"&' if'" I"' tuettiii mtn'ioned of tc ptt uaJer fivs dollr, issued by the Banks o! ' After the piwsge of the ett of IS. '9, prohibl t;,ij the (unit of this Ufs's from issuing- any Wttunfor&tt&fatt, wi think the above eei i .iutf but sue Mi just. The policy of ibtit -' I drive small t)nk bill out of cir (a!tto snd thereby make room fur specie. T1.it be 3en done in Virgin, and other States iJ e hse no doubt tbe nidi here. $' aoJjrrtand that the nembert from several f ilia upper Xitualtev-woropjwi4 to th'u itessure, under the mprtnU that It would Injure their ennstttur nti inasmuch m Smithy ar. ffi-tW H.ttitatel almost the We of their circulating medium. r..,(fg.CJ."n am! Uaoz-gia notes W- Jm were"pV(iTiiSife3'by1he IcI tTienTwTte". t .1 t i.... j ' i ' . far their trade is morly to those States er.d they ere obliged to receive their notes in pay. mtnti but it should be kept in mind thst none ire prohibited except nmet under tre dollars. We believe that N. C. in one, or' two yean WHt, will hire as sound end bealthy curren cy as any Rtate in the Union. The Banks now pay specie fur their bills i the dut Wli will aoon be driven out in utter disgrace and all Bank notes' underlies dollars, after July. 1832 will Kite to circulate. So that the email change of tie country will be specie, while the large notes will be cons eruLle into specie at the option of !be holder. "r.u ACT." At the Session of the Lcgiilature before the an set was pawed regulating and (Uinj the fees of Clerk's, Sh'ff. kc. This'acrgase rise to much complaint in some parts of the State. To remedy tbe source, of these complaints, at the It! 8eaon,tbe whole subject was resumed iiJ a he adt l-Joptd.-V hafTsceTtTJiT set, but understand that on an average, there ft a small reduction in the Fees. f Review It le cntinueJ.J Mr. Sawyer's Resolutions l nwllhf Raleigh Register. As has been before mentioned, one of the F.d hors of this psper happened to be in Raleigh when tbe AntUTariff Resolutions of Mr. Sawyer came before the house and were discussed. After returning home, we noticed in a brief manner the peechs made on the occasion, tt would seem that our remarks on Mr. Hill's speech were not to the liking of tbe Editors of tbe Begisten and after indirectly charging us with a want of courtesy, they threaten us with the publication of tbe apeech itself. M Mr, Hill does prepare his speech for the press, and if it is publithr-d, we hsve no objr-ctions to AU who-beard it, expected nothing mur nor less than this i but after having heard it de- : 1fcm&WT:ta&rmnu. ffitaSh of ibi TU'gIUr;l i . kiUciiusfl juiroiiiej to read Tariff speeches, we know where to Snd 1!iera " first-handad." Mr. Hill, is said to be, it tt true, for we know butlinte of him,) 1 very clever-man and an IB stent member of the Leg A tsiature; he is moreover, to our own know). d&e ery candid in avowing his sentiments on Ipoliticil mstters, and U not one of that class of politicianatUer-ar wmewclv io-NCafolina) " wto are deadly oppoied to Genl. Jackson's poli. cy, and yet call themselves Jackson-men. But notwithstanding he is all ilua, and may be more besides, yet 'the puff" of the Register cannot mskehira as great as the "Cat like" Web. ster, nor give Hgxnolitn to his speeches. We Here repeat what we beforTiald that there was not a new idea or thought in the whole eneech. Inspire it u tbe' fccaiirieeui Editors may. it wss a Tariff speech, compiled out of materials that may be fouod in all the Tariff apeeche. from Henry Clay's down to those of Trist-am Shandy Burgess. The Rditorsof the Register, of late, are much given to the puffins; of certain men of certain way of thnkingT Every thing; these favourites syis ver) d ie, powerful and eloquent f but as iuiu3 poor Jacason men. thev have nehhee honesty, sense or pretensions of any sort. If the Editors of the Register can, in thia manner, help meir menus to Congress or to any thine else, why perhaps, it rs in the tine of tlieir duty to do so i out they must excuse as for esteeming iuurc We make tbe following extract from a letter .aiuiigiuii, ukc. wnicn we aid not receive, from some unaccountable cause ""til a fdws days ago. The interest we felt ' perusal, impresses ns with the belief that no one who reads It will look upon his time as lost, Washiioto, Dc 24, a The Senate, on Monday y rcauiveo 8eH into a nijrn Uourt .npeacnment ror the trial of Judgt "eck of Missouri, for' Judicial tvrsnnv House of Representatives, on their i!'t appointW Mr. McDuffie of S. C. ' SiorrnndJudije Spencer of New 7r Mr Buchnnao end Mr. WicklifTe Kentucky, Managere, to conduct the pMcuuonof the Impeachment. The ""te gallery wacroJed toxcess ei "Peering to hear Mr. McDuffie', opening Iech. .But the Court adjaumed till the ooday followinfj.in consequence or the "n attendance of aome .of the witnesses, "htn the rl.y .rrivcd the gallery wa ?aln t"ded to overflowing When SL I 'offie r6se Prfound silence "'gned throughout tbe Senate chamber. Every lody leetted to listen itb treaty n stteotion, and none left ihelr tests m'il he stopped on the fint itj and con- luded on the nest. He occupied the floor for neatly its hours, end o able, t eloquent and o ciifte ipeerb I nettr befoie heard delivered I would not hare oeen In Judfe Peck's sead for any con lidertion whateter. He writhed in hit seat under the toiiu'e of Mr, Mr Duffle's uk'cr ittrctmt. The) li'.tle petty trsn, st Mr. McDuOia aptly called him, m,de et ersl motions to rise wheneter Sir, Me Pufr.6 bor down hrd npnn Mm, but the of Mr. McDuffie't Tiger efe turned foil upon bim, killed the effort, i!o .i inn, hi norror snn mitmeni, in hit I n'r' V' " ,n out rieoUiee ptf i list a freeman shall be A by poor, pitiful, insignificant little Judge for tellinR birri in a public ntwap.prr that he Rave an erroneou opinion is a damna He tyranny which a Turkish Aff would t"t dare exercUe, nor the fiultan aanrtinn without endanKerine hU authority. Dut v it ii practied in the Waited States where we boast of our freedom and inde pendeike. The Saage bnjle JudKe 4 J 0UfM ju"'r himself by pleading in his defence that Mr. Lswleis the in. jured party is not j citizm or the United St-tes! 0 ! how mortil,inK t American pride and humanity to reflect Iht such a monster was reared in the Inpand bosom of republican liotrty. This it acting up IOlhc.tmt of tb AUh nd ardrrtotin laws, and ere Jno Adams alive he munt be. proud of his disciple. Mr. Lawless is ry gemlemanif, intelligent man He naiiTeoi irrund end has ben in this COOTlTrj ffuTTeTn ofTlfteen r esrsT" I think m, ...I-., m w-, ,J5'J J I - session win oe tsken tip with he trui of this case and little or no other business will be done. The Northern mi mberi, "a his been r everif ime tfinced will make Jud Peck's rate a psrty question and aco.iit him. ShuM ha tM,i.. I ... ilije.a it.Ui. lea- wninitpnrr xmrfi-r lonni cnaracter which it will be difficult to wipe away. We have been politely furnished by Mr. Reeves, the Poat-Maater, with a lit of the rri vals and departures of the mails at, and from, thi place. We like tbe arrangement very well, with the exception of the Fayetteville, Hunts ill and C.Hinty.Line mails. The former paswa within a mile or two of the Post.OfR ;e at Jack- eon Hill. Davidwn county, without stopping at tit i o mat Foet-Office we tn ml doaen or two papers t inconsequence of the neWLSrraiigement. cur. aubacriber da not, now, et their Pp this is a great inconvenience r tmjllt be remedied with verv JJille eipevii evefy Thurlay : this is a great inconvenience to the people on bo h of those routes, inasmuch aaantheir tetters, papers, etc. arrive 'Here, on Mynhrrytr n crTWTOnlhTalTiouTd npi oe remeaieo. it would be just as easy for the contractors to lesve here on Monday aa on Thursday t For the kifonmtion.of oar readcrs we publish the fist above alluded to. ' arrivals. Time, Monday. nr.riRTCREs. Time. " MondavT anerm a r ora, y a. m Fayetteville, 9 a. m Sheriil's Ford. 12 noon Fayetteville, 3 p. m, Statesville, 12 noon lleigh, 11a.m. Salfm, p. ,t Sou hern, 2 p.m. r.hertiw, lap. m. Lincolnton, 2 p. m. Uncointon, It a. m Tuesday. Southern, 9 . m Tuesdaii. SUtesvtlle, 12 noon Saletu, JO a. m. Thursday. Rsleiprh. i p. m. Lincnlnton 11 a.m., Thursday. Salem, Raleigh, Fayetteville, 1 p.m 11 a. m 10 a. m Mncolnton, t p. m. Statesville, . 12 noou County-Line. 12 do Fayetteville, 3 p. m fa nt ville, " 1 2 noon Cheraw, II a. m. Southern, 9 a.m. Southern, t p. m. Hunttville, 11 a. m. 12 noon do do Friday. Stansvilie, County. Line, Salem, 10 a. m. Cheraw, 4 a. m Raleigh, 1. p m. In consequence of the e trrjngement the Carolinian will iVfuture be issued ftrt Saturday. By noticing the arrivals of the mails it wiil be taeHfeaek no atmalhere after Fi iday. until Monday, consequently we can have alTale" news in our piper by printing on Saturoy Is on Monday the mails not arriving here soon enough" on the latter day for us to insert any thing in our columns that we might receive, were we to publish on Monday: . ass wwaaowjjBt rot ti wsaTiB ctaoLiatAir, The Ediiora of that continent news paper, the Raleigh Register, and similar Prints, seem to chuckle yery much at w bat they call the inconsistency of the iloubeof Commons, io voting for the Roanoake Inlet . Resolutions, .'and then voting for Mr. Bynum's State right RtS0 utions. This only shows their ignorance of the subject. There is a very marked distinction between the right to open old Roanoake Inlet and the right to persue works of Internal Improvement within a State; and, tbo' these Sapient Editors may not chose, to see the difference, yet it is one, that JeSerson, Madison, and Monroe taw and tcted on; and it is one, that it ably pointed ou; in the last Mestsje of Cen. iickioa. Thi unlitttncy of tfc e I to vote, Is euiceptible of the itronireet pro,f,ind when leisure permit, I p.-ornw to show It, perbtpi not to the latisfaction or ihese Caetlleri, but to that of lbs unpie jtidiced reader. A Mtmhtr of tht Houte o Common - r rea vssrsai ctaeuita. Sooty Carolina IWbDlLLS. 8-H0Ur7, and Fayette- fine aeaerte much praise for the mea- urea they are using, to drive eu of dr. ,.. -...vm.j .uuiiiuiV i0r mo. Mr called dueM: and mote e.Dcci.lIv a-...,..,. , .llJAaa.yauJ a Lll- ' ill .. it tney prrslst 1 . . ... mop natnef Will horoiiircTeirtsrsfaM trasn.DUt erchanire the want, bring into use silver, and copp in sufficient quantities to supply of the community. It is realy a matter of surprise that 8. Carolina due billa should have obtained such eitensive circulation in this State, when we recollect that, to ofcr them, or to.rve . totm, it prohibited by an By an act of Asmbly now in force, moreover senjec, to be prosecoud by pre.enm.ni or indictment. I. is.!aomSade the duty of the Superior anu vouniy couns io Rive tlie act In charge.-to the Giat.d Jurors, and to see mat it is properly executed. , . . . - - i Thia being the law.ol the land, the peo pi. .ho'ujd be .ware how they continue ? ' to receite and pay ou. South U.iolina or ftytiVtrwr t4iw - tiill. - iiAwr'k'ir.y,ifi4ir ....... ft 7 lua surcd that the law Irom tnis time far ward will be put in execution. The public need not be at a loss ho to get sdver. coin of the dcoormnation-of one dollar. If they can pet the notes of any of the local Bank he local Banks of the Stale, thry have y to call at the Branch were audi " , . " onl notes are p . y sblr, and receive tbe silver fir it tbere All these Banks now pro tcs to pay specie, and they dare not to refuse. If any of IhenTdo refuse; let Jb pe rson - so r !u d publish 4Je ae in ar.me Tierjipaper,arid..jibe reusl will fit'? be JCpes led Tt 0ruina have viciated he rurrenr nf i he S:a:e, and they should be made the in iTrnwiintr T"iTssa"1VTX"i.TiTjrrrjr' ,v,vv, iv bvuiiu iuiiui tlOft. - - - Reports ssy thai ome of the Bihks. are in the hsbir of eviding the payments "7 '"""I 'ZZZ , Z, -Z - - - - T their notes, foreis-n cnld rnina. nnkhntn Fi,.tj u uuriiiic io nr norjcri Q " ' to the people, and of course uncurrent: T fhisis infactfevidingthe law and every ... l n.Ianoa A llt.i .I....IJ ...LI! I I I ..... Wl, ,11UU1U ue in the p.pers. I' should also he remembered ihai h, - w ofihr fireien gold coins area leeal tender, and therefore the Banks, no more -' " I than individuals can offer them in pay- ment. . .:, . . .. . I will send you in time for your next paper a liat of such foreign coina aa are made a legal tender by the act of Con KR THE WlCSTKRil CAROLIIfli. OBITUARY. On Sunday, the 16th inst. in the Jersey cet. with christian fortttude, Mrs, Boiabha Uadm, wife of JeMe. .laden, In the 54th year of hTfri1!??! fTlh hu- band, and five children, with her Acquaintances, taflioure herjrreparab .n, perwn .bo rn. .da, bill, i .'. "I" l'4 'bo. Ho, , f,V gl mM. kinto i . I A.., ib iow. nira. iiaoen nu i m and mistress, she was kind, affectionate and In. duWtTher exemohTrv conduct in all r..nU,. was pious. AttenUve to her domestic concerns. u.-,!- ,k k.. she delighted to dwell in the boaom Of her tW sly r as a neighbor ahe was generous. t She ap. .TO'lSffia- L was no sinner la short her personal friends 1 . I . . " . 1. " I were many i her enemiea none. And let this feeble bodv fail, And let it faint or diet , My soul shall quit the mournful vale And soar to worlds on high. Shall join the disembodied saints, And findita long sought resti That only blin for which it panti ' In the redeemer's breast. In hope of that immortal crown I now the cross sustain, And gladly wonder up an j down,. And smile at toil and pain, I suffer on my three score years Till my deliver Come, ( , And wipe away his servants tears ' A id tske his exile home. O what : bath.. Jams bought for me " Before my .vanished eyes. Bivers of life divine 1 see ' 1 " And trees of paradise . ' ' - 1 see a world of rpirits bright ' - . Who taste tbe pleasures there. beeo, worihyber f iheBabt for tfpward. h twenty ,ca a. a wife, ffitej?! 1d to.helr . tUy ill are Robed lo spotless whito 'And eonjuerinf palms they bear. O what are all -ny suffering her If Ird thou count we meet , With that enrsptnred host to anpetf . And worship at thy feet, Wire J;v or gritt , r case or paia Take lite or friend's away . But let me Snl them all arain In that eternal day. 10 7 on Pridar erenlnjf the H'.h Mr,. Llvinia Swink, wife of Mr. George R 21 I' P"V'7 anectlon. bhe baa Wft .'".h 1 mUr bcr W i i. '-iiaaoew, wire W Col, Caswell IaAV6 hef ' awMaja.imBVt WfCtrtfrCfe' l...l-la .a . W 'K1 reiauona nave lost an aaao I them by theeharm ti.iw,rt, iete, endeared to ,mlLU :i:..T- r-n, gemi;,anueng.g,gt.ever impart to the lnd' trader. A Husband haa to mourn lionao, ,h, heart, and an infant ton twe d. old has to mourn the ahM-i,fii,.-,i.:-k 1. ' mourn the absence of that l.irk ..... I can return,- mother's lovei-a mnth.. MM r. , Tnxs MAiurirrs. aajujmuiu.'inn in seed, R4. clean L'i" '? 4' CT" " TO, beef 2 to 3, Ppldy 40. peach do 4J to 50, tallow 7 bTT."?, feStf' gl-W.. 9 W,' .Xy B r r L'harletttn, Jan. d.t( IIHMHMIIMl1 Cotton 9 10J, I?0"' ,V 5I-hi"key fll .35, bacon 7 B .am. II , 13, heir khidofb.gging It I. 23, 1 U a 55. corn An AR n(r.. , . ,,i J, . Jjwefo.,Unli billa, -.,-peP ttnt?iTxwnC' per Cent roiu- - As we have received no nn f,m r-.i Cher.- .,! rjmv, 'i ' ---- iuj wcea. we are nnahi. - ' iu quote me pncea current NEW YORK FANCY DHY GOODS STOKE. co iki n tjs i : n xi ii i. flHE Bubscr.bm have entered into Copart. 1 n57hiP uder " f A. G. & f. Coch. ran, and have taken the extensive premises. 132 Pearl Street, for the treettai J 1 Tn ' . Fancy Ury Good, buaine v a. u COCHRAN, IKKG COCHRAJT. fiem.Trk, Sept. 21., Id30. M-t r j . . I "d selection, co.TpruM the followinr artirlrt T " fMqr B,i,ib twte T-:.i7i:niT;:i,'fT-. r . . r-1 !' hi iNu.iiaiianMatnnpsimitauon. nainf .andrh.npe.W Blx. Col'd. and chanreab d w , T " j-igo. ao,.m urea vanely.,, 001 d'angeable, blk. and blue k. Mir Mi Illk ,rI? w L!r .V I 'IIIL.. " w.-w,w"ssrTFfsirw, Crape de Lyotw, plain and flirt! Mn!.!v w. ...jr..j " wi i lie iicwcni bivicl French Prints and Giiighama, and Foulard Mus. '"'l ins, pongees and many other rUcles for Udie. dreaei, aP'? ,nd nkT and Bandanna pi'alfield lldkfs, i sif ar i Groa de Naplea. Gauae and Cn. imvc. LTaTZ . : ; - , - - - - Bin, i miaT inn ax in nrnrri ini FanA a i: i niack and Colored Italian Cravats, Imitation do Buck, Beaver, Silk and llorsekin Cloves. ' Grosde Naples and Gauae Garniture Kibbona. Cap and Brit do. of the newest atylea, '-7 tr.&,M-4-i-Hese, Embroidered and Open work do. Linen Cambrica and Cambric Ifdk's. Black and -Colored" French" Crapei Worsted Barege; BrownCotepaly, Uc. Sewing Silk-, Twisti, Brsids, Fancy Buttons, They will also have an extensive assortment "A: " .7 Zr"?? Mot, f t . r I. !.. r .. . "."' Lace Veil, .nd shn.U tjul 7 . , 15 andKbe?. 8b.w, Corner and Merirnr 8 f J cl I. ... -" "He wr.n a eomptete asaort d 84. Thibet and Merino Merino Long Shawls, &c, A a & r. C. have selected iht.K i r , v - win, cfc will be on th3 bVZ "0r.r,i0nrrTlI wn,cn. ner tor sale at Io- Bric IZ 'Ll ff '"T MMI. l0 Prices fo SnvU. puTaX it0 . X " on the moat liberal terms, and most respect. 5 b P-? Wd with care "u nueiny. A'ev-rerk, Jan. J, 1831. 12t66 WAR DEPARTMENT, 1 Washington, Nov. 17. mo. mnton ash bwcbtv msto RKocurioff fMIHE many impositions which are attempted JL s in relation to lfcaloii ind, Bounty Land l 7. " WBW'"" apartment of War 10 estabhidi a regtilation, which declares that no attention will, in future, be given to applications f.-om persons: who act as Agents, unless they are known at the Department, or ere vouched for as respectable persons by some one who is known. , , Notice of this regulation is hereby given 1 and that all my be informed thereof, it hreqeesud that : publishers of the laws of tbe United Hates In the respective State1 win insert the same, on ibe'.-.jnt page of their respective tapers for rhree month. .. . By order of the Secretary of War. . J. L. EDWARDS, WILLI Aw (JORDON, f F,: t .Vri h Irsajnsy itd Ojre, HAVow.o,ucb jri.m .-.-xmncwruoooa, ma wey-oerieve la not wr. f ""wswj-for BfHK?iZ ju:: rTS ' i lOTtn loassed bv anv utliee in I n ill rnnntaw Jv as ' h """v" ann Jail ward and mike Mvm.nt .' a ... ' " f cllm, af sinst satje.Ufe.arf them duly authenticate.!, w.tlun ih ?f)r""1 jcritMMl by Uw, or lb notice witt JL T ?t bar of their recorrry. b H'! ' JINK Klino-r "z1' wm ioji in I i . t ... ItttiiitiVttX . Tiroms i)wk,s(ks rloi . Pf"rMM fie hZSA t Lower and Teml-.- V ' "Hed mZV'',, X P . 4 rt"M' h-l I ?",?VitdQ.t&,'! h" U Mti ,a deMr fi' , ',,onr I - . TAILOnitfd, ,ner naest faal,ioii raafimna, and mi -nd is nren.rl Prepared to make employ ai, or .venTr,8, ra nim to do work on tL i. ' wwt kind, of CtuZ Z ,hor,Mf '"". - ""!HJ tul of (armenta .n i. All done on tew modcr X l"riuent be hmtit oaneimm. estate of the UtJnhnai..l " " llalral.:. .. .1. How., coun-y, ar the Mr UmwT,! Cmntr Court of ttcwan. AlCJ,8; ;,f, tossiderata are herrbv r.,.l!. . " I'ldebir-I HHIboro 1W.F,, ' -SSfw ' Xfamtxeal sk, .atk-iaaw, Ptlon Qve y,a t ndiftg Ihe PeS t, . . . i ma ififii..i;..u - "".nun uaa now been In aur. ..i .'"".not wiih." -r7 nrwincaa tnal10 "i'.0 -S Jiff;-' ornamental braneh.. Ar p ,. "P"-ece to tbe Wterm ilZJ.u to all. i . . . ,,,r r,.c Two Teachers are IsW.Ul' ' . "'""""W and it is their JL'T wnl 'chooL argument, ..fJ bl". but PUnishm?' rA'P"'. "i himL th't LJ ri!PhLn','Bde,1i de ! h,,J,elb is so f.f , ea.c aiurniflisilaar sa ik wiiw m ems it proper to Sta'ei A.aie t t bim.' ly, ,7,;;; " ,0. nb, .ft upil e", -"' h "re, w,l ei,ber D9 ,.keI . "Xti I III. nm.n.T...i . . . - ...WW li.MMffT rr. ji" T w else n ael i -ti-:..i" L . . i -...ui, - r inv.M:.k. "v "m nim a n.ri-ni.i 1 r"Ci'ta and Cuarifi.'ni Ttmto( Tuih.if p.y.tIt , ld ranee i -l.ta vMrt-rar--- : 2,t iAr u. . " u. f Milril i. i.--?"'',. J S" i f ",Wr "W f Ptf ,f f 1 -neiwt 'rL--j-ii--r!--- - I - - I. Vl . Ifi.l w. f , " i DBQ tfj tilt hjtft T ' 'V ' at ' t I Pee at K W....I. r . m, of the ""ru an be had In t l.i.. inciuai.., g wood, cana cr'? tl N" C"'i" iourn.,' i aw isi 'Hi Time.. T. "TV ocate, . Wa.ln,,-ioii was ur r a jiuisir. in . . ,t" oore'ur times, and send ihei. . .7.1 ." win rieaso iiiaert line I l.un,.. a.r .L ""'UlllllB1 nry--- iwre-rem.U Semi 4t5r i be moderate i,.. nf ".1 T. " State of .Nirtli Uatuina, : Tones COCXTt. f " ..-Superior-Cmrt of Laic, r octoaaa tbrd. 18.M. three l?k. n J" Vb" f '! 0,,,'r,1 Mr WILLIAM StfOJFt , 'I proceed ftrtakf the dwrt i 7 " Hill and 19h days of Mawh h..i-.. " 1 - iy ot Btoaes, the depowtions of itirl . 1 - - mf "eno to cjrou examine if v. h , i9ecer-20iA, 1830. " Ev -W, . WiorCQurtofUw, - Tsnaf, 18J0. peanniMo the sati,rf.r;- .-r ' "? ' defendant Is not niSSSSuS ffJiTK fendant .ppe.r ,t he next fluperKJt ,0 b! held for Rowan county, at the rZZ Ti Salisbury, on the 2nd (I '"A "?".? ... uvicinucr next, an 2mt57 r in War.-h, A. O. uiJO. GlLE8,c.. c. . iIt tins am .. '... w7.r 'd P'f'S.I. ai.i.urr -vi'A ue...ur 10 saio petuton, or the aa ne w II be tali si pro confesao and hear exoarte. vt' ne J ","r 11,9 wia tvionda' -.";j- ii mat writs-

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