It ) ttn ..(!'. f,. I..., !,!, rrr .l.r " f.-.l tU ..... Ur, .ar t!. ir n.l.U.K f . .')-, i j.f ( la y rrn In JJ'aflinjf l on f ofni.'f nt.f . -, (Ann"!- 8AU8IIUUY, KDWAN COUNTY, N. C... MONDAY, JM,Y 2 IR.1I. VOL. XII... ..ML A8I. 4i. .. f .inw . r.. ! mi ' j m . :.. .-..; " . . . jj fi ,H'nfrtH Vti4 XiOtft. fain "o. 31. A AT n(Mr' Satnt Vin?fiia Orphan ' Aiyl im, it !e P'jCfet of Columbia. o,. 1 lit it nifittrd bn the Sen cte n'r! House of Rrpm'cnl atim of frjf aistnhled That Williim Math. Mji'Hcw Peaele, TfterS. ShreiN-r, Thfrnaa Cartv-ry and Wiilijm Hickf?. ,nd :hf tr iurre.f In office are herrby n,e, aecUred. and eonaiiimcd a rorpo r,.ion and bmly pi'r. w nd 1,1 UcXt k hve rnniinu.nre for ever, under the Mmf, ,lend title or Sint Vinceni'a Qrphan Airtum. ' Src 2- u father enieted, k nat sll and lingular the land, Itnementt, renta, lepariei; annniite, righta, pHvi lr ttea. Root!, and chaueU, that may here after be Riven, printed, told, devUed, or bequeathed to Sint Vincem'a Orph.n A,ylum, be, nd thef arc hereby,' eteJ in, and ronfirmed to, the" aid corpor, lion; ant! that they mv purchase, lake, rereiTcahd enjnr all Und. tenement, rent, annuities tiKl.ti, or privilera, or fn, gnods, chattels or other effect, or what kind or nate soever, which ahall, or rnav hereafter-be eiven, pranted, aold, Weitbrd, nr deviifd unto them, or ei-herof them, as Trui:ee of the i3id Avium, bf any peraon or peraoni, bo Hies poliiir or corporate, capable or makinj' nrh prnt, and to diapose of the jime : PrwiJed, The ctear annual In i ome of propertv to be arrjnired bv naid rorpnration ahall. at no time, exceed the Mim of five thnmand dollars. 5r.c 3. And be it farther rnactcd, Tht he atd corporation, br be name and Mf e aforesaid, mar.and ihailbe bereaficr capable, id 1w end equity, to , sie and be acd, to plead and be impleaded, within -the District Columbia and claewhere, .. .ffptnl a manner as other persons - corporations can.Jue.or.b..V.?.d L'ili that they shall aopt anc eal, and the same to use. alter, or ex- J. . tUmi tk- ma aD- . . J .u A.m n. point alien otnrera bhuct - ' ilim their .-A , Utl their comneosati.,0, ! and to of them, and appoint others, as often as they shall think J fit - and the said eorpon'ton snail maw Mich bv laws as mav be useful for the f-overtiment ind sftpport. and for the pen eral arComplishmentof the objects of the aaid Asylum, as herein-after mentioned ,' iot inconsistent with the laws of the onrl tint 1'nited States, or the law in force in the District of Columbia, for the time bcinR, and the same to alter, amend, or abro pate at pleasure. H Sac. And be it further enacted. That there shall be a " meetinp or the repular snnin' rontribu'ors to the support of Saint Vincent's Orphan Asylum, in the month of June, in each year, the hour. anJ day and manner of Riving notice for which, to be repuUed bv the by-laws; at which meetinp, by thoe who from the lays my be qualifird to vole, nine icraale manapers shall .be elected, who shall appoint a first and second Direc tress, aod may fill all vacancies in their o-n Board, until the next election; that their duties shall be repulitedby the 1h- lavs: and the present managers may rontinu; in oflice until the election in June nest. SEc. S And he it further evatted, That, ih hc consent and approbation of the P'rtm, puardian, or friends, who may have the care of any male or female child, or where a child may he destitute of anv fries-l or protector, the same may be recrivtKto Simt Vincent's Oxphan Asylum, nlUr such regulations as may be'mvle bic by-laws, and there pro instrucJed, and supported; and lev shall noOTierfBTftTB'eTwinifrrawfl, nr be at liberty themselves to withdiaw from the Asylum, withdiit the consent or iismissnl of tne corporation aforesaid, un- il, if a male, he shall have attained the ae of twenty-one years, or, if a female ;he ape of eighteen years ; bnf, up. to the apes'' aforesaid respectively, they shall remain subject to the direction of the said corporation, un!es4 they may, by the ?ame,bc exonerate-l trom service ,-vious to atiainiog thoae ages. reipecti5- y and the iiij corporation thill hate Molrife of omo useful trade, ore ups (ion or profession, under such f, onditlont mty Im determined ry the Ly laws, copf f which condition shall be dell e red to, and ihcf thall be Ending on ev erf perton to whom any child mjr be o bound t (hit there ma also be ctf liatied, In connection Ub 8lot Vincent' Orphan Atrium, tthooli fur the dVtljr at fndjnee f etiitdren whose pirentt or ljurdiiMre orjirib HpW !o py ".4 lot IhCtf iSKUCuan,ur woose pjrenivr Oppwrof the Aiyiomrtinfler lucnyre' guladont at may be made in the by-la. Src 6. And be Hurihrr enutted, That aViy vacancy, which, from deaiti, resign ion, nr otherwise, mf happen in the Board of Trustees, thall be filled accord Ing to the mode to be prcicribed in the ny-lst that they majr hold tuch mee tinea at thaf ball think proper, ard, to Lttm to their procecdinei, may bd poin auch olTicen tt they my deem ne cetairy, and provide proper Chtckt and and reponM')tli'.iea for the aecurltf of the propertr and londa oi tne corporation .fretaid ! thit they ahall keep iournal of their ptweedin wpo" wh'ch the bp lawa ahill be rccoroea; ana mat tner ha!l mike rrnorti atha tnmial mftim? to b held in ionc, of the affira and Con (Miion or;he ioiitu:ion lit tbe preceding year. ;r.c . 7. J id be It further enartef. That it nuf be Ijwful for CnngreM hereafter to alter, amend, modify, nr rrpal the faregoinjj act. Shaker of the llwiae or He prtitati vf t, J. A. CUtnfN, Vice Prc'uW of thP (initl Sitr ami Pnttden' ofth 5-enV.t. Approved, Frbriury ?3. lft .l. ANDRFV; JVCKV)N. ream: to. 3A. An ACT for the relief of tHc ci!'n;ns of Sh ne'tova. Sff 1 f? it run '.".! .' thn Wn.'L' l ! r .1.. f.. f ... t.ll hah nte and II,iiisp nf Rrnretenfilfirx nf the United States of 1nnriea in "reunuembkd, That it shall and miy be liwfiil (oranir nn'rhi-rr, thr asstpnee or Itfjal repre.ena'ie of anv purchaser, of any m or ooi lot or ln in the town ol Shanri-etown in the State jofllinojs, which lot or lo'a miv hve reverted for the nun payment of the p-irchaie monev, ;o. re enter the time lot or lo's which may have so reverted, with the Kepisiei and Kereiver of the district ol N. iwnce j"own7rahy rtrr u ittifrt it months af jto the Pquire'9,-1 and-Sd to gc.t..mar ...... . r .u: ... .ul l , ...... U er the naivteo m tnti act, UDun tne following terms and convliiions, to nit : h nivinr. in addition '.o b it has here ' ' , u i 1 1 c tofnr bren paid upon tarh In loi, five - !o!l .rs. an? upon each out-hu one dollar -ud -j cents, p-r acre. pFC. . ,fr A- it further enacted, That there be, ain ncreoy u, pranten io me 1 rustccs of the town o! nawneetown, rid their surcessors in office, fr ever. jin trust, to sell, or otherwise dispose or, tnr the prpo-.e of praduatinir; and piyinp (ne river hank within the limits of said town, all the vacant ground not necesary for streets, all the in or out lots within the hoiimlt nf said town, which remain un sold, and all such as msy remain tinsoU, under the provisions of thc-nrst section ol "wl"ct : this ace tdbe carried into effect un der the direction of the Commissioner ol the General Land Office. A proved, "Mirclu 2, 1 831. rvnt'ie wo. 37. An AGT for the sate of the lands in the State of Illinois reserved far tha use of the salt ipringi on the Vermillion river in that State Sec. i. Tie it enacted bu the Sen- nte nnA tlmise. of Representative of tie. United States of America in Con- SresS-afttembled, That the State of Ittin'nU shall be. and is hereby euthorit ed and empowered to cause 'o be sold and conveyed, in such manner anr, on aucn iiirms and conditions as the Legislature of said State has or may direct, he whole or any part of the lane's reserved and set apart by the President of the United Status, on the twenty-ninth day of March, eighteen-hundredand twenty five for the use of the salt works on the Vermillion river, in aaid State, and to apply the ;pro ceedingjo the Legislature of said State has or may, direct t Provided, Said land shall not be sold for less than one dollar and twenty five cents per acre. Approved, March 2, 183L Notice. few reams of writing paper for nle, at this ,mt. e ream, a few reama at 2i and a lew reaina Of wppin?, it the usual lpr . From the Saturday IWLLHTItf. A lice Yankee. A acene occurred before one our magistrate! in the tar. ly part bflhe week, which forniiheJ great tmasement to t crowded audi, tor, and the particular a of which ire briefly is follow! ' 1 reckon youVe I Kjuirei int you?1 aid fellow, it he whlakcd into the ofTdfThis face red aii1o!jter With the hrt. find the Drnniratioa nouriott I hvfrbb thctkrtn wtream, wHbtch he in vjl6lMyed to wipe offwith a dir. ty cotton handkerchief. ' frit a roagiitrate, air have you ny buiincsi with me V Oucas I have that. I've, got bu lines for you and two or three oth ere. You tee I'm from Boating Hosting you io) v were Dotting, it I guest, don't yoi V Well, I come figH slick down froth there in a amack, with Cao'n Joe WhinDle our Hal wat r it along too oh jihe'a a heavenly tplice of a crittur aod Joe Whipple too he' a severe one. So you are all the voyage I kind o hitched up to Sal, and Sal ahe kind o' teemed to like it, at aV at latt I teemed to tVmk ahe'd make a cruel. good wife for me, and told her to. So aayi the to me, , Na- than, my name; Nathan Nathan Lumlerfooctiona my name 4 Na than. says ahe. you are a aort of a T af ' m slickish man, 1 guest we'll do it.' I re con an too, tava i, ana to you tee t " I I ! - I with th I jett gave her a btitt in her chops by way of a saluter, and we fixed it all to go to tome Squire and he aplired jeat at quick at ever we could pet ashore. Well, I reckon we got ashore arter a while, though we had some of the mott dreadfully aw. fulleat atormt that ever blewed. Cap'n Tie r.-ea alone ahore too he wat ,K O7-jawful clever to Cap'n Joe, teeing as b.-iw he was going to be my wife. . . .. ell. vou ee .Magistrate My friend, you take y great deal too much can't you come to the bottom of the story at once Well, I guest I'm pretty near that any how So vou tee 1 and Sal and . . . Cp'n Joe all gea ttreaking ttdowo rieiL fioin' lontr Water street, who thnuld I see but Jerry RufTum ttandin in a shad boat, up to his eves, I vow in shad and hen)n. - Well, Jerry, aaya I, now if that d mt beat ! who'd a thor't it so I and Jerrey puts int- a shop clost bv, and there we drinked oh, Jerusalem, how we drinked ! Told S tl and and Cap'n Joe to wait out side a minute or twolor I and Jerry, ca'ise Jerry set to volunteer to go long io arter the drink was over ? Magistrate Are you done The complainant paused a moment, looked the magistrate in the face, atvelled out hischeeks. raised his arms, iwt auddenly -exclaimed, Well,-itever mind that! and went on Well, you see I and J tv drinked there tHluear night, enasc kind oMis remembered any thing about Sal and Capt'n Joe. So when I comes bick to the shallop to look arter where they'd gone to, what now do vou think I saw ' ... Bv the- snakes- o l.ahvlnn. Squire, there wat Capt'n Joe huggin my Sal around the neck, and ngnt afore mv face. Bv the hocky, Capt'n Joe, siiys I, what do you mean by that tre4rhrtv--S4aHhinto-4ftat,' thoiiph he's ridiculous fond of talking, but he and Sal bust out a htighin, and at Ia Capt n Joe satd, when he saw that I wat wretchedly hurt, 4 why, says he, ' Nathan, SlV my wife ! ! Oh ho' savt I. and lest about let him have it slick and cruel, Squire, mind I tell ye.' Magistrate But what do you want from me. vounc man I can't tit here nd - liaten -Uo-.-your- nonsense- -Wat do vou wish of me ? " " M want a warranrfor to take that are Capt'n', replied the complainant in a voice of thunder, which scared out a crowd of brats that had gathered around his heels during the previous naranguc. ..Mag. What charge do you make atrninst him ? ' Com? .I reckon I cWargc.hitnr-Aith ttraliog off my wife. , Jlfrt?. Hut vou wtre not married Comp. Wer'nt weooihe way to Ul and ttut't the tame thing, I guess. Jf iff Not at alL' I a-in .t p.rtt you a warrtnt you've mined a wife bv nreferrinir a dram. Clear the office vou hova there po. hrrooe, the whole of. you aid the disappointed mmntainaat went dut with the mob of gtnilcmen Idltn, aweUoig with jn dignation at hit defeat, and vowing L. .r.Mkfi'rTi.'iht are varmint yet afore he-got tnaoy- mile! neater Inlrrettint 5cfrtf. A few diyi since a voung tradesman, a native of In- ami. but one a resident in mit city, in ptsiiog ahmg a wharf at which a snip iroro unt ..v.r.. wat about to be made fait, ttopped at it utual withpertbm from a foreign country to obterve whether anpr face which had been familiar to their eye in earlier yean, might not pretenl It. telf. In the buttle of attempting to oei fltiiekty on thore. one of the pat- aenrera fell into the dock and instant- ly sunk under the vend f without a moment't heiitatlon, the youog man hefore alluded to. who had remained to "gratify hit curiosity," plunged into the deep after the drowning man, ana . . ja n . 'na with considerable ditncutty aucceenea In brini-inc him tafe to land. The ... - r - r to tee hit prize rettored to perfect J r,r anrl with this view rem.tined to tender hit assistance without going awav to char-ee or even dry hit ap parel. A few moment! tfter tome timple remedies had been applied, the rescued man slowly opened hit) eves and murmured God bleat you, GoiJ bless you, it would be too soon to die to far away from home." The voice and the awakening countenance of the newly arrived young roan, filled the other with an intensity of eager, nest visible to all around, he asked the place of birth and name of his pa. tient: bofn questions were toon an twered tatisfactorily enough to prove that the rescued anJ , rescuer were brrrthert ! It is needlr ss tmittempT t- relate the seqtiel, in an instant they were interlocked in a dose embrace, and a thousand questions and congrat ulations were made on each side, he. f.iye one could .be inhered. Finally the brothers retired amTdit the ejacu lation! and the wonder of all whotob. served the lingular scm ' r js. 1. uour. Gold Mines in this County. are in formed that a irold mine hat been .... . - a discovered, on the lands of Mr. W. Dvie, in this county, about 24 miles West of this place. It has been slight ly examined by gentlemen engaged in the mining business, who expressed an opinion that the gold which had been collected was rcmaikably pure and the quantity obtained from a bnsh ell of earth as much as could have been expected from the hasty and im perfect manner in which it was" pan ned out." Halifax Advocate. .Military Pride. farmer was elected to a corporalship in the. militia company. His wife after discoursing with him for some time on the advantage,- which his fitmily would -ds rive from his exaltation, inquired la a doubting tone, " Husband will it be proper for us to let our children play with the ntigh- bora nowr-- The most agreeable of all compan ions is a simple, frank man, without any high pretension to an oppressive greatness ; one who loves li.'e, and understands the use of it;; obliged a all hours above all of a golden temper; and steadfast as an anchor. For such an one we would ghdiy ex change the greatest geniu, the most bnluariLwit, the. .ptatQuoucal JiunKer-. I wonder whether.that1na.n4" ob served iVince George of Cumberland, while witnesYme the pantomime, and nointine' to the clown, holds hm mouth upon lease." "I think not, tousifl," was4 the 'quaint rejoiner of George tf Cambridge ; "in my opin ion he holds it frvom year to year" (ear to ear.) .ut: : ,r.1lr Mi' j ' j w-.v- n....J-. r ro-j tii m tMiiia rTtoT. ja,:ksox voxnwTiox. The republican members rf the Jr. gillature, time ii'imbrr of morethan one hundred and fMiv, being nearly two- thirds nf that lwly, met in Cn. yention on Friday evening Int. Thit Pnnvmtion unanimoiislv nuird rt 10- lutiont spprovirg fi'ie nom'st'Mi of ANDREW JACKSON to the Presi denc, and recommending a general tbe jtleciioa-DJ GcnJackson Jd be heljn lSaUimore:irt May IB3. torT the pufprjisTriT 'n'omTnatTnaj-a'TicirTie ttdent. Tbe Veto of the I'reaident on the appropriation from the Treamrv of money to build the Mayaville road wat approved, and the re-chartering of the United States Bank wat disapprov ed without a dissenting voice. It wat latein the evening before the Convention balloted for nomination for Govern. or to be iuonortcd at the next March election j of 145 votes cast, His Ex cellency 84mocl Dintmoorbad J.J4. eerataa o Ts avtateaa na. , Peam Rmtttan. fJa j Bv the arrival at this port, of the bug Marion, Capt. Avrilhe, from the above place, In 1 4 day i, ita ha've'beren fivored bv Captr'A." with the following ttatementi 41 By the arxi- . - m nr.: and crew of ihe btig SerafiMm, of paltl- .a t a more, It was reported that tne said ong . Pomo Bella An extract from the Iojc -'. - ----- - was laying at anchor near the Seroihim, at the time,) wi to have been publuhed in the Kingston papers, the dy Capt. Avellhe left, but lor want of room Ft wt left over till the next day. As fjr at he could recntTeet, it wa thus: M On or about the CO h Mr the S. came in'o rortoCibello, and Capt. B. went ors shore m ih f.rt. A ahnrt lin after Inintr there, he was seen from on bosrd the ft to make for his boat, end the Spmlj ds sfter him i but he finally got to the boat, and eventually reached nia ns'l, when he immediately hove up bis anchor and made all sail beating on'. At thi lime the Bt'enes commenced plitvin on him, and in the course of a short time, dUahled hia brie, waiinded his mulei M,A ... . .-r . -. n . r . several of h!s men. He then 'came to, eain, and ent hla boat nn shve to kwjwa; why he was fired into, but the toats crew and 2d mate, were made prisoners, and tbe Batterie continued their fire, with nocilors (lving, while the btig had her. American nsln up sll rhe-while. Abnut i his time, Capt. Echberger, of the P. wen; on shore to the commander of the fort, and begged of him to cease firing t his ans'wer was, thit when Capi. B. would come on shore himWV1e 'would clo" to : he the Commander, slfen wrote a note to Capt. fi to that effect, and sent it by Capt. E. on board of the brig, for all the other boats were captured by the small arms and lone p'mu of the 'gna ol tho brig. Capl. B' answer to ihe Comman der was, that it was i m possible for him to gn on thore, and abandon hit vesstl to a few npunded men, and she lying in an exposed parlor tbe harbor; when this answer was received by the' commsnder nf ihe fort, he ie commenced bis firing. Cp. B. by this time, finding th-t. hit brig was so much injury r!, that .o piaivent her from sinking, lie slipt his luOles and rurnTer oh"sho"re7 be certain, whether he was put in confine mentbut during this time, hs .Aai tom, then bound out, was permitted to take on board the crew and mate or tho S. and proceed to St. Bias, where she was trading, as f-r as is" recollected.' WldNt ' at thi place, Capt.BrJiayitig...escape4, from Porlo Bello, reached St. Bias, where hejojned bis men, and toQk pas sage on board or the Phantom, for King- ITTTTrw fJI 'w TTcro tnvTa""" - -7-- June. Capt. Avrilhe brought neither pa pers nor leuers, and we submit the T l . I : I An K a I I t K amount of his s's'emcnt, without com- ment, to our rcai'ers. Charleston Gazette. Fishing for compliments. ul re- Lally cannot sing, believe me sir," wai the teplv of a young lady to the re peated requests' of an empty fop. l am rather inclined to believe, mad IVm,' f ejoined " he;" with a smir ' that you art fishing for compliments.' 44 No sV," cxchimed the lady, l nev er fish in such a shallow streams' Jlll.Vl.G, (IF FVKRV PKICRirTOrf, BXECVTRl H'lVH HUtHiS HKSAreU, AT THIS FlfR EQUITY 1011 fU URRH. .'" val ol the !thr. rbamm, irom rprio Belln. at Kingston, with Cafit. Do$iere. 1

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