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' 'there reasonable grounu ur me accusation ot
inemuiatency j We do not impugn, the motif,
cf any who4mke this charge, but we are veriK
of tb opinion, that if this act of the Presides
; i viewed wi'hotit prejidic, and in in prone
y.ght, thst such as think it ineintiiit'U, will com
to tbe conc!iiioiilht it Si only unfortunate to'
Mr. Cut) We do not claim consistency fo
' Cnl. Jackson for we know thmt he though!
.dlff'rreiitl at ooejims, and Waa influenced by
ontra"y .polities; views' to tboss which ,hf.
guMedtbe curie of hi. administration. Mr,
i Clay 'a .Mends .houM have mare mananimi'v
than to aceusa the President of inconsistency
Jjr tboir lid a perfect model of thi. commoi'
' t;e i Repabficsn government!. Mr, Cla.
"from being the gratee- (tickler fort libera
, tnstructit f the eofrMitution, am! for the Su
; premaey of the State, his become convert to
'ftftt e the Pweef the- rVdersr go'erriment;
with a cqiweqt ie'nt curtailment of the rights of the
""' &iteit""Thnhe President 'might' ;fi5nk at one
, J'rrilencv, n.l that clrctnwtanera might ocni.'
which wonlJ alter thst determination of bi-
luivl, formed years a;D, is q ittc ration-!
- tin! cannot justly be termed inconsistent. Bu
one who hai been I fates nan all hi I if.'
nn-l who hud studied the litatn of the contttitu
li.iri 'of the United St a tea, a,d had come to'e'r''
Uiii eone.lusio'is, aa to the character of the gen
tral tpvernm-nt should sud Irnly in the decline
of hi l'V,ehiii,e h's principle1 is towythe less
of rrv m'ratl vjK 'ul eminently (ii'ipiciou;,.
finch a --nrjr- CUU es. tie waa onr
iirt; the eaMv diciplc "'".Mr. ,1elTi-ron, ami
to mnn wn 'nnre en'hU'iaa'ic in hit mpp.r c
tv fa?' rin'j-whtch-thBT grewS jfuoj maT
J.irii'cVrd. wba then coud have wrouffh .
hi :id le') change f Wlial rng view, whic!
hit n before piftenteil itaelf, could hav
' tJlirlmpi Uia mind, and aa it were, in tV,
ttt-'i Mi K "f " """i ''"' rll""Tl'f ntirly th
p.'Hte ri-l-vtiotia, aid H (tfuled opinion)'
ef ' eri. ? Th'i of fienl. Jcknr
wl!1 Sc. viewed in a prnfer apirlt by hi friend,
andl'mtn hi en-mif, he neither aki nor ei.
pn-4 any .jiiMioe or fvour if tev. aje not vej'
Qntarily pven or oflV rrd.
" m. trial of Judpe Peck haa come to a
fcisl c-ivi'nim, and will not otir reade-a be
tm-d and wiittearnck h-n fher Warn tha
1- An "n arq titttH Yr 'hat mnna'rr of a
'Friifr who;"iftt';i a't 'Ht(rT'W WlhoW
i,f rirht. r ai innrircnt and uno(rndie ri'i.
'h in'n nr'nin "d ,l'franchi' hi! fn F.tTH.
fVr.S MnV""5'. merely for a emnerate. re
aprrtfu! tn ' rvr r,rim of a pidHat opi"inr
ir t,U m.'Ml Judcre t"k. en a--utpf!!
VV. tlk of our l.?n.r.PTtr.S. and
whr e ' ar the m-rcv of a net'v tv.
MMt rf a T-d?e! tlah! V .'onr nifh'a, which
tK,'l.w', Prtor ith conferred ror.Jij
ind'mr whirh otir father fmKrht. b'd and eon.
iered wnrth- no frat price j !' e'y
tSe of our nritTti'aT ex!'enre ' F.ven the Wn.
Win hen thv were annk to he nwt de.
fret., iJ- eltrrr; ImherHitv and- rTernrrscr
Y'llM not suffer. awh an mitrae- iwwk-he a.
tarsi s4 efi' rtrHtenf man tn"nsr TrnrmwherV
thrrrhv envfinn a licenie to the insolent
nn n cnn;njt whatever enormities he
aaW wnh iwnw- - hr naHe r vu '
th's mnwoitt and ini'iti'tou ou'rafe upon
tl'e rfVt)tn nf Mr I We wotl'i rather
)SKd tt,e ! 'ro.n ijt Mond in our vein in de
L. r -i ...i .1 ...n.r
Y ,Tn t'l be wrenrt.ed rmm i 1 v t i id'oial tv-
I, mnt, tve most cn'rin 'ilile gnd dro'aHle ot
'f'ril Vnp in tlj 'ha"e of man. Yes ! we
iSh"' r'le'a'"' ! lr e ar have one.
P Irt him tv rhir'- '"th or s t.-r the fr'es'
! 'o ..r a r ri- il'i iaS'"' We do no1
I' S :.h ... . .1 .
P"f.r KrrlfeSiili rather. T'.'i (rui'tv we'eh
ieenrd pur.inent hit if he be iwfs Hni'
Ve !) ie trird snd condr mr' d in for rtr
1 " nHi rnninlirnent u'V be wo-se thsa
I tl torrents of rven ttelhi' tttit ter him
I yiH e ronis-n him to eternal oblivion,
H tie-reife f-om the Prnnvtvsnin F.nonirer
thit -hr dift", renre hetween the President snd
rire Prenidrr, h.not been sdjuted, but thst
e Tlre.?r ;,;.nt BPtl cPCrtrv of State, wem
" be iinon turnm nf imimsev. The In
'wrsreiK, to Tse o(Pc;l informaticm. from
J h' lone in v hi- h it nesks. tHr there will be
,rff r"lilates for the .rmidrncv. Wh(
"''W i w-f do not know. UV
; t win nut tif the weans or with-
. . .
1 R nt snnpnrt from Oenl. Jsrkson, sinee
nftfipf r I is el' eiinn, snd be the
4 jo;Mj f 0f ejecting Mr. Cly We in.
l '"'b'e-pinUm. however, ihat there nut'
1 miMske asto the matter. We hope
rr'f "r.-'ther reason, tht e wisli the election
, "-fi Vd by the people, and not by the House of
rsfittatWs. inhere are three candiJatra,
fcarn-'wiir it
r'treirt of our rsner bv the dra .f Januar
We must eiolain why we' have not oh
r i ihst promise. Our press did not arrive
" ,hre, and the additional onant'its of type
j t had to purchsse hss nut vet reached
fl The winter l as been ao unr.iniatly bard a-
. It in t nr eantre. imooaihte o tet aev
r'lWn the Vorlk ' We mint dTr it (low.
in t
arter ha. beeo unu.uatly col and ae.
. r .n-, "wi
.ere,. ,,n Buny ana onUy ut . .now fell ing their ground mote e.siW in the pro
everal,nche. deep .nJh not yet entirely .dia.vice, ol AnjoMoro, Podla'ta, Lublin
.olved. Wxhth.. mibjict we will tak occa.ion The Provisional Governmert, which en
to mentmn that, we have not receiveo! the New. j iy the confidence of the pfople, it en
Vork paper, for ten day. back. f presume de.voring to moderar-Thei" ardor, and
is owing in We .eventy oi the weather and the
ba4 state of the roads. t ,
KJ By the last arrival from Earope,' Jsn'y.
81, it ajijiears that there has been an insurrec
lion in Polsnd and a provisional government
esthlisbed at Warsaw, the capital. Austria and
the Rhenish Provinces of Rusiia ase in commo
tion, whiht Switierland is already in arms. '
f eace ana tranquuity can never be restored in
Europe until (Freedom rule, wherein tyranny
the 1S7 York Standard, of Jan. 31 .; ,
l i r n i- -
i w.u "n..-, win. u ,omiMe-c me in-
iup;rnce we nave yesterday ot the re
cent events in Poland :
"On Monday, the. B9th of 'November,
.tput seven in tbe evening, an iosurrec-
ion broke out at Warsaw. It began, it
appears, in the military school of ensigns.
The young men, to the number of from
fiv to sfx hundred, took up arm, ind,
preading themselves throuch the town,
-ailed the cititens to. arms. A multitude
of student and inhabitants soon joined
hem. They prm etdcj to the bsrrarks
f the irfitmy and the arsenal, which
ivss tsken bv ten o'clock. The immense
(junti;v of niuikst. an4 tt"tTTTi-j
.uned were distributed to the people
The insurrection hbd previously caimd
the barracks of the infantry. Tne cn
Ktoeet regiment was the first that rose,
snd several other regimem soen ful-
hwc(l it
Tng Ormid Dufcc Coristshlir.t'.
ftx the point of being attacked or sut
otjTirTed 1n ri pli?ce, effected hi re
'regt upon I'rai; i'h his purd, two
Rusnian reK'nncnut, and a teiment of
Polish cavahy,, w.lw only. IwUojvehim
f'6m a sc use of miii'ity honor, but who
wiilTfmrin neuTs-r, if '-he snUfiers do hoi
'island tUsnueive, jr thetr felio
I'ltens in a bo'!. J lie exasperation,
for a long time smo'herrt', was so vera
considerable sntie momefit of the'Tnsur
rection, that some P'jliib detachments.
who nf the cnfhmeWemeiVt refused to
've up thrrT pot of arm to ihe people,
rrr massif red ss traitor, rortyone
'Olonels or Mjor, were killed in en
'voring to krep the troops in obedience.
I' is a'lded thj: io Ail dr-Cmps of the
0-and Duke wire il-o slain. The opin
ion at Warsaw wss, mst 'he defection ol
he Polish s-mv wou'l become g'nerl.
The Chief of the mur.ic ipal police and
wfr Russrsn Oenersls were kttrrd.7Tfif
German General Hsuch, ttnd Count Sian
klau Potosk were aIo killtd in seeking
o rally 'be troops. The military chest
and the Paymaster General were plun
derf d. ; Oencrit: Ktppicxk, I liWiT. iakei
ihe eftwvmaiHl of the Polish-troops,-and
said tba! he h already 16.000 troops of
Ihe line . under his command. The
FfCtKb ui colored C9i.k.jik was adapteC
l 'he beinnirg of the insurrection, hut
it wssson rrflaftd fy the Polith coik
dn. A corps if Natiottsl Guards is or
The Council of Ailmir.istruticn e.tsb
lisbed b the F.mprror of Ruij. in ron
iun' irn ui'h Prince LuSeiki, Minister
of K:nnre, Ptiore Aira Ctirmrm-ki,
r Prime Mift.ael Ka'!vil, firm ih?
Provisioral Government, aod have issued
proclamation, in which they acknowl
de 'he rights of Sovereignty of the Em
n ror Nicholas, bin on ronditioii that the
-pariM of the two States ahall he eem
plete, and thai no Russians military corpi
hl keep venison in the kingdom of
P4ruL-- Lie.utjntG tu P-i uuut Aoam
rgrfr'irinisi wts the IVm Mtnis'e' oi
PcUnd in 1814. ben the Emperor A'cx
ander gave to 'h.l country a libi-ial Con
'i ution, tae exefu.ion of h wsn .if
ctwatds U"4'ndetl by the Si'V
ereiRri. Prinze Mirarl U.t'a.vil, also
Lieut. Gen li a cotiMrrof Pttn-.e Anthony
HjdaiviL who is at nresnfGrnof Gen
ertl of the Grand Ditrby of Posen (Prus
sian Polmd ) and moteover btather in law
lo lb King, of Pmaaia -
''General klopiecki commsnded wi:h
rtinfh- distinction frltsti oiviMin tn
Spain, and in the crmpweri of Ku-w
There is a bridge of boats between the
tnwn aod the suburbs, which was. pr0b
My rit immediately by the two pjrties.
Tbe Vis'ula i rry wide at that point.
When the Austrian, in 1810, invaded l o-
,n4 by the right bmk of the river, they
,ta).lishe6 tbrmselves at r"ri', wnnom.
being able to take Were sr. The Vistula
divides' the present kingdom of Poland in
,...rt emial oart. TJvus- the itr-
... i r . .....
rection will probably extend over an me
ron"v between that ier and the fion
iirr of Prussis ; and if th- Poles become
masters of the fortress of Modlin, a few"
leagues to the north of Warsaw, on tne
ri?h' hfk of the Vistula, independence
wi t liaewiae irni'-K" f "
t . mrsn in in nrns? ini r in
Plosk," at Pultrubk, st Ostrolenka, along
.k. R.. and the Narewf names already
glorieualf ccDsccuied h tl tnillurf
; The Russian, hm .oroe cl.nce
nununs have tome dance of keen
prevent eaeceMti.'n I
Another account which corroborate
moat qt the facta stated, gins the follow
in iKJiilomil detail PaUnd has at
length taken up again Iti itaidard, which
Jus broken and brnded, ittie that of
trance in Ills. For some lime past the
report, that the Polish army vs te march
in?o RuMa, whilst a Russiin army woiil't
come to keep Poland in iwe, occupied
the public mind, alreaas'apitated h the
Irorn trance. It waa onenlv taid
! n.tthe army would not suflar iheJnsult,
; I threat of ft gging two Polish igb officers
Londiantine, w
rhose pslare is without the
town, mounted his horse at the first nesi
of the in-urrrcfion, and advanced with S
regiments of cavahy of the Russians
but ho soon found it was impossible to
resist the popular torrent.' At dy break
he withdrew, and ws joined by the Chas
t.eurs of the Polish )I re Guardsi who
had eaperiencrd some loss in the town.
The first act of the Government ws to
entruit the comrrund of the troops to
General Klopiecki. wno, being under the
survtill.iiife of the Russian police, was
noi allowed to leave Warsaw for some
vears p-ast. The Provisional Governmen
fiis dfffced the levy"
t . . l . i. r t n
'i-ii, ang me iormiioo 01 UAirnet
A DliUY.
It, sr. v Aiion ni o,'ii !i hiiiiuik'. by
the PiM.lent for the ppoimmem of OiV
uici rrsrsbal in pUce ol Tench Ringold
the former incumbent.
i hr Editor of the U. SVTetegrsbh has
been elected printer to the House of Rep
Ircitnuuvea-by a ,Urte msptty over Gales
8c 8. .ton.
... The recommencement of the publica
tion ol the Southern Review upon a per
m-theni andelighlefootingumentined in
one of the Charleston papers. We are
t;l d of 'his. V think that the Southern
Rr-riew has been as ably conducted as
aiy Periodical in the United Sistes. It
does credit to theS uth and .richly de
serves the. most liberal support.
Col. W. B. Porter of Mecklenburg
CounTy was ffrowrieoTtjn the 29th ulf. in
the. S.iu h foik of the Catawba river.
In atirmoflng to pass over on horse
back when it was considerably swelled
he wan lu.rpbhid Tram his hurse and waa
swrptaway by the cur re.
TITere have been report's and Counter
reports of the death of Bolivar for the lasi
i woor ihf ce . jaonihtc W e are unsbla u
fi m uny opinio em f he subject.
Mtaaiis, i i tuwn, on 1'lmrsdav evening
'aa. i ihv Hi v. Jr.. Kolna m, WMm It. Mc
Cow, K-q. ol Y -.rlcv.ll.- S C. tn Miss Kktnbtlk
It. dauifbterof Wm. II. Slaughter, Esq.
Ob the 4th inst. st his residence in this rotin
ty, At niid Hall, Eaq. The decesK-d u an
rxemplarj mtmbrrofthe Epixoopal Church, a
sm.l n ighbursnd warm friend lit- a tried
dittiple of tha'. schiiiid in politics, wbici iuuks
to Jefferson a 'he grt-a' apos'le of Ri-puhlicao
principles. ll- was for a lrmj lime sit rditor
'it a J i irnal, m Wilmintoii, i i this
Staxe. and when the. f alio sja of.Jlr. Jtfftauo
were but fe in mtaiber he fearlsily votd
!iis predilections fir the repu!i!icn doctrine.
i'ic.ulciited bv ths! Rrest and Rmd man. Hf
s'O'nl stone when he es'abli.hed his Journal,
bui at the time he' retired fr m public service
to hit rural occupations, he had the grat'.ftcation
te wltne-s 'he eomplet- triumph of dcmtcracy,
snd it wss a source of infinite l'-liht to him in
s old age to recall and dwell 'tpn the j jliti
d Wnr sctrd Tn his
when he felt s secret eonaciousness tha' he had
promoted in some decree, at least the S'lceeei
of,U.ejcaue of ha country, ad he 4 when
ihe was in the futneis of her glory ami renown.
Sa'ubun,. f'ci 11. Cotton fin seed, clean
74, flour i to 4, corn 65 to 70, beef H to 3,
bacon 10. molawei 3U, lam u, ss't : 79,
sugar 10 s 12,eofTeel3t 18, flasseed Mto 70.
apple brandy .40, peach do 45 to 50, tallow 7
to 8. feathers V5, beeswas 10 t in, ns s M to
3.1, pork 4 to 4) wheat 70 to 7, bsrgmif 16
18, rope 10 to 12, g'sssbot e-10, 30 leet 3,
iron 5, butter 6 to 8.
South Carolina Bank bills I J eta. di. Georgia
do 3: :"r "' ";
amiltiu Feb. 5 Cotton 7 a 9, flour R"i
50, out of the wagons, tamden Mills. 7 50,
wheat l 1-8, corn 75, oat. SO, salt 75, whia
key 50 a 62,. bacoo 13.
Faytntyillt, Fth. S...Hm.Mf..Cotion 8 5J a 9 ;
bacon 6 a 7, apple brandy 40 40, corn 60 a
65, flaxseed 1 JO a 1.2H, flour, i s S. molssaes
i . a.-
; V) a '30. suesr to a 11. aR a 73. wbiikey
40 a 431 wheat 80 a 90,
CafumAia, It. :6 ..Cotton 7 to 10, Flour
bbl. 5 a 6, wkiske '38 te 40, molar ci 4$ to SO
rr I
K ' i";sv .. .. J: I : J
WlLL give hit two first Ltturti on this
svening (Saturday) and Monday nett
to commence half past 7 o'clock.
N, B, For Plan tee handbills, i V cV - I.;
"W a .L I n.EA A rW A all 1 k a
MatthlwLn:le"dec?4."il "lh negroes be
longing to the estate consisting of meri,
women k ehi drewA're,'0fli
tnottt ha -wi II be. gt ven w jt h'boTft-aTTd"p
proved terurlty.' Those Indebted to the
estate are requested' to come forward.
settle their accounts and make pavment.
Those having claims cgainst'the estate
will present thrm for adjustment.
HENRY GILEfJ, wiwf.rroror.
li$bury Prb 1 6 A, 1831. 3 60.
HE subscribers-return their thanks
to the public for the liberal patron
age extended to. their Tailoring tstab
lishmcnt in Concord, and beg leave to
inform them Ihat they have employed a
punVJeot number of workmen taansblr
them to do business with the Utmost dis
pitch. They refT'ilarly receive the latest
fashions from Philadelphia, and hope
lhcy will not only be able to turn out woi k
with dispatch, bui be also able to torn it
eut in a nest and flegmit style. Thelf
terms will be accommodating, and she ir
efforts to please, unceasing. Orders
Irom a distance sbali meet the most
prompt attention.
at their shop immediately on application I
Mr.( KLEnncne copjitv.
Xuprrior Court of Jmw
Tk,l, TERM, 1810.
TANE JL WH1 TLEV--sJonihw R. Whiti
ley. re'ilion nr Divorce. In this case U
appearing to the satisfaction ,f tbe coon that
the defendant lesides without the. limits nf tbe
State, therefore ordered by tbe Court that pub
lication be made lor three mon'n aticcraaivrlv
in the Western Carolinian and Uinera and Far
tier Journal, for him to appear at our next
Superior Court to be held for ihe count) of
Mecklenburg, at the Court lloue m Charlotte,
March ntxt.and pleafl,answeeerdeurTuiheiiaT(l
oh the 6ili Uondav after the 4th Monday iu
I'mitioivof 4hettiue wiU b taken neo eonfesso
and heard ex,-)arta. - Witness, SamurV4ender
son, Clerk of our said - Court at Chr)rtte the
etb Monday after tbe 5h Monday in Kept. A. D
830. lm.6J SA.M'L. H CNDEKSON.c. ss. i . f.7
y ANtAWAY fJom the sub
XV.,ibpret Cs-p's Gold
M i r, a negro man naaitd
JACOB, akout 30 year of
age, black complexion, and
when spoken to smiles and!
.1 shews his foreteeth- Jacob'
is about 6 feet 3 inches hijrh, atraight :
built ; his dress not recollected. He lift j
C.ppsGold Mine in December
The above reward will lc paid by myself,
on J scobs delivery to me in Charlotte,
or t0 Col- Caldwell st the Mine ; or ccn-
hnement in any atl in the Sute, and giv
ing me information
Ffb. r, 1831 3 60.
Literary, Scientific, and Military
- iNsrn irnoNr
CfT; niN(iH-. respectftilly informs the
citisens of North Carolina, that the duties
of the above iostiiution will be resumed 00
Monday, the 10th of January pelt. The cours-
of -duration at Ibis institution, ilia believed, ia
so well undr.rstootl, thst a particular exposition
at thin time ia unnecetary. The experience
and iibaervations of the past year have mi r res-
tetteome tmproeementslrf thedlsciplthe'oT the"
intitiiiion, that wiq receive immediate atten
tion upon its re-opening. In relation te the
expenaes 4 yowig f rn'Kmen.t would "ob
serve that hereafter they irmat be under my im
mediate supervision! andiht' we cadet will be
prnniitrd to ptiKbaae any.'jirncleor eontrsct
any accounts, without pernjk'ianii'All accounts
must be kept ia my name, ft which 1 will be
responsible 1 and paren's and guaidiarsare par.
ticutsrty requested fiotlo pav any accTunt that
is not approved and endorsed by msy All ne
cessary exuenses will be approved) those Ihat
are not, will 'receive no countenance. Ibe
amount of pocket money which student, re
quire, will neresartty be eery little.
Tbe Cadets wiJ taird in eo'nmons, and will
be undtr the immrdia'e supervision of the Su
perintendent and ameers of ihe institution, wbo
will bt s'nw upo lMim every eeerssary-carp-.'
Any further information can be had o sp
plicstion to the Superintendenl.
Trmms For those over 14 yrsrs .rf age,
17S per snnum, Those utxler 14, ft 160 per
snnum. - No extra charges except for clothing
ami oooia. . 3i5tf
OjfirH, X VarJinn, bet. f2, 1830
job Piu.yriMi,
of Mtacf-irToa,
txtcvrio wirt wtAmtst S bis r Attn
. 1
'Vatvtt of Vrkes.
Earthhware, Lookm Masses, if a
Importers,' 8 tV ater-st. uYeul-York,
OKFEft for sale, the k- nrd mwt com- ,
plet assortment of,Wu.e, 67oi. '
Chita, plain imdgilt Lttkin &7ote Uc. i:icti '
ihe Ne York market Wilt atlord, cooipristi g
every style and variety ot tii nrwtt i atttn
They return their most cordis! tuanki to their,
friends in tha 8utUern t'e.f.H-their support, '
in the per.wiun n catxyi. g o.naaiost thrm, ,
for tbeir ref.isl to Join a eoimwnsiion in fiimg. "
ona tariff of prices of (:rockir,thr,-iijhmii.ibsi - -trade.
' It is 'maintv attributable
of nor 'Sou'flern f-iend that e hue httn cn.
abled to survive thus far, in tbisniMi trji tp; kit
uati ini eipoaed to tbe combined I fl.ieiire srj.
as' tV '
Is a . .
pledge rHirst lvrt to our friends to jjve Vfceni ,
every satisfapiijQ in our power ks ffg.ids the
4 pcks an4 4!-4wmwi-i -otir pnc?i tut CSiff
or City Accrptauffta'i "andteretufii.ioricii from
them a cont inua nee of their patronage, par. ,
ticularly request those who have influence with
their friend to exert it in our behalf, as w
trust the cau ia one thev are all inttrtvUil in,
and much benefit will accrue to us from their
friendly act in this way. It baa been said, (!. '
Coitibinstinn was broken up. As it ro(sr4e
prices, this is true, and all, we tliir.k, !ri-r.di of
foi'a will allow that we have efl'tctcd it .
change i but we .do sfsure our -friends thst at
no period aince we commenced our system of'
utiahackltd. pricea were we In gtea'er ut tf
assistance than at the present moment. 1'his
combination of men are leivvi' g no means un
tried for t fleeting our ruin, that they n ay rt.
vive the old system our eredi and character
are availed in every shape, our lniportu:Uia
waylaid aad at op pre In eretT-iT-a,'rcr-wrrrTr"'
threata are sufBcient to IntKnidatv' the manu'ac.
urera Irom supplying si t in fine, no vexation
or tMuble tsbich th"e mnlice of men eoukl da
vie has been neeUcted in this etrtiL'tlr to -ub.
due ua. VVe once ai-ire call upon tvery fi ttad i
oi a iree iraae 10 come up to our sni.ort, ai'it
pled re mirsvlvfi m ey ihtm no Caiisei tu re.
pent of their libiraiiiy, 6i3 'j.
Tf J. B RROW V V6.
81 Water rew, ar Old 'ift.
.. ,
rjlttK utmscnbera have enured inn, CiparN
.. nership under the Arm of A. i, tf V, Coch
ran, and have taken the exteimve p,,, 4 3
Ptarl SteeeCfor flie trannaction of the genera!
Fancy Dry Goods buainea. t, -
Aew Tfh, Stpt. ?!, I1J0.
I I s fc now on hand, such an assortment of
S I Fancv Goinla, as they believe is not sue.
paswd by sny otoer in this country, in variety
and selection, diipriaing the following articlta"
in Canton, French, Italian, and Fancy Uritirh
tiooUat . "
Brrrind CoTd TTianXustringa, Imitation, plain
B1 - I'tl; ssrid njgi-ttbUr" tlVsW.ttrlMloi " !
' Fig'd. do in treat variety.
Col'd. clmeable.- blk. and blue blkv Maiw--
- eelfinea, : -rr.-,r--.-"-Sr-ii.
$ 4 Blk. and Col'd. Bombazines. ..." . - -
t'rape de Lvons, tilain ndatr'd.Mandarint,
Flaio and Fjg'dPopKos AlirerinesL Palmmueg 7
of tbe newest styles, -
French Print, and tiingTSavi'aml Foulard Mua.
' ."r,Tioie..aa..
Pcgwrs and many other article, for LaJice
ureS''. .. .... .
Hdk'l! ron9 y'sg"'an4 Bandaone
Gos de N spies, Cauae and Crape. IUkVvas--"
"Ik ami Ifid Stocks, and FsnnyCrivst. -
ttick "ml Colored Italian Cravst. 1 nitationVda,
T ', I' "oraaAin Glovas,
as s in. . j I
uroa Urt Napi. and Game G.trni'urr Ribbon.
Kngliahand French.,Silk-Hoe, ai ) Hose, -
r.iiniroiucixfi anu vpeo a(iri Uo.
Lin n Cambric tod Cambric i Ida's,
Black and Colored" Fionrb Cnipet," Worsted
Barege, Brown Cofepsly, kc. . -Sewing
Hilk. Twist Braids, Fancy Buttons. "
Hooks and Eyes, Uc. tc. , .
yy "'H a'ao .i ei'rnstve assortmens-"
M Uee Goods, conaia-ing i4 K-.g!Uh n ebim t "
Gwnp and Thread Laces and tdtngv Cwr ' "
Capea. Ftlerinea, Chemixettes, Black'and Whit
I.ace Veils and 8howla, wr.h a comii-ivnn.
meotf 4-47eeW 8.4,Tni5tf and M- nno '
Shawls, Caaimere and Merino Long Shawls, Ua, " f
A U. U F. C. have selected their atock with
a particular reference to tbe Southern and Wt..' ! "
tern markets, and as they will add to theie aa.
sonment eonstantly aa fresh goods arrive, their
ttoch will be kept up thrcHjjjhoui tbeVese. Alt
of which they now offer fur sale at loe pnece
ami o& the moat liberal term, and moa Aspect.
fully invite Purchasers to Call uA.txxamm
Orders will be promptly executed with eark
and fidelity.
-' sr. -
Washington, Xov. 1 7, 1 830: f , ?
HE many impositions whlfib areaMemntejr
.. . to Pension iu.r iTmo-y Uj "-""""T
l hums, have caused the Departmen; r.f War ti
abtisb a reflation, which declares thst no
s-trntion will,)., future, be i.iven to apphcaiiona ' '
from person wb act as Afeota, stiileis they 4 ' - :
re anown at tns Uepartment, or are eouehej
' rm m a- aa . ..s .1.1- a
w. .. viaoio perrons ov some one who ks
tnown. .t . . -
.rtiee of tbi. rerulafton is hswh. .
! . ' informelther4 is reejtr
bat pubhahcrs of the laws of the United Stau-s.
n tbe rerecttve States will in..i. -t . 7
he .nt page of their respective paper, fit
'tree roomhs. '
By order of the Seeretary oftVarJ f
4. L F.DWARDS, r
3it60 r,r,i CM ftmmn OJLa.
: let Bmmhl 14 Offi,.,
li evrry ueate.piwo, neatly Fritj, W(fl
JT kept oeustandy for aW rt offices ,
e .

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