North Carolina Newspapers

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ti'i (''u-IMJT t!j( t from ff, I'uoh,
n lkan !, mile of t t.ifo -f lb nt '
i; ifi'r the ti. tr
!,rwn down la Hit J.
Tf c li n tu tuint, from itivr to a'.nre,
1h War-trad fied Lit r'r Ut sail
And'evdat tl. li.a tb rraW dj.Uf
FtaVe' J trt of ecnad
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Wa aVtt, g,l wffoo Io I
jlttnigk an more 1 arcp'e ati
Wae rran 1 ea'b C liW kf
, konfh itity branch b VyM,
And fl h SCSMer'd VVe h Vf ,
f ik'ouJai 4 W rLc! WMrf4
' Tj ""-Aelltli.rnronnf tWJ ahafl-afrlnf ,
'. fit wlich the Bjrl form of F'
" " Hay tioop to dip her dove Ck wif.
So, aie the Buff the prophet bcve,
!; mlr riof ryes pi o
f 9 If !l with lf" every ar,
lad bu 1 freab v'i b foilafi frees I
, The wUher'd branch ef aio ah a 11 gmw
Till o'r I U earth id thd e.tand -..
AjJ iLU U ft of f'
tecorof lit J'ft of friead nien
-'XW'lonV triWTsRSALE
raraii? ic.i.f Jim bir entered into Conart-
1 nrrtMp under ibe f roi of A, O. k F. Cocb
r,widblken ibf cieiiif prra'ra, 112
1 ' ' A. C. COCWtA.
nr-Tr--1bpr. tlitrl: '
"WAVE now on hkml, Mch an af1en nf
Jl Fiy O00.I, U thry bflic e i not wir
muil h anv afher in Ibif CoinitrT. i rirtv
aed KVtiW. Co-ppriinjf the. fnlJowinf nirW-
ia Cinton, rrtocb, Italia aa4 Fancy Rntnh
Onfldl I
Jk. and Coi'd-ltaliaa) Uulrinp, ImiuUoa, fhin
and cbaafeabtr do.
JJk. CoJ'd. and chanftaVte Oraa do naplra,
Fic'd. do. u great variety.
Cofi tbanaable, Ilk. awl Moo blk. Mar.
4-4 Blk. anJ ColM. Pomhaiinea.
Crape de Lyona. alain and fi)rd. Uandirio?.
rialn and Fig'd. Poplina, Alf erinea, Palmer) ne
of the ncveat atylea,
Feneb friuta and Gingliarna, and Foulard Mus
lin, font and many other articloa for Ladire
Bpi'lflj, and Pongee Flig ami landanna
Co de Naples, Cauxe tod Crape Odk'fa, ami
BJk and Kid Storka. aid Fancy Cravat.
' Black and Colored Utr.a-Crat, ImiiiUdA.
Buclu Biraver, Silk and Horaeakin Oluvea.
- Geo da Naplra aud Gue Garniture BIbbosa.
-Can and Bt do. of the neweat atylea,
Eflplih d French Silk Hoaf, and J Hoae.
Fn Krm.lrrI aivt On work do.
IXuua Cambric an Colii.llJk,i
BJick and Colored French Crape,. Worated
Uaref e, Browrt Cftep-i, &c.
tin 6itka, Twiata. lirakla. Fancy Duttooa,
Houk end Eye. Ifc.L'c
They will alao have an erenaive aawrtment
WLice Good. conItlnr; ff..Bnjrlih Unbbinet
r-IJimpand Thread-lcea and rdeina, Cap
Cpea, PeWrine. Chemiiettea, Blck and White
Uc Tail end Showl. wi'.h complete Mauri
eoent of 4-1 J-4 M nd 8-4. Thibet and MariMa
Rbawla, Caaimere and Merino lng-Nhawla, Uc.
A. 6. If f. C. have aelected their atock with
particular reference to the Soo'hern and Wr.
tpra markete, and ai thev will add tn their
oortaaent eonatantly aa freah gooda arrive, their
ftock will be kept up throughout tho yrar. All
of which they now offer foraale at la pricra
nd tra the moat liberal lerroa, and moat tvapec.
filly Invito purchaaera to call and ettimine their
Order will bo proropUy eiecuted with care
ftod fidelity.
- Wrt. Jan. 1,1831. 12t6A
Kylcs Sf Meenan
KESFECTFl'IXY inform the public that
they arr rnv opening ihei'1 fall anpply of
which will be fcond, a uul, larpe, faahionable
od cheap '
Broadcloths, Groceries,
CassWefes, Cutlery;
CirsmiW; -qwenswarrr-
Skoes, Calicoes,
Saddlery, Silks, SaMns,
Shlitiurv. jVatK Jiii. 13.1l). 43'
' LOST. ..
A Calf Skin Pocket IM contato
ing upwards of One Hundred
and Tuty Dollara in C together
- with Notes and Receips and accounts
- inm TudamectsX on the Road
leading from Willia Heodrick's to
Browoa to DoUtnet'a M'dl. The
"- Book was lost orl the night-f the
10th or morninpof the 11th instant.
Any person finding it, and returning it
to the owutr4hall receire the above
rxwadj i JOHN A. MKRONT. ,
. - Ftmritrf P,H?J- Wll
Slave fa Ilcnt,
Lands to Sell.
TX71I.L rtn or ' th" ' '"m"c
fr.rrnailf rvrfiipterf f II . Conner
and John F. Prntafl, .. ami mwr ie-
PeaMo'a Ffl ir I -Htr (o ioaiy , on mo
Yoikil!e rcjH AttirhH to tht .Uf
U i er.rrfort.iM riHinf boOae, C'l
Itf. ar.demy fnnr.ncc f it th
4K feel Mf ird U In rol repir of
3-nre,f.n thli traft hr U 433 "
aoo cf Mch l In
hit rdf r wl'h rneaJcot, fcc.
Aim, I itl -ll ' cr '',f,' ',' ,he
rmntf cf Iredttl. djoWnf hl UnJ of
ntena Whlf,' Hen! K. DaWtnr fid
Willi m Mr 3m vaS hitf houw. eor.uio
Hogfhor U Id im tumf IrH-AU-
a irar of lnr! i:aa'd t milt fioro
Ce''uNFordind I mil f'om the Can-
5nrinK. cof.i.iPrr V 'frrv
in7thf l,ndioi Oro. fl'.hi, Hlth'd Proc
tor and rxAlrra J thu U ,,1
and In a mst fttellr"' r.elthbnurhod.
Aim. loo acrea nn Mnnntain Crerh In
fmroln tonmy, Vnomn at lh Fiiher
trart, idjoin'mc Charle Pei'le, Thoa.
McCorhlt ip1 olhare. Nerot I will bo
ken In enchant for tl) abofe Ud
and liberl credit rn Ho had eithrr
h application to th I'ldacribf r ot to D
C. Foater in my he nre. . 6-fO
Cetaifili Arnra, Ma'ch IT. lit I.
-T0.U7.S DICKSOX, Tailor,
Rr. SP RCTFTLLY inform h ia enl o we r, n d
il.. m.hne. renee!lv.tbt h haa removrd
hi IIOP. to the buildint; formerly oce.upied by j
r -r-rr; n-urr na--mAr"rfcntr-trt
Wade W. Hampton, a a Tailor " anopi on, Til 7M- J. r Aivh.3 uavia. v.. niir
Mam Hreet, tS wert aide, a Tew door from the , yy tjn , lnd levied on. kc It ap
fM.rt.11. in the town r S,l,U.:.ry , where ,i,f.ctioo of (be court
he i. Wyfitf f L h. defendant i. not n;.n of
k fi n rhiona. ami on tna tooneai
notV, and',, prepared to make all kinla of
CkSinr hrrt et vie. Btn
in bis
employ i " arven firat rate
orkmen, wliirb
ena'.le him ti d" nrk on tNe ihorteat notice.
All kimlanf Cutimr Out of (iarmenti will be
All kimlanf Ci.r Out of (.arment will uo
7Z17Z ."icTf,rw.rW. wil, ho'io ftkford on .be aecond mond.y of
mwtfii'hf'iHy eieeutcd.a.-cordiii(r! to directioiu, Mhv nest then and there to plead or re
and witliin the ehorteat powible time. 1 ptTy or 1 1. e same will 'm taken pro COO-
P. 8. MeHam' '"".'-""" ; ,
m Philadelphia ami New-Vork i whu-h will,
from Philadelph
ensble hira to mike fine Coata, ke
moit approved atvlr.
Sahifinrp, .ipn'l ISA. IS'.O.
aler the
T Jirtiarv Senior, 1131 of Mont
Romery County Court of Tloas and
er Seioni the MiSscriber ohtsined
Quarter ?eiVtonthe atlSscnber obtained ley; Petition fyr Divorce. Inthiacaaeil
Uum. of dminitrunn on 4he Eai.le .ofjeppreniig to the Mt;,fact)oq 6f the court.that
' , ri a w fr.ii. All 'he defemUnt r elide a without the hmita of the
me aim Pi e therefore .ortfered by the Court thtpu
persons Indebted to sa'd r.jtate. re ro- j ict!i00 be jor t,ree mon,t, ucceivrly
quired to make piyment : And thoe bav ; i,e Weetern Carolinian aod linera and Par.
inc demindl "leainst the Pnte re ro tloer JoumI, for ;hlm to appear at oor next
nucsted to prewnt them Tor -pMwnt, ' pHof twrt tt r be held Tor the- eomiry'of
. ' . A :,t.i- ,v. ' SaethtenbMrw, t I be Coort Homrin Chaelolte,
properly uthcnticAied within the .rchMrtJpleiMWerordeBurto,heNlii
required by Law, or the acts ot asarnr , on the 6(b MonJsy if, the 4th yon(i,y ;
blvi for the proteclion of .F.iecutori and ipmituw tUc amt willbetake-nprocoafcrao
Adminiatralors and deceased men's Ealata mil beard, eipartc. Witneaa, Samuel Her.der
will be pWde'd in bar f ftt ove ry . farm, Clerk mir aid Conrt at Charlotte the
nruiiMiV rrMnill iyv fit h Mondav after the 3'h Monday in Sept. A, I.
ItENJAMN l'yXLt:r " ' 1810. lmtW SAM'L IIKNDF.RSON.c ..,.,. .
lAUtctvillry id March, 1 83 1 . 3.66 j .
"toTuUtrivor'8 Salt, "j attt VoTav Cwollna,
I 1 MontRomery county court. 830 .,,
adminiMr.tor of the hvate r the AMT-. STANFORD t0 the use of
Kohert Moss, dee's?. I Charles ll.rris' Executor, v. the
,i person, indebted to sud Estate to i( LfcW of VVillUm park, fif, ,0
make immedute payment ; end .11 per-1 f ,o
,on, having cl.ims against the Estate ere f (o ,he (ijf(,c,ion of ,he Cou'r(
renea.ed to prescn; the-tl properly .tt; j f p . nnn f ... ,
henncateu witnin tne timo prencriocu
by law, or this notice will be ple.d in br
ol their recovtrv. 6i68
tmrn av. gl.TS.
TUP. ibe.riher rcapectfully inform the citi
eena of Davidson, and tbo adjacent eoun
!'. tbat he continue to carry on, at hi Shop
in Leainfon, the buainee of Making COTTON,
aiNS. rmial to anv manufactured in me Lniiea
r. . . - i . k. fiim r nrrrrrrl to all
6thra;" hf thmeo-haye-rtedheflrond
hmve fonml a realr ate tnmurnoui a lara-e es
allo aa nt any other abop in the soutnero
iter win h nromnU? attended to. and
Rim fininhed in the ahortest nosible time
Repairing of Gina will be done on the ahort.
est notice, and in the moat anbstanfml manner,
bv tho pub ie's humble servant,
Lexington, May 26A, 1 8 JO, '
Driving to Fayetteril.'r,
WILL find it to their advantage, to atop at
the rTflaii TanU where every con
venienre ia provided for Man and make
lhcm jcomfortablCij! the mpAStSJ, U
cent day and night, for the privilege of the
Yrd, the um of a good ouae, are, water, and
shelter.. Attached to Hie Yard, re Groc-er
and Provision Store, Bread Shop and Confec
tionary, and Hon for Boardera and Lodgers,
it a plain, cheap, whole some and comfortable
tyV.-FyrreTi7e Jfiril, tt 182t. W
.1 VivuMAc. Trvxt
mm hMjE. '
'PlllUiiUciiUr ofTcri furS.lo Mi firm,
l mitiinlne 460 cre of land Ulnar on
he r ra of I'atk Creek, In thu Cwinty.
Thtiaifc aV)utt:o arrttcf cletd Und.
ihmny tlbl linprotement upon
It. Tnr la ii auUitantUl and convenient
dweltnn; lu'i I" ft' repair taiib Crat
rttm. Tha only motlv which tb
utcri')tr Jul In elliogkl Un4 U
atronjj desire to emigrate to th Wet.
All L.nooa whomiT with 10 purehaM
moi productWr Jilantaihn woold do
.1.11 to l and e tt prewiae wnert
jthc tilieriber may br found! ny time.
Tbt tettni cf sale will n erommooa
jfirU lr, llll. vt
rna rnratf.
Coui t4f i&M atol quartir.ScsiMs;
jAC4tTt Taaf, IM1.
riHOUAS W. WILSON r. Panlal
1 Wa-d, Oriirjnel Attachment Levied
on ihc land of Stroud Hicka and he
timmoocd Ouiroihee. It appoarina; to
the aiialactloo of tbil court tht W'ttel
W ard the defendant In this ce i not an'ant of hl Suie, It U ordered
by tho Court that publication be made
for vix weeki in the Wektern Crolinian,
that the aaid Daniel Ward be and appear
at our court of plea end quarter Seaaiona
to bo held for aaid county at the court
hnoe in Morfcantoo on the foorth Mon
day In April oeit. then and thoro to plead
or tepltvy to iiue otherwiae iud(jment
by default 6nal, will be entered up againat
bits. 69
Teat t JAMES ERWIN f f.ev
r-oct aev. fcl.'S.
auaav coiart.
Vrbruwry frrntr i 34 .
. . ' .
It ou.t tba! .UMirt.on oe mace
in too
, tt t :cro .. iJartdinian ior i weeks tht
, efcndiTil Dpesr et bt neit court of
cA nJ Q,laMer wtliun to be held for
f f , a . rmirl.lM1M
f, , . Coun-llou0
ffi0 ,nd heard eiparte
...n .,,
JNO. WHIGIIT.c. c. r.
fly F. K. AKMSTKONO.d e
SUU ot Vort iwroWim
tf f.rii Ktaoko rocaTV.
Superior Court of Law,
FALL term, loJit.
3 ley ;
B. WUllLtV va. Jonathan R. Whit.
of aaid William Parks, lives without the
limit, of this State i It is therefore or -
dered by tbe court that publication be
nude in the Weatern Carolinian printed
in Salisbury, to be and appear at the next
County Court of Cabarrus, to be held in
Concord on tbe third Monday in April
next, to .hew came, if any, why the
pUn'iflF shall not have judgment of exe-
cu,jon ,R,in.t the real Estate of W.n.
p .... ,i . m u.;.,) :..a . :n
i n
State f otth VjaroUua,
aosrii cofstt;
February Sessions, 1831.
EDW'D CRESS v. Christian Good
mao : Attachment. Levied on one
ball Lot on miu street in Salisbury part
of Lot No. 5, and Lot No. 10. adjoining.
On motion, and ikappearing to the satis
faction of the Court that the defendant is
not an inhabitant of this State ordered bf
the Court that publicatioo be made in the
Weatern Caroliniao printed io Salisbury
,k ni ar.nrt nt Pln f. mi..i.,
Sessions to be held for tbe county of Row
an at the court House in Salisbury on the
third Monday in May ncit, then and there
to plead or replevy, otherwise judgment
will t entered against him for the Plaiu
tiff's demand and costs. . 6 63
The Thorough Hrrt Ihrf
ABltONAUl't .
T T TILL aland tl.U
y'y tenon in the
eoiinlf of Howan t At
Slitury, nn Mndiya,
1 t'ctuiyi i"" ""
Jjya: At Cmrord, on
tL J r!l.ii mil
aavwf Sa'u'd?. The fn
hat elreadv commence d. nd will end the
tsth July, feeen Poller will be chimed
fur tho.caarmi Five Dollare the Wle
Lep nd Ten Dollire to Ir.aure. t iMy
eena to the groom In ettry Inaunce.
ronute colt ert highly promiaint;,
KSn f fino form and -zt, and eery
jterterelly reiemblinf, their aire. In color,
6sur end reiet? i being remraoiy r
dy end thrifty.
Oreat cere will be teken to tu pneral
satisfaction i but I cannot be liable for c
udooia.- Ciiin.. will U Xuroiahcd. At the;
tneTttt pnerrtw -mtrteent- fe. div.
V IfOUK, (the Tov
J' k,,it,t r oortn-west,
of the Coort House, in l-tia
ington, ,V. C is Kin opened for the re
ception of Travellers and Hoarder. The
stable are txientive, roomy and dry
urein and provender of the beat, plen'i
ful, and served br r,nH hotlrrs. The
honse hovlmany cornfor'able roome, serves
food taMe and relreshmenta ; and tho
proprietor and his family will omit no
thing in their power to mske it most
quiet end ierrelli. fiJ'f
t UtA jftm, for ftat.
HP. gricriher hinp ahntit t
rernr.vf in the Wm ia an.
rlltbe plantation imohieH,
!ift lyinr in Jhe Forks of
the l'adktu neur Dutcliman'a Crerk, fiAeen
milea from Salisbury, on the rad h ediajr, from
that pVe to Oreave' bri!(e. There ia aH.Mit
200 acre in the above plantation, ill of which
ii flrat rte red land. Thrr i( (fiwxl rl writing
houe, mit-hoiara, orchard, 1c on the prewivf
Any perann wiihftig to ruircha the abnve land
can have an opportunity of virwinjf the premiar
by calling ou Xhejtmiim ribt. who may at all
time be found on the premi'. .
Gll.r.S FnlTF.rt.
AetwV COA, 1810. , 4otf
ILL be sold on Tuesday of
Mv Court, the lloote and
Lo: of Rrnsba. Urider, dre'd. adjoinine
the Jail lot, on credit t f Twelve Mon'h.
bond and security will kc rrqmred 5f(t$
Jacob rkidf.k Ex t.
March I4'A 1831.
affcN the-Wh rf Reptember
w laat, Irom mr plantation in
Jaoa roMnly,'wA neeMTea, one
named WASHINGTON, bonr
27 yeara of age. a verv brirht
mnlattnj on one wf hi band.
incro ia acr .occaaioned by
.Cni he will change Itiat name
aad endeaivoMo paa for a free man. The other
named JOHV, a common muUtto, ibont 30
yeara of age, very intellijfeni i he. will prohably
a f h aer? nt of Waahlng'on,, and Cbanpe
bia name. A reward of ?.Y Dollar will tirtn
for the delivery of either in any il, ao that I
can get the.n. JAMFiS LAMAR.
OeianerKw. 47(f
IrlT The CJeorjrlsn, Srannh s the TcW
cope, Columbia, S. C. and (lichmond Enqui.
rrr, are requested to pnbliih the above weekly
until forbid, and then forward their account to
I. I.AM 4 R.
offA corTT.
February Session. 1831.
OHN MUPJ'HEYw. Chri5,i,nGood
man: Attschiient Levied on one
House nd Lot in Saliabury on main street
meat to !ho Jail Lot. tin motion, and it
appearing lolhe saiitfiction of the Conrt
that the defendant is not an inhabitant of
thia State, ordered by the conrt that poh
lication be made in the AVestern Carn
Itnian printed in Salisbury for six weeks,
that the defendant appear' at the neat
Court of please and quartet Sesisions to
be held for the Cocinty of Rowan at tho
court Houe in Salisbary on the third
plead Or replrvv, otherwise judgrnW will
demand and cost). eifi)
' tV',1 nrt tv.
Otftte 01 OTl sJaTOVma,
now,!i corvTv '
February Sei!ms. tfit
ANIEL CLARY T. Christian Good-
man : Attachment Levied ?v (
motion, and it appeaitnp; to the satisfac- '
tion of the Court that the defendant is not j
an inhabitant of this State. Ordered by the
Coort that publication be made in the Wev '
tern Carolinian printed in SaUsottre . for !
' 1
L..i .1 Pi j ' . ' i J
h he d for the Count, of Rowan t the
Corjrt Hduse in Salisbury on tba third
Monday in May ieit, ,he0 ,od (bere ,0 j
plead or replevy otherwise judgment will !
Tu it-rl '
'M7. GlTXS c e.;ti ,
'I'lll lll'IMl mi,-.. .
HAvlMJ rrrcite-J the ,t y
a. a. ptiu I niU ltlnlij, J'
tethcr with r.f
Pria. Snil Bi'ill . .
them, from time to time .ie
chanr, nJ having t numher of e0f J '
Mrorkn8ti,he it prep.rerj tl do J J
on short notice an J in fir., .... . .
n-J which will U w.rrifUd J'j
vet!. Order, from ,i,UnCf f j
work, will be ptineiullr trendHt
A he ii tne Ap.ent of V,r.J 0f
rle IphU, eod ol rxgirti, f XewJ
those wishing to lr,n the in of rj
tint cn apply to tHe snlncriher U
Haliaborr. UEXJ. PRALET
COfVjV y ILitiirTr-
rPIIE utseribm return ih .v...
A to i bo public for the lilrf Ptt"
U estendrd to their Tailoring MT
liihruent In Concord, end log lfT
Inform tbrw that tbty have employtj liiio.borcf woikmen t,ibJ
them to do buaines with the irivtt (Rv
patch. Tbey reruUrly receive the hZ
fahiona from I'hiUdelpi.i, J j,
they will not only h able id lomout
with diipatch, but he al.o able to tar
out in natknd eloijant ile. T
terms will bo ccouiioo.tain,ii, hJ
efforla to pleaao, unceasing. Ordrfi
from diMance ibali meet tbe tiatt
prompt i'emion. f
Cuitiiifj of ull descrijxirto wjif
t their hop immediatelv on applicnin,
wir tau it . .
X'l Kive cflnsian, employment to fno.
i iii.iu.1 and.ievor Uunrord tin
wrivf Jrmmeym.riwnrk nieolufunLr.
nr. ami 3rc!: mkiov; busiuea. bft.
eral (t fll pivrn.
Prb IfA. 1811, ff7,f.
fttatt ut .VottU V'nroUnv
Superior Court of Iat, --
araiao tkow, 1HJ1.
JOn.N MOSS.n,f other. ..Willi.m,rs4
wfe Mary i Peli'ion for ihSflf t
real Estate of Robert Mos. oce'd. It ip.
pe'ini;othe aatisfartion of tha Co.rttht
too defendentrar not inhaMtants of thli
Stair, ordered by Ike Cori that publica
tion be for sia weeks utceMifly
in the We s'ern Caroliniao printed in Sa
lisbury that the defendant appear .leer
nest superior Court ol law and Equity to
be held for tho county of mon'Knmery It
he Court House in Lmiencevill on ike
Grat mondy in September nest ihen sad
there to plead, answer or demur to said
peiiienr or: tho sme will be lawefli ah
confesio, and beared esparie.
mica i.v. gITJ. 6W
j' aa
... . citu.atis COBSTT.
Court of Pleas uad Quarter Sersiofy
jBiuaf fCvios, I
SAMUEL STANFORD io ib use ..of.
fsiac J. TbomVs heirs tt Lstsf
Williim Parks. In it appellor,
to the Court that Era. Piks, one of tbe
heirs at Law of tbe mid Wniitm Parks
lives withoat the limits of thisSu'ei It
ia therefore ordered by the Court t kit
publication be made in the Western Car
olinian, pnbliabed in Sjliihury lobest4
appear at tbe next county Court, of Cah
rus, to be held in Crucord on the third
Monday in April nest, to Shew CuOejf
any. why tbe plantifT shall not have Judg
ment of rsecution, aguinst the real Eatate,
of Win. Parks tler'd. or Judgmeot !
be entered arc ott'inf; o if.
Witnaaa, J AMES 0. SPEARS.""
fttftttV Ot aVtiVVU JtlVUlM
soatvr cocsfTf.
February term, A. D. 1831.
ISAIAH COE v Henry S.ter: Origioft
attachment. It appearing to the sath'
faction qf tho Conn thai the dcfcndmtlo
this cate. is jiatan :obbitnt of Ibis 9t.W
tporrWorTtf If Wlered by lite cofl'l
tbat publicatiou be mjde in the Western
OamtitrriD for ix' srat k; "thit the -tW-daat
appear at ibe neat Coort of P'e
end Quarter Session, to bo held for the
! roomy of 5a'-ry, at the I'ourt House ''1
ilWkford oo the second Monday ia Mf
next, theo and ! ntead or rcple'
iflr the sume will be taken pro totfe
f'nJ heard eltpar'e- ' "'
! 6 69 J NO. WRIGHT ft. tj m
"T F- R ARMSntOsUj
ft a -j, .err A f? 11
3419 KabfVAIiljL
B UN AtVAV iu May la- Mf m
Ar JobrB'6w-W7ri.oe
tnciiea tuirti. vcrv blai-t. ii'iica iuc- -
walk, baa a atar ml his lrt K"T. ,nr r
!.. fc!..r -r- w.i,.s.ii-v uu
. ' j ii ha
paid 23 ii cunfi.d iu "
' lfet im airi. Aftwll'D. 0. fARjt.;.
Jatmr, in, M. ?!L-:
H7i If I X 77 YCri
Ejseutio rr nt4tMs i V-fJ-f:

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