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fi'x! no rr v"" ,!',f lrf i.f the citiam, anl thit.h sull Le !! ttitli little remore. Ihe llorn f lejca-'ition U
I sperU'tjf trrh pafi'm laws on e'jracitnce. . J)r, C'Suwunj,
VOL. M.....SU Ml
imUH .1 M !. J
L X V A- I X a
. f0r tTte mora enecui svn.
Import du'ie.
n c ; mnnfied bn the Stnate at I Ifmie
nMphtMivt of the United S-atet o
rfcvidc..of h United by and
j,b ihd idiice eti't consent of the Scn-.
-e, it hereby authored to appoint an
14iuQni!.Ppralr of merchandise far
CportcfNsw.Yatk. wbo.Mluke.
rnH-r oath, an.l have U- p.wer ana
iioa.Jindi.cfforn the du
,ie,, with the .ppr.Uf -u.horued
t. ,w to bo apooinud.t ut P- -
See. 3 ind be it further enacted, I hat
heSecretity l tltl,ur'.!"i'
pW, not etc.ed.n f,ur ata.tum .p-
"ohii. and tVo'in tJjttonrwho hU be
Snctcilly irqimed ih the
and e.lue of kne one or more of the
cMef irtkles of im?oru. autjact to
,nirhemeftMobe employed in apprait
hi Koo-U in inch mmner at hi'l be dir
ected by the S-cretary of the Trcary,
nd who hairtKe and aubtcribe an oath
diliR?ntly and f-ithfa ly to emine and
inject auch Rood, Je, or mercbin
dite, n the printip-1 apirraiter, may dir
ec, md truly to report to them. o the
best cf their knowledr.o and beliif, tbt
tnie Tilue thereMV-according to Is
vhcrenpon lhe ptinciUp?'!
-reTe wd eorreet tho aaa the aist
fidce proper, and reporU the collector
their decilonTfteton, ""'M'"
tor th ti deem my appraise. rteQt of goods
t. Ki'.hi!! have OJ'wer to Ofdsr a
reappraisemnt, either ty me princp..
ippraKerf, or by three-merchants deslpn
ttd"bf Wmfbr that-rmrp4a who.. -Uail
be citirens of the Ooiied States, md
ouib 100 cuuei ta be cfiiftf cJcordipz:.
4- he ft f t r'.hrr eificT,TU
.nd afir the tntrtUth day ofS4
t.mT ntr wherTcvTrcooTfVTjf wntch
similar kind, but ditlerent qaiityi ire
found in the mme package, il not im
pined from beyond the enpe of
I.. U shall be the d.ity of the apprals
ers to adopt the talue of the best article
contained in tuch packse as the average
?aluo of the whole ;andtl the owner, i n
porter, consignee, or aeot for any jjood.
auaraised, absll consider any appraise
"ment. nude by the eppntscrs, or. other
person designated by the collector, too
high, he my apply to the collector, n
writinK," itannjf the reasons for his opirr
ion, and bavins made oath that the laid
appraisement is higher than the actual
cost and proper charges on which duty is
to be charged, and also, thit ho verily be
lieves it i higher than the current lue
of the I aaid giailsilnclufrin said charge s,
afitte "placer of erpomtiom the mtlector
shall designale"bnomeTcba Tn
the value of iuch goods, and the owner,
imnort en consignee, or aceni, may de
sTen si e a.not h er,' bolh Df wh o m 'in aiT be
citien ot the uriteu states, w no, u tney
agree in o appraisamfm, rn-ty
designate an ompire who shall also be a
of the United States, end when
they, or a majority of them', shall have
eereec!. they haU report the result to the
collector, and if their appraisements shall
. .1. r.i.. l?r.t,.l Ct.'..4
not agree who ion viu "m."
eppraisers, jVejCollecti
twetn '.htm . .
i(i.4.Andb! if farther enacted, I 'hat
the Collectors of chs Ctfstom shall cause
. at lea one package pot of every invoice;
twemtr -nnckag
preater nttmHei-, aboutd bidero it oece
sarv, of eoods.imported into the respec
tlve districts, which packlge or packsges
he shall have first designated jon the in
"voice, to be opened and examined, and if
the lame be lound not to correspond with
the invoice, the -collector . ihall order,
forthwith, all the goods contained in the
lama ntr in he irtsneCted and if such
goodi beiubject to ad valorem duty, the
same thall be anoraised, and if any pack
age shall be found to contain any article
described in the invoice or iiucb
v-s ar at w m -a a swa . " tj m
ptrkii or hrnlen be mida jpith In
(fni, bf 4 fiKc lu4(i';n, or tj'trwl.m or
oihcrwte, to eJfi or (Scfrtuit the re
tenne the lime lu!l le f nUUtt, end
the fittcemh trction of the vrt lupple
m"t'rr tTift-ft titMrirctrtnl
tic J tn ct n reitulxie tl.e collection fcf
tin iict 00 i-npont odinse p4MJ m-
rtl nir.f if -nine, aril lir othcr.aurpoi, '
)ii4il Grt Mfcn, tine iIk"uih
huoirtd ant lrnir three t tJ tUo to
much ef eny ect of Concrcie it lmpoe
in tdfti'iorul diny orpemliy of 6f'jr per
ftntum 01 ilu'iet upon poodi which
.rri'jr be eppuWeil at itfrnif fie pjtr ccn
mm. or lender centum, note truir In
voirr pried it hereby rrpelrt nd no
jjotjit lih'e to be inspected or tpprUrd
t ejretil, thtl he dcliverrd (rom the
cutidf oflhe ofHcertof the -cuitom-,
un'il the une ihjll have bern intpcttd
or apprnltedi or un'il the pickiett ient
to bo inpec'4 r pp,ai'1 ihall b
fould corccilr end fAcf inolctd and
;wt up end tn reportcf to the collector.
Provided, That the collector my, it the
request of the onr lmp-rter, con
iii;ncei or a(;en', ake boodt, ppro
eJ tecuritr, i t Jojl)l? the eMirrtiteil vxlue
of mich i;o-.t, con'Jtti'ned tht the thill
be t!eliered to the ofde"r of the cille.tir,
u any time wliMn "teridr iftir the
pck ie or package, ent ii the public
inorci ttull he been applied vl re
ported to the collector. And If, in the
irte4i time, anr ofthetiid packiK" sV,'i
bo opened, lthottt the enent of the
collector or lurvcjror, (;Sen in wrtiinj:, in the pretence of one of the
pickaxe or package h'l not he deluer
ed to the order of the collector, according
to the coitdiiio'i of tbe iul tm't, the
IjTih'UKall, In eitlier ov, be hi felted.
Stc. 5- .ltd be n further enacted. That
it hLi.i'.l be the cii;if of the eoliee or to
csue 4il coont entereo tor re-enpori-
in, wt'h the rich, of dnbck, to be in
tpecte't, nnd the article thereof coTOr-
ed with thttr rep:f'tvo tnvolcet, bttt'iff
pr rmit thall ba Rtircn for Undtnj;
me ; nJ wnere :ne jf tjj. o en eren
thall bo found not to are with the en
try, they thall be foifcilciriod Vveiv
importer, owner, coniaccv-actu or.
exporter," who "ifi-uTeffffr rH for mi
porttfon,rJT pnnwwrtj -or irantpar
tation from one pon or pUce to aii itner,
ithhe riki'M of Jfawhck, hll :dep:si
ith the collector the original invoice ol
iucti 3odit floJL-biCure. depoaitedw Utv
the collector, no l n that case an authen
trcsT d t itt e-thereo-1 tnwd-niJ
presirtdbyblai iaJ-he ttClucsol tae
sutranarter.inei'i "toiwtgneci-agenft
or expoi tir, and t lie pa'rijbejanbo
(heniry oT 'sucJtijpodt : o
Sic 6 A id be it further enacted. That
th A'i!it.iru AiiDfaiscrs at N'ew York
shall receive a compensation
of Gfteen
hundred dollars per annum ; and those
at Boston and Phihdelphu, a compensa
tionof twelve hundred dollars per annum ,
to be paid out of tho proceeds of ibe cus
turns, anJ the clerks, and all other per
sons, employed in the appraiser' otTice
aViairWppMnTed Tbylho jiiutclpil ap
praisers, and their number and cotnpen
sation limited and fixed by the Secretary
of the. .Treasury..:
Sic 7. And be it further evicted, That
all forfeitures incurred by this act, shall be
B-jedJbr, recovered, and distributed, ac
cording to the provisions of the act, en
titled " an act, to regulate the collection
of -ttteVvt-imposta- atvUonnage," ta
nand -et-hundred,.and. niiiety;nine.
Provided, That the appraisers and assis
tant appraisers, shall n no case, receive
flwmortion f - smcI fot fU urt-Ad
Creasury shsll be, and he is nereoy, au
Th,riMrt 1 tn remit' aiir
whencvefbe is, of opinion that no fraud
on the revenue was intended.
- Stc . 8. And be it father enacted, Tb
when ever, in tho opinion ol the Secre
tary of the Treasury, it may be necessary
to carry into full effect the laws for the
t the eolrector- 6f any ditfict -into
woich goods, wares. or merchandise, sub
ject to. duty, may be imposed, to require
.. sLn, -imvirter,-r-.oonijaool
gie )o.odin..;adtlor fto thoond o w
required by iaw in sum not exceeding
the value of such merchandise, that he
will produce, or cause to !ie produced,
within a reasonable time, to bo fixed by
the said Secretary, such proof as the rud
Secretary may deem necessary, and as
be in the power of tho said owner,
importer, or coosigneet to obtain, to en J
able the eolffcetor to ascertain the class or
description of manufacture or fate of du
ty, to which such goods, wares, or mer
chandise! may be justly liable.
" Sic. 9, Jndbe (turthrr tinted, That
fror.t and after the thirtieth dy of Sep
tember net', air iron, manufactured fr
rail roidn shall be liable to the same rats
of duly which i now .imposed on bar or
totnWJp" ofTmnaf"manurdure I artd
ih tl icrrp iron hl be 4ub1e to the
torv prnved to the Tecrektrv of the Trea
ury, ThifTnyiTf tVe""i11 ironTrrp.'iTteJ
for the purpose of. btin applied in the
construction of any nil road or inclined
plane by my JJiatc, of incqrpof ated com
pany, has been actually, and permanently,
laid on any such road or inclined plane (
that thro and in that case, he my allow
to rich $ At, or company, i drawback
of 1 he do. y on such rail road iron to Jid f
or, if the d J'y up-io the same shall have
b-en actuillv piid, , he my refund the
tine Provldrd, such drawback or re
payment aft.ll not reduce the dutjr " bt
paid on ach iron below twenty nve pr
cent ad Valorem, nor tipon any less quan
tity than twenty Ions.
A. STEVENSON, -Speaker
of the ll(Hira of R-prrarntativca,
, J. C CiLllOUN,
Tke Preii 1-nt of the United States and
PreaMe'it uf th 8cn.
Awtved. May n'lttf.
arvasa 70r '
KS ACT to anthorin the R-giate r and Receiver
of the Sr. HtUm land district in Louiaiana,
to reei-ive evidence, and report upon certain
claiit to land mentioned therein.
HF. it enacted Ay the Seine and lloute
t the
Regis'er and Kecetver of the St. IMena
land district, in the State of Louisiana,
arcb.ettbr.JiUlbnriicd and . rtquitedto
receive evideoce) in support ol the claim
of Jo'in'M'-Donotitjft to t tract of land on
the .Mn-inippi river, houn led above by
the lands of John D. Bellevire, and be
law by lnds of M .dame A. DupUinter,
and said to contain aliout fourteen arpems
in front : also, one trart of land, aituated
00 the iver Amt'e, alleged o have been
originally gran'd to D imtngo Assaretto
by Governor-Mtro. on the eighteenth
Yohr u aTyT one" thousa n (Tie ve rT h'u n d r e d
I -. elt n t y ihj , conuiiio - 4 Kwi jt
pent! 10 l'On ny f tij in oeptn, boub
Wfirt lV"sad MrDmogh rliirnvtltl'.'
Sxc 5. Mi be it further enacted, That
ibe aaid itegistcr and Keceiver shill have,
the same powers, and perform th8 same
doties-rta eeUtmn to lha ail twocUtoat,
as was aUthorit.d and required of them'
uooit ttipt-nujidreft-an'l otofteen j
The Q fnerit LWd'OlMJfiloStCIUiit
cidera. furwistted iy-sth-CMertrietb j
cr LliihtiL6pinioii.hereoDthat-the
-J.SAuitjnay be iod .before jCoogresa. at iht
commenrement of thetr next session
Appnved, May 2i, 1830.
netiata 71.
AN ACT reU'i- t. the plan of Detroit, in
- - Mxbigan Teiritory.
BR it enacted by th Senile and Hotue
of Nefi'cteniativet of the United S'-atit of
America in Contfrtt acmb!rd, 'That ihej
Oivernor and'J udei of Tia jTrritor y of :
Michigan, or any three of tnem, are re ;
quired to make repor of the plain of
laying. QHLJh.9,tQmoJ.PiirQi?A'nder,
and by virtue of an act, entitled A. act
!o provide for the adjui'ment of tiilits ol
lard in the town of Detroit, and Territory
of Michigan, and for other purposes,"
passed the twenty first April, one, thou
sand eight hundred and six, one .copyof.
which aJiall, on or.iefore the first day of
JalVuary h"ex7K
id t nc office of the Secretary of the Ter
ritory ot-Michtanr and-anrither copy
traoapoittedJo the- -ecretary of St aloof--the..Unitet!
States, to be by him laid be- -
f.tre Congress. '
rAppravail, May 2S.13U" '
, aostaaa 71. '
AN ACT to repeal a part of an act, passed the
twenty -sixth day of. March, one thousand
eight hundred and four entitled An" act
malting provisions for the disposal of the pub.
11 tandl wt thrJndiariterrrto
other purposea.?. - - -.. .. .
BE it enacted bit the Senate and Houte
of Ketirctentdtiveo of the United State of
f Amrric irretiettemirear-r natao
much of -an actrappred tne ;;twetr
nd elirht hundred and lour, end let! " An
act making provisions for the disposal of
rhe public lands in tne moiana i erniory,
and for other puiposes," as makes it the
duty of the Secretary of ht Treasury to
cause, at least once every year, the books
nf ih nffices to be exaimined, and the
KUnr of nuhlic. monevsTn the hsn'dsof
the several Receivers of Public Moneys
of Jbe said offices to be ascertained, be
and he same is hereby, rercaletf
Approved, MT 28, t9S. - -
Leopold of Srtre Coburf; Saaffrtd.
. ,.1'rtace Lcop'jlJ,. who now Lid fi
to become Urgent of LngUnd, is the
younrer son of the 1'rince of Cobourg,
wuiaU4jue um-tkut vi aoaiwftwf t
suectff-thi--klc)v-.v 44--
in 1790. and as sooo as he was
capable cf serving, jeoined the Au
Irian Army, in wricb: after variaus
services he atuioed the rank of Lieu
tenant Colonel. It is asserted by no
other thin the ere at Napoleon himseli
that he lolicited from him the place of
aid dectmp, and it was merely acci
dental that he did not obtain it. A
very different fortane had in that case
awaited him." The post of aid, though
it was sometimes step t the further
favors of the French sovereign, gen
erally " laid on the shelf its unlucky
Luckily Tor Leopold there was too
great crowd of German princes who
where also applicants for fliers of the
tame character, to be all gratified by
the household arraoremcnts f th-
Tuileries. lie therefore remained
somewhat in obscurity until 1814,
when he followed the allied sovereign
1 1 London. 1 be events that followed
this visit were of a different character.
The poor German prince, whose oe-
cciiueaiuJ alraej j)iaaioo.4hrnsy4
for his subsistence soon became " the
cynosure" of British eyes. The Prin
cess Charlotte was 18 years of age,
nussesVni sfliHepe7sbn( a cultivated
mind and a most -rouble heart, - The
Prince met her 4iVi good tocitty?
and their acq laintance toon termina
ted in an affection, which was uoques
tionably an afTair of the heart. She
was at this very time destined to be
the wife of the heredi ary Prince of
Oranqe. This personage wai a great
favorite -wulw the-Laguah-aaiwwfjht
had jiursued hi; tttidtev aad received
wttlwfi'dft'ii the-afmy-oftrraTrrnind f
was evidently a sensible and pleased
observer of their Jaws and customs.
love rules the p, the court, t&e roe,"
and the., hao'daome . Leopold became
thc object of. the Princesss choice,
She-intimated thejeh ange itr her feet-
ttancercoosuliiflfthe Teelings:iri"
parent rather than those of monarch,
romptlyassented to wishes, and
the preliminaries to the marriage. It
is said that when one of the English
ministry called upon her to arrange
some of the details of the settlement,
she remarked there was a want of lib
erality in the propositions submitted
to her, chat she was " heiress to the
throne, of :iiffgt4ndrfldribit;to6gh
about iff marry Leopold iheTdid not
mean U merge her claims to the stan
dard of those of MrsCobourg.i!LThe
Princess was a high spirited woman
educated with the greatest care and
particularly well acquainted with the
history of her own country, i She
spoke with fluency, French, $panish(
German nd4tlianr performed -well
d':w with "great facility and good
ti.ste.--6he-posses8edi susceptible
and-alfectionate heartjnd woutdh'aVe
been the ornament of-anttuatioh in
The- Prince having bceW
.J I . I
by act of parliament, and raised to a
handsome rank tn the army, at lengtit
received the hand of his bride on the
second of May, 1816, on which occa
sion the first kiss was bestowed by. her
The hetrt't hi eh fealty
Scarce pledged, atill on the liter's steps, tier
; , kner, r,-..;. ,:!.. , ,-.,i---
IIer ntu ruahed upon her, her tears out
fDnmK"' -. '
Sbe tfuej aoJ round oer aire her .white arm
t- flung,1
'Clta'rmpnra i verf beautiful place was
given them for their esidence. 300,
000 dollars were allowed them as an
outfit, and 300,000 veaf . settled
them, 2SO,000 of which was to con
tinue to Leopold if he survived her.
The English speak with enthusiasm
f the happiness of the young lovers
They are represented as HviuK'solely
(or each other. They' seldom left
?home except, when their preoenan was
rcqjircd at Coat, but passed t.rif
time in riding out together in the mor
ning, visit oj iV c'uiagr s of the toon
try people,-iv 'ioi"g acts of henevo
If nee and ei rcinjj go svill t9 the p tory
After dinner they paio-ed together,
-n.4 J.hliSV'w
drnrTjr deTtjtcd m-mrsis
riTa tlioie i r our readers who have
weotd'wlth-haM'r.or- of ihe miacry
high life abroad, it may not he un
pleiiine' t mention that a picture of
Conjugal lave could net here be found,
' a
more pleasing thanat darmont.
T e followiog lines were written by-
the Princess to I inscribed upon t
snu(T box which Iliyter had omamrn
ted with a portrait of Leopold, and
winch she intended to present to him.
They give evidence of poetic talent of
very promising unu.
ToClarmont'atet rac'd highuand Ether! fT'oves,
Where in the s'teteit tolitudo embrae'd,
By the soft vimtinfr t ihe allent wola - '
From courts ad caifS. Charlmie finds repoae.
r.acba.wiiia; vall b')0 i.l wli'eer lha muit
llaaot Achala or lle-pria aonj
A vale of bliM I 0 softly awellmz li'Ht,
On which th power uf cultivation lie
Ami jo) i te see the wonder or on toil."
Iltgh eipectatiors were naturally
formed of the future reign of suih a
a it
woman, but her premature ueatn tt-
I8ir,rdceply diaappintrd them. The
Pit y si iia it. vh i attended her shot liim-
self, in dispair it il J at his
want of succeis in the treatment of her
The- disrre vt -ttf " Iter-rmsband as
might be lupposed was severe in the
extreme. A wile artd a tnrone were?
at once lost to him forever. It m cer-
tain that Tils conduct has ever been
that of a sincere rnournerr- It is welt "
known that ihe sovereignty of Greece
has been recently offered htm, but the
reasons for his decleasion, if sincerely
given, sre those which will do hiui
honor. . ','
It is thought that he will be included A
in the proposed Regency from his near
coincctieo w4ti-thetrrretress-sipparenr,'3 "
aodjhm this JajLindiawrt
cline jgiOo'o'qr: oL go crnIn,OrVece.
lie is" a1ready"1JvloheI if disiooi
Hritish'fteld Marshal and knrght of the ,
garter, it ia rumorea ttwt - ne t -shortly
to be made duke of Kendal. . r
Kendal ionvm)restni5felajid"'
ad has already xonfcricd lheliiUe
Dutchess on the famous MadamosueU
teTScnijiTemburi PS-tirdy in-zYZ-
pearaace and -awanhy sko--did- nofj-j-
prevent net oeiog. the favorue of
George the 1st. Oite weuMPthiek
tht.wiih sucha rernynhL?tlcebefore.
him the Prince would preler some "i "
other Dakedom. .. Day, tUc.
Dr. Johnson' account of a paper -I
never derived more benefit or
see more pleasure for the time, says .
Dr, Johnson, than tn reading a
ewspaper ' which has litely been
lieve that nothing ndds so much to the ';
rtory of aay country as netispapera T-' .
Jibctty. JsL.ataranedlej5tblyupon. Ua
1 Tl ... .
pages, ana even tne i old is niarxca
with freedom. V you want to know
how your country thrives? I point -you
to the pressi There you thall find - 1
a piece perhaps, under the head of ,
9TsTatiye!--AVonfrod of MTirella-
yfiU-WiU-hnd'tt ! ? whai-&ii&"t"Cart- fur ?
msh inch good accounts ol our court
tfysuch" wonder fuf atich extraor "
Binary accounts of murder,, robbery,
accidents, marriages, frolics, , anec
and Indian
I .U .-S .w t .L!..-
brethren and many other such th'iDgs -
such good as well as bad accounts -,
from the Russians, Turks, Dutch, $-c :
Ijoder all those considerationsr who isw
there in this land of freedom, that will v
ootattend to an objict, so . worthy of--
their TtftTy,.2Zi -;"-
A7e had tha pleasure ofseelng Mr. Cat-
lin's celebrated Painting of the Virginia '
Con ventsortr I -re ptet tsr -tltaf-tfflett ted 7-r
body as it was at tho timo when M rv Mad - -
is6n presented the report of the liegisla-
tlve vommttte'e,' exitihitit.g a distinct
portrait of each member. It has , been
fa'tRhly spoken of already,arid we rew'ily
join in the genera! admiration of it. The
associations connected with jr, the pre- ,
sence as" H were Jf Virginia's ftroudfest
dignitv in the pereonsof herMdions, ;
htr - rtaodtjtphher flilesV and 7 her i '
Ltigfn,vacd The" occasion which eallerl
these sages and oratots together render it
"the moil intaresting picture we haveevtjp
sea. -i'.v Jfwan JJfitiZRjin,'

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