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Mui l.uw l 'y ttw upo'i i it Vfi,
Ar.J t t(" I nl U' b.atl bi
lf ',f fcr !rt ' tJ I to Walk,
ytmt t 'J f '' 'I M nl'f'i clatk,
Arul rrinlo ll tbat roetta fcim.
err, )on tuljecti are toe grave
Tee r urh m nUy yn fcave - .
1m ir.i'fb n!it''wi,
fart o i'cb Of sillied taW, "
yVith ir.p-aSo.l ghoala, wlib fin end teales i
Of IraUereKke l pf?,eoe. '
' . ' ,'.,
' 1 m lo mJ, another cries,'
Tkoae eaonatreus rwUonabla s '
la other werd ttoM novalii
VI romiedoflJBci,iR4qiMi'4lor(Ifl'
--Tkl USm fat Itouli.
' Of me eonfoamlrd lorrick stutT
f, T erut lb Wr er'1 i
CUt mtnxt rtetf t lT'ini Mfi
Of BuntMi. Turk tU Ortkl ihl Itrt,
Or itj tb Mtto. . ' .
TU ma of W!Ud eboUti'ie lor
TouM (o ir tiHlt more, '
' la Ktt'i of Grctk m& Ilin.
1 , .Tie nerd ntt rather U Ilt prlcci
Cfwolhem Udljro m! rice,
" Or India ailki b4 ut:.
Anolber erlf J I aat nor ft i
A anecdote or puo,
Artbua,oe a riddle i . -
ftcinc : nf for niaitoAerx oevt,
And book cf oriJIjr carnal
Would eUf e ftddle.
le eritie loo, tr c'aV akill,
, lut dip In r tia cMlcr u3,
' Aftdacratf'ibr thefaprr i
-ffall ttwfitrrary oo.
Jlrtd ! oar eoBefr end hS"
B rati ttic i'iHtJ f tpT
Anotkcr cries, 1 vattt V u
Ajan.bkd Bp nrietjr
YwietT te all tblnr
An'ceHeeeoubodf.'''if' t rint;
YTbfnpoar! I ool ' t
Of uliiamoiam'.i iliir.k
f iot aome irarHp a -j. Miii,
Jl tonitirutea my higet t m
. To he of wrddin p'f j .
Tfit la a tloia tt gtttii raie
JfoBliuflenfrom a draught, plain
M Uast boi one la twenty-
I want to beef of det ei -r'
3f people tofafy undone,
Byloaace, firt, oT feri
Anolber aniwen fall u wtar.
jfd r&lher hear the (alt and rias
Of racVoon tkioa and b tvr.
Snate eignify a secret Uh
Jjr no and then a aavon diiU
Of Kilt'iea o i thrm i
But ber we re at n rct eaae,
EorahmiUthev ra- he moon wai cheese
tVc terer iV.i'ulJ diapute them.
Tf fjxit cr fcumorcuij wild or tame,
Lofty or kv. , 'in all the amis
Toe baiifhty or too bumble,
' And every editorial wlgbt,
Hai naupbt to do hot wbat la ril.t,
Andlft t!.f gruroblen rrowhle.
Gun Icks. The Nfw HampA're
.papera describe n rewlv. invented per.
cussion gun Ink, which is so construc
ted as to discharge tlie gun txtvfm
tvith nnce priming. The Inventor i
ir rp V forsr, eon of Tie v. B.
M r -, V vfrhitI, aidW 17 ve;r
.-hcc- T" lorkirntirelr 'o- rr led
vitrir. -k, w hich if of h- rorp
,tnftJ form. :r te exreption - f ' r
trigeer 80 rwd, the l-trer heirp; di
vided into tv o parte, one -f which is
''inoVeaWe. t4 drawn back when the
jun la coclr-r1. and eerves as the ham
flier bv nh'h r'-e percnaion i rro-
4tltifrd. Prr'rr TlnUy .fMrrrli&zrj
Sir B U-''n T-iih Vnicjht wn'
ttiarried to htr d uahter ol l)rd C
connexion of which the knight w
sorrewht prrn. Rntno: of thi
union once o a friend, he observe'
that hia lord'l'p h?d paid him the
liijthesterrrr,,'r"-ni , hjs power. H
J.h$d Miwen,, A: i ,rl .'girgsaldbfi. arV
pave me the ov'tlcttirA he toiddw
,too trat if lir N i wn fiutfkr I should
ipve her. .
I am bs- lnfraid," aafd the,
ftuVr oF Curkin?hVm to Pir Roher
Vif'?. " I am abrrlnielv afra;d thgt I
shall d a he rpaf " ".4 t'' rate you go
od. rerlii-d Pir T ' r; lam afraW
it w!' norne,- .1 am a'ralrl
71'illUv one' ' -
F0R9AIX.HI(G.' '
npliKSuiiU. nutHnj; partners
of the firm fl Ktlr U Mcenir
hat a determined to MXL OFF the ir
GOODS. Hincefowird, every article
be cfTe red at price, tin! cannot Ml
to u!t thoe wbo are desirous of purches
Cheap Qoous.t
IF.nCHANTS, Mlojr i tit lo
iheSriloibi nild do vcltioriH nihtm;
, ,.-- B. deDcnd on Pvlnt IUU
CAlN3.Tbt pct)llirv tia'kn olj
UoiMerti.Jerera It necf vafr JbiLtTirf
I . a 1
pemofHnkfe4 .o itxmexcetx iaotai
whose limit of credit la oot fit ripirrd.
ihould ro-ke an Immtdwi' aettletneot.
TltrvmuiW In fa uret u1 iicluiielf
for f kh
IlOnT. KYI.F T fnrv-'ving trln,r$
:.m ZLT K V IX C M Jim J
halitbury. Wot S( 4 99
New & Desirable,
Tl ACKETT k LE31LY are t.ow re
JLJ r r k rc op fiina a fresh upply
of dtairable fad t Winter Goods, se
Icrtrd with ft' ctre in PnlbdelpbU
ml N r Ycrk ,Trir etork conslata'of
ai'Aoat cvtry anide usually kept lo
sioiea in this prj of ihe country, all of ihry aia detcrmiDtd to sell very
tlieap .
Thoc tailing to purchase will do
wet) to call fc eiaminr their assortment,
bear fil' d jw'ajr f. r themtlf s. '
Vavrmr, 3. jajj. 95tf
ITAVE reef n:ly loeated themstlrrs.
X on the Otb Yaddin, in Iredell C0.
N C. .ind la fte neighborhood of Glass
rotkS Mills and Ori(Tmti str.rr, en the
place, formerly owned by Wm Dyson,
where they Intend prec'Uinj; X'edicixs
u,-on the abme system. The may at
all times be found a: their residence, ex
cept wbtn professionally enjjitjed They
are aware of the prejudice of tome pco
p'e apainst this sys'em, i: hcirg new and
nfhionnMe ; hij i:prn a Mr trlsl l,oth
in ar.u'e ard chrrnir '1i irises, such ai
Ferns, Spasms, Lnctyiw, TJite of
a iVad Dog, Fits, P";so:i, Hectic,
Dropsry, Corisunpthn, tfc. -together
with Sorpery and Obstetrickl,
thy flatter thr mselves thai these preiu
dices will bt iemofd. N' pcisoo either I
Mineral or VeeitaLI. Li. uu'dai mHi
c ino Kverr Hue 'inn '11 h r,mA I
o tl-oe who. p.trcni.-r them i h char-
res very i ' mmoda'ir? f the
"mes. ,
S98 XoV. Wh 1831
ft T KS A)?AY from the
tJwv JLv u!xr fiber, en he th
Vty ' Aril last, a negro Girl
t(S about 27 years -oF ajra. of
r' yellow complexion, with h
TiJ war above her eve. SaM
- -nV-i uiri nas an 007 t'mi.e
;h' in C'htbsm county, h!onpinr to e
1 't man bv the n ime of Hn am Clarke.
- Sh. is in the hrbit of psir.e hetsell
"Jerthe Appellation of Free Louisa
te 'vi'l o rlou'it endeavor to eet into
h -nrifrUbQi-hood of her daughter if abe
i ho under th direriion cfom white
oeron, which is more 'h probable, as
'here are' circumstances which induce
me to believe so.
Th? tboye reward will be riven to
ny peri'.n bo shall return 'he s dd girl
to me, or lodpe her In any ji so that I
et her ; and fifty dollar will bz given
any one ho shall detect the person
prhorinp her, so that he mv ir mht
,i iiiMKe. 5 1
tfiCAJt'errrV', 5. C Oct
Land& Negroes,
IN pursuance of a Deed of Trust to me
executed by William Long, and for
:hc.ptrposes therein .mentioned, I shall
xpose to public satei at the Cabrt house
Salisbury on Tburadsy the 15th day
if December next, the following pi dp-,-rtv.
i :
Twenty four or fire likely Negroes
o isisting of Men, Boys, Women and
Girls, several heed of horses. Also his
Iterest In a Tract of Lmd situated on
Yadkin River, whereon. Wm. Lonp
nV iivrs- Terms will be rash
THOMAS L. '00 WAN, Truttc:.
October, 10th 1831V 94 100
F every defcpptioji, neatly Printed,!
ketcpjfjantjy for ssje at fljjl efc
rr if T T
T, j ll'l UU J,
ALRY, pr-Ia ioibe Town
ftfK.l,.borv;on !h- ll Friday d
Number,' at 10 O'clock, it Jhe
Court Home. Verioni wi.hiog ti
become members of the company tan
do to on that dav.
Oct. 25th. 1831. 4V9
To Sailillcn
. , AND -
rnllE Buet ribtrt wt to etrp.oy
. mm m t-i.
JOHN wriiiiru.N,
SEAIXD Pr pol fl recev'd
bv the aubicribeii Orttill the 3d.
M nJay to Notembcf cx, for tho
roogh if pair of the pirlaoo io Sallabu
tv, N. C. The mtteriala to be of Ilock
Wood; and Iron, with a p!a of exe-
lecompanviog the
;n wie ioa; to tin -
cutiog the aame
propoaali. , Prfjna wit toe; to un.
dertake. will call m F. BLATEIl
Ej. t the Jail and f lew the aame.
IV. H II Up A II. VCow.
ceorgc oni.r.n 3
Fjittnmv Salt mnd Hring 'tgrt I
fpllE sobscr'tScr will off. W sale, at
tUe Court House ! Slibury. to the
highest bidder on S.tordry nf
Dcemberieit, aV ut forty lielr NK
CROES. Uli.rintr to ihe Estate of the
D i 5,l.. Fetranr. conit'inj of
Voi, WomcA, Children, Uoys, and
The fihiee cf th sle hrinp to py erT
cfflms'en't Eta'e, Cah.Nejr.otj
aMc p'per ai the Sfli'liurr Ii-.nb.or any
Lep?l demanda sftalnat the E.tate,
will be taken inpayment.
And on Monday the 2nd Janosry r.ext i
will be hired, at the Court House afire
said, for one year, on the tnual terms
6'ty, or lix'y negroes, of the above de
scripsion. belonging to thesald Eatate.
95 100 . R. MACNAMARA admr
Rowan County .V. C. Off. 3f A IBS'..
gti the 10h of aTt;mt
w last, Crwm my plantation in
Jona county, two nerroev ore
named WASHINGTON, abwit
XT vrara of ajjr, a rerr h4sM
mulatto, on ore of hia hndi
tlierf Se a aear oeeaainned by a
grin i be will charg-e hia nami
and endeavor to peat for a free man. Theothf
nmm eownvin romaun, aoour
years ofVre, very Jntellirent i be will probM
Can a the eervst of Waahinjrtnn, and chanfre
ia name. A reward of 25 Doltan will be e:iren
lor Ike delivery of either In anv (ail, an that I
can get the an. JA.MtS LAMAR
Oc.Aer M. 42tf
IO The peorgian. Savannah t the TeWa
Cope, Columbia, 8. C j and lcjimond F.nnui
rer, are reqt(stnd to piibPiah the above veeklv
until (iorrbiu,'arid'ihen forward their aeerxinta to
THE subscriber respectfully informs
the citizens of Salisbury and the
public cenemllv that he now hat and
intends hereafter o have good beef
which he will have in market every
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
morni- gs. Hia beef is as gool as
hat of anv of hii .brethren and he is
determined to sell it as cheap. He
will piv the highest cash prica for
good mountain beeves, at anv time.
fTlAKEN up ;nd committed to the Jail
- of this county, on the trsnt, a
negro hoy, who siys hinnjmfjs Pni! and
ssys-4bt batelongvUt-4VU)i4tHJL(Un ot
this county, and that he was bought ' v
taid Haden from Anderson Foster. S if!
negro isabout twenty five or thirty years
old, black complexion out five feet
eight inches high md slenihr built. The !
Owner is requested 'n iiy 'hrpe and
take him away. F. SLATER Sh'ff.
Satiibury, Nov 10,1831. 97 f
TUe rftnijtsRpri Spinster.
rpIIE subscriber still chtinues to
make the above Machines and
keeps a supply constantly on hand
which he will sell low fur msh or nnlfer,s a day and
credit M punctual dealers. , He like
wise if.tends to keep on h;nd a good
supplv ol COTTON GINS, and he
will iilso repair tht iame t order.
r2tt E. P. MITCHELL.
Salisfmrr, Mrty 2lt,
JOB Pit L TliNGt
vr vkms KKacKirro-r,
. . f t frnni
J A k.J.ur.n.ileilinerlih e certain
jJ.m. ,,',?V,B' '
pU..n uJ-r J
J II '--n - "
who cloc4 irom iia.
he 4h I rtst i end 'o
a i- 'Int Monet frorn lb
Mat OCICHi" " ' . ,
nft,. S.,
Ct and ruiotat. It U proD.')lc '1
he ho r" ,h VVe,t M he w 'I
IIS . , .,.,(.,
kj Kdiiora l.f the Wat irlendlf t
r4 pu ilic will gire 0- .n f'
ion in jUlt p;n;r. ' '
j -.w . f
f I . i 1 ' -
without - at v iimu durmg
limii the tuxi,
twelve mvntiil. Any peii-o havioj
uch property for sate would do well
to $fvf o the aubscriber be lore they
make ia!ef for they may reat assured
that he will Py the most liberal pncci
N. B. All letter addreised t tre
aubscriber will be attended to as puoc-,
' tually, ai if 'applicstiou wasm-deio,
: person. Io hia abacence Uobckt
; pcrion
will attend to the business,
or in hia absence M. Ratrxi,
the Tost-Master, wil!, who is author
ised tr make purchases at all times.
Salisbury, May 21. 72tf
'Iwcntj UoUata llcmrit,
FM ArtuUlram (no JiiJ
. in Kowsn Cuumy, on
..., imneertiucatM or packages petd enlr
menon. a free nero by , remi, b mt9
then-m ofS.mDa,IernwlOhle Pitkf:e n( h(Bloun J
It aiout built, very, ,7.. mhn rtmil ao, . . ... "
about 28 or 20 years old,
1 a
speak broken of the Frertt h language
and the other a slim black fellow
yery active, belongs lo James Hule of
this place (Sal'nbury.1 Mr. Hoie tut
chssed him in Concord Jil, of Col, Kin
die ss the seen! of ome man la. Ala-
bama. his name i Hardie. The above
reward iH -e paid upon ibe delivery of
aid negrces io me, in Salisbury, or by
securing ihjm n thst l-et thenwlf not
both taken Ten Dollars for each one.
Vf J jnrTE3.
er7lT.I, .rr ; . -hf r .i rta of Va County
y t, r!d . MrckVnhnre k Crrua.
H "tT?e ia a few W heloa th C. ur Honae.
Orthrr M 18.11. ' Vt
t n n
A N .i.K
roXTUE VKTt rty CrBL0IP.
1 8 3 3
O ALCULATED for the Memiian ot
V ' Balem, N. C. just received and for ,
md at this Office. Pnce 10 cents aingk
73 cents per dozen.
rTIHE first volume of Ascough's
Shakespeare. The volume is
well bound and has green edges : No
name is recollected to have been writ
ten io it.
Any peraon having such a
Id confer a favor on the
book would
owner byretuming it to this
flice. 89
For iSafe.
rptro hundred pounds jf jirsl rale
Northern Hops. Enouire at this
ROM the the sub
scriber on Situr
day the 29th salt three
eeis. One red one,
i another a black, nnd the
Zt -J li '' pided-oerwr
Vf wide horns Any in
formation reopening them will bf n.ank
Jullv received, orjd the person giving it
liberally compensated foi M '.rrnhle.
Salisbury, Nn 10.183!. ' 9 7 ( f
Prii-iiig lo FmjrtlcviHc,
f" to ,1,rir 8(,vantagc, to top at
f T the ItucroH Yen!, where' every ron-vo-ancc
is provided for Man and Horse, to make
miortfbie, V ttiemoderate charge of 25
uay ar.a mciu. -tor the nnv. pd. .,f tk
YruL the wt of'.- euirl houie. fire
s.n-lter. Attached to the Yard, are a Grocers'roviai,... rc. Itread Shop and Confec
tifi"'3 , . , ifoua for Boardcra and Lodjcera,
tt plain, cheap, wholiae and oomforUblc
ityle.djaw't7rr4Kfl(ian U
A f! rea' of 'r"ing paper for isle at this
o V" j ' St ' 50 P" ream few ream .
K ana a ,ev r.cjya of wrning, at the usual
Minr.uUi Iotitr
. M Vi izrs and no ll!anl.i
fplli: r .-w-J'ork O :.riliclated I,
tcry Cl-t K U 'ill (c drin
iftthe' 'ty Yvtk on Wedftdiy
the loih ol K'utnbeti 1131. iNo,
lUrfery I dr balli. Krw,Tkket
in thU lottery will IXl Piim ti Then
Ticae'a i air nrifol the draaa Hum.
wilt U urn id iu gl-'hoie huijf
fte of ihe (Jran,iiu( )ft Q ihcta w
. ....i.i.j . w ia ..Til. I.
RjrtSvttcme for lki;ce.
j" 1 FRIZES, '
i of eiaooo
i Gf;o
- -j -ft mV'
; Q
- 500
i of , . .
Tickets f 10 Halve I gj Q-jarte-rs f ? $1
packages of H tickets will cos' ftt'C
warranted to draw at least. . Jj
When packsges are ordered a dUcount
t Z rxr et. will h wA Tt. l
i sv ' w r aiiaiixy rj
a certiCcate ofa p4Cbge of wholes in
like proportion for shirrs. The orieinil
tickets wi'l be deposited io the Bank.
Orders for Tickets to receive prorcp,
erd confidential attention mutt be H'
dressed to
J JVrw York.
Drawn list September,
4 22 il 21 I u
No. 4 22 31 the highest Capital cf
was sent by the manAgrt to a whole,
i Ticket to1 a gentleman ia Pittebur
j Pon. The fillowirtebrilliaf.t Capt.
ttla-were-distt iWud-Ly-Sihuyler ta-
his lucky patrons.
33 31 tnecapiral of
was sold in package to Meurs. B.
Eaton of Halifax N. C. and James
Gordon of Norflk Va. ( publish their
j nmea by special permiaeion) the ch
a promptly paid in current cash the
day after the drawing, Schuvler also
rA nn ttri nt Ko enn I J. J
. iQ0O , d() of g 2 d
M K !. .v. a . .....
1 wv. ivi, tuucr in ine u. 5. can uraai
. i ii? .l.
ui 'n" xuiicai ib acuiDginc apuau
My Inends at distance will recol
lect that a brilliant Lottery draws in
New-York every Wednesday The
Ci-pitals art Trom Si J,O0Ctn 40000
Ticketa frrm 85 to glO so that thoff
' . n . . i .
who remti iu neea not paytnepcsi
age and will be sure of a chance for the
brilliant Capitals which are distributed
weekly at Scuylers forturate Placf
Those who purchase tickeu wil1
receive the "Lottery Herald" which
is published by me every evening o
the drawing and forwarded to aaj
psrt f the United States gratis
Herald contains the drawing of eaci
Lottery nnd much useful and amuiinj
reading matter. .
Orders for ticket must asus'
addressed to.
92tf NEW-YOKK.
TO the Jail of fAieoIn CO'i-i'
negro man, about, 25 years of a, 3
feet 5 inchea high well formfd. -jf
Speaks polite. He has scar ot? w
risr'-t Cheek, he calls hionelf
demus. and aaya he belongs to V
thaniel Hops in Iredell County, Norn
Carolina The owner iaresquested P
come lorwsrc, prove proiy r
charges and take him away.
i-t siACOp I,EIJVHAjipt; 30

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