North Carolina Newspapers

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rm eirkng i A rummittei wm .ppoiniol u, Superintend
,M,.fcA4-i! !l Ihia-iirt, .a.' deployment rf.iU.r,,!!,, co,,;n(r
cr. ue """" " !
f 'year and lite meeting lus aJjouroeJ im
a. 4i. The tervtrf i wrre condu led n'i pre
. Wiseman took the chair as PreslM'- Th ":
i.l!Sor lh meeting, together! tha !Uv. D. tld.
of thi origin and prgftie
$M$9X&mt3 a
f Wi hai had the following IcUtr on (He fur
aoma lime but ban heretofore been tinabli to
lowir.g reports -.K ,ailimi,i. t,tHMnt4 lofrWt U S p'aci Irt our neper, Wi truei It U
!.. .an. Id. i - .-'.,. .i" .
' ... r-ortd th.t U Ut biUfcf in it mJ itk n much Interest
bi beet' A-riblie4 darlrwr the
, , . f the last eaeeiiie; wtr read, the
eucUtyi '
iftier n rkji Tmuu
turee 8 63r J" j. 04 4, to the So-
i hiw, Vn tU entt hil.(
l.thep njT Vl,. euccm l.ich fc..1
lhU' I.iipSilhuMHy. Wbew
met pr"'r vrr M.dta
lit hibIC 83CliT "l"
?..;.:;r.iibefar.tb,uiM r f
I ri Dtrtf J itri tt r
;rtt bulwark which i.;itii, t!.e U'r.Ln,
itutt ''il by litcir. When qng i,!r
j'liie, the o'rtcr tnuit crfciSer. A
iouthern I'erty, itrktlf euch, SSI find
iticlf rrtlxacJ end ppoi1 by Wei
tern, r.eitcrn, ini Northern Ferty.
f Will any rim la the South ny onr be b thli wouIJ la TnerrivJ. by tLU
1 - - a
j leipUer of trery thiog Southern, by thie arch
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Ilackclt iV 'Lcmly
if AVE lu.'t received from New Yolk jl
"X u4 Ifhttdlpht idcarUle man j
Wanted !
1 1 1 1 eu'itriltr ii tSr iirnui to ur-
chett number i-f S'LGJlVLS
rithoul iy Ii mil daring th next
twrivt rti)nihi. Any rcri-m huriog
uch triKity fur tale vouIJ di wtll
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conilninvin Dirt tf V" ,ur intX mV .
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U.wnf.U befar .tb,. UM
aw - . t... Arw& te ie
nee wi e Jt.ttPMrtj
' .?!fS rof 6r;Icon viocr, .ti,ff , or gull the people 0!
1K1 urKU voiuia . , i r r .. . t '4-1
:rn-,,7rUrr. Could thie m rcl.Tll;he united tttitet ina 01 urwi uru.m
bt reej itH mucb lattreet m m erer
Wi tru't the wmtimenU of thi writer will
1 heir 4ui wc!(hU ' They trt thi lentiinenti ofj
dm of the ftthert of thi HepubUc tbry ere the
penii.MnU of thi ttnirmbli KeTlieiKL Ui
o. oar kli Sne4or In Conrrtee l Co. Cfc.
Extract of a letter from Nathaniel
Jl .vWn . C, March 7A, U3i;
' " VourHpeechoo the United Ht4tci'
Bink pri'jJf J?a, u?diritiotf the
ubjpct oq 'well to nee'Joptnioiu from
toy ne-. Wp i o patot' lit
tie f riUoatioaTOigt have been
nccrwirrHor tomwrortto-w it,
1 t :.w-'. .-11. .t..
106 , ltnponi.i'in wtuiMni iuai uv
ifnount of dUcount: with the datiei,
ta the firit prlq of gvde, tod, in Tict
charge! f to that the b-ink discount,
like the danet ttid otner tnargci, arc
mcreaieJ ever .ate The owoen of
fiaoki, and public fundi, have wntten
much 10 thelait thirty.Rve veari to
enemy ta benertv ii oolillcl M to. C.
r v v
erfA cJuIyTot thi first time, we
rjycttitllii bat had a cor
ooreti exUtence, this dav wai not celi
breted here, If wtcieept the firing of a
Fedenl Stlute at MerldUn. In other
towns throughout the Union, we observe
that prcpirttiona weria tnaife to notice
the occauoo with at lent the utual par
ade. Fiuttttvillt Obterver,
' eeaeaepwMa '
Ae one mesna of Increasing the amount.
kirikei Cammhitt'tSiiibi rintcode net
h iccipted 4b generouijoffer.oiJir-
.West, the proprietor 01 me tpienoiu pic
ture of Christ llejectea, to neve n cbdimi
d one dav for Ibtt benevolent purpose
Thev hid selected Sturdsy, 35th olt.J
it the aiecnsnic a nsiimo pnt vi
mlsion2J cents and we have no doubt,
n .i thle moderate rate, a bandtome
sum will be realited.' ' i
UAeaiED. In Ihia to on Tuetdiy thi I2tb
'Intt. b Deniel Meenan, Etq. Mp. JibauuUr
; WM Buh, to Hist A(rUnd4 rralry.
In tine Countv on the Hth loM by Henry 8
,infCtrth40lPEt.Mr.JobaBrinkle, to M Cneey
i . ? . . . . . .. . I
uprnoi Vlue ana Pxi tiinu, eciuumt
eortment of tflcy cul'd. lo. Icy aaJ Mat!
, CaWmerta, n great aitt?y tA s'eriU tw
gtmkmes'a luwnwr clwUnng. MarKiIke, a
kntia, and Silk Vet.r,Cluce, rcb j-ain
ft ptlHUin, btw iin, hwh j.., - j
Cheek, and ficr Icolch. Mu II
Una. Muuriiine Hattett, Pink and Mlrs cui'd
do. AdriaoopW corded and plat Mutba IUtH.a.
Tabli Diaper t, Linen and Cotiaw, Inah LinM,
Bwita Crarata, fancy feci ana wnne
Satin, black bilka, lihaiifeable Croa di a
pleeChangcabW. Marceliai, blv.k Nankin
. and Canton Crapes, d B ms Wankuw.
ronge, lltrage, faacy Gaw, Crape, Dkliin
and Chanuble liroedi Nep'e Hkf. uar
geaHs, rict painted and plain Lines Cambrw
:Hkf. t great wnsly vt gJk' jwcket.llkk
tUUlhAvd' Gti CBinni nd"Caa
yeiJa. richwofked Dobanet i'pd Cap..
-MualjoCapea, I
11 tcntrai assortment ry
i 4 i . t -.i'l. I :
tnat ne will pjy me moai nonai ("iwi
hCflSII. v -JAMiaiiuic.
N. H. All letters addrcntd t the
subscriber will be itttnded to as putiti.
lually, a if applieition'.was mde h ,
person, n hti iDieenee uoiikt
Ifutf will attend t the buiintsr
r In his abaience (M. Ilnvii,
the Posl-Msterv will,' why is author"
ised to make purchases at'all times.
Salisbury May 31. 'T2tf
Sale Postponed.
f,.whittwtjo take;placeile5ih
the residence , cf i the
d, is de
when "it will poni'ivelvtakc plice, " .
' -CHARLES P. lAinnb. -
Juhj.Sth 1831. 381
Silk and CM H-Jery, . ch Bonnet Cap and! r. J
lult Uihbona. Bobanet Lacel ana fliiilinga,ik'tu . -
Gentlemen's and Ladies' Gloe ami Mitt, bai
in Straw for Bonnets, Medallions (kney Bed
Bpreada, farnliri Dimiiy, flats Fringe, Owl
Ticking, UrvW and UUached Sbteimg
and Shining. Domeetic Cinghama, to'.
Tarn. Women's and M.aee, UunetabU, Uia
mond Straw and Ufhorn Bonnets.
SMFur and Wool Uatt, Shoes, a
I fine assortment oj 'planes. Hard Ware,
Cutlery, Crockery, uiass ana wma
Ware.. Paints, urocertes, crc.
Dr. JV. Vs. .McViUUand
the tiimna of Wilkaboio'
and the idjactn:, country that
he bai located himself In
Sna'oro, for the purpose of practising
Si hi adi out ftrtt ltvaaer ia money, U
veryMfulcjwt For those who issue the bank u,llJMBUaaitawjawwBMw branches r Ma profession,
Lm?c!..rr because they live onlyM ft0Tllie.U8Vnt8a. las low as they can be bought in Miin of
kfur their eltc' :"B"w'"'lVlTi-t My issuing mem, anu aw 11 ia u mu
iMhe enterpria. of wg jlfme ! bo hold the f uodi I thev lend the pi.
Bdt MPPpaedby any of us that
7w . . trv k-.KU vera neCrsaar
ThiTpI. Kly this wnmhir w.
'Snd ptribt.d, but to osurpnae
i.k .4.0 the af.rea.wuror,H-' -
tnis ooumy -"--rj'' ul th.t . greaterfper o0tea of the bank, carry no
il waa nw "I'rv-T ''mMaAAtmt effectB: I tk. K mi mi
I be goveronaeni, iaia 01 iouivuj.
alslwhich do carry interest 1 hence
thev constantly play into each other,s
. - - . ' . a m
hand. The people who pay the taxeii
10 these piper j ibbers, nave not been
convinced, satisfied, or gulled, because
every day'a experience convinced
them -that the', instead of Raining
wi iearieau mKA iS.t
Jf 5 for and meWed
Vvi did aotbowtveteenturi to, proeur. ne,
-.toj. Knm anon thi rrepons.bllhy of tbe
Zt. and U our rtquctt the parent society at
a.wi.fty ana u w w r
KSl aVd iob of the lart a. a donation o
nrw:5!;- ri.. .....ta who were employed
ZS S. Pt Vinur in the dilution ofthe
t. . nl mure oiomt
7 w
nPllEaubscrlDers respecfullf Inform
I ihi cltUena of Cahanus and aur-
rounding country, that they continue to
carry 00 the tallorlnff business, at their.
old stand, In own 01 uoncoro, n. v.
in all its varioui branches They will
cut and make garments, la the tnost du
rable manner, 00 the shortest notice at
low prices and agreably to the latest fash
ion io the Northern .titles, as they re
ceive them regularly whenever a change
takes plate. Country produce (will 'be
taken in psf far woik, at cash pticfs
were losing by it. Daid "Je 3 7 hey think their friends for pist frors.
Essava uooo the auiect are valuable,nd hclM for a continuance of public pst
. . v w.- . - a I
iddeed.' Ironage, by doing good fashtomhle svorkJ
"Every loan the Bank can rnake,t reduced prices. i iito. '
k... K.n nrented
by other engagemints from retuminc tn wore especially 10 a State, tor a longer lime
They are willinc however to reaume the jthjn limitation of the charter, adds j
th.b.p. 01 '" , I ..Th.rfjeft( charter may noi be I
Concord, Cubarrui Co. July 1 1, 1831.
AsyoumnytefromthTrfe . LL pmon, tre hereby forvfsrned
we nave noi yei - , jflolaod many ol tnem oy foreigners jibui from tradirtK with, or nsroonng ray
l1Sit!' new bink W,U -ive 10 aU wifTrolly I determined to ?.y no
vebaTeived'lwasadonatiorivaluedat M,hrea nn tqual xhaace to acuffle for ;deb 0 ber contracting, and will enforce,
r4.,A.jam..i4tlamouniinirto8tS9.WcU . .1 ,u.m ntk,.r tal.k.t.. to.lmt an oerson who harbor
ii.uti auu wvw w a t . wmrin. 11 he w iiwivj w ai t list isivt a
- ,1 i..4. Krt IrsWiMea lOi.""" ' . T . . . . . J
ttntiety. UsvVng r debt to thetnlspcculate on them. U no member ol
-sa5W0cta-T:Aiidthe Twnwrer rfoif sociotj jthewhole jvernment could be bene.
after paying the agents e,T, "Ilfited, or expect to be bcnthteUDy It
SrS of diottrsge l.v.tem dying. Privilege once gran-
unon buroart, but there U need-of much J . are hard to be put down."
xertioa.lha eatue is W-.-T?,.??I.wV?!l A nmrmt -cannot bind- ihtr labor
x .- Orvl he rn mem a mY " r;w .
nnrttif the country. ' i Medicine, Surgery, and Olttetrlcks.
11 a. i.' pMtircti ta incip inpiwia iiMi caa-v 11a rnav on iuuuw ma ii.iuct.s
tomers lor taeir patrvnarw ana wouta oe giaa times, except wnen on proicssionai
ihev would raw and examine ttu-ir preaf ni atoca. . (j- hopes bv assiduous alien
QMry.qyriA.1101. 7m H iir.w t0 his profissbn to twttit asSaro ef
Tkm wrr . f 1 1 thi nuwic wtronete. , 76H
iu imMAi o 11 vi rif 1
npbe subscribers are anxious to pur
I cbsse UJVK HU.rUUEU tiegrqes
wh rnitf and frmsle from THtxtrta
to twxhtt roCR years of ige, foi
whom they will py ihe CA SH.
MavtU 1831. . 6nt9
N. B- Application can bensde to the
trm in oerson or br letter addressed to
r - . . VI
C, which will b promptly attended to.
left rn? bed and liosrtJ
I . . . n ..W. I
... . , t i..r..iaRev. joinua ociuci
themselves, aa poor Richard ys. Ws wouid0f his children alter tny arc o. ''a8tmue, Brooks
here with pleasure notice me , fage, to pay uenis coniraticu wwiiuam ouuer
tionsof several in our t.... ---9pfrson; ve, governments bind peopieamuei ocro.-
ZteonolaUdwUk aprnl Jo thre Pj;e-luw that grants privilege to cerumll
ent for their lafluenci and liberality in behalf -,4 ggain5Uhe principle of eq-Kuiat.
uatity and frcrjom.
her, as she naa
rithout any cause.
Juht l5fArl83t.
. -. 4 4 ri! s. c.a...
frtFMAINiWU in me ra wmw -
IV ville on thi lit day or amy, ioji.
Mfa,.EU.ArchtbaM ... Jonn
Uaniei weaaowi
luao Marshall
John Mushat Eiq.
John storriton Ba.
Adam Moore
John McEven
William McKmsey
T; Brumby
Beef! Beef!
wniilel rnnm-l fill.
- w
v inform the citizens
of this town, that he
market during the
preaent season, every Monday, Wed
nTsdayrapd'Fridaynstorrilngs or at
any otner time wnicn wouia sun mc
. 4".P t k
convenience OT-tus meruis tua custom, a 1
era. Persona having BEEVES fprf A
4. V
Yftuabt Tract of laand
HpllE subscriber offers fur Sale his farm,
contsining 460 acres oftsndlslng on
the waters of back Creek, In this County.
There era about 330 arres of cleared land,
with many valuable improvements upon
it. There is a aubstantial and convenient
dwelling bouse, in good repair, with a first
rate baro. The only motive which thi
subscriber has in selling Ms latid is a
strong desire to emigrate to the West.
All persons homsy wish 10 rurchase
a good productive plantation would do
ell to call and see the premises, where
the subscriber may be found a! any time.
The Uitns ol Sale will lie arrnm mode
lling. 5AM L EL JET Eli.
Tirn 111, 10.1 oj v
To lhc P-ublic,
'piIE subscriber having
niirrknart I Vi p tiniiup
p 4 I
Illl!f4 -purchased-the. house
lot iii the Town of
dcthoro'. recently owned by Mr.
saTlIubbard Jutir. has opened trie
the sirtitrtntri d-ncr and
i . a e : .s.
ft ;..ThT7moved,that h. report lu.t read.
be approved of and adopteo. eT. u.
aeconded the antion and made aome apptopn
v. it. ne an account of operation
of bib e societies generally throughout 'thi.
... .I.:. CI. la in narlir.lllar l
country and mrougmnu .....
Liws which can-
El'a. Befrjrarly
Charlea Birrmger
4ni. ..r,K. 7 Hetf.
.... I 1 . 1 . -JV.OIW. wi -'-
lot be repealed, acxn wicoge inai uutij Coughanour
... l. .1 . k... 1. .r tk. Pniintf
(Tpneritiou may omu men umw-iwchui iv.- (
.. I u
tnts for ever. I he HIM lor wnicn nucn
h a I . . L.
laws mav be limited does not aucr me
.. . . i. .1..-..4 ih imnortance of thee infitu n r,h n,UD!e 0f the United States
Ja5 SIhave the right to alter the constitution
mem, u u.c ...y . , . . Mf,Wniiah it be now deaUi out cannoi
the we fare or men in w wi - - -UoarfmankirLi..tlIorU
concluded with an affecttonate and earneat ap
..t . .ti fP their eiertions and their liberal
1 behalf of thi oajecx WJ
been carried bv a votr
.k. H-. D. f. Roaenmiller
made thi. motion . that the menvbera of tb.i so-.
1 rik- nprPLitv .its speedy accom
uliahment. ue their utmost exertions for th.a
purpose, and that the d..tnbutors be iur
niahedwith aubacription papers, to recetvi do
nations and aubtcriptiooa upon every smtabj.
:. ,k!a work.
After thia motion had been seconded, Mr. R.
accompanied U with some remarks, in the courje
of wmcKe stated the encottrsgementahwh,
-4v ...ij;j ... .11 m enntimie our labor In
3ch.lUfJhXW jlreadv "n
ahowed that tTJcuinerbeforej
. L...u !;... -..TP. hut rather sucn as
lUCn M mouiu ui"w in-. ; .
.. 4 . J 1
rihoiiph it oc now acau
" O . ' a
alter the bans: taw, as aomc aay, wivm-
out its consent." .'
The S:ilt Tax has in all coun.
rri-a hetn verv onprrs&ive to those
J , .
rtnt rlrh fnr th- reason vou State, that
he poorjusc by the head more man
the rich, ami salt is as itnponaiu 10
ctnrk as it is to j)COlue. U the time
if the Maccabees, a part ofthe Jews
IwoTitd not join them because the great
King permitted them to take sm iroro
the pits free of duty .; and when G?W-
tavia- (lJe)MVAjM.sm3M
tavus) freed the S weeds from the Da-
ohh-VokeJLpartoi me nsuunm.
not 10inhim,nccauae i"
mark let them take salt lor their tits'.
free of duty." , .
You deserve the thanks of every
should stimulate ua to at.ll greater eJ
Me alao angered some of th- argumeftU 1 whieh
the enemiea of thia aociety naa Dr.UK
it and concluded with an earneat appeal to eve-j
fy patriot who loved hia country and "is exam
tsy'alaws, every philanthropist who wished
r. .L- ' J h.,man virttii and happi-
f hi. Mr, too ' ?Tjs-3i--rfi--r-. . jm.mhr to.
poral ana eimi wi...-. -(jon my irciuum .
David Correl or
David Prickert
John P.Cooke
wniiam F Cowan.
Dr. R. H. Cowan
A.F.Caldwell .
Thomas Chelly
Mra. M. C Davidson
Rev.Tboa. Eapy
Joaeph Eidson
Ira Fitsanald
Henry Folick
John Graham
Mrs Zilpha Gould
Alfred Guy ,
David Orav
lesander IUU
Samuel Hourton
.loaeph Houston ,
Simon Harrington.
John lloupt
joaiah Hall 2.
Hueh Jones
Thomas Lock-
t U.. ih. i.!ir nt his
man, wno uvc uy
f,P- for vour speeches on the unuca
c3.p. Ranlt and Salt Tax. I observe
Isome bad grammar, you must par
Zacariah Linney 2.
John Luck
Henry B. Lollar
Mias Ann Matthews
Miss C. Maatera
Duncan McBredo
W. M. McLelland
Jamea MaciinigUth
John A. McDooald
Jamea Orten
Sarah Poston
Robert Potts'
William Pales .
Maj. William Potts
Rev. William Quillian
Hoses Redmond or
Howel Barker -Tho's.
Rutherford x
Thomas Re'wl
lloiace Rowsee
Henry Smith
Prudence II. Stevenson
Jeremiah Sloan
William Summers
Ira Summers
John Sigmond
John Stuart
Msjrs. Shuford and
Turner '
John Tanner .:..
: Edward Turner
' Jacob Thotnaa
Robert Torrentine
JohnM.Waugh 2.
Mrs. Polly Waddle
Olivia or Aquilla
..V. .....l.l t. ...Win lk.llirl.r!lfflr! 1111 flfT
1B1C WVU1U UU WHI IU tUUll IV HU UIT ... j. w
scriber,ashe will pav the most libe rail control of Mr- Thomas WaMcJunr.
prices for them, in Cash, at.airtimca. ifor ihe accommodation of uavllrrs;
TfilllM t. SHAVER land boarders. He solicits Public Patr
as v - i mc
July 2, 1831. 78tT - R
rilHE subscriber takes this
method of informing het
friends and the public, that
she continues to entertain Boarders,
and travellers at the Establisment,
heretofore, occupiedby Col. Isaac Cra.
ton. in Itutherfordton t Several addi
tional spacious rooms have been lately
fitted up, which will enable her to
make comfortable, during their stay,
such private families aa may think
proper to call on her, to apend the
Summer months. 1H89
Ruthcrfordton, June 16,1831.
ronage and will eideav. ur to gtvCj-
peneralsaisfacuon. 75tt
Anson County, June fid 1831
Last Notice.
Jimes White
James Walker 2
William Ward
David Wation
Rev. A. WattO
W. KERR, P. M.
mankind, to lend a helping hand to this work,
that it miRht be speedily nd .uccesafuJy ae-
Tie iocfefy then proceeded-be WPM
... in.4 4m..m .mnfHiranR .
. meni otomccra iur n ' - -
office as
or ine ociei), .n"ii a i Hi, former,; , . w f ..; It Enatiirer t
Vice rreiu.ent in ine " ,v. Aifirpr -hiS orgaii, tweisew-iw
Vicerreaident, and that all the other offl ker W Eo.Caa.'
hold their place, during the term of another! .y.-The real effof.
yCSubscriPtion papers were then handed aboutj m8sk8 in create o .SoufAer"
inX TcE snS'in ven minute "Wp ' When the South bt!b.iBed totbt
! 1
President o tbeL.oy "-.l
Your friend. iai.
at To Thomas II. Eenton, Eq.
... .t7 fVasoufh'---
We invite'the attention of our readera-dur
THE Tenth annual meeting of the
Iredell county Bible Society will
take place in Statcsville, on Thursday
the 4th ol August, i
f , w.H di- iver the aanivxxs!
dSrsethef eporf of theyB6ard-of
managers will be read, ana prooawy
, i , ,1. X rrpnrral
some addresses inau-. o-"--
tnd punctual attendance oi
.vt1 triPIKltt lfl ICDUVV.ivt"! w--
IUU 4W- - , . . .
Exercises to commence at 11 o ciocx.i
1). GOULD, Frcsa.
Iredell Co, B. S.
LL those who Ire indebted to thif
White for subscription to the Wes
tern Carol bjjan,or by book account a r
rcquestecl to come forward and make pay
ment bv the 1st of July, or they will fin
t heir-aeeoutttt-in-t ba hands of-a ft officii
for collection.! My shop is one ooor Iron
John Murnhv's Store, where 1 can be
- r j '
found at my time.
Salisbury, March M, l3l. 2tf
N. B. Agents are requested to make
r . .a a. . 1 1 . . t .v .4
rpi.irn nr wnai inev nave imicticw r
, .
oon as possible. J . B. n.
The Tennessee hnmsteT.
HE subscriber still continues t
make the above Machines , anil
keens a xuDDtV-constantlv on nanc
r ... .. . , ' ,
which he will sell low lor casl or or
credit to punctual dealers. Heirlike
wise intends to Keep on hand a goot
supplv of COTTON GINS, and
will also repair the same to order.
72tf E. P. MITCHELL.
Salisbury May UI. '
I Ml' bu
k 'of
MY HOUSE, (ih. Post
office) on the Ooss
fct a few yards noith-west.
the Court 4 louse, in Lax-
ingtonN. C is again opened for the re
ception oflravellers and Boarders. The
stables are extensive, roomy ana ary ;
grain and provender of the best, plenti
ful, and served by Rood hostlers. The
house hss many comfortable rooms, serves
a good table and refreshments; and the
proprietor and his family will omit no-
hlne in their poer to make it most
quiet and agreeable. 3'f
rTIIE undersigned having qualified,
dLTaf May Seasttrof Rowan Coun
ty Court, as Executor of the last will
44 T4,t3mpnt nf Marrrarpr YftUfiu.
. O D T
Dec'd. requests all persons Indebted
to said estate) to make payment, and
11 persons having claims against the'
same, to present them for payment,
within the time preacribed bv law, nr
this notice" frill be plead in bur of their
recovery. - W. B. W00p.ExV .
May, 19W 1831. 3mt85
Kegro woman who is a good house
servant, and a child about 18 months
dd. Enquite of SAMUEL Hut
SatUburyAiril.2 1831, SS'f-
4 few ream of writing paper for sale at this
A. Office, at 82 50 per ream, a few rearoa at
KA and a few irams til wrapping, at the usual
dollars were subscribed, I

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