North Carolina Newspapers

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)4H II. Hryon
John llUrk
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J. Mill. im
John HPr . l-nwIr .-w. u.- -
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J'. U. Trwier
Jci-h I'lina
HipW McKinl -ClliMcKir
Jnititfha Murrey
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!)iwtt lc)mon
Jio. W. Mem
Tnb'u Micrnhkmer
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Chriitoober Arne
j.eob Ajirnt
Thomi C. Btrcl!
nVH Drown
'jariM Br'l'b
irtJ Biiley .
John Bi-'
M.tbUi Bmingcr
Miry Biker
Arrn Bumjirncr
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JtwepH Brerard
1 1. r:ti'l
jjhn u. unit
htic Lorince .
, F.JarU Lewis
Mr. Mon
F.dwifl MT.rttU
Mr. M'F.mon
Elrrfien-lortl.e ttmyM?uney
.? V Thomi Mrtin
We rk o linwio So-
perior (!oort
PJmbeth Carpenter
fT.vid Cbe'ter
William Crrol
Thotfill Vrpn'r ,r-
t;i nf i:kvairr
hJ. ofVb. roth Rff- nrube lLHejwMI
nunn Jioanlrt -
. ... lam Hniiriirc
Thomn Mrtin
Daniel 0. M'PanW
1 -
Anaenon miuc
John Nrei
Robert Net I
RnSntt Oatel ,
EJwin F. Phelpi
. . . . . v m
Cabinet Making
; . ". . nuM.vEss.
1. the citizen of the
iurrottndinfr country that they haie com
I . - t ! ,V Tmm.
meficru ine aooro wnincn in inv 4 won
rSilT!urVlleIr Shoo it fewtdoora
Km of tht Court House 00 main street,
hth lioui form Jilyoccopied by( Mr.
Fraey at Tavirn where hey are tow
prepared to make and repair ere ry de
scription of Furniture t the ahortest no
tic on the moil reaonall termi and in
i itfle of wotktninihlp'iuperlor'lo lay
thing of the kind heretofore done In thii
place. ' '
Orden for SJtboardSecretriei Bu
reiui, Corner Cupboard, Tables Ladlfl
Work Standi, he. Together with every
n:her article -in their line of buiineti will
be thankfully received end strictly etten-
llfd to.
They hope by punctuality and faithful
wf.rkrnnl.i) to rnent and '(ccjre en
Vourtenitnt. A.Wr BU1S,.
19.1831. ritf
N. B. Good Walnut, Cherry or Ccrl'd
M f ie plank will be taken at cash in part
pay U any of the Above article. .
1 ' . Ar W, B.
v G. F.
i.;r. ni liner
'lanartiin r.aion
vrilliim EJard
fcnoa trwin
TJi.loma rrnn-w
John Frbr.brger
John Fry
'J mti Fifber
J hn Glen
Jlirt GriiWim
Bn). F. Htiggim
Pvid llaasc
Jaraei Honrll 2
v;n;.n ittitledre
Georpe SteiT
Fiektil Sullavin
- Eh wnyre
Michael Shiermvi
Michael Sommerrow 2
FU anl mler
Nncy Weiten
Jitiei U'ithenpoon
1-nuc White
' Winston Wood
Paviil WlietHiiiB
Jltwlccll cS' Lcnihj
ITAVF. j'ijt rctcii ii frm New Y01V
I n.'l rhilelpbti etleiir.Me an -n-tnri,
of pprtntj ati'l , summer 'f'!,s
CiMlvltm Ja p irt cf f
Sup. tfiiitf l! t'l I!!r-' Clot!., a U 'il
orimentf Ucy uWL !o. I.'.ry an.l Itulf
CiMimtrei, tt riety fr mrr.!i l
r inllemrn' Pimmrr lo?; 51rMtIln, t .
iVniii, an.1 Silk Vtrt'.np.UI'.eorf, rkl .irt.
trd M.i-lin. Ciu'irio, fl n k. M-i'.l, RwiM,
J.cowt, St'.n CV--tk. and fjory Scotch. Ma.
line, M-tnrninr Utt.f, I'ink and 8tra eil d.
Au A Jrianopl.wdrd ami plain Hih lUih'l.
Tahli iJ'uper. V'nn ,n 1 Ci. IHH Linrn,
Si Craju. funcy do. Mick ami while
-R.tirt,bliek tJilki, Clianjrrtblt roa HeNa.
nli, ChanjrbtMireer.rt,bta'.k Wki
dCini llrapS YllftanJ IIKl fank.nt,
rone,nariz.facr.tW,?.Crp'. Ictwne ,
and CltmifkM Orot de Nple llkft. Un
Rcar'i, rich panted ami plain Linen. CamVw
V likft. a irreat variety Wilk pocket llkf.
black, while and lioMnet inainw, rkh worked Bob a net Capei anl Cp,
Muilin Cp, -..
4 senrrat atnrUnrnt of
Bilk ami Cotton ll-dirrr, rich Bjnwt. Cap ami
Belt RtbboitB, Bn'ianel Ia and qulllinga,
Centli-men'! ad Ladtea tiloreaml Mitl.8i!.
' In Bin w fw Bonncu, Medallions fancy Bed
Sproada, forniliiN Dimity, C-m, FrUie;', Bed
Tickinir, Brown al l Blrached Stieeiinp
and 8hiHinjr, Uomenie Cimrkm. Cotton
Yara. Womwn'a and Miae. Dunntable, Dia.
mofxl Itraw and Leghorn Bonnoi.
SilkFurnni Wool Hat Shoe:, a
fine assortment of plnnft, Hard Wnret
vuncrg, urocnenj, uum uni winy
Ware, raintt, Groceries, life. Lfr.
Jilt of which theij are ilrlerminrd to sell
as low os they can be bought in thii
part of the country. f ;
II. h la. im,WI 10 innr menu ma ti
tomera for their pimnife and would b ;I1
they would call ad eximin their prtacnt Stock.
5afiaT,jy7i,lll31.i 70tf
ft'n linn David Zimmerman
3i8l CHRLF.SC. HBM)r.HM)N .V.
"TVig t fitf LKTTKU8
iv aja- w
PM AIMING in the Pot-Offi'wat Morean-
JtkV ton, ti- 0" WIC 11 M .
Alexander Tafe ,
p arbour Thoa.
ptrnhart John
Bailey Martha
rtrown John
Heck Nicholas
Doroman Sherwood
flraneh Stephen
Brown Willim
Jtean John
"Bowman Grore
CofTey Beuben -
SI McFandBenj.
.11 1.. w rearson Jno.
R'W Foot Edwin
y" X I W Flue Jno. Jr.
Wrli5fir. Gabriel
ii&Kr? Ttobertwn edeki.b
Cl ofCaralry ISth nuVm
Brinde fP" JTn
tsi i W Manly Joel
TJlxonJa. -M.;hi.1b
KSlpr Martin
Kibler Divid P.
Kea'int; Wm. II.
Lonjr Ja
I.avem!er Wm.
Mu!' Baibary
Martin Ju. U.
McGimsryDr.J. W. P.
McKensie Martha
Miller Hiraift
Mitchell Jno. 2
Moure Elenden
Montcnmey David
ltnamh Trait's,
i TJAyiNQicceivedlheJateit-New.
JL 1 York tod Philadelphia Fuenioni,
together With thoie pf London end
rris, and will continue to receive
them, from time to time, as they
chaogej and having a number of good
workman, he ii prepared to do work
on short notice and in first-rate style,
and which will be warranted to fit
well. Orders from a distance for
work, will be punctually attended to.
As he is tne Agent of Ward cf Thila
delphia, and ot Scguez, of New. York,
those wishing to learn the art of CW
ting. cn apply to the subscriber in
Salisbury. BENJ. FRALfiY.
.a .
Hr. Yi. McCUttaiuV
the citizens of Wjlksboro'
and the adjacent, country, that
he has located himself in
Wiioro. for the purpose of practising
the various branches of his profession,
vit : Pactice of
Aft't I iritis Sursent. and Ohsfctrich.
I W 'V" VTm "T
4 4Uay-biourid. ml Jiis. ..reskfcncjLa LsL
times, esrept wnen on proiesnionai oii-i-ness.
and he hopes by bs?kIuous atten
tion to his profession to merit a share of
the public patronage. 76'f
)iorr Charlei
DfivisJas. -I)irk.orth
Jona. Jf.
Inland Rev. JV
.qillrep David
G win Jan
nreenlre, Avery keo.
Ijifjrgins Mill
ljuntley I'aac
Ifrhaw Joihua
Hood J
rtoward jMrb
.T,ttre '' .
,n Rev. tVm. J.
John Mrs. Mary E.
SmUKmntj -
Bimpion Joieph 2
Smith Aa ":"
Salmon Henry
Swan Jr.o. B.
ptunt-y Dmiel
StilUvell Jacob
SopII Hawlin V.
Secretary Riiin Sun
Lodfre No, 100 -Thompson
Tuneuoin Peter ;
Wagly Sarah
Vbb Tbos, .
Wintler David T.
Y'..Wn..iicrh M(.P
t ni livi
" 11 ' ' ' 11
ar tt 1 fSkfw
TiHEBALR of the valuable Property
Tluch wa, to:.take place the 5h
-Wnt. at the, residence of the
until Friday the 29th instant,
hett it will positively take Pa".
rfWE siirjscriber still continues to
J- make the above Machines and
keeps a supply constantly on hand
which he will sell low for 'cash or on
credit to punctual dealers. Mr like.
:,.n,a rn lrren or. hand a eood
sopplvof COTTOX GINS, and he
will also repair inc . onv muiw..
1 ,72tf E, MITCHELL
Salisbury, May list. , '
Drwing'fo FaycttemHe,
WILL find it to their advantage, to atop it
the Waqon Tard, where every n
venience il provided for Man and Hone, to make
them comfortable, at ha moderate.cbefllw
cents a Jay and night, for the privilege of the
Yard, the ue of a good -louie, fire, water, and
belter. Attached to the Yard, are a Grocera
andl'roviiion Store, Bread Shop and Confec
tionary, and a Houi for Boarderi and Loigrrs,
in a plain, cheap, vAoleaome and eomfbrtable
.tvlf.JrfeiirsWlW3. ll
both male
roTwtxT s-ol'R. vesrs 01 ace, 101
whom they will pF the CASH.
-MantU 1131. 6mi9
V. B. Applicailon can bs made to ihe
Arm in person or b? letter addressed to
t LOSG tf Co. Pali'buri N.
C, which will ba prrmptlv attended 10.
Beef! Beef!
1 ma! : ,: r
m,. II. A . 1. I .1 I J'
llr,, J-i.l.. I! -I'.fl
. I 'inir I J! cjmiV ,
Vil!i.m I'.mlrr
P.,i liurl Iti-Oiin 2.
1 ho.. 5, l! .v l
Vi"lrn tSr.i
IlicM. T.,H)r
U,m. Xi. HrCK'arly
Clisltcl liirrmpcr
Colo, of the 5 2 K.
David Cougliiminr
Cleik of the. County
Darid C.irrr I f
),id PrWkrrt
Jdhn f. rm.Ve '
William F. Owen
fir. 11. It. r,m wan .
A. F. fall. oil
Tiiot cMiy
Mn. M.C Davidntl.
Rev. Th. Fajy -:
Jow'ph F.idw'
la ri(iia'd " .
Henry Folick
John (Jrahirn , ,
Jamfi R. nrat-y ,
Mn.Zilph OoulJ.
Alfred liny
Devil Onr
Aleimder Hall "
Samuel llouttnn -J.wrph
Iimon llerrinejiofi
John llnupt
Mat well Hall 2.
JMiah 1111 2. ,
HufH J"nei .
F.acerith Linney "2
John l-uck
Henry P. LoAae
Miea AnnMatthevl
'm CMKtere
, f J .'y.
1 , " ! it n
lUL.fl ''' ,w
Jt,rt Muihat r,".
Jl,i, Mrri'" I1.
A !i-n MMorc
Jnlm Mcl'.vn
U'ittiam Xl Kinfy
Duncan MrBrl
W. M. McUHd
J.mei M itti'tuin
Jotin A. VclJoaaM ,
J4mei tif it
, 5rali I'ceton , , ,
llohrrt Po'ta (
WiJIiati PU . ; '
MeJ. William Fotta
R-f. William ttrtilhm
Howa Uedmomlor
Howtl Birker
Tt.o"a. ftnthetrfird .
"Jl1i6mi Rewl
a.. Una ...
t Jeremiah S'oan
William Summers
Ira Simmers
John 8ii(moftd
J -vkn Stuart
Wiira. Bliufwd and
John Tanner
F.dward. Turner
Jeoh Thnmas
Itobert Tnrrentins
John M.Wauch 2
Mrs. Pollr W'-wlUe
0!ivia or Aijullla
James White
Jnra Walker t 1
William Wa'd
n. A. Wat. ,
W. KF.tmtf. M.
r-l -r nilEiubscribertikes thii
V j 11 1 nictn0d onfortwinfi hr
jjyjfrWnds and tne pubKr,that
TYegrocs Wanted!
rTha subscribrrs are anslnus to Mt-
" I Illtif U I'm wv 11 ay 1 1 w uwiv live w
' rt'W OJ IJUJYDUhU , WKiimake comfortable, during their Ma,
1 male end fm.I. from thi an .Tueh prWttc farn-,lies as may thtnk
she continues to entertain Hoarders
and traveller at the Establisment,
heretofore, occupied by Cnl. Isaac Cra
ton, in Rtitherfordton Several addi
tional spacious rooms have been lately
fitted up, - which will enable her to
private amines as may
proper to call on her, to spend the
Sammep mooths. I1t89
Itulherfonlton. Jane. 16, 1 83 1 .
i---'WJrpi 1 f icu icrib Fi jamr wdr rthtranTrCTimwdarice--and j jcSf ct B U ihelLaX mmmw h in ui.i
iV- vjstj would respectful. controi of .Mr- ThomU Waadk Jltnr. t manr td" my-iu.s ere- rtspptinirJ
llir inform t r?ti?en
Jof this town, that he
n:iJ "ULbave BEEF in-
v 4TifcrW'market, during th"
ptesent seisop, every Monday, Wed
nesday, and Friday mornings or at
any other time which would suit the
convenience of his friends and custom
era. Tersons having BEEVES for
tale would do well to apply to the sub
scriber, as he will pay the most liberal
prices for them, in Cash, at all times.
Jubj 2, 1831. 78tf
Cotton Gin .Making.
rglHE rtibjcriber respectfully Infnrmi the citU
M. sen of iHvidinn, and the adjacent conn
lira, that he continues to carry on, at his Shop
in Lexington, the busiaeu of Making COTTON
GINS, equal to any manufactured in the United
Statesf indeed, his C.ini are preferred to all
others, by those whn hnye tried them - and
have found a ready tale throughout a large es.
tent of country. Hie pricea shall be as reason,
able as at any other ahop in the Southern
All orders will be promptly attended to, and
Gins finuhed in the shortest possible time.
Repairing of Gins will be done on the ehort.
est notice, and in the moat substantial manner,
by Ihe public'! humble servant,
XWtrjrraff, Nay 26fA, 1830, 31
LL persons are hereby forwarned
Trom trading wllh, or harboring mv
wile Polly as I am determined to pay no
debts of her contracting, and will enforce
the law against anr person who harbors
her, as she has left m'y bed and board
without any cause. WYLIE SWINK.
JuiWfh 1831. SI82
" Stalesmlle.
up and comfnltted to Jail on
,t.hje,J4t.h jnst. a ncgrbhoy, wio says
his name is ISAAC, about five feet three
or four Ruches highi and says he be
long to John Armstrong living n Yotk
district South Carolina. Also, on the 1 7th
mat a negro boy who says his name is
batn Miller, living in. York district -Siift
Carolina. Owners arc requested to come
forward and prove property pay charges
ancPtake them away or they will be dealt
with as the law directs.
JOHN iV00D, Jailer-
mlpnelOtbi 183't;
To the Public.
rpilE subscriber having
A purchased the house
.ind lot in the Town of
U ede.buro rrcntly owned by Mr.
Aa Hubbard Junr. has opened the
Pa (icon of Fortune,
i i anoAinraf ti)i.n Tn brw an
.1WSEU.V, '
AT wilch place has bttn sold wiij,"
a few month tmt more priimd,,
k ai.y t,(Ti' e in the United Mutt and .
mrnihrm the following eiy latetw ,
whole Ticket dislubuitd In all partial
the United State ,
080.000 25.000
TZslu kiA Ty inad 10 a Reiulcmsnln Vermont tv
other 310,000 10 Virginia i and V f.
we:k inc the whole of R5000 loNor-i
Carolina. For, the Information of tht,y
residing In the eontry I give a list of is,
IhillUui N. Y. Luteries neat to be dn.
the respective drawings of which will u
prublirhrd in this piper.
tt7 Imnortanl Intelliecvce,
LtST of IWiliiant New York Loticiite
to be drawn in the city of New Yotk it
the tummer campaign
June 32 Ueculjr Class
Loiter fidrawn tullots Capiiah at(
2 of 3.0O0, 2 of 2.5U0
2 of ,2.000, t of J.5000
"J of I.OOO, fyi. 4-f. tfc
Tickets RIO. " - '
June 29, Extra U 35 fa. Jjojt
ry 3 drairri ballots Sl5,coo, Tick
JuUf 6, Claftg 7, 48 mYo. 6 dratm
815000 85000 Tickets. $3.
July 13, Eltra 8 Capitals
$50.000 ....810,000.,.-.
HO 000 20 000
10.000 5 8h0
(Jc. (Sc.
36 "0. Lottery drawn ballot exz '.i
n even chance for a piize. I'ackiijf.
of wholes combining 12 Tikkets fci.,
tlo. of Mslvej g96 do. of quaters Sis v:
tie Tickets RI6 shires in propor'i
Tckagesin this Lmery must draw .
at least one hlf in pnres and s'si i!
ehanre f r all !h Hiilii iril C,iia! rr
couniry It ictuis sre n t,ue ued t wi tie t .
ime as licke!l will ui.tlout),cdly be
for the accommodation of traveller! in consequence of their 01 tiers not an
snd hoarders. He solicits Public Pat
ronage and H- endeavour to -give
general satisfaction. 75tf
Jinson County, June 2d 1 83 1
MY I lOl'St; (the Post
office) on the C'oss
street a few ya-ds north-west,
of the Court ll(iue, in Let
inglon, .V. C. is again rpened for the re
ceptiun of Travellers and Bosrdei s. The
statics are extensive, roomv and dry 4
grain arid provender of the best, plmt't
ful, and served by goi hostlers. The
house has many comfortable rooms, serves
a. good table and. refreshments 1 snd the
proprietor and his family will omit'no
tning in thtir pnver to make il niost
quiet and agreeable. 63f
f, j 7IIF. subscribers, respect
zrns of Salhury, that they
have commenced BUTCH
ERIN0, and intend to continue it du
ring the present season. They will kill
none but good bucves andthey hope to
merit a ah a re cf the custom of the public.
They will bare beef, in market on Tues
day, Thursday and Saturday mornings, in
each week. .....
- N. R... .Any person having beeves for
sale, would do well to apply to them cither
personally or by letter as they will pay
CASH for them at all times. 7Jtf
May Uth 1831.
tot in season.
I J ulsC2aJ-xtra-aa-i6o.6-dr4os-.
S20 000 RIO.OCO Tickets flS
Jnlr 27. Esttr- 20 66 Mo. 9 drawn S4',
POO S 10,000 Ticket iji 0 lowest prize .
22 in s package.
Orders for Tickets inn? rf the Xi
York Iotteries musr be addressed to Av
pays prticular,a'tention 10 orders
nhroarl hainjj ftte special Licenses from
the f tate autnotity, with tne necessity
honds, secuiiiies' Sec. Those who wc.:l !
like tickets in the Shove or in any of 01 r
Lotto lea tu ed rm be under any appro
hension of letters by niaiUencIokin cas t
being jnisc an icd,-as the-ubciil)er hti
not ntisicd a iirnle order direrted to him
durioR bis long course of trad : he hn
the privilege of referring to the rtr
respectable Managers Messrs Ya-es ai.u
M'lntyrei also to many other fnt re
houses in this ciiv, Donor, Alhtrv
Charleston, S. C, Richmond V. I ..T
etteville.N. C., i,rid Augusta, GCo.
-T-tWtefr-Heraldcomainip '.
drawing and other matter is publish.!
bv ; le. subscriber every evertio.- f h-
r!raint,, and sent rcgubrly if ictjiirvr l
6Hlljt ho deal with me etctls whe
oce or more iickeiijie ordeied the i'
tage need not di paid, Bank notes ni -rent
in any part -of the t'oitcd tr-
will be received br me for ti. kcs
- .1!. . 1 -
ji uiscouni oi 3 per cent is made
ihOSC"hO tllrrhw. narknf-TTf-
THE undersigned htiviiig qualified,'
at M y Sesston'of Rowan Coun-
IY. C?uLt.Jl-lxPnlrr pf.the J a" will
antTeslent'''T RrirgaSTYoQnJ,
Dec'cl. requests all persons indebted
to aairl estate to make payment, and
all persons having claims against the
same, to nresertt th
RALEIGH and says he belongs to Abra-Jv4h'tn the time prescribed bv law or
ham Millr. liuinir in 1 nrk rtiilrirt Sftii-lT. Jt,- .. --. i --
mis notice win ne pied in bar of their
recovery. W, -R. ,.WOQD.4firV
VlflyV'lOM.mi. 3mt35
OF every' deicription.eatlr Prinr d, ind
keft couiiantly for aaie s il.n ofljce. 1
Ti It I. J t; i
iel-J sii'tit 1
N.rsTiliL? T.b.
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