North Carolina Newspapers

rttt irTiTi eer raui'a.
MAY 2,
W purposely refrained to give eurreney to
the rrp" Mr- l"K,,m rt',wt of the
Trow. M d'.mled Df retUeet
fm fcW iptrmm, notwithtUnd'mg
oted en odmin'ietrvton paper but which
Taiwavi been hitter IOji denunciations" V
' yf. ngham. We g vt tiO eredenee I therunv
.rodenec of the ftMent" We were very well
lr of the fet Ihit the freident U hi lew
Mer to Ctrjff expressed bis decided
at'irVtion of the management ,h Treasury
t)eritrmer?t,-and ht the Incumbent li regarded
by both prl m active, diligent and effec
tive ofBeer of the government. But this to ol
an Co" grew haa tew.fled of hi r.
panity and Integrity bv en'rowing hi with
eniderWe oWetbworr powers Involving im
pnetant pecuniary interests to the eonntry.
Wi'h hee far" for w eo"M no bel
(hat Genl. Jack oouM iTumtn the moot po
rir enVer of hit Cabinet to gratify the tmbi.
(Wmis views of the Bwettryof Bute eejfijofc
tr. the mrif'.on snd Invetere'e botilry of the
SV-.rrarv f war ho would W rely annlhelate
Mr. tnrhern beoViae be weo'd ot reeogtit
v. Fton m lady nd Tomtit f,m,,J
v'.it her. The time haired ret In hi boaom
arainit Mr. Branch fr the very mm ttitnn.
CiM we bri-e rhen thi Oenl. Jckeo woeW
to ft- iT.erfrfl-fbe pir,cnifrniMto!itrJ
.r of the be orert of the fofnmet
trtU f'f the imVe of npeir th pnool
L .li fWf'1 'IH nf thff nr.t.ry tlltf AtltmoUitt PMe-hfr-ihMt
fxl TeHT nf 8ie t NMhlng UH of
itxnW r.whrr of Mr. Infhtm Wr.
rnch itl evcieuke tu beuee iw
.tirkmn ef h whet we think hi rd,
hon trwih!iei. fe liwtfn1nt in
he dhtfte of he aitie. Wht bw Mr.
hrUm done to brinr ur.o h'm eo mtich cen.
mrf r4 buM from two or three tn'ntri.
inn jrw in Fennt Wmt n4 elewhr )
Wm it a crime kf.-lnrbm more lhn nv
rher imlWMuil or i it ch it ill to omhibit
M fimi from hotdinir inr lntreoiiree with
femmon ewiHenn I Wee it with rrret mMr r
nf ofWe to be frieorl of Mr. Celhnun eml to
tn1eor to rmt him from the pit of dfetnie
tinn pwpr(l for him b hie enem'ef Or
whtt it It tht he bM dnoe for whkb be it to
be e ineflel from h otflotj h room merle Snr
tmw trriopbnt'ic followeri end iiioportert of
be fortanee of the Swrter? -f g(at ? Whet
exrnMTeonM the PreitiJerit "ren1f7toli't fionrt.
tnrrrt of Permtrfrtmt etw of the whotr I'eJrrit
ifitet who woiiM rlemerM o he informal wh
l-r - 1 .Jt.i. mIKa.. mmm fwfnMMl t
wMtrn. .m. '".'let hare al.avt beliered the republican party
Cmildhe aa that he waa oVTimnent-arKl tt; ... , ...
wnw T , . - i ... . wholly , anprored.. Wh tnpported the late
e nan n-rn rn,n ,n "r i
,rkrv,,Mrment at the opemof of traje
Conjrre- wcmld contradict the imcenty of th J
irnte, if aucb an one were offered. Could he ,
mt to the reoubtican people ofhe UnVed
StatM who put him whre ne now it that Mr Reprwnu,i,ei du.ll(t ,he e war. The war
mm wo.U not recoee Mrt. F.atnn a par1r h1(1 , , m()pe lft!ou, ,nJ l)Ie ,Jv0Ctte
lad and it a pewonal and political friend nf p ,hlt bo,Iv thin Mr Calhoun. To bit inlu
Mr Calbmm t Would tbi eerife he aatiarr , eoce lm teftlon mif ke tH,nted In a reat
tory to independent tp'.ritt who tplera'e freednm , mfimrt (he mee.wril termination of the war
f opinion themtelvea and would have their
puMie aervanre do he ! it too improba
ble to be credited for a moment that Genera'
Jackeon hat any Idea of remnv'ng either M. tng
bam or Mr. trench. But it it taid that Mr.
Inr.ham ia an nh welcome member of the Cabi.
Bet that he ie an obtruder whnae counaela
wouldfwUlingly be ditpeneed with by the Preai
dent that be bat received manv " intimation
and"eonrtiy hlnte," that hie pretence in the
Cabinet it no longer agreeable. But bv whom t
It may be by the Secretary of State, hut turely ),he WiaiM priy tnd Mr Calhoun ntw op
mot bv the Prealdent The Hem of New Or.; . . . . - .
MH and the author nf the Veto Meaaao doe P0"1 the Unff wh,cl WM ,he,r ""f tl
.t L- m ti:
Hit " intimationt,,
re of the moat direct and pointed character.
.. . " II L. J .f i I
oui Tir. tngnam it a wcu jcnucnn
bat aa nice a aenee of honor aa any man in the
eommnnity and we feed a wired if be bad recelv"
alcourtly nt'UWmbe-PrwUU 4ha4 bel
Inn farther nteforhia aeryiceahe would
7 'ntly retire from the Cabinet. That efTortt
have been made to induce tbe President to re
wove Mr. ftnghtm we both know and believe,
kut that General Jackton bt ever Kttcned or
Contented to hie removal we have every reaeon
to ditbel'reve, and tbtlt take the liberty to con
tradict it until it actually cornea to pati. Mr.
Inphem it one of tbe democracy of Pennsylvania
end waa one of General Jackann'a eariieet and
mPt.ytgnroitt mtpportert-ll jdid-Bot, like Mr.
tn Buren, lend hit tupport to another man on
til be found hie protpecte blasted and then
throw hie influence into the Jackeon teal, fie
originally a eoneittent and aealout friend
of the President, and be will not now deeert
Mr. Ingham and thereby Incur the odium of the
ejiaTte of Ingratitude.' The President it our.
rounded by theoTfnc)i jf followed,
'ould hurry him onto hi destruction. We
bare good grounJ for befieviiiiflurtbTTdi.
w of the Globe is a spy of Henry . CUy's wbo
o (bta neeremoBieasIy obtruded himself
to til fcrpgUCetn riakl fie b part e rert'
ilirf &nri ni therebf -. r the eir iio
of the MAier;e jrtei' CtoJ'ultte. We
here etront; retoti fif eotertslninf tdli beKcf.
Reeeet dliclcHuftt rcn ltr ihieoiire mart it-
plciooi thM eter, cod ohtn ve rroIWt bow
eucoeWutljr be hit tccempHtfie4 dirimoti of
the republicen ptrtj bow' en'ulljr ell bit
Khrmei vert eenJyctrl, e thou Id be Incrcd.
ahmt tod lufttitttrj Indeed not td believe tbet
behifme ulterW ritwt betoaj thil new
bora irtl for nenereJ Jtckton end hit rfukti.
tan tdminittretlim. Time onlr tttj effect
fuQ ditcloeurc.
. fn-t thcvibaft wuU tjpe w hire rrCeW-
ed the WitSlfijtoji pipr. ctntaimaK Lbe e
t'f nttiont of Mrttrt.' IVo B jrV n. fttofl, nhitj
Branch. t fe nnderetood eare the Tele
rrtph, that Meter, In(bam and Branch re
aifoedb reqnett of the Preeidrnt. ft ie ei-
pected that Mr. ftcrritn win aW rrtip. We
hope thie rep of the Cabinet will hare the ef
fect of re initSnt; the Republican pariy, Yi't
hare neither room nor time to make any further
comment npon the tuhject at preerot but
wl'l recur to it ertt week when we vill pib
nh the eorrrrporvtrnce. We a4t the follow.
!nf from the Telefraph, "Rijmor baa turretted,
bow truly we cannot tar, that the new Cabinet
III eontitt of. , .
RdwtMi1JSriR',o,'of Lou'i'tna, Becre.
tary of Stale.
Louie Mefane,of Delaware, Secretary
of the Treasury.
fTfh L. Wbite, of Tenure, Becre
ttry ofWtr.
Iei WiKvTHurr, of Kew llimrHhire, Bee
tettrv f tSe Ne.
Wm, T. Barry, of Kentucky, Poetmaeter
Attorney General."
7V yew ftrk Crnnrr mtt F.i'iitr a
Federal print ptihfnhed in the city of New
radiction of Meat and trm the iilrrtity of a
FeiWrtlie? an! a un"ifyf r. We are not ae much
aitonUhed now at thie dirt am of the Owner
and F.nquirer that a man could be both a M Fed.
eralitt and Nullifyer," tince we find that the
norernor of New York it both a Federatiet ano
a NoHifver" the Editor 'of the Courier and
F.nquirer St both a -federilit and a nullifyer,w
nd a certain arlf-impnrtint little man puled
up with a rreat deal of conceit and mock fari
ty and of (freat nei(fhborhood importance, not
eery far from nt, ho nan he it a FederaKM
and a nullifrer." Thrte yhinjra are calculated
to leaten our eetonif'iment at the idea of a
fedralit and a nunifver" in one and the
tame pertrow But the Courier and Enquirer
faile o mtk mtnifett Mr. Calhoun klentity
with the "federanata and nullifyert . In tup port
of b'i t-wertm that Mr. Calhoun ii a federaT
i and a naHifyerf be Ityi that when In the
lion of Repretentatttet and the War Depart
men t . he eooatrwed be wmtt it u t ioir with out
rejrard to the riffhtt of '.he taet. Of Mr. Cal
boun't coorte in the 1!oute of Rrpretentatiret
I - T) rpitMi-n inrt -rfemnrrttf. - Wt,
nMUKXhevhof tbtCm6amai
',0in g rejHihlicai then whil in the Houae of
at the time that Oreat Briaih" withdrew her ar
my from our thoret. Htd the eame talentt and
influence been exrted by Mr. Calhoun in op.
poaition to the war it might have Seen protrac
ted eeveral yeara longer, and Ma ieaue oo one
could hare foretold. Of Mr. Calhoun't couroe
in the Houte of repreaentativet at the cloae of
war we feel confident the republican party ful
ly approved. The whole party acted in concert
with him. The tariff policy originated with
and waa aiinnortedbv the republican party. It
the cloae oftne warf we ventnre 10 imra
nof." ft ii not that terifT which" they now op
poae It it not the tariff of 1816 17. It i not the
tariff designed tocreate-a revenue f aufflcient to
defray the" eipenaei of government "ah J Were
"id the nereaai?y ofiirect taxation. The
republics party and Mr. Calhoun ere opposed
to a protective and prohibitory tan ft. Such an
one is unauthorised by the constitution, uncal I
ed or by tbe pre tent prosperous state of our
affairs and oppretiivo in the extreme upon the
Southern h Western agricultural interests. Mr.
Cslhoun so far aa his course ii '"known is far from
being a "federalist and a nuHifyer," but is in ev
ery, sense a thorough going democratic repub
lican. Whatever may have -been bis views
heretofore- with regard tohe power of the gen
era! government to make internal improve
menta he it at this time decidedly opposed to
The Courier and Enquirer elosea a paragraph
upon tome remarks of ours by asking" is the
Carolinian Editor answered We are answered,
and satisfied that nothing appears to be more
eary" Oumy Oaaritt and Enquirer) than
for OMit te be M federalitts and punifyers
at the same time. The examples of such men
are very ram among u. Let us consider. Upon
to-jrelectioe wede not rtrneot snnthrr bnide.
that title Itd.trJ tatiVla, la wbott we
before euwie rtferenrt who baa eaid any
tttlnf dittiact tnoufh apoe the rjblect te ena.
bleuatetpetk with any kind ef certainty. We
fre with the Courier and Enquirer that Gee.
Jeckeo win pU another New Orleaat t ietory
la 1831 We wouU bare the Conner and Ea
(julrer to know that we are not ambiuout of any
vtber cofnomea thaa democratic repuLtcana.
We build our fkitb upoe the note of the freat
tpoatle of Liberty and FjuaHty, Tbomu Jtfer
too. We do not bold a alnjla doctrWta at ap
ptlcable to our fovemment which wae tot ad
eaoeed and wpported by buw.
At the rrrtM mettinf of the frlead ef Mr.
Clay U rbnadelpbia, it wae tfreed epoa to beid,
ht tbet .were pleated U uA Natleoal e
ventton, eta Bahlmore,' ome'tlme la December.
There remaint oo doubt, bow, at te who will
be the National RepubHcaa eeodidate for the
PreatJcnrv, Mr. Clay will mrv bit party, It
eH orf inited and what It lackt In nembert
It will try to make up by itt teal, tt beboorei the
Republican party, then, te drop their party bkk.
erinirt and to unite all their at renfrtb to elect Gen!,
Jack ton. Hit friend mutt aroue themaelret
they mutt make an etertion, they mutt In
create their teal. If Mr.CUy thould be elected
if kit party ahould triumph, if Natiooal Re pub
lictnltm ibould prertll tbea we our' be fie to
dig the f rare of lepubrieanienv then may
ve begin to erect a mausoleum to ita taemory
thea may we prepare our eart fur the aound
of a requiem to iu lifelett remaine. Rut we ill
not lmlul(e to unwelcome aa idea wo believe
too much in the pe4riotie the American
People we cannot, yet, think that the name
of our Washington, our Hcnriea, our Jeffef.
ton i, and our tticbolatet bt been' forgotten.
We Cannot, yet, think that the American people
wiH place the deedlieet eoemy of tbeV pria
ciplet in the Pretidentiel Chair, when they bare
the friend and the dieciple of their achool
among ua, when they hac the,.rtf ropf Jcf.t
Orieana and the author of the Trie mettage be.
fre thrm. Cent Jackeon. , GenL- Jack
ton U e re-elected.
IT7 Tbe oewa under our foreign bead ie of
the moot tnteretting character. The unfortun
ate Polea are engaged in a desperate conflict
with the Autocrat ef Ruttia for choir indepeod.
enoe Italy it in Revolution tbe Trl-Colored
Dig htt been planted on 8t. Peter France ie
on the eve of another Rerolution Belgium it
without a King, and remaine uneettled Tbe
work of REFORM hat been commenced in
Encland in eerneet, in a word the whole of
F.urope ia in commotion and e gen I. War tee mi
now, inevitable. A epeedy deliverance,
to thoae who tab to be free, from the chain
- 'f t
We TeTeeive through the Carfeen Mirrvry
thtfr.GerotTOiljjL. publ'iahed W the
North trofint Journal hu denied the' charge
that Mr. Via Baren mad the al of bit preti to
one friendly to hit intercut tbe tine euo nn of
Mr. 'canaeronV" appointment We bae not
teen Mr. Cameroa'a note u we did not receive
that number of tbe Journal which contained iU
We did no t mtke the-cWf e-emt I ecinrr w ei
Lfreuently heard it taid that such a promise woe
required by Mr. Van Buren of Mr. Cameron,
and we wished it either affirmed or denied. It
it denied and we are aatitfied.
We are authorised to announce Rich
mond Peartnn, Raq. aa a Candidate for the
Houte of Commons of tbe oe it Gen I. Aaaem-
inT The Merchanta and other eititene of
Ralitbury are rejueted to meet at the Court
House this (Saturday) evening, at candle light
for the purpose of carrying into effect the reto.
lutiont previously adopted upon tbe subject of
our currency.
Ye. The dwelling Home and Kitchen of
Mr. Henry Gray Hampton of Surry County to
gether with a'r bis household furniture, money,
note and papers were cootumed by fire
on Wednesday the 20th ult. "There was be,,
tween 300 sod 350 dollars in caih and a
bout $3000 in notes Uc Nothing eicept
the clothes which be wore wss saved, , Thia af
ford another eiampte of the neeemity of care
as this fire waa occationed by tbe neglect of a
servant (ctwwuntcaftrA)
memben of the Cabarrus
Br. held at April Term, far the p irpoee of pay-
iug a tribute of respect to their deceased bro
therj .VortWf T. , John Oilea, Esq. wa
called to the Chair, and Danl. Coleman, Sec'y.
On motion of D. M. Barringer, J M. Hutchin
son and Washington Morrison, Ktqro, were ap
pointed a committee to prepare resolutions ex
pressive of the feelings of his brethren upon
this melancholy occaaion wbich committee re
ported tbe following preamble and resolutions.
Our friend and Brother, Manhall T. P'lk,
whose unexpected death haa spread, a gloom
'among aTl hi acquaintance, wa a native of tbe
county ot Mecxienourg. soon aner oieoinn,
hit ptrenta removed to the State of Tenneatee.
After receiving there a preparatory education,
he, at an early age retut ned to bis native State
and entered as a student of her University,
where be soon became alike dietiriguUhed for
bis talentt and lor his honourable and social
feel'met. He graduated at that institution, with
tbe highest dittinetion and returned to Ten
nessee, where he studied and- practjd, for
short period the profession ef the Law. Ia 1827
he married the daughterpf our late distinguished
brother Jtrbk H'Utn. and ia the succeeding
veareetttat in the Town of Charlotte i where
: - j ..
ne oon prostrca to Dacome a cunipivuoua of
ef fc.i proinot. Put aetUt earn ind
ike a bligbting fro nipped these blooma ef
'pr mie in the bud
Mr. Pulk.' a a maa Wat honourable in hli
tranaaetleot wirh bis fellows i sad uvUpeaJtnt
he tpurned t!ke the wils of tbe hypocrite and
the Battery ef the abaequioue i eourtaout end
afTthle, b-e band wm ever extended te the grep
of rViendabi? ind none so bumble at to be s
worth of bis attentions.
As tn adWste, bU taleott were It esriowt a
eanrlvatlnr 1 enrmt t'd eoavtndng In ale rva
onlnri afwatt pltaainr with the puis I wf hie
w'rti and when tteeesry, lalicting oith pecu
Kar acvarit the otln of satire. As social
Companion he wo at once the tool of sentiment
and tbe life or witi wrta awunem couoqujai
nowera. bit eon vrtMtioe olwart delighted i and
hit eoelrt waa ever on eb I act of attract ioa. At
a friend be wu trdear end a1Uttcretu end of
hie domestic relation, t eulogy could be ex
tratarant -orb t t feint Atfth. of 11 extlaaUe
aciar oi mm, wno prawiurw own, mm yrw
feadenel brethren have met to aaoura i sad at
. - j .k au
tn etpreaaion nf their feermgl have tdopted the
following r solution i
Prtnt, that la tbe antimery death of our la
mented brother. MankaSX T. JV. we feel, with
deep regret the Iom wbich ha been Ijctaioed
cot ob! by the Bmremlon to whtcn a wae or
dently devoted and in which he wot enjoying
a growing reputation i but by the community
of which he was an ornament. 1
. fW. that hie brethren win fondly Cher.
sb the recollection of the many excellencies
for which our departed friend was distingaMited
the talents that commanded ad miration be
ewertevy which won him universal at echment
the renerntity which ennobled bis nature
tbe elevation which eharoCerited hit tenia.
mentt and the tineerc devotion of hie friend-
Rth4. That a a tribute of respect to tbe
memory of our departed brother w will wear
tbe nial bad re of mournlar for thirty days.
that the proceeding of this mee
ting be pubUked and that copy be uanemlt-
ted to the family of the deeeeeed.
Data. Cottatan, AWmory.
ra vat warn a a oasatreea.
M state. Earroee t Tbe eenau ef Norh Car.
ciiM ie w Mwt tbw oetmW, and it ebmttd
open in eye i every canoia person o uit
t-T'it neceatity there exists for a Convention,
Tbe only inere in tbe population of the State
. . ... . i
hu been altorether Ik the -wetter counties
which maket the Inequality In representation
operate more and more traintt the west If
in 1831 there wss a necessity fur n convention,
the rsson is much stronger at thia time. 3e
s'idrt the greet inequality in our present sys
tem of representation, three are other reasons
why a convention should be called. It ia now
evident to everv person that nothing of Impor
tance can ever be mode out of the City of Ral
eigh i whereaa, if the tboueendt that are annu
ally expended at Raleigh could be eipeoded at
Fayetteville North Carolina ould soon have, at
least, one Town of respectable standing.
Ihese hints are thrown out for the reBscrioo
of tbe people. BUNCOMBE,
DrsD, in Wsxaw Settlement, Mecklenburg
County N. G. on tbe 7th sjt. Capt. Alexander
fi. Ingrahaas in the 30tb year of hie age.-- -
In thia County on Ibe lith Inetsnt, o.r an in.
Stmt two ot the liver, Elisabeth, Infant daugh
ter of Pergua McLaurhTin.agrd about 4 muatb
- If bttWr infants thus must suffer. ..
So much, by tick nee, pain and death,
Prom Adam's tin, that brut it ia our world
What must tbe more bold llnnef feel.
Who's whole life's a soeae of actual tin.
Cmm ' .i. 1
aiue,w.v vcjsti.yr,
Rctptttfultu inform the Ladiei
and Gentlemen of Salisbury and itt
ticiniiy, thai he is prepared to per-
form every operation connected with
EitfkCting, Plugging, Seeling, i. g.
Removing Tartar and all extraneous Matter;
Porcelein, Human and Animal Teeth
o rLTtt on o mooTttt rivoTa
nurt f autJanc, frtm 9 0. aa? I 4 ta.
. IC7At W H. Slaughter Hotel
lHE Salitburjr Light Iofantry
X Bluet, are hereby commanded
to appear at the Court Home io Sa
lisbury on Saturday the f tb ioit. at 10
o'clock A M for the purpose of elect
ing a accood Lieutenant in place of
Lieutenant HamjJton resigned
iw III. GILES Capt.
EaH3 and Lots
ON Tuesday of Mty Court, 1 will offer
for Sale 300 acrst of land. S l-
tnilct Etst of Salisbury 1 and about 40
tcret of Land, pert of which it Meadow,
in tbe East Square of Town, contiguous
to the Lutheran Church. Terms will be
made known on day of tale.
Jfiriinth 1831.' 3(71
TWO or three Journeymen at the Cabinet
making busincat of steady babita. and skill
in the ousioe, can obtain good wage and con
stant employment ty application to,
5oAury, on. JJtA, 1831. 56tf
A Negro womsMrbo ia a good hoaae
servant, and a child about 18 months
old. Enquire of SAMUEL REEVES.
- Seli6ury, JpriL 1831. V tliU
ieixi) im. baltj,
this koo in(j -,fJ.'
iiw' ttilf( ebon l.oorj teres, Su
1 "randing tN0WBOfn.,nol(l,.
burgr, ou tht Tcnnctsw, ver, Ikdudlnj
(be ferry Undid, four k, iB .w. rnmn
tod elto 1 1 large Wcrthwv., t mo cfft r.
etj for 3ALK li is ttsteJi,, t ,bea.
I ind dollsrt hve born ttyed tt that
place b the course of the if,, fetrm
for ferritge tlonc-Forto wUhlnr td
piirbtat wit) apply to the y,crir tt t .
o tt where he win renting ,w0 ot
three wecktitt order to effHI Mfo
Peraont el e ditttAce wltblngiDtrchste
the whole or enp pert core tp, pf et.
ter oirectcd to mat puce ena te pro.
postls thtll be duly attended tt
TERMS cao be mtde ccoftu,,(n, ta
suit pure ha sera. ,
D. M. FOUNET.oT' f'i jrs -o
SfiriltOiJk, 1131. 4r7t
IC The Editorof the NthU
publicto, Knoxvllle Register tndjur.
phreysboro Ptper will pletso InMag
above Advertltcmeoi until Ibo ltUtt.
y next.
To atouroejmea Shocmtk.e.
WANTED Immediately, eoo of two ,
oeymea Ihoemakert of steady habits
wbich coojttat employ san will be given. 1
ply to " J0HN.JI. VUHM.
UtcttHtm, jr. a jpi 30, 1 ui. . 3:71
Thomas - ft, -B.- CraTtn
THE undersigned members of the LerlsXa'
lure ef Nortb-CaroJiaa, have tmpfcyed
Doctor ThomU 9 ".Craven aac,,.....,.-,,.
and in tbe variout operouone they were cobs .
pletely satiated with hie performs nee. and think
that thoee wbo may place tbemaelvet endef hie -care
will be at well aatiaBed of hit competency
at a Dentist a tbey bate been. .
cm or ll.usa.Vtassryl, 113 I.J
J. raxuattioflnaoerfMAae
CLiMBtT MaatoaLL, fnAr riA Bml ;
J. tVbit. MrmUr tftit Mnvt tf CtmtA.
from Anaon County.
RO. nuarte, of Rochingbai
Burr. McAi.reovof Rutherford County.
Jte. II. Wa KkLka, AfemMre aie lf .
Jacoa IIakt
of Hertford, MrmUr UU
B T. SiNHota. Jfn siAe JTmu .rr
mwtw, irwrw VUITIIUCS; IWMIMy. r-
r r i. . . . V-
Wat. BILtT, M alit &ldiU from llvdw
County. T
Fosrie Jarrra, JstVnuW 1X4 IIut tCtai.
V JAtram Hyde Coonry.
Xnquire at Wnv U, SlmrghterS Dot el,
SmMuTf, Jpnl iJJ, mi. 68tf
iTTTTEL again be opened 00 JNe7 ie.
I - V V - cond moodty m Miwf: It lax"
apprehended that by that time tho
Academy Building will be cowDlet-
ed. And an additional number of
boutea opened for the . receminn nr .
Boaderai And thould thtrScuooTba
ao large aa to render it necttearr, Mr.
wuawciiwiuaia ae euperioterdent, ;. ,
Stock Clothing Warehooi
r i M1E subscriber haa reninvat T.l
X tatliahroent from No. 18 1-3, Msl
den Lane to the Spacious Store No 138,
Petri St. over Mettrt. Hde CimmUn t
Co. where he will keep constantly on bind
miitn mur, sbicomto tttonment than
formerly. Tbe Style, make and material
of the Clotks will he rreatl i
and will be told at about the aame W
pricet aa those of the tait Seaton. Ho
haa alto on htnd a large atsomentof-2:
tr' - -i
tow pncea ciototog mtde In good stylo
exprettly for the Sou there and ITettem
Trade that will t aot4alkUV.; .tTT
utual pricet of he most Inferior quality
aiso, an nswnmcni 01 otocas fito miof
other desirable articlea. Tboao mw mt
w w aei
take the trouble to examine ihit Stock of
Uoodt will probably tatiafr themln
that ihey cannot aeleet th nm am.;.
from any Stock in the City that will be -safer
or more desirable ourchase .foe
aale by - . F. J. CON ANT, 4
JVo. IJUVarf 4V.AVw ror.
Tamata.M-SiK montha (nw .m.A-J .
notea payable at Bonke in good atandiog
to any fwi tne country, eigbt months '
for Citr acceptances or I per cent dis
connt for Cshin all case where the
time ia extended tote re tt will be charged
at the rate df 7 per cent per annum, Any
Goods purchased at thia Establishment
that 00 not tutt tbe Market for which they
were intended m'C bo- eatbanged for
others,, .13i7t .
Nrv York,Jftrit 6th, 1831.
ft every deacrlptlo neatly Printed, o&
W kept cowuntly for sale at thia efSoiv

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