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It it even . t.i uLi'jifi rr,0 !, !.k !, h-twe-vrr ia and jno.l In t!,cm,-ra, In - ' r m!.ln-i c f Utt'n'. 'j, L
fnd oa rtMTM4 In lL Irarluf th ciliaen, a ad which wl.1 !e evaJd with llttto fui)rr. The .!n,'ef h-f.'.tiui, It
f tpcc',aVy wtd IflgTaltinf Ur( ol Cimir.icnce, J. Ckunrdnf .
-jOMk4tf ' ' j ...
Jjfl Cuthcrftu.
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atw ii
! ACT la chanre the tie of McltAg tht rule
tcra of the Circuit Court (x the District of
Wct Tenneaaee.
. SrCT. Be it enacted by the Senate and
tlotue e Rthrttentattvr of the Untied
Shite$ tJJtmirtcal tenjrf awmieo,
JurfrtoF Tnneive, io hold term of
lt,t Cicolt court ! fiinTiue, lor mo
PhtrH ef ett Tmr o th Brit
Motdif la M.rtb, In t yen, wbo inu
e)t "t cltroet procei fiintcwfu or
proCMd'wRH rrny b pendinj in aiH
"Circuit Court, or thit mf Ji lo?l
rvturoible (he Ci'tuh Coirt to ! hoi
tJtaoo tht &ft Monday in September
tt pitpttWf 10 l!,e fc,rS 'rf'l f
f trrof i proceM pJeHi!)j:.PLR'etf I
Btrtiftf r h retumtle to lh iM Courti
- to U kotow oaH ri JIcfti!if lo Mrch
l iK iidiii mknrvr t to the 4iioo
ef tho Circuh Cnurti dlraccd by lsw to b
held it NnhtilU on i firt Wondiy lo
Spttmbtr fKh yn ndthe nu
nd other procoti returt4blo tht ld
Xircoit Court on tht firt Mondijr.ln
&Mimhr aF etch vsrt roir bear
ttttt oo lU Ent Kondjf In MireU.
' 8m. Jndbeit further maeted, Th
Jb ld Pitrict JudRe thll hte power
lo hdjrturn from dr 'W or to .any
:(her prloi tf time. roorojlwej.h2t
tnonih Urofft'th.epte(H9Cricrm y
ZuYd Court tTTrovidrdryuyr:
- JudKouM-be reudercd at laia Jcrnt to m
held bf ibe DiitnctJuvJgt, except ty Ibc
For tho payment ofiht pcrruineni and
Iljnitid annuitle protiutd lor by the ae
ioid aitltU of tbotraaty with lb Pota
aiumleitof tht ttcilcthofSepiembr,
(n tboutand eight hundred and twenty
cKhrt annually tht turn of thrct thou
atid dollar a , ,
For tobacco, roo, ttctl, tdaci tlon, in
nuliy lo I ha ptlnclpal chief, an1 oploy
ment of Ubortra, by flame article, one
tbxM4D4.iiifievbufl&rt J
. For piyroeniof ptrroirjert annuity up
der tht fourth article of thp tttatf with
tht Miamlea, ofHhttwfntrtWcdof Octov
btrrnfthcTjiind efjtht -hwdttd t4
i wcity ilriehiyEVe' tbotnarfl dnfUra t
hor Iron, I'eel, tobacco, ana itoorete.
by a, tno article, one ihounnd one bun
dred doUarai
For auDPort of ibt poor end iourm, end
for education, under tht euh ariicU of
aaid treat? , to tUoutand dolUta. '
Appwad, Jwiary 13, 1MI. j
- . reaucao. 4.
Ai ACT for the benefit of achoolt la Lavrcnoe
TP county, liiMM(ipL,
R,r. 1. Tie ii matted lit tht Sal'
ate awl House of licprttentativet fjf
the United Stales of Jlaimca in Con-
ereti assembled, Tha ooeecctioo ut
... . . . !.. .
the pubUC Utioe euojeci io priftiti eniry
and a!e In tfit Statt of MiaUtalpr bo
located for the ust end benefit of achoolt
In Lawrence county, lo Mid State, in lieu
of the aiitcenth aection told and patented
tn Will VVhirebead.
Sc. J. A4 be it further eatted, That
an nrrrxt apDoto'.ed by order of the
Prohete Court, in and for the coumy of
Utmr.ce, be. and bt i hereby author
iiid ti kxatttht qutmtiiy ol land named
in thit act, far ihorpowa abo? nameo
AffHndU )vwrf-V, 1831.
f bialef of the Rrprf waiattvea,
. ; J. C. CAUIdUN. 4,
Tice rm'tdeot cf iU l'ed 5)etea ana
Preulnt of tue sepi..
ycaua an " ' :
An ACT to ajcerd an act, entitle!1 An act to
nrpvide for payinp to tho S'U of IIHnola
three nr eMitum of the nett proceed! ariimir
I . i a. J ..ttL!.
Wr Ibt) fftit or IDC puw4. wm w;w
Sic. U Be tt enacted iy the Senate and
'Mouu 0 Jtefiretentativet tf the United
Stain (f America in Vofteti aitrmoiro.
That to much of tht act, entitled, Hjlh
tct to protide for pylne ' ,h s,,te 01
. Illinois three pr centum of the net' pro
oeeda anting; from tht tide of tht puMSc
landa within tht aame tpproved the
twelfth of December, eighteeo hundred
and twenty, as reqoirea tn tcnual tccount
of the annl ration. 07 tnt taw owr r
the 1 lid three per centum to bo tranamU
fed to the Secretary of tht Trtaaury, br
and he name t hereby repealed.
Ar-prnved, January 13, 1831.
An act to repeal the cWfea Impottd on pMt.
. pott ami ctcarrtneei
Pic. Be it enacted by the Sen
ate ond House of. Represent alim oJ
the Vnitru States cf America in von
gress assemMed, That, ao much of the
ectof the firat of June, ont thousand
soYon' hundred and ninety ix. entitled
A a tct proriding paapona for the ahlpa
od veiaela of tU United Siatet," a ira
poaeji t 'ehrfe of ten dollart for peas
porta, t nd of four dollar for a clearance,
Iq tnt stupor t esael bound on a voyage to
ant fate iga cuntryt bena the aajneja
h-rely-reralcdta taleuAffaJrom jinj
"neflht thlfty-firat day of Mirth of tha
prescBVyea'' T7" ""''rj
Mpproaed, February 12, 1831. , .
turei, urjdcr which biUncai accruing
prerioutly to tht abort date, remain cut
to Certain individual, ttvt appear upon
the booha of , tht Second .Auditor) alto,
to direct similar trinaferi to be made to
and from tht eavenl apecifte heada 0
conilnRtntiaa of tho Indian Department
pay of geat,iub-agente,and prtunt to
Indiiot; and, alo, it the aura of tart
thousand and fourteen flollart and Cfireo
rrnta from the heid of aubtlitence of tbe
army, to tht heidriodTin.txpandlture
under which that .tmonnt was actually
applied and tUDndjuUm6ifrfVefoyf,
tThat o tmthm'mfer ttU fet euadt ut
fesr it-ti .Itfactorily -ap;ier-that the apt
elkc expenditure waa actually made lf
the icrvict of Ind4n alj.lra, tn good ultb,
by ao authorized aent'of lb Uyre'rn
mcnt, ard before the data efurtaaid and
that tht hafmcea from which auch Irani
fra art eu boiited to bt rude art .not
nerristry for the aptcificpurpost of their
oriirlna) appropriation. . t , "
?ac 3. AnJ be it further, enacteap that
the Secretary of tbe Treasury be, and la
hereh?. eu:horttfd to Day, to Mara and
R II. Bean. rf Arkansas, out of any
moner lo the Treasury, not otherwise
ippropriited, eie;ht thousand itren huo
drd end forty eibt dollart .and twtnty
five cents, for aupp'ies fum!hed to the
niiRtini Creek fndlin by direction of
former Indito enta 1 provided, That
the enid Deaotahali first prttent lUltKient
evidenco to tht proper accoununr olfirer,
that credit was originally given by them
to the Government of tht United Sta'ea
and that no part cf the amount has been
rrreirad by them, or aitiiScd, directly or
indirectly, . from tht agtnte . through
wham, thty aold or contracted.
Apjroted. January 27, '831.
ince each cither ty eo nice tn tdjuat
ment, that they can never traoaceoj '
certain tarrow bouuds, which 'lit
Claims on yrance.Th folio, whhio tht Umitiof ei.Uie aafety to the
log paragraph, conveying tafornatioQl universe 1 anj alt the apparent diacord
of vaat importance to many of'ourprovci to btoely the tuoiog of the
mercantile, reaaeri, we una 10 intimtgnty organ, -v
Richmond Enquirer fFildajr 'laat.k' ' ' ; ' 1 f
We pteiume it ia derived from private Ceremonious drink in 2 tn China
lettcrt frtra our M'mleter to France, The partiet ar'ue from their chain
Mrr iUvta,--If froco-tourci auU I tiiJi tht Lr win both their
An ACT to amend a,n act, etnitled " Ae act to
- prKlp Tor payiNg to ue .M4ie or wiMun,
- and AUbama, three per centum of th oett
nrfA fitirfrnt& tht aue of tot puDUC
Ijmlt wlUiio th nme."..- : V-. .
SzcL I , Beit enacted by the Sen
ate and Ilrmsof Uehmentatives oJ
the United States ofJiuierica tn' Con
gress assembled, t That' oT ' m neb bl
.in act, entitled An act to pro id for
paring to the Sutea of Mlasoun, Misaia
tlpnt, end Alnbama. three per centum o
the nett proceeda aringr from tht left 1
the poblic lands, within the same" ep-
An ACT-wtaklnt; appropriatirnt for the pay
ment m reolnioisry i-1 Invind pentioner.
fire. a. Beit enacted by tht.Sen
ate and House of Representatives of
the United Slatet ofjlmenca m Con
grcss assembled, That the following
tuma be, and the atme ere hereby, ap
propriated, to be paid out of any money
in th Treasury not otherwise appropna
ted, for paying revolutionary and invalid
pensioners, viz t
For payment of revolutionary penaion
era, for the year one thouaapd eight hun
ditijbdjhirio.nejone million eleven
thousand ont hundred dollars. - -T
Far paying- the Inral'd pensioner, in
heTy e atietooanthTight hundred ed
tt)try-one, two hundred and. aerenly six
Dtbusind seven hundred and tentr dot
UraJn jddiiion lo an'l unexpene'ed htl
ance. of JrPrJPntipnforJntalid penaion.
. rs of twenty nine thousand two hundred
and forty six dollars ninety five cents. '
For pensions' to widows and orphans,
fire'thousand doilanr r-
XppToT?d, Jjnuiry 8f, 1831
rvauc : 9.
. ,
Droved the third of May,' eighteen hon-"nnTf)i'iriclCourlof,Jl United Stati a for
trine iro, 3, m.
An ACT nwVing appropriat kna. f.w carrying in
to ctlect certain inamn ircaoea..
fire. i. Be it enacted by the Sen-
etie and Ham of Jttnresenlatiee of.
1 Ll ..... . w . . r.
V wm assembled. That the followinc
atima be, and the same are hereby appro
plated, for the aervice of the year, one
thousand eight hundred and thirty t
For the annual support of a echnol for
the educrnai: of lndtan youth, as stipula
ted for by , Wxth article of the treaty ol
1 the fifth or .fust, one thousand eiht
I hundied inQTwenty sfti with the Chip-
peiva tribe of Indians, one thousand dol
i-iar :
tj- For the psyment ef the annuity of two
Jbousand d lUn, and nUrTthe aum of two
V tnounand ddlinrs f-r eOuca'ioo. as stipu-
I laled forlby the third atfirle of the treatv
I of the sixteenth Or.rolir;r, one thuiand
M?ht honrlred crid twent.v-aix, with the
"etawattamie the annnal sum of four
. Ihniijahd dollars ;
For the annual stipnort of o blacksmith
nd miller, and for furnishinK annually
one" hundred and sixty bushels of nit,
tmder the same treaty, one thousand five
hundred and twepty doUjra ;
at' and House, of Tlrnress!UrllUrof
the United Staffs of .l:nenca m Con
gres$ assembled, That the aum o
Tit jpyne "thnqvwd dniira he, anU4ht4
anme Is hereby, apvropriatf d, to be paid
dred and twenty two, as require! an an
nuol account of tht appfication of the aaid
three Mr centum, to bo transmitted to
the Secretary of : the Treasury, be, and
the lame is hfreby repealed.
Approved, Januhty 19, 1831. :
, rteuc to. 7.
An ACT fr clniinjr certain accotmta. and ms.
kmc; tnpropnatKuii Tor arrcartgoi in ths In
diin DP"rin!?it
pEC. 1 . He it enacted by tMSen.
out of any money in ths 1 reasury, not
oiherwhe anproprlited, for arrearages in
the Inrlim .Dprtinent, the sjme to b?
nnlied to the paymr nt of hibnree on ac:
counts presented and wcttl-d by the prop
er accounting ofTirer, and now actuaMy
dne, which accrued previous to the firat
day of January, ono thousand ciiht hun
dred and iwen y nine, end to no other
Stc. "2. And be it further enactedsTb
for the purpose of aettlinp an'f - r losing
theacrnunta in the office of the -.Second
Auditor, renting to Indian aHatrs, prior
o the date of January, one thousand
riuht hundred an.l 'twenty-nine, ihe i'rea-
i lent of ihe United StatM is hereby au-
hdrized to dict transfers-to be mde
(torn such balances of moneya heretofore
Appropriated ro carry into rT-ict certain
ndmn treaties as are-no.ionger requireo
r their several objects, to the credit r f
i r I .. i '. - ' i!
certiin other new oi iuuiu cjijgiii.
An ART to alter the time of holding the Diatrict
. Courti of tht? United States for tbe Pirtrk
' of M tine awl IJinoia, and Northern District
"of AUbama. -
Scc.;. 1 . Be it enacted by the Sen-
at s and House of Representatives of
the United States of America in Con
gress assembled, That the tcrnoa of
Beat : of Uoveroraent, it would veranda ac J proceed to the middle of
bopld auppoae, ; hivebeep. promulga- the r'om,jThev then mile their cupt
led In the tfTi ti paper rr:'... aa. KigfCii aKeif JmoulhrXoi! W f,
-irortnJionrvh'Fraiicf.'U'in em.agiio.uoulUhfyfarlr reaclr.
aaid that Ihe French" Commia.iooen !.he Sod, the lower.the more po-
aaaert the annrmilit nf'tAn iv-n ' Thil proceia ji repeated threev
and Milan Decrees with the Uics oflx or oine time, e,ch ;
Nations! and deport fjvourbiy ou onenottooi ito the feateitei-,
other caaca, tmounung oolv to two or KtPeu oor one of thtm df,nk :
three milliooa. , ' r bre oihtr, ootil after repeated
Wc ihould deeply rtaWiiicb re- t'lensP hir eupt meet their moutht
u!t on every tccount. It would be "onea "".roe .n.itn,, wnrn sncy
't i :. ., , s-mpiT mem, ana turn incrn up ao t
an act ol oroaa Initiative our il n. . . .. . . '
dercd merchani-and from wboie 10 a?' 1 a v aVi '
band aoei the blow come? ! Not from f,1'0? th1Mt-be" d After
the Ilonrbona b,,t from iht reoen.J lucJr a l'e ""W CUP' "nB
teal Government of France, lo tU
their negociationiwiih Mr. Gallatin
in Ptr'.i, the 15 out boo i beverdeoicd.
tbat the Claimi were uirlv due.
tute me toother in tht tame manner,
retreating by degreea towards their
chalra, when they lit do wo to reiume :.
their functions at tbe fcpaat. Here.
IC.1 .! ..f .
Tl.. . ;....:c.J .k J ,lomcimeit,ai poiiie cunicnuoa iiira
Uootparte. Aa well aa we recollect,!'. . .. , . . .u..Jf..
I a tai Aa AmrAmi itntill tk e n tVtriB al f
urvingi of tbe bo
the hands, when
tbey contrive to lower tbetniclvet in
to their chain, at one and the tame
moment, Dobelfs China
uonaparte, Ae well ae we recollect ' . "7 .7 ,
they ocver dia.vowed , toy rttpooti! 11 " dt
biliiy for hi. act. ( but thev prlopal. ':n0M" fS'
ly relied on their poverty; c. c. "J .mot!00 tf
i-A -t..-.C:.. i-zT sfr' they contrive to lowe
And now, when a more liberal Gov
ernment ia established eraoug them j
when it ought to' be supported, oo
thcpflndplca of juitice3hdaith, we
are to be put off with a frtvoloua pre
tence, that tome of the; grossest out
rage! which were ever perpetrated
against a neutral Nation. The char
acter of France the free and just
principles oo which. alone her Gov
ernment can be supportedthe deep
QUAlTrtCATrOXT ftr-.tLtCiabATOK. r
Cicxao aaya, 44 It ii. necessary for'
a senator to be thoroughly acquainted
with the constitution j and thit it a
knowledge of the most extrneive fu
ture a muter of science, of diligence
of reflection j without which oo erna.;
ympathy which we have felt in her wf cm poitiwy ma omce.-x
recent etngglrathe attachment of If uch quarificat.ooa were txacted of
our countrymen, and thejuatice of their
Calms, ahould have inspired her com.
miiaionen with a juiter epirii.We
hope it if pofeitoolateto jxpair
their erron, and .that Tier . Govern
menLwiillooie oojime iojeyiewing
l j j . .
iwr UHti'tt, luujiuuoiDg juatict. 10
our citi2cni.r" itichmondiEjumirer:
M '
all lecialaton. io thit our happy
and prweperoua republic, how many
who now deem themaelvet wise en
ough to ait in our legislative halls,
would have- occasion , to vacate .their
aeata! Such a test would prove far
more cruel than any free hold rmilifi."
cwloiiv..- 'JQWtf.ttW
- Astronomy. k the beginning of
natural acieocea anneared tn mWntA If I .
, . r .1 T . r "" aave tg,
Knaa laftkaVaW fliaAt, Avtakai K . I 9 w
Domestic Imuuitrt. A gentle-
mari 'rcaidiwg 1n ihis neighborhood
madeliis appearnceTln two, a lew
attired in a complete sun
of silk the product of his oienfUa-
he Northern District of Alabama, which
are now directed by law to btJield on the
firat Mondays of March and October in
each year, shall hereafer be held on the
second Mood if of April and October in
each veer ; and that the term of the Dis
trict Court cf the United States for the
District of Maine, which is now directed
by Isw to be held on the second Tuesday
of September in each year, shall here al
terbe held on the first Tuesday of Stp
iemb?Fl neachr year t nd -all-processes
hereafter issue, returnable to (he next
succeeding, terms nf . tne aaid District
Courts ai heretofore established, shall be
TTftfft rctuniablertmd heTeturedr4o4hos
terms to which. they are severally
changed by this net. ;
Sxc. 3, And be U further enacted, That
the terms pf the' District Court of the
United States for the District of Illinois,
which are now directed hy law to he held
on the third Mondays of J une aetHilorcm
bt r in eaelvyear, shall hereafttr bet held
on the first Mondays of May anDeVnv-
her in each year; and all process V f t
miyjhvejssuer!, or which may have. Is
sued, "or whic h 'IftalTKef e"a ft e7 issue i" , rV"
turnable to the next succeeding term'of
the said District Court as heretofore es-.
tablished; shall be held returnable, and
be returne'', to those terms to which they
are -severally changed by this act.
Approved, January 27, 1831. '
ifumK DEEDS,
V evi ry deaeription, neatly Printed, and
ken. rntnilv Wrwlr. at thi ffic'.
trooomy. - Of the compaTatively,few t0T f -lhc whole-proceet ol culture,
th.oge-wh.cbMa powtbWknow -re ipiloivldgTTUid mikitigTh
ipecung objecta to remote at the i .,r rJl.i . k:- f.,.
I a - ' " . K evwu lfclivi t4a . awa -tMv w w at a aai
heavenly bod,ei, all that waa attained b hiJ ow0 famiI)r. Xhe fibric
by man teemed already to have been ia app7eariDCe oearly retemblet Angol
attained. The theory of the ce leitiaJ ,a , much ,nd ev.ldent,
motion! as developed and estabiiabed . A:nt Jn J.. i
m ,! wm e 1 we) w evva iwiivm a.wwei a
by Newton, waa perfect j it admitted L,.. J..,;. t.j, r,
m a 1 tUIUBatbf VlUf UVUI tt IN'illW Vt IHV
of no amendment. It was prepared kio$ we Dave; Cver eeen. The iuit it
ta explain not only every common ...i - : f
movement of the .phere. but ever) Jaiiooat-iloekiDg..: ' v
caaual irregularity, end the obaerva- We hv-n6 douJ,tf ifom what we;
tiona of one hundred year, hat estab- hm t ,UtMif wilnci(ied that ht cu1.
Jished iti enure accuracyr I he tfRrr lure 6f North-Carolina will, in
to the tilth magnitude, were all num. ,K. r.fc nt . f. .
bered, and their precise atation. in braoch of industry claiming the atten-7
the concave, ascertained and recorded. . r-n r ..i x..:..:...
(IVU v atttaaaj vi iiuull lUd ctua-
enterpriiiog farmers. In a measure, ,
it will rival the growth of cotton, and
become an article of not only demesne
utility, but of revenue to the country.
Those who have attempted ita culture
On the discovery of the Georgian
planet, at the distance of eighteen
hundred millions of miles" from the
a '
sun, tne soiar system seemed com
plete, , Tablet of the planetary mo-
am t Wl WM - - a tftawsn Uama kt
regularities, were formed, to accurate foaTtd htir effurls crooe wUh
cess 1 and they will yet deserve the
gratitude of the people for reducioe
Washington Union.
and precise, as to be scarcely capable
of improvement t and -finally. the
tpeayenr had hrrn ao pften survey
by the great telescopes of Herschel,
instruments of far greater power than
most astronomers could hope to com
mand, that man seemed already , to
have attained all that he was destined
. 1 j .1 1 1
ever xuaw re.peg ine neaven y he met ao inqoisiljV(: felteWt who
bodies But the century had scarcely t0 himf hlve yQU comc
uawneu, wnen tne a;scovery oi. lour
new planets otic red a hint of mny un
explored regions, that still may be
hidden in this boundless ocean which
have hitherto concealed themselves
from all that have navigated the skies
In the irregularities that attend the
motions of the bodies composing the
solar system, astronomers of different
j II umor y may be so bold. A
gentleman on his way from Boston to
Vermont, stopped at a tavern where
you come from
iT I may be ao BcTd ? Not bold at all,
Hir, I came from Boston, where are)
Y.'.'." Ingi if I may be to bold I -am
going to VeirotootT'" Who aTe you
ging to see there, if I may be so bald?
I am going to see the widow H
-!. Are you married man if
I may be so bold ? I am a widowe.
triei iAii natiH . ' - j, - 1 1 . -
aires have imarrinerl. thnr An m .V ;V l" H,""7; nc w
. o 7 I VI.
the sstem the elements of its own de. f.,..i
if I
I may be so bold? Fire am!
furies ! Sir, that's toi d d hnia:
struction but the discoveries of Li
Grange and L Place, have dearly es-
taoiisnca mis imponanr mci tnat all best security against other Uw.
v rvviMva-sj
A man's own cood . breedino-U nV
. . . O - . a. . . . ...t. 'k -t r
these irregularities axe made to baU lill manners.
1 ... .
. !
1 . 4 1
1 1 i
- -r
.r - r , -
-W i ' -v.V
tx""'" 'vd sw s
r. r . ' (v
f .- . ''. i- - , - rJ

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