North Carolina Newspapers

Aovinijtt the h livilnlt Si ictoni
ptniil the tlKinj er o',t?rvc. lh-s
4k9 of K'ii I Arrusvl. lu Poll
jjuc, the 1) iks of ( ik'ie, "I nlirnc le
)i)iil!e. in I mm c.Tt:tr uf the bmtte
JhiI I. Tner( We, in fi) psr.).i uf
jjii'in't'ni GenaMl Silo, wi ivdercd
jH'if I iJhtci b ptpjre1, ct out for
'tiU inaTie'ii'.elf efter the em'urktifli '
Tii p" tof rtciljr at o
o'clock. The jillut who eirrici! the pick
et nut of pin risiUMiclitnui aeven o'clVk
aid repirti that Hi the m moot when the
IMuce the h re of Pranca rcceds.
flent (f'Ur, inn me,.j murtUtnre 01 tear.
Cnarlet X. !ioed the mill resignation
t.fthero alL '
'wh i Ue Uoykl Family
The cjun-erunre of the Pivphitt wit
-.Trl,rt.tWw -tkwOftlra U-U pit SCMaavJ.
fornured with the piinful expression of
i',e othT immbere f the fallen family.
IJneyes twinkled hi. niutl endnote
l-einjj in JfHtnl of contraction,
jmarted to lii prtyxiaqnour an ir of
j,y tint lucorrtptehent'p!e to the
peci jtort. An officer arriving fmrn Par
it appro.ched him t ' Wrll," tail he,
are they q'iiet, Iranderf" " Yt, M-n
r ineor, perfectly quiet." " A'u . ah I
h ! snd the Hjtrdcr' N'otfeof
Hicirt remisti to he irn," "Ah! l J
nli ! they ere nut afraid of them V The
P,uphio then jumped '.us "id twirled
m if the new t him the i;i eatcst plea
ve. The Uaupl.ine. who was no
(!ou')i ere how panful ittch in'trrot;e
tn:ie most have proved to the Kir(r and
toe o:her members of the family, aU upi
ia dumped-ibe ofiitxr. .
AW Tort VuH'ier if E
ocro: iviw.
im. fhndtion avt Mdh ffi -The namei
ol thete three i!ivinguihed men of Sooth Car.
r'inarenoa- end;ared to the fienda r.r civil
lihertv in the United S-te. When an indiffrr.
nee, almt universal thro.ijrhou' the Union,
lud prevailed so far at to suTer encroachment
the general gnvernment upon the retened
ightsof the Statei, to be made without ris
tance eieeptof the irititfU id ineffecriVe,f.f.?!lir-L.
quieted from, diycrsined Iciwi, we hear tlieae
' men, with all the.enthuiani and arduf of 3a
(juence natural to lover of Ibert) i.iciting jheir
f -llow-cpuntrjmen to vigilance and circumapec
tion. Like faithful warders on the ramparta
they told of the appproa' h of the e nemy hen
jafaejoir in ordcr thatqjxaJiaoighillffV, s7thenre
made to rewt bis coming. ' iiayappriwoen,
an encmyjMhe mogt
rnatHUttonar -rranciiisra, nomcnc nciuy
ceiling upon trar riglila a fire iiieni, awl
here do we find theae chHmjions of freedxn i
lEe" anVT tBditferent to the Jaugara. . whick
wirround'teTr "couni'rymen ! Tfo "They are
ti)on the field. No efl'ort is left nnatayed to
point the people to the hazard and jeopardy of
their tituation. They appear in the front
ranks. They have Diade bare tljeir bosoms
to the altacka of cruel and uupitying enemies
and have risked every thing-held dear by men
of diitinb'uiilied abilities in the cause of coneti
tuiional freedom. But huyr have they have
been rewarded? . Have thry' the gratitude of
their countrymen, the uiot gratifyinsf requital
rtat could be made for aeUiacriBces to the goo
of our country ttlave they had any manifesta
tlona of public approbation for the gen
erous end d'wuuterested aupport they have
yielded in defence of the constitution i Have
they had any active and operative assistance
from the several quarters of the Union to sus
Uia them . th try ig wtrle-wfrf-tt
unreiaxed hetaeen the enemica and friends of
the eoitttktitiQflf'Havv'vpjiiijtnl
tendered tft then to anima'e and encourage
them to hold out in their contest for the righta
of man, fur the rights of their fellow itiaeni
and for the righta of their chifdren f But have
they not rather been reviled and condemned as
enemiei to the.peace and happineei of mankind
-as diaturbera of good ortler and civil rule and
ambitions disorganizers, seeking to be elevated
on the ruins and degradation of . their country
wen f Have not the moat insolent and cop.
by a vicious, infmous and degenerate . press ?.
Hat not every act of their lives been traced, by
hese mfnions of Satan, dumiiwed from pande-
1,9wm .for th. W)i
trn" .a . . ' '
""ne amDitunis ana ..interested purpose r Ves
-fetl wretches t they LiteSntea : gaW. the
Jf'orioua wchierementj of tjtese favored suns of
freedom. But thtir repose cannot be interrup
ted by the raven croakings of a distempered
action.- Honest intentions and approving con
cieocea chase all diaqoiet and turbolent feeling
from their bosofna. v
T he efforte ofjbeee three eminent men'of the
So"th to preserve 'equality wrh'ich U eecuretl
'-otheeeveralatatef of the Union by the consti
tution have been untiring and without abate
"tent. They have fuarcUd with sleepless tigl.
jncciLc IV.!...'.'im of oir a!;irty nl when
tVus opj iel la 01 f fret g jrcrnne it ofT?'f I
the gift like uiii thi wilei lio-e, wSih ene;
nt e iascie4 1 i b t4 'el iwiji the
piitfcli of oar fred m,ihtf eHeJ oat with
one roiee, ,
M Timo Diiw tt d mt f centci,
hen lh nii.jli'jr tit w'i i hit bwq lifn(l
a ill th prophet I), (''it, with n ihhifiilng lmpu.
dence tni bar lid td ui tied end rebnked the
?rrh f tf hi'.n!ctr Mtte tn eimpUinti gtnt
fie won;jfiil oppieHtnf, of hr people, fend
threw Jin thi) fi'itt'tft of mrhul ttiifc, Cent
f;id-d i im efti'ir end ewere'i the Itit iint
tliii n'xy en l g ffit k c ;ni)Vnt, it Ii mo
I'PC iM'W9 .IL'ji -tJiliihik -fnjr it iad
er4 W, fcrfu4 of i rnfl!errTr linTtfoA
"rTTi-.TB?$uuTfT rr-Tt.i ?
I. TIorTeif(iTii'T
tcrnry wxt ijunnil e il ha nMcd by the
ceihinting i:d ml.ttirriii e'x lence of Ihmll.
ilt'in, ewvkened theri'izniofhlint'lve 'ate to
f ill w of their dpen lncri He told their
oprc'rt on the l or of CufljrrrM thet hey
were tynntt, rrk!eu! of the cimiit'itimi
ki' io(f ni other rt t rnt ii ihtir L- iUlion
than their own nd evvetnut will.
lie tU them they had t iolie I Hie eompet of
the Union of the ti'rt itid thl they would
imporeriih end dirVe the -Southern nirmhrrt
to brggerv, if tt,e urf irpcr'i Um were not re
hi d. He he I the iiuUpndmcc of mil to do
tlictc Ihingi which oth-rt tithcr taw Pol, or
fcarrd to di. Ken liter at iU hai the grcai
ninlof MriiufTie dipUved t!ie eonri.iure of
lala'.irr tvrnny. lie ha coniuccl all hxie
ni'indi are opn t j onviction that the i'J iice
prr;ticd upon the Rixith, dopiiacd aiul con'
ceitind by the Calypso peacr vf lha American
vitem are rainwu and dcrnetie of Southern
prcpcriiy. Hut lh-y had ai well hae addreaaed
thn)itlvea to the Hirda which rwetp the am.
hier.t air or to tha rocka which turn under our
Irtt, f ir the appeal would be ulike inoprra!'ie
on each. Ii there any reavn ia thrre anv
fir itierewnf krndneiH---ior TeThfre rCyq
bumani'y in tliut Impugning the motivei of i
three dn'ingjUhed pa'rio's who have labored
with si much zeal, wi'h so much enihuiiatm,
with so much devotion the gntnl of the He
pit!.1ictn:1i' mie1, It 1f any thing fitte but
rnmmen!atle and praiseworthy to rt-turn rude
reproach at a recmnpcnie for auch generotta
daring n d. -fence of the Magna Chai ta uf our
freedom and independence.
With what cajfrneia do thoae rebels who
countenanced sn t supported the deaigna of the
Hirtfird convention aeie; upon every little act
of the State Kight party ami siarup it with the
impraf treawmr o they hoje bysyeh man.
.socmen; to amu'uilalcJlc. ftcuru.x'.uikiJ'.-iUt.
&n?SilfWKI h.qdy.jnjjicdi graceful aUewpL,
toalhxthe a tain of ted.utiO upon lite rtccttt
tmgs'le of the Srte Right pir.y to impeds the1
prgrers of unlawfil hfgi.l iiion, and to retrieve
the fallen condition of the Southern country,
which i" mainly attributable to the rare and
Wllj. 0fp rom tf nt;0nll jn lne iw)mi.
be mia alen for rebettinn, and a desire to
petua'etheauionckntvotte likened to CxeJdc-',"trai fixed Tor Friday the 12th dy of 'VviTubVr
leriiinatioT to stverit un tas aconstilutioi,l law i mxt. The priaomr'a counacl then praved an
wratiarrd.:V'hcrt; tbcwtrwaity-Df drawnfig r wppnl fWm tfcefletfsl&rPonfir
parallel between two caies whitb will not admit alleged defect in the indictment which , waa
of comparison ? Our minds were r.ot prepared t j jrnin' trj. .
witness o much moral depravity in the Nation The second, Absalom Gayler, chafed with
as a few month 'a public esperience has revealed Forgery, was arraigned and convicted and ten
tout. We have too high an opinion of the tence pni'td upon him. He appear to be an
good sene rf the people to indulge the belief mifurtunate, but a well educaied atid intelligent
that one third of the conductors of presncs j num. We have in our rnscaiou a brief atate
really speak out th'eir honest convictions wi. 1. ment i,;, ce aTuTioVhe lui'ge, which feel.
4 regardto-the freacrrtrattittidc of the State tttght j
party to th? general grrvernment. Can they,
lwilhuut any kiiulaf aifitaiiQn.iiidu't.lLealAiAfxoad iiina th -aame 4wiii(hraV but nnieriT
wig dciici inv inai pany inaiera cesigni iiohuic
to the Union i W as not the inculculaiion of iuch
a belief intended rather to detach some of the
supporters and advocatea of State Rights, there
by calculating to augment the uumbera of those
in theopposition t Was it not contemplated to
casta aUgmajijPott the party and thcrvby. pre
vent its futureritrcreaserf for the life ff us
caiuu lhiiik-llvorably of this oppoaiiioa which
Lis been conducted in ao illiberal a manner
against the State Right parfy. The low, false
and acandalortt devices csnrted to curtait iti
fair and legitimate influence, have Imp rued us
who are ar-ayed against us, and the more we
labour to throw it off the more indelibly does jtl
acera imprinted upon our minds that every en
couragement extended to such' a junto would
endanger the peace and security of the Union. Crown of Greece. 4 ...
:.,. ..,., -r , r-v'"iir?r:3.i .i;:;iir"iI.;-ii!i L
tending that they ahoulrl reflect upon the po...
Htiry principlee which influence Uie action of
anv man, but entirely as a rebuff to the int.
doctrine of State Righta ihe supporters of that
rrty- haditt ccumpUaooM
". ' .a ' ' 1 . . . . . . - -
atgns.-tn tnatwre trust we iiave oecn success-
" IC7" W'e.confcsa judgment upon the charge
of injustice brought against ui by the Editor of
the Camden, Journal in ai'utqtioting the prices
current of the Camden Market. , But we lay
all the Maine to out I'devil'a charge' which is
a favorite phrase with, the Editor we hope
however he will pardon us for the plagiaritov
We promise to attend more strict! terr'after to
our "devil'i doings.'' ' -
0 ir ft x ! r ,.! f,a. by trf. rrnc la in tx'n
fron th uf.- of the U'liird ?i!a!tl Ttlrgftjiti,
In be fiii'id In ano;hrr cuiumn f our pper, lti
the nr of t!i" o;eniitg the UVm ladia Trade
ia oH'-iJ, an I 'it the freal !f nt wai to 1mu
tilt prucU.nati n in cmf rmity with the act ol
Conri M, pitted, during the U aevaion iivcn.
tempa' ifn oft paciAt actt'emtnt of that ipica
ti n by o'ir prcaint Minuter, Mr, Lean, to
whom the g-atitade of the American people la
due for hia unwearied aaiduity in thue proai
cutinf the intereite of brl natian ahmad. It U
j'iriiy uf the (aji people wf tttw? (jiilnn, but
many there are who deny iti ytiiif) to the com'
mrce of (he United 3iaie,iand e'renuouly
contend . that - it. cannot - benefit -ur trade.
TltT7ireaJerlnutuowi re"on(ir tTie few
t5 af 8 rriecoTOr(tTanj.mrTr a
fullower of Henry Clay and bia American eye
taria itfiiifiiidaa Alui. ja ly am intr,iiil in fraa
tra lei Their about the opening of
'dut valuable trade, which eves under the heavy
rtatrictiuna of the Bmie'i policy hat been never
thelcie valuable to our ahippinf intereat, grow
Mit of obttinate and wounded prid which kada
them to detract frum every thine; they could
not oirjpiiate Ibeaitcltei, or having originated
co ild not conduct to a final and favorable iaaue.
If it waa a matter of no cimirrjuc nee, which ia
Wdly aaaerted by the Adann and VAfy piny,
why ahould they, when in power, have urjred
iti iw HiHance at the Court of Hi. J.ncP Uu
Uu y k d for the obaervanee of a principle on
the part cf the Diitiih Nation wbih ibty li
rrjardod, and did not even acknoalnlge ar
bixiie. How contradictory waa the poiiry cl
the late admimttratioo, or more correctl)
(peaking, bow muoh wat it like no policy at
all i Tbe urged the wrtdom of the policy of
free trade before the liriiith Court, but denied
it in the Cabinet and Initiative eouncilt at
home. They atked the- British government to
take o(T the reatricliona upon the Wert India
trade with thit country, and acre at -the tame
twne dai'y imping them upon tho DritiiJi
country .rUee the? YfTbar ofi
liberal poiiry toaardt that government. They
Immediately reciprocated the manifeatationa of
frienda:iip and unrestricted intercourse on the
I srt of the present administration towards the
Krrg!l1r got eriirnehr." Whir letter 7 "evidence
can we aak of the axlvantages of free trade t
More conclusive and convincing could not be
Cj Hie Superior fJour of Law ami P.quity com
menced itsaeaaionin this place O'. al.u:b) week
lat, and eloped on avuttireiay. Two ciminala
were tried and convicted. The first waa negro
Sam, charged with an atterrpi to commit a rap
upon Mr Swiuk. He wa arraitrned and afjer
Mm. 4.J.aoJua lion of! ihuc .m4
cuuuatl the Jury briuflit ma verdict of Guilty.
1 he prisoner's counael moved fir a new trial
upon the groui.d that two of tha Jury were
nearly related to the prefeq iti'yt Vrs.Swk.
whwUwaef!el by -the Court. The prion
er'a counsel then moved in arrt of iu lament
ment, which wa'likcwie fu-d by the. Cmirt.
pcr-Tdeath ttp;in the convict. His day of rjecution
ingly and elegantly expressed. His rriind Ta
certainly above the ordinary et.Tbii h the
ciuicreni name, nu Dern tnea ami convicted 01
the same offence. We will publish hia state
ment next week.
The Hon. Hugh S. Legare of Charleston, S,
C, paaaed through thia place on Thursday
on hia return to that City. -:
The Hoti.7 Afhsm Jtcnchcr, srrive. to
this Tqwt..IaalJVK--M r. ""
-The Courier r'ntncai styvthat the- new Hittg
of France had already demanded of the King of
EogUtnl -tho rismaifta-of -.WwpoUaw -front 8tr
Helena, to be deposited in the column of the
Place. Vendome.
' A statement in the Engtih Journals says that
Prints Paulf Wurtemburgh haa accepted the
candidate for Congress at the ensuing election,'
in Mashuett
It is said that bed are making in London that
Wandlhree months, tliese bets, we presume,
are bateO
Piii'siiiianaMf' aaritT n'nf Waw Ji- rTii-VAjlliav tvaw ikt iTtaa-JS
fun"";"""1 v -5--
This would increase I ue ferment irt burope and
something serious may grow out of it.
The Hon. Mr, Everett, a representative.from
the state of Verm,orit, ha been posted by the
Hon, Isaac Hill, of New Ilaoipbire; a a A'or;
It u Ua.i. lt aiiranf ttl Vilar.kU Ea.
PresiJeStdied lately at Oak llil,.hls seat In
Loundon county, Virginia.1 Her virtues were
those of the most estimable of her sex, and
her memory will be embalmed in the, affection
of her relations, frie n $a4 a . quaintaneet'
1 he Prnidefit of the V. . r. t if j J t a' i'i.
ington City, from hia Uit fu tlto Wr at, on the
i'Jthult,, In gon-l bralilt,
Jii'!;'e llav.of the fedrrjil C uirt, a.) a Pnn
in law of Cid. Monroe, de 1 lately at ChaihtUa
li-ww oi ioi. Monroe, uiC'i (amy ai uuai'ttt .. . , . ,
... ... , . .. .. ' , ,- .. ,iM tj-ili andatthi-ir a'
ville, lirgima. Ju lge Hay waia Uitiiib'uipied t,,,,.,; 0f
fjiwyer whilst engaged In the pwliie of hia
profrwion. He wat a avnin) and ah'e od,tirlan,
and a gNid writer, flat write under the signs,
ture of llrtenu. He wre likewise the
life of tha dii i.iguihcd John Thompaon, that
precKtmie genius who wrote the letters of
CuUiuattf.ai4aurUa.'4toU anwuia Uie..pultuoJ.
cwayt f fomef diye
The returns from the election grouadi in
Maryland, as far at received, give majority of
t.wt tjtj ;jU, litililxtha. wcAittSxMtiTiduti.
A different result wat aot anticipated by jhoie
fi( ndly o the present d7iin'it'Hiiin
A fire broke out In New.York laat week.
UUf litaww ww4wwty i4iana-wfw- elewtarywc)
ami aeverJ livei bin. The amount of property
uVetroyed ie not entlmated.
It ia reported that John Hare Towcll and
family f the great agricuKuriat) of Philadelphia
were among the paatengere and crew of (be
packet ihip, Mnnongahela, which.aadcd for Ii
vcrpool in Auguat laat, and wit hwt at tea.
The Hon. I. 1 Parhour hat been appointed
by the I'rrtident of the V. . Jud e of the U
H. Diatrict Court for the Uiatrlrt of Virginia,
nrt George flay, dee'd. It ia not known
whether Mr. Baibour wiD accept the ap
Aaiir Pricti. Qrt. 16. Cut ton io seed,
2, cl-an RH. corn 62 to 6J, flo ir 4 to X).
.Vef 3 to JJ, bacon 8, molaaaet , jar-l 8, salt
1.1 J j, sugar ;i to 12, cHfee 12 to 16.
CAarlftf.n, Onthtr fl.. t,'(4ton 11 a 1?J
fluuril afi. Whiskey 27 a 34, bacon 7 a H,
hams 8 a 10, beat kind uf bagging 14 to 2J, t .It
44 a Kt, corn 6S a 6 l,cree ltl a 11 J .North
Caroliua bank bills 2 per ecu'. uUtountj Ucor.
(jia, 1 per cent premium.
fuitiU-xiUe, Orr-iAer 6 Cotton 10 a 11))
ha&iO-S iU, auhUi taaudy aW, cotl. jlafCil
l a 1.05, fl.Hir, new 4 a 5, molaara 26 2A, su
gar 8 a If, tall 7) a 75, wbiikey 371, wbi at
Columbia, Gel. 7. Cotton 10 to 11, Flour
bbl. 6aJ, butter 25, bwoon 8 a 10, llama 10
Camtten. Ott. 9 Cotton 10 a 11 J, flour $7
a 71, mil of t'je wagon, Camden Milla. f,7 a 8,
wheat ftl 1-8. corn 75, (it'll', salt 6, whis
key 45 a h), bacon 10 to 12 J.
Vocsve iwwl ltUW
AT CIUCILltr, s. c.
J. SCOIT & A. W. nUAM)(.V.
ar W formed a Parineraliip' 6 th i-ur-
kM "tce tA-MEnf!H.1.Yti1T. fJVW.t.traymg
Ciii fuft-HMW othee BtarleonmwtifTe ot the
Cfwntry;' Their asaortriunt of "Merchaod'lif
wdl consist of ""
Gfiocrm wsZ-
uf' every deacr.puoH, on a Urge w-le, n thai
Merchants from any part of the country conven.
ient, can be supplied with any articla of Mer
ctranrtijtP wh'u btwwymar wiivtw troyvr-wrteri
In the Grocery line auch aa
'!ttnf:-CcaH-fear. r " r
in the Hardware line such articlet aa
MHI-Sjics, Crosxcut-Saicg,
.u'iVi', Vices, IIim's, Chains,
Iron, Steel, JYails, Hammer f
with every other article that can ba mentioned,
in addition to which they have every eatensive
assortment of ' -
UaotUomeJy. aeledcd, aii i-f whicli they pledge
themnelvea to sell low upon very accomnmdaiiitg
term, either at wholesale or ttetai cuo
(7.mi. OrrAr 13M, I8.W.
Head Quarters,
SALISBURY, N. C Ocroaia, 15, 183a
HAT1NP. appointed Mr. BcaTffw Caatas,
Adj it nt mid Mr. Willi f Locks, Deputy
t4rtee.-Utee-trf the 6Jd Beginiet ci tbftit.T
Caroliur ihlitMTTiw TJmcers wilt respect and
CTOlf. -are hereby-commanded to appear In
Jl the Town of Salisbury on the SOth of
October, 10 o'clock, A. M. with aide arrea, fur
th" purpose of having ait Llcction, for Field
QlRcers, Uy order of . 2t42
B. Cwatctai Jlttf ittmt - -"
TP lSmi
J.ik.-1-on. mJa .nn'ihal at wafJaetlautaJ
flenoaiee" John
Alexander John ... K
Aaron, Servant of DoCt. King Soawell
K. Vi, 1 hoaiaa
nrown'Jiihn Y"
UallewC John
Barber 1 ho.
Daruharf John
Dyson William
Dean William v
EpleyJohn .-
. . F
Toi J.ihn
Fox Austin '
' If .
Haywood .Charit
time Josiuli 2
. 3ma-
f.ei;ihack Louif ...
LaveniierM Wa,
JIooo Fot.'rJck
Murphy Xiam
McWrath.P. Joa.
Worrit John 2
Moody Charlew V
t Patton James
Putut John r
Ric!iard WiUiutn
Spaekn Benjamin
' Swann It. John
8 rels Wiliia.n
Sinirleinn S. Thos.
MOW r 'r.t i i S'i 1 'i il l S'.- .
St the fomrr hii'im rioutti Wrw i,f
l!m t'unrt M i l-', we! ki'in a Ja peg ; ;
Cnwpitting a'tiot ery i'icte in the dry Gm
hne, a lne aitp'y uf
llIS Htmra, linnets, X i l l'ery, Hrdware, ar !
Cutlerv, t'tu'ia OUte anjQurt na war, Stun4
ware, I'aiii's, Dye u n,, lie. k-u
4000 bh. Coifcc, '
rrr "lkZthctiH6 Hi rj ,Wfrrrr,
300 U. I J) if A''ff,
C Jhm V.vrch liaitint,
"3773.1 tt WMWrtCT
LCtofa. Coheres MiilJ&iils-atior.
, trr, Uc. ttY. bV.
The rhiena i4 Ireded and the '1J - 'ii,gi
e nun! let, are invited ti rail ami eaamine tW
assortment, at every l.tdueement irt the wav of
variety, and extreme h)ne4tif prho wi4 be
prrarnled to them. They hope by el'-aw attelU
lion lo business to merit a rontinuti ce of tint
patronage lof w Idch they f.-rl n mucii liul .b'ed
to i liberal and ditcerni ig commim y,
' toumnlt; fA i. I J, 18 .0. ii
A IM. r
J A till
'tlX Vli.Vl'U Workraiw ;
COMTANT,l..rn,en' aud vigei
will be given to a'ftVt ra ' -
'fix rum: tn,rUuin ' '
of atesdy aid induttrioua hhiia,oi, who ie
accuaiooied to wok on linn, rt lachia,
'itliury, Orfalee, ( . 4hf
- i " 1 i i ..ii
It he DuUars VvevvarA.
1 fry rre in.g the 1 i U l-;tt. r n 1 .
JLi 'he nui.i Kuad between Htoke's tern and . ..
.-..ury, a roii containing betweta firt, Jiva .
auu ttsy Uoiiara, aa weil a 1 recollect, with -he
moiity aie i or i. ten dollur Oiiia, and ihe bunco
he a l luur (Luhw Hdla arj'ptrlnpt a irna
aioad eba g. aUj one note m Cha haie -i,!,
tsM- Ujirty-tnat,-Hr,rf tmrim' Wrtfrti4 ""'
ftira lor five dollars one on Ao.a'.am L fof
one or tan dnilara, and one receipt from LauN
euce Itnnkle for ainui twelve w fireeii tli,'H, t
Tbe paper that it ia rolled in is tint in a Liter ,
piece and linn rolled in I icniuac piece of j rll&tr
wipJ)Tiig pa'prir." "
Any pcraoiit finding the above fjll ami dellfa '
erii g it to the nihacriher a!ntl recii e the ahovl
reward. 3t4J J0F.L KIMBlLL,
OtMtr, M."0. . . ;
fl 4 ffpiOt i ,.ri., ,t rhiladelphia A'e,1
iini'XI SL9 jut rerrited aod lor aaU by
oer'!utiT-4ia J mitk
WVM aaaMJla. atkl Jrwfr,-r -L'ta
J $, 1f fM'P e Ot rireyi jr ot 4r: .
Vi naiar r4M4aWiw4imtneterwTi
t j?L of Sttbury, I hey oeciw
ut the Xtw Sh, built by James B.'.ofl,
doors south olttie Court-llntiM. -
-They w ill carrfnlly Kepair Btf tfrXst of Watekif-"
ei, Chx;la,'aiul Tuno-Piew'a, and waifahrthcr""
ra"terftitrm"wett,r"Anrrirr ewire-fttn mr.Trufao" - -
ur, auu ,iu ut:u uti uanu jut anc, au. ue.aca j p
t t, t - - t. i e. - t - tr . . - - - "
tionaof Silver Ware, such'aa Soflr.a, La lka, .
fMigaeAwga,-! - Wrrlr wrnvmmniUMflCZ-i
will be promptty executed, and aa;dTeturnedi "
according to directions. ' - i
A good sttortmeut of JF.WFl.ltY will bit kept ;
conautntiy on hand, and sold luw fnr.ritA. , j. "
JOHN C. PALMfcK. -k .'
sKAt, .iprii W tan----- is - - - -
James U. Harotou tendffa hit grateful ae 1
knewledgementi fu the .p'.iblie fur the l.heral . "
ptronHg-hitherto exteisdod to hitntelf individ' 'm ' ,
ually i and respectfully ak a eori(iuaiie. of it , '
k tit firm ul which.. he. iA partrer..ilu-Jl..,...
Thoae indrbteu to m, arg earncsMy deird. to
tlquidate their aecounta as soo.t as t oitie r as '
scores should be aetticd tip.
sX o ungtr to be " ui oCi."
pinHP' Notes and accmintt of A. Toerence, ait't v
JL A. Torrenee h Co. are placed in the hards ;s ;
of C. L. Torrence, for collection t a d I would v
adv'iae thote interested, to call on him Ae,r ten '
imye WtrrViiytm
rilllE fuhscribers having qualified as F'.ew
tort of the last Will tat Tt atairient ct'Jeate"
Hargrave, decaaed, at the Aucust Term of Da.
hl"l pTi iom L ll0tic ,ff
manda against said eatate, to pretty them for .
payment, duly .authenticated wib;n the timn
jjfeacribeci by jawyatiihia notifc will be plra.i 'S '
m bar of their reeoTery. " " --
RAMI. HAIWaiVr-. Kr''- -
All peraoot indebted to aaid Ettaie am ri..
qtietted to come farward and make payment, aa'
niiKtulgenot.can km pnnt.-;'':'-cr'"" '
THE auhtcriber reaptctfully iP,rmt the citJJ
enswfDttvidnon, and the tdYvaet eaatulil
tiet,-trat heTOTrtiweftcariT cmr hw Shon
m Lexington, the bueine of Main CfTTO.V
G1M3, equal to any manufactured ia the thi'M v '
stalest jnuecov. i-4iim are prefirrwl to a'l s
othera, by those who have- trie.d ihe n, and
luu-wi m rv aie lorougnmit a la'iro es -
tent of couotry. , Ilia piicea hah he at r'avi. y
able at at any ..other shop iMnr Somha-a
oountr. .
- All orders 1 will be promBtly-nf Tended to, nTe
Gini nnnhed id th ahorteat possible
ftepatrinff of Glut will be de-n on the VioiN '
eat ftwlice, and in th moar .ih.Br,til manner,
by the public a L;nble servant, ' - '
.CeWngtws, Jrr 2nVr8t . T ;
- - - ? -' '
. - ' t

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