North Carolina Newspapers

    poet nr.
THE i;::okrx promise.-
1 anew wn kept no promises or Bone
JL lc"t, VrtH women and jet knowing thi,
With erclulout f.'lv still I trusted one,
I ko like troth, that 1 forgot
The lectin 1 l.j.l i wot futl oft before f
A rut I bclu: v I, bee atise he Mid he'd trnif, ' ,
Thtt he t.ciU ccme-ami llifcrt, rT;ht after
t mai(.!iV. i',; eV' tnd la them pass away
From the poos, and leave tlie clear blue
i spotkas, and tarene, tnd beautiful
Ae-tfiw prom.iaee btpLeaaxr .1'.
aWnestb it. asn forgets," in bu houn,
Nor ti.ykthow often hatl'inew
li t;,lon Ji'i lijjUtert o"d. , ' things '
Oi f;rm! importance wliicb affect' the heart '
M-W deeply, lii'teVvfteo wave the net
Ot'nuscryror of rtliof human life ' ' ;
there's many a deep 'and bidJen grief that
tone i . -'' '
From iouwi enich admit ofnoeollp'aiat-
Vfjm things of tVwh .? cannot, dare- nof
' apeitt ' . '' . . . ' ..
And a et they tettr. but tries, till the- chain.
Link link, U fitened'on each thought, :
And wound around the heart. They & their
work '' -'V '"'V ":
Sn ( eey anJ alienee' bat their power
I- meet-fatal than th open ehafU -Of
srrrow aid tnitfortune but they prey
Vpon the heart and tpirits, till the bloom
Of hope it change J to fever hectic flub t
They break the charm of youth! first, brightest
d resin, . . '.
tdabut out the plenum of the world,-
And 'sepT a" Vn'fthTtne :wry aprinMofTirer--""
k t ... Jtnt fhisli Woman's late. U ia.w.t thus --
; W'rih proud, aepirinf Man.. Hia mind ia filled
.vwtltnrM4'lo('tf'rlhwntnd love aijd
A d all 'he wannest feelings of hia heart, .
; 'A'e a.iCr-1'ed at cold Ambition's shrinl f'""
- jzt ff. lt ttiM4ie whrH world waanrfWiri"
bwAun pfUWailbbu'p'edeitroyrd,
Are eVf allowed a place on memory' page, .
" r rTI i onlyw'ofnan, lii her lonelTnei lr!zz -
And in the ai'ent, melaticboly hour,
Who treawrei In her hert the iJ1e word
. 1 hit lui no. nneaning :' and who iivei on hope
$ , TiH it ha tolJ0 'he color from her rheeka,
The bribtnea from her eye, who truata her
V" : ; On the vaat octtn of unct-rtainty
j And, if 'tii wrecked, he leame her lot to bear,
wr..Dt ilie may karn to tlla, but -nut firget,ir-;i
4:XtiltiiJbrJee4.taJ.ber aeeret lliiMiBhtaj'T"",
.-..Ti, v,.T brood oVr -brokf n pron4ea,ar4.aii,i.i.
.:';rOV oWpjSmtrd bopeitilJ the beiieTe;j;:
J;j jrhere' )t M of wkkne4 la the. wide world, :
r3Jia3Jn.htf-tmeh''t.--.. ' ,
-L - W ll V-y"W ," 1
ii TiuriT rTTTTT mi'T n1! i in. i i
The Peck measure occupies cnsir.
.... . erj,ye space in tbpu.bUc Jf?ilne
u maiu j- --- : ,
1.'-. . . - n r " k i .- -i '
i'V' icCK pecfiCa t diwicst in a v?ry
rlarchu manner ttJ a'6w' Lawless is
,"x " i'fCA-tng.i' Peck by lawful meaus. ;
, A lawyer who w lawless might na--'
' tut ally 10 ugh cx-prct to be prck-vd at,
V Prrcrt, though, clear" inh sharp.' us
! . . quaTlzh vi-hyhix lawlelsCQa
; duct, oto a peck of troublci, .
-.. . . A'Ct, it i aail, de-li nut unjust
', --.measure . to Lawless, struck him
and threw hia.'! out of ; e-tin j
from tne aspect l. aflr4tr, the matter
t beTedrrt to rpa'rf-pretty sooo:
and we ahoultl nut be surprised if
.- J'vck should br, struck from the capac-
. t(y of a Judge. .".
I : - Prince Talleyrand. The Prioce is
: ' urell knuwo to be one of the wiuitst
i men of bis day ? and wit upon one's
, ..JjelLkith
:;Tr- aiire"t)f when;iA-nwpapcr or
repondcaL' rtvincr an account of the
;,7T. IlinarpnsCLJCIJg-UJr
whom he had expected 10 lo it nothing
but the cunnitifj d'plomatbt,. "the
i c'untenar ce ol an open, candid, and
" eSont-it character,? Tnis was ahewo
t Talleyrand,' who coolly remarked,
It mut have been, I suppose, io
consequence of the dreadful sea-sick
eai, I experienced ia coming over."
Prkce Talleyrand. The English
- jokis wnich -te fathered upon this dis
i- tibguishedlwityaiVTs litile hrivown as
many of French ones fc r wh'n h he has
iq aoawer.'- He dots not," or did not-n
. month g , understand a word of the
,, n glish language j but he has regu
, - larly set to learn it from its very rudi
me' ts, for which puro tse he tak'es
. - tegular lessons two fcbura every day.-
X'putwpkin weighing 134 pounds
Las "been raised this 'scason, by Mr.
Ucamia icUtitt ' Creentrilk, JfrU
coiiDty, .
li i 1 1 s ho ru' Ve m a! e ' Sc i n in ary .
rspME Winter nsnminmion endt-d on he 7th
U. Inst. The next Session will sommence on
nmmly, the 20th Jn,iary. 1331.
Thu Institution hat no been is'euccewful
operation fo years aud continueii ri'rtw'uli
t4iidin(r the pecuj iary at rities if ih: time,
to rt'ce'iTe a full share cf public patron&j;!
The conrxe of tttidica, though libera1, iy .-tri u-
lat. d o r to pive no undue preodroce to the
orniimcntiil br;irtf.hee of F duration, and to altaw
of no iiitruaion itnon the regular ar.hool houn.
Aeatand w tllelcctid Apparatus tiKc,hcr
with a harniaome Cabinet of Mineral, facilitate
this tMk of initricin" in the aereral siudiei of
Chemiatry. Katural rhiloiOohy.andMineraloL'y.
t wo TeaetieM are awav prt;wnt lotne ncuooi,
nrtir 1 their" eifrttsnrtiira ttT!!rntmh ediencr
and promote impeivemenh nut by hlowa, but
hyaJtMR of (T,4 fd f?eifAli!
warUt and pti,)iiSjnr:nH are, admiiiiiic'd with a hit health re o tar restored, aa lo enaolf
him, a formerly, to five hit personal attention
to tlie Kehonl. Any Pupi!i that may coipe n
commended to hit care, will either be taken Into
m own family, of else placed in eligible ooar.
ding hou ei, and receive f can him a parental
over irht.-
The inoderale tcrme nf Board and Tuition,
toutther with the deservedly b'-gh reputation
of Hiliaboro'. for hrahh. eoixl aociety.and re'i-
giooa pririlrfrei, j i-ttly demand the attention of
menu an.l Uuanliana.
Terms of Tuition, half payable In advance t
4M Claw ?A0 M
2d & 3d OIae 13 00.
Per Seaaion.
lit Clali li SO & Paintinjr 10 vper Seislon.
leedlrwrOTkfTotrrito3.J :
Hoard can be had in the beat familiei of the
plrce at f)9 per month, including, wood, can-
ulet, w aabinf, tie. .
tV. W. GEE. SuperinitnttiTit.
. Dec. Sih, mo.- . - ; : -: : -
ff3" The Editor? of the N. Cartdina Journal,
ca-tr rear necordi'r.Wewhpn spticta'iif, M.'it. t
ton (iiiiette, Itoanuke .dvocate, Waihigion
Time, and Minera Journal, will pleaw inicti
the above four timet, and tend their account i to
the Troaurcr of the Hiliaboro' Female Semi
fdMljiCKSOY, failorT
TTp FJWr.CTPlXIjY' rnforiw h.e cuatomen, and
.RC the publio generally, that he haa remov- d
hia 81 (Or, to the building formerly occupied by
Lour ry and 4'em le to, a 4 more recent ly by
Wade W. lUmptun. ai a Tailor' Shupj on
M Vin itreet, the west aide, a few doors from the
Cotu-uUoute, in the town of Saliabury where
he ia prepared to eiecute all d;acriptiona of
after the nea'est fashinnt, and on the ahorteat
no'ic? 1 and ti prepared to make all kinda of
Clothing in n -at rate I'yle, Jiwring in hia
employ dx or ueven firat rate workmen, which
enable htm in do work on the ahortett notice
--All kinda ofCWWWnfCbriMaU'wJQlipe
.1 Jone on -vrv -mtU'rria 4eH
All onleri from a distance for, wurk, will be
rfioit fit ;! I;f)il1y7r it'C
and witliin the ahorteat poiole lime.
- P, &. -tie ha jtiat Tweivcd tturlAteat fashion.
Wir-ltUadelpfaMFwnd Ktw-Yofh-T-whteh-wrtll
enable hhn trnrmke fine Xoats, fce. after Thf
n,0!, p.proved ttybt. : ; 1 J
V.slftte Jon UortrAec'd.
V W AVING q i.ilifie'i as adnuniatratrii of the
Jlj;,l,f the- late Jolin Short, deccaicd, of
UOwarj ciVoiity; at The :.7Miy7f rmZIKlTTiOh'er
County Coiirt of Rowan. All persons indebted
iUt saMrwae-are hereby reqiiei! ed 1 8 Come "fort
ward and make, payment, and all those having
clnime against saidettte,are rrqjesfed toprtsmt
ihorrt "fluty authenticated, wiihin lha tint pe.
scribed by law, or Ahiw notice will be plead in
bar of their recovery, '- ., T..3t57
JANE SHOUT, AuwUiutttutHx.
Jan. Stsr.lM..- ' ' , ' ' ,.-.
f IlllE snbscribers bavin' qualified as Execiu
.JL.lorspftJ'A') n3. fearneHt of feiWE
iiargrave, dceaaed, at the August Terra of Da
riiLon county court 1 830, hereby give notice to
all persons having claims, debts dues, or tie
maml again md eat!, .4 p. vsen t Aher for
payment, duly ainhentka ed within the time
preacribrd ly Ltw, or this notice will be plead
til bar of their recovery.
8AML. lUKGRAYE, ( " u'
Auput 13A, I K30. - ' . j 33tf
' All person indebted to said Estate are re
queried to come forward and make payment, as
no indulgence can be given, ,
-itovrAJi covarr -
jYorrmbn Sessions. 1830.
men! reviedi fce. ' On nsm
it ion, and trip-
pt-anng to the satisfaction of the court, that the
de'endant is not an inhabitant of this State i or
dered by the court that publication be made in
the Western Carolinian (of sii weeks ttiat the
ih ffii lant appear at the next court of pleas and
Quarter Seions to be held for the county oi
rtovran, at the CoiiTt-Houie in Salisbury, on the
3d Monday in February neit, then and there to
plead or replevy, otherwise; judgment will be
entered against him for the plaintiffs demand
and cost, 6t57 , JXO. UILES.c e.
: llowivn Count
arati. tcrm, 1830.
MART. CHAMBERS w. Henry Chambers,
Petition for "divorce. In this eaie jt ap.
pearing to the satisfaction of the court that the
defendant is not art inhabitant of the State, it ia
ordered by the court that publication be made
3 months In the Carolinian, that the de
fendant appear at the neit Superior Court to be
held for Kowan county, at the Court House in
Salisbury; on the 2nd Monday after the Vh Mon
day in September next, and plead, answer or
demur to said petition, or the same will he taken
pro confesso and heard eaparte. Witness, Hy.
Gilea, Clerk of said court at office, the 2d Mon
day after the 4il Monday in March, A. D. 1830.
6mt;7 '
- If GILES, e..c.
i f
More New fiA CUea
4 RE now eeceWmg and opening afr their
1L Storn in Sali sbury, a di i'trable atock of
Xcio Slife. Fancy and Staple
--. GOODS,
mited to the Fall and Winter aeaaona. purchaaed
in Philadelphia end Ne-Vk, of the laet tail
i rporti'lona, which thev will sell ai low aa an
IMUOS can be had in thi part of. the country
Thev reioectfullv invite heir cuaiomr and th-
nublie Irene rally, to Call and eaamine their a-
onmrni, near prifi, ami juugc r wmu
aelvei. : ' ' l
-AP" kind rorHefHwiTfiTpt oduce. wuLJe
takrn Sn eiehaitir fr Gida.
tuna lidinjr to Town, I h Racka an I. t'roughi"
convenient ttr hur njn feeding Hsrei.
SalulTun, ,Vw.9it 1 8 JO. Utf,
r ittr rtMii rr . !rri!lEauliacriber,i tm aoaaoioe ,caMl.
.HUre n1"1 .C; V IfV.-'Ilw fWy nJ ldtnoui hbiti,one ho w. (within one mile of ll.Uboro'.) u optn(Mj
nfi'llj tuWvihf r jitjrjjjtro puifcha6 dinng
d. tnefall "t mtr a nu'obrr l neroea
f r iiich the mt lib.ral once w'nl be given
h ch. He 'l he found' n Sa'itnurv at ail
'itri.-tbv th v '.n with to call aid ee him
!!1tet' r a'ldr. a & to him from a 'balance will
be prompt! attested to.
S'lhthiry Oct, 26, 1H.10. 4.1tf
1? 'jS s in Mav a nek'ro man nntd
on .r high, very blark, qmck apoki u and rati
wa'k. haa aar on hit left leg.- Any pert:n
deiive'iiig him to me near hrbury, a'oall be
paid ft W, or g25 it c M,ri.i-1 in any jail 10 tnat
I g-l bi-n again. ARCU'D. O. CAKTEH.
January Ut, 183t. - -: : ' 52tf
N. B The Editor of the -N ewbern Sentinel
will niee-ier! - the auive -lour: umea-ana
m . : . . .
forward hia account to thia OttTe.
-rkN-. the-.lOtb -of September
' w 1mi from my plantation in
JyrZtt named WASHINGTON, about
--- - -37 yftfs" brwgcV a very" bright
7"a. 1 mulatto, on one of hia handa
fif I there it a acar occasioned by a
z.Tr.':, .. "TTtt eini. lie will-jJwtgeJiia -name
and endeavor to past lor a free ron. The otbe
named JOHN, a common mtflattn, about
yeart of age, Tery intelligent, he will probably
pan aathe aerrant of VVaaliinjrtiiu, and change
hit name. " reward of Z Dollars will be give
for the delivery ot cither in anv fail, ao that
can get them. JAMES LAM Alt.
fwrt&erl&a. 4!'f -
C7The Georgian, Savannah j .the Telea
cope, Columbia, 8. C i and Kichmond Enqui
rer, are requested to publish the above wee all
until forbid, ad then forward Iheir awVuWTo
rowarjf oc5jri." ,'
November Session, 1 830.
J John
ho Ktitiedge and wifer Petition tor tale
,n!tf 3tnbo
istactiun or the e? urt tnai tlie ttetenuants are
not inhabitants ot this S'atei. Ordered by the
court that publication be made in the Western
.Cantlro&nf jrabfiaTted In RsTis6'ary fvf 'ats weeki
pleas and Quarter Srsaions to be held for the
cOnnly bT'T?oai7alThTJHlrt.llfHis , in Salis
bury on the 3d Monday in Fcbru.iry next, then
and there to amwer the tsid pe ition. nlead or
demurt or the same will be taken prt enfetso
ana heard ,-xpane. 6 5r J "MO. GILES, c. c.
AtaV t ot ; V ot iv-V! aroVuat
IiiKDitLt. rocTT.
. . , jn chancery.
HENRY BONE r. Jaa. Bone and others.
It appearing to the court that the defen.
danta, WUliwm-fiont , Juhn U'aatn and 'Wile,
Arteineatar JtrsiattM.ssaowo4VVife, Margaret
William Uaikerand Wifa Siiannah. Wiliim
McDonald and Wife tlixabeth, reside with ait
tjSeJmiti pt Jbft.Batea.JtiaUietfire ordered,,
that publication be made for the space of six
weeks in the Western Carolinian, notifying aid
defendants to appear before the Judge ot our
Superior Courrof Equity to be held for the
county of Iredell, at the Court-House in States
ville on the 4'.h Monday after the 4tb Monday
of Vsrch, V.1 D. 1831, and answer, plead or de
mur to the Bill of com ilaint of Henry Bone, or
the Bill will be heard exparte and decree made
accordingly. Witntn John Miishat, Clerk and
Matter of twe end Rourt atOffiee,ie JthMoti
day after theitklVlooday of SptembeJvl83U. .
6tSf 1 JOHN MUSH AT, e. at. .
sroaxs covStv.
Superior Court of Lawt
ocToaait Titnw. 1830,
TTILEANOR BQBERTS pa.' William Roberts i
JfO Petition for Divorce and Aliroonv. It ia
oratreu oy me eou in this case that publics.
uon oe maao tor tnree months in the Western
Carolinian and Yadkin and. Catawba Journal,
that the defendant appear at the next Superior
unurt of Law, to be Held for the county of
Stokes at the Court-IIouee in Uennamon, on
the thwd Monday after the fourth Vlohdav of
L . , ... . ' T
marcn nexi, u.en ana mere to plead answer or
aetnur to me said petition, or the same will be
taken pro confeo and heard exparte. 3mt63
. , Testi THOS. T. ARMSTRONG. c.
Wanted, imnvedlatelv.
m 7 :
f Jf f bat. of good. Corn-red Pork, for
JL II 1 Vr which the highest market price
in oe given. Appiv at tlua utnee.
, un.i7iA,lS3I, ' 2t57.
JOB PR vV-77wVG i
.; o xvsar nt;ciurro.
Hifmo trim si4rtrMs V Disnrct,
, r i nn rt It'K
Kijlc.i iS' Mcci"n
' ' . . .1 ' L..kt:. ikal
F7 EsPECTri'LLI inwro t -
U k. thev are no onenmir their fall auppiy 01
which will be found, iauaual, .large, iaaniiiaj
r 1 1.1
aud cheap
y Gramm,
Cutlery,- ,
Jjomcsticti , .
Calicoes ...
" Silks, Sattins,
Hats, t
. -ff. -...... lii
Ribbons. Vf.
'Attry7;. 2nriT3od7
"Vt .V 1 1" VI F
'- ' -MMmm ' '
CONSTANT Employment aud good wae
will be riven to a firat rate - .
ir TIX PM TB Workman
accuatomed to work on Tinn ri Mach'mri. -
SalUbnn.Oettlxr. 1830. ' 41'"
' "' ... . T ! ivMrli08 'cctfived at any period of the feswon, and
AO 0lgCr 10 e t yUl OU.7 Itcrreapomlentdeductinntriaderntheciiarge.
rtri'f P. N..i. aa.iJ eeoontj of A. Torrence. and i The courae ofatudies will be a Compi.thenive
l A. Torrence k Co. are placed in the handi
of C. L. Torrence, for collection i and I would
advise those interested, to Call On him '-eire ten
Ly before Mr Xourt , A. Tf)URICE.
Jfinl I7$hl lHJa . , 3
f M. II. aubtcribt-r reapectfully iidornw the citi
JL sens of Davids in. and the adjacent conn
tits, that be continues to carry on, at hit Shop
in Leiington, the business of Makn g COTTON
GINS, equal to any manufactured W the L'nited
States I indeed, his ( tint are preferred to a'l
others, by those who have tried (hem ; and
have found a ready isle thiuughuut i la'ge el'
tent of country; Hia pricet shall be ai reason.
aoie at at any oiner tuop in me aoumcm
courun. r
; All orders will be promntly attended to, and
Gint fiitiahed in the shortear poiiible firn. "
lUpairing of Gins will be done on the nhort.
est notice, and In the most nubs'antiat manner,
by rhepublici'ht'mbirtPTVnr, h -
r Xiearw.--,fiTtr-t26VAr,!tlO.
fWIE"Wnacribcr' aeig aannr-to
JL remove to the tVet laan.
.us to 'ell the limitation on which
now lives lying in the Forks ot
th; d.. near Dutchman's Cieek, hr.een
mites from Salisbury, on the rad U ii (mm
that place to Greaves' bridge. Thece is aj-nit
2X) acrti in the above p amaticn, ai! of Mliu-.h
ii fust rate red land. There is a rood dellinir
I hme, ouubnuai's, orchard, &c. on the prtaii tt.
Any persjn wialung topurrluie the aboe laid
qanhaye an op
Ku enitinr" nn thif mi'ia rit.- nfh'A'-iftair ar atl
I time be ftmnd on the premrwr -
wi . uiLEa-FtlSTRlL
(ROM &Al.eiUlH,-8-tttS
- .
NDfcR this arrangement, the rage nns
twice., a week, and goes through in two
days, each way. The accommodation it itood.
Passnngers who are travelling Irom lUleigh to
Salisbury, or Tennessee, or South of Sahbury,
wilt find this to be the neareat, cheapest ami
; expeditious route Wtit of.. ItalriKh, Vu.
Sehgers who sre travelling from Salisbury North,
will find thia route, by the way of Kaleigh and
Petewhurg. to be the nearest, cheapest and
moat- expeditioua enute jlha! can he t'-avrlled to
the North, by two day. V navenier who
travel this roHt ,frnm.Salliburv, by the way of
R Jeigh and Petersburg, to Washington City,
wilfirn if in five days, and wilt sluep three nights
out ol five all night.
"et'htrtt'ciir "wTO'edMliVmself to keen
first rate Mail Co'acliea and good gentle hory a
iu unrers ot tne nest aiud; ana ne will :
no paint in try ing to render thus wlm pa'rouiae
him, comfortable, and safe through h t ron'e. 1
Pans, ngers who are nrntcquuinted with thi,
route, will secure teatt by application at Mr. K.
P. Onion's Hotel, ia R ileifjh and at Mr. William
H. Slaughter's Hotel, in Salisbury.
The atairet 'will leave Salisburv everv
BCaday And wml arrive-Ir-
Ksieign every 'ThutsrtaymTSunfJiyfij, fjf,'
a"-HwTirTeave"lfalei:U' ever Wednearlav ar,,l
l'.'J.,ay-IL 5, .A. JlLiad.. awive-et-rhimirr
mvtmi T k.t.1 .... J u i ... ..
v.v IMUIPI4T MMU i7IITIfiay . r. M
Junt 14A, 13 i0.' 25tf
tilale of wVorU-V5atoUua,--
i.,-... fTonEs corstT."-;"" ' :
...1 ... Superior Court of Law,
octohkr tfrm; 1830.
fRASCF.8 ARNOLD t-t. Arnold t Pe.
. Wion for Alimony; It i ordered by th
court in this case, that publication be male in
the Weatern tarolmtan and VaMkin and Cataw.
ba Journal for three mouth, that the-flefnulant
appear at the ncrt Superior Cwrt of Law, to
be held for the county of. Stokes, at the Court-
he 4th . Uonday of March neit, then and there
to plead answer or dnnur to the said pet.tion,
or the same w.ll be taken pro cordViso and
heard exparte. - 3rtit63
Test i THOS. T. ARMSTONG c'k
J and a few reams of wrunuin. .t .1.- ....1
bumk deeds;
Kevry decription, neatly Printed, and
ent camtatuty fo, n!e-t tli nff.
A quantity of good Wkli mf tli( (
lY -d Maple, plank, for which a liUil .,
ln CJlsh wiu ho L.iven
Apply to
: inn1' . i' .
, W. B. Two or three Journey i,tn at the Cab.
inet-maVmg busineaa oi i cat'.y hubitt, and V,.i
in the buaineie. can ob'ain good wage and c-ti.
Miaul employment by application to,
''. . ' aD -
. SvKtburii, Jae. .25iA. 1831. 36tf
Vect wAccvuinVs V.
I LI. per-ooe indebi. d to the aubtriiitr.Ii...
oeef, are requested to no ke immediate
payment, at be is compelled to have the cath.
1 note wno ran to comply wrrn tmt Mflnf Et iH
flw ttiiraccmintain lliA lir.rl nf in X.. t...
Female School.
this day for '.he reception of Scholars. Termt
for board, tuition, books and ttationary foria.
aion of. five innntha. 75 dol !ars. Scholara will
at W eonsiatent with a thoro'igh inatruction ia
the- most esxcntiat branches.
Instruction will be provided fur auch an de
sire It, in Muaie, Painting and the Jrcnoh tau.
guage at the usual extra charges. 8 61
j , W. ANDEnSON.
Jtnunrg 3. 1811. ; ' .. -
: VUvVOwVli.
ForJbuiLiing a JAIL in Charlotte.
f SVIE atioaeribtrs will receive sealed Props
JL for buihling a J.I t LI this place, onig t
the 'id ri dav ot F bruay next, at which lima,
tney win eiose tne contract, i ne punams; n
to oe-ftf ntitk; rnt a it'tne ltiftdaiion, ii feet" I
luiig, 3j, broadband three.storTe ! high. TW
walls to be ptif upland the building covered
by the I jib Movemher hex', and the contract
comnlc ted bv the U'h of November. 1833.
' ""The tintiictorTcan 'ceHV"'ihf prdcee'dT(ir"
the I ax for 18j0, oon , after, the contract is cU
se l, winch amounts to ab nt f$WQ.J$,j& .1
aTmilar "amount amiuaEy, uiitjllue wtiohttui
pail. ' ; ' -, .' ,
" Bond witfi approved "aeeu'rlty, will oils"
Those. ishing to offer proprwala can see the
jdajUfiAuip-eaiUfias btLbuJldjnjrJyjq
plying to William c'mith or John liin,"i
Charlotte. ' V . i
, : ' JOHN STITT, 1
WILLIAM S 41111, .f
. Ctote, Jum 26. 18 .1 , - .tS&
Ten DoUar'a iVeward. !
, , : Q.ra.ANAWAiii:c:n ihewb-cA
zZM lbei! wawats kidnapped,
v rurinii ft. i.j.luuJ it
y run of apr , rf he eommoa eolof '
of nefrroet ? he is atouVweil
hmTl of m'her a srkv countet-
ance thTck Has. tod fiaR Ion! sw'oe of her lesiFir
W - 4aa - hkew.W - rr4T'i - - - wTiysiierTH
A n rrTTrmanprchtrttcrn;r swrrt-ni'gtn; snd ttntfcr-
iSllii ii'.wi iiTiii iii.ih. ji.iinll T-ith it ' m nOwit, .tfrwmi, ! V UBiT i"' "ai '
mg her in jail, so that t't:t !i?r agaut, orddiw
erinK4ier at my residence la Cabaniu couatjf,
nhall receive the above r.-ward
, . iOH ATM iH-U AH FWXlr
. .Ver, 8-4. '.830. ,4'lf t;
i-.r' .!..;;. Any flewi -ptirc4uu2lfliroxi'iL.
"bet.e " exaiiime rlnsely, aiitcc I am dctermintd;
il in- 1m. ! en kid.tappe.l, to prtecte all con
cerned to the iitiiHMt extent nf the law." 1 think
L moL ihan pcobable that ahe haagot-e tawirJ.
I.iomI iuniv i.r in that direction. J. H.
rHTTlhe Jail if Liiicorri coiVn
, J8 .. dav of December luava a runaway, ae t
gri niao, w no tills h.mcelf (iilet, and ayi ht
Belongs io Thomat t urner of Granville, and
that he J ft' the gold minet in Uurke, wtiereie
wat working; under a Mr,;H-.x, . Gi-et it a flt
nuih iiegin, about 40 vears old and of a cwaiX't
eolaur. Tfit owner U reqjested to eiietnd
prove property, par chargea ami take bia
wVr -J ACOB -R bi.v:mW
An'y. 1831. 3t53
Pates for anv. RIM
.laUor'a Xolice.
TRl V.'iEN up and eommittpd to the jail of d
J. couiitt.on'he 13 h i'is'. a r.ttgro man, ke
tav hia name if Dwhnm and that he belongs Is
"!. Urn Davie of Chester District, aoa'k
Cstroiina. ftaj Aflmtajs hes 4 lot 49yer?':-.
snrj smitr f,)f hGl(Tr"The o lYer' rt "rentteej
eomFnFwsrti; pro
law.dtr-cts, JOHN M. THOMAS, J-ulf.
U 7..V
Dririns to Fnvcttsvil'.c, " '
TILl, find it to their advantsgf , TO i3?
the irfl?a JW, where every cw-
veoience is provided for Man atjdHoyejtomU'
them comforuble, at the model a.te charge of5
cents t Axy and night, fur the privilege.
Vard, the use ofn good hnoe, fire, -watcf. ,a
ahslter. Attached to Jhe Wl, re aJr!
and Provision Store, Bread Shop a"d '"
tionary, and a Hon for Boarders and L;"1"'
in a piain. cneaa w.ioiesome "U'
style:-fViyeffe-V Ifl'
UottmUtetl to 3aU,
M Cnn. 'ntA . N. P. nn TaTTivTThe tftH
n.itr Kaii h thm nmi fll bi Llit ''""
, A .... t ' 1 1
i. an
34 years of age, dark corap exioh "''
fi a kS.k mAA K.sirrava nei tc
v ir
,.vv i .. ile a mi;. I f pvm w j . - ,
longto Msj. Mn Dobn-oI Hichw"
county in Oeor?ia. The jownt-r
quested ro come" forwurd, pi eve prefer
tf pay chare and take htm swi'T
' ; WM O.MAHAN.Aior...
November 33A, 183J. . 7'f .
, i"it mr. - . -
. . ;
-4 .

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