North Carolina Newspapers

    tfcer regret htt. U luce I to trf,
par.'e from Belgian, Ft nce md
VtlsUbetnmr rf t) ill Mn by line
f (UKvm turn y0Ur rotintr, bf ton
It'Mtlng it If t ;,,rt, would be the tuol
wretched oou: ry on earth.
M Unrabu :hr, remln unPed
itV. In if'f film of Belgium, accept
the urinc tdit tour brethren will
tier band i you . ,
"IbeR. miof RelKlam, "
Nlli I. R W
fllere full the tignaturet of ill the
)! in liters.
Anott thenge hit' taken place In the
F rewch I :.inry,lhe fr,mer bavin rv
tired it i talj in ronwrjnenceof edit
.T""reen'. of opinio will tVtTIng,ovi
'"" "the low of Aiitrrien intervention In
lultehleb Itie In'entiofct were more
ttift ilia tbcae ftf hit edler. The
folio'' It Utt of (he ne cabinet i
. Piatt, M. ace 14.
T official pirtof ibe Monlteur cor
fr i Royal ordinance, appointing the
Be ' loistertt
L Casimer Perrler, Secretary of
- 5'" for Ibe Interior, end President of
rf C ouncil of Minuter
2 Dtfr'on Lout, io be MtnUter of Pi
, r e, In the room of M. LiCtte, whose
l coition , accepted.
3, M. Bartbe, to be Keeper of the
la... - .
. i Jt, Mmitter of Juttice, end President
c the Council of State.
4. Count d Montslivet. feibcMiriste
t f Public Instruction and F.ceaieatic
Affaire, In the room of Mr. Bsrrhe.
5. Count d'Argoot to be M hitter
Commerce end Public Worke."
6, Vice Admiral de Rime, to be Min
... , iitec. of -Marine, la-the room -of Count
. All these ordintncei ere dated Pari,
Mirth IS and were published in . an ei
w traordl nary trpptcrnenrrq tfrr M anlrrn r;
et o'clock the tame evenlnp. Th
'firet ft counterelgned bv M. Sebastian!,
" tbe Minister for Foreign Affaire the oth
' Art bf N. Caeimir Perrier.
The Monl'cur contains also a Royal or
dloance relative to the publicity of the
torocee dints In the Council of State
The nan-official pert gives, under the
ore of March IS, the substance of vari
oo re port a to the Staff of the Nation
. Guard, respecting the diaturbancee on
tbe llth, when lldyming men appeared
III the Tambour S-. Antoine withatri
Colored flat, to which e piece of black
. tripe wee attached. The report tpeake
. rh threat preiae (f the conduct of the
wmrkinp cleat In the rauibounr St. An
Ipltwwho . received iwith xontemptilh
endeavor made 40 aedoce themvnd of'
'trrdvt wtfit. 4k-5e;lon fluardia it
atorinr ordefi -
-iTherrriM wob In Parlt on the 9th
jMckjltKke4ihe.l)0tl)()f rtVe JRiiialan
Amhador. amid irle of" Down with
, tb Rutiir-od .M The Pole fore?
mr ! broke hit windows "d then bent
--Tmle'rth Membert of whleb-ihejr eaalF
.,.,4,l iniulitni ena acomou ncocnci-..:
- . . . . -'"W
An-almoit f eneral wir in hurope,
bowerer, appeart now inevitable, and
thr 1 much reetonto leer mat t,n-
viand will be Ineolee d in the or.ei
Auatria it determined ' to put down
the reoTutbn In Italy, end Mettemlch ia
jal4 to hateJkreatenetJ haUi f ranee ln
trpotet, tbe Austrian Cabinet will tup
' tmrt rbe tliim of toupr Napoleon to the
th'er.e of i father. But the war party
In Fraoce Rathert ttrenjjth every dajr.
Tui new admintttratln, It it true, it
amlcaMa than the laat, bur it
OerrnanenrV it doubted. Loui Philip
ill he eomnellrd to accede to tbe wi&h
of hit neonle. and interpose in behalf
J th natinna that are atrutreline for
freedom. There ate repnnt of an et
"tensive lnturrertion in Spain, but the ec
;2 count hitherto received cannot be relied
" n.
J- Sorn further diaturbancet htve ttken
place In Paria, which Lre attributed rto
lhe pnpih of the tchoo! i but they do not
--; Uoce. .
It will be recollected thtt the lit of
. . . ." - . m a . a, tr It , , - .i aT i. ., - -
TTarclTIannottneuay loricnorrnci c. ior mree autcesve un
br!ninff forward the ereat meaaure of
K Jbe oe Mintttry for Reform irt Perlia
- men. 'Unfortunately our filet of paprra
be thit errival, fumiah tit only with Lon
don daet if the 3d, containinj; the parli
, ementaTy proceeding of the 3d of March.
There it consequently e hiatut in our
fecouett from February 83 to the list
mentioned date. It is certain, however,
ttt the Reform Project wit brought for
irerd in the Com room it the time previ
f In fult debate upon it on the 2d. Vft
bave no tht. firojeti, et tttted jn iu or-
Jgiuel forriiv by Lord John Rutsell, jhe
mover but i inepsi$ of the bill In
; troduced end red the first timet will be
feund below, preptred with ill the cire
'which or time end liraite would JltewT"
debate wa continued with but little
Intermission, down to the )th of March,
u wbkhday ...
lord John Rtuseli bicocht b I HU
for tmendiag tbe Reprtte&ttttoa f tit
peopla in norland and VValea.
The Fpeikcr then put the quaition
that the Viil be now read e firt timet
op-n which there wtt l general cry of
A" from the Minltrll lde, and
aome oartitl cries of " No, no," from the
oppotitiofi bench.
The bill wa then retd e firtt time.
Lord John Rutcll nest moved that
the bill be read a second lime on Moo
diy oe it (March 31.) -
The bill to amend the representation
of the people In Hnglind tnd alet" oc
cupies three of the large columnt of Ike
Morning Herald, end it iceompanled
with numerous schedules, to which rtf
erenrt 1i? mdethf"ouihout. 'The ' fnl-
lowing an lit leading features. It it en
aciaa ttiattJtiy iiortmgiit enumerated t
Schedule A., ahl ceate to rcturn'menv
bert to anf future parliament. Forte
tit borough, enumerated in tcbeduje B.
ere to return on member and no more..
The thirteen tont enumerated in Sche
dule C, a mon which are Manchester,
Birmingham, Lede end Sncffleld, ere
each to return two members) the eigh
teen in HchrduU P., truong which are
Urhton and Cheltenham, are each to
return ov. Weym uth and Malromb
fleets, to be taken as one ton, are to
return two Pettmouth, Rochester and
Kingston upoo Mull, with certain places
aoneied, ire severally to return two
membert. Thirtv nine placet, ire enu
mcrated in Schedule F., are annexed to
eleven ihirea or towns, and the reai
denttpreviouttv quaftSedo vote, or to
qoJiRed by the act, are to have e share
in the election of burgesses from such
thires or tuwns. Saecrtl tmall towns,
together with Swansea, are to be taken
as one borough, and to return one mem
ber. No one ia to vote bf reason of the
occupation of a house, now entitling
him to vo for anf citv or borourh. K
1 Jtruoia)e.ptaoa of. iulLKe-ooiJe icailtt.
inrapaciated, having" an eattte fur life, in
land, or any larger estate, of the yearly
value of ten pounds above , prices, hoi
drn by copy of court roll, or bf any cus
tomary tenure, or lease holders for ten
yeara, not renewable Trom year to year,
on which a vearly rent of not lest than
fifty pounds is rer?ed, is to have the
right of vming thit provision not to in
terfere with the righ: to vote at present
enjoyed or which may hereafter ac
crue to them according to existing U,
hy freeholder, annuitants, kr. Li1
holder in fidee n citlet or towns, being
counties in themselves, atnonjj which are
Bristol, York, he, enumerated in She
dule 0 , who would be cotiUed to vuie in
other coontiet not icorporated, are to be
emitted id vote for Knightt of the abire
froralhe aevertl counties nrned In the
ichedute. -The coiny - of-Yofk -
1itr'rnlgnt Of The ' iMreT1"vr6"Troin 'r
each RHingu .The county of Lincoln it
to hfe four. - The Isle olWightene, o
ters qualified therein not to be entitled
to vote for KntRhtt of the "shire from 1 Re
county of Southampton, fn schedule H.
JWftry"ftTe"Tpunites sreenumeretedrerclr
of which it o return four mernher ; the
manner of divtrting he atd coun;iet and
establishing their luniia for the purpose
ot the election, to be determined by i
committee of the Privy Council ap;oln
tea ny nis megesrv Another comroi. tee
it to be appointed, to enquire into end
determine the limi'.t of ill cities and bo
roughs having the right of aendine mem
ber to Parliament, with power to annei
to them my pariah or township within or
adjoining them, and to report to hit Ma
jetty, whose proclamation ia to ea?ablih
such limita. Such towns or borough
a do not contain more than 300 houtet
of the yearly value of ten pounds, to be
to annexed, In the discretion of the com
miuee Those entkled to vote for citUt
and boroughs mutt hfe resided therein
for six months previous to the registra
tion directed by the act, and occupied a
house of the clear yearly value of ten
pounds, or rated at a not let turn thote
having a right to vote at present, bv vir
tue of any corporate right, to retain the
tame for life, being duly registered.
The act then directs the church wardens
and overseers of parivhes and -townships
with certain exceptions) to make out al-
pbabelical lilts ofLthose-emiiledjoro'e.
and to affix tbem to the doors of the
days after the time fixed for their being
made. Un the hrat Monday of Novem
her, the returning officer, having given
three dayt notice, ia to tit in tome pub
lic place to bear objection and correct
the list. The name of no person to bo
expunged, without giving him a clear
week'a notice and once to be inserted,
without giving three week's notice of hit
claim io the church warden and over
tee re. Similar proviaioni are made for
making out list Of those entit led to vote
for Knights of. the Shire in which their
pariah lie ; which listt are to be lubmit-
ted to a Barrister, who it to be annually
appointed by the Judges of Assiiet, sutr
ect to the ipprobttion of the ereal teal.
The Barrister it to give public notice of
tbe times when he will make hit circuits
and hold courts for the purpose of cor
recting the j and it not to be eli
gible to serve in Parliament for twelve
tuentht from Ike time of bit appoint-
raeot ffe ti to receive fwr atirre il
lowance. The Uta, when completed,
ere t be tacked tui(elher, inj reiuroed
to the office of tbe clerk of the pore
who it to cause copies of them to be
printed f which shall, iner the present
year, be list a of elector to vote t! lf e
lection f er ike lrt of Daccnber h each
tucceeding yetr. Tbe only Inquiry it
elcrtiont, ro be whether the vottrt tmt
li regtterea, wnetner ee net voteo e
fore, or refuted to take tbe oath or ifflr
mati'tn required. The .list, boecr,
mar be queadooed,'on a petition to the
house, contetting in election, ind the
committee of tte House ire tobtve pow'
er to punish the returning officer or Bar
rietcr. for misconduct ' or corruption
Othe provltloei regolate"ihe "manner,
time, lie. of boljiog tbe polls. Nothing
tauuioea ia tu aci i to eiiena or 10 at
feet thf election of meeibert to serve in
Parliament for the Universities of Ox
ford or Cambridge. Tbe words cities
or boroughs " In the act, include ill towns
corporate, cinqueporti, and district enti
tled to return membert, other thin coon
4et, tod alto the town of Berwick upon
The 1 Bill to t mend the repretentation
of the people of Srotltnd,' wat brought
ho the Mouse of Commons hy the Lord
Advorttf, Mr. Jeffrey oo the lath, lie
nrerd Friday the 31th for the second
reiding, a delay which occasioned com-
men ary in the pspers. The outlines nf
the bill are published. Fifiv members
re to be returned to the House from
Scotland t twenty-eight from the conjoin
ed thlrei or stemrtrlei rnumert'ed, tnd
33 from tbe enumerated burght, towns
districts. Ctch county or ttewarhv to
tend one member. 0 the towna, Edin
burgh and its suburbs send twoj (rln
gow end thecow'lfuous suburb jwoi
Aberdeen one i Tisley, Dundee and
Oreenock, eich one t Leith with the su
hurbs and adjoining vilUget, one. . Free
their lives, but none are hereafter to ac
quire votes unlen as provided hy the art,
which gives .the fr"chtse in counties, tnl
the proprietors or land or houses worth
ten pounds a year, and to tensnta in pos
session of letses of 19 yesrt for fifty
poundt rent ; and, in town, to the ow
nert and occupants of hrwnes worth ten
pounds a year. Provision are made for
a registry of the voter. The eldest sons
of S,-otch peers may be erected.
The bill to regulate the representation
in Ireland, had not been brought before
the House ; but M . O'Connrll. in a let
er r the peopje of Ireland, t.ted on the
6'h Mitch, mentions several of thevpro
posed provisions. Rotten boroughs, he
Pi .?1"? IQ be innihilatedi the poer
of forpO'tlont'to monopoHte the right
orreturnlng members wai to he destrov
f diZ.NoLe but.xeii!enlt. were to be al
Ipwed to voter" E.very 16ueb6T.le'r 'Tn
puSIb, whose house is wor'h ten pound
a year will have a right to vote. The
present registered freeholders and resi
denr'frein'-n" to have the right durinj;
their lives ; but future freemen must
vote. a lea jkauad-hmueitQlder
I. i . , , ..
nr cnangr lacea piace in all other cities
the IS daily pipers, neldi this lv ire
decidedly idvoeiiet of rtformi id of
that particular tyitera which the Minlf
te re have proposed. One of the remain
ir.g three alo idoeitet riform, but I
nppstd to the Minltirll plan. The
circulation of the pspert friendly to re
form einnot amount to lest thin 41,000
diilyi while the circulation of the two
eppoed to It cannot oe higher thin
But not withtmding Ihes ttrong In
dicttlons the numerous public meeting!
ktld approvlngnfthe measureand the
reamt of petiiioni Incite vor which
hive already been thrown upon the ta
ble of Parliament -It will, be vigorous
ly oppscd by the old Toriei to tbe Oppo-
Sir Robert Peel msde en tMe tnech a-
TtVe'i'Mrntno J wi Merehi
which wt warmly cheered: A meeln
of the nnnonrntt of reform, had been
hetd at Si- Edward Knatchboira, mended
by seventy Membert mother meeting
of thirtv Mcmbfra, wat held at Sir
Chsrlrs VTethereirs: t meeting, offif
teen, was held at Sir Robert Peel'a. At
theae Conrllinbiil,, fjcimrnses, we should
ss? at Albsny rbe rourse to be purto
ed In their opposition was keenlv and
antloiilv apilated. The Morning Chro
nlcle says It w de'ermlned on, al all of
them, no? in opnose the Introduction nf
the Billj 'hough at first scvenl Members
were- anxious o me head at once a
gainst It, on the grnund thai If not crash,
ed In the outset the Press would produce
such sn impression ni the Public,. that it
might no longer be possilile to wirhsttnd
the evil. But the greater number
though thai course like thi would be
held indicative of a determination nor e-
ven to llr the m aoure a hening' and
that it might ereata spirit in the peofde
t'lll more dsngernu than that produced
bf the Pre snd the continued discus
ow-.The new dn'r-nw OrrmrrTV
flsd 5 8 ol i pnnv per lh. to take
effect d fer th fifth nf Anril.
T h r at t isth - a r-a ro e r.
AMrtttri o M 'v of Lon lon to hii
Yesterd'V the Lord Mvor, acompi
nld hv several of the A Iderraen and
ShrtTs. Cit OlTVeri, tnd opirrls of
1.10 Members of the Court ol Common
Council prry-eed'd from Guildhall to St.
Jantea'a abmit t o'clork, and presented
the following Address to bis Muges
ty :
7s re Ttf' fltot P.x-tllent
The humVe., nn! loval sddress
of the Lord Miyor, AMermen i and
Commons of the City of London, in
CorPTion Council sasemhled. .. .
W, four M.iexyS ntost litjrul ind
ibvst snbjrcis, thf Lord ..Miyor.Aldermen
snd Common of the Citf of lonrton, in
! receiti wkb tt ttfla r, ,
f.ctloe the is.urancttof m,i4!,fh
ttsthmtnt to my pitV) hfisl
the declaration th.i k- ... !Br -t
I tepose In toy present Miui-'.W
felt be th dtUec,. of UJ. ..J'
Iby Metropolis , MI,4U,
- Yo m.y ,est Muirt4 ; consider the ml(lrM "J M
be proposed to me, either Z! ck
live or, capacity, .k
enceonly to tendency ji V'
the honor ind dignity 0f L C
PP;rt the true princlpi,,,
s.itu.lon, and to promote
hippinest of my p,pp(, " BnJovtfi,
t the Levee held tberwJlLJ
tedih. foltowifig kiUtC'
Mo.tcmc.ocs. oy
W., four M.,,,,., moM rfB
loyal .ubiect., th, Ufd M.
men, and" LKery of tn. Ci7 fof
In Common Ilwll mbJt
pjoscb your M.jes-y w,h the
of our warmest feeling of f eL! .
and reapect. e,riiio
rtW, be(? f0,r, r y ,
feel the mo 'J !1 k
..If,cion in vi..i, ,k.
tne meisure, Tor reforming the , n
..i?n of ,h. people i
trociured under the t.nclon ??Z Uf
jesty', Minister, of, be lu'l'T
mwia i ana we cnnot t
pressing nur.hrfraeM,tifiol ; '
rtfm wH prllre thegr.,,,, "S
goofl tu your M4jes7', propJt
ofthe.incen.yof yoyf MtJ.V
ister. and enti.lra tl.ero to th. k .. .
"We hub)v vn"-r t tw.v.ur
m-ati.wtH .nd eratcfut MknowwElt
mr of the hlcr.eeteh.r.f..JJJ;
e. H the v.ere,, eTrefunn..,TtJS
er.-ced a. patriotic J,we u rer.V.'rK
u.oe prtnc.ple ..four co...tituti,m. Jvi JZ
to promote , , uoion bc, yoar M
aid ymir people." 7 mrf
e . up' ,00 Wt IJX
.vaain Tie Soan i.t. v'.
Torni, had met w.n. .oo-ber defert at Ik
a t riatiiHIl
Thr LKlicatuer ' B.-rJu, ..j
ennnt nf a u .m,.t w,, b u
4ent. of th,. vNk,I f te Uht ThiwaS
at CMt -ne-wnwr-or T..-I been sf
Turnjo pr jt'AiiiJ utt ateaiL- Thw
.k.. .u "'-on rreatn,- conviction of the nrcett
Btll tomouint i.hat th measure refuses
to the Counities in Ireland what it givra
to those of England tnd Scotland 'K
is, an extension of the franchise. But,
he says, Ministers shall have it all their
own waf j and calls upon his country
men to rally in tupport of the measure,
and forget or postpone all private feuds
in support oi tne vinittere.
Thii plan of Reform Sit been receiv
ed with a vert- general bunt of applause
hy the nation, and some splendid inaun
itinret of pstrio'Um are anticipated when
the finsl quettion thall he taken seven!
of the great Borough holders have inti
mated to their nomineee their desire to
have the bill supported. The project, it
is taid, will greatly increase the prepon
derance of the landed interett. Aeenri
Ing to the ancien system, the counties of
knit I and md w4ea returned 94 mem
ben. The Boroughs 419. According
to the novel plan, the t ounty member
willimountto 149, and the town mem
bora to only S94. So that, while the
county member are -Increased by more
than one half, the town membera are lea
!e?f d by more than a fourth. Ancient
ratlcr, when the towns were comnwrative-
Tvlmatland inconaidernble, i n 41 5.
1.1 L
mr approacn four :uesty with the war
meat sentiment f loyalty and attach
ment to vour Majesty'a arred person tnd
Ve-hrwTniMo refMjeTTlW
and in
necessity oft
retorm-tn roe representation ofjhe peo
ple in the Common ffome of parliament
we hss-e looked forward with the great
est aniiefv to the course which four
AM aw,.
Tiaestf 1 itltniMers would adopt in refer
purn were in circulitlmi ! V.m
Common CoMi semblrditnoar hum?r.iaA;4.4rrV-ttiT-g-fal u
..n imo , pi vi, ,,1 thf mauryettta, butaya.
'W advicrs coia-au the Mirw.TftT
Aiiatman troop it ia ted tn marching iat
Italy. n.l were abm to eater tbe duehr'tf
Modena. '
- - "tiTirrnnrmr
. . - IjyrKrmu Ht4 Monk-.
The dcmaml for Clrer and Flaswed ha
hefHr off 1 TiMo m eal of the for-neraoU.
at 9ft a '08, and MO tireea ofth latter at 9U
a St. No ult of Tar .nrt TurneUe-tfc
latter rrav be qnMed 761 for inferior, to D
1 in roe giMirf Aihe aeain deel nnl aat
New Yo-k Peirb are duM at 1W Camllna Rice
ence to that important subject : and w ' M ' U hTtTi M,M ,r X7t ,8 Wfcf
n ...
rroposen ratio, when the towns hava an
prodigiously increjsedra I to J.
The Courier e et th-t the Kiniy wenr
through the whole of the Bill, and. claim.
bf clause, made his observations and
suggestion upon it ; an1 subsequently.
when mochfied, according to some of
loose suggestions which were calculated
to present reasonable objeciton, gave to
it hit unqualified asenr and approval.
"1 11 h.0.l!!ile,! VPPO'ed Ihat ihl:ii4or
mttiori eomet to us from those whose
doty it wat to keep it tecret, we beg to
state th the quarter from which we de
rive it, although of the moat unquestion
able kind, does rot imply the remoteit
breach of confidence of want of delicacy
towardt our excellent Sovereign, r j
The Morning Herald tayt One of
the ben pepoft thtt the feeling f the
country it decidedlv in favor bf the 03f
ernment with regard to the measure now
before parllameoi ia the fact thtv eot of
now leel oiiMflves tmnrranvFi ratted
upon humblf and dutifullv o eiprest '0
four Mijejtf an entire saiiifiction at the
principles of the measure that haa been
IntroHuced ttoder their sanction to the
Honorable Home of Common
We beg furher to represent to four
Maiestf that, your rrtajestvY Minister!
having entered office under 1 distinct
aledge to bring forward efficient measure
of reform in the represents ion of the
people, we dcltel to express my feel
ine upon the change which then look
place in your Majesty' Councila until
those measures were submitted to Par
liament : hut bring now svi-tfied that the
plan introduced tinder their sanction it
eminently calruUted n uphold the digni
tf of your Majesty's "Crown, and to pro !
mote the true interests and "hannine Vif
of all classes of four MjijestyNjubject
wC irci u m or our hnmh tn .v.
jjewour-mnrfsTy oiir conviction that
vour Miesty Ministers have fnlU r.
deemed the important pledge made by
them on the acrentanra nf r.
have thereof entitled themsetve. in. ik.
unlimited Confidence of the mni
"We, therfore, Wmbly brg leave to
tender to your Majet? our gr3,erul
thanks ror vour M.iestvY patetnsl1 care
in the formaMon ofaq A Iministmion an
mated by a sincere desire jo .do:,,, in
JJ :J05AMLirfitOJont. .....
TCmTriat w.H unite all rlasse, of your Ma
lesty ssub,eifs, preserve and strengthen
ourn.t.onal secitv, uol.old the honor
nrfff'Ik ofou,,.M'i""''CeoWn,'and.
promote the hmins 8nd libertitt of
your Maieaty'a people.
, Signed, hf order of Court 1
blowing most graciou. An-
.ZllT? T, fn?IWsrra tHinktfor
th dut.rful md loyal address.
very ro). new Therje has heeo I rood aV
rnami ior Amenean Ftirnr inee eiir hut of
7:b untill within rudtv nt, during whlclttf
Amtn hu aenxihlv declined. All tli dayi
Corn Market, horh Wheat md Flour wer very
dull, and Amrrirat Flour m fully li per kL lov
er. It mav now quoted 38 a S8e dutv put,
"d the latter prle could only ba obtained ia
email quantitlri f Wrdrro Canal . The oVf
miH remain at the Joe point for at kae
week to come, but the aame rate of deefia
the average for the two coming week, ebirt
ha ttken place in the two weeka patt, ald
give an increaaed duty n foreign Grain.
Lit n root, Wank lv
ram Markrt. Ftiet. ir-At last Teuadif'
market a moderate extent of butinew wiv
in Wheat, ronfioiinv orinritwl'v of the widdTiaf
Q'lalitin (,f foreign at a decline of 4d to 6M P1"
70 lb 1 nn the beat qus?i'y of foreign andet l
rih Wheat decline of i.l to 3d ner 70 lb.
iSmited to. Sale of t a decline nf filto la ner kbL and
bbl. Pbi'ad'lphia hT been sold te arrive "tl
5n 6.1 ner bt in bo.td0 'iejreesooa'jsewCri
nfina RTra w w unl.t l f) nw rt 45 et
hnps french at 96 61 to 98 perewt. "
Mitiun. Jftnl, 50 ...... .Cottna cleat, fA 1
flour .. 5. corn 6V, beef 2 teJ,
7. molawei 45 a 50. ford K, salt 1 lf. iffr
a ll.eoffVa 12 to I. rld 63 to 79 apP
brandv 40. peach do 45 to 50,talln 7n " )
ther 25, heaajt, 16 t 1t oa'a .U a 35 rhet
70 to 7 happing 1 to 18, rope 10 to U V
bo-8tO, 50feet R J, irrn 5, butter n,
Routh Carolina Bank bilk If cUu di. Ceo'i
doT3; '" " "" ' . '
Cam,ftn, JpHt, l6..,Cnfton a . flour.
o.t of tSe waoos, Cam.len Mdls. f7-
wheat t Ft, coro 7S. a ftfl oafa 50, lt 75, wa
kev 50 a 62J, haon 9 a 10.
Chaw, April 2.l...i.-.iCot?nn 7 1 W
4 a S. corn 75 brandy peach 4'J r'
apple 50i . '. ' v
, CafcwWo. Marrh 19...Cotue 7 a 9 fh
bbl 7 whukey M to 40, aotet 41 .W .
bacon 6 a 7, ap3l brandy 4J , are W'
flawed 1.00, flaitr, 5 S3,
sugae 9i 10, lt M e7i ! .J,
Wbtjlt IfjfJ.v 1 . ' j .. ;. 1

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