North Carolina Newspapers

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Unn-ii ,,-f :.'r.
til 01,1 I llIIlH.C (f ('
- ; i'l.i (,', hm i -.
unoin to n
i'uM p,-CeJ
cl'.'rki, end tU
lhH'i) ii n-.cuhti'.'n for
11.0 nj'jxiu.hncr I.
1 tho Cutil
i ;t -Vcl corn
trullce le ewtinted to wait "n his e ic-en-
.cru",' tli Governor, sod inf rru him of the
rga!i:Atun H Ihi) tW?i UO-liCf Ol lh
i: iurr , tnd iu jf i!iw M to rccciv
any fimunymotiofi tJ nav tWrk proper
1 btm Iavi.loo arc tpiintcl to f ni t!.e
.' Vliiclj rirojio-itloQ agreed to tr the
fleuaio, tJii a mctoBo wut to. l!)aliu
- i . . t. U'l J .1 ...I fi..
" (lie are aiiMintei U facta tho committn
Afticwaj,t waalkeriaa rtwiyf I fr
the Cemmodi, rgwjxwing that a - t joint
' icommillca Le lijpjintpd, whow July it
. altnbe t irjquire whtther the ia
. Wtiir-S th firlklalura ii ntw CbrvtwA ii
Wijhi.-) the liuiiu p( th City of TLt eh,
"aiiJv f not; whether tljf can k'J teir
' atiniona at any pUca without aaid l!m;ts,
,r ; awaUry to tha provwioca o( the Conti.
wnanajari in.. c.ml0 ; ,i ..
hat Mcfirf.Mobafe, Haywood ana trunp
z'.i forrr the aa!J committee m tho part
the aaf.l comn.ittee m tho pert vf
1 . ib Jf -ta: v!ucii proposition wen a
,to ad' Mctsra." ScawalL Toomcr aMl
, , .fiLipJ were appointcil. CD aaid Committee
Qn t!m? y,nrt ot the- 5iaK ' ; ,
" ? A t::ceige waa alf raJy rceiyfvl from
01 Owmnottf, ajrteeinj to tlio propotition
'of tlie Senate to UHot for thire enirro
C1ikt' atiJ atatbij the committee tht
tro'!'l . attend the Berate t oomluct the
Oft'lottine on the part or that llouac, - ;
i TIk Senate then appointed i fiit,rt
R'flVav ita behalf, aad tppriaod t!i Cera-
; ponf'vt thft fact. - : i ' , ' .
: v .Mr; Moaely . tnored that the Senile do
'Aw.r,9ceeil.ta th,, ippolclalnt ti the
'j5tniufr, Committc. The qniiin wu
taVeri ' thereon ' aivl it waa 'decided ia the
ftrrt aiivej arJ.Uio f"trtwin cDmnrit!i
were accordinglv appointed t a ' , .
. 0( Cloiw Mewra. .Martiu of Rock'
inhara, Cocper cf Mirtm, Akw, CTtp.
Jtwli, Howell, Allcn FJiott; Jfvye if Pui.
J-ite;rv Me sri f Dick, lyillirma,
Skiitncr, Miller, Ti ' ,r, Cwicr, Sawell
8raskt. VV ; v' -f--' V
- V. ru'ttct t rcro" Meaara. Ca!d
weir, JFavlev, Poo! Ilia,. Tyson, Rav,
Kerr, M'tknieLX; . ' V. '
P'cjuif d'f Me.r.
Melchorj BOkMie, . MontkTf tmxj f Hert-v-."
.SiiiinKf", Mawhali of Anton, lloke,
JVontgomery ofOrange, Movci of Green.
-k' P arr On the part o the Sr.te,
Messrs. KencTall, Itawlin,, Brownrig,
G 'troVu MTarkr.f', Urtu)' ofVilkee,
'- oeed, Thompaon. r y j; , .
The Ppnker laiJ before'tne Senate
fntvln r! -eiin'fnt-, contflstirp the f Jecfion
T-Ti !"
tho cr-untv of Martin.
Oi XiK ion of " Mr. Wilo ordered
tlar tte aoid (Jcwonjintl Le laid on the ta
We, ; ; . ; . .
. , Mr. ILH. from the committee appointed
to conduct the ballotting 'for enroaainsri
Chris, reported the election of John W. j
Covrtrtori and Daniel Coleman.
M?. M'Farland, from the committee ap-
fitted to wait on his Excellency the (Joy
.Neroori said that the committee, were u
- ftorised to ctate that. heonld make a
communication t the Legisljture at 1
o'clock this day. - ; ; ' 1 - ' :
Mr, AJle" intrtxluceda W for a ntw ecnnj
. to be forme J out of pa"s of Bui ka and flurv
' ciobt, to be called th 'county of Yancey, Mr.
A. re marlf d, tbat this was not a aew aubject
" it hid been before the U?ltur fur 9 or 10
Veara, "at Ibrinnnal eipefise to lbetftale, of
abew )SUUU. ' TUai na cnjriirfo inr unnn
' of both Houie on both sides of the question.
lie rated that it was but, rigbt Ibe people cf
tbewe eotintiea s'leuld be relief d from the
Srratdiflleul'kstbry endured in diactmrring
those tlutiea the laws imposed on them, and be
asked the Senate to aitow.tbe Bill to pas its
1rtt readinf. 'Tbebilt war then passed fi the
first time i Mr. Allen then rose, and stated, that
' on Tuesday next, he would call for the aecor.d
reading of the BUI, when he promised to show
rreater reasons than thoaa contained ia (he me-
jnorial on which the bill was formed wlrtheJre
count v should be formed.
" ' ' Wr. Mostly moved that the papers relntive
o "the contested seaUrf Mr. Cooper, b Sena
tor from Hartin, be Yeferred to the committee
on FrivUcgci and Elections which was sgrced
.' to. . - , r ' '"'
, The Senate tbea adjourned till to-morrow
tea o'clock. v tt-r-V""r"
Fndaq Abv. 25,
put little business was brought forward to
day in the Senate. .
V Mr, Seawell 'introduced a BUI making an ap
, pmpria'.'on for rebuilding tbe StatejHouae
wbichTswdlti Ii Veadingr'''
Mr. Martin of Rockingham, a Resolution thai
ibe iudiciarv Committee be requested to en- intb, and report on tbe expediency of
air.endinj tae Laws reiaiiTv io u?u.
Resignatiotis and messages were received to
day.-' ' 1
:r ' ! r . Saturday JVb. 26.
"Up 'tJnnttHHniiTV of Oranrp. introduced a
. rer.hrtion to-day, authorizing and empowering i had his jdpubts on the matter. The soon
the rtibtic Treasurer, to procure specie change ! er the error (if there were one) ehould be
' I' fn- !,b? ?crr ,0. detected the better,
amount of aitM-Oa provided, the expenses did ;, ... . , . ifc K ,
"Qn njp'icn f WdjjUBi cFrjnknn, ij rxs
ci ! -r.l tUtLcfpVrs,
ni'M tt r',c't
H ? i-ir r"'"' " ' f "
n ir' iu.i ( . .
I e I..;!, in'r.,1 i. ,
n Mr. fftwfll, j .J.,5
um! ft ,t n tiF !.
J.v I ,r M.itvl.r rrk m-xt, i i
10,., ;., tai
1 ucy 11
-vn . .
to ke r r -'!.' .
hilfrilM Dum I HWHO rrewrr ruwiw
T ik. Ui th. mul of T.yM.
rH!,e rrf.nrer lo pty htxhtm, w.fl.teJ n!er !, eircu:iwiwc, lie
-..-t. 10 ,vif,rk.
that appr intmsni. Mr. a; . o
m a lir a
mei that tj 10 name ot wmuei i . . caw.
j cr, i. of b!m:on, and Mr. M Milhui
move,! tbM the name of Loun D. HeDry,
Ki. t f J vciunlle, Le axWed to the nonv
ation. Ao Election by , Wlot thereupon
V(ok . uar the wperinteodenca rf,
i.. mnA vtimn. Kr
r .V;-7 If ,
nHrr bad reecifed 29, Mr. Henry 47,
and Mr. Bawyer 47. Neither of th. ao.
llainenb nominalioa having recoive-J a
majority there was, tio election. Mr.
Sawyer thercopon returned his ackjwwl
edgemenU, in a ,brief, but pertinent ad
dress, for' the support ho had received,
and withdrew from tho eonteat. . The
House proceeded again immediately to a
second bVJoting, under the superinten
dence of the aaine fctlcmen, which re.
ulte! aa follows i Fiher 67 Henry 57.
Mr. Fisher having a majority waa de
clared duly elected, and conducted to the
Cbaif , by the committee 'of balloting ;
frtra which he made, hie acknowledge
ments to. the House in nearly the follow,
ing terms is ..-(, ' ' .
G tutu men of tht Ilovte f isommon
t feel ' aensiblydeeply impressed, with
the honor you hare conferred on me. I
am aware, centlenoen, " that this ata,
tion, is a post of respoaaibilityi and I know
my self too well o believe that 1 can dis
charge the duties of it in the maauee ex
pected of me, and desired by myself. But
to far aa a studious anal impartial attention
to the duties of the chair will erteble me
ta diecbarft-e them, that far they shall be
diaehaveed. iTirpLaaiae, gentlemen, on
the word impartial, becaase as it is one of
tkemoet important dunes oithe chair, so
it is a!was the,no5t diffiru't. T hold,
gentlemen, when a member is placed in
the chair over a deliberative hod) , it is hit
duty t lay aside'peritnal- feehu'i, pre
judices, partiJ;trs and knew no man bat
sesmernher ofih Houe ovor which he
puriue. Knowing mv own c"i:ficivtciea, I
muM bespeak in inwr yuiir ki;. i utdul
rence, ami hope that vu will net attn
jbute any of my errors a the wu but to
j tu :Uftp
motion of Mr. Cherr)',
Manlkwas tjnanimoualy appointed
pal clefk.
The , following persons were nominated
as Clerk Awietant t Tho. G. Stone, John
C. StedmanV Henry C. Elliott, Edmund
B. Freeman, Iwc C. P.tridge, Geo. W.
Hay wood and Win. William.
. ! - 7'. ") y .VVo 22o
On motion of Mr. Wyche, Richard Ro
berts wa appointed t)oor-keeper i and
Messrs. Lurnaden,s Scarborough, Weath-
ers, Cheek, Wilkinson, Cooper, Smith and
GoldinfAwcre nominatod for the appoint
ment ot A asistant Door-keeper. :
Pa motion by Mr. Urapg,
Hftoivrf "that a select committee be
appointed to prepare rulea for the govern
ment of this llouae ; and that untill they
report, the rules as adopted at the last
eession be considered as in force.
Messrs. Bragg, Sawyer, Henry, Me-
bane and McLean, by appointment of the
speaker, compose the.said committee.
Mr. Leak rose and said, there waa a
ia -House : waa
without the proper limits : if that were
the fact, the sooner it underwent inveati
gation 'the better. "For, if they were
without the corporate limits, every thing
now transacted would be useless. He
made these remarks to the House in or
der that it might take the subject into
timely consideration, Mr. L. here read
the recommendation of the Legislature of
1787, which adviwd the people of North
Carolina 'to send delegates to the Conven-
bolder) in Hillsboro', for the purpose of
deliberating on the Federal Constitution
and or the further purpose of fixing unal
terably tho scat of Government and its
limits. vIIe then expressed a wish to know
whether the Legislature waa sitting with
in the limits preacribed by law; for he
tad. p hjf M;, f fiiQUld W , cefejed
; . 1 JiJr X- J"' HaPIua 4a tua.. rw4ia.-. U e-r,-f " '" ww.
-4 , , , y, "V21. j Mr. lira;? (eonwltinj Uw, Mank, Mel..G!
Arp3rumhe.npreBcnt,andtheoathi fr, t0 t!)rult ,r. VdJ,t, (4..,:
el qi!if.cati. ,e,n LcjncmLcra r ihe-CaalAmUn 1??
lHtheilo.aepnK-ecded to the HectKW j -J him hUful w Wthr Sia tr, 6."-. J"''5'
(.ftVeakeri whraMr. Suutbtan wwny- "fc raW) etfilJ Le applied to tU .w. M-Uit. Wtaaar. ,irnn'
fil Cnari Fisher, Ij. of Mialwry.for cn.ral uia ,jown id .l. c!lAt)l , akffl - - -... rw CmU.
1 I
1 ,
! it
, 1 c.t
f rr-
vft He. Il.-attW in-vr. h r,t f
V. S'Vf ''ti.f f'r-u i :i r
rj ....... - . .- -
iro ti !i"'J on !'' 1,1
. , f i n .r 4ali r:i
,f CL
I u, . if.! aiid. the art rcTJired
... , .- .
iX the ct tl.a W.riil C-kiU nol a lrer-
Ho to Jc if for crajitM that ! ' n-
which u Kjj fi m.
hflr u
(0 llif partiruiaf caaCi
k,ft rt .C-. j;--,:--
j a f. bt fi ta ,ifne if ,k(M . .
' it r. f. ...Ij
riK: j J
P" w rowp ricncetbarl h,m.
self, that ten days was the time allowed. No
time wu to be rot'nd in th. net of Assem
bly in cases of this kind, and the bouae
would thereure be left to exercise its dia
cretion. v Tbat a period should he Tamed,'
wu a matter of some ronqueure,- and
he hoped tbe bouse would fit some time.
A member (whose name we could not
learn) moved that the resolution should
lie on the table for the. 'present until the
house bad an opportunity to refer to the
law orx the aubject ; - which was negatived
and the original motion carried. '
On motion by Mr. Wyche, ordered that
a pessage be sent to. the Senate, Infornunf
that body of Ike organization of this
Hou.v, and of their readiness to cooperate
in the-despatch of puUic buainrea,
Afler several ineffictual ballotinga,
John Lumsdco was appoistod Assistant
On the 4lh balloting, Edmund B. Free
mio was elected ttl-rk Assistant. -The
following is the state of the several ballot
inge. 1st 2nd
Stone 44 S3
Freeman 30 35
Elliot 15 14
Haywood 17 12
Stedman 7 3
Psrtrjdge 7 6
3rd 4th ,
04 61
52 . C6
19 withdrawn
Williams 5 3
Wednesday, Jtiov. Hi.
Mr. Vcbane moved that a meauge l
sert to tb Senate, proposing that an in
ouiry "hiuhi bo made as to whether this
U'ir kl.Kxl within the limits rf' tho city
of RaTetjth; sndTfil did not, whether they
wero legally located. Reeoliftioo adopted.
Mr. Wilson moved that a menage be
sent to the Governor, informing him of the
organization of the ITouae. Acrreed to.
The nilea, reitulationa, cVc. for the gov.
ernment of the House of Commons were
brought up and read, A debate ensued
on two or three article of the rules, which
it was proposed to amend. Messrs: Bragg
Weaver and Cherry, took part In it1: the
amendments proposed were rejected, and
and the rules, as read, were agreed to al
moat unanimoualy.
Mr. O'Brien moved that the nilea iust
adopted, the joint rulea of the two housea,
and the rules of the Senate, the Constitu
tion of North Carolina, and the Bill of
Rights be printed, and every member al
lowed a copy each. The motion waa se
conded and carried. '
A message waa received trom the Sen
ate, concurring in the propoaition made to
that house, respecting the limha of Ral
eigh, df c. .
The Governor's message vu red to
the house, and it wu moved and seconded
that it should be sent, with the papers a.
Companying it, to the Senate, and that
each member ehould be presented with ft
copy of it.
rwo'baltotings took place for three En-
groeajng Clerks; on the first of which
John W. Covington and Daniel Coleman
were elected ; on the second neither of the
candidatea received a majority. The foV
lowing is the state ofthe ballotinga :
1st. 2d.
Muse, ; - -Smith,,
Taryni'DaT, Nov. 24.
. A abort diacusiioa took place to day on the
amendment ot the 36th and 5th rules, which
were reported by Mr. Bragg, chairman of th
committee appointed to prepare them far the
rovernment of the Hcuae this Session, in which
Meurs. Wyche, Vebane and Cherry took par?.
Mr. Mebane introduced a "Bill,' to extend to
thr teachers, and scholar of all the schools in
!h State, the sme rivilc?e and aTemntinn.
M trerp ajlowel t ite r;Bimy ef Utef
f t- ' i 'r"
1 1 i; i"
V'l r rn t 'l-
" - r i
a r,
lei Ml ' '
tu-t fr, "
trC-'il t' I'"
i.jfi ii'i.l f r
1 j f lilU-
.,,1 1 1 1. !f- t'.t;."-
i'c '
0 t!,'
'rruiid t.'"i'lt
: it
I Iflf rl ' Irfi,. 1 1 "l ,, I ,,
m C'--"Z'vilL
; Ct, l.r . t'Xwl
rirt, ivi'i, .,
a l H f
Polk were called i'UZ rs ant!
br-urf Ursa, t c4k and Msbane, were anaa-
'Tmtolotioeee that pari of tbe
tioa lorirti,' wticta ea mowo of Mr. &awjer.
was Ind: oiiery ppoid. 1
Mr. Prar,9N a bill t.!ZZV
lion of dtbts where there - visible prpsrty,
tbich was also read aad fr . -
fio. el drtVa where there were a. v,.,bW prop
X U .Plied aad . copy frrs. ta aaci a
tion and maW some remarks wtuch wttouW
sot hear being ia a remote trt of the H-twe.
Me Havwood.Ui reply to tbe geMlenmn Troei
TlTwychi, U be thougb! tbe rw
nurl. J th. ! ireitaraU 'rm5n,,
would bae a bi. he eooU rat,y at what si
teratwm the f.,mi.lttee mMul.
ThaVadoe was pu r "O"00
Sti-rfMf Be.rfhctt.u,rnec
till to-nwrrow 10 o'clock
' - Salurdny. .Vor. 26.
This morainr afer .e.'vdto
ft,. attarl elr-b ere -ed '"e Mw-
t;e;m;.tees arfhrTrf b Veabe,. vi,
O.UU JuAr.Vjrv-Mee.r.. w , r.
m.r Haw J. Sufreer. Dam-!
Perwaw awd iW.neer.
- . a m .
iiHMee .Mrwrs Weche, Amnron, smt ;.
lot,. Ti,ir.-,1 irre. WeSb and CoWs.
JtMiaev -Messrs. Arrircton, Polk, Nelson,
Burgin and Al'tion.
Me. Btf f then ir tr- 1ored a B'l, '0
ixe the ttl'ne of T'i,- '!l vacat;fni teVM
defendant In peti'ioM .'f tatl s t-d to tntW.
lie (He eiotv CouHs tu i-e pr-cess to differ.
tt cconies it the ame time. The biH raad
on the first readina;, and on motion of Vr. 11.
was 'cf r-fd to ihe Judicisnr umitVe.
Mr. llitwotv!. a Bill Umit tbe time within
wl krh suit mar be brmijt' ajraiest Bail. Tbe
lMtArr4rWd a lUaeaneatoaH
Sil T.Tl'ed th time to three eers.j
of an Act, pas-ed 1M6, to revive tbe Mifiiia
laws relative to Intintrv.
Mr. Cot, a Bill to amend the first section of
an Art of 18.10. to prevent free persons of
eolor from bewYir.f rols.
Mr. Pey, Bill olav off a road in tViTkes.
Me. Fmmet. a Bill to incorporate the Wilkes
eoort Vo'uo'eer Artillery... AH which were
rend, sd passed the Rrst time.
Mr;Sawver introduced s'B'IT, to tnsnre tbe
fair valaa'ion rLaods. ha r'"" to
a'ir-n. This bill passed Vt first reading i and .
On motion ef Mr. Outlaw, was referred to the
Judieiarv committee.
Mr. Freeman moved that it be printed t
whie.h was agreed to.
A debate of some lenrtb arose onon the
question to which committee the bill out;ht to
ht referred ome thourht it oojrht to be re
f.rred e the Judiciary committee, Som to tbe
comt ita of finance, and Some to a Joint ae
Ur r-t-rritee. 'It was attempted 'to be
tn v!r a question of East or U'ewt bv Mr. ttenry
of Pv.-tvilb, who tonk part in tbe debate.
- (Vrift!ieii the Hmrw then adjourned, till 10
c'Vook nav TOf inf.
'e are indebted to the EiSton of the Cour.
ier and Enquirer for an extra of th'- 20th, a;iv
log the latest and important intelligence fiom
rovaTstw bits t4Tia raoat xvnors.
House of ljorns;
8eanT, 2 o'clock, P. M,
Our news schooner arrived this mornine a
11 o'clock, bringing v.itf hrr the private latter
bs?s of the ship bully. Cap). Pell, from Havre
on the 13th October. The editora of the Cour
ier ft Enquirer are in poaietsictn of their rejru.
lar tilea of Iltivre papers of the 13th, and Paria
of tbe 12th of October, both inclusive.
inc suiiy DnnM me nigniy important mte i -
tence, that at aix o'clock, on the morninr of
tbe 8th of October, the House of Lords rejected
. v eaa . !..... r
ineKiorm oai oy a majority oi lorty-ooe.-Tbe
vote stood .
For the motion (reform).
Contents present
Proxies ,.
Non-eonteoti present
Troxiea t
i tn
Majority against the eCcorul readier of
the bill 6
This infurmaliioa produced great excitemcn
in London.
Such was the excitement in London previous
' o s rt JccUos of the Ifcforoi tjiai the Po-
,,l !
-If the crneral ' r" "rUu Cells....
.ilwMrathcrtobejBjoMtoa. , nl-r
rit, k,M Friday Acr. .
, n ' ti I, -
l ir i
.! i.ij ii
i r i i ,
' ' r , I
f'U ,1 it lt W- ! ..t. . .. "1
- i ,U
t . 1 . "
'rued n : r.y li.
i!, n li t inn! i ! r ..( ,. f ,f.
Li.l .-n'
r r, TwU Dr.f,,
(.Vr crU tA tht I.. Sum if PbUnd, L T
bj hep. l..t t..( .r.wUwlUK, A
f tfl,Utfd 81. Prtrr irr, fcVpt. ICk
"rta'l r the twiut, appaared,
,MIift a prii'r.i.l tri.rp pj!.
Vl-(f l4 fff.lri.1 and fUf J
! ' . !, U tMt Itwtfe r a ration ( i, ,
A.KtM-fdt tSe LI-! which ,!, t,M
I 'i i i .r. ia lL iicreJ- ,( libilfcil
.......... m, V mns
andpatfMrtuvw.ercrv frieiwl eaamaai't a3
apov. tr h fte if t oland, brava bt tU
lunate Po'iml lrjiae l ltitd Um aJ-
From Jietjcium. we lira that tU , j
betweet that rfHirHryand tWand, wtltb 7L
f ired en ' IC S October, waa further rrolJ'
ed te the f Jfb fhohar le the BehW,
ber of Rprrhiatie after, a warm JUeiHi
a prcprwlf iufl ia inonirw Into the Cinari tf da
Ute defeat of the leliia lrrt wu tirJi
va ma f ma oar, ir aena'e Mooted a lav rsv
peetlng the dmicilia7 aeartbes for coacliL
In Frsacr, we fiid a'l si Irairpjn ss K
hwt datr a Tbe brreditarr t eersre wu rrlJ
tedbyavoteet5?!en'tB7. J
. .. h . . . '-1.1.
1 be aecnoi.ts of the Cholera at VJea. u
Hpjrary, and CatBria, are of a iraaoiiuJ,,
ebaraerer. The duaate ku mm4 a JA
cturarttr. ajd ia f eearatty (abided. In ti!
Austrian Army a freat many aolklcrs are W
ed 'e rrtur homt a fa-trvth.
Le'ters firm Trivrt snentio. upon M
tbwity f a eftnf!-anieatl.n received from tin.
tbat a rteoneilUtloe between the Cretu ui
their Government ia Ekrlr te be efTeeted. u
Cape Dlstrlss bad at length declej np ft.
eoavoemtica f a Ntimaf AsMablf, the eku
lnsf vhirh were oeciipjing tbe attmWi
of the wlto'e eMry.
U --- aja-.e As aawaawa "
trvw the Nil. Mercantile Adrrrfrer, Wat.n
Br tbt amral last aiffU rf tie packH
) Uam Jealma, Captain Atlj, frwrn g,
peJ, wbeoeeshe sailed em tbe lib Oetoter
the Fditora of the Mereamil AdrenWrWa'
nee red thele rerwUr C'es af Umdom pxrt
o tt e lOfb, and Liverponl ta tbe llttrOatibtr
a'l ;Ktus.Tt i together with luMtdow SMnkr
f ists of Saturday the ttb. Out aeeoaatf
Lordon, ia Havre, were te half past 0 t'doci
aftfe n ornipg of the Bth( and this armJ bw
pi.isa sMoti ci oaies taenec, tws 6yi waa t.rkad cf but tbe fst.rf
, 'Sf up. BUl-tl aeeta to have beet
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rF ee far as tbe reauk rw
he kmH'nj and it bad spread Mk
l.own the k.nri-.M it bads?rd vik
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eirtoos places in Lardon. fjeeenanl . a
which, as wall u in print, drdes, tbe Ina.
tiras of the king was applauded, tbe coons af
the iriolaters approved, and full reHaace ah
Ced ia thair ability and iategei'f.
T The loa of the Bill bu been deeply aad aa
eerely reirrtted bv every friend of the ecwatry
aome of the papers ia owr posaeation, y
dretsad in mourning In conarqueacco-aa atti.
his acta of vioUnc. baj been eaamitted, bit
fan were entertained tbat tbe eerwmsaai
preperiy. of those reera who voted ia tbe a,
jnrity, may not be tvwpectad by tbe populate.
f wwi wmw ocotiano or pa
land received tb inteltirano. .
Fromtha Tendon Obaerver of 10th Octcbef,
we copy lha tuBowing aniclei - --
M Bpeeutatioa la busy on the line of eendact
which will be pursued by Carl Grey. W be
lieve that, up te the mafnewt we are writinf,
Carl Grey bu determined not t retig a t aal
that, encouraged by the llouae of Commons isf
tbe vaicee of the Wtajorify af the people ke
will make aa effort :e carry bia bill by calling
to tbe Upper llouae a number oftheriderf
sons of iu preaatil aaembeni who are support,
ers of tbe bill, ao that the new titles will ke
graduany absorbed by tbe eacieav anuocacy
by raising some of tbe move distmjruUhed cos
moncrs to tbe peerare with fiaJted remaiodtii
and by Tallin a amaa portion ef'br Ifk
and Seotcb nobles to seal io tbe Bnuh U
fiala'ore. If tbe consent of bis majraty be obtain.! la
theae exped'ents, and there is no reuon it re
sent to purpose that it be withheld, a nea bill
will be forthwith petard through theeomnwM
and aent up to the lord, with a regain procl
that after tome, reasonable modficatior.s. it wiD
rerr ive ihe aisent of every portion of 'he Le
gilur. ?n th midst of three d'mbts snJ
ditRidties, the peopla keep the evn tenor of
ihrir wav, and thtgh adeep sr nae of repet
a?pe ara to prevail not a single cur. of tumulf
has occurred.
At the late eession of Congress we ip
dressed a petition to the Senate of the C
States, asking the abolition of newspaper
portage, which from th. multiplicity
matters of more consequence, wu pot ac
ted upon. Since that time, the subjeef
hu received altentioojn varioui quarters,
and appears to be every where faroraW
moagnt oj, and ntthing is probably dccw
aary to secure the abolition, huf that an ef-
. . ... 4
ion oe made by those most interested
To the fratejnity of Editors, it is a matter
of some interest. and wu invite our bretha
ren in Virginia particularly, to co-operat-
1: :. . a v
lruuon 10 ongr-
,The postage on newsoanejs. is woi
liftU tn th n rtnt t, inn tn th
unprecedented dilemma oflf.ot krrowmg
I how to diannen nf itm r. h.nin revenue
'It is extremely vaatini!a in, its collection
co to those who receivo nnd those who pay,
' an1 in fliia 1. , M.nA4'!.Attiin orihes tn9
; rirenlntin nf MunnkMiM Rnt we hav'9
( ,",UH lOllDI OBUCtl tllVU,"v
mnah V.:..,tn n it. It IS
...u-i. IIIUIU OC1 IUUS JOJCtHUi. v -
J -...w .v. V, 01. . M
ilia .l 1 . " - P .L - Ti . rJtAi 111
Kiuiaiiiufi , mm inn nrivato .
.MUVlW). v, ,,V . . . J
dv mose who now cniov nower, i fv.
scriptiro .endsi

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