North Carolina Newspapers

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7V C.K'-M' -HJ'M hecirre general prsc
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;., .r i,( ihii and U'
t1nk U ! ef
lP w part'Htirc Vle .under a the North
M,j ,h' S-Hit!i .!ci I 'v one, a' tie vben
,ir-.utiy w. warmly enKiKd in ft eonteil
,,(,.! Briton, and when every eifrtion
v edr d repel the i..vaioii of the enetny
,r dnee hin fmm our I'torn, r.fateJ
, e-r-operMe i. tbow who were tghtinc for
,Uhon of rih'ht pic-:!.not upon uA.
,m k iir.rr,,h .t ujH.n th- aailor of the Northern
S.,1', ad ihreaterif d t wi'U.ln f'"
i ni -n and WY'y enured the pr.weulion
1,1 .1
r ar bv Cr- Britain, and would, uoust
if tle wr hd oi liu ird tue put th'ir
.v. ... . I il.,lwa
tli a' into fire muii " i c i. ......--
the proteMion of the eiie-r-v. Th y in troth
nv.t f..rlhe purp. "( '!'tilnff diimember
nnt of t!ie conledrniev and to er ret eaepiffcte
and mperirUut Kii-t-me'l 'o.Ul of the Fo
tnwn.a:. S-ir.Ii wu tlie violence and diintia-f.-,-n
uiucti ci ctcr i'd the mraurt J
t';,o,-; '.ZTirT inrf.; eat'ed 'he treaaoni
k'e Hariord Conttniioii I'tat Tonveniion
a comp. .! of me de'rK"" "f ra,".v !,,,
and llie objcrl of it call r 'kr into
riMii-Uration the eip-dirncy . f ibtconneetini:
ihr icrrrai aU'et "tbVy"r'prnnted fmm the
r, of tli.-. U"i '' ,,,llt um' of "r
and in ti.r t-f the comeit with lirea
f:, L'-f -i aiUttt fir moment o the
m- r.e'." S'ate K.gUI 17 'n
.... . . ..l r .i .
I' i . n -rk :
ot .hut j r-y
M.c .icr anu '
I-. time o!
tu 'il p'.acc anu
. i . . i .
vve coif em. rrom iue wen u'i.rrvm
.. . -f ...Ik ?..!. .11
r'TOTiick reertrdrd a-l up to tl"
t ..ij li dlctucJf 'iht v iolatibO of ihe com
pr , . -cd in'tj between the eveml m'tnbn
"WiT ne ijr'ti f iheirduwoftt,ind tbey eowld
r.Ol but thiurf t atimJjr Colli: ti pUaia-J
1v thi? "tinr ttepublick. limilir dtniny inuai
aaai it. Kaowiu and iliii.aiuj; tbui tbey ery
pjiKilly can- ' h xonc!u?ioa; that cur
propc policy was a clone and rigid observance
df the compact hicli foroiid the basil of our
I edrml tnatiHHitx i. t bn a eood and iinu.
nui fi'ii'.'.s wlieu' rhtf y the- Republic k jn
jen.-ar ! fro u a (li,.J!erou Pyiiryi veil known
t a be mc!i by Uta! ciperience and the faithful
r cnrcli of hiton-,they could mit remain lilent
r i i u moved when they w the righta of the
?,U rl'.irc yarded, anil the cor.ritutional coro-p-i
voiutpd. Coiiiolidalion w-mld have ful
Led, and l.on the ire would have ipiunfj a I
the hi -rot of anarciiy aud civil war. I be
State li i;h' phrtv atrive to enubliah a conati'.u.
tirmul ai'.iriii.isti ution of the general government,
which tan only be effected by a nice and accu
rate rtfcvd to iIil- unccded rights of the S'atei.
I it treason then to c )ii )'aiii of an airPption
of power- over tlitwe iiUwil Doea -it . iciid..XO
promote d. bunion to protcil in any manner
against Aincpnutitntiona! and oppressive tawx?
Our i-.pprtioi, tyrantdike, would ajy even u,
a a matter of -course. The Convention pro-pi'S-.d
to be called in a biblVr State ii ever and
arum likened unto the out.- of Hertford. Are the
dcigiu and moiivLS Ci the icvcrai partie any
thiiif, alike i The one cal'td a convention for
t,hv purpose of prucuii'.jf a rliiniutiim of the
Tnimi Di-cauiu a ruajority ot C'ongreai bad done
a ptnectH conjtitutional act, to wit : to declare
ar. "The (jfLer' proj.bsvii W citt ono fir
"the pnrposc of protesting a,; tim-; ui.cou-iUi.T
tioual nieacur of the geneial government awt
nqt to plot a tlismt mhermeitt of the,, Uiiioa.
Will ihis convention be any thing like that of
Hartford wi'.h regard to another particular?
That in South Carolina will be compoicd of
tnmbrri freely elected by bcr own citizen, and
not of a voluntary association of disaffected men
vhohad met; witrr diiappoinrroentrrn pot'rtrcat
prrf, rmeht, and who ere gathered principally
tion i wiil be held precisrrlv by the aatBe right
under which Virginia claimed to hold her. To
tens .ih. riebt tefiaHUi JavraUaii.JtMg. M. iiw.
de it to Vtrguii ti fnnake ''a'diatinction
vitbout a difference" between the two Caae
which are precisely timilar io far a it regard
ihe right to" tiaemble for the purpoae avowed.
Who cauted the preient ipHt in the State Uight
party throughout the Union t The enemiev cf
Bepublicamsm, and they were driveir to such a
atep by' deiperation. Tbey hiv aowed the
aeeda of dissention among w and-they expect to
ttap the fruit. Diviitt el tmpera divide and
onquer it their policy and they will have pur
v' ft with effect unleat the State Right party
igaia rallv round the common itandard ad
r i.t: pr-M'r ) -lir-. .r.nieii 'iim 1,11 j jhc ejiTtafion " we 'he people" ahould Dt
C'r.(TM. of the I '"''! -'-d l"A brtt4j bjf 4y f ,t..i,,j the' partitf. He
f, -nli.ui.oiml '.i'i.;. .1 ' ' Vfiu',or I thought it hkewiee a danKerout title to Man me
ai pn.La.o'ed to cV) ( d claimed ju"1,c-1 (aincr nmnei in Krpu'ilica'. fovernmelila Of mil
I,.,., nver m 'd hu,p. purely local trnl ot ,
"but lm tunJiiak." W hoj t to let it m.
Aln ly J.i f begin to ie t reaction In public
opinion. Tht peoplt begin In open thrir ryei,
tuj to d'.icern the lr'jfi of tUcU tntnaiti.
i i iU la be natter Uv atreJ rn grt'it doubt
inl uncertainty to what. m tht. but ir
actrr bHglnaJty intended t be givte to the
Federal ewititution. Tbt in feature! ihmiM
be bid behind rtxak wm certainly never dU
covered, Much Ur Intended, by" hi framrrt.
And ire mutt therrfort tht rathe f aitnbutt tbii
pretended blindueev end Igtturania It the bin
of interval thai to the iWdute vint of under.
Handing and aairaeitv. to penetrant tht legill-
I ' 1 (. fa.f -aaa-l ..a I
S til
:r. iirL. vi'. .. -. .
w nslt t(te U n'tiHj'T J.tpoJ to b-1
fettim WtV mMU A-lU
i cet'i
.1 the Mtf df tbe conrrrai tJ lh FJiul.t Ki'
wrm indirftlouiln iJ'ocitinjfilififercKji pia.
ripln the rijiil termi uon wbicli tlx
cunttitution M trrdrj, rd wturb no lnjfiiife
on nike more riplicrt we mint nut beclurcd
villi uufairncM in uttrtb'itiii thr'r j)iiiiuu
upon tL'i Ui'rr i(cii'ni to no. I ime'ei
tcd rnM.t, Hiixild we ft with the froen
of evry putriul devoted to tle good cu of
bie f'unlrjr.
Tlit grtui ii-f flju'itul f i.-iiijt then viiich
;; r to l(e pr'rwnted it'riflo t lie vwtriiif
miiuSt of the prt krfnre ulluded to, it, vbetlirr
'.bit 1'iiion in coiifriltretuiiiof IbeStitrtoref the
people j end upon tbat deciwon bin, it i mid,
the correct urn or loumlnrt of wlt ii tcrnicd
the "Sta'e llighl doctiine."
To the mind of mn even irijjh'ly o'jr rtit
cf tbo4 thiiiKi h'.c (Uitv romc within the
litre of hi nbtcrri'i.m, the truth l that
Tl5A'i'??.rM'A.nt iil.hiin he Joublfultuice.
it ia written in Ultfuae wli'cti tbr moat ubtuar
intellrrt chjM not iriimppicbf ml. It will
be reeol'rct?d that the tlprtition Me the
people" in ihe caption to the conritu'ion vai
par' ciihrly obnoiioua to tbc coni;tcnt. 'icdiui
ol the (rill Hi nr md it (Might to be faithful y
icntritbtrt-d ho" di'ijfi-ntly he laboured to
unke out tlmae terin arul intert in tlnir utad
"we the ttH'eo." He thought it in nn-mly
.)t n , ,dvcr.aricl ill Ihe Cuiiteft for ita era-
ture eonfe.atd he eon.'Hutioii to be framed by
(he t'tiiKtiii and undi'r a ompact of the antra
1 " '
i mate prur were the autt-a, and w he like
viae" w iahe J it) the iTn ri'y tf Lit heart tu Have
Ihinga called by hrrr peeper nTtet.- 'I hit this
i. a ,ou,uuiuuu oi uu puup.c u. iuc .cvltoi .j
individualry and not a nitltoriomt rf.firl of I
: . t . i. .. i i . l ... . .1
the people of the U. State collectively arcor
ding in ihe techt.iral d finhinn of thoe Xetmt,
i a proposition which can be rationally and con
ctaalrtly auppored 6y the evidence 6f.fncti.
It it well know n that prior to the revolution
and the acknowledgement ul our independence
uu.Ue put of Ureal liiiiuin, tUa-tliirlccu aUttiijwJ. W not a a gwd-ei.iien, required of him
wcreaaTereign and Indpendtnt of each othern
whenHiotlvei Ot kfljetinn and elt preacrvation
moved llicm to a laating1 and perpetul
Inion, believing there mutt a! way exitt be.
tween them Iruiu ibeir peculiar reUtion towardt
each other, the utmmt harmony and unanimity.
Under the influence 6f thtte fceliugi and gui
ded by tuch high and Uudnblo molivtt, the
people of the different t:itei eiit their n-pre-tentative
to enter into a lolcmn Compacft and
t erect a gwernme t for the prcaervation of'
tbK .d.-r and lo aeenre the liherlu i. i.itereat !
..! k,;..,.- ,.r .h.. ',,.i ..f.t.Jtcr? II Irom the committee, I am ure
confederacy which wt accoiJingly done.
With these fact bt foie us, and with a poai
trve knowtf dge that The penpte of the 1: m i in
dividually and not the people of tbe United
btaiea collectively formed. ili pre lent compact
and framed the rxiating constitution how can
we denominate the charter of our government,
a the coiMttitutlnnol the people, in iitechnioal
enee i Thai the people in the iJdln all whole
tend iheirrcpruscnuitvts to the National legii
iaiuie ii ctrUinl) true and thus tar it iithe con
stitution ot ihe people of U!e collectively. We
t.te the dittinclion and think it ii plain enough.
more tuily that A. Ii. C. and D. agree to entei
jntq a cop;ilitnership--each tupplict hn portion
of the capital about to ba emba.ked in oine
mercantile tnterpria.1. The igreernent is that
all are to abare the the profit and bear the
lessee md expenici in like manner. Now thi
stock, o far at it ia liable for certain purpoaei,
I) conaidered he property ol-the wbdlr firm
ahd can all be uaed or taken to answer tbnue
purpoaea. In every gther point.. pf view each
capital and prdiiti, and none of tbe other can di-
wrr mw mSxy- r
..:,. .nr! hir fhe.r vote. aeiRA uoon Ibe 'HIBCTr" " . : .
ifcw, "j - 1 r - . i
esti. of the minority" in that capital atbek?
Would not uch a atep be a gros violation of
the term of their partnership and outrage eve
ry principle of justice1? Thii caae it analagoui
to that of the Statea. Tbe whole people are
pledged for certain purpwea, but thoae excep
ted, the people of one itate or a mijority of the
itatei have nothing to do with tbe individual
righta or eohcerhi of othert. The comtruction
given by the latitudinariani reoognizei thii
monatroua and abiurd doclrioe. . A the rtnek
it a jolut one fur certain purposes) is otm hi a
tOLlwaUoft 6 Uit boW pe j-l wl-ea tn.f,n'j I
u !ertoo.J ixj ftttrl iipnn. He I'at'i lln-n
itand in the ftame rtUtiwn tonla each other
thaf tUea partner! ocrupy lU one tmrerda tht j
otbtr. AnJ tht hu!t people or tht fnilrd!
ita'tioft iwajgrittef ihem in ont od; wWd
birt mo rort right umler tte eotiitiutiei to j
pa, ihm'-tht tfrrW Wie eeprentiiieei,
particular Ditu t than thirty crtb'f "
not oatemibly known U the firm would Net
rich! to nreeoente a anil lntbeir rmnra re al
C'airt U which they miht bt In fau-t Mcreurd, I
hu not public k'y lud according to tbe copart
itrrebip reenputt! n partial to tie Irm, . lucb
U tbe plain OJuvmow hm Om atter wlthaut
All MiU.laliriAal A WfrM lA .J.I aAAa.l.
; ,-r- 1 . r 1 -
n ,,u,ri- ir f r rirtr t bote Iber
people 13 uidti- tt in J y;,a"jIaiC it mt ty aW. 1
If aftr wronj "lo ouf fiotlorf tr irfru nf I
itrin prejudice lowardt what vt drem a
proper (emulation to teCurt tit libertict and
welfare of tbe country.
A letter fiom, Judge Julio of S. C. ad
dreaaed to Go ernor Taylor of tbe lame State
f barge that It aulhfication grow of de
liberate conapirac) igainit the Union, which baa
been feK'i'y woiking upon u for tbe laet an
yeara, though very few are ko "be aecret."
I hit i a aefloui charge, and it migfit bake ua
feel aerioui if wtdidoot know that a aimilar
charge bail been made with oiucb mora linpo
ng i ilcmnity than the preaent om- of Judge
Johnaon, aod that tbe acctiaation wai entirely
unaupported by my evidence ttve the aditary
lic'u of a meoiber of Cwrgrea from II. C. who,
Ibeugh a talented man, vaa Ion to every honor
able feeling. But notithtandinjf tuflkieiil
and convincing proof wr prumixd tn make
good tbt cbargt yl norn were adduced, and
tht acctner wu regarded aa hatiug failed t'i
make out hi i ae, aod public aenlimant inaUnt-
Ty branded it ai a faUt accuiatlion. "
We ae really aatcniah'ed at tbi letter and
cannot determine in what light to view it,
whether be i in reriou iubcf cirneit, or
whether it wu written, at a great maty audi let.
ten are to create a lea'atiun.' B it ire much1
rjiielion, if Jude Jebnvin really be ie earni1',
whether be will be able to find proof tu cor
roborate hi itatement tha a compiracy ba
been fornied aaimi the Union for the ll ail
year. Wt ilia'l ih.--ef. re look for tht exhibi
tion of hi pruoft very binly. They thould
not be held, from public view a tingle dav lon
ger than it n-ceitarily coriiumed in procuring
flut ti it not a little aii.milar that " a vcrv i
1 (,' fhouldhave been conuaant of a con.piracy
aaiu 'he Union for til yn 3'. and Judge j
Jolinwin. '.' the fe," and having in-lb i
priMemino evidence of ih' on.ijt-aey, abmilil
lute ftnothered the accuaation ami the prnoi
1iBM.,m ,he cnr,tpirey 'i.
b'oi ,o be cn-..nmaicd a be think, t la be
aul gudty uf miapriaua of Ireaaoa I "Thoaw vita
actually plot a conapiracy agaai' the Union are
(uihy f treaaon, and Aboaa who bwew it and
conceal that knowledge arc guilty of miipriion
treaon. And thit ia Jude Johnton too of the
Supreme Court of the U. S, whoae duty a
tli'.a' uiforroation if lie'p')iertrf JVwtrtc1fwe'un
doTtand from hi letter, aia year ago What
are we to think of thit r We rannnt think other
wiie than we have aid. But we aha II kno
tliordy whether we have tltouglt ctrrtcttf more
than we are it liberty at preient to eipreu.
The letter will bt found below.
Ckarlrtfu Auguti 31, 1830.
Mr Deau Taylor I havejutt retetv
cd an inviia.ion to your dinnar uf the 30'h
prox. Pray tell me, did it come troin
H0 COniniittee or from 0lt Other OUar
not a rain of theru could have ient it oth
r wive than ai a mark., cf . attention it
fiotn another ..quart ert you i know ine well
enough to know that the jet ia loal
Bui tny object in either case ii to in
quire, whether if I attended the dinner, 1
L:ouid be heard with patienre, while prov
ing to the satisfaction ol uny man whose
mind was in sia'eof thinkitti;,
lit. That the protection of (!ometic
manufactures was in avowed leading tnd
necessary object of tbe conaittution.j:;
3d. That it was never lost sight of, but
always relied up-n as the cspacity of
4be country to produce developed itself.
3. Tfctt m lairinieTnpu' on i liTgr
scale crew out of a succession of such
.1. wlnnafti. nla m t'i A a hlliltl til lllinfra faV
suiting ftom in the apptirstton
of labor, which imperatively tcqgUrdof
every wise government lodopl uctl a
course of policy. . (
4. That Carolina has not only not been
mjuretj but realhr benefitted "to. many
ibousands by the Tariff
5. "That no atata in t,he union la more
ciplea of the Tariff. .
;-Tbat nuthfieatrort h.fwf tnd-the
- . , --.u .
iillr and wicked delusion.
7; That it Rrowt out of a deliberate
conspiracy against the union, which has
been steadily Working upon us for the
latt six years, though very few are lo the
secret. : . .
8. Thit Contention is the grand end
and aim end agent of that cons'tprtey. '
My frietuiV yotrhate much t-atike,
and you tre not the man wnom i wouia
think to friebten or wish or hopt to de
ceive- Before Almighty God, t. declare
to you that I'belicve U tlx "above prppa-
j0 ,rue j ,nJ yva ,,8 my Jr
mUil'ift, my requrit, lo tutlill thtl with
my nitne 'O i'- 1r I irri 11 eirncit.
tcura wfTe rl iuiiale lf
' Governor Taylor, in reply to Jm!?t Jolmaon,
nromiat patient td full br-binf upon tht
ajtyaA tqiytoai' tblt bt would adf ruWe t
uri,rt f, ,n who will prxn, thai
ft..,.. ,sti k--t breatsleaa ttuUuii,Hr.oii
,t..l . ... " i
tht. ttimphi of rnnct Im been erwUcloua,
ml tht Rrrotutlor.ary ipirit bat RwhI iu wiy
into lit IuropcX'"t'Jtmi. 0,4'ti,,-.1,
ailed WAonjr tbt pnpulalian in tbt ffi'.rt of IV
jx WU. TltafUf roe u cLin terl if
tbt Gerniart.'ear' Vital' W rry lr t-in"
a i
Insurrection, n4 tbe ml.ibiur.ti of 8wlrrlf)d
i. -L.. .,.rr.n...nlnn with tbt French.
eertJ proine hat riaen in Hpi"- nw
Cmfituiiwi witb tht ew K.(t pof,uUr "d
aim an iceeeaio-. of Krenyib daily, rliinp II
r Uuii Pl.Uip I. M ht be called U llmly
teeted on ihe Tbrone. Neenbi-Wt hie rite
waa untMaed to be icaioet tbe imlinatnioe rfi
inajitritr of ibe people of France, but tb fer
nfftrat eoronvn'ion in 'he umettled Hte i
Kingilom, witb tbt iutr'ncuei of the Iuke't fa
vorer! broub b"l bt event. U't bivr
fivrn tome etrv4 in anoiher column.
A HoeiHy bat b-en foraaed iw Teuweaart cal
led the Anti-Cuttinr R'kk Society. The mem
ben of tbe Society bae agreed to keep a Wk
out for all awindlerl etc. and whenever they
make tbrlr ippearince, i, their town, to give a
cb-rription ofthem. H'oohl not one of a aimi
Ul nature be advnugrou io lhiJi5 f
By 'he latet id vice from Caf.hagena Bolivar
wm l ilt there. Tbe country wa in a more
fi'iir ante than uaual.
Tl.e FM'unr f the Cincinnati American h
had a twawr with Mra. A wi -Riyei. t U toil
a fr urj-ol for lympaihy.
The Mirat illeabymn of liberty iithe produc
lion of J eph lioguet de I .We. It i tatd t o have
bid a powerful elTcrt upon tbe Suldiera In the
foim-' Krrnrh Hevolution.
A iecrr eapedition wa lately gnt op under
the -Ueriiiti nderwe f Johnaon, noted tmug
glr and 150 Jspa.iiiU oRfera, wVicb
f-i.m Fiflind ta the enait of Spa n. The
.,..'... ti.r o-ot inlellipence of i ai.d an immediate repreaenta'ion to 'b - For
rn Office, there wi no time, koarver, l r
jntrrfernee before tbe pcditin aailed. A
fiey caried with them igrea fjint;ir ,f aw.
rilir.n,'te. it mppoaed that they were aciirg
in Me4rt wtibawtt arty4w-iiabv.- i
The eleclinna are over ir jMai'.f a.d 'hej
have reaulted m trie eritirw roirte i'it lb- m r
iean lyitem" jeMry. The Alexadna (laxet'e
with a great deal of apparent candour acknoa I
edgei the defeat of Mr. Clay, and ennaolf binv
elf by liying " Th wheel hai mother turn to
make. - nii baa, but w are of ap'uiiun that the
Lciaj" ticket will agaia come wit a r.a --
Mr. Vanghan, the Britiah Minitier baa, wr
learn from inn National Journal, so far recover
ed hi health as to be able to ride. He hai rf
ceived hit new credential! by which he it re
Uiaed by William IV a luiniatcr to thit country
The proceeding of the Virginia cutiventior
are now publiabed and readr for delivery.
. A New Tork paper aayi that " women were
found by a benevolent enquirer, making duck
trow ten at fjur cent a pair, and co'.tao sbirti at
renr a piece.
Wilkea, one day, aikcd Canick what he cal.
led bontity f - Whan that to you f" laid Una
cl ua, ' ' riied die with tfiuigjiTh liii cohce rn i'oui"
In the windn of a retailer of imall beer in
in Tunbiidge Wells, there ii the following i
"Truft here it dead! Who killed him? Bad
pay I" -
A new party t brenking out in tbe lower end
of Mauarhuiettii called the Trank Knapp and
anti-Frank Knapp party trrte in favour of hi
pardon, and tbe other of bi hanging,
Mr. Woodbury of Nev Hampshire ii propos
ed by one of the democratic party ai a candi
Daniel Webster i tpoktn of by the Clay par.
ty a a candidate for the frirwkncy,.Thcy
have' given up all hope of Mr. Clag.
Salitiurw Price, Orl. 2.Cotton Tin jteed,
2. clean R8, corn 62 to, 65," fiour g4 to 4.
beef 3 to bacon 8, molame 4i, lard, 8, salt,
l.laj. tugar U to 12J, cottte lVj to 16.
.. rWafM, Sept. 20. ..Cotton 9 a lit
41 a 5t), corn JU 7, coee.Il l74onD
Caroliua bank 2 per cent d'wcouut Oeor
gia, 2f per cent premium. " ' . . ;:J7r-
FavlttviUe. Sebt. 22.......Ctton 10 a tit
bacon 9 a 10, aptde brandy 39, corn 60, flaxaetd
95 a f,l, flour, new 4 a 5, molatve 26 a 28, m
gar 81 a 1 1, nit 70 a 75, whitkey 26 1 27, wheat
75 a 80.
Columbia, Spt, 23.Cotton 10 to UJ, Flour
bbl. 6J a 6J, butter ?5, bacon 8 a JO, Ham 10
a lit r; r T
.- CnnuUn, Sefil. 2J....Cotton 9 a 10, flour fc$
a 54, out ef tbe wagon, Camden Mill, ft 5 a 7,
wheat 85 a 9 1, corn 75, oat 32, nit 62 J, whis
key 39 a 2 bacon if la I .J.
n jll HOI Lt, of rbiUde'pb Ale)
tlU",U j" fce'd an-l f,i a' by
AI.5MM It tB,i,
Jtiutntj wiiii ,VinitA
.,1 .Sr,'t.J 'irne.a Til 'f . .ld. .Til
ai. icl a O'te euud ifc'ri inl enatant traj.
pluym'nt will be given. None but a r,i rtg
iont ed, , , IIOltACg 1L BiiAUD
tat', fVI In, I1V " " 3"'f .:. c,"
Vockel WolC lib r "
FIJlllB M.Klrn j-eu .. hur-t'aKT k'X)S .
JL contalaiai; I y I'nllai. (.n flve !6nr.
bua U. Sowf yt h tai uf a guau'.ira ia .
Inull MUn! - II was loat t,n Um- tvad Wa
H.tTror Kar,y V.-J.U.W V Old UA-Ta-r-;- -i
oca at iltxik wtsjuC red Mu cqio... 1 1 tucui nad LZ ..
MtMlrv autv'aUle u ibt antMatrdmf, and tlw xz:.:."
obt!tr!t'fl nttlivrt arr vKinA,H trnt- vq-yiy "r '-
'hm io any ofhar yri9 b'i tbe awbscriberi
ami a'l ether ptrKat ire warned not t
tmd for any roue payable t wt If ihe Aider
thotild think proei to appropriate the Mnttntf
to bit 0a A .brl rcwar J will bt riven
If ibe pocktt brwik witi Hteontti.w lifauid nd
Ihi ai 'in tiUlit or with Andriw Hunt at ,
M-arViOU ritni., JAMM AbllBT. .
'J4 , tSurrg.:
Ori-Ae- w. i AM. '
HF.MAl WNit m. the Fot '' ai luting,
ton, N. C. Uo uber I, UjO. w.tcb if not
t.lin mj befare the Grr day Ja'.titf n Xt,
will bt farded to tbe lnn,ral Fo Office at
d'ad lenerit -
John Addrrtou Beuhen May
Wiiliam Addertori llmry aM,l'tP
Uonard Aheo WjUiani Maccrary, Jr. ;
B J.'coh Mock ,-
Adam Deck ' N r '
Jaeob and Frederick, Adam S'ifunr
iuciii ur;iiuii
r ,
Dry ant Pret'ar
John S. IUil '
t i air a
John Brufl
J-jhn Calloway
John Canny
Calhrnine Day
M chael Dty
F.liat Riley
llnrern .
and Dauiel tea.
John Davit
lSatban :nrert
klmck Daili
Com 1
ttonjaiiMa Ferabew
J.rteph Ftrabee
Jamea r'lod
MtHhlit Sink
Frederick Smith
Mollv Sluder
Frederick Thompson
Peter l ice
Fdmtind P Wa!e
Joaeph Waggoner
Ilirara Want
J'niatlitn Wanl
ffaiain-l arfnrd
John vvner i
Jaewh W'eeanef
Peter it hiiakrr
Jam' 'Vh.te " .
JiH H Vtavf "
Calbarma rout
William A. Uillimore
John flreef
Anny Q-rcaon
laac Oorvly
Ri.hraia itm
Henry Oruob
Dlake ITarriavin ,
J ;bn Hogg
Jiepb Veintk
J.tcnb Kit tier
ritnl-a 1 anise - -1
rtrr Lr-Tiird
' myj-VTitauVT - -
. Virtan A pod:.
farlne1ir 1
Samuel Vtkeljf
T "'.c rebeivinjf arid opening al die of in "
b a large and fruab aesply of almost
every kind ef
auiteilo all caoui"ur. "the 'feu, Mwlk'iSZ'.Zl.m,:
oattern ot the lte importation, achiC'ert by
iumawif an.1 tofv wlHi much tare- ie Ftiiladelphisi -
ind New-Yori and bought wholly aod entirely
for cah. Furchaaert and the public are Invitee
to call aod examine the assortment. At every. '
inducement in tbe way of variety and extreme -lownea
of prke will be presented to tbem- -
J. M. llopi that by unremitted exertions to
aether wilh tbe aakiirtanct of attentive a td care,
till itore-keepers to merit a Cantlnuance of that
fiatrrtngge for which be fetlt so much- indebted;
to a liberal and deieevine public. ' -,
jmm. Sept. 14, 13J0. . , ,3mt4a .. , fr
Negroes Wantedl
rMIIR aiihacriber are de.tirmnof pnrchaairg1
JL' wi'h'wIii'J'TfliCfBOBS.'fvt' 'Whiclt tnty
ill pay a liberal price i'raAY"Appiletioii .4. g
may be nude, ei'her bv letter or in ptraon. la
ion ah lloiain UOKU ANTON, or JtMCt Heiav
in 8ALISIILKV1 who will be ready at all timet
to accommodate thoae who may wish to ex -change
Negro property for r.. " 5 -.
Jtme 52t 1W0. . :.3
' J1HE itibicribera having quaTitkd at Fxecu.
tort of the lat Will ant rVfiirr,n nFJuia
HardiCwd,W thr AttfukTermfcf D."
vidnin county court 1830, hereby give notice to
salt pfwoni ; hiving c'aimJ, debii, duet, oe d.
wrtwrrtgitiii' tnt.i w. n ni"irn ll;. m t)V
pnyment, ditW au'bmlcated wi huv the a.nn
prearrihed by hw, or thit uorice PI e plead
tn par 01 meir recfverv . , ..
JAMF.8 WI1F.MN. r ,
JugM 13A, 1830,, ..-.'f
All person indebted to laid'F.suta ate .te-
quetted to come forward an J mskt payment, aa
w indulgence can be given, v-
Peter Kdder; a ihoe Ihop 1 where he ii pre.
tard to furnish the surrounding country with
alikindi of fuxritnrt In tht above. line, each at '
nr. jtone s ivero,anu lormenv occupied or
isificboards, Secretaries, :
Bureaus, Corner Cupboardsj
Breakfast fc? Dinner Talks, ' ; '
Ladies Crib$$c. t
He hat in hit employ two or three drat rat
workmen, and the bert of timber, adected by
bimaelf. The subscriber hope by due attention
0 bntiness, to receive tt,at thare of parronagw
which merit deserrea. I - 27tf
Jt . . , WILLLM C HUClltS'.
...;" : '. ''-: . 'i&fi.i

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