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ll is even wMto abai-a from . .Wcii,"ho,;,-, f ,1 , th.,;, Sr. ie .ambiance of inequity, which
l no rnjf)M m the heart of the eiti.eri. and which will be ev.Jed with i.tJc redone. The wiadom t lrri.!tiuB ii
l)rnllyPt;ii)r,fl,ngltionconicieBce. Dr i Unning
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jHUdBUlli, IK VA V CO U S T Y, NT. C...7.. . ...TUI5S I) AY, JAN U AH V 25, 1831,
VOL. XI 555
lt ... uauirnJ I.. ...f l.r . I ( t-l
srr " Tuesda if. Jaiu-
Thc bill to enable the Public" Trca
jurer aod Comptroller to perform the
duties reqnrea ot them, was rrject
eJon its third reading ; the bill direct
Pg the ( jvcrnor to convey certain
hods to the county of Mcon ; the bill
to exempt from execuuon the articles
therein mentioned and the bill to ex
empt from taxation property held by
the warden of the poor, were reject
ed on their second reading.
The bill t prohibit the meeting ol
slaves in the night, and to restrain
-their meeting in the day 'to the pre.
nce of three white persons, was pjit.
pooed indefinitely on its second read-
rng. - - - -
Wednesday, Jan. S.
Mr. Hioton ot Beaufort, presented a
genet of Resolutions concurring in
those from the Legislature of Alabamj
which recommend the re-election of
General Jackson to the Presidency in
highly approbatory language and call
ing on the Legislature "T North-Carolina
to imitate the eiample of Ala
lin3a,rrrMV M irtin moved that they
fie on tKe ul)Te until tne 3d M'Jnday-nf
November next. Negatived 38 to 19.
On m tion of Mr. M'Kay, the said
Jlrs dutions were committed to a select
committee, with instructions to re
port thereon as soon as convenient.
This Committee consisted of Messrs.
MinMn of 'Beauftrt, M'Kv, Spaignt,
Hearts and Marin.
Thursday, Jan. 6.
Mr. H'oton of Bea jf rt, fr -m the
select Commiree to whom the subject
was rrferred, reported a Resolution
declaring that the coufUence reposed
by the people of the St tes of Korth
Carolma - in the-wisdonr and : parricna
Km "of Andrw7rJEon and which
induced them to yield him their .al
most undivided , support at the last
Presidential election, remains unim
paired, from the emirse which he has
pursued. Mr. Spaight moved to
tmend it by adding a clause recotn-
mending Oeo. Jackson for re-election,
EJhic,ti:was negatiycd 42 to 23.
- Mr. Wilson movecthat the Kesolu-
tions lie on the tabic, which was not
agreed to. The original Resolution,
as reported from the Committee, was
then unanimously adopted aud sent to
the House for concurrence.
Resolutions were recrived from the
House of Commons, approbating the
course of policy pursued by President
Jackson and recommending him lor
re-election. Oo motion of Mr. Mar
tin they were laid upon the table,
Ayea 32, Nays, 5.
Mr. Wilson moved that the Sertate
do now proceed to consider the Re
" "ioTutibns, heretofrTriTdlipr"tRe'
table, protesting against the usurped
powers of the General Government.
The Senate ref used to take them up,
by a vote of 36 to 16,
- - -Friday 1 Jan. 7.
A messaae was received from the
lot immediately for a Board ot Inter.
""Bat f mprovFtheVitnri i the ensuing year,
and stating that Lmis D. Henry, Cad
wallader Jones and Thomas Dozier are
in nomination. The Senate refused
to elect any Board for the ensuing
; Mr. Askew, from the select commit
tee to whom was referred the memori
1 of sundry citizens in the county of
Burke, praying for the establishment
of a Medical Board, made a report
v asking to be discharged from the fur
ther consideration ol the subject, on.
the ground that too little time remain
ed for the due consideration of so im
portant a subject.
The Resolutions passed by the Sen
te approving the acts of the admin
istration were returned from the
House of Commons, with an amend
setting forth the great necessity
hich exists forthe-rerelcction of
General Jackson. The 8enatefefus
td to cTC4nhjeamendment 24 to
SO, and the House of Commons were
(j informed. The I base returned a
message insisting on their amendment.
U.I motion of Mr. M Iway, the Reiol.
utiona were ordrred to he upon the
table, Ayci20, Noei 16.
A protest was trrntcd bv Mr.
Sp'igbt Signed, by Mesir. Spaigiit,
AAewrMontabmery 'Ward. Rkmoer.
01 the sss-natc refusing tn rtcommnd
CrJiitioj-Tufihe jiext Tjuldcacv
m which .they stated, at Imgth their
reasons for the Sme : It wjs read
and entered up n the J MKnal of the
Senate. Mr. Hmton ol B' auf .rt, aU
presented -ii pr.trs tog-ther witn hU
res ns for the same agunst the .me
Saturday, J in. 8.
After an intcrch nijc o( M -stages
between the two II ues, staung that
all the business let.;rc thrm had bren
hr uie'it to a cioie, on. nutim "f Mr.
Matthews, 4 RfHohitio.i w is Mini
mously adnp;..-d, returning tnc tiMuks
ot the Senate to t) vid F. Cldwdl,
their BpcKer, for the 4ble, itr-partial
.Hid dignifi'-d manner in which he" has
dUcrurgcd -the duties of trie Chiir.
Toe Speaker returned his acknowi
edg msctsina ricat nd appropriate
address, a. id then adjourned the 8cu
te sine die.
Tuesday, Jan. 4.
Ssmuel F. Patterson was elected
Col. -GommandaiivAnderson Mitch-
elI7Liruteht.nt Colonel, nd Win.
Witherspoon, M ijor of Cavaliy at
tached to the 9ih Brigade of the mili
tia of this State.
Mr. P Ik, from the srlect commit
tee to whom the subject had brrn re
ferred, made the f Mowing Report,
which was concurred in, and he ac
companying resolutions ordertd 10 le
mgr.issed md sent to the Senate lor
oncurrcn e.
Ttc committee to whom it was rrfer
red to examin", collate tnd iTange
in proper order, such parts, of the
J 'jaraU ul the Pr vinciaJ, Assetublics
i tilK'jf tsCMtr"--V - re! ate:-.-t the
I)-cl rsti- i of It;ep-nrlfnce m de by
ttje pitrkitk men of .Mrckta-ourg-Hi
M-y 1775, arjd also such measures as
relate to the sime rause, adopted tiy
the free men of Cumberland county,
previous -to the fourtU ol July, l?7o,
in order to the publication and dtstri
b uion of surh documents, having per
Xormd4he duiy-.siged-4hem,. rea.
pecif illy Report :
Tht upon an attertive exami iStion
"f the JnutnaU of the Provincial A
semblv of North-C .rolnia, which met
a-. Halifax iif tue month of November
1776, the Committee are of opinion.
hat no selection could be mad from
the said Journal to answer the purp iac
of the II juse. Bat as every thing re
lating to that period, must be interest
ing tu those who v.due the blessing ol
National Independence, the corn nitiee
recommend that tne whole of the Jour
nal be prioted, and receive the' same
extended distri butjon which thje o-
iution of the House contemplates for
the proceedings in Mecklenburg and
Cumberland. This coarse is deemed
by the committee the more proper,
bf cause the Journal is now out of print,
aud it i highly probable that the copy
in the possession of the committee is
Your com-nittee have also examined,
coll sted and arranged j - ail the ducu
.... 1 1 .
ments, which hive neen accessioic 10
them, touching tne Declaration of In-
dependence by the citizens r! Meck
lenburg, and the proceedings of the
free men of Cumberland.
By the publication of these papers,
it will be fully verified, that as early
as the month of My, 1775, portion
of the people of North-Carolina, sensi
ble that their wrongs c old 00 longer
be borne, without aacrificinboth safe
ty 'and honor, and that redress so often
sought, so paiicntly waited for, 2nd so
cruelly delayed, Was mi longer to bj
expected, did, bv a public and solemn
act, declare the resolution of the ties
which bound them to the Crown and
people of Great-Britain, and did estab.
lish ad independent, though tempo
lary government for their own control
ana direction.
.''This & st claim of Independence
evinces such high sentiments of valour
and patriotism, that w6 eauoot, amd
ought not lightly to esievm the honor
ot having made it. The fact oh the
Declarati jo shoaid be announced, ill
lang.ia- sh juld be published and per
petuatcd, and the names of the gallant
representatives of Mecklenburg, with
whom it origi n ited, f houjd jjc pre scry,
ed from an oblivitn which, shouid it
, 0 ypJKJb.t.'Ot .would at raucia.dUhoaor.
us, as jnjure tjy rn. j!f the thought of
lodepeude nee, Md not, firs t-.jytxur 1 0.
them, t; them at feast belongs the
proud distinction of having given lan
guage to the thought aud i should
be known, nJ, fortunaielv, it cn still
be conduively cstablhhi d, that the
revolution received its firit impulse
towards I .dependence, how feeble that
i npuUe migt have been, in Njrth
Carolina. Tne committee are aware
that this assertion -las elsewhere been
received witn doubt, and at times met
with denial t aid it is, therefore, be
lieved to h.; ,nare strongly incumbent
upon the House to i&ber to the world
1'ie Mckleoburg I) c.'aration, accom
panied with 8ic;i testimonials of its
genuineness as shall silence increduli
ty, and with such ere for its general
diffusion as shall forever secure it from
being fo'g uten: And in recounting
the causes, the origin and the progress
of our revolution. struggle till its
final issue in acknowledged independ
ence, whatever the brtllunt achieve
ments of uther S'. tes nuv have been,
let it never be fort .tten.that at a period
ipfcdarkTJClliaud oppriion. without
conceit with others, with mt assur mce
of support from any qj.rter, a few
gallon North C irulinuiis, all fear or
consequences lost in a sense . f their
c untiy'n wrongs, rcl ing, under Ilea.
solely uuon themselves, n-'blv
dared to assert, and resolved to main
tain that independence, of which who
ever might have thought, none had ihen
spoken ; nd thus earned for themselv
t , anl lor their fellow citii .ns ( North
C.H'oln'.a, 'he honor of giving birth to
1 iv- li 1 hl 1) claration ot Imlrpendence.
- The tommtttee-reapiTtfully recom-
merid ir adoption; of the fdltowingj
re loluri-s;- :iz-'
Ali f which is submitted.
... - Tn vg Q p0L.K . Chtrn;
ResuLced, T'ut his Excellency the
Governor be directed to rause to be
p uT)irsh7(Ti n pamph i e t f jrin t ;i c above
Ki-nurf and the :.i romna i vmcr d cu
mrnrs. in the m.inner and order to.:3reM 97 nav 9
4 k iu,
I ne Mc. Klenburg Jr claration, wit 1
tne names of i r ,Dclegtcs composing
the meeting 2 J, The certificate .est,-
. 1 ,-
tying to the circumstances attending
the Cvcl .ration. 3d, The proceedings
of the Cumberland Association. And
that he be further instructed to have
reprinted in like manner, separate and
distinct from the above, the actom-
t .1 e r.. : 11
nanvmsr Journal of the Provincial At-
sembly, held it Halifax 10776.
Resolved further j That after publi
cation, the Governor be instructed to
distribute said documents as follows,
to wit : 20 copies of each to the Library
of the State ; to each of the Libraries
of the University 10 copies f to the Li
brary of the" Congress of the United
States 10 copies j and onecojiy to each
of the Union. '
Tbe'Go ve roor 4 r admitted atoromu
riication, enclosing itesoiutions irom
the Legislature of Alabama, approving
t..c c.mduct of the President and re
commending him for re-election.
"Pney were read and laid on the table,
Thursday, Jan. 6.
The bill authorizing Judges to grant
writs of ne exeai n certain cases the
bill for revising and digesting the
Public Statute Laws or this State the
bill to amend an act passed in 1831,
providing further punishment for the
harboring ot maintaining runaway
Stives, and the bill to amend an act
passed in 1828, to amend the taw with
respect to the collection of debts from
the estates of deceased persons, and
thelw io relation to the levying of
Executions by Justices ?,f the,, Peace,
ere respectively read the second
time and postponed indefinitely
Mr. Wheeler aubmitted sundry ft.
solutions, approving the whole course
of policy pursued by j)e prcient Ad
ministration, concluding with re
commendation of General Jackson f r
re-election, to the other States which,
having been superseded by similar
resolutions were, oil Jnotion; fit, Mr.
Bragg, ordered to lie on the table
ted by Mr. Sawyer, wt rr, on motion
credj and after Undergoing sundry
amendments and modifications, as pro.
posed by Messrs. Henry, Bragg and
Hawyer, they were submitted 10 the
House in the following words, viz.
Whereas the President of the United
States, at the list session of Congress,
rrjected, as unconstitutional, an ap
propriation to the Mtysville Turnpike
R ad, thereby incurring the denuncia
tions of those who advocate an unlim
ited discretion in Congress to appro
pr'nte.Ahe public money to internal
mprovements a discretion, in the
opinion of this General' Assembly,
alike impolitic ai d dangerous to the
sovereignly of the States and where
as the freemen of North Carolina uni
ted with others in the election of An
drew Jackson to te Presidency of the
United States, under the full rxpecta-
lion f hu reforming abuses and re
storing the Constitution to its original
purity l . -
Be U therefore resolved, $c. That
A drew Jackson is entitled tothe ap
p'obailort Assembly,
for the firm and sound exercise of his
constitutional privilege in iherrjertion
of the Maysvilte Turnpike R. ad Bill
and others of a similar character. .
Resolved, Tiat the general policy
nd prominent measures of the present
Administration meet the approbation
and support of this General Assembly.
Resolved, That the re-election of
Andrew J ckson 10 the elevated sta
tion he n w occupies so honorably to
himself and so usefully to the country,
is an object, under existing circum
stances, peculiarly to b desired -nd
highly necessary to preserve the h ir
mony and promote the interest of tlua
' Retolted further, That the fore
going preamble and resolutions bel
O 0 4 I
signed by the Speaker of the Senate
and the Speaker of'the House of Com
m ins, and be transmitted by the Gov
ernor of the State to the President of
the United States.
sent to the Senate fur concurrence
Tea. Mtsrt. E. Alennder.Arrinirton.Ilat
Brow, Brower. Orysn, Burrin, Bynum. CI)o
way, Carter, Chrtnoii, Clsrk, demons, Cooper,
; . Mmonon EiiM,n Flem,
!i'K' lowersr loy, rredenck. Gary, GattonL
(iieiin, urtndv, uwynn, lUiey, Harper, Henry,
Tliol. Hill, Milliard, Houlder, W. Horton, J,
Morton, Jackaon, Jarvia, Kendall, l.aiki ii, lw
aon, Little, Lloyd, Loreti, Mcbane, Monk,
Morria. Mullen. Murphy. M'Aflee. M'Orhee.
rM'Neill. rucholaon, O Bnen, orr, feopiea, Phil,
Hps, PurceH; Rand, Rhodes, Rowe, 8ter, Saw-
1 frtkef -Bimnrons, Stflrkton, moan, Smith,
V..-. ...u..' m.RL. sLvi
Sought, Spurgin, Stedman, Stephen, Stockard,
Swanner, Tat ham, tule, Watu, Weaver, Webb,
lWherler, 8. WLiUker, J. Whitikcr.. Whitley,
Williama, Willey, Wilaon, Wiseman, C. Woolen,
A. W, Wooteo, Wyche, Ziglar.
Aiavf. Meatra. Brnrd, Bernhardt, Jlarr
irer, Buic, (isuae, J. A. Hill, Mendeuhall, White,
Friday r Jan. 7.
The. engrossed . resolution from- the
Senafte, requesting the Governor to
pr acuf rctflitn TntdrmliQbaHTeTauoa
to Banking, was laid on the table. !
The. engrxissed resolutions, recei red
from the Senate, approbatory of the
administration of Andrew Jackson,
were read and amended, on Mr.
Bragg's motion, bv adding " That the j
re-election of Andrew Jackson is an
object greatly to be desired and highly!
ecessary to preserve the harmony
and promote the interests of this Un
ion and, as amended, the resolu
tions were adopted and sent to the
Senate, asking their concurrence in
the amend me ot. A mesiage "wai i sub
nequently received front the Senate
disagreeing to the amendment. Mr.
Siwyer moted that a message be aent
to the Senate, informing them that
this House insist on thcir.aaid amend
ment j which motion was agreed to,
five or six only voting against it.
w Mr Blair presented the following pro
test, which wss 1 read snd ordered 10 r
inserted it large in the Journal 1
Whereas, bt the 4 JUi section of the
Cen.Mltiiien ! this fiats, It is jivitt
" Ihst an? member of either House of the
Oenersi Aassfnbly shall hay liriy to
dissent trom, and protest )faint ny set
or resolve which t may think InjuiMUt
to the public or ant inditidud.snri hsvt
the reasons of his dUsrnt tntrt r,, iha
Journals 1" and wherrs (his IIomm of
Cowmans rfidron ' f''id".yttheit'f''(l f
of December fail past, sdopr t tunk pnt '
jc rvlytUo nd'woa'rtat alii. 4--,
.l : .11 .-T 1
Clause OI.JDC Dfii. OLJOl'UCIOiM'lTlU 1
ture does not recognise, f 0 sinu'wmil, '
the right of sn Individual State of this
Union to nullify a law of the Ufl'rd
States 1 Therefore, the undersigned ,i.
ing himself of his constitutional priilrxe4 ' .
begs leave most respectfully to pr teot
his solemn protest against the doctrines '
therein avowed, as insidious in their
character, designed to red d upon tn
conduct and impugn the motives of .1
Isnt and patriotic sister State, tending to
prostrate the sovereignty of every S a')
of this Union, and to raise upon their ru
ins one grand consolidated government ol
unlimited powers, subversive of rhe lib
erties of the people, and ullim tielr lea
dinR to despotism and anarchy.
he undersigned avowi, most distinct
It, sn ardent attachtnrnt to the Cuns iio
tion ol tr.i Union, belietln it the no
blest strut tore ol humm isdom,. iidsflf.,,,!,
long as ill letter 1 adhered to, o ionir
thrpowenrnot expresi!? deb galed.lfe) '""j
reserved 10 the states, so Ion will it re
tain its beauty and regularity j but when- -ever
Congi ess shall .presume. fee 1
power and forget rlf hi, and, by construc
tion, assume jurisdiction over evif thins '
or any thing, so soon will ltd beautiful . -difica
W found without order ur orpwri...,
tion, obnoxious to the people, and by
their fiat raced tn the earth, pile of
splendid ruins. Then will we be called
to mourn at the tomb of our rtepaited
Rlory ; 10 weep over the relicks of (ho
last, best hope of he wprldtjO'LloitrL
again promulgated the soul harrowing,
tne degrading dogm that man is luca
pable of self government.
To avert such a calamitr to p esrrvo
the legacy bequeated to us bv our fore
fathers, and consecrated by a htih ex
penditure of 'heir blood and tieasuit , let
us confirm the Cons'itution to l' legiiH
tfiM oouiHls j let o4hif be done bt con
airuclion or impkiiri ijdd.JhtniiH..
Oted, the ?.4.W,nton vtiU be preserved.?-
Tte under siimcd does belie e thai thi'-J -L
nuttfieation of a law of ihe Uniced Sislrs."
J Su f fhe IJnl,w, -ouM be but T..
lull .ikiui nf . Ii..f ! . J J I
jUtle short of diaaolution of trr Federal-
Compact ; snd a dioujion of. ilia com
pct 1s6hly fobeuTe'rfas! to aubmIi'4on '
to a governnveni without limitition'of
powers but bedoek believe that exlg'en-'
ties may ariso when it would be the part
t Let him for a moment, by way of illuP
tration, auppoe a fane. Tba-CVnthiK
1100 of the United States reingmzes nuf
right to our staves as ptopert. SupMie
the Congress of the United States, acting
in a spirit of blind fanaticism, 01 UU0
philanthropy, to enters I. . drelaring
the sfaves in tue Southern i5. ate free
mm. Would not every citizen of North
Carolina "boldly oppose such a law f Woidd
it not be oar right and boon Jen duty to
declare it. null and inoperative in. this
Sute-sod to reaiai its etcrudre toy fofcejT"
if necessary f This may he called tn ex
treme case But such a case may occur
and eat feme- esses are only to be met by
extreme remedies.
Tho undersigned repeats his Wrong st
tschment to the Union, snd fervently
prays that its band may not be severed
until time shall be no mora.
(Signed) GEO, BLAIR, Ctovm." 7
Houae of Commons,
rjanTrta,-1S3T. ''Yt" '
" Saturday, Jan, 3.
-M..-Spaight- presented Mhe-fVifrowin
protest, which was read and ordered to ba
spread at Ui ge oh the Journal -
The undersigned dissents from and
protests against the resolu ioos declaring
that, although the Tariff laws, as they '
now exist, are,. In the opinion of this Lrga -Mature,
unwise, unequii in their opera
tions, and oppressive -to the Southern
States yet this Legislature-dots not ra
coffniae as constitutional the rih; of an
individual S ate of this Union to nullify
law ;"of ' the United Ststes," p. ,: by fha
ttipQaec'ot'' Cem6hs'6n''iir.e 31st c'De 5
cember, A D. 1830. For tit the reso
lution denies in unqualified terras h
constitufional right of ia S.ate, in an
event, to nullify a law of Corerrss, howa
everpalpably unconstitutional and danger
ous to the liberties of the citiavns.
Tbe dissentient is full aareofth
importance of the Union ;nd-4 mise
ries that would result from its dKsolo
don, and is too warmly attached to it to '
hawrd its preservation by a report 0 rhe -"extreme
remedy," spokn 0f "for
ligatasad tuptet MkeV' Ant when ft

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