North Carolina Newspapers

    rri St lfin.iU bf 7 I htt hi l
li'Hf4jinti m day by 1 p in- ,
2 1 S3 Fr H.'.'ub.iry, by V'ulton, 1
HumsviUe, return by hckivillc t
3alib-iry, oice a week.
,,Lrav'rdtaU try every Tour i Uy t
, tiooA, arrive at f I j.itivitle same day
fi'! at BalUU try every, Friday by J I
aiXtFrom Mtrginiown, by Plea.
ant(jardcu, OM Frt, aodSwrnmano,
to Avvillr, CO miles and bask,' oikc
Veek.ift.iujiiu ..
5151. From YVrntwortb, y Tf ou
Melon? Iron iVjrks, Martinsville,
f.recnslKW, Centre, Mendrnhall's
Mills, and (jirJarr't Htore, to Aahbo.
r 5 V mil' an I luck, twice a week.
Leave VrVotworth very Thursday
and 5 m lay it 3 p m, irrive at Ash
UW every Friday aod 'M'Mdaf by 6
P m. ;
L,?ave AiSboro' every Wednesday
and Haiurday at a m, arrive a l
Wentworth every Tuarsday tod San
day bv 12 ni"(i.
io.o F-ivettevilJe, by Ps ket
Aibi'ille every g indav at J
m, arma at Mirjantown same day
by IO p m.. ,
3ISJ. From Mirgaatownby Beard
Fnrgr mi Liulc River, to tfutesvilte,
61 miles and bak, once a week.
Leave M'r(?antoM every Monday
t 6 a m, arrive at Bticvi!ie every
Tuesday by 5 p m.
Leave Statesville every Wednesday
at 6 a rn, arrive at M jrgir.towo every
Thursday by 5 p m
1lS(i From Charlotte, by Alex
odriaoa, Hickory fjrove. Mount
Murre, fc'tatesvilie, M him I'ieaswt,
Stonry l'-iint, aod H K'ef to W.lkes.
bora V) miles and back, ouu a week,
la stag's.
Leave Charlotte every Thursday ut
tl in, arrive at Htateavillc same day
iy 9 p m.
L!ive Stateaville every Friday at 5
n, arrive at Wilkesboro aame day
br 4 p nr. -
lve, WilkesbW every Thursday at
-1 m arrive kt Charlotte every Fri
day by 11 m.
1 Jf. From Chapel II ill, by Clover
O d, Nwifn IyToga Mills, Troy's
Store, New Salem, New Market,
Hunt's Store, and Urummels o Lex
JoRton. Return by way ot Fair Grove,
, Jb" Grange, aod New Market j equal
tn 02 miles and back once a week.
Leave Chapel 1MI every Saturday at
J a ro, arrive at Lcxing'on Sunday by
0 p m.
Leave Lexington every Monday at
6 a m, arrive at Cnapcl Hill every
Tuesday by 6 p m.
. Iflia. From Aihville, by MilJ Ron,
. 0Uv .onville, 4&h?Jf . Creek, 'I x .
tway, 8. C. Keoivee, afnd Pickens c. h.
""to rTnletonr milrs and bjtk,iKe
lo ifwo"we'e-Vv --
..-LeaFeAkhvUk eyei-y othejlandajr
at C a tn, arrive at Fcndlciun the next
Vdnsd ay Iry h r
..I - - i ii l .i i ., l.j i,;r i. m "
1 4t rrrtrrwt htrki
Leave Fay-ftcville every Maadty
at 6 a in, nrrive at Si!i'ary every
Tnnnday by 10 a m.
Leave HalUbury evfcrv Thuri l iy t
3 p m, arrive at taycttevillc every
Handy bv 5 pn.
From Fiyrtttville, by New
Oii-J. (I r!'f M'l!, Lawrrncrvillr,
M'r$ja'a Htirr, and C"iitb-hj' Store,
to Salisbury, U"k miUn and baci,
once a weckC
f lit fn'm Tbtunv,2t hf TtuVfi.H Vf J
itifl ii, ' I track, ourt a
lara Wnwnill9 e'ef Tri'ltf kt 3 p m,
rri M Wtliaifion tfery Hatyr itf bf 6 p m.
Lca Wil(ioftoii tvary Thuolif J i m,
urttt at Keni,;ila cerv friitf or I'i a
m back W veck.
Oaalow e. h. ery Tbirlay at 3 p m.
aru st tdctilai'l. ! Jf bf y f m.
Ivt lti4iiaxUcvrx TkuraJay at I
rira t O,i0 e. h. bjr It a 4.
Sltli. NaarWa by BJe-tIUa to
Ita-iltxt, 44 fMilca tn.1 bark, xi a rk.
Lctve NiariK-rn avrry ThuraUy at J a at, ar
riea Bn.ilart aat itiy by 7 p m.
j Lra Iteaitfvi every tvaUaty ail a 01,
arnva a im hh da bv 7 m,
fcaA a, i4a;tala.uC lajLb fXfi JrL'
(cvi Miaaio ibiiri e -r Itmrtiay at S a m,
am at imi'bH -1,1 u4 day by 6 p m.
I t Pm'K CimiO:k C. Ii. ta fa,)Uf Orancb
17 iuilf 'iJ ba'.k. t'f f a week.
-.s Curfiiuck r. Ii. ery PriUy at 2 p ra,
rr, ri t Pu;i!r H-i wme iky bv 4 p a.
I.?ve Fmifar Br4i".li vt;fi Fnlv ai 6 a m.
jfni .I I'um'uck c. b. aaitte 'l y Jv !0 a in.
VI eniiUacta (of roU'e rmbn 'cl i;i l!nt A
rfriirni-n! Cunin'W 'in lie fir ily iif
i.i.urf ntlt, l euvi.tii f)ir )cir,
I. Tiie P manner General retrrvi
Leave Fjyetti'ilb: every Til !v at , r'it tt) expJite the mailt, anJ ft
6 n in, arrive at lili!ury every Mjn- I l:tr me time of their arrival and de
day bv 0 a at. ! j'-fture, at any tiinc during the cnntin-
Leave rtilinbary every Monday at 3 ! ui'ice of .the contract, by giving an j h'iiII traoimu commercial iul?!!ir 'icr
p m, arrive at Faycltcville every
cot isree si w the uitaUeneii of the
property, its vklue, ths termi of pay
ment, aoJ itt security, each miy
choose i person, whu raiy appoint an
umpire, and their decis'un ihall be
fiaal I or if tin uaJerb'dJer declines
to da this, ths l'mmaiter (K'neral
will name, the umpire, Tnis wdl be
nude a couJitiou of tuy bid "udder
that of a present cintractur and
should tke underbidder fail to comply,
his bid will be oikred to the present
contractor! but should he decline it,
i - a a II
the proposals of the uoJer'JiJJtfr win
nrX7Vtt inill tw-wittidnwir h r
rTir'ttiriT "frf fecl1"4f huixpitcit
a ti (Jsri Jad any peTvui TcTJZFX Tl i t rr
contract at hi bil, he shall f trtcit ail
,ithcr contract that he rrt;iv have wi:n
t!e Department, aui be held rciponi
ble for all damage that utay reauit
from his failjre to omplv,
14. N contract ca i Oe transferred
without the a )pro!)J(i'n of t ic Kst
muter (i-ucral, a-id tne assignment of
I contrict wth'iui his c)ent, shall
foNfit ir, Thii rule will novtrbciK'
narfd Irom.
15. Il" a con'ract'ir or hW acnt
-ihall violate the V (),Ticc law, r
a-jcrtcdinjr, nd ibo Chultt tVfoU 4t
iht m
A'l fia Peerages and ot'ier i,tt
granted bf Chulf s h jj on annulled A
new anJ nr li"rl. charter hai hfm
given tihi Frenca people iielr mign,
Imiir ji tha Hrfe mem'rahle daf i i(f
if h 2S'i and 23 ft of July. niii! ,nt--to
tha bleinj of civil anl reii.M li'j,
rty. Tha (treat eieiils achlsaed in ibiva
i'jt s, ha sHad a bal. arounl the bt o(
France, th nf shall ta fo'a'.ti! '
rta amblisonrd tneir escutctnon alt8
im,ri!h, l ,
Tie KvMi.'ilt r, who cojnterJ .r,e j
l)fr1oni i-f Ju fwrrjf9
Thuedy by 4pm,
21 7. Vrom Chra, . C. bv SwUhW, N.
C Virvr-n, feifjl'a Store, Wadra mru'. Ilrard'.
5"Tt, Umw Voiili', Store ami KemlaH'i
to a!irt4.-ir, 81 niilca anl bek, ti a weak,
IT! '1 b:ia.! a!jrt.
L'are tJb'riw rvrv Him Uv anl WrilnUv
' 1 m. rrivs at SJubury U'Hiily ami Tliur
JvW4l-a m.-
I4 Hi,li!ry rvr Thura !v ami Fridiv ai
4 am. rnvn al Cheraw every WcliiLfch)' ami
Su t iv iv 1 1 a m.
2161 P'om BkinRham tn Chen, 3. C 22
mile arw! 'ta'ck. once a week
- far K Jeain(bam vary -IVWitaaiW alia
m. arrive at Clieraw, tame -lav by 9 p m.
t:li-ra errv MoniUv at noon, afive
St ItT-liinluin tame i'av by S p in.
2 1 tid. Fra-n l.irn!i.;nnii tiv HliiUdflphin,
Miiniprlirr, II ilivtr, Cfiwp'-r Hill, Slewartavillc,
Q'lrrmldr, a'i.1 lf nUvillr t l.nri)cr1ori,
efjul i4J mUr atl buck. wu-. a wik.-
I.cavr Liimdrrmn evrr Munilav it 5in, ir
rive i -war' nvittf rv'-ry I'll- l'V bv 9 4 rn,
an. I it ,iim!crtin the aimr by 7 pm. j
.2170. From Vrrrnton bv K i;n' linage,
BrMnr-l, ii IliilmreU'iiwrt to Nili iile, ii n.ilci j
ami hm ki'ice a vek.
IyCnr Vrrctf)n -vrrv Tiicl v ID a m, .
arrive at ,Nliv'.!le rvry Wi-l calv hi 10 m. '
Liir N4!iv,l!o .vs-)1 a' 1 p ni, '
arTiv at Wirrrntno rverv TlinrtUv bv 2 p m. .
2171. Friim thlifs bv U-ivi..!. x H wli, I
ScuilauJ Neck. PJnvr. aaj Oirtf "iTre; to
ItiiHItpn. 42 mil' a i'l b.ick, .nice a work.
1 Leave IUIjCm .every. Tb'twby al.5, a rii, r-
rive at Haftiilt'in me d.iv b 7 j m.
I a
a-Jcquate contpensjtion, never cxrc-il-: :v -xorcss more rjji ! v t un t ic m
ht 4 pro Till'l ailawance fnr any extra I hi i oatract shall be firfr ite I.
littlnr.if Cn n mr of w,AK ,
rit-M4 JfaaJJ 3f JuMU Jia:r
wtilrjjl1"' "reer f ve4 w tvaeanTtty'-
''Tm fl j) iriTiiie Ciii'iiKri' ' it,' fup,J
ihrr (iUcuiiion "f the mi'ijc.i -vm y
ottt fir oi week. Tm G,ic , .t
ttnr a'atcs thj' l. 'nirno i !J iiH
h-l been arresieil ( Titir. thrt P y.
r-inni-t and Ca" "but Had ien '.ircii
' '7 arrf stfd Ca.rie. a di Myo if
were ii thu ui'e of C'ial X IL- j
a i'i I'llifiK wore siH tn inr
aiiroi'f ! the fira' hs j arrive I n. I!nr.if
nd the latter had pjed iv t fl.giurft,
d ni'it " f nihil i t J j ill.
To Ctwttr J'raicnii . "ut ik n(
Kinf of Frui' hia ahonlv d : i .
tic l i f of Knttlaiiil, :hc a-.het ol N
I' f.i (ro.n St. ll'kii i to lie ibpii tJ In
h col nun of t tie hire VetuJ unr.
e'iea itiov I ,v avera
i. in
ctpeuce w.iich sjih alteration may
re lire.
2. Seven minutes shall be allowed
for opening and' closing the mail at
each office, when no particular time
shall be apecified,
3." For "a very ten "inlauci delay Ira
arriving at any point after tiie tim:
prescribed in any contract, the con
tractor shall forfit five . If
the JcLa shall. cuiuinue. beyond lh;
time for the departure of auv pendioi
mail, the forfeiture shall be eqjal to
twice the arujuut allowed for carrytug
the miil one trip. i it be made to
appear that the dclav was occasioned
hv unavoidable Occident, of which tiie
1' istmaiter Ge-ieral snail be the judjjc,
the forfeiture may be reduced t. the
aia unt of p iy for a trip j bat in no
can t.iat amdunt be remitted.
1jrfeitures arc otherwise unconduiun
il, and will in all cases be eolorccd.
I l!i. All contracts for tou'c em'mc-j !'",,'cr 'tj' I iv V,.. IV.k! imMin
rd ia this advertisement sh-dl cum
meoce on the firt day f Jjnuary
next, and continue fi'tir vean.
I)eciiioii) ot bids will he made
known on tic l9;h .ItvofO-r ber avi.
- ' WIU.1AM 'tV IMH'iVi -
3 i'i futi-umr ('(
ran Kiev xrjrs.
lit kj juroiiralri .irji raAScii. .
Iif the t 'tv.t vt.''t,Jii ill , nln o'
Uil faat ailin ihiii ( uiud d, Ii . n II.
vre. wueiicc the sjilot! on I Itn Atiu-',
we are indebted to our trie nil Cap!. All x
ander Urinou. lor a 'f eul if 6il of Paris
pipe from 4t 'o-ii A-iut iurliaivr.
1'eacc ar.d truiliiy it lecture') through
' it ;ho l'ren " ttifir. .nd on the 7: i
Annual the Puke ni'CMrana . call:.;
i ne ih. one if r'r:i-e, by the vohe of
jthe people, expreMc I fhrouti their rv-
i prcie ntauves, under me f ie of tiouis
Leave'Ff ndletd'n every otKe i Thurs.
Jjy at noon, arrive at Ashville the
-gjg jr Saturday by 6 p m. -
.-.s vr;21ia.r FnmtrAhvtlle bx Turkey
Creik, IIaywod c. h. or Waynesvrille,
rrrraindrFrankrio,- to CUytuoGaSa
mtlea and back; onee a week.
V Leave Aahville every Monday at 6
7 m, arrive at Clayton every Wednes
; "day by (J p m.
' . Leave CUyton every Firday at 6 a
y? f 1 "rive at Aihville every Sunday
' -by 4 p ro.
. From Chapel Hill, by Pitts-
itorY-I lay wood, and Reids Store, to
-. : Faveiteville, thebce by Nortbingtohs
Iartbaa VineyanJt aad Haywood,
to Pittsboro and Chapel Hill ) equal
(a 73 miles and back, once a week.
-LeavrCntpel Hill -every--Saturday
W l"Tm rii, r n J ' pirat.on of each orxvr.
2172. From Twooro' bv l)via' Stow, Ham-
and Cool
back, oner a wrrk.
i IM.lL'TIT ; ; iiK) i,,r I' I I' Vfl .1 c. i nil
4. Peraons who mike proposals will j e'de-it on,y u t v I r 1 f'rnce Kuril. 0 i
stjte their r,ricds by the year pay. i tni subject jaiajnt's JSIr j-iencr of ttic
tnents to be niide tj-nrterlv. in the I ost remark : -
' I f a. -
ui 'i,jcjiv a rciu P3 .napp, ai
ot It' a u $;)ic i jiu I Sgen
. . . I . i . . . r
utcii ii me oi uii'im '.erini.u i im ol tic
wv, iai vvi i a ata l41V-j - O
months of May,; Augusv November, 4 - Ui M,jea
and Fctruarv, oaV" mouih after. the p,'S'cm'''Centeht?i
' r S
umnt.iii,' Cardnera Uiilcc, f iviiMitith, I shall be employed to carry Uie miil. I . "' ? , "r J 01
AprinK to Columbia. lOtrmlk-a and ; lror,au ,Kfllll I i. , 1 Y rancc lt.-e
' "k I - IroposaU shoulJ state wnctbrr i M u,e butrh-ev in njr
Viy t lorever dear u ilcr
ever lobe recorded
(sh.pti in n r hninr. u. .i.A
tiller i rr. l. , -' ' """vi'.iviiiiic
lavr Tarbunt' every ThuivUv a '.0 a m, ar- ' Ulc pcrbu.i proposes to carry the mail I heroic mvn inimity of the citisen of
fivraaT TT.i n7Tto SVi rtav tiv pm
i.rvr Hamihnn wit rky m, arrive at
l Ivni.Hiir. pvry FriiUv bv 4lm
hi a U(a or mnerwiavr-,, I'a.u, ovriluawu a cruel and oiia:eaie
7. V the; ..prrjon e-ihrnn propojaju fdjK(4am, mif teU'-J4b a Cuuituu.
" t K. i r i .... ... i l . .1 - i . .
LrtVr I'lynvvith everv S.turii- at 5 a m, r- i " .l!,l,.,rSc ,M XT rlu? "(t l,uu" iViLu.upw uui-ai
riva at CoUim'iia "every Samrduy by 7jta :-.-. p .ptrs out nt the mid, h mmt stitc "onrlations, the atfecti'Mifi, of a
l.rav Columbia rverv Wu.UV a'l A 4 in, ar. ,t in ,i9 0((J f oi'lii-r w;Ntr. 1. r nnot rn- ' brjl,''; 4IJ deVOlC'J people. !) our (e-
rive at riynwrtth whe day by 5 p ", at ll. n.l. i : l port of t'.a proceeding In the Ciui.;rr
at 5 a in, arrive at Fayettevillc every
jjboday by4p m.
Leave Fayetteville every Tuesday
- at J a m. arrive it Chapel Hitt evefy
ednedayby 6 p m.
. 216U FrAtn Morgsntown, bv Little
Sliver, N rtb Covey Bear Creek, Ik
kersville, Greenleesville, and Ivy, to
- -AtbviHe, 01 mils - ao4 backr once a
iaeeiT" ,,,v ,.- - ,
Leave Mrgantown erety Saturday
n at 4 a mf arrive at Ashville cfcry Sun
div bv' 8 p tn.
Leave Ashville every Monday at 4
. m, "arrire at Morgantowo every
'jfueaday by 8 p fn. - j
" 2 1 62. From State sville by Thomas'
-"''-Jperrf, to -Mountain Teek, 20 miles
' ""aWbaCsTJ St?WvaMINrtjssi?i
" Lcay?; gtc8VTie remr Monday
1 p m; arri vie at Mouotaio Creek same
. a war .. i -
' - c ar ay run. , -t
Jay t 5 a m, arrive t Statesville aame
day by 11 a m. ; T
2 1 6N3. From Pi ttaboro, by Ramsey's
M Us, , Tick Creek, Underwood's
H'.ore, AUen'a Sore, Mffit'a Mills,
Brovrer'a MiiU, , Waddle'a Ferry'', Ty
a oo .Store, Gulph, and Pedlar's Mill,
to Ptttslwre f equal to 41:niik and
back, e a week. ' ;
I ie pittsboro every Wednesday
xjt 6 ni, r.d retain so as t arrive at
rnriv T..V.v liv f. i. m. ii.l 1 I...r..' ! J H"T""-5-'
evcrv Wedneadav hv i p m. i 8. Propositions fur any improve-
'2171 From tVadiiiiK'nn bv lUth. Pjntpco. meuts in traasporting tnc mail may be
Log Ifuiise Li'idini;,' Urr iiaii'.io. Su.iii.tuM. r. . , i it i
, , , , . .. , . U1 , . staicu ;n the proposals, aad w i II be
and Lake Landing to MidJIetown, 34 tii.le. and . . 1 ' ' u
bank, once a wek. ! u considered.
Ieava Wnslunjjtua every Fr'.ibv at 5 a m, ar- D. Tile number of the route, and
r,v n,H ,u , .,er.v au.uay uv o p .... beg.nnm- a-id term astion, ahuuld
arrive at Wl,ingtoi every Tburaday bv H p m.
2l7V from Iklrih by bpithficid. Wnynta
boro' Spring Bank, kinwto.i. (;iN Uridyl; ami
Cove Crtak to Tfcwbern, 70 m'.lca aiid back,
twice a week, in 2 hute. agr.
Leave IUleijrh every Monday ar.d Trniradnv
at It) a mi arrire-irt Newbeni every W'ednewlajr
and Satur.iny by 4 p m.
Leave Newbcrn every Momlay and Thu-djy
at 6 a m, arrive at Haleigh every VVedueadu
and Saturday by i p m.
" ?17r ' rroitf-Fay eirevitirby- Efinbethtown,
and Wrtt ftnkiti 1 Vlilmwonr e wtWand
back, three times a week in 2 lioruc tlaget.
Leave Fayetteville every TuexJ.y. Thuradty,
and Saturday at 4 a in, arrire at Wdmington
next day bv II a ro.
Iave Wdminetoo every Monday, Wednea-
day, and Friday at t p m, arrive at Fayetterrirle
at xi aiyiTiy pT: - -
2I76 From Newbern by'Trent Bridge, Croaa
Roada, Swanboro', French Mil Is, nd (iklu r.
h- l.i Vilniinjrtiii. I'V) mil.- m i
I ii f !) lilti-a. riir , .!.... i tifin. a
aiirT ti
while hit
.. i. ii. . f . .
ti '. rnrii m n' oi i 'ran, m or
ler thai ibcre OimiH i.,i I.e. w (Ve CqarQ
her iry icc:ct or noted. -'iTmy.
M n,rrvr 'rced 'Sit tnis m'lon
tnoi: : i.e rri:r'ii i'i "i !)i,riui.
M rd l! rr),. ,, nu!'. ! j mo iyn. a ) IR-s'iiJ-. A
emn ii utfj '!. f f,.,, .,f,retk
he ir Mnnr-n ; tlt!i . m juu ben , tora '
iinndr : tho lioliTf of lit cr'rii.-' hss
no lnn;'.r ,nv tii;ht to tUim its xeeudon(
Chsrhv V. and tU tor f f 'en- In Vsln id
't.'dOmit iio-r. tlu v t'i -m'lvta tia
longer hold. Thai por ,-r has he? i dil-
s'llrcj in tut of at vri al tili.U'attds
ofviitini The am (, A'.rlirj mn thf
hat been ruirinuiica'erl io ua, ii hut a
new act of perfijy il.c acnblaner of le
k'aliiy witn Mr nit is rhihid ii )jt
d : eptio.i. Ii i a bratrj of c!ii- -rd l
'rmp'nl i'i Oe Cist 4iy. i, Tr.3 real
eneinKs of our t ountry -iliovc wno, by
th.'ir Hi rrv, lure ured i ne later;ovrn-
I me ni to is ruin, continue load a. ill m
vrrv nide ; .ev clo'he themHclve with,
evcy coiour tney pra:iai-n ev,-r opia
ion. Uira Koyalivs pre-Vrt 'henjse.VeV
under the elak ol R'piljiicn It-u'ici'V s,"
wM- T1f.r4i'ff'Ct -far fittoHO KVV-
of 'no Cnoqijtror t I'.iro-ie, t byporri'i- "
fjl al:ah.Tic:i.:f bkb,o
natrert, ir it w-re prs hku r u id hj i no
a fjurs'irjri of niinj rtlm to be tn -Cnttf-of
Prance. The unavoidhla in'a3iii y
of the present fcoernrncnt encourages
instigi, or of discord. Lnt us tufen ro
pill au'enrT to It "A Supreme law, i nit or
iicreJiltV ba pTic'erT ar'tirs iff tfitr iVd-:;
of the ciiizsas oi Paris, in order to resist .
oppreasion, and has made u 4 adnpl flr our
temporary ()nirf, and ordvmean ol silt- '
fiiKt, who is a ineere '"ieid to
a . . .
tlu' ia aisumiiisT the Crown of 1'ianre.. mir 1 O,'s'i n tona! Inatrutiwis. Ihesim
L 1 . M i'i i 11V ' ..n t .J.....
t..v.- t ill dlldPl,
Leave Newbern eveiy Momhy at 5 a m, ar
rive at Wilmington every Vcdifday by 1 1 a m.
Leave ,WUniingivii erery Wednesday at 1 p
m, arrive at Newbcro every Krid -y by 8 p. m. .
3177. From Wilmington by Orion to SniUh
vUlc, .29. mile and backuice a weesjir 2 borae
ncMlay at t p m, arrive wt btrittttvrlre name days
by H p in. " . v -
Leave Smithvil'e every Sunday ami Wednea-
be stated in every bid j and the pro
poial must be seated, directed to the
General Poet OJice, office of Mail
Contracts," and .superscribed "Pro
pos.iJs." The following i a proper form for
a proposal:
4 will convey the m.iil, agreea
bly to d loerttienu zt, on ruati Xo. '
io for the yearly
He must state the place of his resi
dence j and if .not a con tractor, must
accompany his bid with satisfactory
1 10. The- - 4iUocer- aa sutedp-are
believed to be substantially correct
but if any mistakes have occured ia
ation to thentt nr tncrcae uf mm.
unhnut -rleld y , a
i,..r..... i-i.;.r . .l . . ..
tne ' """c.n v-.mj ji trie vt.'ne nin.'i
i-Mvriver, impiifii mir ie tm- l'iiki Jofite
utiur.r the aacr cd protertjun of the Inc.!
.. ,.,l ...... i. .. i; i i ni"'
n.iii in. I .ill. nimr .i I. ". ...j I..... .. I
own lovercieu
pnviiah'ri are secured, KUiraMees
rigr.l ot hi snhjv.lH. wlmh.iu pi, (!
;Witn n:ch mis t hief mp'rr us Ihej.
tst ol t.l; Iii)..-it. i ars uounu to ni iriut. rt(ituio
rivtl -rid religious, benr;ttKwjrd is the, 1.t,,e 5.!,'ot)'" ft ",tt con'itauin uUii,
pmiifRe of all who ! v-i witmn tr,e ! itU'h he i tao:tain power. . Siimfuillil
l'.-tiv:n dominions ! ii.lC. France tn, ,Jnrt rePri,tfl'r deceived, ivs ate '.v:.i ninV
dnr th-M--Afi-libtialaideolih'en-r- n S"I"J1'' f'n- ,hc :' it-"'s' -"ondidfitM.
ed Prince, she has cho, at Irnirini . ." "''O5'-' "0';tSTe; They .-""
enj-jy a conetii.l t,..)ver, wonhv Gl!lii,"M ni1nv ,v,im; " !"'
M'..iu a. ii, Jj.jiliv 1.1.,-ill. 1 fic J I nice
iKv a! our besd, has alivady c'one mora
thtin we tiMpiied f. hi n ; the funda
mental priir iplei of our rights hv e ocen
s'rfljt' DliiUJdRdad hi- the Cli-mmr. and.
a kM.rUd(!l by iitflr; wncrprjnciplet
oi its cnaracier, i; vuitie, is rtr.orn
Kecent evens; which hire ui-td the
name of the country, eveii to a lusher
piniHde of fjloty ibjtj i: lud evi r oclore
attained, seem to hva sddvd ji,miess
sTre'rfjglh ttf the" botidi of aunty, in which
"WlM fct-a BU' L'.AIitfA..&.. WiimiALfijML um.'.l... a
M4 mi ..iw.wwj. v,... AHfli, J11 1'wwwwfv wkmw .vfl.i. ft a ... et.r.l'
S178. Fftun' Wilminfrtrm by SerttivY Bridge
to Gravelly f Mi, 40 miles and back, once a Werk.
Leave Wilmington every Wedntad.y at 2 p
m, arrive at Gravelly Hiil every Tbaraday by 5
. Leave Gravelly If US every Ttieaday a! 9 a m,
arrive at M'ilnnngton every H'edoeaday by 10
3179. From Fayetfevitle by Clinton, Duplin
Old c h.. Wriiftilivulu KeniinailU. I'nn,tii
4nd Trenton, to J5y abcrn, 137 milea and back.
puce a weea.
' Leave Fayetteville everyTbnraday at 5 a n,
arrive at New hern every Saturday by 5 p ra.
Leave Newbern every Monday at 5 m, ar
rive at FaycttniHeTrv Wcdp'eiat by 4 p m.
pensution will be allowed un that ac
count. The contractor wi!! iuform
himself ou that point. ...
1 1. The rostmaster General reserves
the right of annulling anv contract
whenever repeated fiiia"resib arrive
ui -niivuYi .vile auujre,.snaii nappen
amouoling to the loss of a trip.
--la- ever y case wrtere the -mait
contractor ihairbe Underbid: and the
underbidder sjull not have auch stage
property as may be necessary for the
performance of the contract, he shall
purchase from the present contractor,
ata reasonable valuation, the whole
or anypirt of the stage propertv, hi
cludiog horses,, that may be suitable
for the service, and make payment for
the aame by reasonable instalments, as
hia pay shall become due, or as may
be. otheiwise- BTraBgcd. . f$dd tW
France and Kni'laud hv I... fifn-. . iBn" other laws are rciu.illv indisnetisable
ieen united. Tne mulii. Ure has dif 'ini bc '(IUjl;r admitted. We afe
fused a jov throughout Vi,cn hihun asr''"5 f,Men r Pepi i to'uslhejr haift"
Kenen.1 as it is. emhusiiMi'?. sad in the ,,";!", 'heir tnteres:i and their wants,
ijmerons sympirhy of out .rgiiort breth- ' ,.'c'r rjt Wa tha idearesr.- ii';
rerFTb-WeTernii"'"ihe urtat'iuslT ' ,40r,T'- and rpo .Tbet.iuyCt,
of the nation, wnich is displaying iiself in! 'ncn,"e,v on tteir liberty from the
hand of tyranny bj force of arms It is
tjr us - to s'cuie iimlr repose uyjlvii!
.iiem a just and stable RoteriimentJ
Vainly will it he contended, that by acting ;
bus we overstep our authority.. I ili2
however, at onca destroy ibis objection, .
if it he msdi, bv reierfij again io ihit
a munificent suhscripiion, we may antici
pate their reeling auhe happy consum
tnation, which has closed a fen days of
revolution with the tataUishnicnt of hi
atitutioos permanent and ler.l as their
Th.- F.A';. ri....... .
-..v u-i.iiij vilinri a. . f. v.lil ...
leave a kingdom over which he hat t vi an- '" h already in voted imnerloti
nirmA a I . f .1 1 . - i J. 1 1 . I " a ...
iiiviiitioie nscesaiiy. in rns iate ot
rnia4?iiir ntoi?oii(fwmra
anourrnt i curuvances in which tho-,
country is placed, the indispensable need
trtarvfbeine rttieverTtoix, OipiC:
siluition, and the universal hopes nt
Uhes of.a'll France to arrive at the com;
pletion of our Institutions, I have tha
honor to propose to jou'thc following
resolutions? - r'-i?.-
w ' trial nurpose he has
l-ln Crarfee, a.14 Oeal lrrnvin: ir..-
French, (both of New York .1 Th. r,'
ation ofthe KinR i unkrioHn one re
port says, he come to the United
States, another that he will proceed to
Uome, while third asserts he will sail
ror Scotland. It. is reported that Charles
has demanded an antiusl allowhftCe of 4,
p00,000 francs-that 1,000,000 in gold
ba immediately placed at his diposaf
nd permission to Uke with him whom--oeyer
be pleases. v
, understand that the-Great Dritaln
" chartered at; the rsie'of SO Of o francs
rr flft fiVrt mib, sr.d sb.t fr-ecTi
M The Chamber . -of) Depude s, takingf
into consideration, In the public Interest
the. imperious ntcessity resulting from
tbe events of ths 36. 27. fin. and 29. of
July last, and the folio win g days, and the
general si'ustion cl r rar.ce
Declares,tliat theTjirone is vacant, sfifj; I
nisi ii is inaespensably oecess'aiy to tMP
predion acr-ordirHyf ... . .

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