North Carolina Newspapers

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SEN TE. " ' "
." ' . y Tturtdny Jvi. 20
Tho h.H introduced on leve hr .Mi,
Benton, f Jr reducing the duties on Indian
lankets, w. rexithe second lime, and tf the Com-nii'e on I tliau Af
Vs. Mr. S1r,i(ioAirylid,f(Oin the
tjnarni'if e on Finance -to, whom the sut
Jeci hrttiee.i referred,, reported a bill tor
'the MuciImi' f th dtt'les on silk.
JrUi, raerficbr.s.'prrfuHi s. fcc. which
vasread and ordered to second reading.
... : "fun ihc.liiKh Court of Impeacbraeiii
t fMliHrti -f JudW Pet k was o ed.
iwM horiti es tiv bis defiTrwvoMttd
until the rl ti of hp titting-of the Court,
half pusr 3 o'clock.' '
' ' t'riduy, Jan. 21. .
f Petitions were presented by Messrs.
Rubles, fiiuudy, and 5nford jand reo-
. I at tons were bliuiluced tv Messrs. Hen
dricki, and .Hobinson. The bill making
en approprjaihii for curnprnsatiofj the
M.rsbata.nil wiinrsats. attending ihe
" ef Jiidc P.ik. was ordered to be en
fpissed for a third re a Jin and at
SU'neqiiin f.eriod oflt.e dv, was read
the third iime and paased. .The biil 'mr
king pviprjjij fr the support of
revofu'ion ry and invalid pensioner, foi
the year I83j. ;h also oideicd to a third
; IMAfiCPs.,.r,IMCMlS.- 8.4nitt4ti
,. the usual kind ( ouiineas, the Senate, a
.. 12 'Alotk, resoUrdMiS' !f bio i High
Ciuri of IinpcachrtiMH, for the trial of
,. Jude Pek When Mr ' Mi.ri!i,h eon
" tinued his ab'e argument' in favor of (he
;i ' respondent. Tneroun ihc-n, at hail past
3 o'clock, .ij turned. Mr Mrrediih wi!f
.:. -.. ......... .
nil prcumcut nmsn iut argument to-
' xoorrow
. .' . Saturday, Jan 32
"The Srrtare fiVr ' lii'ig on tieveri prt
vsie hilit 4t6 petitions, tone'hrr with the
fcilf"ti6in the ll.'ius in relation to the
DilfttKc of memoer of Con(-iet, and
dr,p t!)j thr tesolu'inns suhmm. d on
di k, re-.(ltd itrl in'o a lliin Coun
" Y of impenchniciit Tor the trial of Juttp
Prikiund- Mr., Meredith at ibout one
a o'lo-k, it;tvii( concluded hissrumnt
- in lor of the repondent, Mr. Wirt
comnienccd hit irttrntnt the Same
- sidf,nd cantintifd until the Court rtJ
journed. Mr Wirt will,-of course, ic
i, iurae hit argument on Monday
V. . " Monday, Jan 24.
s "The Senate, nftrr ir'tivinjr petitions
' and rf ports" of commir'ris, rirfcrrd to
the Commiitee. m Vmi- (tri-ts arid Prpst
; " ' "'i;
unif 4.. . ..1. I .k. .!
. . " . i;yi.;: :r;: r
' pemnirof tne Hiirh t--,gt of intpcach
men' for the trial of Judjje Frk, Mr.
-1 Wirf -mam !' his -arSuWe"fit"ThTivoVot'
tne respooof ni, and lominued umil thrre
oMork) when. i hout hia having nw-
.....flL'diii. C
-wvlt tiHiTiftue'trfS arframertt to 'Tn'orfowr'
Tuesday, Jan. 25.
A otriinuniraiioi. wt revived' fiom
the Prfsid-ii' ol the Uuiivd 8t.V!t. in re
lation to 'r proteciion ot our tur '.t adi ,
nd the aff ttws of the Hudson B v Cin
pnv ; winch, on the ntoiioit oXMr. Ben i
ton, warfer.xd 10 ihe. Committee ou
: Alili art AtTaira A Intnl.' the nrittint...
, presented, were twofrom Ouband M..ine,
. flavin that the transport jtton of The mad
on thf, Sibtutn muv he alolUhed by law
. Tor llhrh Court of Impe-chmein fot the
trial of J art a;e. Peck was occ upied dating
thV'remantrier of tnTa'syliThe "able
- nr-elot(urntartrttmmt of - Air- W'rrr; in
faknr of tbe-Jtiv o'clock ,
- Mr Wirt having concluded, the Court ad
journed. ." Wtdnctday, Jan. 26
. After Ihe usual business of presrnur,
pf ii ions, memoi iah, bills, 4J. ., the fol
Joiik bills were passed: TiebillMo
eitin and rnark the boundary line b.
and the Territory of Florida ihe bill for
relinquishinR certuin lands io Alabama
for the construction of a rnui . un ih-
-STsfftnea! A"l w lor It -1 be Scnat8,"'a 5
Iligh Oourt ol Impeachment, proceed
. cd with the trial of Jude Peck, Mr.
fitorn, of New Yprk,onetf 'he msnaers
: ,- cn 'he part of the House of R presents
tives. '(idresstd the Court till thrt hour of
adjourhment, without concluding, in an
' - injre'if and ima'essie smcrh. nnri
ated his rspectation to conclude his ar
rjument this by. t
HOUSE OP RfifRE-SENTATIVtS , ....... rVt ... ....... '
' , . , anuraouy, jun. 20.
In- the f!use''tiff1tepretwainTt;i' Mr.
ILll.iom tht, Committee on Public lis-prnoiiure-,
reporttd a hill to establish a
uniform rule for rompuiing the mileage
of me ni be is ol Congies .Mr Cnilion
moved in anienclinent that the allii .ny..
. ......... . ' " M..V V
be reduced io mi dollars per diem, and!
a r7.. - . .nu
to the same sum pt travelling eipensea
tor i scry '"'twenty mile'' The ainentf
"uwf "i i advocated hyTVI u Ciilton , and
-Mr. V nci, "aid .opposi d by .Ml Speight
fjwTMr, Carsoiif r, Chiltca (gaioad
drc .se.1 Tie hu',9 on (be su'-ject, am)
Mr Carson rented, after adv..iini to an
erroneous staiement as t'othe dis'sncrs
of the residences of membirs.calUd f-t
the p-erioui qitesiion. mtHcn being
tain-d, ihe,.biU wt reid tice,' and or
fared lobe enRro)ied for thitd reitdin
io morrow. , lr. Cuy, f,o.n.tla Cm
mjttce on Public Um U, rfAoncd bill
for the relief of WiIiiLm S-nith j which
ws read twice, nd toitwei to Com
rhittftd to s Comrohtce of the Vhole.
Mr Johrivm, of ICeriiutky, reported u bill
reducing into our M the eerl rte
latife t'i tiio 1W. 6tSr. D
which- w re ,(1 firit ,iod e tn1 time.l
Whole. The
A, ... .1 . . . i .j - ' .
vui. en 4 jasei M.4U(!UMoptdii'jw
res il'jiion, ol Mr Potter on the Mibjei
of the.iranacii,j!),of -he Bank of in
L jilted Stei (or th fCt 1830, was liKe'
whe agreed to. - Afr be pieeota ion
of vaiiau mediations, the Hou, on tn .
tton of Mr Hjynev wrnt into a Commit
e ot the Whola, iin ' proceeded to the
Sriute tonttend she trial of the in:p ach
neni of J(1j:e ', kj r 4 oVlo- t tnr
returned, aud iba IKiu-e idjuutned
. ' ' Frldai. Jan. 31.-
Tho rco!uiion Of Mr. Leipet, railing
upotrthc Po,tmaster Oener .1 to comrtiu'
nicaic tnc cueof.the irregularity in i it,
receipt of tne mail, -nd tCi lit i kirvs
mean for prefntiri the rrruue"ce r.f
xuro aciaf - m lU'uie, wa iVik
lopstd Mr. Dr.yion suonrn
.ken- otW,
'' d . m ho
lutlOO on Hie HUbiccI nf in rn ns. ,
ihe fidd,inta!r, and toinpirif '..Tt trV, .(
..u.. .r o
viir.vni-ea oiate- army ; hic;i wan, i-i
accordance iih"the rules of the H uv.
Itd upon ihe table for o." ,v Tm
SM4k prttteu'erl .tr the M ifi .v i h. f ry
I'l-iu,; commniucationv: In.m 'hr Stc
rttaiy of the Treasury. i;i.rrLtinn ...
u ! i t at ion shyr; m wrjt , "o cfe? d j
' oe printed; fr0.n m, s. ret, (f
"r. aa..ihe. auhj t .f t i--C1SC- 0f tn
cotpsof TopoKraphir,lE iriecs, ai,i,-o
a- rrfcrred to toe Comini et on
larv AiTairi; and fiorn ihfl Sllm. l),-n.n
House, as to the expediency .,f
the number of the (4Ti ea i of ihe armv,
which was -imilarlv n.minitted. Tue
bill to -stablish a 'iniform rule for thr
compu'atioii -,f the mileaKe .liowance to
m miir . LoirrsH, was read a third
-me ana pis,.(. Alter the llotne had
ucied upon ,riou. p.iw.te hills, thr joint
resolution on (he bubjet of competua
uon to memoeis, was taken up and r"u
russcd (ill the close of ihe hour. TV
fl use then ent inio Committee s
) MIaZ:: Mr. .Xt min in the Cn air, ur.d
)fiweedel to the Senate to. att.nd thr
. pnM'eeuect i0 the
,n ? n; Juit .r mmt at
t ttf4 Mrtirir-;"-;. ..-m-L- a :t i - 1
tnd thr Houss adjourned till itas""d"jV at
1 He Sneaker nrrunn-H m .h. it
... l ' w viusr.
hi lu preseniativei a communicmiun trum
, ,v :Cauiy, in leplV
to a reablu'ion rallin IV Tftr infirm ..
eir.TMtes o.iik rtutitiK tne year I83J.
Oa motion of Mr. iVter, who offcted
the resolution, the communication was
laid on the tuble, and oidcied to be p in
trd. Thc Speaker e,Uo piescott d certain
rrsoluti-atis from the Liilalure of North
Caiolina. on ihe subject of Roanoke in
In; whichr-on motion of Mr Sp, Rht,
were refened to the Committee oo Com
rnerce. 'A 'memorial from numerous
ci'is. ns of the State of Onio, prasins or
revision of the t.rifl. w4S likewi,e me
. iT r--."---T""Twna ttlcrTCa 10
oHeuujr .ine jpeakee, and referred io
Hmev "aftrr thK-idoolT6WorvanoVT'
lu bS, iook up the joint resolution on
the suoj?rt ol the compensation of mim
ber? ol CoiiRras; which was di uss, d
hv Messrs. D amon, Sutherland, llasi!,
n hi-tlene'y, C.iil:on. -ml Carson, until the
close of the hour. The House ih-n uro
re.led in a Lommii'ee of the Wool.
In the II mse ol Ktpiesentailves, Mr
Shields, from the committee on the suo
jeet, reported several bills as having oeen
correctly enrolled. Upwards of TO pc,j
tbns nd memorials were presented and
referred to the appropriate committees.
Letcher Rave notice, that on Monday
nest he should call up the bill for the re
Pairoffhe Cumberland Vnsd W. A ...!
ft! , r ,. .... ivis,
of boulh Carolina,' Irom the' Committee
on the Judiciary, reported a bill to repeal
.the 2Slh serlinn nf an i ... ..: ... .,
Judicial Courts or the United ies,
passed in the year ft9. Mr. bddridee
moved to reject the bill ' and Mr Buch
anan stated that he had a counter tepon
to present Irom the minority of the com
mlitee. Before, however, either- part of
e suojeci was acted uporrthe hour ex
!Usuiuuib iiouse, or motion of Mr.
."- Jn!'f .Commiitee of the
proteeded to attend the trial of Judjje
Peck v-At baf past 9 ot lutittief ie
totacdj aud the Cbsirman reported pro-
Rressj sDer wticb thell?use, metloti
of.M', Uyneidpurnrd u'nii II oMock
lor norrow. . ; :
.. Tueiduy, Tan. $$.
,;The bill from he Sviine fi ihe com
pfntiuon of the wnnsiset nd others i
tending ijie tr'ul of Judge Peek. ws rd
tic' .id refo'rcil to t fie Committee on
the Ju'ticiirr. NumeRout other r.ill
from the Senate vere alo pitted throng'
the prfrlimin-f Mges ol li-U'ion. A
mji(re rectied from fie Prcid- ns
irinvrai'ting an intereiinj; rrp- fro.n
tie Board of Intptci6r of th Penirvn
uri of the Dim mi oCoiumoi. rrrpcCt-
th"iutf HiH'rinttifhm etr 1
reicrrr i io thr C.mmi ie on tlr
. v. ..,,,, . ifrin m i a )crip:ion on
the p.rt if C.mi,.:. ,. n , p.-opic.l er
eo'fpe edition, of iie i.tH .tsifte Ui-d
8 le j wot b .,-4,i rhrim of M.
r .wlor, coot nit id to 'j fan mice of
tne lt4t, f, m d tne.orJer"o!
the day to tomorrw. T rt- bi.l refirt
el on M in.l.jr oy 'Mr. D.i, of S ,. 1,
C r di'lai I dm the' Curn nsn .f in l.
,r 0 P- ne 11 u y fi h -r i ,n
oi"ie ar. . sahluhilh: aurficialC o ,
"f l.c tmwi, piH in ti.eyerira9,;
'i o is the one providing thai a juduent
or dertee'of the idhcsi court - ut' oj:
. wuiwiiimi
equity in state, upon a question tnvol?
or Br. au-hori y exercised under, the Unit
rd S.,te .' m .v be re examined nd re
- ersed, or ffi m d, h the Sunreme
""rsed, or ffi m H. hv a
A 1. animated discussion ennued
'! imp irtai'.j qu ,!ion, which ron
lllllil t hr 1 -tnta iK . S.I . . .
urtoo im
Jinu d until on cfpse of the hour ; M
D diirL'e. Buch M r-;..
-Tm5tyrtie. Arrhrr, Witktilf, and
KlUwnrrh. m.u.. .11. ..I.I... .
r. .I J L":."."."
tin on the anbirt. Mr Thr.. ,.r
K n uckv, had men to .peak upon -he
n , i ' h ST. 10 ,?rak Hr
q. s i m, when the debate wa, aneated .s
V--xpirati ,n of ii,V .Ibted lime. TuK
I -use at ISo'cliKk. wrist, on n,,-;, ,. .a
M'-. tJtr, into Cbmmifee of 'hr
Whole. M . M nin III lh Ph-ir un.l n...
c . ft tl to 'he Sf rt el;.'.':.ihbrrTo"aTu
'he 'talofthe impearnmen . A 4MoK
(ey leiurnd and rr ported .rj the
Hon se adjourned.
cnetaay, Jan. 25.
AT er the USUal Uli-itn aiii-i i ri...
iir . . . . .
- . .....j,
the Speakrr submitted a meinoi'i.l from
. u. . ..i.aue,pn.i paving
lor a, .tton of the tartrT du irs
iron ; whir.h, ,t a subsrqu.ul p riod of
WhiCh Mess's. SUeiH. R.n,,. M nf
JrT. M ilwvTMffleCiU r:JTefr
'i-'on, Bo-Uou., of V. H.ll ' ."r- "f throuin? the tUk .,
participated, nf(,,t,1iTnj.ci7TCfrred:Mnm 'hwme colours. .sm irf r-
. mic vy.ifnnittiee on the
Do rict ol Columbia, imported a bill for
.Vif.rtofA .spt.r.dA..dauuiartiHfjwcr
Wnb.n the D,s:ri,t, which syas read
LmZ r rhof,V of G, o.Ku,
durTbilt for the bruet orin oi
he m.l.'Uof the Uivric wtth was and second tiim, and m -de
he special order fp, ,t!a,Ocxt. Af.r
:he transaction of s nu further busing.
thr House, as heretofore, a.-eoded. i,
Coinmi iee the trial of Juat P k ; d
on reiuming, at bait p4. three o'cb k-
.g resoluti-n amongst . number ..l'V, have ! i , tZT'
. I, r pu'niv. meet.
liririiom? i'imi- T-ii' .7 .. . i . "
TioWelimTTiiT.- It,; "
to us to embody, with beautiful precis-
.on and clearness, the fundame-.t-l
principles of free government, on
which alone it can exist acn.rrV, ...
permanei.tly. The resob io.. wa, rr.
...n .uvn ituzaiC.
R&olccd, That knowledge anrf"!
-j- ---...,.,, r -m
P"hc ttnertv and private hap.
ing that ign rran. c .s the nrolific Parent
of and error, leading ,0 ruin,
wc hold it nr.mer that a l,A. ; .... i..ti. .
ayaicm anoaa Ue devised a.od
cm .no. id he r v ..J ...1
carried into effect, by .which every child
born in the Republic should be afl, d-
ed the opporiuiiiiv of receiving at least
a good elementary educati ., that all
m h. .n.Kl.,l ... i. . V . "
may be enabled- to know the Xht. T Ul
SCau the proceedingsf W to whcmTT-"--'" Cbh
ther delegate nn.rr. rs k-.. j T 1 r,'r Xar.s and v. r.... .. .
. T 7 "-"""' measure, svhich
, miact, the money of the ,iep!r -Bnd m b ttw,mit,
and thuri. U .,. .:...,- "..,,na t tt! hot . . ,
Mti u intelligent VttriU
f and eplightened judgment tni.
puue an tiis. se, urirgabat
suujary rtspor.stbilitv to the . people
on tr,e part of tl eSr ScrvantX
u suC pari or if eir servants, which
is me suai prin ip e that sustains the U
.-r..... -iv .,1 si u presrrws !
rtsr jt'irin at-ar rn a.
HEVIh W.' (Concluded;)
A (evdira before the lejiimre arficnirned
""Cb of the time at)d tlrntion of ihe membf r
; was axiipiea iat -the cwwaidr tation of , eeveral
..I- a ...
aomicai r soiutiunt. boffiA of ihrve r.iliiii,....
noo. out Wers amt att4 ujwo until mar its cW
Being arnaibleofibe rrputr'tanccof tbe meaibcm
to engine in the conwdewiion uf any aubjtct o!
moment, at auch a peri-ad, im1 being deeply iin
ptKue with the in.Knnce of malty of thr
re-a!otHn e rry much regret that their con
federation at dtmyed to so la'c a
B f ire ctottn,; tins reicw, w- will revert to
s vme of the resolutions, which e bt:f..r.
- wruieed, anJ sill before our readers sue!
tlu. bf-eesra, our attention :
.V- 5.-. -aWii..-.Thea r,lution.
i,;f d. umim U .t.-
rt i
'' ' 'he p.rr autii d by the tirM-rl ;.,
ernnwnt of puraun.g works of interna! iniprov .
mema 10 thr trrnt. ry of thr individual Statrs.
? V " p e ,n con"""
V , " "j f''v nf the "P1" "f N,,p"
1 - .ere 10 1, not only unjua'aedat.
j ri'n Prtil s..lts h0 that it i a
,"r"H' 'i'dation of the coitct enterrd into
' bv th Rlt- Ut:. . : .1
. ' b the States. Brtj, Ywg -hus. r w. rr truly
; tTfi-ft t it , U, .
' fco.wwhos.irp r-ediheww.h,ti-,n. Thrvh.v-
' .1. . . . ' 1 ",T
i'".' ??: th-rd-trrwiratitmtn putalliU
' .. r . ... .
-hr. ,h;,H. ,hr, r...,. ,,Tv:
h. h,s rouM
wm,U..m l. w
fall their c. .
7ti of ri(n
.Xata witl,, h , .' -. ,
8 Wi-ntv. O- ' arni,nrn- ,.o .1 ....
, - " J '
.- -w or iw non it.
1 . ... " r
u . ., .. . :
... - h u. on i"n.n.r, I....I.-
J n.-i r r; M.nv p,. irry
"n.-osd i hr -.!;.. .. k . ....
" "
- r- v. .., ii-i,rrpnt ad.limnT..
"'." r to ...ort . no.-sut.rite .bt
P-""n.-.r r t,np , . ,
th, i,. j.Pkn m(. . ' eVrvd TW ' 7"
.. - . Ue sw.ttbnir.rf
- ire inruduced, w rr
'Tcrv """"i-'bc wM umlerthe tortur.
- by -1" iE '&"& -to-thw airwiv
f if mc"';-v rvrn.U!! j,..,,,!
! ion ..he reuti-ni-the, j;n, Ulon. h'..,.
;hst the .SZlT77
- friends of ,V adonis, "5,, C S s
isa -W M-a'is I T S HcU
; " " h T
,h , j 1 " 4 ,l"io" "'5
' -work's vUnug
c"m','',l d ,0 f- H a wan .
' . y al...n..e1 b -he true
, . "C .Kit
f-.-d. ir -he irts,,, ,(,m;!r.,4.;,(! aiiJ w
. he that thio wh hrsd tti .HI .....I.
now i n-tn 1Viofn
"T"" "," '"" "
" ....r --wsw
Mr It. mm is ;,! t0 bPlIMe .
ere, f,r ,;, .s!? m4BW il( 7'
d hia r .JU l , H J., r'T"
acr uh,,M,. h., '' .. . " "d ,he ch
; Mr k,. .......
-v Kicm-ontu n;oie than , e 4., j j-j j '
' nM dMiketometai..,, th-,. r I'4 "
-'v ui ja r-lllli I
""?""' t"'hshad l.i,,.ne Dl,.H
f" h r. c to'ihem.
Ifl "r kr : i"- amendment,
Unallv .ltcd
lontv. nino An'. ...: .
' s . Rsi them The
' - "'"J 'incr ,., .
, Cum'nons '") bv-thi- vote we'l '
" ttpon Mp lir' reeolatbn! pVov-'l 5
il?' ' rrpoicd in hy h-
'. , ' .. 'W K: ,,f con.t-J.aUon !
Pn that wiW. - t-! . :, --'Wton
JC,!.?S:: b' !-purauw W.fctwK, .
,bth'o'her S,,os ...''".altnti,
enrmi ,r .1 .7 u "mei the
eoremmmr .! 'ne ett4ir ,
Jbt tW tfMu,rf.,y rZL0' utbn
Ucredim., r hoe
i t thew,
. M. ff ,nm- rtwd.
.. fftaw-A fev t!lw.
.. . -ma ur. m. n- .
Jar.isau, to ulitV Sir. f".i.,:tw ,
.-"-"icituiug lum jMr (,
Prekncy, Licb was not adopted. Mr
anil, and ntiicr, 0f the ame CcnilJ ,l
the same time, ahewn their ignorance 7 i'
aentiments of the people of North Cr
einpKM l masi, - that s drowlw N
will ,eatch at .,r,w ,ty ,rliti J
sole a ant of confidence tont th '
already deluded Cl.y,the hope ,ht tbe pJ".0
this state will sole for him at the htVle ,
No state in the Union, la more wW(nl
.. the ptinciple. which lava been ,h,
and a the nest election her oie sii u'
h4'-4hf kw vlerfwthii'- T'r." 'r-'
. " constituents) ought to hatm ,...a-r . .W
amemlment. Some of them said, bowm.
hough friemliy toihe a3min,st' lbey .tTj-
uC. a remmenjation too premtutf oth"'
saiS that it was . matter in h Lich the Ler ?
ore had no right tu iMerfi re. and uthtr, 1
ia.d it louked too much like caucusing jv
reaaoosof tbemUcs, were enough t'kiuj
a-nendmem, but we hav. heard another,
v, WonhJ even rmbfy J. u. Pu..! ,
notwiibaindii.(r .he vote which was then ei,
that Nurtb ( Btl lilltlB in Sri ill at.. si Gwa,
.n.utra1,.)i.,-,t , ,hQl th- re.,.1,,,;,... .
the ame.,d,,.eni Were referred to aeum!... ' .
fit'e.-lhree ufwlirun n j . ..
- , " ",-'s"n'-aiQinei!i,lJ4.
i all these the i'fl. 1I..1 i,.. . .
uuiil just ... the LegUiamre was ah,, J
and we rAnfc the m,t atubborn wiH
,he tJ people of this state .re,,,
IMted to the present administratis tT
'irti.1 entlmsasiic of Mr. L'lav's .-n
give up all hope, that Nwth ,
vote for t,m.
In cond.ulinjr we !!! hbserve that r.-,v.
viBJt Ui I
trrt var,M, ol subject, al.ich hat, wise ssfa J
.Mir reVir ,Tf ii-rfittutal .0 brliereVihit hsW 1
u!)on ''t!,e.or 1!'' . diff". red with, our frfe
ri.i. we 'rust, will crt-a t niidilTerni.i.
y..m, and tat.
Mr tipita our MpmuH.s nj oi. eacki
Wa U'ill w.i,
ne im .ail ut.n ...
r.. .
r. ...... . HMet ,1,e c'' h.,v
ii .rifta. rsiir tniiun.. .... i - ...
i . 0 ...g ii uiinir on imR!.
f ibr cue between the commonwealth of
urK,a..;Ki tue Indian, we cannot vnaeMaks
'o any opi.,in llp0ll , jU4,ice of fcpj
"' l,'e e'nce and exerutiun W.
to a.i.i..e arf see how far the buts'tf
..c.rK,a v1(,la.,.tl ,hs conatitntion. ir, nm,. "
wiih the rcur,onqfsiiiii.frft
UueJ by the Chit I Justice (,f the l nited SUUs
me ease tip before ht; SuureiuiiSS'
nr.dfr the aU, ' " ' "
W "" K i. m!' cither lo detersj
whether this wai 4 fttis. 0Vtr bicb fc
Prem!1.Cj M-wty jttriarfktion,- s.ul tbeitw
if a, within -.he spin; .,.d aie,,.:.,- llf ,h. .
darour tu s!ew.lUttUe- rat of
tfV 'hecita.ion of (he Prdcral justice was M
a violation nf the coi.s'Cuibf.. CwrgTsfiaii
tiuss .10 other Snuihern Statu, at h-ast) 2
ncv.-r permit t,c jr-ncra! Kovernment hy treaty
"r oM.crwis,- to e-ect a a.n rein and imJepr
-li nate tt.thin her borders, violating in poai.
tire tf rnu that provision or the constilutiMul
cmpac.t which d.rl,res that - no gaveTni6r
l'i i be crrcttri within a ov-rr.merit. Tib
j b. n.jj sound conhtitiiiu.iul doctrine, denied b
m" M"Vev'n lhc wildM enthiiMasts in fsrotr
fi;n'rr'i..,.?, Jhe limi-s of jhfttsr
lii'.-.ria (nie:minrf to include tbst upoa wbkd
he Ituliar.i reside whin), ruuhl, by possibilitv,
j a- lar a s-a:e is concerned, make a cut
liuel) as that ttmch we have admitted, icrifftt.
" sake, to belonp tn the j-irisdictioa oftke
ti'a', we
iil not pretend to determine).
occur the ..nits of that State. lbea2V
bt'tn rnp-w,Jib'Le, onder lhc cur.s'itution, tlit
rase like the ..e made put by thjs liidian
occur, Gr-ornu has not, and-cannot violate tbs
.i..e.m: :w (, t ie ,n ... .,
r"a'i0" nfth "''ef audio deteriiuwsj'
to ,,roce,-d ' 0It"cl,ft' jod-meutofber sts
Pli-C""H' " ' of u,e ld.-ral jmje to smp. J
ttt ' c ,,,,r:1"v Mwiing. Thr ft '
R . . ,. v :
T WUpo1
tlie Sutl
has im, bvOnws vJ. '
nern Stauk that
lia . Iit(Iiir I't
. .,. -fll j f aiiutva"!""-- ,
ji.risitiction over any'lan k in the tale orGeOf
gia. but that they stand upon tbeaama footinjc
the eitieenscf the Stale, and citizens to !li'
lenls and ntji-oosfi. ttn-ii. n rsustkk ant
ty heinf sfiT.jtcrtb tlr...f (ieoi.v f,0,f
m,a act at legislation destts.y the vs'lidiif
all treaties confyining to.the lodlaoa entire -.
Mij(.My-t-ir lands,- even, If fhelr, valid:'
ever existed f it w,e m,w. tnj nerrrba '
created Strain tinlf-xi l.v ,.. ...,..) f th nrf- 1
CCi lav and the erra-rimt ef a fkw fcn:u?r

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