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,jLUJ Jay licit '-io "7 ' 1 ' J1'0 ,f onMttVi ton n-vi n it to bo bo,
i 'luteiiuj. 4l'lUw. 1 1 s W,,J 0,.!'''r'in4 bcr 'i .option to it will not ccaso tin-
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t. Tiiii n;iral! tniere
'S ho m gwri Uc.tot oa tU part of Ncw-York lukwsrt hor old
'. U iMJ CvHiiJy. It l wHT-w fricttdClie South, wul lo Irm cw ti.
kca. He cxj.a j - t!io uti;j i cwxlntion I H .ut wrrc "!' r
' wit'r'
f jt Li pu it ci;'I jcI.
tX- We karatUt on Wcdc-bylbe KjJ 'J:W ynitl & '
Oth MwtMl, Jaiiiei Murphy, Eit. of I5urk Wtw, ex,,.Mly ilt-uff 1 to lV
i. r ...i.n orii liv a man dt iiiw irui fir emu iiviliu. . - -
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nr-nrmtv'-? f JilV4ridaak, 4 Krp. a t tf r . a .nvnitTtah ihe-wn kdn p"
T ' . k-. it,. . .UaT mrn im retCO. I V r fare.' COfOom til power, rcmorc" rT
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A'Ml'W'Tl'c fr fJm, l-'tlf t'
),.,, hat trtiud tbi Uk Mh Jh i:rti
i cart, ftl Ui prfiud fttmulfln ""f .
kilful p1yiicUn od lhit V tft.
f ill, out I to fwrfird o
sarly rid ofn-i-l'lMTr
know Ibtt diriiiwoof the wrplus rcteo
i ----- - - - -
. . . wo tfetheuo troonc llw BmefHi Urorito dim
nZu 4ud OUio.IUU-K u tltrgoBttW nil get more lUa lUihtre. BeHptinll; our rcceiptt of tbo tivd thU, too,direcU .fth.
IUuiumiw ic .-. Tl.iv know tliat if th Tariff tt not kept . . ... i- tbe comtltuttoa whicn accwm.
.... " ,n.r alM iUtod tbat.W fi Of
iT" t.
w;,kiro tb7wouldv.
' .:j': douMa ibo
iw. ikA T.nfT "Will not then exwt.
Ther know that tbero wiU So but oho pre-
icoce upon ntcn u cm iw wji
Mlrt completed wlitcb -1 . , . : that foy protecUon to do-
y tolto world., fh,
iolUl-ureSii 4 convert to Uit doctriue or the
oortobuUd4 RaiUloodT ..jJL, of . protecUT0 Taritr.
' . . . 1 iniaMUBwre 'v""" . . . ... . ..
Ileoco the long aaa uworeo cuer wi
U05. Julian C. Vcrplank to prove ui m
YiB Tariff is cortttitutfooal. I not
all this plaint Let ua defeat thcao plana.
. . . 1 f .. 1
I ... vii l.l not an incno our ciuuwu.
- J .-
Wo bave opposcU tbe lana on pnncijn.
Let us eoatuiuo to do to maugrt
turetof the TarinnK)nopolist
mouJy idopfc y tuc pyw 01 r powrenrm w u
.... . i - iweare, , r ... .i
ougb,u ... - , Lr.iJJTlor,anL. in hcu f corwtmitpnal
Wbereas in lanuabing 4ll the tJcati- tU'cc. c, tbeir omniptrnt w.l lU"
lute uoijuct wrouguuui tupremeanu pn'""': , ". ..
ded our paymenU 4na oooatiowa Mrthe Uniied Btats by tbi Uiftatjtut.on,
Sixteen Thoutami UiUari ami wwiw prohibited by w no ora
that nolle institution if it this time labor. Urved to States rt-JwUttl, or the
great; pecumary m ni??.
mmtfl. . I . . n..U!M..i thn held, and Mill
... mccrawo ' .... .1,.
iJr otVfl, therejore, iw ia BWH,w"lCootinuo to bold, iiy " "',"
fresh ana tigoroui n " 1 y-jj ef1l cxprrtsiy grantea, ana
apcedy payromt or the dcMt, wrncn as fc jely woaananr to carry u
ln contracted by Kb diftrent BU,!e Uo.eftel. w, t wor J. of tbo Con-
..-" I. .:, tbe people," &f.
Societies withwhicniney are mpccuroiy , ,
... . , bPBttnrat.' r
rnnnMIca. I .irr-i
no naeopiwvM i r r . . v t he Pareut RicictT. m effi- . " ' j. m- Tv,n r Jacoh.
Let us continue to do ao u over- ; thj word . - hc nth
of God. It includes m estimate of tbe h. by the Her. Mr.CaiJwH, Mr. Jonw
. 1. 1. .1. 11 4i iw f a m m r.Lu.i.i.1 -
PI 111 1VS7T"
,1 ctruff tnpMae lorcnoma:
lr t.ln'ed fretn ! tlgioal CttifyM
. . ....... j k.r,. Nui
hkit rt.ret;ninf a"i' - rw
iir Poh'ic ftf I'lillaOrlfkU.
in the Onion and. be
It U the only thing 4b,cti wui j- -
cHilofrow the whirlpool 01
. . Lctdcroaeoguca y
wldt tber wOl .bout the cost Jof. t - W W ZZT. jof God.. It indole, e9tin.te 0 t e hyUieKcr -r.;;
it to Le practkuiUe, and leiri9Uturt of our 8UU nuts Wcs, sustained wUbio our bouwit ny n. lhn 3rd inManU
JpeoolewiU rrV: dan-nd otieY f0'" V P11' 'iT'
u tinriBcBpretrnUtiTet. Itu . re.building of tbe State . brace an eat.mate of alUhe books which Rtephenncn t Mi Claruea AUcn,
XttodoaoVndwbe. let a; suwtioo rf eonon, and jW 110
" .u-LaltoiC4tt and to,ct Wt wm cooaume the mart of thr great and Mduous work. Afcw of the U IieJU ' M Q Ma(.
rpOaU N U.BHf tonccini Ail sti
1 t .Kr .it m iiva ih Count. I 1 Kink
U tmporttot to faiirn any ptnoe from
... .!'. . I. '. .
Aiti to Join P. n.all. Th I .
trouble a difremln public . whh tbl ,
notica is becauial irojabout to lcsfS"lbsi
r t -Ti I.. J If I m.k
country, lor 1 iro jjiihu (
lorcmilo latbU5ctio4,thei:tniUnftt
. . r n..M ...1.1 1.. .r..i ia vhAar
'" . n . . 1 LI
the note- ; vui anowirg m ion
mong wen. snd a manf 01 uocomoo
thasttna. r Also Captain James A. Dean
it a vary spirteo ? ichow nut w
literarft vi
gffi' era 00 ot Judgment and that entire
l 111 . . - ... t & mm m
i dd,' now it be coo'o uo eict-uwon.
' . . ' ' J.. I T..J..... uk
lliU 11 on B -ujijuhui wm
could he do on a lite one. I hope no person
mil trade for ny i" ohU Mnrf.
1 f iWir nroceodincs. And we
tt aos not require tbo kea of a aoer to upoo eWry subject
rnmfi before them " wimoui iw,
;nArtrL"-Wsniy take a peep
i. rra . .t.mrm r,r (ha L . J- .... mmmAmrm
umti the Bouth. ..1 no 1 Snathe cwUinr-www ui.,.v-
Fra Trado Convention threw tbe utmost 1 aajnfed with tbe result
estimation into theranaaoi mo observaUona. , ,
Thv saw In the sumo iw "j 1 v . . .
party., iney t tl , p.-Wa bave received,tnaia i- - . T - . ,.N k Ordina
rWTa:. FJitod in the city of
i ..wAVnrihrowortheiriavonii5"' ionauiuiw. -buttbjovcrthrowww
m styled , . MfaillMl. Iu
.1 . ...L Ih. MllAMU DCIMI
w ta w. - - - Aua, lg written with -pint and
theycould not kaep up V-- . Me wx.
eofdutic. --r W. greet
towit, forrevenuo. i -J r- . :,nc.hUinaT
J A aa.aV linflll ILa iinnr IIHB11 UUUIHM v s ar ar
the Tarifl; they never dareo w T J tbenioat M
the lace ot me wi r- 4 . - UDOnaa Edi-
Masa'.e th-y never dared to aay i praiw wun...
!L . 11 a,,io of the industry La jroodly number of aubaenbera.
oioci wa wh -- 1- -
iKa dnat ruction I . . . .
of the manutaciurera
more booka, ia all probably 1000 Biblea.
Thia will of course, increaao the amount
of our - deficiency, as. the counties which
.... m m mm
will need an additional- number ot doom,
.1 .1 aa
have already received more tnan uey wm
k. .V.1. tn nav for.
uq kmw v r J
JIWwoA of supply ta tats ataa is ao
. .a
srof Ircjt.
far advanced, and such arrangements hare
t maU aa affords treat oncourafe.
. it will ha comoletd bv
BMMIl I" - ' .
next May. 10 the meanuma no ewnww j
ahoutd be spared, to raiao all the funds we
' as l n.
can towards the payment 01 neany roriy
Tkouiand eofuh of tbo sacred writings,
-4.:-k k.vA recently been distributed, or
wi Usui
a a ! . l
which are in a few months to bo aisinuu
ted, in N. Carohna.
all willffroatlv taoditate tiie attain-
ftf the obicctof this reaolution to call
w''" .
.. . Mrlv dav a full mectinff of the om-
ccrsand managers of each society ? and
Uv btforo them the present conumon w
....! J 1
the Bible causo within weir douwm, ouu
FaTHTavuxa, November 3.
Hour wliaH?
-Cotton . ' '
Sugar, brown
Wheat -Whiskey,
. C5a?0;
. ,4 a
. .7al0;
Ha IS;
... Spa' Oil;
lUO al 00 ;
. 70 a 75 1
. . 40 a 00
BY virtue ofadccreeoHic H-iO-cpart
ofF-qulty , for thtcoun vof RJontgom-'
err. a If Sspteraber, Term of said
fri.r,( 1 4hV. rsse ?o public Hit at tb
.... if.,.,., in f.i rfnctyiI!a.on Srur
Liif'thi. I0thlj M.f.Decembar next, a
1 ' .it . .v.. u.... .r
tr.ict fcf nnu.w,MK ,v
HcUert Moi containing threo hundred
......1,. 'm lha Criuiit r.f Mont.
im iu ... ...j -
h. . -t tYmLm liarria. E-n. and
live nno . : ' ' .
rf t . .Kn la inniuuM In DA
n'hera. aw""v ""rr
i aluaWftom me Kna n un wnicn
.DDeir on U and ibere ! water power on
lha prerow '"-- ' ?;
mbark. in the ueia minmj iumic
montbi credit will ne gucn.ior ona ...
of the purchase money, and eighteen.
months tor mo waiau., r-.-
rti.lnit bond and approved furliy.
4100 y-Hif
Bacon, lb.
Brandy, cog. gall.
Apple, : -oV
Cotton, inferior to fuir,
Coflbe, IB.
Flour, Country, bU.
Molasses, gaii
150 tiZ25'f
SO a 40 ;
' . 45 a 50;
. 0a?i;
. 15 a 17 ;
05 a $3 50 ;
. 40a-50
2Ja 35
ClMLESTOXand CimiiAir.
lAIT. . C? 0RA
. HAH hatine been.
tf.ired last stimmer
to northern cap.ta.i. - ff even heard it hinted that tne a -fricnd to c
as the national debt is fast paying ou mmA
. . . niliAr (rrounds. " . . 'Uw ann
lhat they must lane sniw drpp 5fr, AVirt ana 1 whatever is aueuHcu o..w.u
llencetbeir aficctcd astonishment at the Adams. Jackson -beat efibctwl witk M iKtlo&lay aspossi.
ertinn In thfiJlddroMof the Free Trade nd will do it again, , G.
convention, that the Tariff was unconsti. ' t0 offar ftgain8ttbo
people's President.
-..5 -i 'n Jwt hnnfi bv this effected
tonishmcnt to prevent tbe people from
Marching into that question, fur they knew
lhat the people, only had to search into it
to decldo against them. Finding that this
was not sufficient and knowing that the
South had the advantage of tnem ...
tSpeiiJW t argum
putKpto thit flood of light upon the
jecT which is daily flowing from the
ye Trade Pressby proposing a com
hv nrooosinc to ropeal all
duties upon those articles which were not ot
Northern Manufacture! tney
thought that this gloriouseoncesaion w the Soutb. and allay that for-
ma.. Mh thfili- tv'ranieal exactions have
rrwW,. ' TKov lird think that the South
k nml,.r of persons, (we bave not
learned how many) recently met in
sTokes county in this State, for the Pu,
i. j:. deleeateto the Balti-
more Clay Uonvenuo .
well have sent him to a iw- r-
three powers..
v., . . 50 a J
Wheat, - ,,, 7jaftft
Flour, Camden Mills, bbl.
Bacon, lb. . - J,
f'j'LTll'1 . 1,. rTkarlaa'on and Che
in iuihhiij, vv.-m -
raw calling at ueo, i own on mr wy p
and down, will resume ber Trips ia tha
course of s few days and Mn'ended tob
continued In tbe tridi the enulrfg act
ion. ..... ; -
Her exceeding light drstt otsr
drawing whep loaded only about four ami
a half feet water will enable her to reacli
Chersw at all times excepfi n uncom-
i ..iw.. uk.nh.p cirira will 04
.... i.. .rR.
li&uunee at me bspenco -
C3.aron SriV. 25, 18? 1.
T ft Ck. k.a mm fortahta ' aceomd
dations for a Tow passengers. 2tt
.. . Js Bo Vo
.. snme ono of the Georgi
Uiaaiuieu.. .. -
(kir y e ected r t . - ror r,fi,.V, and nottor cn pr.m .-
La will not take bis scat, there being some ' d M ud,mt't and
he will not k wtoclv we g
herr: the returns from some
little IWOTIUU..V - . .fc., Sf flus
bf the counties. " euuc
Jection goes back to the peopl, GOV.
... . t .nnlinafO.
. .-'" . . . irt
cnrtirT u hrtiihi out. me in
1 HMi w.---
tk .v n.ndnn in their con
J ierearO' T
vcJr . n : .1 f!h-raw. will
ecru u niv vm
he hippy to uPPiy .7k:V fc afholir
le orrotsii wn . ;
ries of ever? descripuoo. In
. -t -s ...... nrndllCC. 1 h
aeninK ... . en for
Goods. V--. ",nv bur
A J proOOCB inicuut- . .
ton mirket or to pais V "
. l ..awaaa. SaAfl UlWIIUkVI
gnu I no ouuui. viP. i - . itf nnvMtn it rsi.
boast Ot ovary yr.-, - .. cArfaw ' Cl V'VV4'W l:
1 . ..tin An
h-10tb of September,
at Trov, in Missouri, the following pro
amble to some rewiuwi" . - -
proposed Convention of the Democratic
Party, was unanimously agreed to : , . .
mn(a. where
the majority should rule, it ts the duty of
.1 ..ia sv eiinra axiaiTii auciarfwaa w
r . k. naiAtit irtaintv. their
ascenam, w - 4
opinions, and carry into earnest Ute.
.i :.u.a ! i their eonstitu
tuauy, ineir i, .u.
tionaV right peaceably to assemble for that
Wyr' '. . u. -.r nfttitieal strweclo
WO view uio g'". r- " .
. . . ,i: it:..j ctaa aa fine
upon wnicn, , -.Ttwid.-,!
petuity oi u, uuw.u. i . '
......... . ' f2' n ti ttrr.VT a
J SCOTT A. Yv.- HtlAHIn mm
. Ine dissolved thcit partnorahip irt
the biuines-e63UMHiicuv,, w.
All persons indebted to Scott k brandonv
of that plc ara requeued to make pay.
ment. ana aii pcraai . .6
present them for payment. . ; f
r- ...:.... rnnitniied as heretotore or
Brhlon sn(f Scott at Wadelboro, whar y
can be bad lot- can or . coymry. pry-
...k -1! kir.rt ftf Fanc Good
Grrrr tiws he. w thu met liberal termv-
Oct. 22a 1 85. J ov' n ,
. 94tf . 1,A. BRANDON,
For Sale.
rpwo hundred poundz of first

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