North Carolina Newspapers

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. T Wffn fiVf, Mirth S, 111.
FYm,w fittr,.,.,
The Tw,m fff Co!?'1! ha fer
romped, i-H 1Mb piliicI connex-
ion M. n ,M heretofore f SH'td between
! hoold dt ir.jusf.-- to my own
' '"gs trr I In ptfr.ll the occ hi to
P" y. without ferwif to yu my
mcrra thmiu f,. iht eor8 lenee repoted
,1 mt, end K foiifiiif and klndne
uiformff hcwn me Mle In your it r
, flee . j,,B tndeawred g rnerh these
'fkof dUtjncfi'nt, rtl er tr an honet
.'id independent ilichrge of my duty,
lhan by mere empty and declamatory
P''MMon of extraordinary rU
O"' " ditchtege hit high and reiponsi
... Mtirutt tik MU'f1wit. also, to ten-
!f to b Tri'Trtwr Mtfwwnf nf the
tmnner In whirh be ha diehrged Jr,
Aftordingly, I aubmittedto yoif, at the
Cfee f ht firtl eioo, brief t'e
ttnt of iht I'tbtn of Concrtt on miny
of Ihe It iing measure of ihe Cavern
tAfnMogethrr with p'aln expo'lon of
Wf view in relation to them. It t nr
tf purpose now to reseat what waa then
jd, but limply to elate ome ttdi'ionl
fCt nd nli.ervitii-.n-.fnrrrit. frnm i k.
- " - ' - - f " . MIT
The benevolent polir r of rt moving the
Indian trlbel, west of the Mississippi,
wMrh hit been to earnestly recommend
ed by every' administration, for the last
thirty year, if fst approachiog consn'm
mstion. Under the Indian I'.ill, pawed
( the lift tctaton, trestle ha" been
formed with the Choctaw ind Chlcka
w. providing for thrlr removal and
"'location, beyond Ihe Misilppi rlvrr.
jlmin of a OreiiUr, to leaye manv otheri L ' ne,f "'' ' murkr A fhev thould
vill umouchf (I. h r.f much Iirerlitr lowiMt
t ' FINANCr.3. th?e lt'lin ifibrt, while ihef are Calru-
' Th Fin. tk- V U,e,! 10 rtwott ihe aonrre of iht and!e
fhelr preienUr,tleM ro.n.grmtt ro,,. h',r J w bwtn
llnoe in a prron, rrn, The ,h iU if,a,h 0ft"''T 0'Wnr.
I fi r !s vr, f r is.'f r
r inr fp.l, 51! . 155 74)1, Irstir,
th fT.,.ir)t fo III Jtn,,,j, g:i, f(37
123 83'). The Hum pid rtu'in iht li
trtr wi Urge but il o... turn ltt
wuchtiRf.r, but fr the eiirtor 1inrv
aip'oie or lklf.r ih (.rnum ar.d ih
irm" ' -rtf" fit m-huttu tlilm
"! f-'inf t a i.i! of d!Uif
Hlct fell iitn ih rerclpii of th Ui
N nd wi piid out of them. The
hurt period at whirh UJ iippotrd the
Utbt will be tminf uithed. and tb pro
bible properiif and - hppinta which
will then drawn upon our eountryt were
upon farmer orcil'n, fullv and freely
preeniel to toy Our anxiety for h
romplett e itjnpiiihment of ihi nanone
boriht n, imreatct wi:h ta rapid d.min
uihn i and when It It recollected, that
ipirda of one hundre I and Civ mil
liont of dollar hat alreadr been paUS for
irMerett alone, and much of that to for
S.WmMor mv Uh e.icbt,Ji owned
) f irtlgoeft) that antieiy become! both
uuajbie and ptrlotk
receipt! Into the Trraturv, for I 30,
Vere ?3 I6l.0l,of ihU om about h.lf
I million waadrHved frorr atock.hcld In
the Djnk of ihe United Sutea a million
nda hlf from the aale of Public LanU.
nd ihe bilinre , almost eniirelr from du-
!y denominated Cuatomt. Thia torn,
.Tl'V'h,lL,nr:i'! 'JTllV'l.rr. on the
HJinOiryTSSd, form an errre. of
The eiptndSiuret, tor Ujo, fr.
IMinjj in the Treasury, on Im Junii
,,3 t 4 819,781
. The rrreip'a into thn Trnrf for
"7l3T," are et'imated at 23.340.GM
The expenditure, for the antrn jr$r,
"Ire ffirna'fd'at ' 53.338,06 J
It ia traiilvinp to nhterve. Ihit illhnnnk
'"ut ;jr'.ut,i of ii ! i, t i t,!;b tit
J""p!e Py of ni rniraoo and a half
at (SilUn j (nil it Into th Treaiury
fur a eomov.n bencfu, and It therefore
not com')llntd of. There it rntnafac
toreif in I.ii'uUna annually, one Hundred
millir-nt of ponndt of niijir, which it
conttjmH h ihe United Siaiet. The
people of I.oniilina get three eenti a
1 1.
e lihjiiwt a.-,J o-ij'ftnirt faiaui d Ihelderanily Ut r-uv.ha
"IB .1.1. I
ttate that I am rtjuttlf oppowd lo the riiifrnt. A iretly hit l,!" 'f !Z
metnt attempted in a nrljrhborin Sttie, the SuMim Port e. by hl I mn
to rttiit ill oprraiion, S .uih Carolina, of h P,lrk Sea htbfn n,,itU
feellnsl berielf greatly eirrifeted by the anerpinr merchant. T?''
nounclnr the Itw uncor.i'liu.iontt, and of the K
therabf nulliffln it, to far the li con
itondMik. ...
tlrd and a recent r0inmtJy.
t tt t p iiufiHiin iif ri I
pwuo'i mor or tnit augtr, inm they earned. 9tie cliimi the pMtiieire or re perfert reriproff?, httb r e,,' f
coald do. If we were allowed to import It malnlog In the Cnion and enjoying all lit ihe Kmperor of AuttrU v f '
free of d itf, which amountt anneilly to beneB't, and at the tame lime, the titf ht tort to believe, that oiir l
$ million of dolltrt and thit turn it to nullify etery Itw which impotea on tiiiont with I'ranre f.r W?m
ptif bf the people of the United Statet, her unwelcome burthen. Tom, ench milled udoo our LL 'P tifc
nm ino me ireatury tore common Dent e preiett'ion appetra moil unrettonaoie. the latf wtr, wotilf h k p ii
Ht, hot at a clear bountf to the wealthy 0r Federal Conttiiutlon wai the rrajli riy, hut for the! M!'
tURtr ntnufcoren of Louiina, to e n- of e aphltofcompromUe indfoncilinion. has for tome time , , ulioiU
hnre their profit! end to pamper their Some rihte wtre to be ren 03 for the DoIitIcIcofirtiiIrt..r.r ,,ntilM
a" ' iiaii rni4hi. w
"" more erTeeititl protrction or oihert. I! are a auhjectt of C0I1.,,
The i"9ly dllTererKe between foreign mu then htfe been fireteen by the fra exhibit the practical reauif r N
nd domet'ire euetr. ia thUt when we men of that tiered ifttrument, that from adoated hv th 5 ' ft.
tMinma' ftrln ,i. ik. I ,k- r ... .J k. Ji.... I . .1 . 'n Of In
. .... . ... in, ui vur iuumhi u'i niii hi'ii-i upnn nit 1IUgUrtii IMS 1 nlw,
" pit iior m nuvr it iwv per
Ml.i.f ik. l e. . t .L. ....
h.r... k - .w- J - .1 J - I . ft
-"'i vvnuji", int.wntinv iri on uuun-ini iniirciti ui iinuu, ,ts i I 1 ,
'or. h1f,ihe pHre it e clear boontr to tiont. Dot if one alnele 8iae hit the .K'1::;T ? ,h Cuf"i.U fi'fr
ih ife.r.anfwrer.f-I, Unwer -of ftalllffirtf it Itt wilt -ind"p1- f If AmVXir !r',1rr'e kZ
k ...... .k. u.k 1 a I .i. . , ... .i. , 01 ? American. Th '
' nil" suit iip-m ira mnta ure, ;nt ci 01 iwewv lour, lie iririi-i 1. .k.. .k.ti . " " m Irrei.
...... . 1. . j 1.1.1 t n a 1 "ami and n.... ,
ri,in incm m i;ci, an'i cumisi 1 udti 01 vony rea . wouia oe tain anq uio
0 o par.netrlv at much more for theirjlettt for (here it acarce a tinele law.
t'-trir. j he prire of etch 10 the eontu wh -:H wmid not he nullified in aome one
mer boinviha time. I have selected of iha S:t. Rut turh dirine. if
he ar-lfle of tueer onlr at an extmple edoned. would lead dirertl lo a ditun
The wntfl I enuallf true of eer other Ion of the Stale which to m mind, in
mnnr3c;ttrnij interett. Thete State vnlvet the er wortt of political evil. Z.
....iii . .k r. .t-l 1 T. ,o "Br ""o
diaanv!n, and regirdfet of
prior iple of jmiice, hare Impo
U .her. thakin. 'SSft
throne, of tyrant. anddJ
liod . tory mlni,trf have been
from power, be ,H foke
in ranee popular libari. h .. WJ'W-
her oppretion, and the It ... T?
etnrr..tA n.i..!.. . I'-'WII
. ... "VIKIUIH
It:. 3 m
wn ar.n The pure and exlied patrio.itm of Soo.h " J PT ? Ce eM,,0"iNt,JS
fthe eternal Carolina, and her noble ..crificea, and Z. 7? nfo"tin d.'mJ
npoted upon aufTerinK. in fator of the Union, forbid ' ? , T 1 h iv.
I ,k. .v.. ....a, ... k. .k. -i.k Vru."nK fur her hw, .,
he prrtent odnti and onpreie the Wei that auch fin be ihe whh or v " l,:M!y and lnt..
T..: k:.u !. ..... : , .... , aence fille lhe "
.mi, wnicn i iruiy enricninir mem, iniemion oi inn matnan ntou mte. n. .t. .. ,"' are ..;..
bu' which make u. poor indeed. But uth would ineitablf be itt elTccl. A " , J'1 .orM' " h p!rrd kJ.
1.. -t I -IT" ,1 ... I. . t !". u (.ail uur III! I. .1 . -r
'rri iiccic m unnniiirv nil occn i n m(. ina un on n t ni a i m ii (tritn i .. . - uir nini .1 .
1 " : ' ,.- , Mhrrtl j u . . . " iiiwm
and which teemrd to IhrMtm our bappi
net and our Union. The opposition
heretofore mde to thi humane and be
neeHent pol'Kf It ft rivinc wi. and
the future hitinrun, after the politirtl
excitement of the dv thtll hue ptsel
warwhH-w'weH npon the-retnntn
of ihote miehty tisiioni of the foref,
ihut taved from entire exiint'ioii, will
pmnonre bur on e v t r ?lc t, w h k b " trtje
philanthropy will record, and chritianiiy
The Tariff h at all ii-ne been nub
jr ct of iniereal to the ttnhern ttrn, If
hj now become one of alarm. Bui hav
ing hereiofore nid much of ihe iniuaiirt
an: ik . . i'.'"tni nu-
retortM to, fo'Juttlfy thlt tyttemof md I im proait ta belie, the time de L... ; e 1 lhf f''irtni,,.
of ::; v w,w
dp.Ace,.r:d.,horBet.e "J
iit.ti-mwat.Infact.andintru'h.nreti detroy that beaniiful fabric, thould re LMA !rtdli,c,,b,;lntt,li,
plim ler, upon the unfortunate aericultur votion, i deeolv laid in the heartt
l Hti-e. We have een been lold that ihoie I hate had Ihe honor to repretent j e(J
high dmiet mafe low eoodt! I And thai land no act calcnlaedio undermine or
,al.i, .,,, ,,u , vKtirvj inn neanuiu: uorir, inuuia re which fh l r "c"lt,h
MMnjfJ A wonderful ditcotery indt-ed, ceive from u, any thinar but our ditplea i fPpoP' of other eotintrit ,u
h renainly unknown to our forefather!, mre. Every patrlwic heart mutt rei- m, yJ. ' R""" that lhea bieaaL
iW-tterfd ttomtt-taxatWrn 4yran- ro-hentimentf -oni-ventbte c,cI0U Jl
Tho f;ret decleniion in the price Chief Maeittrme: " Thr Union mutt U
of mimifartured tjoodi, ha not been in
tonirrmenee of l-teh dae ut,
pite 01 mem ; and certainly hit not been
procured by the competiiion of our own
nucokaur of tbklu.w ilo.noXjrMu;f.
and in which we oflVr no competition f
What ho redured more than one ha'f
the priru of Coffef, Tet, Cocos, and no-
imrroti other n!cletf Every one will
and oppreinn Impoird by the preterm I perrrive hit thit, a in every other cite,
firtiervtd. That the Tariff will be mo
Ihe amount of receipt! into the Treoury
. t ! gradually dimin'uhinR, ye Ihe expen
Hiur of the Government hrve bem to
reduced, a. to b'ing them within the re
eeipta. and, at the ame lime, to enable
" the admin iai ration to pay oiT, durinjr the
: r Tatl two vear, more oftht Pubjic Debt,
- ' than ha been paid duririp any two ror
mpondiniTTearapreeediof them. Thi
thai-there mtMr have beenJmpor-r-
t .eeirewr hmem madw in the Pohlic
. -r t5xpe"nfuret, 'dnrintr thi edmlniatra
tlon, Mle fraud and" deMcition hve
WeT wliVrwthlnt; but rebuke and piolh
ment."?ome of the i "Dr part' men. of the
Ooternment, I am frank to admit, have
httjh Tariff nnon the P uphern "States I
should now forbear to ay ny Ihinp more,
but for ihe trry Imperfert manner in
which It i undfrvood. The present
Tariff ia a tvt'em of heavv taxation.
Ditquiie it tou majr,, bv callinj; it
"Cuttom" "Impose" or Tariff," ji
i ttill the .am ; for nnti do not ilter
thine. Thee tsxe fll moi oporc
lively upon the f irmer and upon the ag
ricultural tate. .. Lao'cr, the proven
ayatem we rUe anmnlly a retenue of
more . thjn, twrniy million of dollar.
Thit immense turn it paid indirect! by
ow coflvirrera of imoorvd jjoodt. Dut
who consume moat of thete imported
tyood, end e oneqeit5y - piy moat of
hi.revenue ! Cenpiiily the agricultural
tate, who buv all the cootfe thev rnn.
umr, and py for ihem wilh their agri M
T f."' i .!iii.ttpecW,.HI eh ttiici we consume ihe northern
.... ! .c: .
tion, in their extensive and important re-
formitloni.- I wltl select onlv onethe
Navy ha beeome the mot important
arm of our national dr fence, and mutt
Heine no4 difference in the pure. In
either cae, the farmer i compelled to.
ive more of hi labor, to purchase the
turne article, whether manufactured in
mur hive ariten from other Rreat and
well known ctuart. From the unexam
pled improvement! in mtchiner? for the
Ut twenty yetr, the million! of pertont
who hive been turned from the pursuit
of war, to minufacturet, and who have
become produced, inttead of consumers;
and have (hereby driven down the prire
of rtunufaciure) jnnd in the otd world;
o almost a nominal turn, . Good are low
hut for . the high duliei.thev would be
lower. The manufacturer know it, and
he high dutie are imposed la prevent
it. If hjbdutlei made low joodt, and
InwrTuiiea hTgh Rood, these greedy
manufarturert, would be the flrtt ind
most clamorout fvr their reduction.
in a lew year, and perhaps at thr vrv
next Congress, I have no doubt, trverr
diVi . txpknce.virid j.mijnmm!t
reflection, convince my mind of that
fact. Let u then iDDral temneratclv.
but with hrmneRt, to the patriotism and
ulice of the nstion, rather than rhlv
" fly to ill we know not 6.f"
The construction of itosdt nd Canals,
bv Appropriating the money of the Gen
eral internment, ha, ince the vt-to of
the President,' gone to the tomb of the
Capulett," where I hope it will sleep in
silence. Tiiere was, however, about
fortf thouiand dollara aonmnrftreft
r i r-
complete the works on the Cape Fnr
Ri... ft - I. - .J .I . .
r.l.'i .vv.wm.. auu . inner point n
Ibe coat of North Carolini, to im
prove the commercial facilities of the
A bill passed our House, during tne
sestipni to pension the. 4Militj of ihe Rev
wrow in Imaortance with the extension of England, or the north, than would he n.
our commerce, which is now protected cearv if the duly were less, and much
Pf- I', against foreign aggre'on and mnre than if there wa no dutv.
spoliation. By lis valor and gallantry it
til won for it flag, and for in country
which foatert it, the respect and admira
tion of other coun'iie. and the love and
gratitude of our own. But thia Depart
ment has been subject to much abuse in
But who deiives the bcnGt fiom these
1 taxe laid upon imported goods? The
mannficturers. Beciuse the dutv en-
hipcei the prire of goods, and enables
them to get just that much more for
Ihelr manufacturei. Thus it ..ill k.
the dlsburaement of ihe public money, , ,ha, while the Tariff depreciate,
fiom the latitude of executive discreiion ,nd rendeii le valuable and productive
jmcn ha heretofore prevailed in it. the industry of the farmer, it appreciate
The public fundi have been dispoied of, and renrlert more valuable and ornrl.,,1.
tot eccbrding to law, but according to the labor and industry of ihe manufactu
re will and pleasure of the Secretary of rer. It transfers raoat unjustly the pro
Jhe Navy. In U39, Mr. Branch was ie- fit of our industry, to enhance the wealth
lected to preside over thii Department, ,nd prod of the manufacturing states,
nd by hia energy, economy and integri- R,lt this is not our only grievance.
Jyh. aaved a million of dolUrr annual- Heavy jaxes laid w Imported goods.
Iy, twihe Government. -The expeftdi- fen? to excTudrfhetn andjTherebv ;""dT'
. I"'''' WefaljeVict in 1828, MfCJ our breign comrnerce jbr ii ia fol-
In 1839, - - 3.313,930 refuse to buy of them ! The agriculmral
In 1830, - - 3.910,776 r rimrndcnl, rnilr.l. .
In 183l.itilctUtDitedat 3.835.194 foreit?n market, for the male of tSir
... ., ., 1- m.. ,v, .ii.i ; ,y;r,aM r i,ji ,.,
we have been told, that this lyttem 'a,1onrJr wr 5 lHn the Sen
Ts sn " American System'," and intended j 1 'bought the biirbottomed on jus
to place us above paying tribute -to other, l'ce a gratiiude, and therefore
M4m,. no4rrh"Mri".
gument is most absurd. If, bv buvinv'' 'faction between the reeular anrl AT.i;
mnnufactureslt T the same to us i theret manufacture ofother. counties, we J.'!.. .'hej.. fought in the ame glorion
pay trioute to tnem, they in turn, pay causes tney endured the same toils' and
irioute to us, oy purchasing our aericul , oravea equii rltneer. itlosi of thn S,..ok
n . ... . . . . - . .
mrai prooucia. out H I buy of my aeigh- f ern ,a,e were defended by their militia
nor mi orucie wnicn ne can raise lo'"""' couiu ee no (it reason whv tn.
rcBicr auTiiiiage man i can, and pay fori 1 f'rnrn regulars shoul l receive the
it wim omers mat l can raise better than
he can, do either I pay tribute to him, or
h,e to me ? Ii is nothing but a reciprocal
exchange, favorable to both, and with na
tions U reciprocal commerce, fcvorable
I ruv tkii. P. it o-
- -w-i i Oliiw-i.lllfin. i than I cuH have wi. T
"meor,au7ln who,; p.nutZ
'he mo,, entire coCCdene,wMjl2
verv constiti,iion Dt
(ilir n .in..
' not committed er.or. i,'1
nd I .m far from claiming for mJ
m v hav, k err0rS W'"" ,h'T
mr have been, wer. th, trmt 0r J
o e ISL' 'P''fa'hi.golde,
-- ivr ourteive.
In conclusion, . me ,a J .
r"n "dcTily, to (feferve j( T.
Uh Hhrerd.l.m your friend
and Fallow Ciiitf.,,.-
- A. RENttfRR.
bounty of the government, and the South
em militia be suffsred to go down to the
grave pcnnyiea and unpmed. The ad
couia not nave been rerjtiired long-mosl
Tbl immebke lavTng has been effec
ted, and yet the efficiency and honor ef
the Navy - ha been fully austained ! I
mention tUt with no other view than to
do justice to our own countryman, . who,
by hi honest, honorable, and talented
exertion, itt the service of hi country,
ha built up a reputation equally honora
ble to himself and gratifying lo his
friend, and to. the State which haaao re
peatedly honored him with her confi
dence, tf others have not gone id far,
Ike, at letttt hw tMfmtimWfutofy'imr
taioed the great causa ut economy and
retrenchment, la the public expendi
Mirei. "' r
' The Public Debt was, on the lit of
cultural product. Whatever, therefore,
tendi to destroy that commerce, most in
the aame proportion, injure the agricul
turtl State?. Our grievance is therefore
two fold. A crippled commerce bears
down the price of ill pur agricultural
products, w,hue upon every article which
we consume a most enormous tux is paid,
to protect ann enikh the northern man.
ufacturcr. To illustrate the-ope rat ion
of these high proiecting.duties, 1 will .
lecj but one article, that of aiigar, ft is
only STuithern State that derive! any ben
efit from the Tariff, and the only one
therefore, that support it. Brown rjgar
costa in the foreign market about 3 cent
a pound, when Imported we impose
ttory of cent. We import annually
ll..h Tk... ..k. .....Li. jftf ,k I...I. I 1 i i
. u.c una argument,! u ,ll" nn oi ncroea are now be
wish ihe duties laid so hin-h. arm I vond the rrrh nf
-n vuiu,ii . ...v.. v. vui r 01 Out
importi ihogether, and (hereby destrov i Ifratitude ; ind the few venerable v.n..
... l.L. -.1. n. . .',1... . i: "
luiuiiicivo who winer nation, onould ' rcl imger among us mutt, in a few
this ever be the case, what will be "the'TMrs. Bo ihe wov of all fleah ..
conflj:ion of the agriculioral S'aie? Tied;wi,h 'heir compatriots beneath ibo clni
K.n.i ...I r.u, w. m..... . i. i . . i .r ,k. i-ious
...v. aiin ....... u must inctl IOOK UD 10 a v' '" iicy.
aiaie 01 pnuui dependence upon the
manufacturers, to send us their pooiU.
and take our produce upon iheir own
'erms ; and out of the scanty earning
which may still be left to our industrv, a
direct. tg -mwit-be--pi!lft. raise
e for the support of Government. But
i win (.well no longer on this
Nothing : r deep convialourth.r-yoir Tree colored persona, IT? aii 5
interest and your prosperity were vital- slaves. The J .. ... . ,462
ly involved in it, could have temp'ed me
to say so mum, ut a modexata Tariff,
nJehdeCThm f ll?0,.i' no,fom
pleted. The population i, h. '
twelve and thirteen million,, exhibit"
- . SIUbC ,,IC census of 820 f
ahAHf'in ..." tis f.-M.M.u.
Noirlfl Cai-nKn . !. r t a . JL of
... r:;: Meh 473.
fie ratio of mr... ,
he .k. '"."'"on will
...v.... ,c ei session. In K-:.
t jriTlTl, at-T riK.'m.
Amu 4,
We ha
increase of number in tl lf,... .
resentative, I' is alre...y too g .7
Wladnm nr .l..n...k . . k'"" IOr
a decrease of ihe nnmk.. . u
. , . . ; -""ci, cannot add to
or diminish, the riti. l" l0'
of any one itate. ' lgW
Our Fore o-n i.i,.; . .
pacific .dfrr.j :,::,y","re 01 "
...v,,, vnaraeier- and I think
I Can sav. iik... .l: , . "' nillK
tieatv w.a ,",?SI year, a
subject of. an,iou. neVitL! '?
been secured to us ' ' . R0CUu6n has
formed with nil' Atrr ben
nd an onoorfimitv arTordml ui fo
'he firtt time of reading Mr. TrlerVapeeck,
Senater from Virginia, unon a motion Made i
the nate of the United States to any! tao
Ifeneril appnpr;aion bill by etrikmjr oat
much thereof went to provide fir the pay.
ment iif certain con.m;inner appointed by tba
Preaidenttm netrntitte i lrc.tiiith !he"Sulv
lime Ported At first hl.ish we were diirxwi
In believe froni our full ind-iindiminiahtrleon.
fldence in the wisdom, and general acciirieyef
the eoure of the prtwent adminiat ratios that
the Virginia Senator were eensumble for Iherr,
oppoaiiior, to thlt meaaure of th Eiecuiire tad
quastwn ofj the Panama Miwion which vtiio
ttreniiousl v oppnied by Mr. Taaewell and if-.
eral membera of the present Cabinet. A more
thorough in vettlgation pf the aubjact hat led u
to. form different conclusions and we art -of
a ... . . . ... .1 . . .
J""'l 'nrlv Tnr
wne'Tprtnclptt'i twur govr tn
the one case aa in the other. It vm onlv an
erroneous diniinotion which we dew betweee
Original minsions to regularly sbliahed eo'eiu.
Bieiitiaoda DlegatHmtoaCoviKreaofthe Rep. ;
re ten'ativeaof different ami distinct a-overnment
for purpoaea Other than the snprrinlendetva
and giiardianahip.of our commercial coneerrj
for which ministers are Bent to the court of tie
aeveral Natiuus with whom we are upon ternii ,
of amity and commerce. The contitn .
t'mn doea rtot.mnke aoy distinction befwreH tba
cae," or in other' word it due not neogniA
the right of the Executive without Ihe prri(i
assent ofthe SehateVadciipatch commiaaioners vt
oiber agent to negotiate a trvaty with a forciyn
Nation, neither dor t empower the Predent
without the like ataent to institute a Miasioa '
a Cngres of the Kepresentarives f ottier and
Variout nations iiiranv nnrhim &haiivei Bfit ;
designed mainly for revenue and an ade
quate protection to dometic manufac
tures, I do not complain. But it becomes
the duty of every faithful public sentinel ,to
give tne aiarm, when upon t ho common
necessaries of life, a tax of fifty and e hun
dred per cent, isimposed with the avowed
object ol protecting and enriching a few
capitalists and- manufacturers, thereby
oppressing the many, for the benefit of
the few j and the inevitable eff-M. r
. "i
which must be, if persisted in, to destroy
Ihejftrnerce and. the" re venue " of ihe
counry,rand to throw the egricurural
Staiei completelr in the oower r.
at the mercy of the manufaciunng Sec
Havingaiitfrnpted to dnmaik aome t?fj
-j 'v r - "7.,, , ;
v ,
i a -$a

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