North Carolina Newspapers

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A being wWy ii riey i"
An S ti.-n a in thy I'al.U hur, ane" msd "ly
Nil Wl'lffl
, , ' wu,-nt W lnrVlt bU?T fefu a wW
, ,rWTtlii ti4WWll"iirfnil
. mtfi f f : 'wV'Jr
:t ti'ti"r -I-
' thy for
,, ,rii had to'J of tiaMed
prii the .ri
i iVntir i
.f IbrflMfH d F.M.m-K pictured
QnteWaV. V broke", thritlinf
Aft4 ,1, JUw f W en.Hit;h ! pntif iMr it'
" " . jcs in lh
AmJ ri J"1 duk-ree er lt !
al n'l J
f yJ thr MA lof gair.iy. "
, I ha'e
t livery Pn 'bt l,ro w'f
: I f Mi call thee M' n1 onn.
pith buck,
.fLi shadow wfrfftrt '7
f etopliere,
fg IV pat fight ami iWe-b rapture
and foe iw
lWa arr lfxly fr'nn friemlttip'i tt of wrn.
- lof or rV-
' 1d Ml lore thef InbeV-f would u not ptf nn
I crown of ilindcr Irott work hni m the
" bMlei! tun
- -h,-, he wind of Sumrik-r -r twt the
, . aT'tping ' N. R. Application fn be m.itlc to
sl ..'inw.MilrftmoniJinirth-e!,tif frrt in rw'rion or bv ?:-fer hJ.I
nx . ..- .!-!.., , -
- y-TAV E: Turt rer d Irom New. York
rl tod FhiladetpnU deiiriUe Mnn
.tneouoriprlng ,"4. tuwrncr uwuj,
Oon!iln(j in pirt of
aaprrfint Blue and Elack CU, beautiful ta--t
-- M-ititnt f .eol'd. in.- tv l B.tff
..iTL1 CaaLuetwa grtnt riet. of aaateriala for
1 Irentlemen'Tftum'oe' ttothrnf, Maraeillr, Ta.
: - fentU. and Silk YeMingt, rmltleoen. rwh pain.
. tad Mutlmt, Cawhrie, Bnok, Mull, Rwia,
- Jooet,6lin Check, and fancy Scotch, Mua
Una, Mwriinjt tlaitet. Pmk and 8trw col'd.
da. Adr'iaoople cordrd and plain Mnalin Rnhf .
Table Diaper, Linen ami ianon, irn uinem,
SwUa Crara'a, fancy do. black and white
' Stin. blk Silk i:htnreb, de Na.
ftle. ChanjreahU Mirceline, bla'-.k Nankin
td Cantoa Crape, Yellnw ami Uluc Naukiiu,
fonjrt!. Barar. fe Cauae, Ctn, Dichinc
' and Chanrahl utoaoe npie ni
BcaHa, rich paioted and plain Unert, Camhnc
- - Itkfi. freat ariety of Bilk pocket Hkf.
kUk. white and Oreen Buhaaet and CSe
. , Tfila, rkh worked Bobanet Cape and Cap.
t ilk and Cotton Hoeiery, rich Bonnet, Cap rl
t Belt IlibboM, Bobanet Lacee and qnitlinpa,
, " fientlemen'i and Udiea' Gloe and M itta, at
ta Straw for Booneta, Medallion, fancy Bd
Spreada, furniture Dimity. flo Fringe, Bd
- ' f rcknc. Brown aid Bleached Sheeting
- i and 8hirttnr, Domeaiie O'mprhamai Cotton
. Yarn, Woroen'a and Mitiet, Ihinatable, Dm-
i-.wodStr nd Icborn Bonneta.
Silk Fur and Wool Haiti Skocti tt
' fine assartmntofplanei, Hard Ware,
" Ware, Paints,; Groctriet, Jfc7itc.
dill of wh ioh they are determined lo tell
ni ti-at-ihr$ ran be bought in this
tnft nf the. rntintrti,
IL U V: mpec'a to tneir. frlemla and w
tornera fr thfir prari and would be wlad
thev wbud call aixl -aaromatheir present Stock.
, s'uhbury. Jtf.. 7iA. 1831. TQtf
wlVftAttaVj Txivciof liftiiA
THE mbacriber offer for gale hia farm,
COBtsinlng 460 acres of land ling on
- tU mmWt-oLVCrjtinxM County.
TKrarebout22a jicrcsorclbtlrd Uttdj:
Kir , , , !...-,.nl Itiuin
dulling houe, in pood repair, with a firat
,.,ebrti. The only mot,o - tu,
''alrooti productiTe planu.ion would do
ifStfi call Miht: preinisei where
.:.L,-;r T,a, be found at any tiiM.
tm. o be ommoda
f U terpu o: MtiKL JETER.
t$S' , .fill' Mrf
,j AND
7, jvxtrtrjrT
rS now fr utIk M3utif In Sitiiify
q fu'l Mipi'ly (( U kiniU f Finr,
SlrH ? mf) n hf.d ijunful wii
rl for I.v'Im' Orfri. Suifd 10 Hie
Svn, l?'c(J himwlf Midi iiitirr.
Crt from the ! icijoriin h Nw
Ytrk i;mI !'.'.): KlrlpSi for I5JI, )!
Soufbt cntirrlf f"' Tb putlie t
-ftfffttPr4itic(iiu tJ, tui'l ;'!
J. M.'W if.nlfulTif f;ir fi'oifri nrt
HnpLr priHt memi'Mi to tutUiti io
mril ci'iiintinct Cf Miowi fiiur
whlrh hi ruMuncr nr,d licr n.ii'u
public hvt herClifo't o libfr-li;
tlor yvo r.l'ii ' 3JJJ(7g
Ift'A. I8il
ALL penooi iodtMrJ lo Kriir
H.rwrri f-r Urir (ir the yrr
188 20 ire earnruly rrqij?"c
lo title thr time without d lv i
the buiincttof ihe Crmrnuith- tfi.
AIo, thoie indchtrd to livrr h
Mull lor lierr f r the Vffcr Ifl iO ar
ernrtlr reonciicl to title t n- nmr
a the Co-prtncrhip o;i bem rli-;'' lo jt '"rriMiur, u ) r;1n
. . i... cur i.i .
olved. Thote wno lan to comply
with the above rrquutt will finj tlu ir
sreounts in the handi of nn nfixcr fur
ollrClion. f8if
Sallitmry, JJpril U3, 1831.
piIE nbtfrf- re to
A piirrhne OXRHUXDRFM ne.
Rroee lnvh mU anJ frm.-lc from
THiRX'r''f toTwrnir rota veurs f
qe, for whom tlry w II piv llic
R. XV. f.OMi.
.1pri!23, 1831. flmt92
dreMed to J.IVES 1. LOXG fc?
promptly attended to.
THH uibvribfM return their thstiki
to the public fr ihe liHjr1 patron
l.e iTcridl to thet' i attmi
Jiahpicnt In Cnnrord. and bej: Irive to
inform them that ChCy hive em;?fnfed a
Miirulent nuinhrr of workmen to mahle
them to dobuaincaa with the umioit div
psrh; They reeuUrly receive the luteal
fanhiona' from Thildelphis, and- hope
they will not only b '! to tut it nut work
with dipjtrh, hot le ulao able to turn it
out in a neat and elegant stvle. -Their
term will be arcominodaiintli at.d ibeir
eitori to pir Mnv.ii'n' "''mi
from a distance ( meet the most
prompt attention-
Cutting of all desctip'joi will He done
at their ahop on app'.ictiion.
Ctmnrii, A. I8JU 58 f
Sale of Luid for Taxes.
TTTILL be aold for ch at the Court
I6ih dar
.J ! 'J? SaliabuVy on Monday the
day of Mafnext, the following tracfa
of Imd or so much thereof as wi'.l sitnly
the Tut due ttiercon for tbe year 1328,
nd 1829.
116 Acre piven In by Henry Verble,
64 do do do by Mumphrer l.inater,
100 do do do by Jimei Townley,
100 do do do by Joseph ArIc,
106 do do-by Ruben HulinJ,
108 do do do by Wm. R dny,
112 do dp do by Mathias Swisher.
1 1 3 -dev do du b tJUcoyJSLllespiet
146 do do do by roter,
31 do do do by Kli Campbell,
ion do o do by John Uiefccy,
S0 do do do byJatne t'owan Eaeca
tor of John Cowan dee'd.
Sold by , F. SLATER., Sh'ff.
Jfirtt 9A;l8l. Sri
Cotton Un Mwk'ing.
THE ubcribrr respectfully inform, the citi
aena of . Davidson, am! the adjacent coun
tire, that hr continue to carry on, at hi Shop
in Letinetoit, '-lie buaincw of Making COTTON
GINS, roual to any manufactured in the United
State i indeed, hi Gina are preferred to all
trthem-br .toeWDfflPve - inert tnrm and
have found a ready le throughout a largs e.
tent of country. Hi price shall be a reaaon
bW as at any other ahop in the Southern
All order will be promptly attended to, aod
Gin itiihed in the shortest posiible time.
Requiring of Gins will bo done on the, hort
est ntflce, afnd InMhe moat substantia! manner,
bv the public's humble at rvant,
Ltoingtm May 56A, 1830, " 21 :
l every description, neatly Printed,
kept wataatijr fcr slt tliia oificsi
irnr Humphrey &
A HK now r'nitW'C from 0
tTl 7 N'bf Cine, their
? L I)( pi, o, S(W fi()Ur4 which
hir V'if. ijr of FM'itMe FBff f
'i'lt 4i i DfMi lor ,iUt n CltnUe
men I .ir Urj; yrintfil of
r. t lint
(irocrrlrj', ll'inft,
Mctlicjiift (llnttS
. I hi (d ware, Slnlioniri't
llAtl, Voil'iifS,
Short, Vc. tfr. Jc.
hllh ihtf Ctl (ftrd to vtll l 'ft
VXjlUjHjr thrift tH ft ftf pu
r ... Sn.iufii
ckraft)hy AJr. Iluinphrer i Anrlt1f re
nrf fmhf nffpf ihMn K I'uUit
riif thai tunnel fail to n;pt C the hime
the x hvf hiitieiio in.iwij.iifl of pifinjr
ihftr Cuticintrt GOOD lUUfJAlNS fm
be 'l C A2I I.
IrxiniuH ,1v. till-
run n t. y.yol dsh vh a til-wt
.t.,. ''T?!!IS well boo rwl n'u
tfJklif 1 'ilr 'net o( I, mil, too-
wi !tnio2 (ihii .11 no j rr. Stjr
imoS(,.Hii .11 r. rr. Sir
iiruiuiii; mv iifwii f t t i" ) v
! .
ihe ferrr ir'iin. (our km in if.f. inn
ci li S AM) Ii j t'airl trtt tiht ihr.u
t ind rlolUrt have hern rcciivfflst thin
)'ff in lire rotirsr f 'he torrr st e-rs
lur ferriire lnnr ft 5"') iihii:,j to
pnrfSv will applf to tl vitvrrihi.-r m
H nol(Jbo'j;h in the rr'n' u of Jime
nrt where he will n min for two or
three week i i orrler rTtct y.l
PenonVitf rftttnr WHhif(r ptirchae
ihe whnje or iy pin cn ppl lT Ict-
ier..di.rrct4l..,i!i,i'ce hir pro
pojI thall l;r d ily urn''i to.
IKK 'IS tan he .m dc accom')d'iiJt to I
serv int, n,n c'tild iDoof 18 rnnnth
vid. Loquire ol- SA MUEL JEEVES.
Sa&nburi, .Ifi'il. 4 I8JI. 6J'f.
$25 Reward.
T AN awny from the ub
- in fiber n MeckleNxirii
Tdunty, ahutit filtcen milrs
r tl t h of Ch.tlot'e, yillow
.. tn wilb. JbIcOp"a"iid
ken to. Hti ha nn Iji lmili U ki. I
. w t ...w... ... .iii ui.
per jiw n a.Hiu, twenty on- yea-s cl
I ll V I
r 'with' Mr
Mhe, h
. . ii. k- r criTT
Hi rtiMthin; fa not recollected,
j my pluntation, it is believed,
lii-t. Mjtliewa negro nd one other hr
1'iHK'iiiK to Mr. Potta who, it th..ri(hi,
decoyed the others i-.IT. am ip,.inid to
the opii.ion umt they have all Ukr'n the
route by or near Salishury fir snne ol
the Northern Stattvj. I win 'fin
Dollarv for hi apprehension, if takrn in
the Couniv of Merklrn
IthnCoupty or Si-te Twenty Five Dollars
fr, ihher cane to bo secured to that I
Kct him again. j j
AJefllrntmrg County, Jfirfol, 1 83 1 .
p tCT The Koanoke Advocate N. C. and
Knoiville Ketrintrr Ten. will insert the
aliove threo tinua and forward their ac
counts for paymert to ihi office.
$25 Reward.
1T AN away frW the sob
snilvr living in Meck
lenburg County, about e
lotte, a lively bl;itk boy
whoso nmo is HECTOR,
stout well built and Snely proportioned
for a kUe. He is about 35 ycrs of aRe,
and about six feet in height. He carried
with him when be left my plantation a
suit of ojiied home-made, a ptir of cor
ded pantaloon and other chaining which
I am not able to describe. He left my
plantation with otheAiegroei and I have
every reason to believe tbey have laken
'b0fftt(4Jt ruL .or - near JSallsbu ry Iu r.
some of the non -dave holding States, i
will give Ten Dollars if taken in the
County of Mecklenburg if out of the
Couuty or 3;at Twenty Five Dollars.
but in both mes to be secured so that i
gft him agaiti. Jiya
Mecklenburg County, Jfiril 27 fh, J83J.
k??, The Roanoke Advocate K. C.nA
Kiovilla Register Ten. will Insert the
above three. .times and forward thtlr
ctppnts- for payment to ibis t pier , , '
l. M. F04INFY. "V" rSt. () ' "'"y "' Mjv (-:ii,':,'U"!o(rrt "'.irrr,lf.-r.f rM.,;..ff
rf KylMl l'.tr HI) t Vy lr Sa :01 r;i of liiid. S 1 ' "f r'b '..h. Vf,ii, ...
r.iii'i u- i, i . . m il.i: M' ti irto( roup, roniijrii' us! , .,f u.i.r . "m"H ""A
poo lean, KimxM r recistrr and Mur- 1 t t ' -r . Jr . "i"Ut, foct. Mi.rt
pn-evsniiio I Jin r vi iH-kc inn iK. . ... .,. .. 5 . . ' ' ' PatcU m
--.r .uvn.minrnt uiiiiiine mi. oi JOHN IJKaKO r ""'nl. W,,. i
W '"Xl . I . . ...... ' I 'iim Ar..l,-r.m M.
f0. 1 jh
will De v nvi.ri. .
.a . l.ftftl.i-Lftlt I - .
A 'K wumm who is a rood hooe
jwjusj. iuwrns.
IS now rrnlvifu nd ft.irninij St hU
rt of H.lKhuif nJ in mile wrM f
Wo(iroe f'ltmrjilir -tuiea Djrwoi.i
mi Hrr r t r rl. i'H 4of'",'l
At? Eniini'iM? and vJ'fftp dry
Ihwl Mar, Cutlery, Cwchry
Hirff! from inc H'le f N Vnrk
PhiNdflphtit rStvtA by hlnxtlf
Ihe lie' imp'tiKil'iti. fur the pM
1831. All .f he uf!Vr In
rtf (iOOlH of hc unie rjmliir ef ti
li',0i;M in M icrtion ' ouhfr I ur-
I alf inf iV. irrf in!- ftr lhrmlr.
calf itnf;fe, and io'le fv lhemle.
. a - '
.Ai liincerc ibMk H n enlihtrned rl'fiMC
j fif Ihe li'rl pirrtHiiij) he rerrivil
j wSi'e 'inif Copartner jih M'.
. Tiv. I- f'otjo of M .lUburj . iciflffihr
I'ltm of C owjii St Urr.vri. nl i he t
oo cluint; iiu-iioew for him nic ; hr
ho," fcy r. !! unremiiied Hf'rn'i""
to hutitm u mcHt a ccntmu"1- r of t r
ms Smt83
THOMAS m. A. Ctlli IVKN,
mhiuhi iK.rir,
frsfrrfui!, iiiftirtiin the l.i l'f
ni'l !ent'"!ru'n if .sVv.Wy -' A
- 1
- ..... ,,, ,.., . ,.,.,.: ,,t n...
form every npcrufioi cotmrlnl u ith
Kxfrac injj, I'l'im-tr.rj, ..I'mr. i. t.
.' i.vsi 77 I IS.
Pnrr.1.,.. II .,1 I..:.. .? T. - . -
fie M K i.'HV F VII
A.;. .r .(,.. .,-. 'I,;, M t f
t4-:iu rimi Lois-
m ft
Vfnvmn YrtxUy,
TTAVINfj rrceiveil the latnt -New-
-J.JL-Vurk.anil i'hihulclpli'u pjahLons,
iop;i iht r ui h h-ne rf London and
iVirM, anr! v i 1 1 eontiotie to receive
ThiT , fmm - Ti mr tn : ttmr,- at - ther
ehanijf, nrd having a number of rr-oml
workman, fir ia prrrirrd to "do work
on short notice nml in nrst-rtr stylf,
vrtd whirS viH he-wirnfrrtrd to fit
K1L Orrler from ;i ditinr fnr
.,!. .:n u n
1 . n III Jr "Tinf TlltliV. BIInll ...
s hr iS tne vnt of r,l Ph.l.
Vs nr s tne Atr"nt of Ward rf phl,.
',r!p,,i,, an1 ' ?"K,,r7- of Vork.
'h"Se W'hmg ' WTn ,hp art f Cltf'
f:n c,n aP!''V to i'h"-rihrr in
.... .ii..-
Gmt.R .
i i
I 1 If. wr; u.jarn rlab
rizi ira
1 liHrr'-Tt in thr T-
tlJVi r j
w n
..... Ir nn
v ncfipirtl hv
fs Sitse of puHJio.
;.vr; t. vF.. r-
The m iny adnf1,re, Bitrn.ling ns
TInie mikes it an oSj.-ct wor'hy the nt
trntton nf iirinn. ... . . .
-"i'lng in rinoarn in
the htisinrss. U has Keen fur svr.r:,i
years aod t, MiM n tKrsf r,nfrit,v,n.
iiiiiii iiui-mi r-MMve to tt m it ,c n(lf)
ny appiir-n'tnn n I hr"i i, H l,f
M A H Y J .Me A I) A M , X t'rrx.
IC7 Thr F3yeftcilr-0iif rrr, flal
'f " . i rf"s -.
iimra anu .rnriet0n Conner niJI insert
me shove oner a week for ,ro mont,.
ami forward their htH
m. j. r.i c .
(J 'be 10th of Septemhrt
.Jones ewmiy, two negroes, one
named WASHINGTON, nh.,,,1
2- pars ol age, a very, brl.rh!
tn'...itto, on one of hi hand
there is a .car occasioned by
trtni ti u 'lti . '
t.wT4 aAMtS lamar:
until Mnd, and then forward their ,'
'i, i il... ""7rl- "inn i
T .
IS II (ii prime Sut.f 41
: llhl, lo
a !' LrMf 0
lOfllidi. M',!,.r
3 Ci.ii Hie- ou
30 Hw mm Ni. g, nf -eja
:o ti..tM nuii.-h im.iV.
3 ,..f,,Hh'B,9
i B'l. Mrktrel
I . . T '. '" "
f .t 4. ft
'n &X.'rfrkr.
tio r4ru
J00 Huid Livtrponl
"' o III
""O" Tire -i.,.,,.;"06
JOilM iff
'Viv 1;
nd th rl!i i
rnii iii t!L T.iwri
i f j,ng f Kt: .
hrp fjTtrnlary f,
II in M'll! .r- pl i.
VI.- i... .
U. V.t
"? '' Vtr.
.' i,nt ,,t,,
m I.,
I - i-M' f tit fntnif. .-,.,!.
I nr. 'i-r l-r rr,
' r t' I T.r hhiM
l.ia . r 11. ...i . . "
..... .... IMITI'Ul ill..,! k 1
J... . o ' '" I' ,",r1 J
t '
' , 'r,l,l. i'er.ry
'f flrn-,.!
i ... a ' r t -
m rrrr1:'"1-
- W 9
v. .;"1. TI' V 'if i
et. VV'aler.nrffui.
t.' . (J. . p. RL'SSKLL
.Wa, .v. C. I?, lffP4f ijt3,
HTaTVYlLti T T ILL a un be opened oo the at.
v v cond mortday jQ jj jt
appr?.he.ndetl thn.. bv .Uut W-tke
-Vadi-mv BuilcJinrr wnj f)e co,,.
'i .ma . 0 .RddilioaLjuiadxjT .
ooaes opcnr,r the refrrMion of
Hnaderti And shot!, rh
large as to reivTer i( neCtiaMr.
Caldwell will mpr -i me v) ,.;,(
M. A.
'the Thorough Jlr -i '
l4- S.
of Kr,s
"t'ffiijys and
Si'tiidy.. Tne se-o
has idreally cnnsmerned, ud er.J !
35ih Julv. Seven Oollhr wi !e i,harcd
fr the sf-ason ; Five DVIv, Sirjla
Lein s nd Ten Dillim m in.;-'. Filt
emu to the groomin evi-ry Jninw.
E-umii's coltOre hlghlr promising'.
heiii of fine forn and itr. and vf
gf- r e i jfl v " re se m hfih " t ht f sirei tn-co
figure hihI gi?ty ; being remnrkably I'1'
d od thrifty.
fireflt rare w i 11 be ta k rn mitiva geart
3iisf..ciion ; btii I cannot be liable ktv
cidenis. Guin wiy he furnished. i "
ibai kel pi ice, lo marcs still from
ance. 64'f
to tvmiomziis
9. -T W'luh in emoIOf '
a-.if5iakSs' I wairtrnns to "
mJijcco Lynchburf
arid t'vu wairiiyiii io hall spirii
South. I will be at Mr. Allemong'
luring Mjy court,. - ,.,
wwtii r e-.i :. . .t,.,:. .,tvinim. to
uXV .... ... t rv cii
ue o?bii in-'. " -l.
venience is provilad for Man nd Horarit"
thn comfortable, at the meders'.5barRe
cents a day and the "W'W"
Yard, (lie tire of a good. hoe, fire.
shelter. Attached, to the Trd, sre a
and Provision "Blur, nread Shop -
n ar-riijiH Tan aa ri iitnirriE x
- . . -r - - - a n v
" wiawiv m.iira'i s. , , ii ,
I , .LI
Tflft. v

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