North Carolina Newspapers

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but tt will " drtn.y f''Ksi'h'o t 'h
f.'.,lnt ol the' Uni'ed ftaee e-tlonjf it hi
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n;,fa! ! Mr Vn ltre.i--ve hive 1 afth
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,r,.P e tbe Pre .id en t. tn M'tenr
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hu kW" 'f"rtufl 'ht C'4 hW Iht ,
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v.oi' R-n'tfGn Mr. Vo Buren' wo fut. t
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-.i.J.,V,.,orea from ,hr b h nlvfo I tr
.M-iit of Mr. fuT o', """",r
, .m o.. th l,"l!io,J 'XM
lZh. h-Pf mid'y M0,, M
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Itrt which we r nno n
-4 .w.i .'I )V PruMi when
(nU j;p'in sip1
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t.,1 tV rre
U,S .Se Uw, of he United V.ite, wtr n,
fr..-w r'" ,,n,n'",,,, ,0 7"
to 'h- Vffftr? Of Uo whoh.1 th
to.n-.k We wiM h, to h.
j .f'nranecet'i! tot rttt of
. ...1 In mitt
ttl-t Ui and WHIM rner ine
, r,tvH.t(fnttircnlumi't
t'l MVr. rrar Vib'i'hert nf
... 3 1
!,;.-1 tvra annuel -e na ",rru
a . itt 4rMittaf flf
.nit wonl' ae rtope o u ...r
r. nnKOa'ion were oof an!e. wnport
,1 H 'n-e h-en i.H,1rwn from n nn
. .,-! st weUl V1''.
- Thank Hal wr.. 1 .t'.'
a. V fr 'h- nuMcation of the t W
Trv and ir, oo wUe o4-r -Wf .
jit iu. ha-wiw? . .VS.. i? tn I
- ,,,fM ,n wImmuk futth-L' B'tM'on .
-,n.- ''Si. t!iit r will V Ra'e5h I
Vn"r irt "" ?!Ve tivrow notalhink -J1"
Hv, vP nta- -reak ,Vfn ' We
f,V- to Hear wb klhinka of Vl.C"T
,.w. nf -t h lhm'ri" .t ' "nt
Tii-k !0 ar-V .r?TT,JBi'' 11 "
h.. hal riCrienlllmt to aicijam the
' "fui.Be n'h'mSoT'ii e"ahitt Kwaww.
f. hrr wtii -t hi. o upon the ouhj-rt.
Vr "' rj" f"- 'h' I,"br "P',I,''0,, nf ,h'
ninJon of the in rrWtion to the forma
r onneC" Smne re tkke any .leliRht in wU
Hine'V et-eut'.aiinir frir'ttrol to wb'-rth i'
MtHWr-t 1ft wor.hv Hditw. We do it for
rt ren. The Vm hat tome i.ip
port from tub lection of the Rt.t. an-1 tha peo.
pV are eery aoatout to know whit th "
lAmtt of the cor-iponl.inre. We are torn to
Kon-wnd he r,.i'on. whiM at the time
-. . M T,het t dirrrJ ike rmb.
1,e wiih. whrefee ak of thenar to tell the
" fople what it thinkt of theeorreponlaoe.
Th 11ee.pete.Mcicy.-The re.pont;biliy of
-Wit nablic ohar?e ta no nmp-rl cnntlderd ht
the nnmU. L cona-q.ience. it attach'.'' o
by mm of the preatltnsr opiniim the'--it.
it an offio of form,nd f nmony without any
f the lHorioorhitiet fticid-'nt to. th other
flivpof thoT-eneienl...T.hft .YiM-Pretideoi
ln .rreat deal of toiltome and mo-nentnutaer.
ic to nerform. n? Tt the tecond diemtarv of
th-naionf end much caution-abouUbe J)b.
,.-H i t the aeleetion of a proper perton to
""t "ffig'TtlBr.t.1 m ire ntrtie'aei w'i"t the par
tie wSici divide thn conntr are pretty equal
y ni ehed. Acting upm th- tuopntii'mn thit
Sir. CaliwMin eanrtnt be re-elected i( co"
tj ience of the eotinatit. unliMken!cntom of the
Wintry never to elect the ttme perton to that
office t third time we would propo. the nnv
liMtjun of Jude McLean at a fit and ftii'aMfi
pe rw.n to be roo on the Jackton Tttket for the
-Vi:e Preitdency. We dq not 'think a better
.cboic..; could bejfcnjjej&wn ai.onthe di'tin.
ajutshed men 4 oure'Hintry thnn that of Judge
McLean. He it nnuertionabty t man of atlpe-
' tiorabiliriee wiih 4be mo&tnniinpromii(tnB;e.
publican principleB. An public officer we fiave
had none more faithful, and we miffht wi'b
great propriety add none more uteful. Hit
aerticea to the country a FoatMaeter General
- ill eter be emembertMl with f ratitu le bj the
-rilttiee. Ia the tmuagtapent p.f the f ot OtBte
f iKn-ri i U .a ,.; -J trt'r
feittr ' ' nf hit f'ff -Jrcr Mftrt, vttiUt In
hit patent 9C'iin ei' hmh .hil'ity (u
letrein In ration loV'ifli.I'dirttiom forth.
Vice.t're.i !mcv there sn be hut one Ohmi'in,
lie i iVm in hit courte tni (li;nfif in hit de
pmtment. With the election f the prrtrnt
Incumbent wt d no believe there li any win
jn the t'ni'rd PtMrt who would pre tide n
Pre Mtfrnt of the Be ntte with trotter dignity.
1i addition to thoti Importtnt ni,nrtfiont ha
i t wtrm i;ifiief nf the pretent admi iif
io, ! U highly 'eaaeetiat thtl wethotild elect
to that Chair one who wilf ylrl.I e'trdht top.
port l th pre trot Mm'initrttlrW and who wilt,
ak.. . . t .
mo hw time rnnri rrvprn ni inniwnri
ktppen tHut tht fftpOAMbtlitjr nf 4iMin( w
liont of imprinc and moment to th emmirjf
bf ii r qiml dUtMoii oi(5f ol p"n
(he Ykt-Ttt il'ltnt. Ffom tha rfniiion of lhi
- nt th-fi brlnir no ppl( h. imiMirtift
.4 iMtwt w H(h U t M4 f.!Uir UutilrRUi
J new to orritpv the elmr of FrMnlent r.f tU
ReoiteF Ju'ljre. M.-lin, we f' Iirei1, iiM
nt hflik from thi Tilthful (liifhi'ye of hti !u
lle, 1I h been rix'otimfniVtl hv iy'
tibt portion of tlicfitrnfiflif tnfterl it'M
m iii no wminir penKio lor rreaulrnry,
hut wo hi:ee l hone vcurlnjr hi f W'ltm
II Chiof Mie'ifirttonr h roino h barn aSi.
4ooe4 To onnrhi'li, w know of mi iri who
romhinKn the mme qmt.flimlori with the mm
Uitnt fur the Vice-PrMaUner.
It It no !iflflciilt ioMer to penetrate the tlo.
ceri of the foi'nwint; Unuift quntel fnti
psrirniph io fit number pf the " C;lohe," a
xioe-wWoh-w htew twwt wrreittMi to rro
upon Kveral oroiiinni. It i unlvcrtaHv belVr.
ed ihit tbi poer wn cabtiihei) by Mr. Vn
Buren it bit Qrfun at wm n he dItoertt
that the Telegraph wmM oppw hie election
to the PreVid-ncv. Th ettnr 1 fallow i
"The niohe wit tM:.ird. nir) o aid any
TnTh-Tirrt frrf emitf?' fbrrirrrnnTitoThe firrtency
er Grneral lirknn, but lo f!fefae. ith a
injrU hearted nVot'wi ti t irtt, biare.efeeion
! tte ffi'it pririci"l wbirh h bmln'm'm.
el into the aiminit' ration rf thf rnvernmrnt.
hu Hrn iili iti aKni.tit Mr 'n
m.iminnw p'rc niinn'ti in ni -m ill' w o 'Or rrr
iient, anl aitempt, we ere not i'h whit mo-
uq 'ermino an' t.teov h'tt ropii'tilv,
which we drem iop',rrt ohireritof era
fi'lncin'ei we thoutl urn our idilliTv ip-Avt'
him wi'h 'h' aane prnntiti'iule at we bave re-wHi-tfthe
af'ra or Mr. Calhoun."
Th-rt are two mitika in thta paraMli
wh"heed'.aif nMlv miU or rctdentlly iner.
ted It for ci!erii to determine, who knovf at
ell at we do thit ta paper (the Globe1) wsii
riiibliihed by Mr n Buro to adite b't
tuco-tiion to the Prttideney. The fflohe
nrttltlinhed not to a;.l k-ht man in a route' for
auee-won to the Prri'.ten'y aftrr (len. .ti"k.
1"'" ;.fpe not tb" Cl'ihe etnret to .tety
lonref tbn Oenl.")ackl'nV ttrilnlttratiiiircan
poamhtV cotHiwie f if we heliw aieertiona
it would anpear not.',. Or t-oea ihe fihAe" mein !
that H wi ttwiit txMl in -nU ftfVeeeoMetie -
for ihe rretiawey f Thit it teee ia.prol.Hble in
rwto paner prrtt
powrTB" CWWwill' SiKTmuot takfjMtteo.m
. , . tt 4 i
tof;Taciton'. .dmioia-raiKin. Will it Send J
tunpori to Uv Callioun .whom it Ma etiuitinia.!
tt3 ndi!l!??
iont of :Mtmn vmri-Mhom run iat,nei - !
throuont .IT.--Ie-Wrrp,i
cottrae cannot be dotroted. How will th't tt'ly
with the aiiertion nf the Cr-be that i m not ;
ftablihetl "toaidanv omiin acon'tr' rr rticl
eeaiion lo the Vretidenev aer Gnl. Jek'"nr"lbeen nominated In the American 9ftM
To do .war imnretainn Ihallt.; ,ujube CauUi(3(lte for ,he Vi( e
MUblnhttient wticreitert n tan nurrn .na
...... ? k. NifiLVHi
with i't twital inainceritt and diwiretiUtton de
c'arta 14 thmi to far It it from being a Van Rtiren
paper, at hat been antriteated, that ihonld Mr. i pr0TiJef,re procer a Urire quantity of
VanRu-en to-morrow pW i'!i!!ia.,apanUblaRar.hlcb ..'tthen
t thrTr.a'dni" it would tte h-m. wpyf ... ,
doe. the Globe ...etheweitplciitea. when theiei,Pcn'"r trrp f""r"1 ,n h,? noth'hR
omietton miRht hve nt e r.wtn tor more ui-r' with e byer of Tobacco over them
fant'ml matter? Th lobe aupporeta ctwtHt; Toe Sinrneae Twins htte returned to
it vet well knew r-eer-wiM hif.pfn. W'-
V, Bnren ha. loo much tapacity ever lo nome
in'.oeonflKt with Genl, Jackton m a comett for;
the Prct Icncy.JHiptxwitiR: him to be personally j
hetifle to th Ptetiden'. Hi preneni rrktii.n -
to the Pr -tidenT wotitd ntw forbiir if if he eVe ,
f,y Wlln , tf ,jr a wffy, that it would
irtpnte Mr. Vtn Hureii if he aW-l opsone
mutt awijfn .ome other rct'n why Ihe people
that wu established b1 Mr. Van Buten
- ; - .
fur the ole d- aiffii of promotinif hit euccestion
to the Pretidency. The evidence adduced ia
not tlie beat of whkh the nature of the caae
will adniit, and therefore ye muat believe that
the " Globe" belunft to Mr. Van liuren.
C7" We have received the firef nutr.berof
the "tJamden and Lancatter Beacon.' We are
jfltd to tee a ptpr of itt priiicipleiahliPbed
in Camden ana ve lieartny witn na imc x.iui
tf We nndentand one uf the Stajjea of the
Greenaboro' line aa uptet Jutt beyond the
Yadkin Bridge and the driter'i ermj fractured.
The unaettine; of tbe 8iaf e waa occationed by
jhe fright of the boraet durinff which they ."ran
U.b Slae eh $c desiiviluf ' LiR.
A niAitv.
s- t-f-rx"":. Tf", mmm minr?
' It 1 rumf-urrd taut F-inrt h. ''rtlart.
w,f agilnn JTiiMit. W) wait i h anil
'f for In foafirtrtatUifi of tefu!i(jfi
The whole Jukton tirkriln, the Porta
mouth M, If.Jcirctiir haiheen relutmc)
Wriu for the election of tntrnbr to
Congreia, o lopplr the jdV ofihe Hn
Win, D. Mirth who en elrCte! one of
h Judgei of South Carnjina by ill tm
Iegaltrei fic beenhatied by the Ooy.
of the State. Th eUt'Jon It to take place
on the 1 1 th md ?th April mm,
The lxt(i,commeftrement of the Mad
leal department a;fthe Columbltn Collevi
held on Vedtieadiy thti" I th hat. at
which lime the decree of Doctor cf Med
iuoe waa conftirtd on
Un eunr f cntU-
ratft.'"- r
St. ratricVt rf,v..Tlie tnnif rtary of
the iecntoenth March w reteb-itrtl o
Chenw by tnny oaiot of the KmeV 'ld
lale. J. 0." Bomn CdUur tf theKf
publican, preaided. '
The ?mdentt tt (he Ur.Umkvfif Va
hate deterrniBed tn puMitH t Llienry
Piper io CharU t'eevICa, to be rn'itted
the CBmellor. h rtferenr e to ha fr.
qilont rhaORe of E,ofi, i he unjee
the luperiniendrece' end Cdliorihip of
e committee of twenty one.
fht fcditnr of the M OtiJe' hat difer
mined tn iistie hit paper, is future, dally.
The l(Miure of Pa. ha pid
retolutJon y rant in gl 090 00D I for lh
Conttruction of rnadt and ranalt.
eil'l rf.,.t.rJ.PJh.roiijL.!bt.X0U.njJf
aayt tho rrratoof CArCnir(r and buwirtr
tip wool, jrtnrinp from 4 tn SI rta per wool to be delivered when the
The t'lprfme emiet hive, refined tn
jrrant the mmirn for an Intunetlon to aa
certain pmrerd'nct iilnit the Cherokee
nation. Th pronnd of the dciion w
that'the Che'kee nulon waa not a for
etee) etta(iv tut dometiio depenJani
Scotland and the whn'e Litortry world
bate ttJi'aiited a loa 'r'a - re I
paired, hr he fs n J?E,IIY McVTrif!
jm. hom Sir V 5.-jti h hit clei'icticn
of VViterU o apnrnpritrely called the
!l 1l 1 ild 'hii Mr. VarK;han will bo auV
needed bt Sir Jtmet IVfclotmh aa minlaiei
from E'nRlindV'Wi-n"ih'r."" To thnte
mhf) tra rf ith .... rB,r.,t,- ftf
- '.1 r"
,nd member of the Houae nf Com-
mon,"thiw inielligmce muat be gratify
- a fmfr Tnjno mecbi'nVi Vzrr
etuStaWcaidato for the Pre
" rnC
..... .
Mnhiow Uckeron of New Jeraet havl
p . .
Cokntctirul'CIgM A gntUmtn from
tbe l ied of tleadt hahi'a recentlt told a
Kew-Tf-ek, htting n4dc a profitable toy
It it .did that the Hon. .Ve. Ttwel1
will resign hit aett in tbo United Stele.
S'nnte' '
HA letter from a g-entlemtn in Pari, to a friend
in Philadelphia, dated the lit of Feb. aayt
rtTbe great newt of today ia, that the Duke ot
Nemoura, eecond ton of the King of Prance,
hat been ehoeea King of Bvlgjum t and. thit, it
ia believed, will caute a war, It it not yet
known what England will dot but it ia certain
thet the it irmittg ehipa of war. ' f of ranee, lb
troo are all aarchifg. AH thote of Faria am'
itf neighborhood arc to aet off in two dayaj rv
tbatweihall bave none left but the National
Guard." . ,
Mank rA, 183r.
At a meeting ef the Merchanta and other oit:
'mow of t hp toe a of UttrHwA. U.e fcflo mg ret
CuiTciiry, , , .
tHut frr Hie ( Jir of Miv next
we will otilliee rrfl-tii iiir mm ae b'il uf any
i.r 'iwiirar v w . .tr, lit M i.ww...
.laVi IrLVtUt .Peeihe eatie 'tjee',,..
tr win twil few I'lf iraj'iij tiwi vt
thUhnte, a4 afur lb- flrt uf H.temher wt
will ot reoriee cr p.a ay biiU uff detiuni.
Ui.tld. 1. at... i.'l .
ftei'Min f mm intrf nm liere
R4hl, r.nbi-r tht aa aooe aipranloahW
w will procure anoie ehanfe la upljr the
jtiace tt the eet bill nirtreocy.
AWt.r, .H wi 5f notion f.e aeeJL KM
clean, fc? ft 7. Imr 44 to S, r fJ. betf ?i
te 3, h r. moUwet 4 J a 50. IaM 8, a't J I ,
aui?r 19a II. h i rV 1 1 ia i& lin,l ft t fu
aopU beaoJv M, J 41 to JJ, tallow f 1- f Uc""m U1od ke. 0
la K liaiheta 3J. heeawat. 16 lo Jl ot i iof nirjtio.1, end it npi eaiU iKo aatitfac-
wheat 70 terjhtcin IS loll, rope 10 to 13
gWmUf.m MU UoiMt.'
hncon A t 7, apnU bramle efl a 4. com T$
H Hiard 90 I 0, i1.-ie. 4 a 5. moJ..-ei
?y.'i;i l"t ll.iJt TOiTi, wbUkeyiOe
45, wheat !W a 95.
CArrnw, ,tf.,4 ?4. ......Cot'iie 7 a . flour
bhi. r-i.i.t. r 4.,1 7.
en, firr, JV , Cotton 7 a 11. flour 71.
wit in fie tutona. larmwn Mi . KT Ml k
hiat Ji IR.eorn7P,a7Ju.uJ0,ilt7J,whia!
aey aoa o.'J. bacon 9 a 10.
sua i" . ' 'j ! " a
- I . .. . ...!.!
7A? Thorough tired Iforte
1. TT T1LI ...i.:.
11.1 caon in hit
i.4.e r.,.- . f ii .
Tuetday, end Wrdne,
At Contoril, on
hur.d.,,Frld. and
an . .
34urilas. The ien
hlit already Conunctirf d,' end will end the
hinK .1 die form and mi-, .nd very
penerai.v rrrmmirt; their re, n color,
.. . . .
dy tnd thrifiy.
. Gtaat rare will he ukn u ei. Rnecl
tatiitctio. t tint i rtnnot be . h!e for ir
ridr nrr H rm wl lie" futnShe dJlt i he
maraet pore, Q mareawiii fr.n e dit
tince. 6t.f
olttie Ml t jttroUua,
niwi couitTf.
Frbrunrf Srstiom, 1831.
fJHS MUKHILYCnriMfunfiood
""iHeejr-V-f'wrM-IeW on
.Ho!,?.!,il Lit In Sjbtbiirir on main t'i
ne.t t. 't.e Jail L-n. On motion. id it
1P' ' Mihe tethfae ilaji af t bo Ctourf
I bat the defendant it not an inhabitant -of
iru sine, ordi:ied by the court thit pub
Tinuii printed fn Sjlithury for tii week.;
in.iii me o intdtut appear it the nek
Coon t pls.e and uuner Setisiona n
be held tor me County, of Ruai'i.iU
-nonaty 111 iil..y n;xt then end there tp
ple,6d or f r jarti oJrwiw judgmeot will
he entered iiains1 hint r the pUintia!
uviiiiiki aim cottt. 6t69
JN'O GILES e. t. e
February Sessions, 18JI.
t?D"J C It ESS v.. Cbrh.lto Good
li mint Aiiachinont levied on one
nt L it on main a. reel in Stlitbury prt
.. i.o jyn e. ano l,h no. io. adjolointr.
On motion, end. it Ippcating lo the iai$
ff'lw l ihe Crturt thit the defrndtnt it
not en lnha!ttn of thie. St tie otdertd by
ihe Cimrt puhi(:einn be nu!e htne
tVettern (rniirjien p.intedin Salishury
lor six week., thM the defend int eppeer
it the next court of Pleat and q latter
Seshioot to hn .!d for the county of How
n it the rouri Houae in Salisbury on tbe
'hird Mniidarh May nest, then and there
ti friend 'oe tepletyrhyewise jaHft'riteiit
!.l .onLeitd iKinslliim.lorah Ph
rrfriimrTriti: t-.-:-
V JN0. G1LCS tt t. e. -i
ottta coesti.
HOMAS W.:. WILSON v,. Daniel
; Wird, Orlghil Aitichmcnt Letied
on, the.Jundt of Samuel Hicki nd he
ummonert Guirniahee. It appcaiirjr tn
he talisfactioh oHMa cnuri that Daniel
Wird the defcndnth tbltcatelanot n
nhabittnt of thit Stele, ir! ordered
iy the Couit that puMicaiion be madt
for six week in I e Wcnern Car.ilini-n,
.hat thei-nid Djnitt 'r.'dWand appi
t mr com t of pleui and quarter Wirtf..
o beheld for id county t ihe curt
tome in .Mjrgtniou on the fiutfh kMon
'ay In April nt t, then and lot re to plead
tr replevy to itM.e o huwise judgment
7 default final, will be entered up u gains'
dm. fi 69 .
.., JAMES EK WIN e t,g,
tiMt ar. fi.
25'bJult. Seven Unll.,, will be thtrEfd 1" 7 '"0 Mme UI e lakrn pr.o toft
f .r be ie.i..n ( Fie DoMan the Single iM h"'l'r'.,e
Leap 5 .ml Ten IMU. io r.turf, FUj 6,69 . 3 SO W'WMMT. e. ft
.en ' to lie ttini In evert ottmce. r Aii.1ISTnON(l. rf y:
SiliAuru. March 24. 1831.
rf",HI OlTiccrt f'inpiirt.r lhj Jtt !
I vuioiiftl,f.r4vj,t.i',nil,,oft?.
I TISIVI Of IJ) tl I 'J 4 i '1
M,,iti w' N rc hcteSy com m-,J.
, ru I'llMSt" e ' i ' i
bury Oft l'ritlty thr 2 'o I Apiil tit It '
. l l f .,'. .
- - r 'II HJVJUMVU lilt.
, at I u ' 1
airctn'r vr'U.
W order t.fih C.rtU.htx,
Frbra.irv.Kt.tMt. mt
I II . n. tjtujii"
I km of the Ceurr'bat tk dofrndatit It 0't
anhhi.MuntofiM.8t u, Ordered Wfh
CoM th.lpublicMiiWh.S!
a 1 11 TV. 7.. .. at'pp it it
ne' ' ' i 'K irlcr Si!j.(
'or the unuofi; raIUown t tbt
C mti If,.... In .
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Upon motion It !, uered by the, ccurj
hat p.iblica.inn he nude h the Wetter,.
tiroJioitn for tlx weeki, thit the defen
dant ppeare the next Court rf Pleat
and Quarter Se.tiont t be be!d for the.
county of Su.ry, at the CoUe House h
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Faiicjr Wood, bunncm. ..J. I? .
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HA E now on hand, tuah m enortmcnt of
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and I telettion, coitpriimtf the tbllewlic eriieke
U Canton. French, Italia,, aaJ feae Bntb
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Blk. CtlU and changrebl, 0ro. tla ,
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Ptao, .od r.fiU Paplms Algetint Flai.rrBf4
of tbenewcat etyiet, , , '
French Print! end Ginghanu, and Foulard Mutr
baa, .
Poogeea and tniny other arliclei for UJi.a
tlreaet, , ,
Got deNapici, Gauie end Crape ttU6
ftlk aiid" K;dStoclt,"i.d Faney bT.vate r-'
Black and 'ioredlttlino i !r-.,i. j
f!ar bntl nte .! A' .i ' ...
" Open w (,rk do. ' . . '
Linen Cambric an:i C.mhrit- ii.i...'
Bareie, I1ru C,,trBa!V. ' e i
SewioR fflK ;T.ifc r.5d Fancy. Butt.,
Hooka and F.yea, ec, (Jr.; oww''
yThey vill alto baic enex'enw, ,oHmmt
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partienlar n ferine to tl. t.,i.. 'a ....
.etn "'Yke,.,.ttdM they.w,!!.; r
ttnek will be kept ,ii tb,oulIO), ,(. r, v. AM
f which they now 1oilV t. .u i . V-''
uBytimi. puicbara to ell and .4m.,ir Kt
.nyS?" A. with
... I . . .... --.V

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