North Carolina Newspapers

    , r
Or, Truth i,i Varrnlksis.
'I really take it verv lit.d,
tthi vowt Mi-. fftilnof rl
f hv not aeeo voij surh en
(The wretrh has1 come lo Vnnrr!)
,Vii!aii-hrr. too. what loves 'oTgiraV
What Is fV.r pliers' -enles!
JC'ioi? here tnil k'ia the infant deara
And give it p'rhaps the braalesr)
tour oliarmipg bs I e are at horn
From TWerend Mr Rowell'i
' JTwm very kind bring them both-.
v'f" tat'f.ooUf6r'm View BmurTiiTJ""'"'
miff tittle ai ,nm ''" '
W( now 1 rail that thh i
- I should ttsve-mvert lo mss ner
(A libby, dahhv, baby!) ;
AM Vr. S. I hone he's veil,
Ah! tkough ke lives so handy, ' .
H ti-f now dmi in t sup
J(The better for mr bjn'Jy ! )
.Oome, tke 'ong to hef
About Mti!(l' ntriuj;e;
'Vou'r eome, ofcmirffl, t Pn3 (helay-
XThank He'n t her the carriage !) ,
Vht ! tit you go? Next time, 1 hope
You'll jfive mc lonirer measure
Nv l-tliail M you down the tiira
With mot uncommon pleasure !)
IKKlkve! iroojlbye! remember M,
Next time you'll take ymt dirtnert
.(How l)i, mind. I'm not at home
In future to the Skinner !)
Wathngton Irving on JrV The fir
rsnnflirr between man and mn wa the
piere ce''(nofl)l1y1C, forct.unaidedbjr
uxilary wiponhi al-lrn 4m Md bucP
f.. k(a (i.n h'n mace, k broken
head the catajtrophe of hT ancountera"
trreedel b (he more rued one
..;n.r met-.t. As man advanced in
and bis cnihiliti became more exqtn
ite. he crew rapidly more inRenioui and
Experienced in the art of murdering hia
tAinw heinps. He indented a thousand
device to defend and aaiail the he!m
t, the cart A, and the buckler, the word
the ditr. and the iavaline prepared him
to eltide th'elirouhdT well to launch
the Wow Srtll orcinf he brilliant
JOTlopiciTetfr -ftrintewionrti
i ft nee and iniury. I he artea, the scorpio
borror and sublimity to wart and mag
Bifv lit glory by increamlts desolation.
&11I' insatiable, though armed with ma
ehinery that seemed to reach the limits
ttd with the 44
nf reVenpe stilf tleer.r researches
mnafba nudf'iiMlw diabolkal .r-ini4Adphivap.d
' . ..... .U . t. It ! 1 I t-.....
; da. oftht srthtetqijsrntdi poisorj rj
bui 'mtheral and deadly sal' me luO
lime disrotery of gunptwuUi .bWs upon and, finally, the dreadful art
r.r fiffktinw kv nroclamation seems to
endow the demon of war with ubiquWy
' And omnipotence."
- ' This, indeed is grsndl thi indeed,
V Tirks the powf r tl mind," ind beipeaV
that divine erdowment of reason which
distinguish' from 'he animals our in
'iarbrs. The onerlightensd btutes con
unT thmwIveti with Illre force
sMch pfovidenre has -assigned them.
. l-7he angry bull butts with his horns at
Ad hit progenKors before him-the lion
..i tht leopard, sod (be tiger, acek only with
. their . talons rnd their fangs (o gratify
.Heir sanguinary furyi and even ihe suV
.1. ..m darta (he same trenom,, snd
' . -r - . ....
ues the a.m ild as did his sire before
the l-wd. Msn alone, blessed with the,
Inventive mind goes on iron aiscovery io
!iirovery eniafgra . -
poweri of destruction arrogates t etre-
nsendous weapomoi ,
"tikrrrestlomo assist h40 xourdex.
i r n.Si iiaiiir.
)g h'll l'rother worm.
Thi Washington Telegrsph, that
WBlch there Is certainly oa paper in the
vi0n more iesloualy devoted to Oeo.
... aVservicMtotheJsCksoop.ry,basbeen
".m. freelt accused oflate snd by Jack-
:ion FMe. too of being bos!,lt to he
SesiW U l edle" ! VZ;? L
Jccost'ion is unfounded, and that It has
' Mise. entirely ' from causes b.ving no
. Stion Twifh Oris. ,h"
crr 10 h .preaWeney.; Jwo ine
S t ionlraryr, .nd w,
- C;c"odoubtorthtfacl,th.tit ha. fro-
in svhh certain other paper, in their oom
- 'SaSw of Mr. VanPuren as successor
f f fl?n Jsikson. the Mlihg are
fhe remark, of the Telegraph
" on thti i subject.
Had sv" insiesd of repelling thig ear
; L.ttamto commit the country upon
therein we, should new tave beard
wbispe of - enmity to him. roi u was
our refusal to respond to (hat article, ad
to unite in the '(tempt to sacrifice to in
dividual, who, lo say the least of him,
contribute s much is any other to the
succesof'he prty tn power ana wna,
by the f xccllenc of hi private life, his
past public services, experience. ano pai-
1 . .. . . ! -,.! ........ lk
rintUm, h the highest claims upn 'be
tWWtty.wn ew ":
i . i . .. .i .. , am uiBUvan
us in ike confidence of the people.
The tuVke tbuH rendered lo lhl lnT !
. i ; ...:m.. ,iih n-v.!
.K.irhial i nnt inrnmnalible With a U3- I
nnri,.fGen. JicVaort. We hav. tivt'
. ert if. A - IV. kB niixiu. it ' m.'mlv ittrihutible to th
port oi wen.
' .''.. . ... .
more t:mccioufy rendered, than by expo-
tinir to nnhlie incftnutioit every attempt
:- I t--- , .
ui eery auempi
lit carlieit, moat
..j ....
to separate him from Q
effict?n' ann . ciniereMeO,
, Mnwrwnd .erf rriendi
Jackion will guard his lame
The true,
of Gen
a leiracv lor hi country. Parasite and i
Batterers, would reduce him to mere
elecUneerinK iget(. acriGcinK hia own
popuunty, ana u.nK ,ne pron.s. u
s t I - U 'j.. I I
(he government to promote the personal
ends of othera. Charleston Mercury.
Too Bk a Booh. A man being
about to purchase a young' horse, was
. f'l 1 t-'.-i .L. A
tear.ui ne migni prove saiiusn aa
phrase is and in order tn test his stead
iness, or strength of nerve, directed
his boy Im go a little way off, behind
the nejtt corner, nu ne womiu riuc
thtlkmo jpposUo1indi, when
the boy shonld starf. suddcTfly out and
cry "booh !" and if the colt could
stand that it would be proof enough
of his being firm and well bmke. , The
bov took his station, "and the man
came opposite the corner aed the bov
jumped out and tried "booh," the
con tbrew ive riaer picKea
himself up soon, however, and rub
bing his ahatilderi and : shins asked
thr boy what"h''ltl w Why
faiher," said the boy, " you told me
toTay lo'.h. 1 Ye said the old
man but there was no need of saying,
such a big booh., to-such a little horse.,
Sittimn Mercury.
HAVING received the latest New
York and Philadelphia Fashions',
together- with those f London , and
Paris, and will continue to "fetelv'e"
change, nnd having a riumber of good
workman; he is prepared to do work
on short notice and in first-rate style,,
MhiclTwiU he warranted to fit
welL Orderairom a disUncefor
As he fii I'trie i Agent of Hard of PTiiIt;
ut, apply, to thc?uhscriber in
Salisbiir. BENJ. FRALFX
Kijles $ Median
KF.SPF.CTFULLY inform the public that
they are nw opening their fall supply of
which will be luuod, ai usual, large, faahionablc
and cheap
Silks, Salt ins,
Ribbons, Es?c.
Cam meres,
, Hats,
- Shoes .
SaHthurf, Jftv. Vnd, 1850,
oneX VsMoneyU .Muie U
rpo owners of Uold Mines, flantstions,
and other property. I he subcri
ber begs leave to inform his ft lends and
tbe public, thst he Is daiiy vine by cap
italists, whose- -funds atff gret,.-nd who
arcdeiiroys ?! jniioMJliJ!
wholes or shares of properties .impror
ed or unimproved who wish to become
proprietors or p-Hnert of gold mining
companies or would loan ana invest
. . . . :.f :i I
ftrured would invest and advance their
money in any way, provided they were
secured and aatiafied or realizing a fair
tnd reasonable interest for the same those who wish to sell, or
morteace property or get cash part
nets, will do well to spply to tho subscri
ber bv mail, forwarding esery necessary
Information lid' ihst ructlbn cco'n jpahied
withan advance retaining otUce tee or i
or to Doatiffe in every invtance to be
mf r r ' ,
PI'dGE0. W. EVER1TT, Re.l Estate,
Broker's, Attorney', and General Agent,
No. 33 South Fourth it.
i2 -r thUadtlfJum.s
"it." B.ThiSouth and North Carolini
nd Georgia paper, will jopy th tbove
one month and sod io thtir tin
.No Tariff of Wvcta.
Earthenware, Looking Glasses, tfc.
Importers 88 IVafer-st. yew-York,
n'F.R for sale, the larirest and moat com-
l" plele assortment of Earthenware, ClOM
CldnA. tiiiin and tilt Utkint Gltxe. if 6. hich
'th Ne York market will afford, comprising
7 ?"jrZJ"ZL fTh.nk7t, their.
friendi in the Southern St ates, for their support.
uc rciui n iiiii -t t. - --,
for their refaaal tojoin acombinuon n xig
cr-t .rr.t.u thmnoKniit the
- t.riff of nrices of Crockt-rv. throiighout .the
trade. It i mainly attributable to the mOuence
l..r... c,ik. Mtmli ih.t wc hiive been en
, : r 7 v
moat tryinir ait
A il Juence and
ttp-)tjj 0f the whole trade, endeavortng to effect
niir, and exnuUioo. from bus'meas We
oar and e ipulnon- irom ounmeu
pledge purieiiret to bur friends to give them
MtiKrartimi in our Dower at resrards the
- .
SJ c.h
jorCitv 'Aecepuneet and in return, aplicitfrom
,K-m enntimiiice of their oatronaire. and par.
ticularly request those woo nave innuengc wu
their fnendi' to exert .tiu our m inai , u
In 1ST lllc s.MilltC lit UFIC IIH.W ' V iiuviv"im 'I
. wi,Uc-rue to u, from their
fr'intlv act in this wav. It has been amO, the
. . . ' .. .
Combination was broken up. As it reflrdi
prices, this is true, and all, we think, tnemli or
foea will allow that w have .effected this
l..nM . hut we (lo assure our friends, that at
no period since we commenced our system of
unshackled prices were we in greater want of
afltsjrsinCa thaii at the nresent moment. 1 oil
combination of men are leaving no means un
tried for effecting our ruin, that they may re
vive the old svtterri s our credit and character
an aMttiladin. efery.hape.jouriimportations
aid and atonned in everv instance wnere
threat are mfilcient to intimidate the manufac
hirers from supplylag y m&aexation
or trouble which (he malice of men could de
viae has been neglected in tltii struggle to ub.
due ua.i-We ooce more call upon every friend
of a free trade to come un to our support, and
p4edge ourselves to give them no caose to re.
oent of their libiralitv. 6t62
88 Water jtrett, ahtve Old Slip
- i AV.A.VVFiO
4 auanlilv of "eood "Walnut.Tjher'ry'ind Curl
IX. ed Maple, plank, fo? which a liberal puce,
in cash, will be given- Apply '"
""'. Two or ''Oiree'Jounie'vm'enat 'tte'Cib
inet-makinir business of steady habits, and skill
in the business, can obtain good wages and con
stant employment by application to,
Soliibury, Jan. 25A, 1831. 56tf
JCo otgeT to be " ut off."
THE Notes and account of A. Torrence, and
A. Torrence & Co. are placed in the hand,
of C. L Torrence, for collection and 1 would
advise those interested, to call on iiPefirt 4m
day, before May tJourt. A. TORRENCE.
JlprjlYTth, 1830 I
State, of .V otA V wroVttm,
. it kcjc.k aflKo , xousr i. , .
Superior Court of Law,
raraatfejiwathan R.
, a yyui
i a in
sppeinng o the sarisfartion f tbeeatrt- ihat j
the df fendani resides without the limits of the
1 ... .1
St a'ej I before -nrdered by the. Court .lbat. pub-,
licatiua be. made lor three nion'ei auccejsircty
in the Western Carolinian and Miners and Far
mers Journal, -for Wmt to- sp,er: at : our oit
Superior Court to be held fur the county of
Mecklenburg, at thfi Co.irt House in Charlotte,
Starch nrxt.and plead,inswer ordemurtothe said
on the 6h Slondav after the 4th Mondav in
P4ition, or tbe same will be taken pro confciso
and heard e l parte . Witness, Samuel (lender
son, Clerk "f our aid Court at Charlotte tbe
6th Mondav after the 3 h Monday in Sept, A I,
1830. mt69 SAME HENDERSON, -.., e-1.
State oS XortU-UaroVma,
Sttfrr for Omrt of Jmw,
17IRANCES ARNOLD w. James Arnolds Pe
tition for Alimony. It m ordered by the
court iii this case, that Dublicatitm be made, in
the Western Carolinian and Yadkin and Cataw
ba Journal for three months, that the defendant
appear at the nevt .Superior Court of Law, to
be h Id for the county of Stokes, at the Court
limit in Germantonn the third Slundair after
the 4th Monday of March next, then and there
to plead answer or demur to the said petition,
or the tame will be taken pro confess and
heard e i parte. - - - 3mftl
Teat t TH09. T. ARMSTONU. r.
State oC 'otti VaroViua.
Superior Court of Law,
pVfr!wfi -eo-STtr
EMJi SHAVER and wifeva Joanna
artly. D'UMlla, Christena, Alex,
Rebecca. Edith, Rruben, Thomas. Basil
and Laban Hsrtly t Petition for Partition.
Inlhis case"H ppeaHftgMo"Tbe tatlsfaf
:ion of the Court that the defendants
Reuben, Thorns, Basil and Laban Hartly
re not inhabitants of this Slate, it is
therefore ordered (hat publication be
made 6 weeks in the Western Carolinian,
(bat they b and appear it the next Su
perlor Court of Law to be held . for the
county of Davidson at . Court-House
in Lexington, on the 1st M or day after
the 4th Monday in March next, and plead
answer .or demur, or the same will be
taken pro confesso and heard exparte
Witness, B. D Rounsaville, Clerk ol
aid Court at Office (be 1st Monday after
the 4th Mondav on September, 1830.
- 6t64 . I. D. ROUNSAVILLE, e. a, e.
revery deacriptiqn, Ready Frinted, :
kept cowtantly fur ade at this offiset
th ni'V J.L' :
'"nUIS Stage will leave Warrenton er
. '
I T J .. A Q...H
err i tjc?o7 "
o doc rr;,ii. arrive
. r u
Leve Oxford every
I j- t A rt'clni k A !
ville at 9 r. M aroe dJy je-T0
vrlle evirrv M.d ir sndTnufsdjy at 5
o'clock A. M. i nd: arrive at Milton at 8
m - ...
A. M. .ht at Oxfrod same Cays; leave
Oxford at 4 o'clok A.l. e'very. Tuesday
and Saturday and arrive at Warrenton in
lime for passengers W, take" the stage
north to Petersburg. ' - ; --...v--r--,w
This route combines more advantages
A ! . . a-
a.Mi r lit .i liiaii miiit roureh in uio
aniithern country : and for comt'Ht ana
travelling to Petersburg, Kichmonu, or
any place to the north can enter the stage
it Unviile ettner m maay or j"mu-,
t S A M. arrive at Milton at 8 o'clock
and at Warrenion next days in time for
he tae gOtr.g northward and arrive at
Petersburg Wedneiday and Saiuiday tf
6 o'clock T. M. Thos rlorming Jhe
route of irr Miles in tire e days, f rice
of Fare thro. 8 10,00, and arrive in New
York in six days from Danville or Wilton.
Persons travelling south, an leave Pe
tersburg every Monday 'and Thursday
and arrive in Warrenton next days in
time to take the stage to Milton or Dan
ville .. .
This line intersects st Warrenton tKe
Main daily line running North or Soutn.
It slto meets the Norfolk line via hTUt
freesborough and Halifax N. C. Persons
trayelltng north who do not wish to go
thro Petersburg, can go in (his line td
Norfolk and there meet ihe Sr'cam Boat,
direct to Washini CiiyBjltimQre &c
Thisiine also meets at Oxford a stage
from Rnleieh : At Milton it aho inter
seels the stage line from Fredriicksbtirg
'V'aTio r Poweltb&rOoi gia : And It Dan "
ville. meets with a line of stages from
Lynchburg Vi. nd ano'her from Slem,
'''"Criwite'i''we"k;:whtctr extcndf:-v',:
Morgantorj, Brindlctown, Greenville 8tc.
to We'ibufli "
The Proprietor pledges himself to
keep comtoruble Caacbe&,.fixiLxale.
teams, sober and s!edy drivers ; and by
theae mean, hones to obtain a share of
Puss ge frnn Warren(on to Danville
85,00 All Baggige and Parcels at the
risk of the owner.
February, 5th. 1831 6' 65
TllOMJS VICKSOX, Tailor, .
RESPECTFULLY inform' hia customers, aod
the TpubUc gP r$ly ffiM jhe hss removed
j his SHOP, to the building formerly occupied by
l.owry and lempieton, and more recently by
Wade W. Hampton, as i Tailor's Shop i on
Min streeuthe wesLskle,a few donrsfrom the
lia 11 nParuiroi'1 In Vsiia all ny-iitliiiai r
.fRr.!hjtJ!irai.aidna, and on the shnrteat
JiotjceT indi P
Clothing in first rate slyle, having in his
.employ iix or itven Krst' irale WOftmen,-which
enables lum to do work on the shorten notice.
All kinds of Cutting Out of Garment will be
done on very moderate terms.
All orders from a distance for work, will be
most faithfully esecuted, according to directions,
and within the slux-trat ni.ihle time.
P. S. He has jutit receivel the latent fashions
r,.M. 1 . r L .. . . ,
., tMTinna' tm -nnrinni wnir.u win
enaoie mm to mate nne boats, fcc. af'er the
most approved style. 1J
Sahfury, April 15M, 1830.
cprr..v IUGUE,
HE aubscribets return their thanka
to the public for ihe liberal patron
age extended to thci Tailoring estab
lishment in Concord, and beg leave to
inform (hem that they have employed a
sufficient number of w oik men to enable
them to do business with (he utmost dis
patch. They regularly receive Ihe latest
fashions from Philadelphia,, and hope
they will not only be able to (urn out work
with dispsteh, but be also "able 'to (urn it
out In a neat and elegant style, their
terms will be accommodating, and their
efforts... to please, .unceasing. Orders
r j:.. L .
irom a usance snail meet the most 1
prompt attention.
Cutting of all descriptions win be done
at (heir shop immediaiely on application,
tbnaoerf, Hj. )th, 8i. $Sf
cotton Oin ;
THE subscriber respectfully inform, the eiti
aena of Davidson, and the adjacent conn
ties, that ha continues to carry on, at bis Shon
f .1. k...! . . . K
i.t.uiuii, vc uuwneta or Mating COTTON
GINS, equal to any manufactured in the United
Statea, ,ndeed,. his Gins are preferred to all
others, by - thofe who-baye tried themi and
hive found a ready sale throughout a large ex
tent of country. Wis prices shall be as reawn.
abla aa at any other shop in the 8outhern
All orders will be promptly attended to, and
Gins finished m the shortest possible time. '
Repairing of Gins will be done on the short
eat nwtice, and in the most ubstantial manner,
by the pubhe'a hnmble svrvairt,
TsTtnebm, Nay 2S4jl8fl ft
or xvert MrirTosj,
txietitrio wtra iatxs agitate a.
a! Oxford tame aay - Mte rekidnce nf ,4'
Wednesday nl aun- . oi c u. ,i ncy IH ne sold. ,)n . treii "
W and arrive at Din 1 nine months, the purcKaier ornn-,,.. 01
for Sfill
13 mi MSI
ia . oei'ii"i? (o
'he t,,t:,i
ft, i I L I .
J . 1 . I. ,M J - ,1 ' I I
oc- uuc u.. u. win o exposed
" sale
gtvlii? r,ond wi'h ..pproye-' r1,j,r
JOHN LOCKt.. . ) ,
Salisbury. lf;TA 4 A 1831. a..'
rpUE. subscribeN having sdtntrhterrt"
I on the Estate of D. S,.k...
rrrrld,..dere.sed, req(.:ij
to whom his Enae is iod-bted to nW,J!
by hw, and (hose who are indebien i.
his Estate, in any manner, are rtqueca
to m kf immediate pivment t
Jdminiitrator tbith the mil antoxcJ
March 5th 1 83 1 X
LOST. ,. !"
A Calf Sk. . P ickc Book conMii
ing upwards of One Uuodred,
an 1 T utv Dollars in, Cash, together
with Notes and Receipts an I account!
and some JiuU'ments, on the Roai
IfiUlK .X?.SyiHiarnf IJedrlci's.
fb-mas BroVnV"'"7rom ThnmV
Brown's to Diuthet's Mills,
l?.ok was lnt on the nieht of th
1 10th m ,rnn? l the I ty.Mo.
Any person nnfJing it, ,nil ret.trninit
to the owner shall rect-ive :he"ah,,v
frbruary 2ih 1831.
rsiiii. siiiiscnbcr Oeli.e .bn,.
& rtmoe to tk vV.t nun.
fi to sell the plirttttioii on hidt
"I'-i-il ie now live Jvinir m 4lnw fwtvw
Vadsnr near liitrhrtati reV
milel from Salisbury, outhe road leadine (m
200 acres In the above plantation, all of
hmiHe, out.hous.8, orchard, &c. on the preiJ
"""" f " P above W
can navp an opportunity 01 view
ins the iNinM
by calling on the ubs' ribe.r who lhay tt ij
tiroes be found on the premise;...
JVwemAer '20th, 18.10. . 45tf
A wVcw sMaiV Wtmtt
. I'uofli BAi,i.ioH-rt-siTTTrft'nT;""
TTNDRR this afrsngemntjjhe lJie f!
twice a ""week," ami goes thrmig hTw
dy a,: each-way The steeotnitrndasnj- if fwi
I'assenger. who sre travelling from Raleigh ti
Salisbury, or Tennessee, or South of Sslibuit,
wiilfindts to Se the:n
most expeditious route West of Raleigh, F
fnge r vho are travelling from Sslinbury Nor,-'
will fiod this route, by the way of K'sleijpTta!
TetorAurg, to be the nearest, cheapetf ul
most expeditious route that can be travelled
the North, by two dav. A pateiiger tw
travelg this rout from Salisbury, bv the ta d
j Raleigh and Petersburg, to Washington t'itf,
j wil' go it m five days, and will trep three aigha
. . .. .1.. "
out or nve an night.
The Cuntractor will nledire himself to ltf
first rate Mail Coaches and gool gentle bfU
and drivera of the best kind and he willipan
no pains in trying to render those who patronin
1, i r ft..-. .. L l , C . . L L. ' . .....
....... vuiiiivi uiuie, aiiu tie tnruiigo nil rmm .
Pass-nges who are unacquaintedjritk th
route, will secure seats by applicatiosat 'MrTt" '
P. Gttion's Hotel, in Raleigh and at Mr. Williaia
II. Slaughter's Hotel, in Salisbury
The ilagei sriTT leave Salisbiiryeverf"
nesday and Sat unlay, at 8, A. M. and srrirs is
Raleigh everv Thursday and Sunday, at?,1;
sod will leave Halrigh every WednesdaTM
Saturday at 6, A. M. and arrive at Siliibtir
every Thursday and Sunday at 7, P. M. '.
(iEtiltGE WILLIAMS, Contract.
June 14fA. 18'.0. . 25if ,
dtatc of VorUv-aroViwr
Superior Court of LatiC
, . . ya - k as,-1 830.
PetTtlon for Divorce and Alimony.
ordered by the court in thii rase (hat publ
tton be made for three months In the Waste
Carolinian and Yadkin and Catawba ifitm
that the defendant appear at the next .8open?
.H.u'ti' h ji Dur)iic auciion. on nunr.l,.. .l ""
J . .II wi.. ... .L . I . .'. 1 C.
Stokes at the Court-llofiie in Germanto, j
the third Monday after (he fourth Monday
March nes(, then and thertf to plead !
demur to the said petition, or the same
takeo pro confess and heard esparte. '3ibiW ,
- Driving to Fayetteville,
WILL find it to their advanUge, to atop"
the H'ttwi Tarvi; where everf -,
venience is provided for Man and Horse, to
them comfortsble, at the moderate charge J.
Cents day and night, for the privilege'
Yard, the ue of a good house, fire, wter,
shelter. Attached to the Ysrd, are a Grown
nd PicVision Store,1 Bread Shop and C&
tionary, and, a Houa for Ikurder and Lon
in a plain, cheap, wholesome and cOffl!orJ
tylet Fayettevilte Apti, lal 181 , ,
'Ml I1F.1IT. -

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