably in
formed, that we are the advocates of Disunion,
and warmly inculcate principles, svhicli if car
r'u d out into practice, would lead-to a dismem
berment of the confederaey.
We do not pause to declare tha propagators j
by himself in I1L2, to be unconstitutional, and
without any jus, c.v.we.
, Where is the apology to be found far ucb
contradictory opinions and palpable inconsis
tences i What poerfnl interest ha operated
upon his mind to hurry hint into a dereliction ol
hit former . principle wl to change -the channel
in which his thought have sn long flowed in re
lation to tbU inleresling subject of the rights of
toe states f
But Mr- ltitchie 1m rrd-represented the views
of South Caro ina with regard lo the many vio
nations of the Federal compact. It is not her
of the season.- I heir Beef is as good as ear ,
be procured from the mountains, and will b ? -sold
at the follosrirr prices i ' : ' : ,
3 Centa per lb. for fore quarter j 4
3 do do for hinl q aarteri and
4 dr do for choice nitcea. viiihnfif'
nef.k or bank. . 4-i. . '
We invite the nuhlit to call and ? fori
themselves, ar-d if ibey find tbe flrt'iaf'ae'ory, ,
we soucii meir pairosiage, ana pledge ou.b'st -exertions
todestrve it. ,634 , 'i
. i .: BOWERS" k;MLXUt '" r '
Safithnry, V,ri wy, lg.10, ;
and. promoters of such unfoundd and unwar-t pU'P l T"" BIC.MttreS
rantable imputations criminal!, and corruptly. I menu'"u o people 01 nrg-nia n ion Dy
hi. wtviHc, t 1110 r.iwjuirerv ncn a conven
tion ia called in the State of South Carolina, if
we understand the object aright, it ia to declare
ior and t'-anJertrt, without any reverence for
the precets of morality, or the las of Society,
If a l l ne'ration for t'Se Constifution of the Uni
ted States, and an ardent zeal for its preserva
tion ca constitute us Dhttriionirs, then in
deed are we such, and shall ever continue to be
s i. Wt look to the safety and preservation of
the Constitution, which gturantees the sovcr-
. 1 .1- ...1. 1
;iai 1 ro n ii ii iu c. 11. 10 ui';ii:iiii:j1 i miii.s ,.,. B,.,.. . . , ., ,
. . l I e:'nty of the States, as being the O ily poasib e
ml tMtf nnrr m ufi r ' '
Leae 1iishw c. h. ctrry Tliural.iv at 3 p in
arrive at kie'andr. s-t dav bv 7 p m.
L-ave It'ebta ils ev.-ry l it 1 1 r -,J .y at 6 a m, nr- j
rive at Oi.sloa c. h nv 1 1 a in. I
21H? Fr-jin Newb. rn bv Bordennvill-s to j
lli-mil'itrt. 46 miles and !iaek, onef a week.
Leave i-vi rv I iiirs,;av a' j a m, r- I
rive at limn) irt san di bv 7 n it. , j
L; ve B..nrn t everv d a Ujr at a m.i
arr Ve at 'w lerti sami- il.i bv 7 p m.
mode of perpetuating our Union. If then, when
its lettrr has been disregarded, and i's spirit
contemned, we have endeavoured to -excite
in tbe minds of the people a proper sense
of their wrongs, why should our course be
im;iuted to foul motives t We know of no rea
son, save that the spirit of malignity and a per-J
feet 1 1 JifTtrence to be welfare of our country
. 3164. lm Weniwof'b.l'y Trmilileanme In.n mooou-x jj e ihi j ano nave inns tnougnt pr-pcr to attempt to
Works Mar'inville, C'r?-iis'oro', Centre, Men
deitiatrs Mills, and Gardner's Store, to Ashbo
to 54 miles and back, twice a week, --r-:
V.'utwai'4'-veTy TSiurs,I iv aid
dav at 3 p m, arrive Asbboro' every lrriday
Sild Monday by 6 pm.
Leav Ahboro' rverv Wcdnetv anil Satur-
i.ive smiii.n-ni every y.r,,,eoay at . j a ffl...,. ..-,t-.-.r s.A-,;. -.St.-1.- :
, c, . i . . i i . m i til's .iii ui iiuiiiiif iu iiib umun uiwn ub.
arrive at Stattonliur si ne d-iy bv 7 p m. , '
lave Jftantonburg tVeTyliiiadav at Ta m,j We know not who tbe authors of tbia report
arrive at Srd l lHd name dav b, t p m. lpt.( but,we can conjecture their motive. 'The
21 " Fron CufitiKk c. h. lo Poiilar Branch i . ,k , . .,
IT ...ii.. M'i.1 Im-lf iwir. U'r. If '
f.eae Currituck e h. every K'ii'sy
(Wt ttla m.a'nUsiaiW. .HskmiIi rerylburt''ToTrraicii sa.i.e dav by 6 pm. ; preserve the Constitution-beca-ise we applaud
I f utA Pnn'af UiAitrri eveav Fritliv mI fi . . Y.'.J.Mt i, hi. iAn,..i ......(...a'.i
I....... - -1 - - -- -. - '? i tc i ( huvh lt ua muiLu wttvimnnnni
f . !ihs-l vfaawraiitifs) tt f nsivaw avnmiP ai.l Li .
r""TT"TW''T ' i iTTi "Kst the prOgftSa of evil and corrupt Icgisla-.
i-Jvi uJVJ v- vA.UMy ...tioii ia il tor ibis that e sre sup(hrd to be
III .:Js AWAY tVtsm the subscriber, s mie tirre t ,f . .,,.,.,
IsV , . , fnendlt to Disunion f ir so. th.n Jefferson.
I ft. m May las', a negro mti named JACOH, '
a n,nt 3J years nf aire, ail feet high, Ttry b'ack. Ma.lison, Monroe and Jackson, ami all the dis
u a tear on his b'tt leg. Anv teron deliver tingu'uhed men of the Republican party are
"I lS f II ISS. I 1 f a
From F.yetteviile.hv .New,ilt.i,',,-"I,","'r. "'''. P rnen,lly to Disunion. We only support the Urocrrdinjr
...... ' ... . . . .iJai ai that I tret htm irml sba I receive the . .vrv.v...h
If r s Mills. Iawrenceville.' .craa'a More, anil i " r-iuTt-o nnnciples tliey advocated ami inainlaiiitd
I I ll'V1 C I ."--IU. ...... will......
(iav and Stt idav by 11 nonii.
FeMt Firttrv'H'-i by Packet OrHne,
(jar4tHf Heiia'iicT. iii'1. Uaiedotua. and link's
ttarei to Safisbun ,Hl mi'e s and' Back, oiice a
Leave Fayeitevillc eery Mtn '.ny at" 6 a to,
arrive at a!ibury every ftoir-div by 10 a nr.
Ltati- Saliihnry every rimrtdey at 3 p in, ar.
l.vo kt FaV':ttevi!le ever) Siruuv by 5 p m
the Tanfl and Internal Improvement sytems un
cunsliUiUoiial, and to call upon the other atrs
of tbe Union to co-operate with her to tffect a
repeal of those laws, and not to rem the m as
Mr. liitchie supposes
W hat more mild and prudent course could the
state determine upon than this f In what other
manner can it be reuaonably expected to bring
back the administration of the General govern-
ment to its original purity, and to prestrve the
Union of the States f We know of no other.
But how has Mr. lti chie found out that Vir
ginia wi'l not tide wild S. Carolina t Does V r
giiua change about w ith Mr. Uilcbie, or is her
voice ciwti'ojleu' by Him7 Why then does he sei
btmaclfop as the oigan oTliSe sUtVrrgbV's par-
ty, when hetias so aliaTieTu'Ty deserted it ? No
feliaaca ia therefore to belaced upon bis as
sertions since they have been made without any
knowledge forthrir fiximlalinn, and even con-
N. n. All persons indebted to ilia late firm nf
Krider & Bowers, fur U.-ef f tr lbs vea.w 18 ft
and 1.829 are earnestly rtque?td to eome for.
ward and make immediate .payment or I
be under -he necertity ot placing their accounts
in tne Dati Js of an ofnrer for co lectioi.
HM-r. 11. BL VIED, ucently from PhHa.
del)hi (where .he -fce:ljfor -gesmf '
years in the best ylt) t. rtspectfMttjf siifti-cei '
to the Rentleii.eo tf Salisbury ..'swl t'a suiruun. .
tlinjf country, hat he h iscomm- art 4 u.f aSove
business in the house f.irrnerly dcrupiu? be Mf,
TorrenCe" as allure, ind a ft iv duors below Mr.
Mitrpli;''!,, where be is prepared. o rtrcre iul T:
kinds of wwk in his line with the utmov neat.
n. ""d nunc'uali'y, aud,uiU-f-ov't that -he - ' -i
barge against his profession rant of this
.UiXtx. quality vvk -tnte-ai f a'r'a.VJi'e "ircon. '
cerned. , .
Mr rtesrd will he enabled to mske all kind
f'f gsrmews sgreeaV'y Jfl.lbe .ba i i'ai,!.-.
inasmuch as he ia well arqtuiiiterl M'h thr bst
workmen in Philadelphia with whom lie has '
made arrangements so as to rerrtve the U-eif
London fasliiuns aasuuu aaiWy errir-nnr
(le will k ep none but the best a orkme-i : he in.
lend, as soon as convenient, to send In Philadcl.'
phia for surh ss be knows tq b;j (mot I ml
faithful. . , ... . " :.
From bis lonr expVriencft in the business, an.t -by
unremittej an rot ion, he loprs to merit s
share of public ratrbnaL'e, All i rdera from
tl stance will be punctually sMend-d 'o, and ex. , ft '',
cutrd on the shorter! notice agreeably to dire,' "
tiona All kir lt of cutting oit will" br dn;.
nri lue-sharteat not'e ail wsrranlwlJo fitwaT-ii."
Couutry pro. We- y..)e.titU.litsRM fcfS-
swtTRlte 'rlrjirleei;-' . -
tHtnrfmy,-ruyZiZ, 13.10... 29tf
- ' , . . r -rr e,Vt " m " n- m"ier in tieorei. Wtter
.1 . i .i. 1 itiiry I. tint iiH un 1 g aDiisiieo iinrrin. 11 ' k. k.j ..t i - -.i . - ; -. . .
s int : oecajuc,w-esxariir niiniDTrrnans to ' . 1 ) uc "' -"rs itim wrn a urove rr sale. Jim is
now loots the coufi lence of both parties and
cunnut iailto wcvtUb tbe fate ff aHrertrgH'
does. Jila) Joe be bcdJ up aaaw etyeet of awrn
arid detestatioTi,"to w-Vrn all, who may hereafter
coidemUw-desertmn.-to r!the his path.
Chiiiiolm'i St re, to Sahibu-y, I2i) utiles and
birk, o-ire a week.
Leave F.tvetieville every Friday at 6 a m, ar
rive at Sabtbury every Mondav by 9 am.
Leave SJiaiaury every .Mj.utat at J p m, ar-riv-
at Fayeitevi!c every I !iur.'.-ty by 4 p m.
t?. Fro 'it Chi raw, S. C. ey Sure.Kb iro', N.
C, MorveiU harp'l Store, Vaileal!oro,, Heard's
Store, N-trarood'a, Smith's Store an I Kendall's
'o Salisbury, H6 miles and bark, tance- a week,
in horae stages.
lvOberweeey rtrrr afl Wednrs.hy
at ." a m, arrive at Salisbury Wo..d-y and i'tiurs.
day by 1 1 a m.
Leave Sa'. barv every Fueoliv wikI Friday at
4 am, arrive l Cberaw evtry seU.n;s.Uy ami
SaUt'ihv bv 1 1 a m.
Cl6i From Uockinbam to Cberww, S. C. 22
tni ri and hack, onco a weuk.
Leave H rk nluftl ev-ry Wed tetlav at 4 a
m. arrive at Lheraw, same dav by 'J i m.
Leave Croeraw eve-tey MuUy-iHMo,-sr:
iit at MorkinghsTt time day by J p m.
49s From- - L'l'it'i'.Tto'i by 1nit tetpbiK,
Monlptlier. Bolivar, Copper H.ll, Suariule,
Qteentlale, and Alfordsvtlfe to l.umberton,
f tal to 4 1 mdes and back, once week.
Iave l.iiTtbeern f very M m-ttT st jw. sr
.,i t: .V. C. JuhlQ. Ipl.
But pcrlinps we are supposed to be in favour
dt Disunion, because we have taken our ground,
a.. .. H.!W ... ..I ....,!. at.. r
Ir!AIMNi in the I'.-st ufHce at States- -sr-.. ...c u.Tr r. h
"tiV ville, N. C. ot the tt dy of Julv, I&13. ' the South became we have called ths TanlTof
; 1878 an intqiittoua meunre, which has paral.
ttvest Stevsartsviile evert Tuesday by 9 am,
and at LurnUf Hon the miw day by 7 p m.
C 1 70. From Warrcntn by ita is m'i H-idtre,
Tltflford, and ttilltardstown to Nashville, 44 mdes
'nt bark, nice a week.
leaie Warrinton every Tueahy at 19 a m.
strive at Nahville every Wed teaday by 10 a m.
LieV ville, N. C. ot the tt dy of July, 1 &T3 .
Andrew Mordock U
Ml. Moris Ledge
Ja'ne s Man 2
Jauiea M .Kenzie 3
NaiK-y McKay
Htifch I- Mi Hee
William 'icJi-Tfty
David McCan!es
' Hum wI.e!and
Ab x. Mr Dee
Nrtll MeKav
William Mell.ide
Massed Nrsbit
J tbn V. Drt irj
james tr'on
. alra. atargUOabuTM
tVilTi am Potts
John I'nmrny
Wtbism I n'l'-g
We owe an apology to those, who celebrated
the Anniversary of American Independence in
Cabarrus county, for the nonappearance ef the
which were rent to ua. We-re
ceived them and immediately placed them
A. W. Alexander
Elizabeth Aobot
Samuel It Hell
William Burnett
Cilar'es M. Bishop
Vtiliitl A Carr
H'rhm-1 f. llnimSy
W illiam M. Tou ,io
K. H. D. Il'-gaily
David Bea'y
Tam- Crif til
1'hnmas Crawford
Joint (;r'iiu
James Ceeai - --
John CaHwu
Ilev LY.eUreil F.ltis
iadbeHihluMrkwsbaml of husbanrrrrand dcferred this notice till new, hoping to ,r
make lbs people " poor indeed." We would
stk who look mors like Dsaii.ionist ilioae who
staiul by ami SewAbe-Constitution violated, and
i ths South borne down under that heaviest bur
thens and justify auch meaaurts or, we, who
'uphold the Cons' itutiou and the lights of ibe
Southern States?
Perhaps there is yet another reason why ve
i are called disunionistsv-tbai is, beca ise we will not
Join in the hue and cry against our sister State.
-aMnnb Carolina, and charge her vnTiTreuiSiTanil
: lniwm. We are candid. to declare we did
I tKit like one or two toasts giver) at several din.
! nsisin SoulG Carolina. Shall the people of that
state for those sentiments be branded with the
name of trai'rsn J South ParnKna. tl.-.t g..n.l
among other contnmnica'.tuns intended for pub
lication, but by nire means or Other they were
mislaid. Should the publication be yet desired,
we will thank th se wb furnished ua with them
before, to transmit us another copy, We bare
our hands upon them in time for this week's
We bad prepared foe this paper the tts
and speeches dvlivr i ed at Ibe dinner in Charles
ton given to Gen. Hayne and Cid. Disyton,
anj! wbicji we prsnaaeJ-togive to osje readers
this week, but from unavuid.ible necessity we
have been compelled to poitpone their publication.-
- """ -
7 .nmmletV -rr.
N the lttb July, to ib Jmfnf f.inroln ff.rt.
ty, a runawnv, who ca'l bin s. H.MM ava
he belongs to Jantes Waikef n Lumnburp. Vir
abt'ul 30 years old. dark-romr.brtetL 5 ft
bigb, haaaarar 07 b ftrrehrart anrfTrbMrm;
.V,,.,."r,J!ccnc saya waa cut sua jiie-
wrtts hint S Addle anff's S""ne eb'iti rri.f a'-itf paiTr
taIotna. JCbe owir ia twrTTTrTf? prs."""
pawl agrerably to tw a-l prove hjr prope(ty(
pay charges and tvke turn aw at . " . '
Jut ISM. 18 0. . f
S. rmvc mutually riinlved their cor artnersbip
In the piicbase and ajl-" nf negroes. '
liaKiimp JnU in, 18 b) g-f
Lest a Ma.htllary as4aiUv H fa-swyt R'bcmttjginr'.'
Dr. Aheer F ar.klin 3
Julio Fcimsu-r
James Guv -'
Mr. arah Morton
Malhew Hiberls
William Robinson
(ieoege Rohinsxits
George Kcid
. S
t.i. Lt.k ....:. fi. -i...: tv.., uiiii umiih mo iicTutuiiuuarj
poured her blood and treasure out, like water,
Mrs, Fa-ilUa L. Iluuatoo Rnt Simontort
WiTTiam Ilmo
Archibald a Kmith .
r4rtt Wjrpjfttfljjiiefs T&iiradaViv 'J m,
rrom Jlalfax bl. !JioMS,H.Ja44i. ..iff.iiy -? arfnrj-rt
f-t'ian-j Neck, faimyra. ana i lra store, to Col. ttcd Sliarpe
amnion. i miirs ami oaex, once a weea. . I 7,.arcy Ingram C, Sim.otts
uii,ihh e-y SMrrwiar at ya to, arrive . - j
st lli!toT same day by 7 n m
Ia Hamilton every Wednesday at 3 a m,
arrive at llabfit same day by 7 p m.
2.7J. From Tarboro by Ihvis's Store, Ham.
ilton, Wiiriamston, UaKlne?! Bridge. Plymouth,
nd f,oo Spring to Columbia, lJU miles aisd
lck, once a week.
eeve Tarboro t very Tburtt!ay at 10 a m, ar
rive at Hamilton same day by 6 p m.
j Leave lUtnllton aexi dsy at 6 a m, arrive at
f mouth every Friday fey 4 p m.
Leave Plymoutk every Saturday at J a m, ar.
rive at Columbia ever Saturday by 7 p m.
Iay CohaaiVm every Mondav at 5 m, a-
Amo Jacobs
.Mr. Tabiiba Jacobs
Mr. Julioaoo
lldg'il Junes
Miles Johnson
Giles Lindley 3
Samuel King, Es.
Robert IeoiarJ
James artin
Isaac MarahalU '
William Smith
Alex, Scolt .
John Stevenson
: t
laiah W. Thompson
Ann Templeton
Robey Tuckjr
James H Ttiomaf t
Ur. W. F. Thomas
Witl'am Wiiberpoon2
John Welch
Tbo. S. Wane, (Tanner)
William Wilson.
W. IiLRR,r.V..
A long string cf Advertisements flocked upon
ua sary unspaidlyh ek, which mtrtt
always tske.prtcfdtoce of other anajter. - We
will however puhl'i-h tbe Chttleston dinner pro.
credings, which cannot fail to be interesting to
onr traders, as mly is pnnihle.
THE Factorage and Cun.mmvo) buaineMof
Henry W dinner will be ton'wued by ilia
obsetibrra. ondi-f the firm nfH. WrCofinrf
Co. from 1 his dato .
61W IIF.NRY W. (OS'Nri, .
ClatUtiHrJui , 1ft
Vo Comhinnlion and n fYrt Trade '.-'I
ixps. j, . AJiaoT7,'Vcw. r"
Importer 88 n'aicr-Strect, AV 1 ork, -
Ol rEll lor sale 1,000 Packages fMh. fa are A
.Glaav-Cbina on4 Lnokrer-Gaiesri..m. "
fusing the most eomptetsssonmtut cur tOer-
..I 1m . K '. . L . . i a i. . ... .
... ..... Mi.i.r., Bn( wnrtr..liJlLJ0ett
i "' w'.Wi.-iJii-Jieatpav
tdtbe Country MercbaM atjbe lacat
ln cwsx ritbl4cuatoiig"ri.fnsd to jnin
i swAtnnoaii Jor rrgtitating the pr
ery, in thiA eny, w hate been n
We have bten compelled like wise to defer
the publics'ioti of tbe proceedings at several
for liberty she wish to destroy the Union !- Anmveraary dinners W tbe same reason. Wt
she wish to pull down the edifice, which sh ,,me unjer theie circumilsncs we shall not, be
so largely cbntributed to erect I Nolbe charge ceneuredfor the delar. .
untjijtL JTbt jspple of South U.-liua axa aa l...,, -i ; .-, Ai-."r.r-
-mwrjnituchef"To'''tltf .Tniaft "as" thfe ofany IO The n'mib nniTersary of the Iredell co.
Unioa, it will be, not tbat tbey lyve the Union I Wednesday tbe 4dt August. It is expected,
Lett, but Ahl lf fcbeety mor and with that s oWouews will be Wbeee by the Rev;
no Irst truth, the same may be said of North j TboiraaF.spy.snd (hit address will be paJe by
Carolina and all tbe flowhern States. j two or three Other prroni' As the TTible esTiss
We appeal to our past ou's- for tbe rcfuta- j is advancing ia our State, with a progress truly
lion oTibe charge of Disunion, and, iovtie a jencmirag'mgi ami as this will be our last annual
critical cxaminatioe of our Uoguage In relation rtMlinr Dr.tMt lo ,k- etration of tha Great
to tbe wrongs which have been inflicted upon ! .,..., Sunn, ,.,.-, tt la- r.e..U.,lw
the South by he General Government, and! , . ., ,l . ... u - i r j
. . , , , . . u desirable, 4hat all our mettibcrs end friends
win cwitiuin j imni inc iu.iuiiik uairivni a , . , -i i .
. .lu. r.B. ... !.;.- -:... iabouU lavour us with their presence and ssanv
PClltllltCllA Wl reft . VisBUIiruil t whiii I saitii KKn
.. ' ! la.- 9 sasa.a.1 fsewava. swsai .ill i
to bim In rendition. South Carolina i Con
salutation and Dimnion the two extremes sf
or system i ibey are both equally tbi object
cf wit epprtbeaaion.
EieeciavS eominence at 1 1 e'clork.
D. COCLIf, IViVrnl f Ml
funif, IfiHt Satif,
reJr3es. u'j 8, lf3J. Iry) .
4 "
rtrea ol Grw k.
made lt a..K.
jecu of a m.iirrolersnrp,-rsfM lA, it. v -ject
of which is nothing less than twr .store rwi'
ana ixfmMnfrm Ih tm,h, our characters have
been assailed ss men of integrity and fair deal.
ing, our erettit ui ticu of rtspoiiaibiliiy i.n. :.
peached and every endeavor, n.sile to niin it, T1 .
and to erwn tbe so hole our imporhiimis through.
tbe regular channels have been all aiopped. (m '
tonaeipsenee of threste tbrtrwrt nut tdT Kii Man. "V
Utactursrs in England) so that we have bri
elabir4-ss emptny AgnrrnT UTrrp5"i"rmake T
our ptrcbjtses m such a manner that our names .
woutii not appear mine transaction all the
!xJiUiS.icBt'anl m n obtain int eTt-drt frflfotir'
imporsattrms are r?emed to u, sad Botln httr r "
"V"'1 i" ooiain urn us nor needail
supplies. ware. We sre suf ring these hard. .
ships In the casj ef the Mercliant aid Con.
mmef of this description of Rnorla, no less hats "
our own, and to them, ss mir last resort, ve eon
for kid anj a.istanne o long as we are tna.
bled to sustain ourselves agalnsi mors tbali forty
meawho hsve combined W briilg aS.ut our
rulo in tUiauiiheahl ot m inner, we wid crtinue
to sell otir goods Free and lo-l, ptaJen' at out
own rsta e C'uA se opprv4 city mcrrtoantt '
6co. ., '
: THOS. J. ntRHOW, k Ca
ll Water Ssrcct, above Old Tff'

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