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    find in ff..!o In tU beart of t!is t'.inm, in I wMcU will bc evadr.1 with little Wort. The iaJw of
tj.ctV'y Tn'u, riftli.j; I,, tin conscience. . '""'"J .
mm4 r k t Si1
tMlilMIlUli"l. J
t..,... rumm ft Wa "U
Vmv7zrT,.J7..u . ....... .... ... ...
ir.;."l.r.ii.r..i.itM. -
JJ Cuthcrftn. :
. ; : -. '. ' Tl TT . " ' . , , .it.,. . .
J:upi,nJat fK Sin4 Stultn lh$ twenty
41 I VP J. t,. .
Cgngrtti tt lM owe. ,
.' , reauo 31. ; '
i . iCT mtVinr rproprmliont for the eomsle
lion and aupport of tbt rnUentirjf hiU
DUtrict W Colum&lt, sua ior,cuer purpoaes
Ktc. 1. Zc tf enacted by the .SVn
cf and House of RepresentcUitcs of
the United SlaUS oj America ii ,on
tress assembled, That, o ddkion io
me unexpenaea naianst nwt
tUon i eigbtetn hundred tRd iwcrr
rin,. t0 iubleci io ib order ofibe- b
Ipp.tpruudrof ih'uppcnlof th bi,l
neoileotUryj W mt pir iii wiitcn,
it.. ftctk of ddj:bml hoiifliogi tnd
improferoenti I far wbtf -nd tet .H j
mli prcb iterili, hhK n.d im
Dlerocou of uVdc ; the porthse of oildi.
Sooil ground for the inirution ; thi
draining of h 4rh e-M of ,he l,eni
itntUryt "nd othr cor.tio!(cnt ttptncth
the ium of.Hdrty kx-tUouiaod lUice
hundred od it AAUt,to be paid out
of ir.. money !inbcTitnif, Dot other.
w ippropUcd, iidi be tipended
yDjtl the dirictiQi ff the P'Mro-of irt
iectori Pivtidrdlhn o Puff thn
two thousand ihilan shl! be dr'n from
the Treasury any one timj od lb4l
M 4.,lwa icot lf' l'.!l be, umil
the mouul previously 4' shall be du
acre, arid on hi c h further credit fus
been liken uudr any of tt.t m pn icil
ftr ilc relief of purcluseri cf public
laqdf, and svlntft Itoih nivo reverted to
the HniteJ States on jf.count of ific A-
ant e due thercou hut bivtni been paid
or dischargedt ag;reeaUy to lild relief
la,,aha uc eniiilcd (9 atnli, without
further payment, in all' instancei where
one dollar nod twenty five cents, or i
of each mectirg of the Inititute, md
of the baard of , director!, and Uo
keep record cf their'(tnnaciioo.
lie ahall receive alt the money!, and
diabune the aame. by order of the
'Tile Mljii h. rniK.i, 4 il io la bctit
deSicru! a-xtti d'i oJJ ;tan (;", a ku ti
ita fur jmMn;'i in. rt) lufjtcitber. It
It cupit 4 rruui aa ll rifi rum a U
iomIu if war curcpuiUil. ' i conUint
many wbukaowe truiti it.w' JjhI In
fery itrtguW way J - U. Cm.
.1 MHAKiX tftOTTU J. AtirrU
FiUuda aoJlJiretlircu, peimit we Io
natdiur whem namfnt tniust amniini every fn'tnd t the education of tbe poor. We entrusted the ffcoeral Interest of the gddreii voa ua m iulccl'.with.libkll.
telHiior hait'beeiircrttefoTe-trtide, r,W wibMkfr are all-i ft geboml, equ4(utcd aU ;
. ; I our feet, we nUatlbftl thai litcnry eon. I board of director.
vention bad been held at chapai IU1, during Jt The corresponding Secretary thall
the week eommencement i The proceeJinfs be the organ of comrnuaicatioQ si;h
bf that convention till t toutid below, and we I other aocicttc and lodivi Jual.
greater sum. nef acre, snail have .enbore that they wII t read wiib attentloo by J To the board of director aiuli be
y (crounf fnr p-rpr vouchers, rrjj
ulaily numb, 't I, a" ! a.i abstrsct of hicn
thall armmp'iiv 'bf ,
Sec 2 .4ib(i f'Sr enacted, t hit,
mnjori-yH tut u.,-)t! rs shall certily
upon id bMrct, ibat he erooun; ol
moneys, as siaf.d (herein, have been ic
tually and rt-ssii! expendtdj and
further, ibra'rllavii of the warden aiwi
cletk, tsken belore. a r,Jce of
,k n ,ri!. shnll be e-fldoracd on sid an,
TKiT flic looniH mentioned
there'tond voucbert f ccrnp-anTjnj the
unu , r.ave been actually paid to the pet
eone. andfcr ihe purpoe statjd in said
"kbst rac a ' bd "rrmcrier.r : --
And bt itjurther enacted, That
the warden of thi eaid penitentiary shall
be appointed by the Pretideait, by and
fcltrrrhr advice end consent -of the Sen
te ; and aid warden hll appoint, nd.
mav removal hls J)leure all bs sub
ordinate officers, excepting the clerk
k a k It1
u ho shall be appointed aba rcraovcu oy
majKiry ol tnem
I luve il.e rihcnt ot rue emnnoti cntil 1 rooa wJI result to the cause of educatio Irom mnt in ohieeta,' It ahall : be their nlm. I .ir t, t i IJ,.uL. Hm ...
.fourth, jdv,ofJu annoiot aoine auiulle IperaoA ,-mft.ehiw--t ebeaiiieula"rMV
rT.undred mid ibirty .on, by pyina what tbouebt an mrafebtla.ibe ineinben tu tlcr,."er aa addrei before'the itlutu7rTelT. mXrd'. V niaaf ecu.
.mo i.s proper oiuc aucn aum in r tDi w.veatin u. iiv ot. ,y tt each annual meeting f to select feaa it ia auwewhat aiogular, for it
i'uT efnaf to the underukia form cmpetcQ per.ooi to Jelirer lecture, cuuisit of but ouesvo.d l.ivl tlut is
onauh .ub5ect. coonec,ed .lth'eda; Bottle. ;iluwvcrt: I jrruaie, the
Sa.,,M,he ,ime.of,uth p.yment.-l l ? I0 !nj tuki aalnure U tbaf VS tjP..M ihey may deem .exDed.cnt conatdcrate p.i of my aud.tory stiU
Src. 2.rJf;,c,Tb.i f-V " P, , , Dt w collect such Ult at agree triib main Ud, that a abort
all such oceupants bf relinquished J.od T! r .u " fa ma promote the geoeral objecla of text con.cieo.iouilQd cicely, o-
aiaie contemplated and detcribedlrf the la traveled befure tb. eyee, Aodw lhc ogtjtate, tnd to provide auitabfe died,' contribute more to, the aali.
second aeciion of ihe aboie itched act, roa c" 9 Mr"?rr r' accommodation, for- the meetioir. fictbo of the bearer tbaa .
in ahlrk hi. it . .,mftl.m-nt. .. In I the tabors or the naembei el lot laatitute, en-
poiseiion of land which was old on ,eM "''J ,raP
credit for a lets sum than fooneen dollars de 'npw,Mt 0
. They ahaU report annually to the In. uperficially ra over.
Z?'T.rP iiitute, tnd ah.ll have power to fin all puVp.e, si lU i. Custom
ajia-ae tawsi 1 in thair nwn hriHv frnm rlM M i !
avk. . L 1 1 i.-.-. a. . r . 1 La f I M,I -,kt ! Ihaula aaatia MJflaMllAil, Wa Isnrsa I , f ' I v , w -
per -m u.,. ,no, oi pre v---- ;.. 7"p lmoag the member,aivd make by-Uw. to divide thetr
tniptlonof ibe aame landa, accordini; to that thie will be Ukea Into cooaiderauoa at Ui I , . 6: , , - "f
in uuuiTitiuua ui ccuaii, nui e'i ncai anccunr w iiwuuw. - i f .1 I . , i i a..
tMiUi iL-u.r.M.-.f , vi. f-...-...a- -a I . 1 n. execusivw j,uinissiiief oi uiree, oeiluer WOru uor, icoif Wfa litZI
" r.;'," L.": " ,u",u .ball take charge of whatever book., to deduce, the proba tions ofidoo
' " i - rrrritiTi . i i i . . -i. - . ... a.. I a i a .
jPut to my
Cuatomary titta gen
clotU' wi:h myself
teat into ievtrat head.
and a lAioe contain
la olher Li.di held bauth nrcunnu s ' - , "
rejtDecUYclf.umilthelour'bdif ofJulr. -It will be remembered that an ad
one tbousaud eight hundred and thirty j veUtec meat appeared tri eeveral of the 1 amine the annual addrtaa, report end Bottle , '-.Now, bretbrtji, 11 is Baneful
one, upon their paying into tbe proper newspapers ia this btate, reaut.ting all other communicaiion made in O la Ominous, . T
oiuce lot
pamphlets, or other property, may be trio from the letters ctiuaiued therein
long to the Uaiitut. They ahall ex. which I fird to be thesd B O T T h E
hi their paypg into tbe proper newspapers ia this Btate, retjiitsting all other com municatiooa made in0 is Ominous, . T Tngical,'
h al! land orii'inallr sold for.i the attention of teacher and the I the Institute, and publish such as, inl Tro3oLci:aKL LiciSrvminter and
price not exceeding Be dollars per acre, friends of education at Chapel IliU on their estimation, will tend to throw Energetic. I But before 1 pn-ceedt
out dollar and iweu. live .ceiifpet acre ; the 22ad inat. lhe dayVprtccdlng the light on the aubject of education, end plca3e-fjot-mi.appri.Lnd nie, for it ia
and for al la.d. uhich originally ,ld conmicncetnto, with view to organ- aid the f.ithful instructor in the dia. Lol the Buttle that,' is enean. but the
for moie than Eve Hollars, and not ex- c ... u -l ru:. .i -. . ; ,.
ceeding fourteen dollars per acre, tbe 1 ri J - u , 7 ' , JP.':"! T ;CvT "e,,1m7
amount of th6rt Instalment heretofore , ,uw6'i!"-.."ffc.-"MJ" f"" "lc,?u,U4t VV"U"U i'l!eJ.',WM
pai.1 ; soth ofcupanis fit prrnint; their of tducauon, and the improvemeut of convenient alter each annual meeting from the uvea ai.d fortunes if thoae
possession, i epet lively in confotmity to common schools and other literary shall select subjects for lectures at the who are the uabappy votaries thereof.
he provisions of the said act, to which institutions in our State. , j next annual meeting, and assign them Their sensitive ud rational po wets
bis ua supkinen', in the manner which At the time and place appointed, I to proper.peraoos. . becume cdtifascdand disordered, their
has been presciiod by the Cymmhsion- was a numerous and highly re I Art. 6. The meetings of thit institu. bodily strength and activity iru-
ersoi iiieoeiHi ai L,4i.c viiice(riurumspectable meeting. Dr. Simmooa J.J lion ahall be opened with prayer. paired, vice p
ome provitionnnertoii rruxmanow n,ver W4S called to ihe cha r. The Art. 7. liV-Uws. not' reoutnaot to
- - " a -- ---- j , i 'j
objects of the meeting were ex-j this constitution, may be adopted at
puincn oy xvjr. uenjamin m. ainiin any regular roccuug.
of Milton, in an appropriate and Art. 8. This constitution may be
highly interesting address. On mo altered or amended by a vote of two
t'.on, the following persons were ap- thirds of tbe members present at the
pointed "a rcommltue to'dradght icon- aonuallmeungVrprdv such pro-
stitutin,towit,ProfeoraMitchellaod poied amendment or ..alteration be
1 lot)perof the" UniversiTyvItev.-Wm, made known to the beir" of directors
M. GreeO, BenJ. M. SmUh"abd WrJ. at their stated; meetiog liext preced.
Binghara; The tog the aoouaL meeting of he.Iaatitute
journeu uniu i nursaay morning at o auu receive incir c-jnturrcutc.
o'chck "
TK.rr mm5n.ri.t arrnrHin The followiotj sentlcmen were ete'e.
to adiournment. The committee aaJd officersTand couslitute th'e";BoaFd
pointed for that purpose aubmitted the of directors :,i,n, which w.. 1
adopted. tlev. Wm. U. Green, C rkPreiiJentt.
w iy, . v - . uuui u(iivkiuui j
Pativiit. We." whose namea arel """" norwooo. nntrmnf oermanr,
I " I XV II .....I. . Vu..u
..... -B r--
etez. That in all Cakes vvture proof ol
pittlon has beenlready made under
ail recited act, proof shall not aain be
equired, unless the applicant choose to
uke other (and than that to which such
jrorf applies.
Src 3 And be it .further enacted, That
tbe jirvjsiyiis if t(,h i.i.abalt
an to h pioperty cf -aw ft it,f wvem
n:rnt-ha3 been pTopiicto -, ar.dnotraub
ijutwly - a4dr- full pty rnent - has
not been tiuuc i Prwiued, I he original
purchasers, or their at. ranees, pay into
the proper laud ofli.e, en or before the
fourth ol Joy, one tbouvtrid eight hun
died and thirty iwo, one half of ..roe otl
ginal ptirclfe mohev wi'holit iiitertkt.
'AptiMveJ, Krhram-y 25, 18.11.
i i so. J4.
An ACT for the roluT of certain Importers of
tomgn iiierchanuite.
Pec. l. Me it enacted by the Sen
(tte and House of Representatives of
K in.nrlnra or a
s-c a And be it further enacted. That tie United States of America in Con
the number of inspectors shall hereaf er1,rw assembled. That the Secretary
be reduced t) three, a majority ot nvni j0 ,he Treasury shall be, and he is here
shall consii'u'e a bo.d for the transaction j brf 8U?ioHicd to extend relief to any ira
r . I . W - II an an mint
gl ousiriess. anu man i,..
salary, pay able jjuateHftOf fWO httodreH
aYid frftv djllars. --
Stc. 5. And beit further enacted, Thst,
from and after the passage of this act,
the salary ol the warden of the said pen!
Unitary shall be fifteen hundred dollars
per annum-
Speaker of the House of Repwentati ves,
Vice 1'resi lent of 'he 1'nited State and
Jreai.Ierit t the Senate.
ApfJveJ, Fcbruarr25, 1811..
iimiIi. n-wwMfrtment of a ub-
Aentto the Viifhag') taiana. on Hack river
Hrc. l. Beitennrtcfl oy ttu . sen
ate and House of Itenresrtitatim of
rhf United States qf Jlmmca m Con
gress assembler, That ah additional
suU agetr. be allowed to the Winebago
tribe of Indian, 'o resida on tbe waiers
ol Rock. river ; .and that the said aent
shall be appoibHd as like officers are ap
pointed, and Ajffcive the same amount of
compensation, f .
Ap"-ived, Fe'hlMary 25. 1831.
'",'1 treaticao". 33. '
Ari ACT sap'pUmeiaal to an act. passed' on the
thtrty-fnt March mr thousand eight bundled
and thirty, entit!$d" An act for the relief
of puitWffuhlfe'laft'ls,. ridor - be aup-'
pw ssiott-of"frtudulent praeri'ifcs. of the pub
t lie sales of landa of the United" State." -
Bfx. i. lie it enacted by the Sen
ate and House of Representatives o f
the United States of America in Con
gress assembled, That all purchasers,
their heirs" or assignee' of auch of th
public land as were sold on a credit for
a leas price than fourteen dollars pjr
wrier of forcigh nierchsndUc who may
hare been charged, under the provision
Sfihe third section of the aetj entit'ed
"An art, lor the more effectual collection
of tbe duties oit imports," passed the
iwenty-eibth day ol May, one thousand
eight hundred and thirty , without any duty
in addiuon :o tbe duties existing on such
men h.ndise previous to the passage ol
said act. to the amount of such additional
duty: 'Provided, Said merchandise shall
have been imported previous to the first
day of Jjttrmry last : Provided, , aaffr-Ttial
. ... ... i . i; r
no nerson s'uii tii.i'iC' tne reuei
.uthorited io b; mven by this act, who, by
,i,iiscl F, bt M ";agcii isTTat tors or corres
pondents, could have complied with the
ummions cd thciaidlbkflieciiori of atid
r . . c .. r .i. -
mci ; and the Secretary of the Treasury
shall require arid receive satisfactory evi
dence, Irom every person .claiming thq
benefits of this act, that such dilligence
has been used, and that he has acted bona
fide, and without any Intent to violate or
evade :he provisions of said third section,
before he shall grant the relief herein
Approved. Mtrch. g. 1831. . .
A clay paper says : The voice tf
the people. An favor of .this statesman,
(Henry Clay ,) i 3 -becoming louder ev
ery day .' The nearer a jug is beiog
empty, the mpre noise it makes in
pouring. out
subjoined, pledgiugour zealous efforts
to promote the cause of popular edu
cation, agree to adopt the followiog
constitution, and to obey the by-laws
made in conformity with it.
Article 1. This society shall be
called the North-Carolina Institute
Profeuor MitehelL)
Profeaaor Hooper, Exmeutivt Ctmmitte.
Profetwr Phillips, y " - f!
The meeting then adjourned.
swas '
The board of Directors met in the
afternoon, and made the following ap.
r-r, - Li t-ll L
or e.aucauon. us udjcci siuu oc io t Tn AmVlmr nn j.i K,rrtr,
difTuse knowledge on .ihe. subject of , mccti 0 lhe d precediog
education, and by every proper meana he next comrntnctmcnU. Alfred
to improve the condition of common M E of Qra c
k. 1 .ik.a I wm a a aaaa ' '
scuooiaauu wiues a.w.iy .M.uiuv.uu, Lecture on the imperfections, nf the
10 OUr fct atC. irt mnrl nf tQrhinry in mip tri-
Art. a. Any person oi - . mrhnnit anj .u. h,mt r mthl rtf
. . , . ftj l"ataja w V. mmmm W V
the subject ol education, may become IIooper ot the University.
s member of thia mtutution, by sign- Uctmsin e0CMQa W1tha oariiC
annual: contribution of one dollar i -,Lnj , u i7iL....J
, T , . it iiitii ajariLiivu mm sw awaswae vw wwut
.Ufei4f 1
may berime-JLmee
be exempt from the annual cootribu- difu,ion of usefoi knowcdgcto
aJaliaat iT alira sf 'i"f Tf ""r -4aa aaaaas '
Art. 3. Meetings. The annual
meetings of thii - institution shall be
held at Chanel Hill, on the afternoon
preceding Commencement, at such
hour as the directors ahall appoint.
Special meetings may be called bythe:
directors, of which due notice shall be
!l i . it ...
gjven lu.iuexpuutm juu.ui3. RCD,,rter
Art. 4. OrrtCERs. lhe olhcers ol ' ,..
this institution shall be a. President,
three Vice Presidents, a corresponding
and recording Secretary . (the.last;bf
whom, shall act as i reasurcr,) and an
executive committee or three, who
shall constitute a board of directors.
A majority of the board "shall con
stitute a quorum to transact business.
The officers shall be elected by bal
lot, at the annual meeting of the Insti-
MARRIED In Bath, Steuben Co.
N. Y. on the llth ult. Mr. Moses
.Vp.mnrter. aped 93. to Mrs..' Trances
Tompkins, aged 105 ! They 'were bnh ! uite.
taken out ol bod DEXU the f Jl iwirg ! Art. 5. Duties or Officers. The
.norning. ' recording Secretary shall give notice
Subject fdr discussiorrS-The period
of time necessary for due preparation
far College.
The corresponding Secretary was
directed to procure for the use of the
Institute, the " Annals of Education,"
and five copies of the Education
i, '
Resolved That the Secretary pre-
pure an account of the proceedings of
the mee ting, and of the Board of Di
rectors for publication ia theilillsbr
rough Recorder, and that all the news
papers in the State 'be '.re guested to
publish them.
By.order of the Board
W.J. BINGHAM? Secy..-.
Fortification. A Schn dmasjer 'or.
being asked the meaning of Tt'ufi a-
lion, answered. . twavjrjjnuncauo
make a fortificiiin."
n I
practised, virtue extio.
vuiahed. estatrs and fortnnra tlis.
sapatcd, life shortened, and precious-'
time wufully misspent. As for the
ominous part when you see a man
addicted to the Bottle yru tike it for
a certain oiiien or prognostic which will
clearly appear when we consider the
fatal catastrophe of the loversof the liot-
lle Behold liTrh traniformed t ruch"
adegrccthat theconsututioii which was
once sound aud.whplesomc is become
broken and disordered, the geuus
that was quick and etherial is become
stupid aui dull. 1 le. who could com-
mune with reason and divine philoso
phy novl talks nonsensical jargon.
He that was kiud and humourous is be
come contentious and quarelsome. lie
that was the possessor of a copious for.
tune is reduced to' poverty aiid wretch
edness and in fine his whole life be-
comes a tissue ol cxatioua troubles.
Next for' the topological part. I be
fore hinted that it was not the Bottle
that wis meant but the spirits con
tained therein, ugtrt-ably to the Latin
Troje Metonomy ( Loan pro InsolaJ
theplace instead of the iuhjbit.inti.
Untler this general title ( viz. Spir 4s3(
I Would ciHiiprehend all.. ... liquors
fbm whatever 6ubt.o.c extracted
hich by the act of the distiller arc ,
ade strong to be brain ynd ruinous '
you' drankards. friext for the
achrymanter purt. Now this signi
ies lamentations. Is it not a matter
jf lamentation to see men endowed
with "reason and Walking erect with
the imageoT 'God ( osnomini dedit
SublimeJnZdt;gim.d&. himself so far by -
aM . -
jnis jacMfinffy ice mixq be A aund wal-
owinff in the verv atv if r)
Alas. 1 alas 1 j foiiibe-jueful end ;of
you drunkards. While your friends
are sympathising snd lamenting over
your f.ue you areinsensible to your
danger. 'Next for the energetic part.
Now this signifies somethiojr forcible
and the force and energy are displayed
in the effects produced which are
these nd such like. vz B blasphe
mies j onsccnuy T iempation T
. t, t ' 1! .. . M
am.iuvcDcss i. iicemiousness and ti
;0ormities of various kinds which I
might enumerate but I hasten to tonw
dude. And therefore lastly by ,wajr
.f application let me admonish yovi
"Let him that has been drunkenr beT7
o no more or else B beware you do
not hrcotne O obnoxious to T tempra-
ton and T torment which will cauae
L lawnen'a ion for your E excesses.
Tim you may be' delivered from this
atris the bravrr of vnor nrrvant fur
'4v .VEEN.
j- -

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