North Carolina Newspapers

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On i.frn S the the tfranf-f came.
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Uk rtf citif'i final pnibkcr
' 1 hfd.TirZ ylft1. mh.l !th' Bm
' Jhrnigh court v hll the rnn'jrg cm.
'. 'T I A..U1 Iw. , l,,T,l, In (h t .1.1
Flew th pri j pjeit, print i:k1 iUtc
- Of, m rh m v( trrrrr bujn'V" "
Ly, rnrp.rike, on iho inrouI.Jr nng grmini.
" f 'ill Jtwbr tirrr, Hrren, riiv llt 3 done V
EcWj ff. tw rh a hii'li rir.
Like Orrni twi ih raiil'iiyht ihore.
A iforet of Jiiri' 'ef tbcm wheeled,
ul ynnin l benealli them reeled.
r i In dut Nil' rof n.d bat letnent wrt tne jfiant a.u ere rent,
- - EmI. hro.v-t. hpfore iiia rttrtkrd nip.
' The monare1) aw h'.a Efjypt b!ie.
tliTt atfflf' t tvl. V.t . tV Hm. M.M h.t.
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! " Till man and ru!e, cruJted, conyealeil.
l'oerrd Witn nra'S te boatxjl AM.
- - tell (lnuet up reB the Wt,5,
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On ocean, rier forrat, t
. inunJefed t once rne wijjtity fih?,-""
nnuee tne hir'tM flewthe-
Brneaik lli h'rl in.l mareJ the art 4-
A thMinanJ tli.p were on the ( i
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r'The rkhrrt rf Kaniya iv-heat an.
Qonr t Bke a fla-ih of hphtnlny, (font !
i Ami l I il'f fiftl fierca triumph o'er,
- iella Oceaa un the ih-inkinjt ihore i
" Brill onward, onward, dark and w de,
. Ki fiilfthe land, the funoui tide,
V. Then bowel thy spirit, ttubhorn kinf,
- Ttwni teepenf, rrl of fan); and ttinr, 1
JJimtbled, hefcre the prophet's knee,
-i. He rroaned 1 " Be injured Iwael free."
- To Heaven the toft upraioed the wand 1
, Back fulled the delude fr om the landi
.. Jck to it cavrma wink the Rile, .
Fled from the noon the vapnrt pale
Broac'-bumed aain the juvutit.Min .
The hour of wraih an.l death waa done.
a-wfvr?' . . . ..
, nr. iMa.TB cutnponiDg me ill ai
' "X V'sion ofthe63d,R,fgimentoflhe
j $IiiitU uf N.'C. are hereby commanded
.' to appear at the Court-House in Salii
bury on Friday the 22nd April next at
-10 o'clock. A M. equipped aa the law
directs, trir drill.
hf-iitr-tA heCoi.MtL.
467' B. CRAIGE, Adjt,'
., a"' '
: Cotrt of pb'as and quarts S
JL- "' Tt.M -mi I
aanoaatr tkbm, 1H31.
AYrd. Ordinal A.tachment Levied
, , wi. I
--on the lands of Samud Ilicka end be
- - wmmoned GutrnUhee. It appearing to
" the tatiaction of this court that Daniel
Ward the defendant In this ease is noran
f lnh.hl.ant of this State. It is ordered
' br the Court tnat puhlication be made
that the said Danler Ward be appear
' at nnr e otirt of nleaa and quarter Seswons
Jto beheld for taid county at the court
"" r.oon1 in Rl or gant on on t ne iourtn mQB't paywsu a...uu.uiRB'e oe
t day in April oeit; then and there to plead jRi'en- . , " , i , f f ? P- W, ,
br default finaTin be entered up against
fcinj j - ' 69
Test i JAMES ERYUN c. & o.
' " m, mm .. . ,
' rj APT. 19 i .,
rj r r' r ; rrt 1 1 v ti,e p.,,t,r.
-i ! ti.rjf (.r r. . 1. fir (U HIJipl U(
inch vri'.i 'j ftuu !. l't'r, fa!.iGrjle
, O'inii.lrrtt,
.T r,
Si'lil!cnjt '
twr inirarc,
Siifa, Saffint,
... 43tf
OJtef fjnmcal U Ptftijn Attnt fir Claim,
. NO, 4) V AI.L-Sl IlKK r,
Ntw.Vaat, JakOtnr, 1911,
P'TMC XOTiq: It b.riby KUen to
JL"a ill PTr h'tr i cwteerfta. hain
f -reeirWe sbmatf, ihr-thrr-Aenrf
heed hit eitaliiiaheJ.' iirdtr ibe iipecial
ji)irjr piionu(;eof dUtinguitheri in
Hitiiftult in ccunirf, rcRUr cor
reiponitcnce wi 1 H etn'ment Dnker, t t.
in tre princpsl portt mid epl'l of Fort
ign Govemmeriit in (btnmerctiil re It
llunt t:h tb L'nilnJ bi't through
the mf di'i'in whereof auch !iJ rUiritt
it mjf b lonfiried tlirreio, trill be tl
fKiird f r cllltmctii, nl prompilf end
tfTcttitlt rrcov r(d--ihrn fumitlicd bt
the ili'niri( wrh the tuitilln lcr;l
ro.f end tnuchrrt, rKeihcr itb he
rtquUi'if Tomlt of A lotiicr, to ( taken
nd ckno!edrd before jr Joi)k
Coijm .of , lUcord. or other comixicnt
Civil Mii:ri?t, Munitiptl aijthori'jr, or
Notjrjr Tui'lici end the lulv iu
themirsieij by the CotTnor of the Stite
or Territory in w hie h , the tame nut be
perfectrd e(tiltzc4 bf the appropri
ate ForriKii Cutuul.
Hjii K alao eii')Iikhed a timilir cor
rnpnndencc ttiTOTRhont te Unite d State
und Friiih America, the like cUirnt for
re;oe rjr, in an part thereof repeciie
If. wUl be;receirrj an4 cffictentlf at
tended to, in behalf ot American, at welt
at Foreijjn eUimantt.
Order for tl iutettment of fundi on
Mortai' 'It Freeb'ild p.pi?," W In
thergrjrhite of Public Secuii'iet of the
Uni'ed Sr'r,' Canal Loan of lha Statet
of New Torkt renmyltania, Ohio, 4c.
punrtually and fil'hfull eiccuted-
Applicaiiont addrcMed to thit Arncy.
in Vance requiring the invettitration of
eliiim, tearch of recorda. or the inter
ten uon of legjl proceeding, ahovld be
accompanied with an adequate remi
tance to defray the preliminary chargei
and disburtementt attending the same
and all letter muni he add'tned fposi
pld)tothe onderticned, fCotinrllf of
the Poprrtnr i. orr of t-
In the Office of the Agency,. 49 ull
itreet, New-York. 3n7 .
'A"C'r 'ESIiTlVickcr Hof'lt contain-'
vtth-N';tc Keceipia nnd ftccntt
and some JoOsrmeni. on the Road
I e a d i n g Tr o m " Atta ml ! e n d r i c k a to
TfTrma-Brown t ir from jhomas
RroWn's to Pouthet's Mills. The
Ifunk was in, on me ntyiii nr tne
lO'.h or morning of the 11th inttant
A iv person findinc it, ntl rtturnino; it
to the uMoer ahail receive the above
regard. JOHN A. MERONY.
February Uth, 83l. 59tf
lAtwlnlstTutoT's Salt.
AVING qualificc1, at July term ol
gliMitcomery county court, 1830, it
Hlminin'ta'.or of tbe Ltate of the late
Robert Mosa, dee'e", I hereby request
all persons indebted to said Estate to
make immediate payment ; and all per
tons having claims against the Estate are
rrqetted to present them properly au
themicated within .the time prescribed
by law, or this notice will be plead in bar
of their reeoTerr. - -lt6f
mice aov. S1.7S. -
::...:iiNo lieeizzil
HHj -"rdn.Wafertd
oo tbe Eatate of ueofa Turner
....... 1 . . r.
2,ec ' l Jnuary wes-outy
C-Url f. 'I? lo ,l! &M-h,thJ
K" ' Pi aK
riue' dcb" or m "
u,e 04 P".bem for payment, duly
uthenticated, within the time prescribed
b? or thi noUtfl "lU
or their recoyery. ; witTrrwr
W ,7A ,83L ' ' 3W,
T P S. All persona indebted to the Es-
Mate are requested to come forward and
1 AUiV J. Hlt
or avriatT ftsscairTCiir, ....
txtcvno wir ninast If 6trnt
.. it Tina nrtiri
, ;
1 X 7UX ttar.d tl.l
, y V waaon In I
""Vk c'-u-jr M liowani
7'f Tj f.ory, on Mnndi
rr''"7U Tuetdaytard Wedn
' l.flt.y dayti Al ('unr.ord,
3aiurdyt. The teitoO
hit already OTimrnced, and will end the
3 J:h July. Seven UoHirt will be charged
fr (heaeiont he Dollart the Smule
Leap 1 end Ten Dollari to Ir.ture. Fill
cent to the groom in every tnttanre.
jErontut'e coin art highly protnlilnp
being of fine form and tiie, and very
Krnerallf reiemblinir their tire h colon
figure and rtictj 1 being rtmarkabl; har
dy arid thrift. '
Great cae will be taken to Rive general
titfttr f Mt I ennno be Mable for we
market prlcefto marci ictit from I dil
tance. . 6'f
MOLK. (the Pot
ce) on the O011
ardi nor'h-writ,
--kM-'of the Cour
.1 r y m
me court uoue, in 'ux
ington, .V. C, It aeriri opened for the re
cepiion of Traveller! and Doardera. The
ttablei are txten.We, roomy and dry
grain and provender of the beti, plrnii
ful, and terved bv rwl bottle rt. The
houte baojmanjr comfirtable roimt. terre
a good table and reueahmeptt and the
proprietor and hit family will omit no
thinjj in their power to make It root:
quiet and efrreabte. 63-f.
b v. rounavillf:.
llc 1UA Laud, for SnU.
fTIHE aubKriber belne about to
1 1 n JL remove to- the Wet it an.
lrimi toellthe plantation On which
Ctie now Jtvee IvW in 4h Pork)
tne lauain near liutrhman'a Creek, fifteen
mitee from 8alnbnry, on the mad lea'linr (urn
inat paee to Greater bri)re. TVre ia ahout
500 acre in the above plantation, a!l of which
w Brat rate red land. There ia a rood dweftinr
houe, out-bouars, orchard, fce. on the preaiiae.
Any peraoo w'mhine te Hirehaite the above land
can have an pjwjignhjc of riewiiuj frtmi
oy caitmr on the mbanher who may at all
timet be found on the prem!wa.
A aW COM, 1830, 4M
HILTON and 0ket of Concord will
,tive conttant employment to four
or five Journeyman workmen at the Hr
ncit and Saddle makini butineas. Lib
eral wapea will he givrm
Ffb 7th, 1131, $0.f.
Jitftle of .VprtU Carona,
.- r- - otra s cues it.
Ftbnmru Smiont, 1 831.
J Uiati Jkltf, h.C.V- Levied on, one
llome and JS4Uiry on mainfeet
nexuio-ihe- JaiiLou Oo. moiioo.nd ii
appearioa; to the ta iafaction of the Coun
ihhtatr, ordered, brexoxuxiblinpun-"
licjtitmte madrTn'irir Western
Irtdia prluud lft-Satb y Tr antrtk si
tht--i-4efebieM--annrar- at rhe riet
CnuTtof pleatr and quarter Scswont tn
behy forthe Countofjfjjoyjn at ihe
cifurt ITouteTirJarubury on the third
Monday in May next then and there to
plciad or replrvy, o'.Jierwie iudement will
be entered against him for the plaintiffN
demand and costs. 6S9
tvn on ro
c . e
Stale of eVortti VaroWnu,
aowiji coc.itt.
February Session. 1831.
DW'D CRESS Chriaiian G,.,.H-
nun : Attachment Levied on on
half Lot on main rrcet in S.iliihurr rn
of Lot No. S. and Lot No. 10. itfjoininjr
On motion, and it appearing to the satis
faction of the Court vhat the defendant ),
not an Inhabitant of this State ordered h.
i. r-. . ..... i.! .. . 7
un mn publication ne mace in the
Western Carolinian printedjn Salisbury
for six weeks, that tbe defendant atnear
at the next court of Pleas and out.r
" T-Cz nc,?iiJL,ve C0UD.,U ".9'r-
an ai me coun nouse in Sallsourr on the
rktr Mr.v.T.-jr s - e VI
iu Hiunuay in tuay next, then and there
td plead or replevy,- otherwise iudcroent
win jo enierco aifainst him tor i he Pl .
nn-ifmandind toiTi:
e. e.
ST fh", ,he, l0,h September
tW " - wot" my plantation in
Jones.county, two nerroea, one
namtu WASHINGTON, about
27 yeara of afre,a very briKht
piutatto, on one of hi. hantc ,
thrrs ial BWat awaaa:J 1 a. .
and endeavor to nasi fora fi mn th..
" . k hi i uc win rnanir. h a .
-' I innu ... ' "Jwiirr
ii.imcu .wiui. a. common . on
. r . .. .wui OV
t irc, Terr line itrenti h. ;u
paw aa the servant of WaablnMoti. ar.,i
hia name. A reward of 2i DniiM.;u A
fw-the ttefiverrof" msi in inVK thit I
Octoier I61A. 1 ao.
CJThe Georgian,. Savannah; the "Telea.
cope, Columbia, 8.C.1 and Richmond Enqui.
rer, are requrated te publiah tbe above weeklv
until fcrbid, and then forward their accounts to
. " I LAMAR, i
HAVINf; rrrrivcl the Uteat New.
York end I'hiiadr1-h'uFHion,
tngether w'uh thpe of IonJcm "'l
Patii, and will continue to receive
them, from time to time, aa they
change, nJ having number of good
workman, he W prepared to do work
on abort notice nd io Grit-rate t)le,
and which will It warranted to Ct
well. Orderi from d'utance for
work, will be punctually attended to.
A he ii tne Axent of Ward tf I'h.U.
delphta, tod ol frguez, of New.Vork,
thoae wiahintr to learo the art 01 wi
fine, cao appljr to the aubcriber in
BJiabtiry. BENJ. FUALEV.
Cmt38J, s
cofni.y & iMc.ui:
TliEaubacfibctt return Ihelf thank!
to the public for the liberal patron
afe ea'ended to their Tailoring eab
liahment In Concord, and bee Icate to
inform them that they have employed
tuffKicnt number of workmen to enable
them to do butinett with the utmott dis
patch. They reprularly recrivelhe latetl
faihlont from I hiltdelphii, anc hope
they will not only be able to turnout wotk
ith dhparh, but be alto able to turn it
nut in a neat and, eleeant style. Their
terms will be accommodating! and their
effort to pteate, untcating. Orderi
fiom a distance ihali meet the root!
prompt at entiop.
Cu'ixie- all ileterlptiont will be done
at 'neir hop immediaielv on tppllration.
Concorrf, Prb. I lh, 1831. Si l
THI Si(;e will lejvc Warrentonev
e'V Turadiv' anl Saturday at 6
o'clot;k,P. M. arrive at Oaford '"me J"yu
Leave Oxford every Wednetd y an' Sun
day at 4 oM m k V M. and arrive at Dm "
ville at 9 P M. ame dy Leave Ddn
ville every M'jfihw and Thurday at J
oriock A. W. and arrive at Milton at
A. M and at Ojtfrwf aTrne'c'avt leave
waiuiu ai n cioa a. ,n. every i uetijay
and Sa urday and arrive at Wirremon in
time for paenicrt to take the atage
north to Ptterabur.
Thit route comMnet more advantaeet
and ficilitiea than pit"' route in the
southern country j and for rnmfvt and
convenience it i not aurpaiM d. Peraont
ravtliipg to PeteriburR, Ritftmond, or
an? plart to the nnr'h can enter the ttaie
at P nvilleei'hcr M Qr.Tligrd?y
at S A M arrive at Milton at 8 o'clork
and at W.rrenton net day In time for
The afgr gol'-tf norihwerd ard'arriee at
Pete riburfi; Wrr!jifA3jf - -, jiurdy
S o'd'wk P. M Thns performing the
fou'e V M,iCi ln lhr,t V- Pe
reraont travcllinir toinh can leave IV
ttrebur rery: Morrday-and .Thura,laV
a eir '
ana arrive in tt arrenton . oexi riv , n
il3).?.Jl.uke the Haee to Mil on or Dn-
vi. ie.
Thit line intertectt at Warrentnn ih.
Mrfiii tl ily line running North or South. '
It also meets the Norfolk line, via HtJur-
freeabornugh and Halifax N. C. Peraons
traveling north who do nyt wish to po
.1 D i . "
.nro i r-erturg, ran go in (hit line to
.orloik and there meet the Rota.
rtfrct to Washington Ci-v. B diimore Sec.
Tl... .) . r ,
. .me mccis ai vmora a staire
from Rnlrich !' Al MillonitaUn ir.i...
ert the stige line Trom Fredericks hurt?
XT . - t . . B . - aTt .a . ..
a. io ruwtiion, ueorgu : And at Dan-
viilir meet with a line of rijtes from
LvnrhburjVa.-and another from' Salem,
C. twice a wrrk whi K ... j.
Hnrgimon, r.iind!e!0wn, Greenville &?
to tne soutn. j
Th' Prrtri .tn. n!. J . -
- i" uk ntmseif to
keep comlortable Coaches, firti ....
teams, sober and steady driver i
these means hopes to obtain a share of
r Pnstaire'fro'ni "Wirrenf(r.n nr-Tr-TTDearirTirl
w Danville
?S,t?a Ail rgeajfe and Parr.1.-f'e
rUkoftheownrt.;. JltjLWdtfejUy .ike Court J hat publka-lJ
JAMES W. JEFFREY'S 4 'ton be made for six weeks tucccvirl
JrVAriar-rrjr-"tw'T -- - --i
- y "" . 6!fiJ. f"
Stntft nt Xnrti lTv
XUY LftY0Qft. :
aa aa t ah araaw I
- .February Session, mi .
nCil'in . ., 1 ""'I
I 1 7 . v: . Ch""iHH Good
Js-T-na Attacnnient Levied ..-n
c! mhh
- -a 1
P-.....k..-..a.,;- . ;.''Mnnt
ui iniq sjlJIC. I lfil..AJ i i
-u. a ,.! pu'jiic-uott fee made in the Wes
tern Carolinian printed in StlUW for
x weeks, thatt he flefendant appear , the
to S? f,K,er M S'i"
to be held for the ConnV. r -.. . . .
plead or replevy othcr! ... lt"e
be entered againat him foe .k. L
demand and Lr. - r-'h! P -"'fTa
6 9
JtZQUITY III y v av'av 'f
"i-!'OR..tlWlrKir 1 ' &b T &
c e.
su'f riber. having .
. .. .i. I' . -4"""'U'r
u'l nia't ot lit v.
rerranc, (jcreated. rrr, ., '
r . i . . - ' ir
fl--n U
to whom M ''ateM(!rhitd,0!f'v'n!
thri, rUim,, wit,,;,, thetij ;
by law, and tbote wh0 ,r0 il,,, .1 In .r.ym.n,,r7a,e fl,
10 make Immediate p.yrnen, k ' tl!t
Marth. SM 1831.
mi I E .bril,cr rtpecif(l,ly h.f,,,,
lira, that he continue, to r.r -JTT. '
In Utinirton, the buain,j U M.kiU JJj
GJNS, rntol tn any manufacture,! intke tv H.
(latrai in-leed, hi. Cina aro .r... M
other;, by tle trh. bay, XtHi
have fjnd a rea l aale thnniehout a IvaL4
tent of country. Ifia priota ahB k. P
eounrv . .
ty POT,r"f'r "'"M K aaJ
,.m 0nuhed in the ahoHrat rowhle tim
frftnrinp OT Will be dona a.
ett na'ic. n In the mat wiUta.iUi .
by the pubrie'a homhU aervant.
. HRNRif a, CUNGAMov
lsrigfn, Mif 26A, 18 W,
tttttle of eVotlh CJuToUSr
nl coaarr. '
. . Mruanjtcrm,
. lint Land letled on, kc l".t
pcanofr to the awtULctioo of the toarl
hl.edcrct,d.,nt tnot anJnh.hiUwJ
thtt State. On nation, it ii ordered br th.
Coort that ptiblintion be mce In a!
We.iern tarollrian for aU weeks th
:br defendant it pear at the neit r,.j
; p!ea and Quarter teisiont to be held kV
County of Surry tt the Court-fJooj,
.in Roikford oo thitecond rnondar J
I M- - l j .11. . 7 W
"r i inrn am mere 0 plead Of n
P)ry orjhe Jrae iUb ukca pretce
ftsao and hraf r pre.
6 69 JN'O. MrRIOMTte.e.e;
By F. K. AR.MSTROX0,4b
State of .North iJnroUna,
at w Kt.KWfWNo rorxTi. '
SiUterinr. Court ef Ler; -
8 . TANK B. Will ri.EY t. Jon.thaa . sn.
rl.l. Till. iH rfl.
e ir y : reipi.n t r Tr,0rct TTa "iV- iJ. ' 1 1
."''i" "k i'acM(in ut the eawt tKe
L,M! ,,rf; 'M,, ,c,ii', i'nm, Rmitaof tae
Sire, th-rrfore ordered by the Court that pa.
liration hv made for three montM a,inwk
in the Wra'trn rarnlinia and Miners and tl
Tier Journal, for him to apnear at our ace
Superior Court tn be held for the entry
VWkle-tb-ire;. it the Co irt M.iae in Chtriott.
March nex,an. plead.anawerordeimirtotkeaj
on the 6th Mnn-laf after the tb Moadav k
Priiiion. nr (he Mme will be taken pre tkm
and hea-d Viparte. Win.raa, Samuel
ton, t:!erk of r.ur id ritl at Charhju .U
T6th Morula v after the 3'h MmuUip in Aee itt
I 1 O "t r .t n a af ,t a a .... .... . ' " W'
nro sin l.. nr UKKSnt,f m.,I.L
.caaAaact mcbtt.
Court of TtrasoiLi Quarter Seulou,
'i?oSt inaioi, IWl.
U Charles tlariu' Lxerutnrs ni. tbi
terr . a L j w rf : WllUa rn Jrl sTicilaTs
CnrKe. real EtUte. h thit. case it sp-.
pearinp to the s.iiiafaciion of the Cowt
i I - - WV a " " " " "
m t-xra rarks one or the heirs at Ut
of sid WnJiaJtv TarliVfives wfjhoul ttw J
limits of thia State t It is therefore v
dered by the court that publicttioa bs
mule in Ihe Western Carolinian primes
in Salisbury, to be and Diear at the ant
Coumy Court of Cab.irrut, io be heMia
Concord on the third Monday ia April
next, to thew cause, if any, why lbs
plantiff shall not have judament of tt
rutiori agninst the re Ettate of
'jr, dee'd. levied on or iudgtneDt ai'J
L. I a'aa
en'vreo accord myr to erita.-
c. t.f.r,"
tt of eVotlU l3lT0kfl,
Superior Court of Lav, teh v, 1831.
TffM03Sandothcrs:-t. WilliamHtli :
"c Wary i Petition for theSale of that'
real Estate of Uolit Moi. Het'd. Iti9-
I" " -"""
defendnr-aro not InhahJtants of thtt-
..-y-t't- -rrrtrKr
",c ".esxern varoiintan Dnmea i
11; a . - .. -
"wiry thMthe defendants apperatear
WpfrinrConrtoflawand Eriuiir'''
be held for tbe county of monteomerr t ,
the Court-House in L4urenceviile on ih
.first monday in Mbtehiber next then and
rh.r - .i rtl-..i . - : j ... i
P"ion, ;r the will be lakto pro
confeo, and beared expare.
win iu 11 1 c tat 1. iniwer or uciuui aw :
Te.rt J.OIIM CHRISTIAN, e.m.e.
met AM. $175. A ' r " ft68.
Driviinr in FaueftevillC,
TILL find it to their advantage, to stop at j
the H'n&M r.,L where every w
comfortable, at the moderate chrfre
cenU ntl ni-ht' for ',rir,!ei 01 1
Yard, the u,eof iroKl house, tire, .atee.anj,
sbeher. Attached to theTard, are a ttrocetSj
and Proviaion Store, Bread Wio and i-oai
,ionarJr "" ,Jou fo B"fJert "d Ifd
1 pWn.ebean.holeaoMie a-d eoniforial-l
tfi- a , ' . fcTj:e. f nwcn.'ft.fiv-iT.lrt ltr-3.

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