North Carolina Newspapers

    - niitder;efl Sm if in.
l; course in Mr. Monro's Cabinet. Hii aflu
..m to hii conduct there were only made to
,hev its consistency and openness tad the evi
dence of it was onljMitT.iPtled m the beat refu
ta'in of'the chaiye of duplicity. Mow then
rn this be looked npnn at any justification by
ilr. Calhoun of his course in Mr. Monroe' Cab
;nei d-liberst'ions T. Nothing cam be mote re
irioved from the semblance of truth. No aaaer
lion-cariloe a mure wanton intuit to Mr, Calhoun.
Mj there not eomethiiig auspicious" continue
the filbe ''in the wr length of Mr. Calhoun's
teplv and the accumulation of hit documents r'
An honest mn'c nori nut sutler its concisions
M to the truth or Mwbood of a man's defence
o he rated or measured by the elongation or
. . 3fevtty of hi publication. . Circumstances may
'nrinrmvtva&v; irin this cswrthsr r man
: AArfiiWnv his character from foul imputation
mrtrtwe" r atttfectTYif not T.ecesary '.Mr.
fslhotin published the diinterete d testimony of
those who were associated with him In Mr.
Monroe's Cabinet -with the exception of hit ac
riiser, Mr. Crawford. This he did to shew that
no one of the Cabinet concurred with Mr.
Crawford wMch of consequence, render
. . ! . .J.l...'""""i';"""- '
minrrprrw-iMB'i'Mn. nivrv glaring, it is no
ressnnable objection to theft ith and sincerity
of Mr, Calhoun's defence that it eosVr JSftghm
pay- Some of the greatest men that ever
lived hve written volumes to refute a lew aeri.
w charpe thnrt'tbe one against te Viee Preni.
dent. W tMk that Via defence is sufficiently
ineciiier, and he ptfea over in a few words
-sewa tw where- be might have amnlinVd and
instated with ereat advantage. The Cnbe
makes the President ask in his letter simphJ
what Mr. Calhonn a course was in the Cabinet.
In continuation it says that the President does
Bt ensure him forhraaeis. lie only biarnr
vt l-.f.i! to jutii partial spirit of If Ration. TLri are soma of
the strongest objections sgiinsttlie existence
of a momed institution organized upon the plan
of the United States Bunk, Mr. Benton objects
to the renewal of the charter on account of the
exclusive privileges and arULrepubUcen monop.
oly which it fives t the atockholders. The
truth of this objection can be made aDoear bv
the production of numerous examplea, "The
Bait is conducted upon the revenue and credit
and In the name of the United Stales. It it
permitted, to pay the national revenue In its
own hote. To bold all the uudrawn balances
of that revenuo without any premium or com.
pensatkm, , To exclude the reception ' of the
paper money of other Banks in the payment of
the revenue. To establish branches In the without their consent. To -be exempt
jauch intrigues tor.lesatust he had any shaae lu
the conduct t We challenge the history of
worm tor an example. Besides U is in perfect
keeping with Mr Van Duren'a knotfa repute-
, tC7 The coDduet tf ,. North Carolina Jour
nal has been relinquished by Mr. Cameron and
transferred to Messrs. Ilybart juid Stranee,
In tlieir prospectus they promise their support
I it ' ' y
X l-fcren t JNo what evidence bave we that Mr.
f'slhotin evr tri'd to irrpTa flenV Jackson's
mind with 'he belief that he did ljo favour an
Ovemnr BihH and Genl. Jarkon solely relied
..uponi....I not, Ana any Other tei(tjnionybef n j.n.
Irodueed ! Not a ti'tle, What U the fact in re
htion tn those two letters wBic"K7were meni
fioned'm our lcsf "number f. Why that the one
to ttnvcrnnr Rtt'b was writvn some time mhse-
Biien' in lhn'C"ri,'fm of the 'Spanish Pos'S
hin "f N'OTbrilU. prior to hi aMtinp out on his
enr",c!i'innraint tbe Seminole tnbe of Indiana,
am! hcfu'e urb a dfnifrn a the takinp nrwei
tinn of Pfineola and St. Mnrks could possibly
Hwtwenthmip'tit of. Nobody, Xept one in.
tr"'' wih (He gif of pmnherv could Nve
firr-tnld tha the trinns would havr taken shel
ter umffr cnner of the Spanish forts. -Could
t letaetToT the SilaBi.'oKTrar'rwrlaeal'.IO tbe
.enrsmafidina; afncer appronnp. of the. Re.nern!
drrjTi with which the exnedition was planned
.Ve .(riven propectk interpretation aJ be
mae to eomprebend a f"dt which oim'd not
hv nVred a mind w4ih the moat vbonnd-
! -fttrewsbi I So- that the . impreaaiwia . of
'he Pres'dent seem to rert solely upon
the lanfruajre of these two letters the dates
f which -he. baa .entirelf Jt!l!aken. ,: Upon
the whole we think the apology of the Globe for
the Secretary of Sae is very impotent.-Its
SSfertns utler' nalednek" We fin4TKHfr;
Cstlionn' course is renerally sustained through
nut tSc (Tnited States. The imnnrtial nrinti
I every where five -him the credit of having
triumphantly vindicated hi character from the
unfounded and unjust acenaaiions of his ene
mies. We have spoken upon this subject dia-
nasinntelv. We are frient'ly to OcdI. Jack
ion and n hi ad-ninit'ration, but when we see
a nart of Ms Cabinet f.rm sn uabnlv Alliance to
rdestrnv the Preaident's eood feelinr aod confl
en-e in in honorable and high minded individual,
v'.nm the President himself toasted aa" ao hon.
man, the nnblrat work of God." we feel that
e are bound to vindicnte his innocence anxl to
mote the malignity of his enemies. This un
fi'incip'ed junta, wickedly bent upon Mr. Cal
koun'i political destruction, who is considered
dangerous m-al of the Secretary of State, have
mkmatyand successfully toiled lo poixin the
J-alous mind of the President against the Vic
rfsidVnt. The President candil and above
roneeatment himself and detests liypocrisv and
"1 iplicitj in others. We arc well convinced if
kt Were left tn himalf ltli,l&nwa.iuiUl siwl
hrr vnuttntrTrrirtariciiiaiT-The- Vice
V...:j .
' iaem ana ao turn justxe.
We bad not an opportunity to bestow that
TT early attention upon the able and enliglit.
tj speech of Me. Benton upon the renewal
frow tiablffrrimifir-fkniire STW'SA
have the United States for a oartnr.
lureif iters-lbr partneraire' ie' eivmnt
WWgkf-'idmlMisrratlbnT Justice' ToFfhe 1V43
State ot Nniv CaraUna,
tionflrconducunraIlhisache!Tea hviniriiMi- ltothr,r..n.j-.:..s iu t.s - J inner rexSlO)lS,
Mr. Van Uuren mnun o'.tl, a ... :ii . .; ..,. ... . J I nitin "s5ioivt ibji.
- .v., ,,. K.LC in v u,u.i me principles u lias n retotore aup-l U vuumj otAruKQ , ,h- ..... r
thiaaner with hit 'f.M k-f .!.Uj.i ' ' ., . ... r 7S t t w-io it)). s o!
lirftw m.,1. unn 1.:. ..... I . . .. . t I It-... w- .. i .... " " " "I 01
: f " " " ' irw wVie was iw owe Kignia and to be 6ppoaed to the Tariff t " mm 10 "Urise it anreirin
alluded to indirectly hut U t. k .-ITh- in j.. L. i . .. . 1 1 ik. r..... .kT, r... i, 7 " PPa.r ,n(C
J w -stwve mivrx ucbuiiiD m "vi win aiu a nisi iu tnisnsasfw rn i . s v aim viiui . nai m.j m.i i rn , . w a k . . . I . ' : ... .iu.c V :. one i jnej
" vwi. uuren ssiauon to make aucti i cnancter or th Jmimi .hk -:n w ,'1 nein at law oi trie aaiit wum. n
. ,. i : w...v,. uiKvuri iucioi,. ,. . .. , - ii.joiij i rhr
nuaiun me pretext for appearing in a public Miccese. The have our beat wiihea, !lm w,tn0 W tl.ia Slate It
pnm to vindicate his character. H ahould . . " ""eretore orcicrca oy ;be Court that
natre waited for a direct reference
cyb this transaction. Attorney Hamil
New York haa made his appearance in
tinn -r h a i. ,i, tt. ! . ..... . .1 ... I rllS, IO OS Dcla In VOtlCoril nn tk. ' .
.wi.u . in u iiin bii niittflArl I.. . . . I . . w n, it. Lllir&i
j with the sgencvsvhich has been usirned him I. ."v3.' 0Connell haa been arrested for con. Ml'r W April neil, to Sit, (use, If
in the conduct the plot for the dotation. f ZZZ " W. P? . wUuiI.
Mr. dU..-He had no Other motive ijuuStTT.- - - 'LW K'h.'N Et-.e,
e Tor the (04 understood Mr. Calhoun's conduct In the Tj9TP7 PJJ1 prrnnnn ' I ' fitif .
all fhese Sabinet in a verv diflerent liht from th.t ki,k 'ST FROM EUROPE. .. Ctr C C.
..!!-- e.w; . l m -r. -. t t t . ... . 1
iuii.u.. WI nirir ciiarier. j o nave an ttieie icaoiuei. in a very umerent light from that which f -------- I - '
privileges soured to them aj a monopoly, in f-t was made to appear in that letter. Whorn, , . ccountl "lf definite aa State Of Xort CftTOWnn
nl. Jackson that Mr. Crawford had T .7! ,?M UP00 .wiitlMtl - i ; Wttljn 7
upon the.contlnoot
ettled state. There
rumen afloat that change-was
t.J... r.k. ..Li:. c.'.L . . .. 1 1 ..1 ry i . . ....... . .
f - r. w " .... "V.. K(l. ,IIC HKF v.". I,,, ..VUUU 1 1 1 B I .11 T l.nBTAM lift. I . 1 . ."V. VVI,V,I1U1m I nw.MM ,
nrivitrffeatn kna nl,. Awkn.n., fll.l... ! m,..,i;iT,..n ...r.i. . . . ... , . I cnKMM H Still in an -Unsettled tta -Tl,- I 1..t " ni t r . .
""'.' n miot rc 'cu.icniciiimuieanairirom wnat I . . vvwi or icuiunu vuarlCr iSeWi',!
Ki...;- .!n 'l jt. ,t . i..L- . i..j .. . , ... nve been rumor afloat th. r.w.-. ..I ' . . . . r!?wwt
which the
Mr. Benton haa disenvprpit anrt Knunrki nitnt!nnol v . ...
: .jnu. .......... .iw. nui nuorncy ana oe-1 ., .. . -
er, and which are certainly en toved bv no oth.r cretarv rs imtm H.miltnr. h ... ,k "uon ,ne 'nner as first Lo
ite privilegea enjoyed by b1s,Baiik;Genl. Jackson had all along supposed to be the , " rumer tlt chalrr,
sedulous and myesviating mind of! 'me one f Upon this point there is s guarded and J ! ! io lbo M'7. that Peel Qi
. k.'.'l'iir.'ir'j . .. !... ... ... . and Weliinsrtoa wer tn nmo ,k. il
umvuvcrcu ami wwui torein-M".cimimii ience. ".is not Attorney and Be-1 ------- ".u uuuuw.i -; iuiun n
rdof the Treasury. nm. of Wilh,m t,rks, cif t0
ea not appear to be ch,rfT Estatt). In this it sb. . ;
i""""S mo inusiacuon oi me wotirt
w - vrftVI
laWtTASV anrtir lii
AM'L. STANFORD 10 in. sr1
unanet nam' Jbiefutora ti th
y u - o " " hi.viiii.; Miiy op. fratmn Ik f - 1
and which are certainly enjoyed by no other ' "etary - Hamilton the Ver? mauwho J , .omer M fint of lh Trei
ank in the United &te)d must therefore t' "f"ned ttenL' Jackson of what Mr. Craw- T ConJec,ur does not appear
: a monorwlv which is Mntrarv to th 1 ford was willinir to tt-... .kl .k r .k:. ny "W"idaton. The Revolutionary soil
of the constitution; The tinnronitinu. .m.Mn Cabinet transaciion n ... kt. "f'ana gamers strength as it proirreases
this monopoly ha. b4 severely felt in everal ! of A.tomey and Secretary Hamilton hat "M fth. tJnUi, aet.rmin.4 on. Mr, O'. f JJ "J -Jot th
part, of the United States. The United State, j Oenl. Jackson etpreied hi sieaUe to see Mr. CKm " The f. 7' V ,h. n ,f r? f
Bank with hse privilege, has with the -hlch Mr. Attorney, and nln ..nd " nf v'" f ' pJ C 5 !ri
influence .bir.b. thrrrhw ctm..J it J. 1 Seeretari llamilloo. uromiuil .luLl k. .."l0.? J" J,r?'nkl he COnciliatorv.aJ ftn- W ,i.....4r - "-
7 r 7 "T:.4 ;ri ttt" r "" course 0f th. t.t,.. ;.:;- uiwu"r ,o ?ina ppe" "e
..ruyeu ii.c permanency ana soivencv or several j ' '"' wuinaiims letter of Mr. Craw. I . f . , """" "'" "me, nuounty Court of Cabarrus, to be held in
through the agency of Mr. " , ' meac,'n of the malcontents, Concord on the third Monday in AprH
U cu..v . k.-4.' Dul 6e nfluenee sufficient to aHav It I next, tn aheo ir ... ...k.. V.. '
- . ' ' ; fwisv j - r - vsivavsvii t iiriu 1 ! ltf syL p ' I U wwwsjvj if Off VIJJ
power of this Bank to bring destruction upon ! 't is very easy to evade the true ooint of diacov. K. v Te Nicholas has issued pUnttff shall not have iudement of eH.
other Bank. eveff the Presidenrof of Wm.
express terms. These afe hi. word. , fhrr "r "'"o"- He does not say whether he . cnarges e revolutionary .pirit of rarM
art ttryfew Bankt vKch mirhi not hove hum '
'd. levied on or judgment Vi'I
...1 tart liamilinn II. ,1.... -,k..k.. k. 1 wn,Cw 08 charges the revolutionarv anlrit f
, knew how Genl. J.ckwn came into Wssion u',u" ,ume U''ted n:oi,nf.tor. b ""Ording . s, if,,
r - .. ." . T' rr-? 1 SMUlst -ma aiiHiwtra trk ill-uh . ii-ii :
i,c cxuonsine roies to
rferlrsy In" fover Vnkii Hank? HereliTof the knowledw of tTi. fcrMh.i " , -f afawiat ms ClltBWiiy. e et
nroof of ita immpna,. matrniemli. n,l r! hal ma,i th.. : i return to their former alleeiance.
r - n - w, . -..-v., v.Wi VI.IVIH vw vu wiiunr io idieb . ,w . . , . r
W(.at .it prafeaaed. a strong di i!"1"!!! ,hd?Ilni mMfaLjtt. JLEuninriati of th, iW ,trW mis is a dangerous engine in the 1 ",re ' e ""t which Mr. Attorney andSecre- . ,c &ing aoa r - rJ."' ' pncera inuriay th,
. ...... ... . .. .. I not annrar to hmv h.A . , 1 'sst day of March. Caauu. 1. .ir .... .
. r r -7 iimwencej. M..IMIIUI. :......z:. !..-?. H.ftSSl Jf ,
:ance, to listen to
ffihe United Slates Rank charter to which its
S'U entitled it. Kver. now we have only
f able to give it a very cursory reading, Mr.
jfcMoia ohjejuons to the renewal of the char,
f' ,r strong snd powerful. He appears to
!t considered the consequences to the conn
7 bull their bearings, Mr. Benton identifies
'.Properly the povst 'ofHie Bank .with 'he
of the Purse which he comiilers, under
touting organisation of that inatitutionf
"geroui to a free governmenW Tim direct
'rr of the Bank may be equal to ninety.
piltioniof money, whilst its indirect power is
calculshla. ,. Itani.fluence over tha pohticai
of the government from the interest of
faany ot its offiera In tha Pink ita ffirtaence
J'tofitrolUng b) rronryed tyranny the elective
Jrivh; l.t. ..-j . 1. k
-wb wiiii iig icoaency 10 acitrn, wiicn
rj Intern , tb dbtnttfestec! and in-
poes. This is a danperous engine in the
bands of the stockholder? and mieht acatter ruin
hmuht under entire nibnerviency to thi? great
Natimnl Bsnk, how unlimited must be if power
tni influence over every order and rpnk In 8o-
brought under its yoke or there must be greater
t.ry Hamilton promptly pledged himself topre- .15
.ducofortheintpectionofCenUackjoiu Who 7 tU .""rb"' "" '
S not A,e he be. of hiVSl
does not dt test the banenws of (his artful and
unprini;iIrd reprobate, Hamilton, who. under a
pretence of defending Cenl. Jackson's character
from an expected aasault touching his conduct
of the eminnle wary- pending the- Presidential
contest, strives to betray Mr. Calhoun into some
f , 1 w ... . .u.i.v
wisdom and virtue in ita adminitrtors 1 unguarded expression which he might use to
ver has b-en known to prevail in any age or
any qimrter of the world. The power of a
great monied Arisfocracy is the most potent
aud formidable in the world. The moral force
procure Mr. Calhoun's destruction upon this
very occasion I But Mr. Calhoun's unrirhtneaa
and honesty frustrated his base attempt and he
now reaps the regard. This Hamilton was a
and power of the human intellect with all islwVm Pol'(1l friend of Genl. Jackson, as wss
rare and combined talents cannot witbrsnd i'l 1 likwwo Mf .jboinr and when; b called on
Influence. Great men mOt have monev and : t,,e 'ter irentleman to get information of what
.tpe.v wi!l a!'acrijnemieivea to mat body ol per-! w" "e 3inei, ne aeciarea 11 was
son who can snare it w ith the moat taie and ' to Vindicate Gent. Jackson who was about to be
wlttr geVtest rea
immense Revenue the Bank can control tha
Ulents of the nation which will constitute 1t the
ruler Jt facia ottht LL'moiU-Jft'hit,
reauU f auch avatate f . thing! : The conse.
quencea would be inevitably certain. We
now in his own vindication he says it was asked
with, view to bring about s reconciliation be.
twean Mr. Crawford and Genl. Jackson. What
shameless tergiversation j What a
contradiction) It is the best evidence that
neither was the design of the information sought
loos our political independence, which beioir i n,"''l't thedt
nnr anrrn(trrd wn mint
mi viavipii uwjrn Wl VHSJ HUfCI ihiii iiib 'aaw Sav3
Choice of tbe-tJiutarSlatei Binli Wgbt select
to aet over 4ia 4"lia reault i nolat all improW4 lemarks by way of supplement t hi
... . . 1 . ., Hfli'ik ,1. 1.-1 L. n,
ahle since the Hans m England witn a miicn 1 u imu aeicpfiwpn. n
less flatterinir becinninr has in the maiesty of Pblw) tbem next week if possible. Mr.
!! atrnaih Knulivrd that nuarrful Kingdom
I Crawford's defence of bimKlf in hia letter to
Isitmrtright then that we should orchew the Mr- Calhoun, published by Mr. Forsyth, is
eoursr of the Enrlish s-overnment snd not by""'k aml unsetisfactoiy. It is aa is usual with
. rn.1 of the charter si.Slect our. n hv writings of late, full of contradictory
nriir rnu.1 nf tti rhartpr auSlrrt nnr.
ai-lves to the pwsible eontinirencv of beior en- atement.. They appear from note appended
Ihralled t The establishment of branches of this h " published in the Telegraph
D.nV In ik. Statra. without tb?irnirl 'SSI"1
roirion, is a dangerous inroad uprin the Sove- IC7 Tothereroarki of " a citiien of Raleigh',
reignty of the States. It ia through the aeency jin the last Register we only think it accessary
. ..... . n . I v. , ' .n ..kI ,k.l Ik. ....., 1 - ; . . .
of these orancnes mat me jreai 1 enirai uana V7 wimcoi muc in uur paper
.... ..1 ... I . r.r , k . ....m. . . u. . . A kM r?... - 1 ... J..
expects, snu wseiy 100, 10 exrenu us unooun-;.". i1 umcraur uwra uu-
ded influence. When it lias efiVtuatly sub. fc" 'be progress of the election for United
dued the sovereignty of the States and. tram-; wmvt is substantially correct, sod that,
pelled upon their rights bow ittle will theere,t nectsary, we could corroborate what
Bank lack of having acquired unlimited influ. "'"J up b occasion by aeveral re.
rncc f How easy will it be to shiA their funds P'able cittiens or Kaleigb and or this place
.n,t hrino-. nn hv one. the aeveral States under ho were witnesses of the conduct of Governor
,K.rlnev. and acatter ruin and derra. e, "P that occaaion. Vf we Said of
dation through the land f - There are a tntrosand.vernor Owen did not proceed from any boa
wavs in which iu poaer may become despotic. m,9 him but from a determination to
nd-uVtro Xlt liberliea and -fortune. of w -?Wirh the true history ,0 the election of U. S.
cWVV-k.JhaLtle.oppoJie.nloUhe4r uoTcrnw wwen ia a sopponer of
Bank will prevail and that the proposition te thia paper, and is, so far u we know and be
renew the charter may be rejected. - ,iee. f' iend,r ,0 mxcceu- Whatever tha
wniir ia in nogistcv may ociicve, our staia.
ment ia nevertheless true ss many citizens" of
Bilfigh know apd btif f .
We peseeiva by tha United States Telegraph
tha't Mr. Van Buren in a note to the Editor of
that paper frquests that he will pnblish for htm
a general disclaimer of all knowledge of or con
nection with the subject matter of eomspon-
ence between the President and lice Presi-
d' "t. This rfiscisimer should nm, sna can noi
benefit Mr. Van Buren. CireunutaMid evl-
lence is too strong against b'm to acquit him of
all connection with this bae tfannction po bis
own assertion unsupported by any eorroberat.
Hg testimony. The more disclosures that are
made the more pslpsble is Mr. Vsn Buren's
.u .ir. .r IV. .k....U k.i,.
OOllOeCllOn WHO ui auair. .iiwhu tnt-mj
n entire Ignorance of the bumaa heart if we
hutild place any reliance upon Mr, Van Buren's
disclaimer. , Cowd we suppose he wtmwr e-
knowkdra his connection with a plot so infa.
mou and unprincipled f t'id r man yet a ho
was found mean and low enough to en $ age mj
attempt, Thy were baaerr defranded nf tttvm
.nd. we .noP tnir '' 'H prosper. If any
people ought to enjoy perfect liberty the Pnla
ought .None deaem their freedom awe,.4
none are better capable of enjoying it. The
Revolutionary apirit hat extended itself to Swit.
serland. Many of the Cantona have establish
ed conititutions for their government with the
most perfect order and quiet. Belgium is yet
without a King. Prince C-tho haa accepted a
previous invitation to ascend tha throne of
er-l PatronaandfrUnark. a.L.-i .
tk. I lull invitort t a .1 v..l . ..r "77.
, 1 it 1 - j ... a'oj
Klve conv.nt employment to four
or uve -ourneyman workmen at the IIin '
ness and Sddl making buslneai. Lib
eral wces will be giyrn.
Fth. 7th. 1831, 59lr
S40 REWFirVrr -:;
Jacob, about At mmi,L.. .... . . 1
walk, haa a ir kt. l-n ...
A-r ' T" . " ' ml c -oy-pePrmr
uw "t u,2 ' m" near Salisburv, sl all be
. ..IUjQllS COUntr On Sundav mm.h W a. a . - -.-"- "t'!. H. t.tUl IL.
' "J lea-n larv. tn mwm-t - wmhms a omi vj .
ability and sentiences, and t... 1." w vo r...., lU
MuatryBhe wLZ. HUMS STORE. .1
reemed and betoved.lei dtath muat ba rir ' 1 -
mnESubwcnbers have an,;;,d ioT-,, rU
.A. ftewhip under the . k r...
i. . ."infive premier 4. 2
Paarj Street, for the iraac4i, of Vh,Tf nrlt
. ' A. O. COCimAN" "
Aw.r.r, Sep,. Htf, 1830. VULUKN
UAVEnowon hand, such an aortment
KM. Fancy Goods, as tliey believe is not sur.
pasaed by any other k tl.ia coVntry, in variety
Qood. IUlwo' ft1 Fncy
BljiK :
mlJft :"LC da naplc-i
. .. ... n: variety, , . , t 3
eelHnesT blk Uu
a a ...... 4 "
s-a hie. anauoiu Bombasines.
.Jk'llL.f9mmfiitoa. to the Wea
tern Carolinian, or b bik ...
requested to come forward and make pay
ment by the lat of July, or they will find
their accounts in the hands of sn officer
lor collection. My shop 11 one door (rom
-onn jiurpny a otore, where I can be
lounaat any time. -
Sali,bury March 8A, SJ. ,f
N. B. Aeeota are renatrl tn. m.t.
.. - - , iiii
returns of what they have collected ss
soon ss possible. J, B. H.
Utof Barnsbst Kri
ILL be told on Tueid i of
vourt, be IIoucnd
kfiils!. arista nine Is,a
wfujVSs(asi lifts
Jil lot.on credit ofTwelve Mooihsbond
and security will be required. 5 6d
March UA ItJI.
AT January Sessions, 1831 of Mont
-f omerjr mrotjr ourtT6f PU is and
Quarter Sessions, the subscriber obtained
letters of administration on the Estate of
the late Doctor James W. Craie. -All
. i s a . i .
persons roccjicq to aaia i.atate, are re
Quired to ihtfe Davmnt 1" And ki.
as m ' w --..a 1 iiwivv isjt
inar demands aesinsl the P..i.i. .
quested to present tbem for psrmsnt,
nraTkriavrtei aiirhAttiatAl a t
reouircd bf Law. or th Mm f a
bly, for the proiectiortof Executors and
a . 1 ...... 1 1 . ..
nuuiiiusirBiuransHi accessed men' Estate
will be pleaded in bar of a recover.
Iiruillliu vntn .'. . '
Jsourtnctviltet $d March, HJl. 5 64
Crap, de hmrsUi and Kg,!, MsmUrineV"
French Prints and Oinghama, and Poulard Mas.
una, t
Pongees and msny ether articles for Ladi,
Spitalfield, and Pongee Plaj aod Bandanna
Rtk and Kid Stock, and Fancy Cravat., " " ' -:
Buck. Besver. Silk ami ll..r. .v,. r, '
Prwit Naplci and Gauae Gum fiiuboSa, -
Up and Belt do. of the newest styles.
rVhZ ..Tn" ". t Hose, ? .
Lihen Cambrka and Cambrie Hdk's. - '
Blacjt and Colored French Wnf,.y
. r , .
UJSJ r-cy Dutt .na.
Th ;n -u. t
7 iiiti BI ex:env aMnHna, h .
r iwn ana Mgliiirs, Cans
ment of 44 4 4 7-4 snd 8 4, Thibet snd n,nno
tArfl. tf-r. c. havf seteded tbr stock wuo "
a particukr reference to the Southern a d VVVs.
stock wiH he kept up througbinrt the vear. All
of whb they now offer for sX at Lm riZZ
no oa tna moatjibersl terms, and moat reipeet.
JHytanu purchm to call and
. Onlers wi! be promptlir eaenuU.1 .iik -
smlndeltv. .
ICJ" We have given no Congressional sum.
mary this yets because the length of the cor.
respondents between tba President and Vice
President excluded it Our readers will not
loose much by Us exclusion since matter of such
intertat supplies its place. The supplement of
Mt. Calhoun to his. first Correspondence we
hope to publish next week. This additional
appeal to the people tu made absolutely ns
cewary by ths publication of soma letters which
were suppressed but which it was afterwards
thought proper to publish. Other letters impor
tant to a fuN tinderstading of the conspiracy are
yet behind, and we presume ftterels aot much
likelihood that the will bs presetted la th
public aiaee tbey would reVeal too much base. '
ness Tor the safety of tha fcuai and. credit e
those eqncernefj,. , '
Tl.V VliAT Wotkman
CONSTANT Employment and good vsges
will be given to a first rate f.
. TLY PLATE Workman-
of steady and iodustrioul habits, one who l
"cuome f k " Tinners Machines.
. , 1 . VAnifcL It. CHESS,
SdHiOcftber, 1830.

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