North Carolina Newspapers

    lng eeii.-t of Ti4c:)rnnt on our
fights have evinced det!rmiostioi to
hroilt and d.troy the excellent Con
'lMiihn under mtk h me 'John exists,
, tf which alone It ii and will b pre
served, H then becoit the cuty, at
well at the rijht of each State to later
Tf re fr the presemtion of the Union
Union for which all profess, and .it it
toped, chedth the fondest affection
I'odeny tht a law passed by Con
Crest, in open violation of the Constitu
tion, it oid, and to hny to a Sttte the
tight to treet imH a U at void, end ex-
. erce uVider the Conttitetijn. the rights
reserved to the States by '.hit instrument
ods footed by tucb law, Hauld in the
pinion of the undersigned, be tint
wqicb tncvonsmqtton tii it VH1'' ''
'Wf ?55eiAie jrKinhtnrflKflTnw name, MYtiffiiiTimiiinhTlitiirZl
" crniWT-hre,nTirrr3T
!nM i. .it. I.-
tlon, my fee constitutionally rxcrrued by
the S.ate, although the exercise of luch
f "Ijhl be prohibited by $ Urn pined by
Congress in violation of the compact.
An sltempt on the psrtef Congrcsi to
interfere with die reUtioo between mat
Ht end slave, a relation recognised by
the C'inMi'u'ion, and regulated end sus
tained hy a vrral States, undr rights re
erved to them under the Cons'itu'ion,
woul'l present case in which the 'right
ould cl 'irly imf undrniibly exist and
in which it would be the imperative duty
of a S'ie ''to interpose to far at to ar
ret! the progress of me will and thereby
"topreserve the Conviiuiion itself, at
f II as to provide, for the tafety of the
P n ie ioV.""" h $ iio iir i ft i mpr nHghT
be made bv Congress to impair the toy
err ign'y of tnce Smet. bf prescribing
the placer in which their Legislature!
thotJrd t lert ihetr R epremt-f
fives in the Sena'e of the United Sittes.
- Cn If he denied that the Lee,isUire of
ny 3-4te would have a Ctnttiturionat
fight to 'wmlIe 'at' any place tt might
elect, different from 'he place design
td in the law of Confrrcti "and that 1 a"
Sennor elened at tu h pUce would he.
tjodrr the Conitj u-ion, tnti-led to hii teat"
In the Senate of Hie United Sittetf Would
S tr, to dureardinj and nullifying
lu"h a law, he exercising the riht of
fevolution i Certainly not. it would be
rnreljr tctlnifunder a rlgbL reserved to
It by the Constitution.
Miiny other cases might arise ; but si
though the undersigned claims for the
'is, 'in woiiauiuiiuiiai rigni iiiua iu hi-
terposej yet he only claims it Tor them
In ciireme cases, when the lives and
liberties of their rititent would be endan
gered, and their own sovereignly jeopard
4 ho wouWaje&reea i' aerciae-
by -them eeep orr orctviont deeply,
rr:ib::Pl:'re.m;!'z::: H.:tl
.- sarmlyMraheh6 lhe Union, cemented
a It has been in the. blood cf our for e fa-
- therai -and -nno ated I bw mntt hoJy 4
"sve.l aare of the disasters and fiifat con:
equenres thtt would flow from itsdisso
Ki'ton. to desire losee ihe right exercised
exrept in cases in which submission to
ou'Jthc.ntei and h? bopciof mn s the
conn queoces of disunion. He ardently
hon - h-t every Jvate in this Union would
' BufTe while evils ar, lufferHble," rather
-i thn resort to this remedy, hich however
aerfVrl our right under the Cons i'u'ion
to resort io It may be, might tend u to
. abolish ihe to-ms JO which we are accus
tomed." Bui should ihe time ever arrive
when ' a Mng train of abuses and usurpa
tions, pursuing invartahlv the tame ob
ject, thall evince a design to reduce" the
cintrnt of this nepublir " under an abso
-"lute despotism? It will then become the
du'y of the Stt'et io exercise their Con
tltutional ribt, and endeavor to ' arrest
. the ' pi ogress lif'The ' evn
within their respective limits the authorl
. , t'es, tights and liberties appertaining to
them " And if, in the discharge Of such
duty on their part, the fair fabric we
- bay reared toLiberty thall be overthrown,
!l. und.whh it the hopca '..T maukind, let the
. execrttiona of posterity rest on the party
'-.MhAt.Murped the power, not on the one
' r th..'t exercised therighT:
" ll8tft- I
8tb January, 1831.
; On motion of Mr Singleton,
" . ' Rftvlvtd smaan5ay, Thas the thanks
of thif House are ,du, and are hereby
presented to tha? H iorabie Charles Fish '
er, Sjjeaker thereof, for the .able, inipar
tiaOnd dignified ..'manner in which he
baa discharged the duties of the Chair
'. slaving I ha ptesent aesston. j
; .. Wherrtipon the: Spr made Kit ae
knowledgments to the House in the fol
lowing appropriate address, and then ad
; journed hame 'fine. dit. 'v
' Gentlemen af the flout of CommoAt,-
Tne retolu'ion which you hae just
idopi ed Jnjittfh flattering term, a pprotr
ing, f my.'condW as presiding offwer of
' this House, 11 my bosom with the
' sinrmesi e snot ions f gratitude. I am
too arnsible of my deficiencies, for a mo
ment to fancy that I merit all the resolu
. Uon would rxprenti but to f r as it t peaks
cf mj impwtiality, I feci that it unot
uo'le'.erved for, from thtt chiir, 1 Isva
known no mm, hut as a mem er of th
Home of Crmmon. " .
We ire ah'nit to teprte, mmy of u
ooduuht, never to m- i iin. There i
tomethinj metanchQ, in the thought,
end to me it would b painful, hut for tne
aecompinyinm r- flftiio, th-t we are re
turning in our cont'imentt, tod etch to
hit own Sre-iha and dimet'ic . circle.
There it aomethtniji too. ioiereMln and
cheering- i-i witnettin thit pruicai oper
ation of one brsnch of our political aye
tern, and in contrasting It wtn what it
now going on in the goveroniots of oth
er onions. , t
While Kurope is tremuioui through.
tt her whole enent-tier governments
nnflirK. 'h hinK; ofjnoral volcanoes
t'prHieflilon her Uegialji
Iittireat' inrh nnl
I . r i . . . . .. ,
I hi irmi-wniii is our nappy conainnr
ft the repretentaiives of the peoole of
one ot the sovereign Spates of this great
ConMemcythavc met toge her in pra e,
and in harmony, have legislated on the
wants of our tunuitiients, artd now are
ready to fall back, and he loit in (h- gre)
m$s of the people laving alide ,our
brief authority with at mo-h ease at the
way faring man throws off hi' cloak at
the close of day. If, at timet, toiali tt
citemrntt spring up among us. what are
they but the breexe of headh tnat fal
ters the roiit, k purifies our political at
mo!.phcre I " 1
We owe these blessings not leas to the
!l!Jj!n-?Jlifliin-1t-ll par gro
ertjon,7lin to the wtid.m n : valour of
tho?e who went brfore u, and tyve ? tt ,
td that benefirerit Bing,. wno'
tions in hit hand, and with
the Ttcfltn ? trr Hj ptre r TfiiTTRT7m'I7
long be the condition of our helov, d coun
try may Heaven vouchsafe to gr-mt.
B'fore I Ulil you adieu. I must hank
you for the indulgenre aod kind forhear
ance eitended, towards me during, ihr
whole of this long and laborious moo i
tv )ki!teMmsLm. brim I -lac
said or done aUght to wounfl the freliogt
of a tingle msmonr, ,ra ycju to believe
it was done i'hout intention.
That ou miv reach your hornet in
afetv,nd find all well, is the fervent wiU
A Capiionol such Privfe Actt,
i . , , , ,
"s --" "f. are oi m
r' lo he people of the VN ettern section
of the State.
An act amending the act of 1828. t0
appoinr mmmisitonerr on pifl irToe
road rrom Xorg .ntdn to Avery's turnpike
j pocoln to aesignata the time and pet
l io ssid county where personal proper!
thall be sold ; A nendingMhe act to alter
the ttrrre- flf holding-1 wo of the counry
ttmr', ol UHHHrn t - Repeating the act of
1831, to increase the number of jurors in
ihe stipetior courts ol Lincoln; Altering
the time nf holding the county courts o'
Ashe 4.. .Repealing the act of 1 913, conv
certfihglBe public" lands in iTrwoorl
county o far as resptcts buildings on
said lands ; To prevent the falling of
timber in or obsructing the channels of
cartain water courses in Lincoln county ;
Concerning the county couns of Iredell j
Concerning the county courts of Rowan ;
Appointing an additional pUce of public
tale in- Rutherford- county f - R pealing
the act of 1129, to divide the regiment in
Mron county ; Concerning the poor of
Stokes county ; Appointing commission
ers for, and incorporating the town of
Rockford . Ameodin g iha ac4 of 1 838 , o
appoint commissioners on the road from
Watauga in A-he countv, to the head of
in Macon county j To amend the act of
1929, r authorising the county coun of
Burke to nppoint commissioners to vie
and lav off a turnpike road from the Lin
coin line to Mud's Mill, passing through
tho Uturci Uap ol the aou h Al .unuin v
main i
Ueducing t he numhee or ru'ots to"
roads in the county of M.con to five tng fit a High Court of Irapeachmen-
freeholder j For h belief reiruIatioiLiitLlCM
tne coWltfsMvlroHieysve
!!'!!n.!IC JLmL.iBSffl!fliJle?i
wood. Brunswick, fitt, , Macon, ;Nrth
- pt, i.
a , j. o ' "rr .
of. finance; Supplemental to the act of
1836, for the better rcirulaiion ol the
town, of Concord reincorporating the
Kayettevllle Rail Rod CoiiipBny j Dir
ecting ihe aheriff of Macon county to Day
over certain monies therein mentioned j
Concerning; the mill ia of Iredell county
Aut horising the county court of Stokes to
regulate ihe compensation of court offi
cert i Amending the act of 1830, author
ising the- county court of IU,herford lo
hold a court of probaje Etabliahing a
superior court of Ja w and court of equit y
in Micon county j Appointing commis
sioners io soperinteod the building of a
court house in Burke county, and for oth
er purposes; Altering the time of hol
ding two of the county courts of Ruther
ford ; Providing for the compensation of
certain jurors io Haywood county ;
Amending" the ect, entitled an act io
amend an act to establish tod regulate a
turnpike road in the county of Haywood,
to bo called tbe Tennessee River Turn-
pike Uos3, patsed in 1136 Anpointict;1
,o,rinit,i mars to view, nrk and lv of
a road from the ni ph'MhvKt of Fori
D lnnfe, across the Bms Rllif . t i me
torojitii? roa I tt or njar the Three Faik
Nlccmi,' lloui- i i Aine duntf.
; BMLUri)N.
Adp'hn fi oH5 lutiM,pissei by
th last ltn. K,m't ily of this 8 a't, at
are of general in'rat or of in'erett to
the people of this section of tne State..
" AKuwla int autno-rdnthfl comiti'tec
of Fi M iie io burn ocn Treasury Note
as are uufi fi cit action 1 ,Au'horiiin
the coos nrtee of Finance to employ a
clerk In favor of .ne lejpl fe preenta'ivei
of the ateChieTJuitir Taylor i Autior
w a - . t" a r
Hing a lon oi arms to uniel , ir. ntoi?.
Tf tjIT" CjhTiFoT Tg ih"r"TiTtertry Fu'ia-
f Aiitnof isci iHtxTi eisuret ta en er on ihit
oU 4 lery-Ttfi4-t eetaioum
due from 'he es of John Hywood ij
Directing lie 0 vrnor o trans mit to our
m n rs ol Chtgress copies of the reso
lu ion op the u ijrct of re-opening Roan
oke Inlets hru ting me Puoic Trea
SUr 'elatlV! to toe 500 d nlr re-u-ned
hy D. L. Sw.ii ; Apj)niiig W n R. 11)11
Li nariait i Direcii.ig W n. HoOtrda, late
Tr iurer, to bo credited for the amount
WS V ' t-v. .
o lreury ?iotet burnt; Uirertitig a
copy of the State documr-nts io be depot
iiedin the Exa'u ive'ifn , !tc s In fv-jr
of J in )W !. K-q jirts that the Pub
tic Trerf X?tH no' bring tuit on his
londs bet - cemher ont, unlets the
f.:tr of the debt should otherwise ie
q''rlilJltL4UncJL0 ttitixhiin fif lh59te
4iinst the Um .d Sates. fit -quests
our mrnbeitol wogreM to urge a ipceoy
p,,n. nt of taii claim; Authorising re
Orfirt io,th Q'lvernmet- House and Ca
L pilfll iiAtt nuruing -J. he Pu.jlicTr eau w
orlnw upon any of ihr p'jMic fundaJ
provided the charges of govttnment re
quire the Sim. For the public tion of
ort.m loeummt fuircctsihe it jvern
or to b ive published itj m t.he
I tumens relative o the Drtlaration 01
Independence by he ri izi-ns of M cklen
'U-pn id-mber in t htsii ate J pveu in
h S ate Lib-ari'tn to pu-chasc tnee co
pies of ibe Journal and 0. t'es of the
F del Convention and S'ate Cooen
lions, and to dis on inue tbe sobscriptio'i
fir the Norh Ametic in Review. ,
21 umtrj'Stat ttny si.
Monday, Jan. &
appeared jnd look his eat as Presidetn
of ;ne St nare - Tne Sene, as iHigh
Court of fmpe icliment for the trial o
Trijge; : Pttrtrcnr motron ;'iof :MrT;T xe w e 11,
adjourned over w Wtdnesdav nea. Af
ter a short time spent io tho considcra
r t ij..
j a-tjourned.
iot, oi demure uusmess, tne Senate
Tuesdav. Jan
The bin" p'ovidTne for the
and eouiDment. of n.rt nf th.
, rs
theUntted 3 , res, for the p-otection .of
ihe mrand trade to Mc aico ; and the joint
resolufio lmrhe Hotise of Rinresenta
.ies in relation to tho transmission of
..kll .. . -
uvvuiiKii-,1 pinncu oy oruer ot
v.uiiKrcss, were severally read 'he third
time and passed. T ie Senate spent a
snort time in the cotnid ration of Execu
live business.
Wtdnetdau, Jan 3.
Communitifwi8 werr rectived and
read from the War nd Nvy Departments,
shewing the expendi dies of the contin
gent funds of rhose Depart men's for the
last year Mr Kane, from the Commit
tee on Public Lands, reporied a oill sup
plemental to the act grtnting ore-emo-
ion right, to settler, on the publ.c lands.! ' r"d SLLVuJTT
iLwBentan preaetyted-r-viemtm fwm-f e n. day expewnce''
-he American Society, established in hoil' " "
tonrnFthePettiement of the 6 re iron ' ' R V""". '? c,0,e crount. with
I erritory, praying that a military escort
and 'ransportt may be provided, and con
venient military postt established, for the
j encouragement 8c protection of emigra
tay ffttion to that country. In the Sena:. .1,
. . . . n . .: .: - ".r-j.""-
0 lca(lit
flUOjrbft.prindpk,on which
fence was grounded, and the evidence onii?K r
icn inev snouia act. Uobert WUh.
Eq., the firtt witnett on the part of the ! j-
. .vnucnij nn tTB nis evtaence in re
lation to the opinion of Judira IVrk in
I . .L. . .
SouUrd'a case and the publication tigned
" a viti?n,' to reply, which gave rise to
the proceedings against Luke ;E. Lawless,
, tor a contempt, and the subsequent
proceedings hsd in the case in the dis
trict Court of Missouri; ( after the
cross exsmina ion of Mr ?alsh had been
concluded, tbe Court adjotumed until to
Monday, Jan 3
Mr. Carson called the attention of the
members to the proposition submitted by
Mm last tesion. for the establishment of
a branch of the United States ilint, in
the gold regiont of Nonh Carolina, and
intimated hit intention to brin th h
ject again under their eonsideYiilrtri.
fhe commi tee, he stated, aDDointed in
purseance ef bis rcsoletion, at thst pori-
rx), tn) oot feporiei u?a If, on eeceual!
ofsorm papers containing vtlu'le Infor
m I'ion respecting ti matter having been I
mUiiidi but they were now reegvered,1
and a -native would be based upon them.
Mr. VrplJl-k. fro-n the Committreof
Wavt and Meant, reported the Nty p
propriation bill for the service of the yer
1831 f tnd, after a first and second rtsd
idij, it was referred to.ythe Comrai tee of
the W,,le n the state rtf the Union.
M'. Jaif. m ived a re-couslderatioo oft
of ihn vole of the. House on bis motion'
that the House thoold no longer at
tend Jhe S.nte chamber, In a body,!
on the trial of Judge Peck. The ' re-j
consideration wat directed, and a die us j In our lat we mentioned that the IrelJ.!
lion follow -d i but beforrrecisbn w a riiad closer During the teisiniL an .li-. "Mf
trrlved at n thentjestion.the hour for t'-e ; wtiicb were published lat wrck itr D
connideeation vtloVinivl t40i$;!:
the m-vion-of Mr Rtr h-dW.irhe-o.-4 fwjn(1 in Innthpf ftf . be, ,
net wt ins ructed to tnfiuire I it tne
possibili'y of exedi iog the puidic bu i
ness A neia-e wasVeceived from he
Preside s, traomi Jog eopi'S of the cor
respondence, and other d 'cuments con
neeted with the nr.g.i!i,iif,n. fr tne re
new of tit W stlndU r d. j and, on
mo' Ion of Mr, Cjnrekn. nty were
ref-r . d to the Co'imui-f nu C -mmerce.
and 6,000 copies ordetd o bi-ji-inted.
TuridaytJtn :4.
Mr. S'orrs, of N w Votk, Irom the
Co nmi'tte on the Judi-ia y, reior d a
bill enabling marsh, Is of the United
States, who had not m Ie thir re'urns
of the enu neration of the inhabitants of
heir repe jive dis'rijtt othlst ol
D C. last, 'he time pieservietf hy the law
of last session io do so by the I-1 of June
next. Ii appeared that three fes of
this character hd occurred J one in Ten
na tse-o - Jh- Idianarn4 wn W-4h
city of New Yrx. , WJi ordered to br
engrossed and read a third 'ime,. Thei
Dill to est ihlts'i unilor.n mllKIa 'hmuih.
out the Uni'ed States, was, on mou -n td
Mr Thompson, of Georgis, eomm'Hrrt
io the Committee on the Miliiia "Tn.
ouse derided, on a dlvi-i ,o h, yeas and
bt;: i;:-;;r..nT ys ar-rrr--
uavs, uv a vote oi IIS - - OV. Oi-oen
at present, with aitemlin in tn - St-nat-chamber,
on 'be t i,l of Jurtg, Prr.
On mo'ion of Mr Cjttoo a r'e-olu ion a
lop'rd, appoio-iog , select comrnit'ee of
fiv .r. to i qui e inio ibe expcdlenry of
establuhlog ai sia offi e in Ihe gol I
'gionsof tne Sou h : .f'sr whjrh. the
Ilous. went in o Commi'tee ofth- Wnolc
on the state of the Union, Mr P.ilk in
the chair, oo the hill- making app-opua
tions foi I idi.n iretiea, nd Io- artear
jges in iht Indian D, prtmcnt, which
piised ibe committee and wete reported
'J..!j..V4?.rt hkh.efterwarda cut into
the tpetidl order of ihe dav.
How thote who are not in liir ih- ....
may he their own adminittratori
or up your books to this dav. and
uv ,ee ,nal H accounts that
l?-0 -- " Mancti n
g .
r 7 fm tm an un"td ac
"j L . ?.n 0I1' vear "BJ'R
mm .ocre is a
oill against ou, and fiU
don't k
now the amount, it in in,...
diatclv, credit it and st.ike the balaiue
3 If the balan e iv a ,in.t y,u, p,y
It withou' d-l y; if in fa,or( and yo;
cannot get vour p.,, be sure to make a
setiiem nt by taking a note.
If vou ii. ve any long standing ar
counts, don't flauer vourscll that .you., and . will
"H" ir'i rnaneet to one bui he
will teil your Adminivr.tor that hc knows
nothing boU. i,, 0r if he acknowledges
saVhat'ti rii.hi .1
. , "... (Jirinu a SCI i ff l)ich Mill
' " cornP!"n' called in
nT ! T be "urrd that meit mi
:! y bl" 'ainst vour C3' ;
' " ' T -:. wnel,,er owe them ;
r- -every recrrpt
yoti get
,T m - 1 r5 wo,,h
one hundred
k i:.-.. t t
..vnuvi , ,-uur ii ie I
miv not contin
I herfrrai if .. i. i
morru ohH.:,l"X;: ' 7
l if """'K" !
Pinullu if i
yi nave anv matter in
pute settle it, or refer it tr arKi....:-
else sue or be sued without delay, always
bc.nng m mind that you know much
more about the matter th tk ' k
"u cume aner you- g
. . v w"o
Reform.-a the Naw Denartm.;,
when uoder the direction of Mr. South.
iu, me expenditures always overrun
the appropriation nd Vmsitm Was
called upon at each mecting for addu
tional app;opriations to cpver the de
liciencv. Under the agency of Mr. Branch,
we fiad, that the appropriations (ot
the Navy, have been found more than
sufficent for the expenditures, and
ttiere will remain an unexpended bal.
;n;if,?.b.ab,y e,1.ceedin8 one million
legal die.8rSeme of the public mo-
riav jcsti nt tear tmi vm.
Review of prwnding m
legislature of mot, ,
0i-acta--!!d; mmmzzr?i-
J- , Vfrf
In looking over the whole flat of these teh.'
there are but few that strike us asbe!ngof
great importance. Among the moat mponZ
is one which we brirfiy noticed in our last, ft g,
" An act forth"! relief of the Umrewity." '
The 4 1st .ectlon of the conatituUoo of the State.
In the foil .wing words-" rhst a school or schools
.hall be eatablithed by the legislature, f, ,h,
convenient intintetion of youth, with such sau
ries to the masters, pt, by the pubiic, a Mr
enable them tt toatruet t tow prrfei) and j
na-rul learning shall be d ily encourseed
pro-noted, in one or more univerities.,, ' we aee, by the ousiimtlon, h a miif
irtw :rative on Uu,Lf Umun to enctrarif e
ful lea-t;,g, by tb- enal.liahment of Khoolianl
univerMt.r. AccordlnKly in the year Jet
the r;f?. Aaaemnty influenced, 6 rUbt if"
wtl bv tliit ifiiiipii.v, i " .. ,
ivea. pa.s.-d an set eatabh.hing the univenity
of ft. Crolina, and inrrpratii) tb T
ht-r- of At the larne acaiion. H.. ..a .
the inritmion, with a giri of Mch property.,
ir.igbt, tmti time to time, cVchest to th Suttv
few years afterwards the l ,
l m - . T raataCal
" 'h Trustees tbe sum of ten thousand dollut
.-t--?t"' -- n i--.r - - ".to
men aa titetwarda relmqniahed to the Infi.
tuti-in as a donation, litis is all that the Kate
ever has done for the university until at Ac
Srawtn juat eloaexl, which patted the act abeta
alluded to. Tbts loan will enable tbe iniU'oiUoa, I
to rniere Itaeit Irom pending Kretufitni, ss4
also t pav off the debts due the Itankl.
ve until rnat the L-gii.Iature did wed, thai
they acted wiaely, tnd pa'rioticallv to m ra
the downfall of the only literary ingtitutkw is
-' u or cci. nnty, and one toe
own anu iiakUteaiMlvest
ershle President a reputation e.i!eaervedlyhifh.
V? oope.this rerHjUUon may increase uotilthe
universay sUll have acquire,! a sawi teeomlM
they hid dohemore.-thaT tfiefV.a:"fcai
the ejample of some of our airter' ?tat tsJ
have taken the institution under th enpeciif
careaiut patrwaite trf the State, and tbaf ihey
ft I t m
rtaa remict-a the pnee- f Tuition to merr
ncminaJ sum, aod plawithe wholaxCuncWst..
a looting aoas to put it in the powe of the
poorest vou i g iiikii in the community, to obtaia
t ne i!estngt of an education.
" When we reflect that the veiexHeelf
our goeernment defends on the tntelliffeno
and virtue of the people, the legislature eaaff
not he better employed, tlmn in eneourtipnf
naelul learning, by the establishment of Schiwh
according to the solemn injunction of the cot-
Vitution. SsV whs' people may ignorance if
th radical catine of our depressed conditiet
and it can only be ameliorated by the diffoiwit
of intelligence which alwae etcjtea enquinW
amnn' the people that never fail of beinr; at
tended with remits the most beneficial.
The neat subject which claims our attention,
as wed on acwnnt of its importance as the el-
i,e' "hi cause for its enacuneatlul
" s.w.u.e.oaummm
?r r-
. An Act ,0 Prewnt ,he rf
tious publications and for other purpoaea"
We underctand that the introduction intotSii
State of theuwawi H'alker Pamphlet gaws rise
to ;he passagi- of thia act, and oi aome six r
et'ght others, or branches of the samrsuhjeeir
tVe believe that circumstances called tar aoaw
letffSuoTopon tliese subjects, but there it "J"
wavt danger of goiiig too far w hen men act Utv
7TC"c,,mPT, r we ,h Tioweverto he under- I
awwi not S tntimsmr' ttrnr th.e han irnng
tar in trie present case.
It has been very confiJently predicted thsf
rnend Swainr Rdi'.of of the Greensboro' M
riot will fall the first victim to the new l ,
the aubject of sedition publications. It
certainly mortify us very much to a?e on" f d
Editorial Corps" 2angling in the air, or in phis
Rngliah hanged. Fbrthe .credit ofthe curp
we hope he wi!l4 take timely warning and to"
rect his "ca" as Dact. Panglms aarst
if he d'E not' aud they overmatch hun about
the "fiats f U'itmington, we will under-r'fM
for him, that he wilt, never isaue any marf j
Seditions pubticatioiiB.".
We will next notice,
"An set to repealJbe 2d Section of iht id
of 1806 to review the mililia'Tawsof thisState,.
This is n'o'liipg mere nor leas than the fam,
quaker bill," to much talked of, llcnce f .
cpiakere must either muter or pay at an equi':f
alent an anmifll tax or $2 JO. There is 'no f
fate in the union whert the quakcr can find
exeraption from militia duty. -t t
,rA sret rft'srnhfhit fte e4Vtt?sr'ofl. J

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