North Carolina Newspapers

1 -
Who it it "gen.le reader," who,
That labors hard to p'leaing yol
Hy Itilmj you a'J that' Wang and
-The Printer,
Who ll It brinjrs yml from afar,
Intelligence of Voody war,
Or fetti of om tmranrui tr ?
' - . The rrlrttr.
Who tetlt ymi of Ihe arWr 0 Slate,
YVhea ltg'Uum legislate.
And are engaged in warm debate f
Tho Printer.
ihe kntve and foo
AaJ kseus io sv.s the rty t-'
, The Pr'mte.
By whom i.'Jl that learning's t,
jlnd geniut to perfection brought
, 01 realer -y Y il
The Printer ?
' JSijr, ye who always '"i ,tno
How the concent of ntt'n.nt go
Wh do you fur that knot-We "e f
The Printer.
.More .VeN and Uta$
nJcunrrvLiuun r,
. A HK nn receiving and opening at thir
ii. Store in Salisbury, a driirshl stock of ,.
",V( 10 Style, Fancy and Staple
suited to then snd Winter trawim, pnrchsted
in Philadelphia and New York, of the taiest Fall
importation, which tie will aell at low a an
GOODS can be had In thi part of the country
Thttt respectfully invite their eutoii ra and
pul.lio general, loLcail and examine their as-
sortTteiit, hear prices, and judge lor i.'jm
then m exchange for fm. - - - f
N ll ll. -if I' have a lo' back of their
1 . t - ,
Kf'.MAINING io tlie Pott urnce t 8aiibury,
N. Carolina, on the lit January, 1831,
Daniel Hand
Billy D. .! '
James II. Hofman
I honas lU'cher
John Mjde " "
Allen Herniinghay 8 ;
John Hall
Juhn A'len, E.
W illiam Yi Andirson i
Georr; t Andrews
William Anderson
Davauli Bea
Itcnb Brown. Esq.
Mrin I) H itwick
tflcUel Hnkrr
John B. !Lard
Miciail (i a r r 3
Willxm lUrber
John A. Dackui
Nathaniel Br mjfhma'n
8pi-iicer nenm
rrai.c Hiilejf
R bt. Bndt)w
Mich' I Bkrr
r. Wm. 0 If. Jonea
II. C.J met a '
!!' Juttire
Juhn Y KebmanO
Kmd-rd Xxil.t
Lwlia Kemther
('iirmiian K. nef
"TCvid Kf-.ny '
.)..lili W Lid
O r l.'f I
KykH Sf Mcctum
I K5PF.CTPUI.LY inform the public
Ihey are now opening their fall ntpply ot
whleh will be found, at uil. large, Cuhionable
ud cheap ..... J.r- --.-.
SJlkx, Saftins,
nVtri 'ni BradleTdeed K.Ii Lii rr
'! riilinj to Town, with Hacks and Trough
convenient for hitching anil c4ing Horn.,
.WiiAwy, A'c-w. IO. - 4-ttf
Ye poritkit to cm tci!
SVho -nakn you Ohdoratand
Tli Tar on bich you lore lo dwell-
The Printer.
""TKo !Sno" caie iJimild ron JcTaf ,
(Tbooifh manv do from day to day)
With p'lac'uaiity to PAT
Tlie Printed,
Female School.
TWt'lV. uh;riler' ni aotanao acaooa.
1 furituiii tnc mile W IMK "',) -'pened dav fnt 'he receptli! of S'cli'iAara. Tefnii
bor I, lui'io'i, b w.Ut todstatior.ary foraira-
Jon of five montlia, 75 doJiaw. 6cinxar wm
be received at an. ienml y ib ewoo, and
T lf. anbicriber wihri to purchaxe d iri ig
the fall and winter a number of nurti.
fur which the nvm liberal prices will be
in ch. He will he fouoJ m 8alihurv at '
timet by thone wSo ih to call arfl ire h.m
Ail Itetrra aldretiel t.j hi 0 from a dintncr i l
he pfouijiU) attended to.
Suli$hnr9, Or. 26, 1MQ. 4.1 1
UN AW AY in May lai, a nero m 1 un.. 1
mm Jafob, l'iL33 yer olij, fivJi-t 1 t, n
inchrt nigh, very black, J'llci tpiiVin and
walk, bat a trar on hit lift lr. Any ptr
delivering him to me near ShIs'mim, a 1 1 hr
paid or 821 if cui.K ird in any m'
U H him again. AKCH'D. : v it J I LK.
Janwirm l,u 1SJ1. Si"
N. U. The Editor or the Newbem Knii.,r
will .lre insert the t'nive tour timet nl
Jor ward hii account Xo -thia Oflice.
rovva cncirr.
Xovcmber Snxioni, 1 830.
VF.FFCU.SUN ttOUKUSON and oih.ra w
01 negrori. lor uiainouiion. uo mouon 01 me
plaintiff by coin.K-l,and 1' appearing to til tat-
fet nm of -the -ri ha 'ie- -d-tendiMiU -aee-
Tbecourte of tin lu will be a compr iienive
ia enntiatent with a lh')rour IIMUUCtlon 10
- th mnf eweniial branchea.
Inalrudjop till he provided fiit auch at de
Mr it, in Mutic, Painting and the French
ttre al the otuai CSira chtrgea. 8i6t
January Zl 1831.
TtlE iubscrihen having qualified ai Execu
tor oTthehut vVlland l ettameot i,fJ, Ve
Ilargrave. decrated, at the Aufitt l enn of l
eidton cjumy court 18J0,hertDy give notice to
Bll peraum having clairm, debit, duet, or de
MklMlt airainat aaid ea ale, to preaent them for
BaymenV duly uthetlced wiMiin the time'
pretcrioei vr raw; wnni wm m K"-r
lei bar of their recovery
rAI pertont indTbtl to aald CtaU are re
not inhabllantt of thia Hair : Ordered Sy the
court that publication be nude in ihe Wriern
Croliitiun, pnblnlied io .SttlKboiy for mi week
for 'he defendant to appear at the neit ronr o'
plet and (Quarter ''ttiiint to be held for the
county nl K min, al the Court. Houir, in Salis
bury on the 3d Monday in Frbru y next, dien
and there to aner the taid pe ition, plead or
demur, or the tame will be taken pro cmfi sto.
and heard . i;ar'e 6 57 JNU (11LF.S, c. r
Qor?ted tfveom lorward and make pyat,a
tw indulgence can be K'JJ; . J -1 . ..
lHtrl.l. COCHTt.
: ; ; In Chancery r
fENRY BONE v. iM.o ne and olhera.
It appearing to the qrmrt that the defari.
dunta, William IVme, John Wain and Wile,
Artcin, am, Jotiaii Waanand Wjte, Margaret,
W'iilia n Baiker and Wife Susannah, William
MeOonald tin! Wife fcliaabt th, reaidc. without
th liraiti of the State, it U ihrrforc ordered,
that publication he nude for the tpane of six
Weekt in the Weern Carolinian, notifying aid
defendin'a to appear before the Judge ol our
Superior Cour. of Fruity to be hed for the
County of Iredell, at the Court-Moua in Slates
fille on the 4 h Mo.ulaj alter the 4ih Monday
f March. . 0. J83I. and answer, plea.l or de
the B)l will b beard ei parte and decree made
aceordingh. W'i'ntsa John Mutliat, Clerk and
Master of our snid Court at Office, the iih Moa
" " day af ir the -it b Mo4nIay of Septrrobe r," I" IF."
T 6 ST JOHN MPSUAT, t. at e.
November St ssions, 1830.
UF.L WAI.UCE t. John Bucki-Aiuch-
""'Tient' levied".' &C " On mrrtonr; andrrp'
P- r "K ta "'c wiliction ol tbe court, hat toe w not aninbahtfantxif :thia.Stat or.
dered by (he eor tht puhUoaiion he oiade in
the WetWti ( aruliman lor six Weeks that the
d'-fi ndnnt viippeir at the next court of pleat ani
Quarter Setwuna held. . fur tha -cuunty -oi
Kowan, at the Court-House in Stlmbury, on the
3d Monday in Pebntary nex; tHrrr and there to
plead or renley, otlierwu jutlg uent ill be
entered againtrxhim fjr the plinnrft demand
and cost. 6.r JM), (.ILKs. c c.
Ceoir I Mar ine
Di' t in Canipbell
Hi, i.'atible
tM. t."All
tl- i
Mrnh Cowtn
Jc it) C .bole
vtr C.iiigtiirnoiir
!l IJriii..n Ci?e
lime ''nan
11 ). t;;iicit
iVillmrr, t.'i.x
f.'lurinr L. Curothert
1-r II Caoipbcll
I (.'i') 'linr.y
h n ly
Dif.krna 2
1 1 iic- l)v'm
Jo'm I' Dunkin 7
V T.fP. ITuhlifl?
V. l O.girnett
I i')in 1'itmuket
I r ' h l. Dubbins
ilichal Henry or Wm.
1 1 -viirn L- F.Hhl
Mia Eli'ih Eihtrt S
Robert N. Fleming
JohiT FottV-
Dr. . L Fcrnrid
Rob. r W Ford
U'iliitm Fuhi
Mot , Fort
Joh.. Ful on
David F'-aley
Kdird Flanagan
ClurlrV I. 44-
It H P Uoodriche i
E'izheth Gibson
.loht, C Gowen, Esq.
Joveph Gordan
John 11. Comber
':hi'!rt Griffeth
Lennard Garver 2
i linima Huger
Uillit'n Henderson 2
J h'i C. Hampton
sindnrilla Hicks
inrr Harmon
Wm. ( Hodnon
SUU ol Xotth-CaruWuft,
.r..i.Supf fa-Court of Lam,
ocToasa TERM, 1830.
m'F.ANOR ROBERTS v$ Willum Roberta:
Ci fVtition for Divorce and Alimony. It is
- rd-red by the fjowrt in thit Caae that public.
t:on be made for three montha in the Weatern
"fjlThlttihtrind Yadjttw and Catawb JernaJ,
that the defendant appear at the next upcnor
r,inrt of Law. to be held for the county of
uXet.'ir'TTie'CoiirT-TrauW'ln taVrxUiHonV Oft
tbe third Monday after the fourth Monday of
March next, then and tnere to plead answer or
demur to the aaid petition, or the time will De
lakm nro contcvi and heard exparte. 3m 63
- fetaU of NorU-V3aTiUua,
Superior Court of Law,
I"tR.NCES ARNOLD wt. Jamea Arnold i Pe
y tition for Alimony. It is ordered by tbe
court in thit case, that publication be made, in
the Weatern Carolinian and Yadkin and Cataw
'' la Journal for three months, that the defehdant
. annear at the nejt Superior Court of Law, to
e held for tbe county of Stokjea, at the Court-
llom in Germaaton on the tniru aonoay alter
(he 4th Monday of March next, then and there
, o pleal answer or demur to the aaid petition,
- ar the aame will be taken pro confeaao and
V fceard expane. 3mt63 ,
feat i THOS T. ARMSTONG, tlk.
j Wvta Wanted. .
Ariberal price wili be giren, in cash, for dean
linen and cotton Rage. Apply 0
the 10th of September
last, from my plantation in
Jonet county, two negroes, one
named WASHINGTON, about
27 years of age. a very bright
mulatto, on, one of his hands
there is a scire ceioned by a
gin; be will change hit name
and endeavor to pa fora free man. The other
nnmed JOHN, a common mulatto, about 30
year of aire, very intelligent i he will probably
pan as the servant of Washington and change
hit name. A reward of 25 Dollars a ill be given
for the deh'vt ry of either in anv 1il. so that I
can get the.n. jamls la.mak.
October 6th. 4W
iCJ The Heorrian, Savannah ; the Teteav
cope, Columbia, S. C ; and Richmond Enqui
rer, are reoutsted to nublish the above weekly
until forbid, and ihen forward their accounts to
Ten WoWar'a VVwarA
R AN AWAY from heubcri
bc-r or wai kidnapped, a
negro woman named Jl'DE, who
was placed nn my farm in RiVan
connty, N. C. She ia about 3o
years of age, of the common color
--of - Tirvlef '"Oic'lr" airwrweH
built cif rather a sulky counten-
I anre tn'rK lipa. tnd ha fme of he
she has hkewiHe a snare long ways her nut
Ahp person apprehending said negro, and lodg
ing her in jail, to that 1 get her attain, or deliv
ering her at my residence in Cabarrus county,
shall receive ths above reward.
AW 8A, 1830. 4?tf
PS. Any person purchasing negroes had
betie' examine closely, since I am determined,
if ihe ban been kidnapped, to prosecute all con
cerned to the utmost extent of the law. I think
it mot than probable that she has gone towards
Lincol county or in that direction. . J. H.
Committed to JaW, r
IN Concurd, N. C. on Not. 'he 17th, a
negro boy by the name of BILL, about
34 years of age, dark complexion and 5
Jeet 6 inrhei high j laid 007 aa he be
longs' to Majt John BoUn of Richmond
county in ueorgia. J he .owner t re-
queated to come forward, prove proper
yvpay charges and take htm away.
i? ftH 8 ALB USBE;
llio" Lrdtorl
1) 0 'all ILi ,n
J ii. h l.inr.lurd
IV1.14 n doore i
C'.. io- I. Ur.t.all S
C"o . . '.icOonnaughey
h .1. 1 M, i r
II -1 1 ' y M a nor
J hn Mc t ie
M"trt Ne nor 2
WiIIuti Nesoi t
Allen ! N.-im
Mot. o (11 A-n
Francit Pmk on Pack
Arthur 8 1' ittrr
Jpteon I'htrebee
Jaoob Pool
W illiam Phelps
JtiFiui R. Pon J"
Saml. Peeler
Wilham Phillips
Charlet Pruden.
William Kobertafia
John Kivhie
H F Ribfson 2
John Ritchey
Eliaabeth Rnbley
Ma' hew S'eht-ntoo
Randolph Csler" " "
J hn Smitheel
Edard S;nart
Gerkind Sholenlarge r
E tjah SmalWood
Ca harine I. Hmitb
- Rhf.-ea Smth -
W i lit hi E. I'roy
F.icheriah Thomason
Dr. Jim t Wilton 2
Thonia Womack
Edum Wood
W ill.atn W i'liamton
t'hrrlea Woolner
I'et-r Walton
F.'iatbe'.h Williams
Jamct W anchop
Jesse W Walton
Fdm'd. W Wilkingt
Philip Yu;t
Ant lmn v Hatch
- S.iAWF.1 RRM'RS, P.-M.
ton, N
ANN(xo-thT-rrHrcrar Lineftm-
. Carolina, on IiC 1 of Jan. lBol.
E tj.iii Abernathy
Jacob AitHerholt
Wtltlam Ba idy
Joseph Boat
Ge.orge Baton
Joseph M. Brevard
Willard Bo)tlen
Robert Brown
ETrtiraim Bict
John H Baitinger' '
Henrv Cauble 2
John Coulter
Levi Carpenter
Henry Carpley
John ., Covington
Dtberah KudtTey
Eliaabeth Friday
Nichola Falkner
Adam r;t"er
William Fulenwider
Robert Falls
John Goodson
E. Graham 81 Co.
John W. Gaiit
Anthonv HaMman
Henry Hoke, ten.
Abner Hull
Michael I lager
Editors of Lincolton
" Paper
Daniel f.uti
. Major Michael . .
N-tcy Moonef
Vmreti Morrisa;
J ihn Moodv
Wary Ormond
Jimii Orr
J .hii Pollard
Jo.-liua Powel
Michael Quckel 3
Michael Sleep
Thonia- R-ixzel
Philip R11 tHSil 2
Johi' Heinhardt
Lvuia Reyn Idi
Petrr Stan.ev
Cac ain ?'ale
Daniel Sigman
Georjje beigle
George Sellers
John t ickers
Vtncmr Wood
Max wen Wilson f
"d)avid W hitstine 3
F.lish Weathers
Isaac Wells
Joshua Wilson
Isiac West.
Saliibur), Xsv ind, 1330.
aOONSTANI' km 1-1 imcik ana
V will, be given to a flrtl rate
TIX PU1TE Workman
of iteady and indulirioul habits, one who
accustomed to work on 1 inn- rt -iacnniri.
AVisaajry, Or'sAer, 1830 M
.Co'Uoa Un .MaUW, "
npllh rubtenbtr repectrully infornu tlnefiL
JL xena of Davidson, and tbe adjacent tt.
ti- a, that he continues to tarry on, at bit MKm
in Lexington, the business of Making COTTom
f UH . .1 . - .... f ... t . . .. '
equal io ny inaiiuiaciurea Ul tlie LllittJ
State! 1 indeed, his G'mi are prtferred t si
others, by those who haye tried theatt and
have found s ready tale throughout a latgt t.
tent of country, Hit prices shall be airtaton,
able aa at any other shop B the Soatberu
All orders will be promptls attended to. ..a '
Cint nnithed in the shortest postiblc time,
lirfHunng ol ('ins will os dnn oq tbe short. ,
. . ' - . . J . . Ik1. .... L . .
est nvt ce, and in the most substantial
bv the publib's bumble servant,
Uowrtt and loU ior Stte
1 1. iio r i. t u .. s- II r rent
ni ' our ai d lots in Htinls
Miirv 1- .ii'ilv, at 'Or "llitll i
Drd of the Yailkin. The limine 11
Siwenaij"v-"m S'tri cmvetnem . - it nse ngm
room, ix fi e places, and all 'he nrc sary on'
houes, such a ttables bar-', kitche , it--, dr.
wi'h a very fine well on ihe Jot. I'h aboie
h nite will tniwi r either hra tavern ordi ig
house. If told, tbe pat menu w 'I be ml' to
auitthe convenience pf the P'lrhtcr 'or r'lf-
chaers. A great bargain mav ne had 'be
ale of this property. H. -.ilis t-?in,' mc
cbasr Will apply to Peter (.' irga-noii, I q of
thtt place or to Col. Durreti.. hiig r fl ints
vilU or lo mvtelf not lar f.nm Si.-b try
Xavemher 1 3'A, 1 Vf. 4 f
Ca rrhgr-Jhtcing
til. srrit.-et having
,.ur haat-d .tie H141M .
Sh - and Iai of Mr. Da
vid Ke-tler, in the town of
Clitrlotti, N. (.'. nn ihe
t imlT 1 II Til -', 1
$;p&3 ne f ourt ll jutf. o,Nitite
Mr. Bu''on'tshop,reipct
fuflv inf .rnu) the citiaent of .Chariot e and the
adjacent counties, that he s preparing to com
mence the
Carrfagr nnuf.ittorn,
in all lis various br.m he, lie will be prepared
ia aahart Ume to. make, tu. ijrdert on. tiiort mi
tice, xuch a, - : -v. ..,.
Coacltrs, Ilirnucheg,
Phnetnnsr jrrsey H'aeons,
Gigs, punncl 5? slick, Sitlkeis.
tifr. bV.
All of which will He executed in the most rc tr-tn
Northern plan and atyle of orkmant!iip, on
the most reasonable Terms, to 'correspond with
the timet. He will be able in a short time t
procure the services of fir-TiTp jffjrkmen , hif
ma,iata arnrih h.-ilt rl l.Tt',-. ant n. imk r
will at aJJ-4TOeaJe.eixitd i:h or4H!iiHa'r, ...h.
-- , ' . It-clt J itepli, jr.
From an experience ot a least twHvr i-rar , . ',. '
i- ... . Krack.-.U Adams
Rfc'.f AtMNGtn the Post Office air text ng
on, N.C. on the 1st of January, 1831.
Sail) Adams
Jarret Ball -Frederick
Ezekiel Collett
Aiwtrew Cxoie, . . .
Hugh Cunningham
Heeebor uarr
Willis-n Davia
John T. Dodson
Willie Ellia
Philip Frank
Amos GregsOD
Isaac Gordy
Frederick Gova
Ransom Harris
William Hock
Amis Lambeth
Oliver Lambeth
Henry Lander
Pleasant Langly
Thomaa Lanier
Henry Lad ford -Charlotte-Love
James Mitchell
Jonathan Milla Peter M. Woods,
If aaid letters are not taken out before tbe
1st of April next, they will be sent to the fn.
era! Post Office as dead letters. . 3t;,5
Samuel Michael
Daniel Medlio
John Myers
Aham Owen
, --JialphJSckett.
Ginlfrey Rats
Caleb Smoot
Caty Spraket
C. Sappenfield
Will Stout
Suran Seers
Will Spurgin
Fred. Smiih
Jesse Seawell
Levis Tyre
Oldham Trotter
John H. Williams
D. Waggoner
Hiram Ward
Eliza Whitlow
Jonathan Ward
Thomas Willis
Boyd Wilson
in 'ns hie, ami mos atrto attention to busi let-
he flitters hi-nv-tf he will be enabled ' giv
entire satiafar.tion tu thoae who nu pairnuiv
R -pairs of every description will b dni e n
the shorUtt n-itle. and nns -i-nf mt t. r i)
. N. R. Will be uk.. 11 to tlie aoe bttine,,
an APPItr.NTICE BOY. on.- ilMi can come
well c i om"td-d to bf of t'eaih a d i--dii-
f KVIL subscribes being ahoui (J
to tell the plantation on which
he now lives lying in the Forks of
thi IwJ-.i- near Dutchman's Creek, flfleea
mih-s from Sslitbury, on the road leading froa,
thai place to Greaves' bridge. There n abont
2 i arret in the above plantation, all of ahick
i, firtt rate red land. There ia a good dwillinf
hou-t, out houses, orchard, Ike. on the prem-i.
Km- pert' n oithing to purchase the above land
cai have an opportunity of viewing the premise)
b calling on the suht riber who miy h
ti.)iet be found on the premises
.Vavemher 20iA, 1830. 4tf
A tVevi aMa Wovitt
raow rai.kioh to SAi.tasvar,
NPKK this arrangement, the stage tDss
ice a wtex, and tte
da.1., iicli t The aceoni-c filiation it jood,
Pasnr,gen - hr are trsvelliti(f" from Ralelgkts
Saiitburt , or I'ennetsee, or S,Hith of Salibgry, -will
find thin to be the nearest, cheapest inJ 1
mot' expeditious route West of Raleigh, ft. -Kngeuulioarci'avtllinffl-omSaJitowyNurta,.,
will h id this route, bv the aav of Raleigh isj
lVtt-nburg, to be the ncarett, cheapest tni
moM-eap-dttitm ru'e thst can re trmlteltf "'
the No'th, bv two dsvs. A paa-enijer ks
travels this rout from Nalitbury, by the way's?
RaUigh and Petersburg, to Washington Qy,
ill go it in five days, and will alecp three nightj
out of five til night. I
Tbt C .tractor will pledge hime!f to keep
firtt rate Mail Coactirt and good gentle horsrs
and (invert of the best kind ; and he will spars
ito pain in trying to render those who patipnitt
him. comfortable, and safe through hit route.
Pais ngers who are unacquainted with tbii
route, will secure scan by application at Mr. L
P Guion't Hotel, in Raleigh and at Mr. WilUa
H. Slaughter's Hotel, in Salisbury
The stage will leave Salibury every Wei. :
neatlay and SHuedatf.'st ll,' A" M: and arrlw te
RileVghtVery Thursday and Sunday, atf. fi Min
and 'will leave" Raleigh every Wednesday aal
Satorlay at r, Ar- Mr!j(f-tvarshVwiy
evert Thursday and Sunday at 7, P. M.
.W U(A, VSn. 25tf
F.M tl NINO in tbe Post Office at M)rrxl
S . ion. N. Caroliaa. on the JaoTlilkL
l-a-der JoUn
ir.irner John
trious habi't; tuch a 'he ae
may meet wilti good eucoiiu.
Ch 'U; Ore, 2)ih. 18J0
'f 15 r lb yrar,
e i;ent. i
EMAINING in ihe'Tosf oflT a Concord.
N Carolina, on lh.- 1st Jam-art., 1831.
Jac b H iston
Win fi.-ld G. Br-on
Nathaniel Benham
John Barringer
Joteph Rat
Philip Bamfieart
Mathias ( line
Dtvid Coulter
Jas. A Oallans
Jno. V Dry
Klijab Davis
Jaooh House -
Jno. Hay
Samuel Irwin
Thou. Irwin
Uriah S. Joans
H v, Jacob Ketnphor
John Long '
Mtthiaa Liticker
John Lassiter
Hugh S. J.-Alebs
Th-t. M -if ley 3
Jno. Mcl.ure
Jan. W. Morgan
John Newell
Nathsntel Petworth
Dr. VVm. Parham
John Polk '
f.onita Pbifer
Rn'ha I. RlPd
Elizabeth RtHlevrw
Rev. John Roeeaon
iiawiei itodger
Danl. R. Ridenhour
Nanev Steward
Hutfh Smith
Sanford G. Slayton
Dkiiiel Slough
Oeorge Ury
Jno Wilson
:"i aig Thos
C-M)l Saml.
Con let Jm. 3
''luef no P. John
fl',-v Heiiben
"nap Cnrtlcy
i- rison Ja 2.
Fiogland Jot ton of)
th. Rev James j
Fox Austin
'Ireen Thomas
Gluaebi onk John
iTat-per JameS
Higiw Mills
Hict Gi 'irge
Haw ki is Zach.
Hwuia .( ih
Kmtj- RflnweH- "
King B. George
- NwrdwcaT Auguit'ttf.
McKeuzie Alfred
Mttrpby Wilfis-
Norton K James
Owen Mary
Owens Clinton
Ontcn Saml.
Proffit n. J.
Raider David
Keiohart Andrew
Rice D.
Rust Elizabeth
Ramtey Bttuy
Spencer Sarah
fpsinhour 'Peter' 7"
Smtther Jesae
Turner Harrisoit
Walker Reuben
Wilheit Nancy L .
Henderson Wrr. Tw. D. Wagley Sally
Keller Martin Wi'hs Oscar
KincaiJ Arch. Willi K,mp P.
155 R. C. PEARSON,.' AC
Abram. Missenhimer o Sand. Wilhim
,3t3ii , . Jno.. Yeoman.
I) sroRKE, r
.VoAoagev o be Vut off.11
awatir XT . . i accounts ot Torret.ce, and
s t r .
Torrence & Co, are placed in the hand, I iTZT
r a . a . '
o. . . ... .orrence.ior collection, and I would h-i.k D Iallar
kdviae tboae intereaierl tn .n l- , - l 9-t-ry i. uaiiar
j . V . ,7 ' w.v" 01m wore ten
day. before May Court. A. TORRENCE .
April 17th. 1830. j5
txicvrto wit vnrmts v mtrrcn.
AT tUi UJfHC. i
Notice. ,
A fena!rMi" l,f.7,,n-P'P' at this
1 m. Office, at SvJ 50 ner rnm . r ....
8 and a few reams of wrappings the usual
F esry tlescription, neatly Printed, and
ept onstntlw fo, rtJe A -jri,
EM A I Nl NG in the Post Offit- at Statsfc.
ville, N. C. on the 1st of January, 18
William A. Lncke
Dr. Lemmou' ' '
William Miller
Ja,mes Mahan
1rlryJ'lvh(liai' -
David F Mo ire
lextl f"fiee itofti""-1
James McKitsie
Nancy Olcghant
Mrs. Amanda D- FbaK
8pencer Phillip
John Reynold
Stephen Rice j
Nincent Rrid '.
Ross Simontoil ; ?.
James Smith, B. C
RU in. oievenrumaw
Ann Summeri
Will'mm SummetJ
William Wtsson
Tboe. W. Wilton "
Iter. James WalltO ;
A..J. Wr.rke
Alexander C Lactev Robert TdUnff I .
John Browning
James C. Bmce
Dr. Thomat W. Belt
Richard Buxton "
R."5erT Briwn "
George Cohanhour
James tSarnga1
Ali lander Duking
William Ur.xan
Wm. II. Eilis
Allen Gill
James L. Hill 3
Richard Hall
Elisha Harris
Jamet Jones
Jas. James
Amos Jacobs
John Kitchen '
John LuCk
'(.Henry Lowery
icj6 IV. KERR, P. M
The Farvners1 & lnanttt5,
foh . ;
w utsv awUa) seal JVf UlC f-JCr . J m ") -
Price, per doxen, 75 cent 'Le,"
.Vie tMs ISW.- .. .
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